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Salmon Publishing, Ltd. of Clare, Ireland, is a leading Irish and international publisher of poetry collections, particularly noted for its publication of women and new poets. Founded by the American-Irish poet Jessie Lendennie and her husband, Mike Allen, Salmon had its origins in the Galway Writers Workshop associated with University College, Galway. In 1982, Lendennie and Allen, both members of the Workshop, began publication of The Salmon International Literary Journal, a quarterly dedicated to “providing a forum for voices which were not being represented by the dominant literary outlets in Dublin.” The Salmon ceased publication in 1991. Salmon began its book publishing activities in 1984 with collections by Eva Bourke and Rita Ann Higgins. Lendennie and Allen separated in 1987 and Lendennie remained as Managing Director of Salmon. In 1994, Salmon Publishing moved from Galway to Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland. In addition to book publishing, Salmon Publishing runs regular Creative Writing Workshops and a bookstore.

Salmon has produced over 150 volumes of poetry. Many established Irish poets published their initial collections with Salmon, including Rita Ann Higgins, Eva Bourke, Theo Dorgan, and Moya Cannon. In addition, Salmon has “published a range of international poets including Adrienne Rich, Marvin Bell, Richard Tillinghast, Carol Ann Duffy, R. T. Smith, Linda McCarriston, Ron Houchin, and Ben Howard.” Although Salmon has never been exclusively a “women’s press,” it has been instrumental in discovering, publishing, and promoting the work of a significant number of Irish women poets including the 1999 anthology edited by Joan McBreen, The White Page/An Bhileog Bhan: 20th Century Irish Women Poets.


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Other information derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Archives of Salmon Publishing covers the activity of Salmon Publishing Ltd. of Clare, Ireland, from its inception in 1982 through 1997. Founded and directed by the American-Irish poet, Jessie Lendennie, Salmon Publishing is noted particularly for its promotion of the work of new women poets. Salmon Publishing began in 1982 with The Salmon, a literary quarterly dedicated to providing a forum for new poets outside of Dublin. In 1984, Salmon began to publish books by these same poets. When The Salmon ceased publication in 1992, the book publishing operation continued, and it is with book publishing that the bulk of the material in the Salmon Archives is concerned. The collection is divided into a series of Publishing Files and a series of Administrative Files.

The Publishing Series consists of files related to the publication of individual books. These files vary greatly in completeness. Typical contents include correspondence between author and publisher, publicity materials related to the promotion of the book, and reviews from Irish and other newspapers and journals. Many files also include manuscripts and copies of corrected proofs. At their most complete these files document the entire publication history of particular works from the initial contacts between author and publisher through negotiations over contract terms and related matters, the editing and revision of texts leading to publication, and the promotion and initial reception of the work.

Noteworthy among the Publication files are those related to the Irish publication of Adrienne Rich’s Selected Poems by Salmon. These files include an extensive correspondence between Rich and Salmon publisher, Jessie Lendennie, as well as correspondence between Salmon and W.W. Norton, Rich’s American and U.K. publishers, regarding the terms of publication. Rich’s corrected proofs are also included in these files. Joan McBreen’s The White Page/An Bhileog Bhán (1999) is a major anthology of Irish women poets. Files in the collection include McBreen’s master’s thesis, which became the basis for the book, correspondence with many of the poets included in the anthology, and corrected proofs. The Salmon Archives includes publication files for books by Irish poets including Rita Ann Higgins, Theo Dorgan, Moya Cannon, Mary O'Donnell, Eamonn Wall, Mary O’Malley, Eva Bourke, Janice Fitzpatrick-Simmons, and Gerard Donovan. The American poets Marvin Bell and Richard Tillinghast are among the non-Irish poets represented in the Salmon Archive. The collection includes files related to Lendennie’s books The Salmon Guide to Poetry Publishing in Ireland and The Salmon Guide to Creative Writing in Ireland. Files in the Publication series are arranged by author name and title of the individual book.

