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Florence Reynolds Collection related to
Jane Heap and The Little Review

1881 - 1978
(bulk dates 1908 - 1947, 1976 - 1978)

Manuscript Collection Number: 258
Accessioned: Purchase, September 1991.
Extent: 5 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs, poetry, essays, translations short stories,
art work, books, magazines, research notes, scrapbook, jewelry, and taped interview.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1991 -1992 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Biographical Note + Scope and Content Note + Series Outline

Contents List

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1         Series I.  Florence Reynolds Collection Related to Jane
               Heap and The Little Review, 1908-1977
               This series consists of the correspondence,
               manuscripts, photographs, artwork created by Jane
               Heap, copies of The Little Review, and other
               material collected by Florence Reynolds.  

          Series I.1.  Correspondence, 1908-1945
               Includes letters written to Reynolds from Jane
               Heap, Margaret Anderson, Georgette LeBlanc, and
               Tom and Fritz Peters.  Also included are letters
               written between 1940 and 1945 by Reynolds in
                America to Jane Heap in London.  Also included are
               a telegram to The Little Review from Walter
               Gropius, a letter to Heap from László Moholy-Nagy,
               and a card to Heap from a group of her friends in

               The letters are arranged in subseries by
               correspondent and then chronologically within

     F1-  Letters, Jane Heap to Florence Reynolds, 1908-1926
     21   The letters reflect the close friendship Heap and       
          Reynolds shared, and discuss Heap's early writing and
          artwork.  Enclosed in some of the letters written in
          1908-1909 are drafts of poetry and fiction written by
          Heap.  Letters from 1917-1926 discuss her relationship
          with Margaret Anderson, her work with The Little
          Review, finances, as well as mention Gurdjieff, Emma
          Goldman, Djuna Barnes, Gertrude Stein, and others.  

     F1   1908 Aug
          Written from Topeka, Kansas, these letters discuss her
          family, art, and her attempts at writing.

     F2   1908 Sep
          Written from Topeka, Kansas these letters discuss the
          Kansas State Insane Asylum where her father worked, her
          family, and returning to school in Chicago.
     F3   1909 Jun-Jul 8
          Written from Topeka to Reynolds in Chicago and Salt
          Lake City, Utah, these letters include two autograph
          poems written by Heap.

     F4   1909 Jul 11-23
          Consists of letters written from Topeka, discussing
          painting, her family, and her relationship to Reynolds. 
          Enclosed in the letters are portions of a poem later
          titled "Vagabond" and an allegory titled "Youth."

          Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Correspondence (cont'd)

     F5   1909 Jul 26-Nov
          Consists of letters discussing family, artwork, plans
          for the fall, and Marie Blanke (referred to as "James"
          in the letters).

     F6   [n.d.]
          Consists of autograph and typescript copies of poems
          and allegories composed by Heap.  These probably 
          originally were enclosed in the 1908-1909 letters. 
          Includes pieces titled "Youth" and "Villanelle to the
          Rain."  Untitled pieces concern death, love, art, being
          a vagabond, and an allegory of a knight and lady.

2    F7   1917
          In addition to Heap's letters, this folder includes a
          form letter from Margaret Anderson expressing support
          for the anarchists Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman,
          as well as a clipping describing their trial for having
          urged rebellion against conscription.  Heap mentioned
          the lawyer and patron-of-the-arts John Quinn, as well
          as Jack Reed.

     F8   1918 Mar-Aug
          Includes a letter from Margaret Anderson and drawings
          by Heap.  The letters concern Anderson and The Little

     F9   1918 Sep-Oct
          Letters concern World War I, Anderson, and The Little

     F10  1918 Nov-Dec and [1918]
          Includes drawings and a letter from Heap to "Jean." 
          The letters mention Anderson, Djuna Barnes, and Heap's
          personal life.

     F11  1920 [Sep 1]
          Consists of an essay written by Heap on the Art
          Institute of Chicago.

     F12  1922 Apr-Jul
          Letters concern Anderson and The Little Review.

     F13  1922 Sep-Nov
          Written from Brookhaven, NY, these letters mention Ezra
          Pound, The Little Review, and Heap's personal life.

3         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Correspondence (cont'd) 

     F14  1923 Oct
          Written from Brookhaven, NY, these letters include
          drawings by Anderson's nephews, Tom and Fritz Peters.

     F15  1924 Jan-Feb
          Written from New York, these letters discuss The Little
          Review, Tom and Fritz Peters, exhibitions, Gurdjieff,
          and mention Ernest Hemingway.  An announcement for
          "Exposition dada Man Ray" is included.  

     F16  1924 Jun-Jul
          The letters included in this folder originate from New
          York, Paris, and the ocean liner S.S. Berengania. 
          Enclosed in Heap's letters are notes from Tom and Fritz
          Peters to Reynolds, as well as a portion of a letter to
          Heap from Anderson.  The letters discuss Gurdjieff, the
          trip to Europe, and Heap's personal life.

