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Julian Symons Papers

1944 - 1994
(bulk dates 1970-1990 )

Manuscript Collection Number: 204
Accessioned: Purchases, 1990-1999.
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Content: Letters, books, essays, poems, book reviews, short stories, and addresses.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: July 1999 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

II. Correspondence, 1978-1994

III. Personal Papers, 1982-1985

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series II.  Correspondence, 1955-1987

          Series II.1.  Personal correspondence, 1955-1987

     F434 Amis, Kingsley
          1973 Oct 31         TLS       1p
               Nov 15         TLS       1p
          1984 Nov 15         TLS       1p

     F435 Anderson, Alan
          1982 Jan 7          ALS       2p
               Note:  Letter is incomplete.
          1985 Apr 19         ALS       4p

     F436 Bardin, John
          1955-1975           Letters   6p

     F437 Beichman, Arnold
          1983 May 23         TLS       2p

     F438 Bell, John
          1984                Letters   9p

     F439 Conquest, Robert
          1983 Mar 20         TLS       1p
          1984 Aug 10         TLS       1p

     F440 Cotes, Peter, 1912-
          1985 Aug 31         TLS       2p

     F441 Deighton, Len, 1929-
          1982 Jun 28         TLS       1p
          1983 Jan 17         TLS       1p

     F442 Eaves, Morris, 1944-
          1983 Sep 2          TLS       1p

     F443 Edwards, Paul, 1950-
          1984 Aug 4          ALS       2p

     F444 Ewart, Gavin
          1983 Feb 15         ALS       1p
               Note:  Poem included in the body of the letter.
               Sep 16         ACS       1p
               Sep 23         ALS       1p
          1984 Jan 22         ALS       1p
               Note:  Poem included in the body of the letter.
               Feb 13         ALS       1p
               Note:  Poem included in the body of the letter.
               Mar 1          ACS       1p
          1985 Mar 28         ACS       2p
               Note:  Poem included in the body of the letter.
               Apr 4          AC        1p
               Note:  The envelope bears an autograph from Ewart.
          1986 Feb 28         TLS       1p
               Note:  The letter bears an autograph note by
               Mar 9          ACS       1p
               Jun 30         ACS       1p
               Aug 13         ACS       1p
          1987 Feb 9          ALS       1p
               Note:  Poems included in the body of the letter.
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
               Note:  Poem included in the body of the letter and
               letter bears an autograph note by Ewart.

     F445 Flowers, Desmond, 1907-
          Carbon typescript copy of Desmond Flower's article,
          "The Book Collectors' Quarterly, 1930-1933," which
          bears autograph revisions and a carbon signature.

     F446 Fyvel, T. R. (Tosco R.), 1907-
          1982 Oct 15         TLS       1p

     F447 Gilbert, Michael Francis, 1921-
          [n.y.]    Jul 19    ALS       2p

     F448 Guest, John
          1982 Nov 8          TLS       2p

     F449 Hawkins, Desmond, 1908-
          1984 Dec 13         ALS       1p
               Note: Includes photocopies of three letters
               written by Symons to Hawkins in 1939 regarding
               Twentieth Century Verse.

3         Series II.  Correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F450 Higgins, George V., 1939-
          1985 Aug 20         TLS       2p

     F451 Hoch, Edward D., 1930-
          1983 Jan 11         TLS       1p
          1985 Apr 24         TLS       1p
               May 13         TLS       1p

     F452 [James, P. D.]
          1984 Feb 13         ALS       1p

     F453 Keating, H. R. F. (Henry Reymond Fitzwalter), 1926-
          1983-1985           Letters   7p
               Note:  Enclosed in one letter is an endorsement of
               Symons's Bloody Murder.

     F454 Kirstila, Penutti
          1982 Dec 13         TLS       3p

     F455 La Fourcade, Bernard
          1983 Feb 4          TLS       1p
          1984 Jul 25         TLS       2p

     F456 Latona, Robert
          1982 Sep 21         TLS       1p
          1983 Dec 16         TLS       1p
               Note:  Clipping enclosed.

     F457 Millar, Margaret
          1984 Apr 9          TLS       1p
          [1984]              TLS       1p

     F458 Murdoch, Derrick
          1983-1984           Letters   4p
               Note:  Includes notes for suggested corrections to
               Symons's Bloody Murder.

     F459 Pieraccini, Rolando
          1984-1985           Letters   7p
               Note:  Includes a list of manuscripts sold to
               Pieraccini by Symons.

     F460 Pritchard, William H.
          1982-1985           Letters   40p
               Note:  Includes a clipping.

     F461 Ross, Alan
          1983 Feb 11         ALS       2p

     F462 Rowse, A. L. (Alfred Leslie), 1903-
          [1985]              ALS       2p

     F463 Sims, George, 1923-
          1984-1985           Letters   12p
               Note:  Includes an invoice, a printed poem by
               Sims, and draft letter from Symons to Sims.

     F464 Sipper, Ralph B.
          1983 Feb 16         TLS       1p

     F465 Walsdorf, John J.
          1983-1984           Letters   5p

     F466 Welcome, John, 1914-
          1984                Letters   8p
               Note: Used the pseudonym, John Needham Huggard

     F467 Woodcock, George, 1912-
          1977-1985           Letters   8p
               Note:  Includes a letter to "Jack."

     F468 Letters from unidentified individuals, 1982-1985
          Thirteen letters arranged in chronological order.

          Series II.2.  Professional correspondence, 1976-1986
               Includes letters from publishers, universities,
               and television companies, as well as fan mail and
               a few drafts of letters written by Symons. 
               Arranged in chronological order.

     F469 1976-1981
     F470 1982
     F471 1983
     F472 1984
     F473 1985
          Includes a typescript of A. T. Trolley's article, "The
          Fortune Press and the Poetry of the Forties," and a
          copy of Symons's suggested script revisions for Granada
          Television's "The Road to 1984."
     F474 1986

3         Series III.  Personal papers, 1982-1985

     F475 Letters from Stanley Symons (brother), 1982-1984
          Four letters (15 pages) discussing his health, travels,
          Julian Symons's life, and British politics.

     F476 Correspondence regarding the wills of Julian and
               Kathleen Symons, 1984
          Includes a letter from his solicitor and a draft of
          Symons's response regarding the drawing up of wills. 
          Symons's draft notes several changes to be included in
          the wills.

     F477 Miscellaneous items, 1982-1985
          Includes correspondence regarding health care, an
          invoice for a radio rental, program for the memorial
          service for Richard Findlater, a list of A. J. A.
          Symons manuscripts, and an image of mountain climbers.


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