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Signatures Archive

1933 - 1972
(bulk dates 1935 - 1940 )

Manuscript Collection Number: 124
Accessioned: Purchase, 1975.
Extent: 2.2 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence; galley proofs; typescripts of poems, short stories, excerpts from novels, and reviews; cover designs and proofs, clippings, printed material, and canceled checks.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Processed 1976, by Harold Brohawn; revised May 1999, by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Introductory Note

Co-edited by John Hinsdale Thompson and John Malcolm Brinnin and based in Detroit, Signatures was a literary magazine of "works-to-be-published-later" written by contemporary American and international writers. Subtitled "Work in Progress," Signatures was first published in the Spring of 1936 and continued for a total of three issues, ceasing publication in 1938. Signatures featured fiction by Katherine Anne Porter, James T. Farrell, Kay Boyle, Sean O'Faolain, as well as poetry by Kenneth Patchen, Muriel Rukeyser, and Louis MacNeice; and critical essays by Horace Gregory, Newton Arvin, and Granville Hicks. Brinnin and Thompson planned to publish Signatures semi-annually and were quoted as saying that in each issue they hoped "to publish the best available work for forthcoming books by established authors, as well as unusual work by younger unknown writers. These selections, whether from a novel, a volume of poetry, or a book of short stories, will be integrated portions of entire works and may be read as experimental excerpts or, equally well, with the idea of anticipating the trend of newer work by represented authors."


Hoffman, Frederick J., Charles Allen, and Carolyn F. Ulrich. The Little Magazine: a history and a bibliography. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1946. p. 336.

Note: Information was also derived from files in the collection.

Biographical Note

John Hinsdale Thompson

John Hinsdale Thompson was co-editor of Signatures, along with his lifelong friend, John Malcolm Brinnin. The two had known each other as undergraduates at the Unversity of Michigan. Brinnin, as editor of Prelude; an expression of youth, a Detroit literary magazine, published Thompson's short stories, in 1934 and 1935.

During the years in which he edited Signatures, Thompson was working on a novel that was based on his experiences while a resident in Detroit. In the final issue of Signatures, "World Series," a chapter from Thompson's novel, appeared under the pseudonym Leslie Sellers. Following the appearance of "World Series," several publishing houses expressed interest in reading the finished novel. However, it is uncertain whether the novel was ever completed. Thompson also wrote prose and poetry. One of his essays, "Advice for Writers," appeared in a 1935 issue of The Passing Show, a Detroit magazine focusing on art and literature.

In 1947 Thompson was hired as an instructor of English at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where he served until the late 1960s. At the time of his death, in 1973, Thompson was residing in Columbia, Missouri, with his wife Margaret Thompson.

John Malcolm Brinnin

American poet and biographer John Malcolm Brinnin was also a critic, anthologist, and teacher. He taught at Vassar, Boston University, University of Connecticut, and Harvard. He was Director of the YMHA Poetry Center in New York City during its most successful years (1949-1956).

Brinnin was the first person to bring Dylan Thomas to the United States and was responsible for all of Dylan Thomas' reading tours in America. Brinnin's best known work, Dylan Thomas in America, published in 1955, provides a personal memoir of Dylan Thomas' trips to America as observed while traveling with Thomas for the national series of readings. The book carries a moving account of Thomas' death in 1953. Brinnin later narrated a motion picture, The Days of Dylan Thomas.

John Malcolm Brinnin was most deservedly known for his poetry and has published a number of collections of poems. Brinnin's first collection of verse, The Garden is Political, was published in 1942; subsequent collections of poems include The Lincoln Lyrics (1942), No Arch, No Triumph (1945), The Sorrows of Cold Stone (1951), Selected Poems of John Malcolm Brinnin (1963), and Skin Diving in the Virgins, and Other Poems (1970).

In 1955 the Poetry Society of America awarded Brinnin its Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Poetry. Following the publication of his Selected Poems in 1963, Brinnin was awarded the Centennial Medal for Distinction in Literature by his alma mater, the University of Michigan.

In addition to writing poetry, Brinnin co-edited Signatures; compiled several anthologies of modern poetry; and wrote popular works on transatlantic travel, including The Sway of the Grand Saloon: A Social History of the North Atlantic (1971)and Beau Voyage: Life Abroad the Last Great Ships (1981).

John Malcolm Brinnin authored biographies of Gertrude Stein (The Third Rose, 1959) and Truman Capote (Truman Capote: Dear Heart, Old Buddy, 1986). His 1981 work, Sextet, includes biographical sketches of Truman Capote; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Elizabeth Bowen; Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell; Alice B. Toklas; and T. S. Eliot. In addition, he wrote a critical work on William Carlos Williams.