     F17  1924 Aug-Dec
          Written from France and New York, these letters discuss
          Gurdjieff, Tom and Fritz Peters, and Heap's personal
          life, as well as mentioning Gertrude Stein, Juan Gris,
          and The Little Review.

     F18  1925 Jun-Jul          Written from France and New York, letters discuss The
          Little Review and various expatriates in France.  The
          letters include artwork and letters from Tom and Fritz
          Peters to Reynolds. 

     F19  1925 Aug
          Written from France, these letters discuss The Little
          Review, Djuna Barnes, Gurdjieff, art exhibits, and
          Tristan Tzara.  Included are photographs of Tom and
          Fritz Peters with Anderson and Heap.  One photograph
          depicts Tom and Fritz doing a Gurdjieffian movement. 
          Also includes a letter from Anderson to Reynolds.

     F20  1925 Sep-Dec
          Written from New York and France, these letters discuss
          Heap's travel plans, The Little Review, finances, and 
          Gurdjieff, as well as mentioning Gertrude Stein.  One
          letters bears an autograph note by Anderson.

     F21  1926 and [n.d.]
          Written from France and the ocean liner Olympic, these
          letters include a letter from Caesar (the young man who
          had provided secretarial support for The Little Review
          in Chicago), letters and artwork from Tom and Fritz
          Peters, and a copy of booklet, G. Gurdjieff's Institute
          for the Harmonious Development of Man.

4         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Correspondence (cont'd)

     F22  Letters, Florence Reynolds to Jane Heap, 1940-1945
     -30  This series of folders contains letters written by   
          Reynolds to Heap during World War II.  These letters  
          were returned to Reynolds' niece, Florence Mack     
          Treseder, by Jane Heap's literary executor, Michael   
          Currer-Briggs in 1976 (see F104 for correspondence   
          related to this).  These letters detail Florence    
          Reynolds' daily life, discuss the war, and include   
          transcribed portions of letters written to Reynolds by

     F22  1940 Apr-Aug
          Written from Hollywood, California, these letters
          include transcriptions from the letters of others,
          discuss the war, Reynolds' health, Andrebrook (the New
          York boarding school where Reynolds taught), and her
          daily life.

     F23  1940 Sep-Dec
          Written from Hollywood, California and Andrebrook, the
          letters mention the war, Andrebrook, and Anderson.

     F24  1941 Jan-May
          Written from Andrebrook, the letters discuss daily
          life, the war, and Anderson.  The April 18th letter is
          written by Reynolds on the verso of a letter from
          Margaret Anderson to Reynolds.

     F25  1941 Jun-Dec
          Written from Andrebrook and Hollywood, these letters
          include transcriptions from the letters of others, and
          discussions of the war and Anderson.

     F26  1942 Jan-Jun
          Written from Andrebrook, Tarrytown, NY, and Hollywood,
          the letters discuss the closing of Andrebrook and the

     F27  1942 Jul-Oct
          Written from Hollywood, news of the war and details of
          daily life fill the letters.

     F28  1944
          Written from New York and Hollywood, these letters
          discuss the war, part time jobs in New York, her
          family, and mention Anderson.

     F29  1945 Jan-Apr
          Written from Hollywood, these letters mention the war
          and family concerns.
4         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Correspondence (cont'd)

     F30  [n.d.]
          Consists of several miniature Birthday, Easter, and 
          Christmas cards from Reynolds to Heap.

     F31  Letters, Margaret Anderson to Reynolds, 1917-1924
     -35  These folders contain letters written by Anderson from
          a variety of locations to Florence Reynolds.  The
          letters discuss The Little Review, Jane Heap,
          Gurdjieff, writing her autobiography, and her home with
          Heap in Brookhaven.

     F31  1917-1918 Mar
          Written from New York and Chicago, these letters
          discuss The Little Review and Jane Heap.

     F32  1918 Aug
          Written from Brookhaven, these letters discuss Heap and
          include a sketch by Heap.

     F33  1918 Sep-Oct
          Written from Brookhaven, these letters discuss Heap and
          their house in Brookhaven.

     F34  1922-1927
          Written from New York and France, these letters discuss
          her autobiography, Heap, and Gurdjieff.  Included with
          these letters are a letter written to Heap concerning
          Anderson's sister, Lois, and carbon copies of a letter
          from Anderson to Dr. Sigmund Krumholz about Lois.  Also
          included is a carbon of a letter to a Mr. Granovsky.

     F35  [n.d.]
          Consists of an autograph note reading: "We saw Mary
          Garden   This is not Life   This is Immortality."

