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Louis Untermeyer Papers

1902 - 1972
(bulk dates 1912 - 1935)

Manuscript Collection Number: 111
Accessioned: Purchases 1970 and 1975; scrapbook gift of Lloyd Curreg, 1978
Extent:5 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, galley proofs, scrapbooks, photographs, announcements, clippings,
lectures, anthologies, poems, reviews (criticism), programs, essays, notes, lists, and bookplates.
Access: The collection is open for research. Consult a manuscript librarian for information
on copyright permission for the Conrad Aiken letters.
Processed: Originally processed in 1971 by T. Stuart Dick, reprocessed 1989 and 1993
by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

+ Biographical Note + Scope and Content Note + Arrangement Note and Series Outline
+ Contents List, Series I: Correspondence, 1902-1972

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

       Series II.  Manuscripts written by Louis Untermeyer,
               Series includes original typescripts, page proofs,
               galley proofs, autograph drafts, and other
               material written by Untermeyer for publication. 
               Arranged in alphabetical order by title.

          Series II.1.  "The Friar's Tale," [n.d.]
               A translation of the story from Chaucer's
               Canterbury Tales.

     F219 Ts, [n.d.]
          Consists of pages 1-3 and 12-13 and bears autograph 
          revisions, 5p.

          Series II.2.  Light Verse, [n.d.]
               Anthology of light poetry which was possibly
               written by Untermeyer.  Includes poems by Ogden
               Nash, Bert Leston Taylor, Hilaire Belloc, Newman
               Levy, Guy Wetmore Carryl, Oliver Herford, and
               Harry Graham (occasionally using his pseudonym,
		"Col. D. Streamer").

     F220 Ts (carbon), [n.d.]
          Consists of 28p.
          Series II.3.  Miles Standish, An American Light Opera,
               Lyrics for this opera written by Louis Untermeyer
               and an unidentified person, possibly Jean Starr

     F221 Ts (carbon), 1912 Oct-Nov
          Bound Ts bears autograph corrections (156p) by Louis
          Untermeyer and inscriptions to Louis Untermeyer, 
          "Philip," and "Jean."  Includes a TLS from "Eddy" 
          of the Washington Square Players (May 17, 1918).

          Series II.4.  Modern American Poetry (New York:
               Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., 1942), [1942]
               Galley and page proofs for the sixth revised
               edition.  Other editions available in Morris                
               Library stacks.

     F222 Galley Proofs, [1942]
          Author's copy which includes the title page, foreword,           
          preface, and contents.  Includes poetry by Walt
          Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edwin Markham, Louise Imogen 
          Gainey, Richard Hovey, Edwin A. Robinson, Edgar Lee
          Masters, Lucinda Matlock, Stephen Crane, T.A. Daly,
          Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Wallace Stevens, Franklin
          P. Adams, Witter Bynner, and William C. Williams, 31p. 

     F223 Page Proofs, [1942]
          Pages 366-376, 380-384, 502-506, 516-548, 551-553, 
          556-567, 570-591, 594, 597-602, 604-606, 608-611,
          631-636, 645-647, 653-654, 658-661, 669-701.  153p.

13        Series II.5.  Modern British Poetry (New York:
               Harcourt, Brace & Company, Inc., 1962), [1962]
               Galley proofs for the revised edition.  Copy
               available in Morris Library stacks (PR 1224 .U6

     F224 Galley proofs, [1962]
          Galleys numbered 44-54, 11p.
          Series II.6.  A Treasury of Great Poems, English and   
               American (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1942),
               The Ts and page proofs in this subseries all bear
               autograph corrections and notations by the printer
               and editor unless otherwise noted.  A copy of this
               anthology is available in the Morris Library                    
               stacks (PR 1175 .U65).

     F225 Title page, dedication, acknowledgements, preface,
          and "In Praise of Poetry," [1941]

          1. Title page.  Page proof, 2p.

          2. Dedication.  Ts (setting copy) and page proof, 2p.

          3. Acknowledgements.  Page proof(on the verso of the
             dedication), 1p.

          4. "In Praise of Poetry."  Ts (setting copy) and page
             proof, 5p.

          5. Preface.  Ts (setting copy) and page proofs, 26p.

     F226 Contents, [1941]
          Ts (missing page 1), Ts (setting copy), and
           miscellaneous pages, 68p.

     F227 Part I: The Bible, [1941]
          Ts (setting copy?), 20p, as well as a second Ts and
          page proofs, 57p.

     F228 Part II: Foundation of the English Spirit, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 68p.

     F229 Part III: The Popular Ballad, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 38p.

     F230 Part IV: Early Songs of Unknown Authorship, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 12p.

     F231 Part V: Toward the Golden Age, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 69p.

     F232 Part VI: Elizabethan Songs of Unknown Authorship,  [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 14p.