On June 28, 1998, John Malcolm Brinnin died at his home in Key West, Florida.


Evory, Ann (ed.) Contemporary Authors. New Revision Series, Volume 1. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1981. p. 72.

Quartermain, Peter (ed.) Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 48: American Poets, 1880-1945, Second Series. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1986. Pp 52-57.

Stewart, Barbara. "John Malcolm Brinnin, Poet and Biographer, Dies at 81," New York Times. June 30, 1998. p. A22.

Note: Biographical information on John Thompson was derived from files in this collection and the John Malcolm Brinnin Papers (Mss 103).

Scope and Content Note

Acquired in 1975, the Signatures Archive consists of 2.2 linear feet of letters; galley proofs; typescripts of poems, short stories, excerpts from novels, and reviews; cover designs and proofs; clippings; printed material; and canceled checks. Although the archive spans the dates 1933 to 1970, most of the material is dated between 1935 and 1940.

Correspondence from various writers and the manuscripts they submitted for publication in Signatures constitute the first series, which total over eighty percent of the collection. Most of the authors' letters are cover letters to accompany enclosed typescript manuscripts of stories, essays, poetry, or chapters from novels. However the authors also inquire about publication dates, request information regarding acceptance or rejection of previously submitted material, suggest corrections or revisions for to-be-published manuscripts, or comment on issues of Signatures. Occasionally correspondents reflect on writing projects, family life, or their travels, as do Kay Boyle, Jack Conroy, James T. Farrell, Kenneth Patchen, Katherine Anne Porter, and especially, Muriel Rukeyser. Brinnin's contact with Katherine Anne Porter through Signatures developed into a lifelong friendship, which is reflected in his personal papers (Mss 103).

Among the correspondence are also canceled checks from the editors in payment for accepted manuscripts, galley proofs for work published in Signatures, clippings regarding authors, and occasional announcements of forthcoming publications.

The remainder of the archive consists of two folders each of business correspondence, publication material, and miscellaneous material. The business correspondence, dating 1935-1941, regards advertising and exchange agreements with other publications, such as Story, The Southern Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, River, and The Townsman (London); subscription and copyright information; and information requests from literary agents. Several proof copies or layouts for advertisements to appear in Signatures or announcements for Signatures, which were to appear in other publications, are also available among the business correspondence.

The publication material includes three issues of Signatures (which have been removed and cataloged with the printed holdings in Special Collections), cover designs and proofs for the initial issue of Signatures, and a file of clippings regarding Signatures, which was labeled "Vanity File."

The final two folders of the collections contain printed items collected by Brinnin and/or Thompson. The folders includes five issues of a Detroit literary magazine, The Passing Show, which published John H. Thompson's essay, "Advice for Writers," and clippings about a variety of literary figures.

The Signatures Archive clearly illustrates both the potential, and the difficulties of early twentieth century "little magazines." Although Signatures only published three issues, due to financial obstacles, contemporaries recognized and commended the quality of the magazine and the concept of publishing "works in progress."

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Series Outline

I.   Correspondence and manuscripts submitted by authors, 1934-197

II.  Business correspondence, 1935-1941                        

III. Publication material, 1935-1940                          

IV.  Miscellaneous material, 1933-1946    

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts submitted by authors, 1934-1972
               Includes letters to Brinnin and Thompson, typescripts submitted for
               publication in Signatures, canceled checks paid to writers, galley proofs of
               material published in Signatures, and clippings or information about the
               authors, as collected by Brinnin and Thompson.  Letters are addressed to
               Brinnin, Thompson, or simply "editors."  Material is arranged
               alphabetically by author and chronologically in each folder.  All galley
               proofs have been removed to the galley section, unless otherwise noted.

     F1   Alexander, I. J.
          1936 May-Jun   Letters        3p

     F2   Alexander, O. E.
          1941 Aug 22    TL        1p
               Note:  With enclosed three-page carbon typescript story, "Uncle Tellem."

     F3   Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941.
          1937 Apr 9          TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed nine-page typescript story, "Brown Boomer," bearing
               autograph corrections.  Also includes a canceled check and galley proofs.

     F4   Appel, Benjamin, 1907-
          [1936]              TLS       1p

     F5   Arden, Mary
          1936 Jun 2          TLS       1p

     F6   Arvin, Newton, 1900-1963.
          1937 Aug 26    TLS       1p
          [1937 Dec 11]  ACS       1p
               Note:  Includes galley proofs of Arvin's essay, "Walt Whitman and the
               Secession War."

