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1944 - 1994
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Accessioned: Purchases, 1990-1999.
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Content: Letters, books, essays, poems, book reviews, short stories, and addresses.
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Table of Contents

Series I.7: Book Reviews, A-L
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2         Series I.7.  Book reviews, [1944-1991]
               All manuscripts are autograph with revisions
               unless otherwise noted.

     F114 Abrahams, William and Peter Stanskey.  Orwell: The
          Transformation (London: Constable, 1979).  Includes
          autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts.  6p.

     F115 Abse, Daniel.  Poetry Dimension Annual 5 ([s.l.]:
          Robson, 1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft of a review
          with Poetry Introduction (London: Faber & Faber, n.d.)
          and Robert Lowell's Day by Day (London: Faber & Faber,
          1977).  3p.
     F116 Abse, Dannie.  Collected Poems, 1948-1976 (Pittsburgh:
          University of Pittsburgh Press, 1977).  Reviewed for
          The Sunday Times with Paul Muldoon's Mules (London:
          Farber & Farber, 1977), Andrew Waterman's From the
          Other Country (Manchester: Carcanet, 1977), Roy
          McFadden's Versifications (Belfast: Blackstaff Press,
          1977), Elizabeth Jennings's Consequently I Rejoice
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1977), John Montague's Poisoned
          Lands and Other Poems (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1977), George Mackay Brown's  The Selected Poems of
          George Mackay Brown ([London: Hogarth Press, 1977]),
          and Ezra Pound's Collected Early Poems of Ezra Pound
          (New York: New Directions, 1976).  4p.

     F117 Ackroyd, Peter.  Ezra Pound and His World (London:
          Thomas & Hudson, 1980).  3p.

     F118 Aczel, Tamas.  Illuminations (New York: Taplinger,
          [1981]).  Reviewed with Venedikt Erofeev's Moscow to
          the End of the Line ([New York: Taplinger, 1980]).  7p.

     F119 Adams, Richard.  Shardik (London: Allen Lane, 1974). 

     F120 Alexander, Peter.  Roy Campbell (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1982).  3p.

     F121 Allegretto, Michael.  Death on the Rodes (London:
          Macmillan, n.d.).  Reviewed for the Independent (1988
          Mar) with Paul Geddes's A Special Kind of Nightmare
          (London: Bodley Head, n.d.), Michael Dibdin's Ratking
          (London: Faber & Faber, n.d.), Michael Gilbert's Young
          Petrella (London: Hodder & Stoughton, n.d.), Martin
          Sylvester's A Lethal Vintage (s.l.: s.n., n.d.), and
          Richard Dacre's The Blond Runs Hot (London: Macmillan,
          n.d.).  3p.

     F122 Allen, Walter Ernest.  As I Walked Down New Grub
          Street (London: Heinemann, 1981).  4p.

     F123 Allison, Drummond.  The Poems of Drummond Allison. 
          (Reading: Whiteknights Press, 1978).  3p.

     F124 Allott, Kenneth.  Kenneth Allott: Collected Poems
          (London: Secker & Warburg, 1975).  Reviewed for The
          Times Literary Supplement.  5p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F125 Alvarez, A. (Alfred).  Autumn to Autumn and Selected
          Poems 1953-1976 (London: Macmillan, n.d.).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft of a review of John Berryman's Henry's
          Fate (London: Faber & Faber, n.d.), Peter Porter's The
          Cost of Seriousness (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1978) and Jeffrey Wainwright's Heart's Desire
          (Manchester: Carcanet New Press, 1978).  3p. 

     F126 Alvarez, A. (Alfred).  Beyond All This Fiddle: essays
          1955-1967 (London: Allen Lane, [1968]).  Printed copy. 

     F127 Alvarez, A. (Alfred).  Hunt (New York: Simon &
          Schuster, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F128 Amis, Kingsley.  The Amis Collection: selected
          non-fiction, 1954-1990 (London: Hutchinson, 1990). 
          Reviewed for the Independent (1990 Oct).  3p.

     F129 Amis, Kingsley.  The Green Man (London, Cape, 1969). 
          Reviewed for the Sunday Times (1989 Oct).  4p.

     F130 Amis, Martin.  London Fields (New York: Harmony Books,
          c1989).  Reviewed for London Review of Books (1989
          Aug).  6p.

     F131 Amos, William.  The Originals: who's really who in
          fiction (London: J. Cape, 1985).  3p.

     F132 Arlott, John.  Basingstone Boy (London: Willow
          Books/Harper-Collins, n.d.).  3p.

     F133 Atwood, Margaret and Robert Weaver (eds.)  The Oxford
          Book of Canadian Short Stories in English (Toronto; New
          York: Oxford University Press, 1986).  Reviewed with
          Daniel Halpern's The Art of the Tale: an international
          anthology of short stories (New York: Viking, 1986). 

     F134 Auden, W. H.  Collected Poems (New York: Random House,
          1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times with Thomas
          Gunn's Jack Straw's Castle (London: Farber & Farber,
          1976), Edmond Leo Wright's The Horwich Hennets
          (Stockport: H. Chambers and Peterloo Poets, 1976),
          Louis Simpson's Searching for the Ox (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1976), Delmore Schwartz's What Is To
          Be Given (Manchester: Carcanet, 1976), Peter Bland's
          Mr. Mair (London: Alan Ross, 1976), Richard Eberhart's
          Collected Poems, 1930-1976 (Oxford: Oxford University
          Press, 1976), and Edgell Rickword's Behind the Eyes
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1976).  5p.

