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1967 - 1968

Manuscript Collection Number: 396
Accessioned: Purchase, June 1998.
Extent: .1 linear ft. (31 items)
Content: Letters and manuscripts.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1999 by Devin Harner.

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Table of Contents

Introductory Note

The Wivenhoe Park Review was a short-lived British journal of contemporary poetry, essays, and criticism edited by poets Andrew Crozier and Thomas Clark (an American) beginning in 1965. It was originally published by the University of Essex Department of Literature, but with the third issue, Crozier shortened the name of the journal to The Park, and began to publish it at his own newly founded Ferry Press. The Park issue numbers (after The Park 1) continued the original number sequence of the Wivenhoe Park Review. After the title change a double issue, # 4/5, was published in the summer of 1969. The last issue of The Park was issue # 6.

After taking an M.A. from Cambridge and a Ph.D. from Essex, Andrew Crozier went on to other editing projects, including The English Intelligencer with J.H. Prynne. He is affiliated with the School of English and American Studies at the University of Sussex at Brighton, and has written books including All Where Each Is (1985) and Various Art (1995). Also in 1995, he edited Carl Rakosi's Poems 1923-1941 for the Sun and Moon Press.


Caddel, Richard, and Peter Quartermain. " A Fair Field Full of Folk': Other British and Irish Poetry since 1970." Jacket, no. 4, 1998. Retrieved October 1999 from

Crozier, Andrew (ed.) The Park 1. London: Ferry Press, 1968. Note: Cataloged with the printed holdings in Special Collections (Spec_PR1149 .A1 P36)

Scope and Content Note

The thirty-one items in this archive were collected by editor Andrew Crozier in the process of publishing the first issue of The Wivenhoe Park Review under its new title, The Park. The collection includes manuscripts of poems and essays, with letters of submission and follow-ups from the authors who contributed to The Park 1.

All of the original manuscripts for work appearing in this issue are present, with the exception of Tony Ward's story "Jenny's First Class Journey," and a prose poem by Gerald Fabian entitled "Elegy for a dead Shipmate." The collection's arrangement in folders 1-12 follows The Park's table of contents. Two letters, not related to submissions, are housed in F13.

Contents List

Folder -- Contents

     Arranged in order of appearance in The Park 1.
F1   John Temple
     "Witton Park,"  Tss  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
F2   Joe Ceravolo, 
     "A Piece,"  TSs (copy)  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)            
     "Compassion for the Sky"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Tripod"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Road of Trials"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (3p)
     "Ocean"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)   
               1967 1 Nov          ALS       2p

F3   Tony Ward 
     [manuscript lacking]                                    
               1968 27 May    TLS       1p   
                         Note: from Pat Cavanagh - re: Ward's "Jenny" MS 
                    8 Jul          ALS       2p
                    8 Aug          ALS       1p

F4   George Stanley
     "White Blues"  TS  [poem],  1968  (1p)
     "Touching"  TS  [poem],  1967  (1p)
     "Commencement"  TS  [poem],  1967  (1p)

               1968 20 May    TCS       1p
                    22 Apr    TLS       1p
                    4 May     TLS       1p

F5   John James
     "With Regard the Matter of Falling"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (2p)
     "Poem of Inevitable September, or I'm a City Boy at Heart"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Whatever You've Got, Someone Somewhere Needs It"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)

               1968 8 Feb          ACS       1p
                    16 Feb         ALS       1p

F6   Ron Loewinsohn
     "You Recur, Love"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "The Sidewalk"  TS  [poems],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Goat Dances (No. 3)"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)         
     "Settling"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Song"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (.5p)
     "Song"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (.5p)
     "Air"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
      Waking Up In Massachusetts"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)  
               1968 22 Mar    TLS       1p
                    23 May    TLS       1p
F7   Jim Burns
     "Give Flowers to the Rebels Failed"  TS  [essay],  n.d.  (7p)
               1968 18 Mar    TLS       1p

F8   Lee Harwood
     "Question of Geography"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Cream"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)
     "Landscapes"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (2p)
               1968 21 Feb         ALS       1p
                         Note: includes a note with Harwood's address
F9  John Wieners
     "The Suck"  TS  [poem],  n.d.  (1p)

F10  Peter Riley
     "Poems Written on 11th May 1968"  TS  [poems],  n.d.  (22p)

               1968 13 Jun         TLS       1p
F11  Gilbert Sorrentino
     "Marianne Moore: An Octopus/ of ice"  TS  [essay],  n.d.  (15p)
               1968 23 May         TLS       1p
                    18 Jun         TLS       1p
                    11 Jul         TLS       1p
F12  Gerald Fabian 
     [manuscript lacking]
               [1968] n.d.         TLS       1p        
                    13 Jul         ALS       3p
                    16 Jul         TLS       1p
                    17 Jul         TLS       1p
                         Note: includes a photoreduction of the score to "Elegy"

F13  Other Letters to Andrew Crozier, 1968
     Richard Duerien     1968 Apr       ALS       1p
     James Laughlin      1968 12 Apr    TLS       1p
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