     F7   Asch, Nathan, 1902-
          1935 Aug 20    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed two typescripts of excerpts from "The Road."  Also
               includes a canceled check and galley proofs.
          1936 Jul 23         TLS       1p
               Aug 7          TLS       1p

     F8   Beilenson, Peter, 1905-1962.
          1936-1937      Letters   16p
               Note:  Includes two bills for printing costs.

     F9   Belitt, Ben, 1911-
          1936 May 28    TLS       1p
          1964 Oct 24    TLS       1p

1         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts (cont'd)

     F10  Bishop, John Peale, 1892-1944.
          Includes a typescript and five carbon copies of his poem, "Speaking of Poetry."

          Boyle, Kay, 1902-
     F11  1934 Dec 2          TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed flyer regarding Short Stories 1934.
          1935 Feb 9          TLS       1p
               Apr 9          TLS       1p
               Aug 4          TLS       1p
               Dec 3          TLS       1p
          1936 Feb 24         TLS       1p
     F12  1935 Sep 24         ALS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed eighteen-page typescript (bearing a few autograph
               corrections and inscribed to Thompson by Boyle) of the first two chapters
               of Boyle's novel, The Intruders.
     F13  1935-1942
          Ten letters from Boyle's agent, Ann Watkins, regarding Boyle's manuscripts.  Also
          includes a canceled check and clippings regarding Kay Boyle.

     F14  Brown, Bruce
          1937 Feb 13         ALS       1p

     F15  Brown, Dee
          1936 May 8          TLS       1p

     F16  Burke, Kenneth, 1897-
          1936 Sep 3          TLS       1p
               Sep 8          TLS       1p
               Nov 30         TLS       1p
               Dec 12         TLS       1p

     F17  Caldwell, Erskine, 1903-
          Includes the galley proof and an eight-page typescript of Caldwell's story, "The
          Only Love," bearing a few autograph corrections.  Also includes two clippings
          regarding Caldwell.

     F18  Cantwell, Robert, 1908-
          1936 Jul 27         TLS       1p

     F19  Conroy, Jack, 1899-
          1936 Jan 23         TLS       1p
               Feb 12         TC        1p
          [1936     Mar 26]   TCS       1p
          [1937]    Jan 18    TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes brochures for his books and New Anvil.
          1972 Mar 1          TLS       2p
               Note:  With enclosed photocopied clipping bearing a signed typed note.
               Dec 16         TLS       2p
               Note:  Includes a signed Christmas card.

     F20  Corey, Paul
          1936 Apr 12    TLS       1p
               Jul 23    TLS       1p
               Sep       TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes typescripts for Corey's three stories, "Save the
               Mother," "His Punishment," and "Chattel Mortgage," plus a canceled
               check and clipping regarding Corey.

     F21  Cornwall, Philip
          1936 Oct 23         TLS       1p

     F22  Cuthbert, Clifton
          1936 Aug 15    TLS       1p

2    F23  DaCosta, Jean
          1939 Nov 20    TLS       1p

     F24  Dahlberg, Edward
          [n.d.]              ANS       1p
               Note:  Autograph note appears of the first page of a twenty-four page
               typescript draft (bearing autograph corrections) of two chapters from
               Dahlberg's novel, Bitch Goddess.  Also includes a carbon typescript of a
               second draft of these chapters and two clippings.

     F25  Davis, Hassoldt
          1936 Feb 16         TLS       1p

2         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts (cont'd)

     F26  DeJong, David Cornel
          1935 Sep 27    TLS       1p
               Oct 5     TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed twenty-two page carbon typescript (with a few
               autograph corrections) of chapter one of DeJong's novel, Light Sons and
               Dark.  A galley proof of the chapter, a letter regarding copyright, and a
               clipping are also present.
          1936 Aug 21    TLS       1p
          1954 Dec 28    TLS       1p

     F27  Delehanty, Elizabeth
          [n.y.]    Jun 5          TLS       1p

     F28  Derleth, August W.
          [n.y.]    Jan 13         TLS       1p
               Note:  Letter is mistakenly addressed to Laughlin as editor of Signatures.

     F29  Dodd, Addie F.
          Includes a nineteen-page typescript of Dodd's story, "Two Red-headed Girls,"
          bearing a few autograph corrections.

