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1944 - 1994
(bulk dates 1970-1990 )

Manuscript Collection Number: 204
Accessioned: Purchases, 1990-1999.
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Content: Letters, books, essays, poems, book reviews, short stories, and addresses.
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Table of Contents

I. Material written by Julian Symons, 1944-1994

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1         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons, 1944-1991
          Series I.1. Material toward books, 1978-1994
               Manuscripts are autograph drafts with revisions
               unless otherwise noted and are arranged in
               alphabetical order by title, or subject when
               untitled.  If a copy of the book is available in
               Morris Library, the call number is listed.

     F1   "The Agatha Christie Story," [n.d.]
          Notes and text for a book on Agatha Christie, included
          in a notebook with other material.  36p.

     F2   "The Angry Thirties," [n.d.]
          Notes and captions for a book.  43p.

     F3   "Bedside Book of British Crime Stories," [n.d.]
          Introduction and list of titles.  5p.

     F4   The Blackheath poisonings:  a Victorian murder mystery. 
               New York:  Harper & Row, c1978.  Morris PR6037.Y5
               B56 1978.
          Photocopies of reviews.

     F5   Bloody Murder:  from the detective story to the crime
               novel:  a history.  New York: Viking, c1985. 
               Morris PN3448.D4 S87 1985.
          Notebook with autograph additions to revised edition
          (39p), plus a typescript (carbon) page of footnotes.

     F6   [British poetry], 1982 Aug
          Three-page typescript (carbon) draft titled "Outline
          for a book on British Poetry 1900 to Present." 

          Crime and Detection Quiz, [1983]
          London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited, 1983.

     F7   Copy of the book

     F8   Includes a letter from John Curtis of Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson to Symons concerning the introduction to this
          book, a typescript list of quiz subjects, one page of
          proof, and an autograph draft of the text.  199p.

     F9   Criminal Practices:  Symons on crime writing 60s to
               90s.  London: Macmillan, 1994.  Morris PN3448 .D4
               S94x 1994.
          Typescript draft of a chapter on P. D. James, bearing
          extensive autograph revisions.  This draft differs from
          the version originally published in The New York Times. 
          Symons noted in the introduction to Criminal Practices
          that he preferred this version.

          Critical Observations, [1981]
          London: Faber & Faber, 1981.  U. S. edition: Morris
          PN771 .S93      

     F10  Galley proof with corrections.  Removed to oversize
          section.  54 leaves.

     F11  Autograph with revisions, [n.d.]
          Introductory note and postscript.  4p.

     F12  Drafts of chapters, [n.d.]
          Three typescript (carbon) drafts and one autograph
          draft of chapters from the book.  Chapters include:
          "Ruthven Todd 1914-1978," "Hart Crane," "Postscript,
          1980," and Geoffrey Grigson.  Each chapter was
          originally published in another format.  35p.

     F13  The General Strike; a historical portrait, 1987 Jan 29
          [London]:  Cresset Press, 1957.  Morris HD5366 .S9. 
          Autograph draft of a preface to a new edition.  

     F14  Great detectives: seven original investigations, [1981] 
               New York: Abrams, 1981.  Morris PR6037.Y5 G7 1981
          Autograph draft of the introduction.  4p.

          The Name of Annabel Lee, [1983]
          London: Macmillan, 1983.   Morris PR6037.Y5 N27 1983  

     F15  Typescript (photocopy) with yellow wrappers and one
          sheet of corrections marked "to be made in Penguin
          edition." 171p.

     F16  Typescript (carbon) with autograph corrections.  170p.

     F17  Page proofs with autograph corrections.  98 leaves.

     F18  [1940s], [1974]
          Autograph notes of plot and text for a novel set in the
          1940s.  Also includes a clipping, typescript material,
          and a letter from the British Department of Trade to
          Symons concerning import licensing in the 1940s.  57p.

          [1930s], [n.d.]
          Chronology and notes for a book about the 1930s.
          Included in a notebook with other material (see F85). 
          Possibly for The Thirties and the Nineties.  18p.

     F19  The Tell-tale Heart: the life and works of Edgar Allan
               Poe.  New York: Harper & Row, c1978.  Morris
               PS2631 .S95
          Typescript (carbon) notes regarding Poe's stories. 

     F20  Tigers of Subtopia and Other Stories, [1982]
          Tiptree: The Anchor Press Limited, 1982.
          Uncorrected page proofs, plus a photocopy of an
          advertisement for the book.  114p.

