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John Shirley Papers
related to Thomas Harriot

( ca 1950 -1621, 1947 - 1988 )

Manuscript Collection Number: 343
Accessioned: Gift of John Shirley, 1988.
Extent: 22 linear feet.
Content: Typescripts, correspondence, photographs, audio-tapes, microfilm, photocopies
maps, notebooks, clippings, advertisement posters, and books.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: May 1997 by Julie Witsken.

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Contents List

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Research
               Material collected by Shirley and relating to Thomas Harriot, his
               contemporaries, his time and other Harriot scholars.  Includes typescript
               and photocopied articles, other secondary sources, two dissertations
               written on Harriot, typed and autograph notes, two laminated posters
               depicting Sir Walter Raleigh and Harriot, and some photos, slides, and

          Series I. 1.  Shirley arrangement
               Shirley's original organization of material has been preserved, with files
               arranged alphabetically by name of source's author or, in some cases, by
               name of article or subject.  Two notable sections include those filed under
               the subject headings "Harriot" and "Raleigh," which contain such
               information as current Harriot-related publicity and articles written by

     F1   Bibliographies

     F2   Bacon, Roger
          Appears to be photocopy of manuscript.
     F3   Batho, Gordon R.  The Percies at Petworth, 1574-1632; The Wizard Earl in the
               Tower; The Finances of an Elizabethan Nobleman: Henry Percy, Ninth
               Earl of Northumberland

     F4   Bloom, Terry Fried.  Borrowed Perceptions: Harriot's Maps of the Moon

     F5   Chapman, George.  The Whole Works of Homer

     F6   Collingwood, E. F.   A Century of the London Mathematical Society; Emile Borel

     F7   Comets 

     F8   Crombie, A.C.   History and Philosophy of Science at Oxford; Quantification in
               Medieval Physics; The Future of Biology: the History of a Program; Early
               Concepts of the Senses and the Mind; Physics and Astronomy;
               Mathematics, Music and Medical Science; Historical Commitments of

     F9   Dee, John
          Copy of entry in Dictionary of National Biography

     F10  Dictionary of North Carolina Biography

     F11  Digges, Thomas.
          Entry from Dictionary of National Biography
     F12  Early American Settlements

     F13  Emerson, Everett.  Thomas Harriot, John White, and Ould Virginia

     F14  Glaser, Antonin.  History of Binary and Other Nondecimal Numeration

     F15  Harriot:  Alchemical experiment

     F16  Harriot:  Bibliography

     F17  Harriot:  Correspondence with Kepler
     F18  Harriot:  Current publicity

     F19  Harriot:  El Viaie Que Hizo Antonio De Espeio

     F20  Harriot:  Memorial - Bank of England

     F21  Harriot:  Letter from Alex Lower

     F22  Harriot:  Miscellaneous notes

     F23  Harriot:  Life of Sir Walter Raleigh by Oldys

     F24  Harriot:  Oxford Archive Records

     F25  Harriot:  Photograph from Rukeyser

     F26  Harriot:  References
          One photocopy of a manuscript removed to the oversize section (Box 42).

     F27  Harriot:  Rutters, a book of

     F28  Harriot:  Signature of

     F29  Harris, J. R.  Technology and Industrial Development in Britain and France to

     F30  Harrowfield, David L.  Report to Antarctic Division, D.S.I.R.

     F31  Hatfield House Papers

     F32  Jaquot, Jean.  Harriot, Hill, Warner and the New Philosophy
     F33  Kalmar, Martin.   Thomas Harriot's De Reflexione Corporum Rotundoram: An
               Early Solution to the Problem of Impact

     F34  Kinder, A. J.  Sir William Lower and Thomas Harriot: A Scientific

     F35  Knuth, D. E.
          Notes on Harriot manuscripts.

     F36  Korbler, Juraj. Thomas Harriot (1560-1621): Fumeur de Pipe, Victime du Cancer

     F37  Le Febre:  Discourse 1664

     F38  Lohne, Johannes.  The Fair Fame of Thomas Harriot, Some Aspects of Harriot's
               Experimental Physics: The Accuracy of his Densities and Refractions
          Also German translations.