     F30  Dorais, Leon
          1936 Jun 15         TLS       1p

     F31  Drenner, D. Von Ruysdael
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p

     F32  Edmunds, Abe Craddock
          1935 Apr 14    TLS       1p
          [1935 Sum]     TLS       1p

     F33  Eldridge, Paul
          1939 Oct 22         TNS       1p

     F34  Erisman, Robert
          [1936     Dec 4]    ACS       1p
          1937 Mar 1          TLS       1p
          [1937     Jun 17]   ACS       1p
          [1937     Sep 24]   TCS       1p
          1937 Oct 29         TLS       1p
               Dec 12         TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a seven-page typescript of a chapter from Erisman's novel,
               Pink and Blue Evening Sky, a galley proof of this chapter (bearing
               autograph corrections), and a canceled check.

          Farrell, James T.
     F35  [1935]    May 13    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed twenty-five-page typescript (bearing autograph
               revisions) of Farrell's short story, "Wedding Bells Will Ring So Merrily." 
               Also includes four canceled checks.
          1935 Jun 8          TLS       1p
               Aug 8          TLS       1p
               Aug 14         TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes a letter from Vanguard Press regarding Farrell's
               Sep 25         TLS       1p
     F36       Nov 8          TL        1p
               Note:  With enclosed nine-page typescript draft of a chapter from Farrell's
               novel, A World I Never Made, titled "The O'Flaherty Household" (bearing
               autograph corrections). 
               Nov 12         TLS       1p
          [1935     Nov 20]   TC        1p
          1935 Nov 26         TLS       1p
          1936 Jan 10         TLS       1p
               Apr 19         TL        1p
               Note:  With enclosed fifteen-page carbon typescript draft (bearing
               autograph revisions) of an untitled chapter from the novel, A World I
               Never Made.
               May 28         TL        1p
          [1936     Jun 7]    ALS       2p
          1936 Jun 10         TL        1p
          [1936     Nov 8]    TC        1p
     F37  Galley proofs for the untitled chapter of Farrell's novel, A World I Never Made,
          clippings, and a copy of The Saturday Review of Literature (1937 Jun 5).

     F38  Fearing, Kenneth
          Includes a letter from literary agent Barthold Fles with an enclosed seven-page
          typescript of a chapter titled "Hold-Up" from Fearing's untitled novel.  Also
          includes a galley proof of the chapter and a canceled check.

     F39  Fles, Barthold
          1936 Jun 14         TLS       1p
          [1938  Jan 1]       Card      1p
          1938 May 23         TLS       1p

     F40  Ford, Charles Henri
          1936 Feb 19         TLS       1p
               Apr 1          TLS       1p
          [1936     May 21]   AN        1p
               Note:  The autograph note is written on the bottom of a card from

     F41  Foss, Fanya
          [1936     Mar-Jun]  Letters        4p

     F42  Frank, Waldo
          [1935]    Nov 7     TLS       1p
          [1935     Dec 12]   TNS       1p
          1936 Apr 10         ALS       1p
               Nov 4          TLS       1p
          [1936     Nov 21]   TCS       1p
          [1937     Jan 9]    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed twenty-five page carbon typescript (bearing
               autograph corrections) chapter from Frank's novel, Prelude to War.
          [1937     Nov 15]   TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed galley proofs for the chapter (bearing autograph
               corrections), a canceled check, a note to Rosseau, clippings, and an
               announcement for Spain in the Barricades.

     F43  Freed, Leo D.
          [n.d.]              ACS       2p

     F44  Friend, Robert
          1936 Nov 30    TCS       1p

     F45  Funaroff, Sol
          1937 Dec 17         TLS       1p
          1938 Jan 3          TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a clipping.

3    F46  Galulu, Blexus
          1936 May 15    TL        1p

     F47  Gemant, A.
          1938 Jul 10         TLS       1p
               Note:  Uses the pseudonym G. T. Andrews.

     F48  Goch, Paul
          1935 Dec 24    ACS       1p

3         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts (cont'd)

     F49  Godin, A.
          1936 Mar 5          TLS       1p

     F50  Goldberg, David
          1936 Feb 17         TLS       1p

     F51  Gordon, Don
          1938 May 23    TLS       1p

     F52  Grauer, Ben
          1938 Jan 15         ALS       1p

     F53  Greenhood, David
          1936 Jul 30         TLS       1p
          [1936] Sep 27       TCS       1p
          1940 Dec 5          TCS       1p
               Dec 17         TLS       1p
          1941 Jan 21         TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a carbon typescript (bearing autograph corrections and
               signed) and galley proof of Greenhood's poem, "A Testament Between

     F54  Gregory, Horace
          [1936]    Jul 13         TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a canceled check.