     F135 Ayer A. J.  Part of My Life (London: Collins, 1977). 
          Reviewed for The New Review.  2p.

     F136 Bagguley, John and Cecil Woolf (eds.)  Authors Take
          Sides on Vietnam: two questions on the war in Vietnam
          answered by the authors of several nations.  (London:
          Peter Owen, c1967).  Printed review in London Magazine
          (1967 Sep).  2p.

     F137 Bailey, Anthony.  England, First and Last (London:
          Faber & Faber, n.d.).  2p.

     F138 Bailey, Paul.  An Immaculate Mistake: scenes from
          childhood and beyond (London: Bloomsbury, 1990). 
          Reviewed with Anthony Burgess's You've Had Your Time
          (London: Heinemann, 1990).  5p.

     F139 Bainbridge, Beryl.  Another Part of the Wood (New York:
          Braziller, 1980).  Reviewed with P. D. James's Innocent
          Blood (New York: Scribner's, 1980).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  7p.

     F140 Bainbridge, Beryl.  Watson's Apology (London: 
          Duckworth, 1984).  4p.

     F141 Baker, Michael.  The Doyle Diary: the last great Conan
          Doyle mystery with a Holmesian investigation into the
          strange and curious case of Charles Altamont Doyle
          (London: Paddington Press, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon)
          draft.  3p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F142 Ball, John, Lewis Chester and Roy Perrott.  Cops and
          Robbers (London: Andre Deutsch, n.d.).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  1p.

     F143 Barber, Noel.  Seven Days of Freedom: the Hungarian
          uprising 1956 (London: Macmillan, 1974).  Reviewed with
          William Shawcross's Crime and Compromise; Janos Kadar
          and the politics of Hungary since revolution (London:
          Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1974) and Gyula Hay's Born 1900
          (London: Hutchinson, 1974).  4p.

     F144 Barker, George.  Dialogues (London: Farber & Farber,
          1976).  Reviewed for Times Literary Supplement.  6p.

     F145 Barnard, Robert.  A Talent to Deceive: An Appreciation
          of Agatha Christie (London: Collins, 1980).  Also a
          review of the Dodd Mead edition.  7p.

     F146 Barnes, Melvyn.  Murder in Print: a guide to two
          centuries of crime fiction (London: Barn Owl Books,
          1986).  Reviewed for The Times Literary Supplement
          (1986 Oct).  2p.  

     F147 Barrow, Andrew.  Gossip: A History of High Society from
          1920-1970 (London: Coward & McCann, 1979).  Autograph
          and typescript (carbon) drafts.  5p.

     F148 Beer, Patricia.  Driving West (London: Gollancz, 1975). 
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times with Gavin Ewart's Be My
          Guest (London: Trigram Press, 1975) and Vernon
          Scannell's The Loving Game ([London: Robson Books,
          1975]).  3p.

     F149 Bell, Quentin.  The Brandon Papers (London: Chatto &
          Windus, 1985).  3p.

     F150 Bentley, Joyce.  The Importance of Being Constance
          (London: R. Hale, 1983).  3p.

     F151 Berry-Dee, Christopher and Robin Odell.  Dad, Help Me
          Please (London: W. H. Allen, n.d.).  3p.

          Berryman, John.  Henry's Fate.  See F125.

     F152 Bierce, Ambrose.  The Collected Writing of Ambrose
          Bierce (London: Pan, n.d.).  2p.

     F153 Binyon, T. J.  Murder Will Out: the detective in
          fiction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989).
          Reviewed for The Times Literary Supplement (1989 Jun) 

     F154 Bird, Isabella L.  A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
          (London: Virago, 1982).  Reviewed with Mary Henrietta
          Kingsley's Travels in West Africa (London: Virago,
          1982).  4p.

     F155 Bird, Isabella L.  Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (London:
          Virago, 1984).  Reviewed with Mildred Cable's and
          Francesca French's The Gobi Desert (London: Virago,
          1984).  3p.

     F156 Bishop, Elizabeth.  Geography III (London: Chatto &
          Windus, 1977).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times with Iain
          Crichton Smith's In the Middle (London: Gollancz,
          1977), Elaine Feinstein's Some Unease and Angels
          (London: Hutchinson, 1977), Alistair Elliot's
          Contentions ([Sunderland: Ceolfrith Press, 1977]), and
          Martin Robertson's A Hot Bath at Bedtime (Oxford:
          Robert Dugdale, 1977).  4p.

          Bland, Peter.  Mr. Mair.  See F134.

     F157 Blishen, Edward.  The Disturbance Fee (London: H.
          Hamilton, 1988).  Reviewed for the Guardian (1988 Jul). 

     F158 Blom, K. Arne and Joan Tate.  The Limits of Pain
          (Godalming: Ram Publishing Co., 1979).  Reviewed with
          Colin Watson's Snobbery with Violence: English Crime
          Stories and Their Advance (London: Eyre Methuen, 1971),
          William Kienzle's The Rosary Murders (London: Hodder &
          Stoughton, 1979), and Peter Dickinson's One Foot in the
          Grave (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1979).  Autograph
          and typescript (carbon) drafts.  5p.

     F159 Blum, William.  The CIA: a forgotten history (London:
          Zed Books, 1986).  Reviewed for The Times Literary
          Supplement (1986 Dec) with John Ranelagh's The Agency:
          the Rise & Decline of the CIA (London: Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson, 1986), Phillip Knightley's The Second Oldest
          Profession (London: Andre Deutsch, [1986]), and Joan
          Miller's One Girl's War (s.l.: Brandon, n.d.).  8p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F160 Bold, Alan Norman (ed.)  Cambridge Book of English
          Verse, 1939-1975 (Cambridge: Cambridge University
          Press, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times,
          incomplete.  1p.