The Administrative Series includes general correspondence and correspondence with Irish funding agencies (the Arts Council, the Galway Corporation) and trade and professional organizations (CLE, Poolbeg, Poetry Ireland). Other files relate to Auburn House, an imprint of Salmon Publishing specializing in “new age” books on health and spirituality, and to The Salmon, the literary quarterly published by Salmon from 1982-1992. Additional files contain information on literary competitions and festivals, and on educational programs and trade fairs, mostly in Ireland. Files of poets’ photographs and book covers complete the Administrative Series.

Arrangement Note

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Series List

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

 		  Series I.  Publishing Files

1         Archer, Nuala. The Hour of Pan/Amá, 1992
     F1   Manuscript and Proofs
     F2   Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews
          Bardwell, Leland. The White Beach: New and Selected
          Poems 1960-1998, 1998
     F3   Manuscript
     F4   Proofs
     F5   Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews
          Note: Includes autograph card from Maeve Binchy to the
          Bell, Marvin. Wednesday: Selected Poems 1966-1997, 1998
     F6   Manuscript
     F7   Proofs, July 1997
     F8   Proofs, November 1997
     F9   Proofs, January 1998
     F10  Correspondence
     F11  Publicity and Reviews
          Boran, Pat. The Portable Creative Writing Workshop, 1999
     F12  Manuscript
     F13  First Proofs
     F14  Second Proofs
     F15  Correspondence, Publicity
     F16  Boran, Pat. Strange Bedfellows, 1991
     F17  Bourke, Eva. Gonella, 1985; Litany for the Pig, 1989
     F18  Brennan, Rory. The Old in Rapallo, 1996
     F19  Brett, Heather. Abigail Brown, 1991
2         Brogan, Patricia Burke. Above the Waves Calligraphy, 1994
     F20  Manuscript
          Note: Includes two early versions of the text, entitled
     F21  Manuscript
     F22  Publicity and original graphics by the author
     F23  Brogan, Patricia Burke. Eclipsed, 1994
          Burnside, Sam. Walking the Marches, 1990
     F24  Manuscript
     F25  Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews, and Photographs
          Callaghan, Louise C. The Puzzle-Heart, 1999
     F26  Manuscript
     F27  First and Second Proofs
     F28  Correspondence and Publicity
          Cannon, Moya. Oar, 1990
     F29  Manuscript and Proofs
     F30  Correspondence and Publicity
          Chadwick, Jerah. Story Hunger, 1999
     F31  Manuscript and Proofs
     F32  Correspondence and Publicity
          Chapman, Patrick. The New Pornography, 1996
     F33  Proofs
     F34  Correspondence and Publicity
2    F35  Cowman, Roz. The Goose Herd, 1989
     F36  Crowley, Vicki. Oasis in a Sea of Dust, 1992
          Note: Includes photographs and slides of author's
     F37  Donovan, Gerard. Columbus Rides Again, 1992
     F38  Donovan, Gerard.  Kings and Bicycles, 1995
          Donovan, Gerard.  The Lighthouse, 2000
     F39  Manuscript, First Version (May1999)
     F40  Manuscripts, Two Revisions (November 1999, January 2000)
     F41  Correspondence
     F42  Dorcey, Mary.  Moving into the Space Cleared by Our
          Mothers, 1991
     F43  Dorcey, Mary.  The River That Carries Me, 1995
     F44  Dorgan, Theo.  The Ordinary House of Love, 1990
     F45  Dorgan, Theo.  Rosa Mundi, 1995
          Duffy, Carol Ann.  The Salmon Carol Ann Duffy, 2000
     F46  Manuscript
     F47  Proofs
     F48  Correspondence and Publicity
     F49  Egan, Michael.  We Came Out Again To See the Stars, 1986