     F233 Part VII: The Mirror of Mankind [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 43p.

     F234 Part VIII: Anatomy of the World, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 59p.
     F235 [Part IX: Gallants, Puritans and Divines], [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 88p.

     F236 Part X: The Rise and Fall of Elegance, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 72p.

     F237 Part XI: Pure Vision, Pure Song, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 28p.

     F238 Part XII: The Spirit of Revolution and Romance, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 114p.

     F239 Part XIII: Faith, Doubt and Democracy, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 90p.

15   F240 Part XIV: Challenge to Tradition, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, 109p.

     F241 Part XV: The World of Twentieth Century, [1941]
          Ts and page proofs, with acknowledgements, 186p.

     F242 Miscellaneous page, [1941]
          Ts with autograph corrections, 1p.

          Series II.7.  The World's Worst Poetry, [n.d.]
               This collection of poetry was probably gathered by
               Untermeyer.  Includes verses by William Blake, R.
               Toffe, William Hamilton, Robert Dodsley, John
               Dyer, Isaac Watts, W.J. Mitchell, Frederic Lopere,
               Thomas Campis, William Shakespeare, E. Spenser, W.
               Perry, M. Drayton, B. Barnes, and T. Watson.

     F243 Autograph, Ts, and tear sheet, [n.d.]
          In addition to poems a list of other poets and titles       
          is included, 34p.

          Series III.  Lectures presented by Louis Untermeyer,

     F244 "Horace Then and Now," [n.d.]
          Ts bearing autograph notes, 7p.

     F245 "New Frontiers in American Culture," [n.d.]
          Ts (carbon) bearing autograph corrections, 4p.

     F246 "New Rhythms in American Music," [n.d.]
          Ts and Ts (carbon) both bearing autograph notes.  Also
          includes clippings, 11p.
     F247 "Notes for Lecture on the Drama," [n.d.]
          Ts bearing autograph additions and corrections, 2p.

     F248 "Notes on Architecture," [n.d.]
          Ts bearing a few autograph corrections, 4p.

     F249 "The Painters Discover America," [n.d.]
          Ts (carbon) bearing autograph notes, 3p.

     F250 "This American Language," [n.d.]
          Ts (carbon) bearing autograph notes.  Also includes
          an announcement for the lecture, 8p.

16        Series IV.  Manuscripts written by other authors,
               [1907 and n.d.]
               Includes typescripts by Edwin G. Burrows and
               J.A. Chaloner.

     F251 Burrows, Edwin G., Guernica for Pablo Picasso, [n.d.]
          Ts (carbon) with cover, 40p.

     F252 Chaloner, J.A., Scorpio (Sonnets) (Palmetto Press,
          Ts bearing autograph corrections, includes a prologue,
          a biographical sketch on Chaloner, and an appendix; all
          written by Untermeyer.  Also includes several sonnets,

          Series V.  Louis Untermeyer's bookplate, [n.d.]

     F253 Bookplate, [n.d.]

          Series VI.  Scrapbooks and clippings collected by Louis
               Untermeyer, 1920-1942
               Two scrapbooks and one folder of loose material
               contain clippings, and printed material collected
               by Untermeyer.

     F254 Scrapbook, 1920-1925
          Contains clippings and tear sheets of poetry written by
          a number of poets including:  Robert Frost, Carl
          Sandburg, Leonie Adams, James Oppenheim, Anna Wickham,
          Winnifred Welles, Elizabeth J. Coatsworth, George
          O'Neill, Elinor Wylie, Louise Bogan, Edna St. Vincent
          Millay, Vachel Lindsay, Dorothy Parker, John Crowe
          Ransom, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Stephen Vincent
          Benet, Grace Hazard Conkling, Louis Ginsberg, Nathalia
          Crane (with a Ts (carbon) poem), Hazel Hall, Lizette
          Woodworth Reese, Roberta Teale Swartz, and a copy of
          "Daughters of Jephthah" by Louis Untermeyer.  Also
          includes several clippings about poets, 56p.
     F255 Scrapbook, 1938-1942
          Includes clippings and tear sheets of literary
          material, as well as material concerning the Nazis and
          World War II.  Includes poetry (or other work) by
          Theodore Morrison, Phyllis McGinley, Raymond Holden,
          T.S. Eliot, Dorothy Thompson, William Randolph Hearst,
          Harry Brown, Sara Henderson May, May Sarton, Paul Fort,
          Margaret McGovern, Lewis Allan, John Gillespie Magee,
          Jr., and Frank Young.  Also includes Untermeyer's poem
          titled "Country of Appeasers," ca. 60p.

     F256 Clippings, tear sheets, and photocopies, 1935-1941
          Several of the articles are about Untermeyer and his 
          poetry, 14p.

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