5    F36  Letters, Georgette LeBlanc to Reynolds, [n.d.]
          Georgette LeBlanc was a close friend and companion of
          Margaret Anderson until LeBlanc's death in 1941.  These
          two letters, written in French, regard the biographical
          material about LeBlanc which Florence Reynolds was
          translating into English.  A copy of the translation
          done by Reynolds is included with the letters.  Also
          included here is a transcript of a note written by
          LeBlanc to Reynolds (dated 5-9-41) with a footnote of
          explanation by Reynolds.  This note was originally laid
          in a 1931 French edition of LeBlanc's Souvenirs which
          has been cataloged for the printed collections in
          Special Collections.  Also included is a clipping of
          the October 29, 1941 obituary for LeBlanc from The New
          York Times, which was originally laid in a copy of The
          Blue Bird for Children (cataloged for the printed
          collections of Special Collections).
5         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Correspondence (cont'd)

     F37  Correspondence between Isaac Sidel and Reynolds, 1922
          This correspondence concerns the payment of salary to
          Sidel for work on The Little Review.  Reynolds paid the

     F38  Telegram, Walter Gropius to The Little Review, 
          1927 Feb 10
          This telegram concerns his arrival in New York.

     F39  Letter, László Moholy-Nagy to Jane Heap, 1927 Apr 21 
          This letter concerns the return of his artwork
          following an exhibition of his work in New York
          arranged by Heap.

     F40  Card, Chicago Group to Jane Heap, 1932 Jun 22
          Consists of a birthday card created for Jane Heap by a
          number of her friends from the "Chicago group,"
          including Reynolds, Olive [Garnet], Bessie, Jim (Marie
          Blanke), and Betty.

          Series I.2. Photographs, 1908-1947
               Consists of photographs of Jane Heap, Florence
               Reynolds, Margaret Anderson, Tom and Fritz Peters,
               Georgette LeBlanc, Mary Garden, Andrebrook, the
               Brookhaven homes of Heap and Anderson, and many of
               the Chicago group of friends.  Many of these
               photographs were probably sent to Reynolds from
               Heap and Anderson.  The photographs are grouped by
               time periods and/or by persons.

     F41  Jane Heap and Chicago Friends, 1908-1909
          Includes Jane Heap, Florence Reynolds, Esther and Marie
          Blanke, Elsa Koop, and Olive Garnet.  29 items

     F42  Jane Heap and "Blanke & Heap's Nickel Theatre," [n.d.]
          Includes Heap, Olive Garnet, Elsa Koop, Marie Blanke,
          and Florence Reynolds in costume for plays staged at
          the Blanke & Heap's Nickel Theatre in Chicago. 10 items

     F43  Jane Heap, 1911-1922
          Includes photographs of Heap in 1911 with her
          grandparents, as well as photographs of Heap (some with
          Margaret Anderson and Elsa Koop) at Brookhaven, New
          York in 1918 and 1922.  18 items

     F44  Heap and Anderson's Houses and Cats, 1918 and [n.d.]
          Includes images of their home in Brookhaven, Heap's pet
          cats, a house in Brookhaven they hoped to restore, and
          a tree house at Brookhaven.  Heap's letters to Reynolds
          make reference to these places and cats.   20 items

5         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.2. Photographs (cont'd)

     F45  Jane Heap, [n.d.]
          A portrait of Jane Heap.  1 item

     F46  Mary Garden, [n.d.]
          Consists of a photograph of Mary Garden, a singer
          idolized by Florence Reynolds and friend of Heap and
          Anderson.  1 item

     F47  Olive Garnet, [n.d.]
          Consists of a photograph of a portrait of Olive Garnet
          as painted by Marie Blanke.  1 item

     F48  Elsa Koop, [n.d.]
          Includes five photographs of Elsa Koop.  One includes 
          her parents.  5 items

     F49  Margaret Anderson, Georgette LeBlanc, Tom and Fritz
          Peters, 1918-1940
          Includes photographs of Anderson, her nephews, Tom and
          Fritz Peters, Georgette LeBlanc, Caesar, and Linda
          Peters (sister to Tom and Fritz).  The photographs of
          LeBlanc were taken in France in 1940.