3    F50  Ellis, Patricia.  Swans and Angels, 1996
     F51  Enzweiler, Joseph. A Curb in Eden, 1999
          Fanning, Michael.  Verbum et Verbum, 1997
     F52  Manuscript
     F53  Proofs
          Note: Includes signed copy of the book with annotations
          for a projected second edition.
     F54  Correspondence, Publicity, and Reviews
          Fitzmaurice, Gabriel.  Kerry On My Mind, 1999
     F55  Manuscripts, Two Versions
     F56  First Proofs
     F57  Second Proofs
     F58  Correspondence
     F59  Fitzpatrick-Simmons, Janice.  Settler, 1995
          Fitzpatrick-Simmons, Janice.  Starting at Purgatory, 1999
     F60  Manuscript
     F61  Proofs
     F62  Correspondence
     F63  Genaga, Paul.  Striking Water, 1989
          Golden, Frank.  The Interior Act, 1999
     F64  Manuscripts, Two Versions
     F65  Correspondence and Publicity
     F66  Gorman, Michael.  Up She Flew, 1991
     F67  Greene, Angela.  Silence and the Blue Night, 1993
          Harmon,  Maurice.  The Last Regatta, 2000
     F68  Manuscript
     F69  Correspondence
3         Hartigan, Anne Le Marquand.  Clearing the Space, 1996
     F70  Manuscript
          Note: Includes manuscript of La Corbiére, a play by
          Hartigan that was included in her collection, Immortal
     F71  Correspondence, Publicity, and Reviews
     F72  Hartigan, Anne Le Marquand.  Now is a Moveable Feast, 1991
          Heffernan, Michael.  Another Part of the Island, 1999
     F73  Manuscript
     F74  Correspondence
     F75  Heffernan, Michael.  The Back Road to Arcadia, 1994
          Higgins, Michael D.  The Betrayal, 1990
     F76  Manuscript
     F77  Manuscript, First Revision
     F78  Manuscript, Second Revision
     F79  Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews
4    F80  Higgins, Rita Ann.  Face Licker Come Home, 1991

