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The Christopher Ward Papers

1894 - 1966
(bulk dates 1922-1941)

Manuscript Collection Number: 107
Accessioned: Gift of Mrs. Christopher Ward, 1947.
Extent: 11.5 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, poetry, essays, speeches, stories, novels, galley proofs, and maps.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Reprocessed December 1995 by Jennifer Paul; revised July 1996 by Anita Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Contents List

Series I. Literary Works, 1913-1936

Series II. Historical Works, 1930-1952

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Contents List

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1         Series I.  Literary works, 1913 - 1936

          Series I.1.  Novels, 1926-32

          Jonathan Drew: A Rolling Stone, 1932 
               Includes complete holographic manuscript of published book.

     F1   Chapters 1-4, 74 pp.

     F2   Chapters 5-8, 81 pp.

     F3   Chapters 10-13, 104 pp.

     F4   Chapters 29-31, 86 pp.

     F5   Chapters 33-35, 97 pp.

     F6   Chapters 36-37, 72 pp.

2         The Other Man, 1926
               Includes typescript manuscript.

     F7   Chapters 1-10, 81 pp.

     F8   Chapters 11-20, 86 pp.

     F9   Chapters 21-26, 62 pp.

     F10  Chapters 27-31, 61 pp.

     F11  Chapters 1-18, typescript
     F12  Chapters 19-31, typescript

3         Memoirs of a Rascal, 1932
               Includes complete typescript of unpublished work.

     F13  Book 1, chapters 1-9, 91 pp.

     F14  Book 2, chapters 1-6 and 8-13, 131 pp.
     F15  Book 3, chapters 1-2 and 4-5, 59 pp.

     F16  Book __, chapters 1-9, 114 pp.

     F17  Book 6, chapters 1-6 and 8-11, 102 pp.

     F18  Book 6, chapters 12, 14-15, 17, 19-26, 107 pp.

     F19  Miscellaneous chapters, 18 pp.

     F20  General research, 5 pp.

4    F21  Third Book, chapters 1-4, 45 pp.

     F22  Fourth Book, chapters 1-3, 29 pp.

     F23  Fifth Book, chapters 1-9, 86 pp.

     F24  Sixth Book, chapters 1-5, with miscellaneous pages and rewrites, 150 pp.

     F25  Seventh Book, chapters 1-4, 45 pp.

     F26  Eighth Book, chapters 2-4, 28 pp.

     F27  Ninth Book, chapters 1-2 and 4, 24 pp.

     F28  Tenth Book, chapters 1-7, 44 pp.

     F29  Eleventh Book, chapters 1-6, 45 pp.

     F30  Twelfth Book, chapters 1-4, 29 pp.

5    F31  Part I, books 1-4, 157 pp.

     F32a Part II, books 5-7, 156 pp.

     F32b Part III, books 8-12, 184 pp.

     F33a Part I, 129 pp.

6    F33b Part II, 100 pp.

     F33c Part III, 177 pp.

     F34  Part I, books 1-3, 123 pp.

     F35  Part II, books 4-6,  152 pp.

7         Series I.  Literary works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Novels (cont'd)
          Memoirs of a Rascal (cont'd)

     F36  Part III, books 7-12, 213 pp.

          Series I.2.  Short stories, 1923-1935
               Includes typescripts of four original short stories.  Although "Master of the
               Zodiac" and "The Signs of the Zodiac" are identical in plot, they differ
               dramatically in narrative style.  Publication information regarding the short
               stories is unavailable.

     F37  "Easy Street," 77 pp.

     F38  "Master of the Zodiacs," 32 pp.

     F39  "The Signs of the Zodiacs," 47 pp.

     F40  "So Red the Rose," 5 pp.

     F41  "Wages of Sin," 99 pp.

     F42  Untitled stories, 50 pp.

          Series I.3.  Poetry, 1924-1936
               Includes the manuscripts for Ward's Sir Galahad and Other Rimes (1936). 
               Many of these rimes, as well as others, first appeared in the New York
               Herald Tribune column "Conning Tower," (1934-1936).  The poems are
               arranged according to chapters in Sir Galahad, followed poems which
               appeared only in "Conning Tower" and miscellaneous poems.