     F39  Manuscript editing:  Report on Editing Historical Documents

     F40  Mee, Arthur.  Carmarthenshire and Early Telescopes

     F41  Molana Abby:  Photographs of

     F42  North, John D.  Walter of Odington and the History of the Eighth Sphere; A Post-
               Copernican Equatorium; Warner, Apian, Blagrave and the Meteoroscope;
               Some Astronomical Themes in Chaucer

     F43  Pepper, Jon V.  A Letter from Nathaniel Torporley to Thomas Harriot; Harriot's
               Manuscript on the Theory of Impacts; Harriot's Numerical Methods;
               Harriot's Manuscript of Shipbuilding and Rigging; The Study of Thomas
               Harriot's Manuscripts II:  Harriot's Unpublished Papers

     F44  Porter, H. C.  That Part of America Called Ossomocomuck, Alias Wingandacoia,
               Alias Virginia: 1584-1590

     F45  Powell, William S.  Roanoke Colonists and Explorers: An Attempt at

     F46  Quinn, David B.  Observations Gathered out of "A Discourse of the Plantation of
               the Southern Colony in Virginia by the English, 1606." Written by that
               Honorable Gentleman, George Percy; Drake's Circumnavigation of the
               Globe: A Review; James I and the Beginnings of Empire in America; The
               Failure of Raleigh's American Colonies; The Munster Plantation:
               problems and Opportunities; Renaissance Influences in English
               Colonization; Ireland and Sixteenth century European Expansion; Stephen
               Parmenius of Buda; Notes and Documents: Thomas Harriot and the
               Virginia Voyages of 1602; A Contemporary List of Harriot References
               (with John Shirley)

     F47  Raleigh:  Books of Stephen Powle and John Ward

     F48  Raleigh:  Chemistry miscellaneous

     F49  Raleigh:  Chemical notebooks

     F50  Raleigh:  Clayis Adversarium

     F51  Raleigh:  Letters, deeds, and documents, 1560-1621

     F52  Raleigh:  History, Tower of London, 1983

     F53  Raleigh:  In Ireland

     F54  Raleigh:  Recipes (and cordial)

     F55  Raleigh:  References

     F56  Raleigh:  Sloane MS 359

     F57  Raleigh:  Wellcome MSS 749/13

     F58  Raleigh:  Will

     F59  Rhetoric

     F60  Rigaud, S. P.  Letters to Sockett 

     F61  Rigaud, S. P.  Remarks on Harriot's astronomical observations

     F62  Rosen, Edward. John Dee and Commandino
     F63  Scriba, Christoph.  Wallis and Harriot

     F64  Sokol, B. J.  Thomas Harriot--Sir Walter Raleigh's Tutor--On Population

     F65  Stevens:  Letters

     F66  Strathmann Ernest.  Raleigh Plans His Last Voyage

     F67  Strout, E.  The Very First Maps and Drawings of the Moon

     F68  Tanner, R. C. H.  Part I.  The Ordered Regiment of the Minus Sign:  Off-beat
               Mathematics in Harriot's Manuscripts; Thomas Harriot as
               Mathematician: A Legacy of Hearsay; Nathaniel Torporley's "Congestor
               Analyticus" and Thomas Harriot's De Triangulis Laterum Rationalium;
               On the role of Equity and Inequality in the History of Mathematics;
               Thomas Harriot (1560? - 1621); La Place de Thomas Harriot dans
               l'histoire de la medecine et de l'astronomie

     F69  Tanner, R. C. H.  Part II.  The Fate of Thomas Harriot's Manuscripts
          Copies of other drafts.

     F70  Taylor, E. G. R.  Harriot's Instructions for Raleigh's Voyage to Guiana; The
               Doctrine of Nautical Triangles Compendious; from The Haven Finding
               Art:  A History of Navigation From Odysseus to Captain Cook

     F71  Tooke, Christopher:  Will

     F72  Torporley, Nathaniel

     F73  Torporley, Nathaniel:  Sion College Manuscripts

     F74  Tso, S. T.  The Fundamental Operations in Bead Arithmetic

     F75  Vitelo, Oslo

     F76  Wallis, John:  Memorandum

     F77  White, George W.  Thomas Harriot's Observations on American Geology in 1588

          Wright, Edward:  Notebooks
     F78  Part I
     F79  Part II
3             Series I. 2.  Miscellaneous notes and research
               Several folders mainly of Shirley's handwritten and typed notes related to
               his Harriot research.