     F81  Higgins, Rita Ann.  Goddess and Witch, 1990
     F82  Higgins, Rita Ann.  Higher Purchase, 1996
     F83  Higgins, Rita Ann.  Philomena’s Revenge, 1992
          Hildebidle, John.  Defining Absence, 1999
     F84  Manuscript, Two Versions
     F85  Correspondence
          Houchin, Ron.  Death and the River, 1997
     F86  Proofs
          Note: Includes Houchin’s chapbook, The Falling Boy.
     F87  Correspondence and Publicity
          Howard, Ben.  Midcentury, 1997
     F88  Manuscript
     F89  Proofs
     F90  Correspondence and Reviews
          Hull, Gerald.  Falling into Monaghan, 1999
     F91  Manuscript and Proofs
     F92  Correspondence and Publicity
     F93  Johnston, Fred.  Song at the Edge of the World, 1988
          Johnston, Fred.  True North, 1997
     F94  Manuscript
     F95  Proofs
     F96  Correspondence and Publicity
     F97  Kavanagh, John.  Etchings, 1991
          Kavanagh, John.  Half-Day Warriors, 1999
     F98  Manuscript
     F99  Proofs
     F100 Correspondence
     F101 Kennedy, Anne.  Buck Mountain Poems, 1989
5         Lendennie, Jessie.  Daughter, 1988
     F102 Correspondence, Publicity
     F103 Newspaper clippings
     F104 Lendennie, Jessie and Hickson, Paddy.  The Salmon Guide
          to Creative Writing in Ireland, 1991
     F105 Lendennie, Jessie.  The Salmon Guide to Poetry
          Publishing in Ireland, 1989
     F106 Liddy, James.  Gold Set Dancing, 2000
     F107 Lott, Clarinda Harriss.  The Night Parrot, 1988
     F108 McBreen, Joan.  A Walled Garden in Moylough, 1995
          McBreen, Joan.  The White Page/ An Bhileog Bhán, 1999
     F109 Manuscript of A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Irish
          Women Poets
          Note: This M.A. thesis, submitted by the author to
          Dublin's University College in 1997, provided the basis
          for The White Page.
     F110 Manuscript, t.p. through p. 100
     F111 Manuscript, pp. 101-237
     F112 Proofs      
     F113 Correspondence and Proofs: March 1997, Jan-Aug 1999
     F114 Correspondence and Proofs: September 1999
     F115 Correspondence and Proofs: 1-15 October 1999
     F116 Correspondence and Proofs: 18 Oct-Nov 1999
     F117 Copies of Poems, Correspondence, and Publicity
     F118 Corrected Proofs for Second Printing (2000)
     F119 Related Materials
          Note: Includes text of a talk, "Women’s Poetry in
          Contemporary Ireland," given by McBreen in August 1994;
          also, manuscript of a thesis, "Ireland’s Hidden
          Traditions: Contemporary Irish Female Poet’s," by Sarah
          L. Roesler that contains many references to Salmon
          McCarriston, Linda.  Little River: New and Selected
          Poems, 2000
     F120 Manuscript
     F121 Correspondence and Publicity
     F122 MacCarthy, Catherine Phil.  This Hour of the Tide, 1994
          McCormick, Jeri.  When It Came Time, 1998
     F123 Manuscript and Revised Manuscript
     F124 Correspondence and Publicity
6    F125 McNulty, Ted.  On the Block, 1995
     F126 McNulty, Ted.  Rough Landings, 1992
          Medbh, Máighréad.  Tenant, 1999
     F127 Manuscript
     F128 Proofs
     F129 Correspondence and Publicity
          Menaghan, John.  All the Money in the World, 1999
     F130 Manuscript
     F131 Proofs
     F132 Correspondence
     F133 Miller, Áine.  Goldfish in a Baby Bowl, 1994
          Miller, Áine.  Touchwood, 2000
     F134 Manuscript, Early Version
     F135 Manuscript, Second Version
     F136 First Proofs            
     F137 Second Proofs
     F138 Final Proofs and Correspondence
     F139 Monahan, Noel.  Curse of the Birds, 2000
          Monahan, Noel.  Opposite Walls, 1991
     F140 Manuscript, Two Versions
     F141 Proofs
     F142 Correspondence and Clippings
     F143 Monahan, Noel.  Snowfire, 1995
          Morgan, Tom.  In Queen Mary's Garden, 1991
     F144 Manuscript
     F145 Proofs and Correspondence
     F146 O'Brien, Jean.  The Shadow Keeper, 1997
7         O'Connor, Claire.  When You Need Them, 1989
     F147 Manuscript
     F148 Proofs, Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews
     F149 O'Donnell, Hugh.  Roman Pines at Berkeley, 1990

     F150 O'Donnell, Mary.  Reading the Sunflowers in September,
          O'Donnell, Mary.  Unlegendary Heroes, 1998
     F151 Manuscript and First Proofs
     F152 Second Proofs
     F153 Correspondence and Publicity
     F154 O'Donohue, John.  Echoes of Memory, 1994
     F155 O'Driscoll, Ciaran.  Gog and Magog, 1987
     F156 O'Grady, Desmond.  Tipperary, 1991
          Note: Includes a copy of the catalog for the exhibition
          of the photographs of John Minihan, "Bacon, Beckett,
          and Burroughs," signed by Minihan.
     F157 O'Hagan, Sheila.  The Peacock's Eye, 1992
     F158 O'Hagan, Sheila.  The Troubled House, 1995
7    F159 O'Malley, Mary.  A Consideration of Silk, 1990
          O'Malley, Mary.  The Knife in the Wave,  1997
     F160 Manuscript
     F161 Proofs
     F162 Correspondence, Publicity, Reviews
          Note: Includes correspondence concerning the poet's
          1993 collection, Where the Rocks Float.
          O'Malley, Tom.  Journey Backward, 1998
     F163 Early Correspondence and Manuscript
     F164 First Proofs
     F165 Second Proofs
     F166 Third Proofs
     F167 Parkinson, Barbara.  Any Change for the Jugglers, 1995
     F168 Parry, Gwyn.  Crossings, 1998
          Patten, Angela.  Still Listening, 1999
     F169 Manuscript
     F170 Proofs and Correspondence
     F171 Pleasants, Virginia.  Healthy Choices, 1996
          Pye, Joyce.  Ireland's Musical Instrument Makers, 1990
     F172 Manuscript
     F173 Correspondence and Publicity
8         F174 Rhatigan, George.  Dreams: Secret Language of the
          Soul, 1996