     F50  Jane Heap, Margaret Anderson, Tom and Fritz Peters,
          1915-1916 and [n.d.]
          Includes photographs of Heap, Anderson, and Tom and
          Fritz Peters during the summer of 1915 when they all
          camped at Lake Bluff and in 1916 when they lived
          together in Edgewater.  These photographs are tipped
          into a booklet.  The photographs with no dates were 
          taken while on an ocean liner.  39 items

     F51  Florence Reynolds and Jane Heap, 1911-1934
          Includes photographs of Jane Heap in Topeka, Kansas in
          1911; in Germany in 1934; at North Lake in 1920; and
          with Esther and Marie Blanke and Elsa Koop in 1920. 
          The Topeka and Germany photographs probably were taken 
          during Reynolds' visits with Heap.  7 items

     F52  Florence Reynolds, 1940-1947
          Includes two color slides of Reynolds which were
          originally enclosed with an autograph card (ca. 1940). 
          Also includes photographs of Reynolds taken in 1941 at 
         Andrebrook, as well as photographs of Reynolds taken in 
          the London garden of Heap and Elspeth Champcommunal
          during her final visit to see Heap in 1947.  5 items

6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)

          Series I.3. Manuscripts Written By Heap, Anderson,
               Reynolds, and Ellis, 1908-1922
               Consists of essays, plays, stories, poetry,
               translations, and reviews written by Heap,
               Anderson, and Reynolds, some of which were
               published in The Little Review.  Also includes two
               plays, one written by Heap and another written by
               Mrs. Havelock Ellis.  The series is arranged
               alphabetically by the author of the manuscripts.

     F53  Manuscripts by Margaret Anderson, 1914-1916
     -54  Consists of one review and one essay written by 
          Margaret Anderson for The Little Review.

     F53  "Forbes-Robertson's Hamlet," 1914 Nov
          Typescript signed review of Forbes-Robertson's theatre
          performance of Hamlet.  Published in the November 1914 
          (v. 1, no. 8) issue of The Little Review.

     F54  "The Splendor and the Beauty," 1914 Jun
          Autograph draft of a thirty-three page essay titled
          "The Splendor and the Beauty" which was published in
          the June 1914 (v. 1, no. 4) issue of The Little Review
          as "Incense and Splendor."  This draft has a note
          attached which reads, "Miss Reynolds: This is, so far
          as I'm concerned, the highest appreciation possible. 
          April 6, 1916."   

     F55  Manuscript by Mrs. Havelock Ellis, [n.d.]
          Consists of a typescript carbon copy of a one act play
          titled "The Pixy."  This may have been written for
          and/or performed at "Blanke and Heap's Nickel Theatre"
          or submitted for publication in The Little Review.

     F56  Manuscripts by Jane Heap, 1908-1918
     -63  Includes poetry, reviews, two plays, and a story
          written by Jane Heap.  Several of the pieces were
          published in The Little Review.

     F56  ["The Nine! Exhibit"], 1915 Jul
          Consists of an untitled typescript of a review which
          was published as "The Nine! Exhibit" in the July 1915
          (v. 2, no. 4) issue of The Little Review.

     F57  ["Potatoes in a Cellar"], 1916 May
          Consists of typescript essay on the Art Institute of
          Chicago.  It was published in the May 1916 (v. 3, no.
          3) issue of The Little Review.
6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.3. Manuscripts (cont'd)

     F58  "Poem to Mother...", [1918]
          Consists of an autograph poem signed "Jatty."  The
          verso of the poem bears an autograph note from Margaret
          Anderson noting, "The poem! --forgotten by your rogue
          son."  Jane Heap frequently referred to Florence
          Reynolds as "mother" in her letters after 1917.  Also
          included here are two photocopies of photographs taken
          of Heap in 1918.

     F59  [Untitled Poem], [n.d.]
          Consists of a typescript poem signed "R.G."  Jane Heap
          occasionally signed these initials to her material
          which was published in The Little Review.

     F60  "Sunday Morning," [n.d.]
          Consists of a typescript poem.

     F61  [Untitled Story], [1908-1909]
          Consists of an autograph essay describing the Topeka
          State Hospital grounds and buildings.  Jane Heap grew
          up exploring the grounds and facilities while her
          father worked there.

     F62  [Untitled Play], [n.d.]
          Consists of a typescript play described as a "tale of
          the Cheikh Abdallah of Damascus, his unfaithful wife,
          and the black Nigger."  Attached to the typescript is
          an autograph note from Heap to the "censor" asking that
          "this harmless play pass..." which suggests that the
          play was mailed from Europe during World War II.

     F63  "Pyg-male-one," [n.d.]
          Autograph play which Heap may have written for
          performance by the Blanke & Heap's Nickel Theatre.  It
          is subtitled "A Romancid by O. Pshaw and A. Hammer and
          Monkey Wrench."

     F64  Manuscripts by Florence Reynolds, 1921-1925
     -68  Consists of five translations of the works of several
          French writers, including Francis Picabia, Benjamin
          Péret, Jean Crotti, and Fernand Léger.  For another
          translation by Reynolds see F36 for her translation of
          biographical material about Georgette LeBlanc.

     F64  "Fumigations," [1921]
          Consists of a typescript of Reynolds' translation from
          the French of Francis Picabia's "Fumigations." 
          Published in the Autumn 1921 (v. 8, no. 1) issue of The
          Little Review.