     F80  Part I
     F81  Part II
     F82  Part III
     F83  Part IV
     F84  Part V
     F85  Part VI
     F86  Part VII
     F87  Part VIII

          Series I. 3.  Special sections
               Material related to Harriot's death and will, and astronomical research and

     F88  Harriot's death and will

     F89  Astronomical-related

          Series I. 4.  Articles written on Harriot

     F90  Part I
          One clipping removed to the oversize section (Box 42).
     F91  Part II
     F92  Part III

          Series I. 5.  Dissertations written on Harriot

          Seltman, Muriel.  A Commentary on the Artis Analyticae Praxis of Thomas
     F93  Part I
     F94  Part II

     F95  Staiger, Ralph C.  Thomas Harriot, Science Pioneer

          Series I. 6.  Notes on individuals
               Autograph and typed notes, photocopied articles, and transcriptions from
               unidentified manuscripts and sources pertaining largely to Harriot's
               contemporaries and collected by Shirley in a binder labeled "Notes on

     F96  Part I
     F97  Part II

          Series I. 7.  Photocopied oversize materials
               Public records, sixteenth century maps, presumedly made by Harriot, and a
               copy of an unidentified manuscript or record.

     F98  Materials removed to oversize section (Box 42).

          Series I. 8.  Photographs
               Related to research, includes photographs of maps, sixteenth century
               illustrations, and what appear to be manuscripts.

     F99  Part I
     F100 Part II

          Series I. 9.  Thomas Harriot Editorial Board
               Files pertaining to the Thomas Harriot Editorial Board, of which Shirley
               was the American chairman.  Contains correspondence with other
               members, Board stationery, an outline of Board procedures and
               regulations, Board minutes, and drafts of members' works.

     F101 Part I
     F102 Part II

          Series I.  10.  Advertisements
               Two laminated tobacco ad posters depicting Harriot, his patron Sir Walter
               Raleigh, and governor of Virginia Ralph Lane.

     F103 Advertisements
          One poster removed to the oversize section (Box 42).
4         Series II.  Works written by Shirley on Harriot
               Both published and unpublished works written by Shirley and relating to
               Harriot.  Includes notes; drafts; typescripts; carbon copies; galley and page
               proofs; tear sheets and photocopied versions of published works; and
               correspondence regarding the works and their publication.  The bulk of the
               series consists of material related to Thomas Harriot: A Biography (1983)
               and The Teaching of Science in Renaissance England, which was
               unpublished.  Also includes one speech.

          Series II. 1 Drafts of articles
               Typescripts and copies of articles, many with autograph corrections.  Also
               includes one speech.  Notes relating to works are also included.

     F104 "Three Magi"

          "Harriot's Lunar Observations"
     F105 Part I
     F106 Part II

     F107 "George Percy at Jamestown"

     F108 "Raleigh's Guiana Finances"

     F109 Part I
     F110 Part II
     F111 Part III

          Series II. 2.  Copies of published articles
               Also includes notes, drafts, and correspondence.

     F112 "Giant Without Portfolio"
          Proposal soliciting financial assistance for the editing of Harriot's unpublished
          mathematical and scientific manuscripts.

     F113 "A Contemporary List of Harriot Resources"
          Co-authored with David B. Quinn.

     F114 "Thomas Harriot (1560-1621)"
          Feature article prepared for London Times Literary Supplement, which Shirley co-
          authored with Alistair C. Crombie, Jon V. Pepper, David B. Quinn, and Rosalind
          C.H. Tanner.  Copies of the TLS removed to the oversize section (Box 42).

     F115 Miscellaneous

4                  Series II. 3.  Source Materials for the Study of Thomas Harriot

     F116 Typescript

     F117 Notes and correspondence

          Series II. 4.  The Teaching of Science in Renaissance England
               Typescript and carbon copies of the unpublished work.  Also contains
               drafts and notes related to individual chapters, and correspondence
               regarding work.  Many drafts have autograph notations and corrections.

     F118 Part I
     F119 Part II
     F120 Part III

          Complete carbon copy
     F121 Part I
     F122 Part II

5         Typescript with autograph corrections
     F123 Part I
     F124 Part II

     F125 Preface and Table of Contents

          Chapter 1:  The Mind of the Renaissance
     F126 Part I
     F127 Part II

          Chapter 2:  The Tudor Schools
     F128 Part I
     F129 Part II

          Chapter 3:  Arithmetic
     F130 Part I
     F131 Part II

     F132 Chapter 4:  Geometry

     F133 Chapter 5:  Music

     F134 Chapter 6:  Astronomy

5         Series II.  Works by Shirley on Harriot 
          Series II. 5.  Thomas Harriot: A Biography (1983)
               Typescript, page proofs with autograph corrections, drafts of chapters, and
               notes pertaining to those chapters.  Chapters are numbered according to
               final arrangement in published biography.  Also includes correspondence,
               primarily with Oxford University Press, regarding publication matters.