     F161 Brabazon, James.  Dorothy L. Sayers: the life of a
          courageous woman (London: Gollancz, 1981).  3p.

     F162 Bradbury, Malcolm.  The Modern World: ten great writers
          (London: Secker & Warburg, 1988).  4p. 

     F163 Bresler, Fenton S.  The Mystery of Georges Simenon
          (London: Heinemann, 1983).  Reviewed with Georges
          Simenon's The Lodger (San Diego: Harcourt, Brace,
          Jovanovich, 1983).  5p.

     F164 Brinnin, John Malcolm.  Sextet (London: Deutsch, 1982). 

     F165 Brock, Edwin.  Here, Now, Always (London: Secker &
          Warburg, 1977) and Song of the Battery Hew (London:
          Secker & Warburg, [1977] ).  Reviewed for The Sunday
          Times with Anne Sexton's The Awful Rowing Toward God
          (London: Chatto & Windus, 1977), Tom Paulin's A State
          of Justice (London: Farber & Farber, 1977), John Mole's
          Our Ship (London: Secker & Warburg, 1977), and
          Elizabeth Smart's A Bonus (London: Polytantric Press,
          1977).  3p.

     F166 Brockway, Fenner.  98 Not Out (London : Quartet, 1986). 
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times (1986 Sep) with Jack
          Jones's Union Man: the autobiography of Jack Jones
          (London: Collins, 1986).  3p.

     F167 Brogan, Hugh.  The Life of Arthur Ransome (London: J.
          Cape, 1984).  4p.

          Brooke, Rupert.  The Letters of Rupert Brooke.
          Included in a notebook with other material.  See F85.

     F168 Brookner, Anita.  Brief Lives (London: J. Cape, 1990). 
          Reviewed for the London Review of Books (1990 Jul) with
          Philip Roth's Deception (London: J. Cape, 1990).  5p.
          Brown, Mackay.  The Selected Poems of Mackay Brown.
          See F116.

     F169 Brown, Terence and Alec Reid.  Time Was Away: the world
          of Louise MacNeice ([Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1974]).
          Reviewed with Stephen Spender's W. H. Auden (London:
          Weidenfeld & Nicolson, [1975]).  4p.

     F170 Brownjohn, Alan.  The Way You Tell Them (London: Andre
          Deutsch, n.d.).  Reviewed for the Independent (1990
          Jan).  2p.

     F171 Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph.  Some Sort of Epic Grandeur:
          The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald (London: Hodder &
          Stoughton, [1981]).  15p.

     F172 Bruckshaw, Horace.  The Diaries of Private Horace
          Bruckshaw (London: Scholar Press, 1979). Autograph and
          typescript (carbon) drafts of a review for The Sunday
          Times with Peter Liddle's Testimony of War 1914-1918
          (Salisbury: Michael Russell Publishing, 1979) and
          William D. Mather's Muckydonia 1917-1919 (Ilfracombe:
          Stockwell, 1979).  7p.

     F173 Buchan, John.  The Best Short Stories of John Buchan,
          Volume 2 ([London: Joseph, 1982]).  Reviewed with
          William Buchan's John Buchan (London: Buchan & Enright,
          1982).  4p.

          Buchan, William.  John Buchan.  See F173.

     F174 Burgess, Anthony.  Any Old Iron (London: Hutchinson,
          n.d.).  3p.

     F175 Burgess, Anthony.  1985 (London: Hutchinson, n.d.)
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

          Burgess, Anthony.  You've Had Your Time.  See F138.

     F176 Burn, Gordon.  Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son: The
          Story of Peter Sutcliffe (London: Heinemann, 1984). 4p.

          Burroughs, William S.  The Soft Machine (Paris: Olympia
          Press, 1961).  Contained in a notebook with other
          material.  See F85.  3p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F177 Butler, Michael D.  Street and Sky (Liskeard: H.
          Chambers and Peterloo Poets, 1979).  Reviewed with Elma
          Mitchell's The Human Cage (Liskeard: H. Chambers and
          Peterloo Poets, 1979) and Dennis Keene's Surviving
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1980).  Autograph and typescript
          (carbon) drafts.  7p.

          Cable, Mildred and Francesca French.  The Gobi Desert.
          See F155.

     F178 Cadogan, Mary and Patricia Craig.  The Lady
          Investigates (London: Gollancz, 1981).  Reviewed with
          Jessica Mann's Deadlier Than the Male (London: David &
          Charles, 1981).  3p.

     F179 Cardwell, Sarah.  The Sirens Sang of Murder (London:
          Collins, 1989).  Reviewed for the Independent (1989
          Jun) with Annette Roome's A Real Shot in the Arm (s.l.:
          s.n., n.d.), Deborah Valentine's Unorthodox Methods
          (London: Gollancz, 1989), Derra Williams's Holy
          Treasure (London: Macmillan, 1989), Dorothy Simpson's
          Dead by Morning (London: Michael Joseph, 1989), Lee
          Jordan's The Toy Cupboard (London: Macmillan, 1989),
          Sue Grafton's F is for Fugitive (London: Macmillan,
          1989), Miles Tripp's The Cost of Vanity (London:
          Macmillan, 1989), Ed McBain's Lullaby (London: Michael
          Joseph, 1989), and Jonathan Ross's A Time for Dying
          (London: Constable, 1989).  3p.