6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.3. Manuscripts (cont'd)

     F65  "Hair in the Eyes," 1925 Apr 23
          Typescript of Reynolds' translation from the French of
          an essay by Benjamin Péret.

     F66  "Tabu," [1922]
          Consists of a typescript of Reynolds' translation from
          the French of Jean Crotti's "Tabu."  Also includes a
          brief translator's note.  It was published in the
          Spring 1922 (v. 8, no. 2) issue of The Little Review.

     F67  "The Esthetics of the Machine: Manufactured Objects
          Artisan and Artist," 1923 May
          Consists of an untitled typescript of Reynolds'
          translation of Fernand Léger's essay on the aesthetics
          of the machine.  Published in the Autumn-Winter 1923-1924
          (v. 9, no. 4) issue of The Little Review.

     F68  [Untitled Fragment], [n.d.]
          Untitled page of typescript.  Possibly material related
          to Reynolds' translation of LeBlanc material or another
          French writer.

          Series I.4.  Material Related to The Little Review,
               The Reynolds collection originally included a
               complete run of The Little Review, lacking only
               two issues: Spring 1924 (v. 10, no. 1) and the
               1927 Supplement which was volume 12.  All issues
               of The Little Review, along with An Index to The
               Little Review, 1914-1929 (New York Public Library,
               1961) and The Little Review Anthology (edited by
               Margaret Anderson, 1953) have been removed from
               the manuscript collection and cataloged with
               printed materials in Special Collections.

               Other material in this series includes color
               slides of The Little Review magazine covers, an
               article for the magazine, a cover proof for the
               final issue, and clippings related to The Little

6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.4. Little Review (cont'd)

     No   Issues of The Little Review, 1914-1929
     F#s  The following is a complete list of all issues
          of The Little Review which were published.  In addition
          to an irregular publishing schedule, there were many
          errors in numbering the issues.  This manuscript 
          collection originally contained all issues except for
          two: Spring 1924 (v. 10, no. 1) and the 1927
          Supplement: Machine-Age Exposition, May 16-28, 1927 
          (v. 12). 

          Note: All issues of The Little Review have been
          transferred to the print collections of Special

          Volume I

          1  March 1914
          2  April 1914
          3  May 1914
          4  June 1914
          5  July 1914
          6  September 1914
          7  October 1914          
          8  November 1914
          9  December 1914
          10 January 1915
          11 February 1915

          Volume II

          1  March 1915
          2  April 1915
          3  May 1915
          4  June-July 1915
          5  August 1915
          6  September 1915
          7  October 1915
          8  November 1915
          9  December 1915
          10 January-February 1916

          Volume III

          1  March 1916
          2  April 1916
          3  May 1916
          4  June-July 1916
          5  August 1916
          6  September 1916 (San Francisco issue)
          7  November 1916
          8  January 1917
          9  March 1917
          10 April 1917
6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.4. Little Review (cont'd)

          Volume IV

          1  May 1917
          2  June 1917
          3  July 1917
          4  August 1917
          5  September 1917
          6  October 1917
          7  November 1917
          8  December 1917
          9  January 1918 (incorrectly numbered volume V)
          10 February 1918 (incorrectly numbered volume V)
          11 March 1918 (incorrectly numbered volume V)
          12 April 1918 (incorrectly numbered volume V)

          Volume V

          1  May 1918 (incorrectly numbered volume VI)
          2  June 1918 (American Number)(incorrectly numbered
                       volume VI)
          3  July 1918
          4  August 1918 (Henry James Number)
          5  September 1918
          6  October 1918
          7  November 1918 (Ezra Pound Number)
          8  December 1918 (American Number)
          9  January 1919
          10/11  February-March 1919 (Rémy de Gourmont Number)
          12  April 1919 (incorrectly numbered issue number 11)

          Volume VI

          1  May 1919
          2  June 1919
          3  July 1919
          4  August 1919
          5  September 1919
          6  October 1919
          7  November 1919
          8  December 1919
          9  January 1920
          10 March 1920
          11 April 1920

          Volume VII

          1  May-June 1920 (W.H. Hudson Number)
          2  July-August 1920 
          3  September-December 1920
          4  January-March 1921
6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Little Review (cont'd)

          Volume VIII

          1  Autumn 1921 (Brancusi Number)
          2  Spring 1922 (Picabia Number)

          Volume IX

          1  Autumn 1922 (Stella Number)
          2  Winter 1922 (Miscellany Number)
          3  Spring 1923 (Exiles' Number)
          4  Autumn 1923-Winter 1924 (French Number)

          Volume X

          2  Autumn 1924-Winter 1925 (Juan Gris Number)

          Volume XI

          1  Spring 1925
          2  Winter 1926 (Theatre Number, International Theatre
                         Exposition, New York)

          Volume XII

          1  Spring-Summer 1926
          2  Spring, May 1929 (Confessions and Letters, Final

     No   The Little Review Anthology, 1953
     F#   Edited by Margaret Anderson (New York: Hermitage House,
          Inc., 1953).  Transferred to the printed collection.