          Hanley, James
     F55  1936 Nov 21         ALS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed eleven-page typescript draft (bearing an autograph
               note of the cover page) of chapter one of Hanley's novel, Soldier's Wind.
          1937 Jan 15         ALS       2p
               Note:  With enclosed sixteen-page typescript draft (bearing autograph
               revisions) of chapters two and three from Hanley's novel, Soldier's Wind.
     F56       Sep 3          ALS       2p
               Dec 21         Telegram  1p
               Note:  With copy of bank draft and two sets of galley proofs. 
          1938 Jan 8          ALS       2p
               Jan 22         ALS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed copy of a letter from Jacques Chambrun to Hanley.
               Feb 19         ALS       1p
               Jun 8          ALS       1p
               Note:  Also includes clippings.

     F57  Hanson, Merlin N.
          1936 May 4          TLS       1p

     F58  Harper, Lawrence A.
          [1935]    Aug 19    TLS       1p

     F59  Hicks, Granville
          1937 Apr 7          TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes galley proofs and a fifteen-page typescript (bearing
               autograph revisions) of Hicks's essay, "Samuel Butler, Cautious Rebel,"
               plus a canceled check.

     F60  Horner, Joyce
          1941 Feb 22         ALS       1p

     F61  Kees, Weldon
          1936 Oct 17         TLS       1p
          1937 Mar 9          TLS       1p
               May 9          TLS       1p
               Aug 2          TLS       1p
               Aug 31         ACS       1p
               Note:  Signed change of address card.
          [1937     Oct 18]   TCS       1p
          1937 Dec 16         TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes galley proof (in folder) and typescript of Kees's poem,
               "Subtitle." Also includes a canceled check, and correspondence between
               Howard Woolmer and Thompson regarding the Kees material.

     F62  Kelm, William
          [1935     Mar 13]   TCS       1p

     F63  Kennell, Ruth Epperson
          1936 Jun 12         TLS       1p

     F64  Kramer, Dale D.
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed three-page carbon typescript of "Report on Jack
               Kramer Script," written by Robert Whitcomb.

     F65  Kreymborg, Alfred
          1938 Feb 24         TLS       1p

     F66  Laughlin, James
          [1936]              TLS       1p
          [1936     Sep 14]   ACS       1p
               Note:  Written on an announcement for New Directions pamphlets.

     F67  Lauterbach, Richard E.
          1937 May 27    TLS       1p

     F68  Lechlitner, Ruth
          1937 Mar 29    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed three typescript poems titled, "The Miracle Makers,"
               "Case Recruit," and "Ordeal by Tension," all of which are signed.  Galley
               proofs for "Case Recruit" and "The Miracle Makers" are also present.
               May 6     TLS       1p
               May 27    TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes a letter from Quality Press regarding Lechlitner, a
               flyer for her Tomorrow's Phoenix, and a canceled check.

     F69  Leekley, Richard
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes six typescript poems written by Leekley titled:
               "Sonnet on Power," "My Girl," "Fire Was Cherished," "John Scholz,"
               "And There Was a Dance with Flower-Chains," and "The Believer."

     F70  Lumpkin, Grace
          [1937     Nov 6]    TLS       1p
          [1937     Oct 29]   TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes two sets of  galley proofs (one with autograph
               revisions by Lumpkin) and two differing versions (each nine pages) of a
               typescript draft of her short story, "The Dory."  Both typescripts bear
               autograph revisions and one typescript is signed.

     F71  Lyon, Mabel Dana
          1936 May 7          TLS       1p

4    F72  Maas, Willard
          1937 May 31    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed four typescript poems titled:  "Poem," "Waking We
               Walk Separately," "Sunday Afternoon and the Children," and "Document
               of Spring."  Also includes two sets of galley proofs for three of these
               poems (excluding "Poem") and a canceled check.

     F73  MacNeice, Louis
          Includes a signed five-page typescript of his poem, "Lyrics from a Poem," which
          bears autograph revisions, and a bank draft.