     F180 Carey, John (ed.)  William Golding, the man and his
          books (London: Faber & Faber, 1986).  Reviewed for the
          Guardian (1986 Sep).  3p.

     F181 Carr, Edward Hallett.  Foundations of a Planned Economy
          (New York: Macmillan, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday
          Times with John L.H. Keep's The Russian Revolution
          (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1976).  3p.

     F182 Carroll, Lewis.  The Letters of Lewis Carroll (Oxford:
          Oxford University Press, 1979).  Reviewed with The
          Sickle Side of the Moon: Letters of Virginia Woolf,
          1932-1935 ([London: Hogarth Press, 1979]).  Autograph
          and typescript drafts.  3p.

     F183 Chapman, Robert T.  Wyndham Lewis: fictions and satires
          (London: Vision, 1973).  Reviewed with Wyndham Lewis's
          The Roaring Queen (London: Secker & Warburg, 1973) and
          Unlucky for Pringle (London: Vision, 1973).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  4p.

     F184 Cheever, John.  Falconer (London: J. Cape, 1977).
          Reviewed for The Times Literary Supplement and signed. 

     F185 Chester, Lewis, Colin Simpson, and David Leitch.  The
          Cleveland Affair (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1977).
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  3p.

     F186 Christie, Agatha.  An Autobiography (New York: Dodd,
          Mead, & Co., 1977).  4p.

     F187 Clark, Kenneth.  Another Part of the Wood: a self
          portrait (London: Murray, [1974]).  Reviewed for London
          Magazine with Richard Cowper's One Hand Clapping
          (London: Gollancz, 1975) and Gordon Norton Ray's H.G.
          Wells and Rebecca West (London: Macmillan, 1974).  5p.

     F188 Coe, Jonathan. The Dwarves of Death (London: Fourth
          Estate, 1990).  Reviewed for the London Review of Books
          (1990 May) with Christoph Ransmayr's The Last World
          (London: Chatto & Windus, 1990), Alan Silltoe's Last
          Loves (London: Grafton Books, 1990), and Josef
          Skvorecky's The End of Lieutenant Boruvka (London:
          Faber & Faber).  6p.

     F189 Cole, J. A.  Prince of Spies: Henry le Caron (London:
          Farber & Farber, 1984).  3p.

     F190 Connolly, Cyril.  Shade Those Laurels (London: Bellew,
          1990).  2p.

     F191 Conquest, Robert.  Forays (London: Chatto & Windus,
          1979).  Autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts.  6p.

     F192 Conquest, Robert.  New and Collected Poems (London:
          Hutchinson, n.d.).  2p.

     F193 Conquest, Robert.  Tyrants and Typewriters (London:
          Hutchinson, n.d.).  3p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F194 Cooney, Seamus (ed.)  Blast 3 (Santa Barbara: Black
          Sparrow Press, 1984).  Typescript and autograph drafts
          of a review with Wyndham Lewis's Rude Assignment: an
          intellectual autobiography (Santa Barbara: Black
          Sparrow Press, 1984).  6p.

     F195 Cooper, William.  From Early Life (London: Macmillan,
          1990).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times (1990 Jul).  3p.

     F196 Coren, Michael.  Gilbert - the who was G. K. Chesterton
          (London: Cape, 1989).  Reviewed for Punch (1988 Oct). 

          Cowper, Richard.  One Hand Clapping.  See F187.

          Crichton Smith, Iain.  In the Middle.  See F156.

     F197 Crick, Bernard.  George Orwell (London: Secker &
          Warburg, 1980).  Autograph and typescript (carbon)
          drafts.  8p.

     F198 Crossley-Holland, Kevin.  The Dream-House (London:
          Deutsch, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times with
          Cecil Day Lewis's Poems (London: Hogarth Press, 1977),
          Gavin Ewart's No Fool Like an Old Fool (London:
          Gollancz, 1976), and Robert Nye's Divisions on a Ground
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1976).  4p.

     F199 Cullen, Tom A.  Crippen: the mild murderer (London:
          Bodley Head, 1977).  Reviewed for the New Statesman
          with Jonathan Goodman's The Burning of Evelyn Foster
          (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1977).  4p.

     F200 Cunningham, Valentine.  British Writers of the Thirties
          (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987).  3p.

     F201 Cushman, Keith and Michael Squires (eds.)  The
          Challenge of D. H. Lawrence (Madison, Wisconsin:
          University of Wisconsin Press, 1990).  Reviewed for The
          Times Literary Supplement (1990 Aug) with Jeffrey
          Meyers's D. H. Lawrence (London: Macmillan, 1990).  5p.

     F202 Davies, Dido.  William Gerhardie: a biography (Oxford:
          Oxford University Press, 1990).  Reviewed with William
          Gerhardie's God's  Fifth Column (London: Hogarth Press,
          n.d.), Futility (s.l.: s.n., n.d.), and Memoirs of a
          Polyglot (s.l.: s.n., n.d.).  11p.

          Dacre,Richard.  The Blond Runs Hot.  See F121.

     F203 Davin, Dan.  Closing Times (Oxford: Oxford University
          Press, 1975).  4p.

          Day Lewis, Cecil.  Poems.  See F198.

     F204 Deighton, Len.  Berlin Game (London: Hutchinson, 1983).

     F205 Deighton, Len.  Fighter: the true story of the Battle
          of Britain (London: J. Cape, 1977).  Reviewed for The
          Sunday Times.  4p.

     F206 Deighton, Len.  SS-GB: Nazi-occupied Britain 1941
          (s.l.: s.n., n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) review for The
          Sunday Times.  3p.