     No   An Index to The Little Review, 1914-1929, 1961
     F#   Edited by Kenneth A. Lohr and Eugene P. Sheehy (New
          York: The New York Public Library, 1961).  Transferred
          to the printed collection.

     F69  Covers for The Little Review, [n.d.]
          Consists of twenty-five color slides depicting the
          covers of various issues of The Little Review. 
          Includes several depictions of back covers.
6         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.4. Little Review (cont'd)

     F70  Eluard's "Le Génie Sans Miroir," [n.d.]
          Consists of tear sheets of Paul Eluard's article, "Le
          Genie Sans Miroir."  The article, written in French,
          bears an autograph note from Margaret Anderson to
          Florence Reynolds stating, "Think we really ought to
          have this translated for the L.R.  Don't you want to do
          it?"  Also includes tear sheets for "Poëmes de Fons."

     F71  Final Number Cover, 1929
          Consists of an oversize proof for the front cover of
          the final number of The Little Review.  It bears some
          autograph corrections.

     F72  Machine-Age Supplement, 1927
          Consists a of photocopy of the Machine-Age Exposition
          Catalogue which was a supplement of The Little Review.
          Jane Heap helped to organize this exhibition.

     F73  International Theatre Exposition Catalogue, 1926
          Consists of a copy of the International Theatre
          Exposition Catalogue published in New York in 1926. 
          This exposition was organized by Friedrich Kiesler and
          Jane Heap.  The back inside cover displays a full page
          advertisement for The Little Review and The Little          Review Gallery, which was created by Heap.  The Winter
          1926 "Theatre Number" of The Little Review is based on
          this exposition.  Laid in is an announcement for the
          American premiere of Marcel L'Herbier's film, "The New
          Enchantment," which features Georgette LeBlanc-Maeterlinck.

     F74  "International Exposition New Systems of Architecture,"
          Consists of a draft of the catalogue for the
          International Exposition New Systems of Architecture,
          held in New York in 1927.

     F75  Clippings Related to Heap, Anderson, and The Little
          Review, 1911-1929
          Consists of clippings collected by Florence Reynolds
          related to Heap, Anderson, and The Little Review. 
          Included are reviews and comments about The Little
          Review, reviews of Jane Heap's art work and the
          exhibitions which she organized in connection with The
          Little Review, and articles on a variety of subjects,
          including Dada, surrealism, Georgette LeBlanc, Emma
          Goldman, James Joyce (written by Djuna Barnes), and
          George Antheil.  Some articles bear autograph notes by
          Reynolds, Anderson, or Heap.  Also included is a letter
          from Mary Ethel McAuley concerning a Pittsburgh
          Dispatch article.  Four clippings, one of which bears 
          an autograph note written by Margaret Anderson, are
          housed in the oversize section.
7         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)

          Series I.5. Artwork Created by Jane Heap, 1914-
               Includes several pieces of jewelry, cards, a
               bookplate, watercolor illustration, and a collage. 
               These items were made by Heap for Florence
               Reynolds.  Also includes material related to the
               catalogue for an exhibition of Heap's watercolor
               drawings in 1914.  Another example of Heap's
               artwork is contained in The Blue Bird for
               Children, which includes a bookplate designed by
               Heap for Florence Mack Treseder (Florence
               Reynolds' niece).

     F76  Jewelry by Jane Heap, [n.d.]
          Consists of one gilded Unicorn pin, one ring with one
          aquamarine and two amethyst settings (a second
          aquamarine stone is missing), and one pendant with
          either a diamond or brilliant setting plus a coral
          drop.  Each of these pieces was handcrafted by Jane
          Heap for Reynolds.  Also included with these pieces is
          an enamel locket set with a single pearl.  The locket
          contains two pictures, one of which includes Elsa Koop. 
          The other women are unidentified. 

     F77  Cards and Bookplate by Heap, 1914 and [n.d.]
          Consists of one black ink bookplate for Florence
          Reynolds, a postcard with a watercolor scene, a small
          watercolor attached to a blank card, and a watercolor
          greeting to Reynolds.

     F78  Watercolor Illustration, 1941
          Consists of one watercolor illustration titled "Spatule
          Rose."  The verso bears an autograph note by Florence
          Reynolds, "From Jane Heap Christmas 1941 from England."

     F79  Catalogue...Exhibition of Water-Colour Drawings by
          Jane Heap, 1914
          Consists of the autograph manuscript of Ferdinand
          Schevil's text for his remarks included in the
          brochure, "Catalogue of an Exhibition of Water-Colour
          Drawings by Jane Heap."  Also includes a copy of the
          brochure.  The exhibition was held October 19-31, 1914
          at The Artist's Guild Galleries, Chicago, and featured
          24 watercolors by Heap.