          Rich, Adrienne.  Selected Poems: 1950 – 1995, 1996
     F175 Manuscripts, Photocopies, Proofs
          Note: Includes photocopies of Rich's poems selected by
          Salmon for inclusion in the book, supplemented with
          copies of poems provided by Rich; also, Rich's
          corrections to pages of the proofs, and the manuscripts
          and corrected proofs of Eavan Boland's Introduction to
          the book and Jean Valentine's Afterword.
     F176 Proofs
     F177 Correspondence and Publicity
          Note: includes correspondence between Rich and Jessie
          Lendennie, publisher of Salmon; also correspondence
          between Salmon and W.W. Norton, Rich's American and UK
          publisher; also contains publicity materials for the
          book and newspaper clippings documenting Irish
          reception of the book and its author.
     F178 Roper, Mark.  The Hen Ark, 1990
     F179 Sexton, Tom.  Autumn in the Alaska Range, 2000
     F180 Shepperson, Janet.  The Aphrodite Stone, 1995
          Simmons, James.  The Company of Children, 1999
     F181 Manuscript
     F182 First Proofs
     F183 Second Proofs and Correspondence
     F184 Simmons, James.  Mainstream, 1995
     F185 Skinner, Knute.  The Bears and Other Poems, 1991;
          Learning to Spell Zucchini, 1988
     F186 Skinner, Knute.  The Cold Irish Earth, 1996; What Trudy
          Knows, 1994
     F187 Slade, Jo.  Certain Octobers, 1997; The Vigilant One,
     F188 Slade, Jo.  In Fields I Hear Them Sing, 1989
     F189 Slonims, Shula.  Flight of the Raven, 1996
          Smith, R.T..  Split the Lark, 1999
     F190 Manuscript and Proofs
     F191 Correspondence and Reviews
     F192 Strong, Eithne.  Let Live, 1990
     F193 Sullivan, Breda.  After the Ball, 1998
     F194 Sullivan, Breda.  A Smell of Camphor, 1992
     F195 Teck, Jill.  Becoming the Tree, 1997
9    F196 Tillinghast, Richard.  A Quiet Pint in Kinvara,

          Tillinghast, Richard.  Today in the Café Trieste, 1997
     F197 Manuscript and Proofs
     F198 Correspondence and Reviews
     F199 Tyaransen, Olaf.  The Consequences of Slaughtering
          Butterflies, 1992
	 F200 Unrau, John.  Iced Water, 2000
     F201 Valentine, Jean.  The Under Voice, 1995
     F202 van de Kamp, Peter.  Notes, 1999
          Vassal, Michelle.  Sandgames, 2000
     F203 Manuscript
     F204 Proofs and Correspondence
          Wall, Eamon.  The Crosses, 2000
     F205 Manuscript
     F206 Proofs and Correspondence
          Wall, Eamon.  Iron Mountain Road, 1997
     F207 Manuscript and Proofs
     F208 Correspondence and Reviews
          Walmsley, Gordon.  Terebinthos, 1999
     F209 Manuscript and Correspondence
     F210 Proofs
          Wichert, Sabine.  Sharing Darwin, 1999
     F211 Manuscript
     F212 Proofs
     F213 Wichert, Sabine.  Tin Drum Country, 1995
          Zell, Ann.  Weathering, 1998
     F214 Manuscript
     F215 Proofs
     F216 Correspondence
          Series II.  Administrative Files
10        F217 Salmon: General Publicity
          Note: Includes text of a paper by Victor Luftig of Yale
          University, “No Frontiers: Salmon Publishing and the
          Frontiers of Irish Poetry,” presented to Midwest MLA
          November 1990; also, journal and newspaper articles,
          and testimonial letters.
               Salmon General Correspondence
          Note: Much of this correspondence is from poets
          submitting work to The Salmon; other correspondence
          covers a wide range of business, promotional, and
          personal activities of poets and others associated with