     F207 Dibdin, Michael.  The Tryout (London: Faber & Faber). 
          Reviewed for Independent (1989 May) with Donald E.
          Westlake's Trust Me On This (London: Allison & Busby,
          1989), B. M. Gill's Time and Time Again (London: Hodder
          & Stoughton, n.d.), Caroline Graham's Death of a Hollow
          Man (s.l.: s.n., n.d.), James Lawrence's A Deepe Coffyn
          (London: Macmillan, n.d.), Susan Moody's Penny Pinching
          (London: Michael Joseph, n.d.), and S. T. Haymon's A
          Very Particular Murder (London: Constable).  3p.

          Dibdin, Michael.  Ratking.  See F121.

     F208 Dick, Bernard F.  Hellman in Hollywood (London:
          Associated University Presses, 1982).  3p.

          Dickinson, Peter.  One Foot in the Grave.  See F158.

     F209 Disch, Thomas M. and Charles Naylor.  Neighboring Lives
          ([New York: Scribner, 1981]).  4p.

     F210 Doctorow, E. L.  World's Fair (London: Michael Joseph,
          n.d.).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  3p.

     F211 Dos Passos, John.  The Fourteenth Chronicle: letters
          and diaries of John Dos Passos (London: Deutsch, 1974).

     F212 Doyle, Charles.  Richard Aldington: a biography
          (London: Macmillan, n.d.).  4p.

     F213 Dunn, Douglas.  St. Kilda's Parliament (London: Farber
          & Farber, 1981).  Reviewed with Bernard Spencer's
          Collected Poems (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1981), Andrew Waterman's Out for the Elements
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1981), Peter Levi's Private
          Ground (London: Anvil Press Poetry, 1981), and Fran
          Landesman's Is It Overcrowded in Heaven? (London:
          Golden Handshake, 1981).  4p.

     F214 Dutton, Dennis (ed.)  The Forger's Art (Berkeley:
          University of California Press, 1983).  4p.

          Eberhart, Richard.  Collected Poems 1930-1976.  See

          Elliot, Alistair.  Contentions.  See F156.

     F215 Elliot, Vivian.  Dear Mr. Shaw: selections from Bernard
          Shaw's Postbag (London: Bloomsbury, 1987).  Reviewed
          for The Sunday Times (1987 Nov).  3p.

     F216 Ellman, Richard.  Oscar Wilde (New York: Knopf, 1987). 

     F217 Emery, Frank.  The Red Soldier: letters from the Zulu
          War 1879 (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1977).  Reviewed
          for the New Statesman.  3p.

     F218 Enright, D. J.  Paradise Illustrated (London: Chatto/
          Hogarth, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) reviewed with Yvor
          Winters's The Collected Poems of Yvor Winters
          (Manchester: Carcanet Press, n.d.), Andrew Motion's The
          Pleasure Steamers (Manchester: Carcanet New Press,
          1978), Roger Woddis's The Woddis Collection (London:
          Barrie & Jenkins, n.d.) and The Big Red Songbook
          (London: Pluto Press, n.d.).  4p.

          Erofeev, Vendedikt.  Moscow to the End of the Line.
          See F118.

     F219 Etkind, Efim Grigorevich.  Notes of a Non-conspirator
          (Oxford: Oxford University Press).  Typescript (carbon)
          draft.  3p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

          Ewart, Gavin.  Be My Guest.  See F148.

     F220 Ewart, Gavin.  The New Ewart: Poems, 1980-1982 (London:
          Hutchinson, 1982).  Reviewed with Poetry: Introduction
          5 (London: Farber & Farber, [1982]), Derek Walcott's
          The Fortunate Traveller (London: Farber & Farber,
          1982), Elizabeth Jennings' Celebrations and Elegies
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1982), and Charles Tomlinson's
          The Flood (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1981).  4p.

          Ewart, Gavin.  No Fool Like an Old Fool.  See F198.

     F221 [Exchange and Mart].  Autograph and typescript (carbon)
          drafts of a review for the New Statesman.  7p.

     F222 Falck, Colin and Ian Hamilton.  Poems Since 1900
          (London: Macdonald & Jane's, 1975).  Reviewed for The
          Sunday Times with Charles Osborne's New Poetry 1
          (London: The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1975).  3p.

     F223 Farmborough, Florence.  Nurse at the Russian Front: a
          diary 1914-1918 (London: Constable, 1974).  3p.

     F224 Farrell, J. G. The Singapore Grip (London: Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson, [1978]).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

     F225 Farwell, Byron.  [The Great Anglo-Boer War] (1976).
          Reviewed for New Statesman.  5p.

          Feinstein, Elaine.  Some Unease and Angels.  See F156.

     F226 Fenton, James.  Children in Exile: poems 1968-1984
          (Edinburgh: Salamander Press, 1983).  3p.

     F227 Fenton, James.  A Vacant Possession (London: New
          Review, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) draft and a partial
          galley proof (which bears autograph corrections). 
          Reviewed with Geoffrey Grigson's The Fiesta (London:
          Secker & Warburg, n.d.), Jon Stallworthy's A Familiar
          Tree (London: Chatto & Oxford, 1978), Ted Hughes's Cave
          Birds (London: Faber & Faber, 1978), and Robert B.
          Shaw's Comforting the Wilderness (Manchester: Carcanet,
          [1978]).  3p.

     F228 Fisher, David and Anthony Read.  Colonel Z (London:
          Hodder & Stoughton, 1984).  4p.