          Series I.2.  Essays, reader reports, and introductions,
               All items are autograph manuscripts with
               revisions, unless otherwise noted.

          [American and British writers and publishers], [n.d.]
          Untitled essay comparing British and American writers
          and publishers, included in a notebook with other
          material (see F85).  4p.

     F21  "Bert Stubbs and Rudi Picabia," [n.d.]
          Biographical essay.  21p.

     F22  [Blast], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) titled "Notes for Frances about
          Blast."  2p.

     F23  [Borowitz, Albert], 1979 Aug
          Typescript (carbon) titled "Julian Symons Report on The
          Woman Who Murdered Black Satin:  The Bermondsey Horror
          by Albert Borowitz."  3p.

     F24  "The Case For the Double Standard," [n.d.]
          Essay on journalism, with deleted titled "Journalism,
          Higher and Lower."  7p.

     F25  "Change and Decay," [n.d.]
          Essay regarding current publishing practices.  4p.

     F26  "Charlie and Liz Paradon," 1989 Aug
          Biographical essay.  21p.

          Christie, Agatha
          Introductions or prefaces to books written by Christie.

     F27  The ABC Murders, [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) introduction.  3p.

     F28  The Hollow, [n.d.]
          Autograph draft of the preface and postface.  5p.

     F29  The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, [n.d.]
          Autograph draft of the introduction.  11p.

     F30  "Christopher Isherwood,"  1985
          Autograph biographical essay written for the Sunday
          Times and signed by Symons.  3p.

     F31  "Cliques, Groups and Movements," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) and autograph drafts.  15p.

     F32  "A Communist to Others," 1987 Jun
          Essay regarding Auden and his poem, "A Communist to
          Others."  4p.

     F33  "Conan Doyle," 1989 Jun
          Biographical essay.  3p.

     F34  "The Crime Collector's Cabinet of Curiosities," [n.d.]
          Autograph draft and two different typescript (carbon)
          drafts, one bearing autograph revisions, of an article
          for The Times.  25p.

     F35  "Crime Congress Article," [ca. 1977]
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  8p.

     F36  [Crime writing], [n.d.]
          Typescript drafts of series of brief essays on topics
          related to crime writing.  Topics include: "The Police
          Story," "The Tough Guys," "Ian Ousby," "Simenon," "The
          Spy Story Upbeat and Downbeat," "The Short Story and
          the Format," and "The Ladies."  15p.

     F37  "Criminal activities,"  [n.d.]
          Signed essay concerning writing detective stories and
          reviewing related books by Len Deighton, Raymond
          Hawking, Steve Champion, Patricia Highsmith, and Gavin
          Lambert, written for The New Review.  8p.

     F38  "The Critic," [n.d.]
          Essay concerning Geoffrey Grigson.  4p.

     F39  "Deconstruction and the English Language," 1987 Feb
          Essay.  3p.

     F40  "The Detection Club,"  [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) of a historical sketch of the
          Detection Club, of which Symons became president in
          1976.  5p.

     F41  "Diaries and Journals," [n.d.]
          Article written for The Times Literary Supplement
          regarding diaries and journals.  9p.

     F42  "Edgar Allan Poe," [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts of this essay
          on Poe.  7p.

     F43  "Edgar Wallace," [n.d.]

     F44  "Edgar Wallace," [n.d.]

     F45  "Edgell Rickword," [n.d.]
          Biographical essay.  2p.

     F46  "Encounter," [n.d.]
          Response to an article on George Orwell written by
          Leopold Labedz, 5p.

     F47  "Evelyn Waugh," [n.d.]

          "The First Concentration Camp," [n.d.]
          Included in notebook with other material (see F85). 

     F48  "Geoffrey Grigson," 1986 Oct
          Autograph biographical note written for The Dictionary
          of Literary Biography.  3p.

     F49  [Geoffrey Grigson], [n.d.]
          Untitled essay regarding Geoffrey Grigson and New
          Verse.  2p.

     F50  "George Orwell," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) essay.  3p.
     F51  "How to Revive a Literary Corpse," [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript (carbon) copies of an essay on
          American writer John Franklin Bardin.  11p.

1         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Essays, reader reports (cont'd)

     F52  "Imaginary Biographies - Introduction," 1990 Mar
          Introduction for a series of biographies of imaginary
          characters.  3p.

     F53  "Is Effing Good for Literature?" [n.d.]
          Essay regarding the use of obscene language in media
          and writing.  3p.