     F80  Paper Collage, [n.d.]
          Consists of a framed collage created from colored
          paper.  The collage forms a picture of flowers in a
          pot.  Housed in the oversize section.

7         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)

          Series I.6. Printed Material Related to Jane Heap
               and The Little Review, 1910-1977
               Includes a number of books, magazines, a broadside
               and a pamphlet related to Jane Heap and/or The
               Little Review.  Includes issues of The New Yorker,
               Dial, Horizon, Twice a Year, and Theatre Arts
               Monthly.  Includes books written by Georgette
               LeBlanc and given to Florence Reynolds' sister,
               Hattie Mack, as well as books collected by
               Florence Reynolds.  A few later items may have
               been added by Jane Purse.

               Note: Several items have been cataloged and
               transferred to the printed collections in Special

     F81  "The Cordon," [n.d.]
          One copy of the bylaws for a Chicago organization of
          women of which Jane Heap was a member. An autograph
          note on the front page indicates that this brochure was
          "found in April 1916 Little Review."  According to the
          bylaws the Cordon was, "formed for the purpose of
          establishing a common meeting ground for lovers of
          independence and self-expression, whose vocations
          permit excursions beyond domestic bounds" (page 1).

     F82  Blanke and Heap's Nickel Theatre, 1910
          Broadside for a performance of the play, "American
          History 1" at Blanke & Heap's Nickel Theatre.

     F83  The New Yorker, 1974 Jun 3
          Consists of the June 3, 1974 issue of The New Yorker
          which contains an article about Margaret Anderson
          written by Janet Flanner titled "A Life on a Cloud."
          The article and cover bear notes by Jane Purse.

     F84  The Dial, 1920-1923
          Consists of the June 1920, September 1920, and December
          1923 issues of The Dial, edited by Scofield Thayer. 
          These issues were collected by Florence Reynolds. 
          Issues removed to Box 11.  

     F85  Theatre Arts Monthly, 1927
          Consists of the November 1927 issue of Theatre Arts
          Monthly, edited by Edith J.R. Isaacs.

     F86  Horizon, 1946-1948
          Consists of the April 1946, May 1946, July 1946,
          October 1946, November 1946, February 1947, April 1947,
          October 1947, and March 1948 issues of Horizon: A
          Review of Literature and Art, edited by Cyril Connolly.
          Issues removed to Box 11.
8         Series I. Reynolds Heap-Little Review (cont'd)
          Series I.6. Printed Material (cont'd)

     F87  Twice a Year, 1938 Fall-Winter
          First issue (Fall-Winter 1938) of Twice a Year, edited
          by Dorothy Norman.  Issue removed to Box 11.
     F88  Playbill of "Exiles," 1977 May
          Playbill for a performance of the James Joyce play,
          "Exiles," by the Circle Repertory Company at the New
          York Theatre.

     F89  Books Written by Georgette LeBlanc belonging to Hattie
           Mack or Florence Reynolds Mack, 1914-1931
          Consists of three books written by LeBlanc which have
          been cataloged and transferred to the printed
          collections of Special Collections.  Two books belonged
          to Hattie Reynolds Mack (sister of Florence Reynolds)
          and one was given to Florence Reynolds Mack (Hattie
          Mack's daughter and Florence Reynolds' niece). 

          LeBlanc, Georgette.  Souvenirs (1895-1918).  Paris:
               Grasset, 1931.  Inscribed to Hattie R. Mack by
               LeBlanc.  See F35 for a typed note, originally
               laid in this copy.

          LeBlanc, Georgette.  Nos Chiens.  Paris: Librairie 
               Charpentier et Fasquelle, 1919.  Copy of Hattie
               Mack.  See F35 for a clipping of an obituary for
               LeBlanc which was originally laid in this copy.

          LeBlanc, Georgette.  The Blue Bird for Children. 
               Boston: Silver Burdett & Co., 1914.  Inscribed
               "From Mother Christmas 1914."  Contains the
               bookplate of Florence R. Mack designed by Heap.

     F90  Books Belonging to Florence Reynolds, 1930-1946
          Consists of four books belonging to Florence Reynolds. 
          These books have been cataloged and transferred to the
          printed collections of Special Collections.

          Autour du Lac d'Annecy.  Versailles: Edition A.
               Bourdier, [n.d.].  Possibly acquired during
               Reynolds' European travels with Jane Heap.

          Caruso, Dorothy.  Enrico Caruso: His Life and Death.
               New York: Simon and Schuster, 1945.  Inscribed to 
               Florence Reynolds by the author, May 1, 1945.
               After Georgette LeBlanc's death, Margaret Anderson
               met Dorothy Caruso aboard ship on a return to
               America and the two became close companions.