     Sir Galahad and Other Rimes

     F43  "Arthur and His Knights," [1934-1936]
          Sir Lancelot du Lake
          Sir Gareth
          Sir Tristram
          King Arthur
          Sir Galahad

8    F44  "A Classical Sequence," [1934-1936]
          Paris and Helen
          Pius Aeneas

     F45  "Some Shakespeare," [1934-1936]
          Romeo and Juliet
          General John Macbeth
          Julius Caesar
          Prince Hamlet
          A Merchant of Venice
               Note: No manuscript for "King Lear" is present.

     F46  "A Few Novels," [1934-1936]
          Vanity Fair
          David Copperfield
          Jane Eyre
          Sieur d'Artagnan
          The Count of Monte Cristo
               Note: No manuscript for "Les Miserable" is present.

     F47  "Americana," [n.d.]
          Phineas Taylor Barnum
               Note: No manuscript for "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is present.

     F48  "The Merry Adventures of Billy the Kid" [n.d.]

     F49  "Ballads, Songs, and Snatches," 
          The Ballad of Benjamin Bones
          The Ballad of Inchcape Light
               Note: No manuscripts are present for "Ye Olde Beauty Shoppe," "Golf,"
               "Discovery," and "Evensong."

8         Series I.  Literary works (cont'd)
          Series I.3.  Poetry (cont'd)

     F50  "Conning Tower," 1934-1936
          A Rime of Actaeon
          A Rime of Daedalus
          A Rime of Jason
          A Rime of Medea
          A Rime of Midas
          A Rime of Perseus and Medusa
          A Rime of Perseus and Andromeda
          A Rime of Pyramus and Thisbe
          A Rime of Theseus
     F51  Miscellaneous manuscripts, [n.d.]
          The first five manuscripts were part included in Ward's comic opera "Mr.
          Alibi, 2 pp.
          Second Thoughts, 2 pp.
          Then and Now, 2 pp.
          The English Emigrant's Lament, 1 p.
          Motor Car, 1 p.
          The Daring Young Man on the Flying Typewriter, 6 pp.
          A Rime of Othello, 3 pp.
          A Rime of Phaeton, 4 pp.
          The Twelve Labors of Hercules, 10 pp.
          Some Unnatual History, 16 pp.
          Untitled, 7 pp.

          Series I. 4.  Plays, 1913-1928

     F52  "The Highwayman," 1913
          Bound typescript (carbon) script, 40 pp.

     F53  "Mr. Powhatan," [1928]
          Typescript (carbon) of the script for this comic opera, which bears autograph
          revisions.  See F51 for some autograph poems which were included in the opera.

9         Series II.  Historical works, 1930-1952  
               Complete holographic manuscripts of Ward's published works on the
               Delaware Regiment in the American Revolution, colonial Delaware
               history, and military history.

          Series II.1  The Delaware Tercentenary Almanak, 1937 
               Historical timeline published to coincide with the tercentenary celebration
               of the Dutch and Swedish settlements in Delaware Valley.  Includes
               sketches signed by Andrew Wyeth.

     F54  47 sketches, 17 pp.

          Series II.2  Delaware Continentals 1776-1783, 1941
               Includes holographic chapters of Ward's history of the Delaware
               Regiments' participation in the Revolutionary War, their contributions in
               battle and their inovations in military strategy.  With the exception of a
               few missing pages, the manuscript is complete.

     F55  Chapters 1-5, 113 pp.

     F56  Chapters 6-11, 96 pp.

     F57  Chapters 12-18, 102 pp.

     F58  Chapters 19-24, 119 pp.

10   F59  Chapters 25-30, 110 pp.

     F60  Chapters 31-35, 91 pp.

     F61  Chapters 36-42, 116 pp.

     F62  Chapters 43-48, 106 pp.

     F63  Chapters 49-52, 92 pp.

     F64  Chapters 53-54, 23 pp.

11   Appendices, [n.d.]
               Postscripts, analyses, and afterthoughts on the Delaware Continentals.

     F65  Chapters 3, 4, 7-22, 116 pp.

     F66  Postscripts, 56 pp.

          "Principal Authorities consulted"
               Lists of sources used while researching the Delaware Continentals.

     F67  A-D, 111 pp.

     F68  E-F, 89 pp.

     F69  G-H, 110 pp.

12   F70  I-K, 124 pp.

     F71  L-R, 71 pp.

     F72  S-W, 84 pp.

          Miscellaneous materials
               Bibliographies, outlines, and summaries used in Delaware Continentals.

     F73  Other bibliographic references, 38 pp.

     F74  Outlines, 102 pp.