     F229 Fisher, John.  Paul Kruger (London: Secker & Warburg,
          1974).  3p.

     F230 Fuller, John.  Selected Poems 1954-1982 (London: Secker
          & Warburg, 1985).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times with
          Roy Broadbent Fuller's New and Collected Poems 1934-1984 (London: Secker & Warburg, 1985).  4p.

          Fuller, Roy.  New and Collected Poems 1934-1984.  See

     F231 Fussell, Paul.  Abroad: British literary travelling
          between the wars (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1980).  4p.

     F232 Gascoyne, David.  Journal 1937-1939 (London: Enitharmon
          Press, 1980).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

          Geddes, Paul.  A Special Kind of Nightmare.  See F121.

          Gerhardie, William.  God's Fifth Column and Memoirs of
          a Polyglot.  See F202.

     F233 Giddings, Robert.  War Poets (New York: Orion Books,
          1988).  2p.

     F234 Gilbert, Michael.  Death of a Favourite Girl (London:
          Hodder & Stoughton, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) draft. 

     F235 Gilbert, Michael.  "Fraudsters": six against the law
          (London: Constable,[1987]).  Reviewed for London
          Magazine (1987 Jul).  2p.

          Gilbert, Michael.  Young Petrella.  See F121.

          Gill, B. M.  Time and Time Again.  See F207.

     F236 Gittelson, Celia.  Saving Grace (New York: Knopf,
          1981).  Reviewed with Nicolas Meyer's Confessions of a
          Homing Pigeon (New York: Dial, 1981).  3p.

     F237 Givner, Joan.  Katherine Anne Porter (London: J. Cape,
          1983).  7p.

     F238 Glasser, Ralph.  Gorbals Boy at Oxford (London: Chatto,
          n.d.).  Reviewed for Guardian.  3p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F239 Gloversmith, Frank (ed.)  Class, Culture and Social
          Change: A new view of the 1930s (Brighton: Harvester
          Press, 1980).  3p.

          Goodman, Jonathan.  The Burning of Evelyn Foster.  See

     F240 Goodman, Jonathan.  The Stabbing of George Harry Storrs
          (London: Allison & Busby, 1983).  3p.

     F241 Gordimer, Nadine.  Something Out There: stories
          (London: J. Cape, 1984).  2p.

     F242 Gordon, Giles and David Hughes.  Best Short Stories
          1988 (London: Heinemann, 1988).  Reviewed for The
          Sunday Times (1988 Jul) with Dorothy Porter's I Can
          Sing, Dance, Rollerskate: stories by Scottish writers
          (London: Collins, [1988]).  3p.

     F243 Gordon, Lyndall.  Eliot's New Life (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1988).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times
          (1988 Sep).  2p

          Grafton, Sue.  F is for Fugitive.  See F179.

          Graham, Caroline  Death of a Hollow Man.  See F207.

     F244 Grant, Michael (ed.) T. S. Eliot (London: Routledge &
          Kegan Paul, 1982).  4p.

     F245 Green, Henry.  Caught (London: Hogarth Press, n.d.) and
          Concluding (London: Hogarth Press, n.d.).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F246 Green, Martin.  The English Novel in the Twentieth
          Century (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984).  6p.

     F247 Greene, Graham.  Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the Bomb
          Party (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980).  Autograph
          (incomplete) and typescript (carbon) drafts.  3p.

     F248 Greene, Graham.  The Human Factor (New York: Simon &
          Schuster, 1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F249 Griffin, Peter.  Along with Youth: Hemingway, the early
          years (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985). 
          Reviewed with Jeffrey Meyers's Hemingway (London:
          Macmillan, [1985]) and Michael Reynolds's The Young
          Hemingway (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986).  5p.

     F250 Griffith, Kenneth.  Thank God We Kept the Flag Flying:
          the siege and relief of Ladysmith, 1899-1900 (London:
          Hutchinson, 1974).  3p.

     F251 Grigson, Geoffrey.  Collected Poems, 1963-1980 (London:
          Allison & Busby, 1982), The Private Art: A Poetry Note-Book 
          (London: Allison & Busby, 1982), and Blessings,
          Kicks, and Curses (London: Allison & Busby, 1982).  4p.

          Grigson, Geoffrey.  The Fiesta.  See F227.

     F252 Grigson, Geoffrey.  Montaigne Tower and Other Poems
          (London: Secker & Warburg, 1984).  Reviewed with Peter
          Reading's C (London: Secker & Warburg, 1984), Frederick
          Seidel's Men and Women (London: Chatto & Windus, 1984),
          and Derek Walcott's Midsummer (London: Farber & Farber,
          1984).  4p.

     F253 Grossvogel, David I.  Mystery and Its Fictions: from
          Oedipus to Agatha Christie (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
          University Press, 1979).  Typescript (carbon) draft. 

     F254 Grylls, David.  The Paradox of Gissing (London: Allen &
          Unwin, 1986).  4p.

          Gunn, Thom.  Jack Straw's Castle.  See F134.

     F255 Guttmann, Allen.  From Ritual to Record: the nature of
          modern sports (New York: Columbia University Press,
          1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F256 Hale, Julian Anthony Stuart.  Radio Power: propaganda
          and international broadcasting (London: Elek, 1975).
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times with A.C.H. Smith's Paper
          Voices: the popular press and social change, 1935-1965
          (London: Chatto & Windus, 1975).  3p.

     F257 Halperin, John.  C. P. Snow (Brighton: Harvester,
          1983).  4p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F258 Halperin, John.  Novelists in their Youth (London:
          Chatto & Windus, 1990).  3p.