     F74  McSorley, Edward
          1935 Oct 23         ALS       1p
               Nov 6          TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed thirteen-page typescript draft (bearing autograph
               revisions) of a chapter from McSorley's novel In the Icy Waters.
          [1935     Nov 19]   ALS       1p
          [1935     Nov 26]   ALS       3p
          1935 Dec 30         ALS       2p
               Note:  With canceled check.
          1936 Jan 5          ALS       4p
               Mar 11         ALS       2p
               Apr 25         TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes a twelve-page typescript second draft (bearing a few
               autograph corrections) of the chapter from McSorley's novel In the Icy

     F75  Meyr, Berl ben
          1936 May 12    TLS       1p

     F76  Michalopoulos, G. J.
          1936-1937      Letters        6p

     F77  Millet, Martha
          1936 Dec 30    TLS       1p
          1937 Jun 29    TLS       1p
               Sep 29    TLS       1p
               Dec 13    TLS       1p
               Dec 16    TLS       1p
               Note:  Also includes two sets of galley proofs and a four-page typescript of
               Millet's poem, "No Dedication," plus a canceled check and an order for a
               copy of Signatures.

     F78  Millspaugh, Clarence A.
          Includes galley proofs and an undated eight-page typescript of Millspaugh poem,
          "Ode on the Days of Youth," plus a canceled check.

     F79  Morang, Alfred
          1935 Aug 24    TLS       1p

     F80  Mykytiak, Andrew
          1936 Feb 25    TLS       1p
               Mar 28    TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed eleven-page typescript of Mykytiak's translation of
               Osyp Turiansky's prelude to Lost Shadows, plus a copy of a review.

     F81  Newman, Robert
          1935 Feb 19         TLS       1p

     F82  Nowell, Elizabeth
          1935-1936      Letters        13p

     F83  Nuttall, Madeleine (Mrs. R. C. Strain)
          1936 May 11    TLS       1p
               Note:  Bears an autograph note on the bottom of the letter.

     F84  O'Brien, Edward J.
          1935 Aug 6          ALS       1p
          1937 Jun 1          TLS       1p

     F85  [Odets, Clifford]
          1935 Jul 19         TLS       1p
               Note:  Letter from Odets's secretary.

     F86  O'Faolain, Sean
          [n.d.]              TL        1p
               Note:  Also includes a bank draft and a prospectus for O'Faolain's The
               Born Genius.

     F87  Patchen, Kenneth
          1936 Apr 7          ALS       1p
               Jun 10         TCS       1p
               Note:  Change-of-address card.
          [1936]    Sep 15    TLS       1p
          [1941     Aug 20]   ACS       1p
               Note:  Includes Patchen's three typescript poems: "I Knew a Man Who
               Loved That Germany," "Camping Out on the Mountain," and "To the
               Heroes to Make Much of the Millionaire Death." Also includes three
               letters from Miriam Patchen regarding Kenneth Patchen's The Journal of
               Albion Moonlight, a prospectus for this book, a postcard with Patchen's
               poem "Painting Poem," a canceled check, a letter signed in facsimile by
               Auden, T.S. Eliot, Archibald MacLeish, and Thornton Wilder in support
               of the Patchen Fund.

     F88  Patrick, John
          1939 Aug 23    TLS       1p
          [1940 Jul 18]  TCS       1p

     F89  Phillips, Cropley Andrew
          1936 Jun 26         TLS       1p

     F90  Pillin, William
          [n.d.]              TL        1p
               Note:  With an autograph note attached and initialed.

          Porter, Katherine Anne
     F91  1935 Nov 22         TLS       1p
          1936 Jan 3          TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed eighteen-page carbon typescript (bearing a few
               autograph corrections) of Porter's short story, "Noon Wine."  Galley
               proofs for the story and a bank draft are also available in the folder.
               Mar 5          TLS       1p
          1939 Apr 1          TLS       1p
               Note:  With a partial envelope addressed by Porter.  Also includes a letter
               regarding the copyright for "Noon Wine," and two copies of a prospectus
               for Noon Wine.
     F92  Includes clippings and articles about Porter, program and reading list related to
          Porter's teaching at Olivet Writers Conference (1940 and 1941), and pieces of
          cardboard bearing Brinnin's or Thompson's notes regarding telephone
          conversations with Porter.

     F93  Prokosch, Frederic
          [1937]              ALS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed signed, sixteen-page typescript draft (bearing
               autograph revisions) of a portion of Prokosch's novel, England, A Shadow. 
               Also includes a canceled check, two sets of galley proofs for the excerpt
               from the novel, and two letters from the novel's publisher.
          [1937     May 8]    ACS       1p
          [1937     May 21]   ACS       1p
          [1938     Feb 17]   ACS       2p
          [1954     Aug]      ALS       1p
          [n.y.     Jul 1]    ALS       1p

     F94  Purdy, Harry
          Includes two sets of galley proofs for Purdy's story, "A Short Story," plus one
          canceled check.