     F54  [Linsley, Rupert], [n.d.]
          Biographical essay.  19p.

     F55  "Lionel Trilling," 1986 Autumn
          Article for The Times Literary Supplement.  10p.

     F56  "Little Magazines," [n.d.]
          Essay regarding little magazines, particularly the New
          Review.  5p.

     F57  Macbeth, [n.d.]
          Untitled essay on Act I, Scene 5 of Macbeth.  9p.

     F58  "Malcolm Muggeridge," [n.d.]
          Biographical sketch.  3p.

     F59  "Memoirs of a Cricketeer," [n.d.]

     F60  "Mr. Jacob the Hairdresser," 1989 May
          Biographical sketch.  9p.

     F61  "My Favorite Private Eye - Sam Spade," 1990 Oct
          Essay.  1p.

     F62  "The Nobel Award," 1970 Oct
          Signed essay written for The Sunday Times concerning
          Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Nobel Award.  3p.

     F63  [The Novel], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft of "Julian Symons Reply to
          Questionnaire about the Novel."  1p

          [Orwell, George].  See F78.

     F64  "Our Friend, Cyril Y. Snaggs," [n.d.]
          Biographical sketch.  14p.

     F65  "Patricia Highsmith," [n.d.]
          Article for London Magazine.  8p.

     F66  "The Penguin First Ten," [n.d.]
          Article for the Sunday Times.  5p.

     F67  "The Police of To-morrow," [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts regarding
          British police.  7p.

     F68  "A Portrait of Agatha Christie," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft of a biographical essay on
          Christie.  7p.

     F69  [Powell, Anthony], [n.d.]
          Essay.  2p.

     F70  [Public Lending Right], [n.d.]
          Essay.  3p.

     F71  "Readers and Writers," [n.d.]
          Signed essay about detective stories.  8p.

     F72  [Rechy, John], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) of "Report on The Sexual Outlaw by
          John Rechy by Julian Symons."  3p.

     F73  "The Remarkable Daniel Dunglas Home," [1981]
          Typescript (carbon) with corrections of an essay on
          Home, written for an anthology which was published by
          Reader's Digest.  Includes a letter (1981) to Symons
          from Reader's Digest about revisions.  144p.

     F74  "The Remarkable Daniel Dunglas Home," [1981]
          Autograph manuscript in a notebook.  71p.

     F75  [Richardson, Maurice], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) of Symons's introduction to
          Richardson's Fits and Starts.  2p.

     F76  "The Riddle of the Sands," [n.d.]
          Critical study of Erskine Childers's novel The Riddle
          of the Sands.  11p.

     F77  "Robert Graves," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft of an essay on the poetry of
          Robert Graves.  3p.

     F78  "Ross MacDonald," [n.d.]
          Written on the verso of Typescript (photocopy) pages of
          an essay on Orwell.  9p.

     F79  [Rosten, Leo], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft of "Report on Silky by Leo
          Rosten by Julian Symons."  3p.

     F80  "Roughead Introduction," [n.d.]
          Autograph with revisions and Typescript (carbon) copies
          of an introduction to the American edition of William
          Roughead's essays on crime.  21p.

     F81  "Rupert Brooke," [n.d.]
          Biographical sketch.  3p.

          [Sherlock Holmes Stories], [n.d.]
          Chronological list of stories about Holmes, included in
          notebook with other material (see F85).  3p.

          "A Short History of Eden," [n.d.]
          Included in notebook with other material (see F1).  7p.

     F82  [Sinclair, Andrew], [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft of "Reader's Report on The
          Facts in the Case of E. A. Poe by Andrew Sinclair." 3p.

     F83  "Something about a Namesake," 1973 Jun 23
          Newspaper pages for Symons's article about his brother,
          A. J. A. Symons.  Removed to the oversize section.  2p.

     F84  "Stephen Spender," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) essay.  3p.

          Trollope, Anthony 
          Introductions for books written by Anthony Trollope.

     F85  Doctor Thorne, [n.d.]
          Introduction for Trollope's Doctor Thorne, contained in
          a notebook with other notes and page proofs.  ca. 30p.

     F86  Framley Parsonage, [1978]
          Page proofs for Symons's introduction.  9p.

     F87  "Trollope's Short Stories - Introduction," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  5p.

     F88  "An Unusual Friendship," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) essay regarding the friendship and
          letters between A. J. A. Symons and Wyndham Lewis.  2p.