     F75  Summaries, 112 pp.

13        General research
               Holographic research notes for the Delaware Continentals.

     F76  Autograph notes, 77 pp.

     F77  Autograph notes, 66 pp.  

     F78  Autograph notes, 141 pp.

13        Series II.  Historical works (cont'd)
          Delaware Continentals, 1776-1783 (cont'd)

          Bound typescripts   

     F79  Volume 1

14   F80  Volume 2

     F81  Unbound sheets from first printing

15        "Delaware Troops in the American Revolution," [n.d.]
          Holographic chapter drafts.

     F82  Chapters 1-5, 58 pp.

     F83  Chapters 6-9, 48 pp.

     F84  Chapters 10-12, 40 pp.

          Typescripted chapter drafts

     F85  Introduction, 34 pp.

     F86  Chapters 8, 14-16, 130 pp.

     F87  Chapters 7-14, 87 pp.
     F88  Chapters 15-"After Eutaw," 53 pp.

          "The Delaware Regiment in the Battle of Long Island," [n.d.]
               Holographic chapter draft

     F89  Part 1, 49 pp.

     F90  Part 2, 42 pp.

     F91  Miscellaneous draft pages, 43 pp.

16        Series II.  Historical works (cont'd)

          Series II.3.  The War of the Revolution, 1952
               Holographic drafts of Ward's history of the Delaware Regiment's
               movement and strategy during the Revolutionary War.  The book was
               published posthumously in 1952 and is a companion to Delaware
               Continentals.  See also Series VIII for maps used by Ward in research for               The War of the Revolution.

     F92  Chapters 1-4, 90 pp.

     F93  Chapters 5-7, 100 pp.

     F94  Chapters 8-9, 147 pp.

     F95  Chapters 10-12, 84 pp.

     F96  Chapters 13 and 17, 94 pp.

     F97  Chapters 14-16, 108 pp.

17   F98  Chapters 17-21, 92 pp.

     F99  Chapters 22-25, 102 pp.

     F100 Chapters 26-29, 82 pp.

     F101 Chapters 30-33, 105 pp.

     F102 Chapters 34-37, 103 pp.

     F103 Chapters 38-40, 59 pp.

18   F104 "Hancock's Bridge" to "The Seige of Savannah," 105 pp.

     F105 "The Indians Strike Back" to "Cowpens," 111 pp.

     F106 "Conrwallis Pursues Morgan" to "The Battle at Guilford Courthouse," 120 pp.

     F107 "Cornwallis Abandons the Carolinas" to "The Siege of 1796," 98 pp.

     F108 "The Battle of Eutaw Springs" to "The Ravaging of Virginia," 126 pp.

19   F109 "Washington Resumes Operations" to "Cherry Valley," 99 pp.

     F110 "Valcour" to "Canada," 87 pp.

     F111 "Bennington" to "Danbury and McCrea," 94 pp.

     F112 "Freeman's Farm" to "Saratoga," 93 pp.

     F113 "Charleston" to "King's Mountain," 194 pp.

20   F114 Appendicies, 39 pp.

     F115 Principal authorities consulted, A-Z, 85 pp.

     F116 Principal authorities examined and miscellaneous pages, 114 pp.

     F117 Research notes, 99 pp.

     F118 Research notes, 106 pp.

     F119 Research notes, 92 pp.

21   F120 Research notes, 85 pp.

     F121 "Summaries of authorities up to 1775," 132 pp.

     F122 "Letters in Universal Magazine re American Revolution-1777," 161 pp.

     F123 Photocopies of letters from General Greene and Colonel Williams, ca. 50 pp.

     F124 Lists of maps and a sketch of the Siege of Savannah, 8 pp.

22        Series II.  Historical works (cont'd)
          Series II.3.  The War of the Revolution (cont'd)

          Typescript (carbon) manuscript

     F125 Pages 1-201, plus notes
     F126 Pages 202-354, plus notes and added pages

     F127 Pages 355-538, plus additional pages

23   F128 Pages 539-759, plus additional pages

     F129 Appendix, ca. 125 pp.

     F130 Notes, ca. 100 pp.

     F131 Content lists and miscellaneous pages, 57 pp.

     F132 Galley proofs of maps, 11 sheets
          Removed to oversize Box 35.

     F133 Galley proofs of text, 337 pp.
          Removed to oversize Box 35.

     F134 Clippings and photograph related to Ward and The War of the Revolution

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