     F218 1982-1983
     F219 1985-1986
     F220 1987
     F221 1988: I
     F222 1988: II
     F223 1989
     F224 1990
     F225 1991-1992
     F226 Undated
     F227 Arts Council: Correspondence and Grant Applications

     F228 Galway Corporation: Correspondence and Grant
     F229 CLE (Irish Book Publishers Association) Reports
          Poolbeg: Correspondence, Minutes, Reports
     F230 1993-1994
     F231 1995-1997
     F232 Poetry Ireland: Correspondence and Newsletters
11        F233 Auburn House
          Note: Auburn House was an imprint of Salmon Publishing
          specializing in “new Age” health and spirituality.
     F234 The Salmon: Publicity and Articles
          Includes copy of The Salmon no. 12 and cover art.
          The Salmon: Poets' Biographies
          Note: The majority of these are autobiographical,
          submitted by the poets for inclusion in The Salmon.
     F235 A-L
     F236 M-Z
12        F237 Competitions
     F238 Educational Programs
          Series II. Administrative Files
     F239 Festivals
     F240 Trade Fairs
13   F241 Poets' Photographs (63 items)
          Boran, Pat (2 copies)
          Brett, Heather
          Burnside, Sam (2 copies)
          Cannon, Moya (3 photographs)
          Dorcey, Mary
          Egan, Michael (2 copies)
          Genaga, Paul (with Victor Luftig)
          Genaga, Paul
          Gorman, Mickey (1985, “from a painting by Anne
          Greene, Angela
          Higgins, Michael (with Sabrina Higgins)
          Higgins, Michael (3 photographs; with Rita Ann Higgins
          and Joan McBreen)
          Higgins, Michael (2 photographs; with unidentified)
          Higgins, Rita Ann (photograph by Anne Kennedy)
          Johnston, Fred
          Johnston, Fred (1989)
          Joselow, Beth (“delivering toast Book party New York
          Kavanagh, John (2 copies)
          Lendennie, Jessie
          Lendennie, Jessie (2 copies)
          Lendennie, Jessie (with Rita Ann Higgins; 2 copies)
          Lendennie, Jessie (with Paul Genaga, Dave Cesario,
          Viviene Leone; “Launch of     7th Anniversary Issue of
          ‘The Salmon’ New York City, 1989”)
          Lendennie, Jessie (with Mike Murphey and Deborah Evers;
          2 copies)
          Lendennie, Jessie (3 photographs: with dog Zookie; with
          Ambassador Jean     Kennedy Smith; at Listowel Writers’
          Week with Hugh O’Donnell, Eithne   Strong, Gabriel
          McBreen, Joan (“at Poets House, Donegal”)
          McBreen, Joan (with Joe McBreen, 1995; “Poet’s House,
          Co. Donegal”)
          Monahan, Noel (April 1991)
          Monahan, Noel (April 1991)
          O’Connor, Claire
          O’Connor, Claire (1989)
          O’Donnell, Hugh
          O’Donnell, Mary
          O’Grady, Desmond (Kinsale 1990; photograph by John
          O’Hagan, Sheila (2 Copies)       
13        O’Hagan, Sheila
          Roesler, Sarah
          Roper, Mark
          Salmon Bookstore and Writer’s Center (2 copies)
          Skinner, Knute (2 photographs; with Edna Kiel)
          Slade, Jo
          Strong, Eithne
          Sullivan, Breda (1992)
          Tillinghast, Richard (2 photographs; 1992)
          Tyaransen, Olaf (2 copies)
          F242 Book Covers
          Includes promotional postcards, paperback covers, and
          dust jackets for hard cover copies for both Salmon and
          Auburn House publications.   

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