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Madeleine B. Stern
papers related to
Joseph de Nancrède

1972 - 1977


Manuscript Collection Number: 455
Accessioned: Gift of Madeleine B. Stern, 1977
Extent: 1 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, legal documents, manuscript, galley, published articles, microfilm
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 2002 by Gerald Cloud

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Madeleine B. Stern

The rare book dealer and writer Madeleine B. Stern was born July 1, 1912, in New York City, New York. She was educated at Barnard College (A.B., 1932) and Columbia University (M.A., 1934). In 1945 she began dealing rare books in a long-lasting partnership with Leona Rostenberg, and the two have collaborated on several memoirs that record their experiences in the book trade. Stern’s scholarly work includes several books and numerous articles on rare books, publishing history, women’s issues, nineteenth-century literature, and several biographies, including The Life of Margaret Fuller (1942) and Louisa May Alcott (1950). Stern is a member of many bibliographic and literary associations: Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, Modern Language Association of America, American Printing History Association, Manuscript Society, Authors League of America, and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. She received a Guggenheim fellowship, 1943-45; the Medalie Award, Barnard College, 1982; and an American Printing History Association Award (with Leona Rostenberg), 1983.

Joseph de Nancrède

The Franco-American teacher, bookseller, and publisher Paul Joseph Guérard de Nancrède was born in March 6, 1761, at Héricy, near Fontainebleau, France. He died in Paris on December 15, 1841. Nancrède first came to America as part of the French military force that fought for American independence. After settling in Boston he taught French language and literature at Harvard from 1787 – 1798, eventually publishing L’Abeille Françoise, the first French textbook in America. From April through October, 1789, Nancrède published the Courier de Boston, a French language political and literary journal. In 1796 Nancrède opened a printing and booksellers shop in Boston, publishing a great number of books in French and introducing American readers to the works of Rousseau and his followers. He relocated his business to Philadelphia in 1812, but by 1825 Nancrède had returned to France, where he still occasionally published political writings and maintained his interest in Franco-American affairs.


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Sterne, Madeleine B. “Joseph de Nancrède, Franco-American Bookseller-Publisher, 1761-1841.” The Papers of the Bibliographic Society of America. Volume 70, 1976. Scope and Content Note

Scope and Content Note

The Madeleine B. Stern Papers related to Joseph de Nancrède span the dates 1972 – 1977 and comprise one linear foot of photocopied letters, original documents, and Stern’s working notes for an article on the Franco-American bookseller-publisher Joseph de Nancrède (1761 – 1841). The collection contains Stern’s research materials, including her notes, translations, transcriptions, and photocopies of documents from libraries in Canada, France, and the United States, which she used in producing an article for The Papers of the Bibliographic Society of America (1976, vol. 70).

The materials in the collection are divided into two series. Series I. Correspondence and Publications consists of photocopied documents either written by or directly related to Joseph de Nancrède, including correspondence, official documents (death certificate, will, and passport), the Courier de Boston, De la Politique de l’Angleterre, and book catalogs. Many of these documents have been transcribed and in some cases translated. The copies were collected from various libraries and archives by Stern in the course of her research.

Series II. Production Materials consists of Stern’s working notes, correspondence, and other materials related to the publication of her article on Nancrède. The materials in this series reveal Stern’s research methods and the institutions she dealt with while researching her subject. The final manuscript is included, along with correspondence between Stern and her editor and an offprint of the published article. Additionally, most of Stern’s material was alphabetically indexed and given an item number and her card index is included in the collection.

Contents List

Folder -- Contents

     Series I.  Correspondence and Publications
     Photocopied documents, correspondence, official documents,
     literary publications, and book catalogues.