5         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts (cont'd)

     F95  Radenzel, Edward
          [1936     Sep 7]         TCS       1p
               Note:  Initialed.

     F96  Rahv, Philip
          1936 Feb 7          TLS       1p
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p

     F97  Rella, Hector
          [1938     Jan]      ALS       1p

     F98  Richardson, Dorothy M.
          Includes an undated thirty-one page carbon typescript draft (bearing a few
          autograph corrections) of an untitled story.

     F99  Robin, Max
          1935-1938      Letters        5p

     F100 Ross, Sam
          [1937     Jan 26]   TCS       1p

          Roth, Henry
     F101 [1936     Jun 13]   TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed thirty-seven-page typescript draft of a section of a
               Roth novel.  The draft is titled "The Bacon" and bears autograph revisions
               and titled page.  Also includes a canceled check.
          [1936     Aug 5]    ALS       3p
          [1936     Aug 21]   ACS       1p
          [1936     Oct 15]   ACS       1p
               Note:  With clipping regarding Roth.
          1938 Jan [7]        ALS       1p
     F102 Includes clippings and articles about Roth, notes by Brinnin about Roth, an issue
          of League of American Writers Bulletin (#14), and a copy of The Griffin (1960

     F103 Rudy, John Forney
          1936 May 7          TLS       1p
     F104 Rukeyser, Muriel
          1936 Apr 15         TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed three typescript poems written by Rukeyser:  "Eel,"
               "The Drowning Young Man," and "Gift-Poem."  Also includes canceled
          [1937     Jan 19]   TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed clipping of Brinnin's poem, "For Muriel Rukeyser."
          1943 Feb 25         ALS       1p
               Dec 31         ALS       3p
          1944 Apr 25         ALS       1p
          1946 Oct 31         ALS       1p
               Nov 9          ALS       2p
          1953 Nov 14         ALS       1p
          1963 Mar 22         TLS       2p
          [1963     May 15]   ALS       2p
          [n.y.     Feb 22]   ALS       2p
          [n.y.     May 16]   ALS       1p
          [n.y.     Sep 17]   ALS       1p
          [n.d.]              ANS       1p
               Note:  Using her married name, Mrs. Glyn Collins.
          [n.d.     Tues]     ALS       1p
          [n.d.     Thur]     ALS       1p
          [n.d.     Tues]     ALS       1p
          [n.d.     Thur]     ALS       1p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p

     F105 Sampson, Edward A.
          1939 Aug 13    TLS       1p

     F106 Savage, D. S.
          1937 Sep 16    ALS       1p
          1938 Jan 4     TLS       1p

     F107 Schubert, David
          1937 Dec 20    ALS       1p

     F108 Scott, Evelyn
          1936 Apr 12    ALS       2p
          [1936 Apr]     ALS       3p
               May 10    ALS       2p
               Note:  With enclosed twenty-page carbon typescript of an excerpt from
               Scott's novel, Land of Change.  The excerpt, titled "This Bold and
               Rebellious Race," bears autograph revisions and includes a signed title
               page.  Also includes a canceled check.
               May 27    ALS       1p
               Jun 19    TLS       1p
               Aug 8     TLS       1p
               Aug 30    TLS       1p
               Nov 1     ALS       2p

     F109 Scott, Winfield T.
          Includes a canceled check.

     F110 Sellers, Leslie
          Pseudonym for John Hinsdale Thompson.  Includes three letters to Thompson
          from William James Fadiman, representing Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, and five
          letters from Maria Leiper of Simon & Schuster (1937-1941), plus a galley proof
          for Thompson's "World Series," which was a section from his novel.

     F111 Shelby, K.
          1936 Jun 1          TLS       1p

     F112 Sigrist, Joe
          1936 Mar 9          TLS       1p

     F113 Simpson, Robert G.
          1942 Sep 4          TLS       1p

     F114 Smilow, Fred
          1936 Feb 28         TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed fifteen-page typescript draft of a section from
               Smilow's untitled novel.  The typescript bears autograph corrections.
               Apr 9          TLS       2p
               May 3          TLS       1p
               Jun 2          TLS       1p
               Sep 24         TLS       1p
               Dec 7          TLS       1p
          1937 Mar 16         TLS       2p

     F115 Smith, Eleanor
          1932 Jun 22         TLS       1p

     F116 Sterling, Lewis
          Includes a six-page typescript story by Sterling, "I Was Hungry."

     F117 Stuart, Francis
          1936 Dec 4          ALS       1p
          1937 Jan 19         ALS       1p
               Note:  Includes a clipping of a review.