          Typescript     F135 Preliminary pages - Chapter III
     F136 Chapters IV - V
     F137 Chapters VI - IX
     F138 Chapters X - XI
          Page proofs
     F139 Part I
     F140 Part II

6    F141 Chapter 1:  Harriot in History 

          Chapter 2:  Harriot at Oxford, 1560-1580
     F142 Part I
     F143 Part II
     F144 Part III

     F145 Chapter 3:  Harriot with Raleigh: 1580-1585

          Chapter 4:  New Horizons, 1585-1590
     F146 Part I
     F147 Part II

     F148 Chapter 6:  The 1590's:  Harriot Expands his Interests

     F149 Chapter 7:  From the Court to the Tower- Raleigh

     F150 Chapter 8:  From the Court to the Tower- Northumberland

          Chapter 9:  The Northumberland Circle
     F151 Part I
     F152 Part II

     F153 Chapter 11:  The Bitter End

          Correspondence regarding biography
     F154 Part I
     F155 Part II6         

          Series III.  Seminars and Symposiums
               Material related to seminars and symposiums on Harriot and other related
               conferences.  Deals largely with the Thomas Harriot Symposium held at
               the University of Delaware in 1971.  Also includes publications resulting
               from the seminars. 

          Series III. 1.  Thomas Harriot Symposium at University of Delaware, 1971
               Includes correspondence, budget outlines, evaluation forms, photos, audio
               tapes, drafts of speeches, programs and other souvenir items for the

     F156 Correspondence

     F157 Accounting
          Budget outlines, National Endowment for the Humanities grant application and
          information, and other accounting information.

     F158 Evaluation forms 

     F159 Audio tapes
          Recording of symposium on three reel-to-reel tapes.

     F160 Miscellaneous
          Photographs, name tags, brochures, and copy of Shirley's speech given at

7         Series III. 2.  Thomas Harriot: Renaissance Scientist (1974)
               Contains material pertaining to Thomas Harriot:  Renaissance Scientist
               (1974), a collection of essays based upon the 1971 University of Delaware
               symposium and edited by Shirley.  Folders of individual essays also
               include authors' notes, correspondence, corrected galley proofs, and other
               matter.  Essays are arranged alphabetically by author.

     F161 Page proof
          With autograph corrections.

          Galley proofs with autograph corrections and a photocopy of the index
     F162 Part I
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.
     F163 Part II
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

     F164 Jacquot, Jean.  "Harriot, Hill, and Warner"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.
     F165 Maddison, Frances.  "Refracting Telescope"

     F166 North, John.  "Harriot and Sunspots"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

          Pepper, Jon V.  "Mathematical Navigation"
     F167 Part I
     F168 Part II
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

     F169 Quinn, David B.  "Harriot and the New World"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

     F170 Rosen, Edward.  "Harriot's Science"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.
     F171 Shirley, John.  "Raleigh and Harriot"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

     F172 Tanner, R. C. H.  "Henry Stevens and Harriot"
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.

     F173 Index

     F174 Listing of Harriot and Raleigh references

     F175 Listing of photocopies and reprints

     F176 Correspondence
          With Oxford and Clarendon University Presses regarding publication matters.

     F177 Accounting information
          Royalty payment forms, offprint requests, etc.

     F178 Reviews of Thomas Harriot:  Renaissance Scientist
          Galley proofs removed to the galley section.
          Series III. 3.  Science and Arts in the Renaissance Symposium at the Folger
               Institute, 1978

          Correspondence and planning documents
     F179 Part I
     F180 Part II

     F181 Miscellaneous
          Drafts of Shirley's symposium speech, notes, and symposium and Folger Institute

          Series III. 4.  Science and the Arts in the Renaissance (1985)
          Material related to the collection of essays published from the 1978 Folger
          symposium, edited by Shirley and F. David Hoeniger.  Includes drafts of and notes
          related to each chapter, which are arranged by their order in the publication.
          Folders also contain drafts of other works by the same authors.