     Papineau Papers
     Collection of 71 letters and documents to, from, and about
     Joseph de Nancrède.  Photocopies of materials in the
     Papineau Papers, Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
     Correspondents include, Joel Barlow, Joseph Bonaparte,
     Brissot de Warville, Saint-Mery, and Timothy Pickering.
A1   Papineau 1
A2   Papineau 2
A3   Papineau 3

B    Katherine de Nancrède Pond Collection
     Copies courtesy of Professor Allen J. Barthold

C    Mathew Carey Collection, American Antiquarian Society

D    Charles Roberts Autograph Letters Collection, Haverford College Library
     Letters from William Cobbett (8 items)

E    Edmond Charles Gênet Papers, Library of Congress
     Letters from Citizen Gênet

F1   Letters to Mathew Carey
     Copies from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

F2   Letters to Josephine Dennie
     Copies from the Houghton Library

F3   Letters to Dupont de Nemours
     Copies from Eleutherian Mills Historical Library

F4   Letters to Genet
     Copies from Library of Congress

F5   Letters to Corporation of Harvard College
     Copies from Harvard College

F6   Letters to Timothy Pickering
     Copies from Massachusetts Historical Society

F7   Letters to James Ronaldson
     Copies from National Archives (Washington, DC)

F8   Letters to Isaiah Thomas
     Copies from American Antiquarian Society

F9   Family letters from Public Archives of Canada
     Archives Nationales Quebec

F10  Nancrède’s death certificate and Last Will and Testament
     Copies from Archives de Paris

F11  Nancrède’s passport application
     Copy from National Archives (Washington, DC)

G    Correspondence Consulaire Boston, 1793-1795
     Copies from Ministère des Affaires Étrangères

H    Vaccine Agency in Philadelphia
     Copies from National Archives (Washington, DC)

     Courier de Boston, April 23 – October 15, 1789
     Photocopies of complete run of the Franco-American newspaper
J1   Nos. 1-9, April 23 – June 18, 1789
J2   Nos. 10-18, June 25 – Aug 20, 1789
J3   Nos. 19-26, Aug 27 – Oct 15, 1789

L    Courier de la France et des Colonies, October 15, 1795 – March 1796
     Microfilm of paper edited by Moreau de Saint-Mery.

     De la Politique de L’ Angleterre, Paris, 1825
     Photocopy and microfilm from Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
     (microfilm for both items located in last row of box)
     Book Catalogues
     Photocopies from American Antiquarian Society and Harvard
     College Library
M1   1796
M2   1798
M3   1803

     Series II.  Production Materials
     Working notes, correspondence, and other materials related
     to the publication of Stern’s article on de Nancrède

I    Early life

II   French teacher

III  Courier de Boston

IV   Private life

V    Translations, compilations, writings

VI   Genet and Nancrède’s Consular War

VII  Bookselling

VIII Publishing

IX   Paris, 1804 – 1812

X    Philadelphia, 1812-1825

XI   Last years in Paris, 1825-1841

XII  Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville and the Franco-American
     Series II.  Production Materials (cont’d)

XIII “Saint Pierre in America: Joseph Nancrède and Isaiah Thomas”
     Manuscript and notes for published article in Papers of the
     Bibliographic Society of America.  Volume 68, 1974.

XIV  James Tytler

XV   Miscellaneous notes and documents

XVI  Miscellaneous notes and documents

XVII Miscellaneous notes and documents

XVIII Miscellaneous notes and documents

XIX  Correspondence pertaining to publication

XX   Nancrède Outline

XXIa Nancrède Manuscript
     Manuscript and galley sheets for Joseph de Nancrède, Franco-
     American Bookseller-Publisher, 1761-1841, by Madeleine B.
     Stern, [n.d.].

XXIb  Nancrède Manuscript

XXII Stern, Margaret B.  “Brissot de Warville and the Franco-
     American Press.”  A Reprint from Studies in Bibliography:
     Papers of the Bibliographic Society of the University of
     Virginia, vol. 29: 362-372.  Charlottesville: Bibliographic
     Society of the University of Virginia, 1976.

XXIII _____  “Joseph de Nancrède, Franco-American Bookseller-
     Publisher, 1761 – 1841.”  An Offprint from The Papers of the
     Bibliographic Society of America, vol. 70.  Austin:
     Bibliographic Society of America, 1976.

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