          Thompson, John H.  -  See Leslie Sellers for letters to John H. Thompson
          regarding his writing (F110)

     F118 Trowbridge, W. D.
          1936 Mar 18    TLS       1p

     F119 Van Zindran, Anneke
          1936 May 6     TLS       1p
               May 28    TLS       1p

6    F120 Walton, Eda Lou
          1935 Oct 21         TLS       1p
               Nov 4          TLS       1p
               Note:  With enclosed eleven-page signed typescript (bearing autograph
               corrections) of Walton's review, titled "The Scene in Books Today."
               Nov 26         TLS       1p
               Dec 6          TLS       1p
          [1936     Feb]      TN        1p
               Note:  Typed on a letter from Brinnin to Walton.
          1936 Feb 8          TLS       1p
               Mar 4          TLS       1p
          [1936]    May 18    TLS       1p
          1936 Sep 26         TLS       1p
          [n.d.     Fri]      TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes clippings regarding Walton.

     F121 Weissman, David
          1937 Jun 11         TCS       1p

     F122 Welch, Marie de L.
          Includes typescript draft and galley proof for Welch's poem, "To the Unborn."

6         Series I.  Correspondence and manuscripts (cont'd)

     F123 Wescott, Glenway
          [1936]    Oct 7          ACS       1p
               Note:  Includes five-page typescript draft (signed and bearing autograph
               corrections) and galley proofs (in folder) for Wescott's short story, "The
               Sight of a Dead Body."  Also includes a canceled check and clippings
               regarding Wescott.

     F124 Wilder, Charlotte
          1936 Jun 5     TLS       1p
               Aug 14    TLS       1p

     F125 Williams, Oscar
          [1938     Jun 19]   TNS       1p

     F126 Winslow, Kathryn
          [n.y.     Sep 11]   ANS       1p

     F127 Winslow, Walker
          [1935] Oct 3        TLS       1p
          1935 Nov 1          TLS       1p

     F128 Zacks, Robert
          1937 Nov 13    ALS       1p

     F129 Zinberg, Len
          1936 May 25    TLS       1p

     F130 Zugsmith, Leane
          Includes two sets of galley proofs (one with autograph corrections and Zugsmith's
          autograph note: "ok as corrected L. Z.") and nine-page typescript draft of
          Zugsmith's story, "One of the Zoo."

          Series II.  Business correspondence, 1935-1941

     F131 Correspondence related to advertising and exchange agreements with other
               publications, 1936-1938
          Includes correspondence with editors of Story, The Southern Review, The Virginia
          Quarterly Review, River, and The Townsman (London).  Also includes proof
          layouts for advertisements in Signatures or Signatures announcements to appear in
          other publications.

          General business correspondence, 1935-1941
               Includes correspondence regarding subscriptions or copyright, requests for
               information about or complimentary copies of Signatures, questions from
               literary agents, and rejections from publishers declining the opportunity to
               assume publication of Signatures.

     F132 1935-1936
     F133 1937-1941 and [n.d.]

           Series III.  Publication material, 1935-1940
               Three issues of Signatures (Nos. 1-3) have been removed and cataloged
               with the printed holdings in Special Collections.

     F134 Signatures cover designs and proofs, 1935-1936
          One design (1935 Autumn) and numerous proofs for covers for the initial issue of
          Signatures.  Dates for the proof covers include 1935 Winter, 1936 Jan, and 1936
          Spring.  Also includes a bill from The Dexter Press.

     F135 "Vanity file" clippings, 1935-1940
          Folder of clippings, articles, and photocopies of material regarding Signatures. 
          Includes two issues of Commonwealth College Fortnightly (1935) and one issue
          of Manuscript News (1936).

          Series IV.  Miscellaneous material, 1933-1946
               Consists of clippings and published items collected by Brinnin or

     F136 The Passing Show, 1935-1936
          Issue numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of volume 1 of this magazine edited by D. L.
          Miller.  The magazine focuses on Detroit, particularly cultural events, literature,
          and arts.  Issue #3 includes John H. Thompson's essay, "Advice for Writers."

     F137 Clippings, 1933-1946
          Includes articles about writers whose work was published in Signatures, such as
          James T. Farrell, Waldo Frank, and Isidor Schneider.  Articles about other writers
          or reviews of their work are collected for Elizabeth Bishop, James Thurber,
          Thomas Wolfe, Eugene O'Neill, Mikhail Sholokhov, Karl Shapiro, Theodore
          Roethke, and Katherine Mansfield.

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