     F89  "The Vision of Norris Tibbs," 1990 Feb
          Biographical essay.  18p.

1         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)

          Series I.3.  Poetry, 1987-1988 and [n.d.]

     F90  Autograph poems, 1987-1988 and [n.d.]
          Includes eleven poems, some bearing extensive autograph
          revisions.  Titles include "After the Event," "The Way
          It Is," and "Breughel in Prado."  There are eight
          untitled poems.  13p.

     F91  "The Cat," [n.d.]
          Two galley proofs of this poem.  2p.

          Series I.4.  Short stories, [n.d.]
               All items are autograph manuscripts with revisions
               unless otherwise noted.

     F92  "The Birthmark," [n.d.]
          Autograph manuscript with revisions and two sets of
          page proofs.  Proofs removed to oversize section.  38

     F93  "E. F. Bastable and the Poet of the Era," [n.d.]

     F94  "Ella, a Success Story," [n.d.]

     F95  "The Flaw," [n.d.]
          Page proofs.  20p.

          "A Genuine Corot," [n.d.]
          Included in a notebook with other material (see F85). 

     F96  "Georgie Boy," [n.d.]

          "A Theme for Hyacinth," [n.d.]
          Included in notebook with other material (see F1). 28p.

     F97  "Value For Money," [n.d.]
          Story related to George Bernard Shaw.  22p.

     F98  "Waiting For Mr. McGregor," [n.d.]

     F99  [Untitled story], [n.d.]
          Autograph drafts of several parts of a story, as well
          as notes, possibly for a novel.  20p.

1         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)

          Series I.5.  Addresses, radio programs, conference
               papers, interviews, 1979-1984

     F100 "Art of the Whodunit," 1979 Aug
          Mimeographed typescripts of the four part series of
          British Broadcasting Corporation program on detective
          stories.  Julian Symons is interviewed for each
          segment.  31p.

     F101 "Brother Speculator - A. J. A. Symons," 1984 Oct 18
          Printed invitation and program for Julian Symons paper
          regarding his brother, A. J. A. Symons, presented at
          The Double Crown Club.  2 items.

     F102 [First Crime Writers Association Conference address],
          Autograph with revisions and signed.  1p.

     F103 "Freedom and Order in 1984," 1983 Oct 18
          Printed flyer for Symons's lecture which was part of
          Queen's University's Dunning Trust Lectures 1983-1984,
          "1984: George Orwell's and Ours."  1p.

     F104 [George Orwell], 1983 Aug-Sep
          Typescript (carbon) draft, bearing extensive autograph
          revisions, and a second typescript draft which
          incorporates the revisions of the first section of the
          radio program on George Orwell.  Also includes a
          typescript list of questions for the speakers.  11p.

     F105 "1948 and 1984 - The George Orwell Memorial Lecture, "
               1983 Feb 25
          Printed flyer for a lecture by Symons at the University
          of London.  1p.

     F106 "Orwell and Huxley on Law and Order: Prophecies of Doom
               Re-examined," 1983
          Printed program for the Dalhousie University 1983
          Killam Lecture Series, which included Symons.  1p.

     F107 "Some Aspects of Modern Poetry," [n.y.] Nov 24
          Printed flyer for a lecture by Symons.  On the verso is
          an autograph note from Symons to "Clark" which
          outlines, with diagram, recent moves for a chess game,
          as well as remarking on a recent issue of The Militant. 

1         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)

          Series I.6.  Reviews of movie, television, theater, or
               radio programs, [n.d.]
               All manuscripts are autograph with revisions.

     F108 Animal Farm, [n.d.]
          Review of a stage version of George Orwell's Animal
          Farm, as produced by Peter Hall.  3p.

     F109 "Murder Most English," [n.d.]
          Untitled signed review of a series of television plays
          titled "Murder Most English," which feature the work of
          Colin Watson.  Written for "Radio Times."  4p.

     F110 Reds, [n.d.]
          Movie review.  3p.

     F111 The Road to 1984, [n.d.]
          Review of a documentary-style biographical movie about
          George Orwell, as scripted by Willis Hall.  3p.

     F112 "Simenon," [n.d.]
          Signed review of radio programs featuring Georges
          Simenon's fictional Inspector Jules Maigret.  Written
          for "Radio Times."  4p.

     F113 "We, the Accused," [n.d.]
          Review of the television version of Ernest Raymond's
          "We, the Accused."  6p.


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