          Halpern, Daniel.  The Art of the Tale: an international
          anthology of short stories.  See F133.

     F259 Hamilton, Ian.  Robert Lowell (London: Farber & Farber,
          1983).  4p.

     F260 Hansen, Arlen J.  Expatriate Paris: a cultural and
          literary guide to Paris of the 1920s (New York: Arcade
          Publishing, 1990).  3p.

     F261 Harel, Isser.  The House on Garibaldi Street: the first
          full account of the capture of Adolf Eichmann (New
          York: Viking, 1975).  Reviewed for the Washington Post.

     F262 Harris, Mark.  Saul Bellow Drumlin Woodchuck (Athens:
          University of Georgia Press, 1980).  5p.

     F263 Haviaras, Stratis.  The Poet's Voice: poets reading
          aloud (London: Faber & Faber, n.d.).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F264 Hawkins, Desmond.  When I Was: a memoir of the years
          between the wars (London: Macmillan, n.d.).  Reviewed
          for The Sunday Times (1989 Jul).  2p.

          Hay, Gyula.  Born 1900.  See F143.

          Haymon, S. T.  A Very Particular Murder.  See F207.

     F265 Heaney, Seamus.  Preoccupations: selected prose 1968-1978
         (London: Farber & Farber, 1980) and Selected Poems
          1965-1970 (London: Farber & Farber, 1980).  4p.

     F266 Heppenstall, Rayner.  The Blaze of Noon (London:
          Allison & Busby, 1980).  8p.

     F267 Heppenstall, Rayner.  The Pier (London: Allison &
          Busby, [1986]) and The Master Eccentric: the journals
          of Rayner Heppenstall (London: Allison & Busby,
          [1986]).  Reviewed for the Guardian (1986 Nov).  3p.
     F268 Hewison, Robert.  Under Siege: literary life in London,
          1939-1945 (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1977).
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times with Edward Upward's The
          Spiral Agent ([n.d.]).  5p.

     F269 Heymann, C. David.  Ezra Pound, the last rower: a
          political profile (London: Farber & Farber, 1976).
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  2p.

     F270 Higgins, George V.  Trust (London: Andre Deutsch,
          n.d.).  2p.

     F271 Higham, David.  Literary Gent (London: J. Cape,
          [1978]).  Typescript (carbon) draft of a review with
          Sheila Hodges's Gollancz: the story of a publishing
          house 1928-1978 (London: Gollancz, 1978).  3p.

     F272 Hill, Geoffrey.  Tennebrae (London: Andre Deutsch,
          n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) draft of a review with
          Alastair Reid's Weathering (s.l.: Canongate, n.d.) and
          George Woodcock's The Kestrel (s.l.: Ceolfrith Press,
          n.d.).  2p.

     F273 Hobday, Charles.  Edgell Rickword: a poet at war
          (Manchester: Carcanet,1989).  3p.

          Hodges, Sheila.  Gollancz.  See F271.

     F274 Hoffmann, Michael.  Acrimony (London: Faber & Faber,
          [1986]).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times (1986 Oct) with
          Paul Muldoon's Selected Poems (London: Faber & Faber,
          n.d.) and Peter Reading's Stet (London: Secker &
          Warburg, 1986) and Essential Reading (London: Secker &
          Warburg, 1986).  4p.

     F275 Holbrook, David.  Chance of a Lifetime (s.l.: Anvil
          Press, [1978]).  Typescript (carbon) draft of a review
          with Charles Tomlinson's Selected Poems 1951-1974
          (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978), Craig Raine's
          The Onion, Memory (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1978) and Bin Ramke's The Difference between Night and
          Day (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1978).  2p.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F276 Hollis, Christopher.  A Study of George Orwell (London:
          Hollis & Carter, [1956]).  Galley proof of review for
          The Times Literary Supplement (1956 Aug 31).  Removed
          to oversize section.  1p.

     F277 Holroyd, Michael.  Bernard Shaw: volume 1 1856-1898:
          the search for love (London: Chatto & Windus, 1988). 
          Reviewed for London Magazine (1988 Sep).  3p.

     F278 Hood, Thomas.  The Letters of Thomas Hood (Toronto:
          University of Toronto Press [1973]).  Reviewed for The
          Times Literary Supplement.  11p.

     F279 Hoopes, Roy.  Cain (New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston,
          1982).  6p.

     F280 Howe, Irving.  A Margin of Hope: An intellectual
          biography (London: Secker & Warburg, 1983).  10p.

          Hughes, Ted.  Cave Birds.  See F227.

     F281 Hughes, Ted.  Gaudete (London: Farber & Farber, 1977). 
          Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  3p.

     F282 Huxley, Julian.  On Living in a Revolution (London:
          Chatto & Windus <1944>).  Printed issue of Free
          Expression (1944 Jun) containing Symons's review.  3p.

     F283 Hyde, H. Montgomery.  Solitary in the ranks: Lawrence
          of Arabia as airman and private soldier (London:
          Constable, 1977).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

     F284 Iles, Francis.  Before the Fact (London: Gollancz,
          n.d.) and Malice Aforethought (London: Gollancz, n.d.). 
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

          James, P. D. Innocent Blood.  See F139.

     F285 James, P.D.  The Skull Beneath the Skin (London: Farber
          & Farber, 1982).  4p.

     F286 Jarrell, Randall.  King, Auden & Co.: essays and
          reviews 1935-1964 (Manchester: Carcanet, 1981).  3p.

          Jennings, Elizabeth.  Celebrations and Elegies.  See

          Jennings, Elizabeth.  Consequently I Rejoice. See F116.