     F182 Introduction

     F183 Crombie, Alistair C.  "Science and the Arts in the Renaissance:  The Search for
               Truth and Certainty, Old and New"

     F184 Bylebyl, Jerome L.  "Medicine, Philosophy, and Humanism in Renaissance Italy"

     F185 Rattansi, P. M.  "Art and Science:  The Paracelsian Vision"

     F186 Palisca, Claude V.  "The Science of Sound and Musical Practice"

     F187 Shirley, John W.  "Science and Navigation in Renaissance England"

     F188 Ackerman, James.  "The Involvement of Artists in Renaissance Science"

     F189 Hoeniger, F. David.  "How Plants and Animals Were Studied in the Mid-
               Sixteenth Century"

     F190 Ritterbush, Philip C.  "The Organism as Symbol: An Innovation in Art"

     F191 Edgerton, Samuel Y., Jr.  "The Renaissance Development of the Scientific

     F192 Mahoney, Michael S.  "Diagrams and Dymanics:  Mathematical Perspectives on
               Edgerton's Thesis"

     F193 Streuver, Nancy       
          Series III. 5.  Annual Thomas Harriot Seminar in England, 1967-1984
               Contains notes, drafts and copies of speeches and articles, brochures, and
               other seminar-related material.

     F194 1967
     F195 1968
     F196 1969
     F197 1970
     F198 1971
     F199 1972
     F200 1973
     F201 1974
     F202 1976
     F203 1977
     F204 1978
     F205 1979
     F206 1980
     F207 1981
     F208 1983
     F209 1984
     F210 1985

          Series III. 6.  Other Harriot-related conferences, 1978-1987
               Items similar to that contained in folders of other seminar material.

     F211 St. Lawrence University Convocation, 1978

     F212 Oxford History of Science Seminar, 1979

          Tekniska Museet:  Biennial Symposia in the History of Technology, 1979
     F213 Part I
     F214 Part II

     F215 International Sir Walter Raleigh Conference, 1987
9         Series IV.  Correspondence
               Professional correspondence largely relating to Shirley's Harriot research. 
               Shirley's original organization of the material has been preserved, with
               correspondence arranged alphabetically by personal name.  Also contains
               enclosures such as brochures, articles, photos, copies, etc., and a file of
               chronologically arranged carbons of outgoing letters.

     F216 Part I, 1979-1973
     F217 Part II, 1973-1968

     F218 Miscellaneous, 1968-1987

     F219 A

     F220 B

     F221 Bittner, William

     F222 British Museum

     F223 C

     F224 Clarendon Press

     F225 Crombie, Alistair

     F226 D

     F227 E

     F228 F

     F229 G

     F230 Part I
     F231 Part II

     F232 I

     F233 J

     F234 Jaquot, Jean

     F235 Joyce, William
     F236 K

     F237 Kelliher, H.

     F238 Kinney, A.

     F239 L

     F240 Lloyd, Megan

     F241 M

     F242 Macmillan

     F243 N

     F244 Niels Bohr Library

     F245 North, John

     F246 O

     F247 P, Q

10   F248 Pepper, Jon

     F249 Quinn, D. B.

     F250 R

     F251 Rank Zerox

     F252 Reich, Karen

     F253 Rosen, Edward

     F254 Rukeyser, Muriel

     F255 S

     F256 Sherborne, Dorset

     F257 T
          Tanner, Cecily
     F258 Part I
     F259 Part II

     F260 U, V

     F261 W

     F262 X,Y, Z

          Series V.  Harriot manuscripts
               Copies of all known Harriot manuscripts, produced from originals or
               microfilm at the British Museum, Petworth House and several other
               private British archival collections.  Manuscripts are represented in several
               forms:  bound copies, loose copies, microfilm, and photographs and slides. 
               Also present are photocopies, slides, and photographs of miscellaneous
               manuscripts.  Ten binders containing detailed information about the
               manuscripts complete the series, along with an additional five binders
               entitled "Chronology."  Manuscripts are arranged by owner of the original.

          Series V. 1.  Manuscript photocopies
               Boxes 11-35 are shelved in the oversize section.

11        British Museum ADD'L 6782, bound

12        British Museum ADD'L 6782, loose

13        British Museum ADD'L 6783, bound

14        British Museum ADD'L 6783, loose

15        British Museum ADD'L 6784, bound

16        British Museum ADD'L 6784, loose

17        British Museum ADD'L 6785, bound

18        British Museum ADD'L 6785, loose

19        British Museum ADD'L 6786, bound

20        British Museum ADD'L 6786, loose
21        British Museum ADD'L 6787, bound

22        British Museum ADD'L 6787, loose

23        British Museum ADD'L 6788, bound

24        British Museum ADD'L 6788, loose

25        British Museum ADD'L 6789, bound

26        British Museum ADD'L 6789, loose

27        Harley 6001 and 6002, bound and loose

28        Harley 6083, bound

29        Harley 6083, loose

30        Riguad 35 and 50, bound and loose

31        Petworth, bound

32        Petworth, loose I

33        Petworth, loose II

34        West Sussex Records Office, bound

35   F263 Unidentified miscellaneous manuscripts
          Some items removed to oversize section (Box 42).

          Series V. 2.  Microfilm

36        Positive film 
          Includes British Museum 6782-6789, Harley 6001-6003, Petworth, British
          Museum Birch 4394-4396, and various individually-titled manuscripts.