     F287 Jennings, Elizabeth.  Moments of Grace (Manchester:
          Carcanet, 1979) and Selected Poems (Manchester:
          Carcanet, 1979).  Autograph and typescript (carbon)
          drafts of a review for The Times Literary Supplement. 

     F288 Jensen, Line, Erik Vagn Jensen, Knud Mogensen, and
          Alexander D. Taylor (eds.) (Copenhagen: Gyldendal and
          Boston: Twayne, 1977).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

     F289 Johnson, Pamela Hansford.  Important to Me (London:
          Macmillan, 1974).  3p.

          Jones, Jack. Union Man.  See F166.

     F290 Jones, John.  Dostoevsky (Oxford: Clarendon Press,
          1983).  3p.

          Jordan, Lee.  The Toy Cupboard.  See F179.

     F291 Keating, Peter.  The Haunted Study: a social history of
          the English novel 1875-1916 (London: Secker & Warburg,
          1989).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times (1989 Sep).  4p.

          Keene, Dennis.  Surviving.  See F177.

          Keep, John L.H.  The Russian Revolution.  See F181.

     F292 Kemp, Peter.  H.G. Wells and the Culminating Ape
          (London: Macmillan, 1982).  3p.

     F293 Kennedy, Ludovic Henry Coverley.  A Presumption of
          Innocence: the amazing case of Patrick Meehan (London:
          Gollancz, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  3p.

     F294 Khrushchev, Nikita.  Khrushchev Remembers: the last
          testament (London: Deutsch, 1971-1974).  4p.

          Kienzle, William X.  The Rosary Murders.  See F158.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F295 King, Francis.  One Is a Wanderer: selected stories
          (Boston: Little, Brown, c1985).  4p.

     F296 King, Francis.  Voices in an Empty Room (London:
          Hutchinson, 1984).  4p.

     F297 King, James.  The Last Modern: a life of Herbert Read
          (London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1990).  9p. 

          Kingsley, Mary Henrietta.  Travels in West Africa.  See

     F298 Knight, Stephen.  Form and Ideology in Crime Fiction
          (London: Macmillan, 1980).  7p.

          Knightley, Phillip.  The Second Oldest Profession.  See

     F299 Koestler, Marianne.  Living with Koestler: Marianne
          Koestler's Letters, 1945-1951 (London: Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson, 1985).  4p.

     F300 Kopelev, Lev.  No Jail for Thought (London: Secker &
          Warburg, 1977).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  2p.

     F301 Kurth, Peter.  Anastasia: The Life of Anna Anderson
          (London: J. Cape, 1983).  4p.

     F302 Kuznetsov, Eduard.  Prison Diaries (London: Valentine,
          Mitchell, 1975).  3p.

     F303 Lambert, Gavin.  The Dangerous Edge ([New York:
          Grossman Publishers, 1976]).  Reviewed for the
          Washington Post.  4p.

          Landesman, Fran.  Is It Overcrowded in Heaven?  See

     F304 Langguth, A. J.  Saki: a life of Hector Hugh Munro
          (London: H. Hamilton, 1981).  3p.

          Lawrence, James  A Deepe Coffyn.  See F207.

     F305 Leasor, James.  Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? (London:
          Heinemann, 1983).  5p.
     F306 Lefebure, Molly.  The Bondage of Love: a life of Mrs.
          Samuel Taylor Coleridge (London: Gollancz, 1986).  3p.

     F307 Le Guin, Ursula K.  The Language of the Night: essays
          on fantasy and science fiction (New York: G. P.
          Putnam's Sons, 1979).  Typescript (carbon) review with
          Eric S. Rabkin's Fantastic Worlds: myths, tales, and
          stories (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979). 10p.

          Levi, Peter.  Private Ground.  See F213.

     F308 Levin, Bernard.  Enthusiasms (London: J. Cape, 1983). 

     F309 Lewis, Wyndham.  The Art of Being Ruled (Santa Rosa:
          Black Sparrow Press, 1989).  4p.

     F310 Lewis, Wyndham.  The Letters of Wyndham Lewis (London:
          Methuen, [1963]).  Typescript (carbon) review with
          autograph corrections and signed.  10p.

          Lewis, Wyndham.  The Roaring Queen.  See F183.

     F311 Lewis, Wyndham.  Rotting Hill (Santa Barbara: Black
          Sparrow Press, 1986).  Autograph and typescript drafts. 

          Lewis, Wyndham.  Rude Assignment.  See F194.

     F312 Lewis, Wyndham.  Snooty Baronet ([Santa Barbara: Black
          Sparrow Press, 1984]).  5p.

     F312 Lewis, Wyndham.  Snooty Baronet ([Santa Barbara: Black
          Sparrow Press, 1984]).  5p.

     F313 Lewis, Wyndham.  Tarr (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press,
          1990) and Creatures of Habit and Creatures of Change:
          essays on art, literature, and society 1914-1956 (Santa
          Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1989).  Reviewed for The
          Times Literary Supplement (1990 May).  3p.

          Lewis, Wyndham.  Unlucky for Pringle.  See F183.

          Liddle, Peter.  Testimony of War 1914-1918.  F172.

     F314 Lindberg-Seyersted, Brita (ed.)  Pound/Ford (London:
          Farber & Farber, 1982).  4p.

     F315 Littell, Robert.  The Once and Future Spy (London:
          Faber & Faber, n.d.).  Reviewed for Independent (1990
          May).  2p.

          Lowell, Robert.  Day by Day.  See F115.


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