37        Negative duplications
          Includes British Museum 6782-6789, Harley, Bodleian, Petworth, and West
          Sussex Records Office.      
10        Series V. 3.  Photographs and slides
     F264 Slides of Harriot's observations of the moon, 1610-1612

     F265 Slides of Harriot's lecture on navigation, 1595

     F266 Slides of Molana Abbey

     F267 Miscellaneous slides

     F268 Photographs

          Series V. 4.  Binders
               Binders have been numbered and are labeled B1 through B15.

10   B1   Index to manuscripts

     B2   Dates on manuscripts

38   B3   British Museum manuscripts, notes

     B4   British Museum manuscripts, transcriptions of letters

     B5   British Museum manuscripts, decipherment notes

     B6   British Museum manuscripts, notes on ADD'L MS 4394

     B7   Petworth House manuscripts, I

     B8   Petworth House manuscripts, II

39   B9   Syon House manuscripts, notes

     B10  Syon House manuscripts, transcriptions

     B11  Chronology  1560-1595

     B12  Chronology  1596-1601
     B13  Chronology  1602-1609

     B14  Chronology  1610-1612

     B15  Chronology  1613-1621

     B16  Chronology notes

41        Series VI.  Shirley:  Professional, not related to Harriot
               Materials relating to Shirley's years in academia as professor, provost, and
               acting President.  Also contains personal information regarding Shirley's
               receipt of a John Simons Guggenheim Fellowship.

          Series VI. 1.  Writings

     F269 Doctoral thesis:  The Parasite, the Glutton, and the Hungry Knave in English
          Drama to 1625
          Also contains written examinations.

     F270 Writings in English literature
          Drafts of articles.

     F271 An Ambassador Writes Home
          Also includes correspondence.

     F272 Writings in Physics
          Published articles.

          Series VI. 2.  Speeches
               Typescripts and drafts of speeches, mostly on the topic of education, 
               delivered as keynote addresses, commencement speeches, etc.

          Speeches given while dean of the faculty at North Carolina State College
     F273 Part I
     F274 Part II
     F275 Part III

          Speeches given while at the University of Delaware
     F276 Part I
     F277 Part II
          Series VI. 3.  Education-related

     F278 Commission on Tests

     F279 National Foreign Policy Conference for Leaders in Higher Education, 1972
          Includes conference materials such as pamphlets, registration information, etc.

          Series VI. 4.  Guggenheim Fellowship

     F280 Application and correspondence

     F281 Correspondence

          Plans for working in England
     F282 Part I
     F283 Part II

     F284 Library regulations and tickets
          From the British libraries where Shirley conducted his research.

          Series VI. 5.  Personal
     F285 Articles by friends
          Published articles written by Shirley's friends in academia.  Most works are
          autographed by author.

     F286 Stationery
          Letterhead of the English Speaking Union and H. Fletcher Brown Professor at the
          University of Delaware.  Also includes Shirley's business cards.

     F287 Miscellaneous photographs

42   Oversize material from the collection

Appendix A - Books The following books have been removed and cataloged for Special Collections' printed collection. H. Rodney Sharp Sr.: An Appreciation. Newark, DE: University of Delaware, 1980. Laid in is a presentation letter from President E. A. Trabant to Shirley. (Spec LD 1482.65 S53 W66 1980) Harriot, Thomas. Narrative of the First English Plantation of Virginia. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1893. (Spec F 229 .H275x 1893) Rigaud, S. P. Supplement to Dr. Bradley's Miscellaneous Works: with an account of Harriot's Historical Papers. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1833. Inscribed by the author. (Spec QB 3 .B82 1833) Rukeyser, Muriel. The Traces of Thomas Harriot. New York: Random House, 1971. Presentation inscription to Shirley from the author. (Spec DA 86.22 .H27 R8 1971) Treasure Island: A gala dinner and auction. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Library Associates, 1985. Shirley's copy of the catalog with his bidding cards laid in. (Spec Z 999 .T74x 1985) *For copies of the newsletter Harrioteer, which is devoted to scholarship related to Thomas Harriot, ask the Manuscript Librarian.
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