          Anderson, Margaret.  My Thirty Years' War.  New York:
                  Covici, Friede Publishers, 1930.  Inscribed to
                  "mother" from the author.

          Joyce, James.  Ulysses.  New York: Random House, 1946.8

         Series II.  Florence Reynolds' Papers, 1881-1942
               Consists of photographs, correspondence, a
               scrapbook, and ephemera related to the Reynolds
               family.  Also includes a birth certificate for
               Florence Reynolds and a life sketch of her father,
               Montgomery A. Reynolds.

          Series II.1. Correspondence, 1884-1906
               Includes letters to Florence Reynolds or her
               sister, Hattie Reynolds Mack; some of which
               concern the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. 
               Also includes a New Years greeting card from
               Turner & Reynolds.  Arranged chronologically.

     F91  Turner & Reynolds New Years Card, 1884
          Consists of a printed New Years greeting card from the
          firm of Turner & Reynolds.  Florence Reynolds' father
          was a partner in this firm.

     F92  Paul Jordan Smith to Hattie Mack, [n.d.]
          Consists of one letter.
     F93  Raymond Masson to Florence and Hattie Reynolds, 1902
          One letter concerning a visit made by the Reynolds
          sisters to Los Angeles and Masson's calling card.

     F94  Letters Regarding the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
          Consists of four letters and two postcards from several
          San Francisco friends and relatives of Florence
          Reynolds who survived the 1906 earthquake.  Includes
          letters from her cousin, H.O. Jackson; Florence Grant;
          Grace; and Alice.  The letters describe the havoc of
          the earthquake and resulting fires.  Enclosed in one of
          the letters was an oversize photograph of a view of San
          Francisco after the disaster.  This photograph is
          housed in the oversize section.

          Series II.2. Photographs, 1881-1940
               Includes photographs of Florence Reynolds, her
               sister, parents, an aunt, and others.  The
               arrangement of the photographs into particular
               folders was dictated by the envelopes in which the
               photographs were originally housed.  These
               envelopes bear information about the photographs
               and are kept with each folder.

     F95  Florence Reynolds and Family, 1881-1909
          Includes photographs of Florence Reynolds in California
          and Hawaii (see also F98), as well as pictures of her
          as a child and baby.  13 items

     F96  Florence Reynolds and Family, 1901-1928
          Includes photographs of Florence Reynolds, her sister,
          and her father, as well as a note describing Florence
          Reynolds' personality (possibly by Florence Treseder?).
          23 items

8         Series II. Florence Reynolds' Papers (cont'd)
          Series II.2. Photographs (cont'd)

     F97  Florence Reynolds and Others, 1940s
          Consists of photographs of Florence Reynolds at
          Andrebrook and her sister's home in California.  Also
          includes an envelope for The Irving School.  11 items

     F98  Florence Reynolds' Homes, Graduation, Andrebrook, 
          and Travels, 1901-1926
          Consists of photographs of Florence Reynolds' family
          home at 5543 Lakewood Avenue, Chicago; her sister's
          home at 1523 Carson Avenue, Hollywood, California
          (where Florence lived on numerous occasions); as well
          as photographs of her graduation in 1901 from the Lewis
          Institute and at Andrebrook in 1926.  Also included
          here is a tear sheet of a picture of Florence and her
          sister Hattie during a trip to Hawaii (see also F95). 
          9 items

     F99  Florence Reynolds' Family, 1800s-1915
          Consists of photographs of her father, Montgomery
          Reynolds; her mother, Emma Turner Reynolds; her
          stepmother, Carrie Reynolds; H.B. and Martha Ranney;
          and her aunt, Josephine Henderson.  12 items

          Series II.3. Family Documents, 1901-1942
               Consists of Florence Reynolds' birth certificate,
               an autobiographical sketch written by Montgomery
               A. Reynolds, Hattie Reynolds Mack's address book,
               and Florence Reynolds' scrapbook for July-December
               of 1901.  

     F100 Birth Certificate for Florence Reynolds, 1942
          Consists of a copy of Florence Reynolds' birth
          certificate issued September 4, 1942.  It documents her
          birth date as February 12, 1879.

     F101 Montgomery A. Reynolds Life Sketch, 1918
          Consists of a typescript of an autobiographical sketch
          which Montgomery Reynolds wrote and signed December 15,

     F102 Hattie Reynolds Mack Address Book, 1913-1951
          Consists of Hattie Mack's address book which contains
          addresses for Anderson, Jane Heap (several), Florence
          Reynolds, Elsa Koop, and the Blankes.  Also has bits of
          information recorded by Hattie Mack, including a
          description of Florence Reynolds' death.
9         Series II. Florence Reynolds' Papers (cont'd)
          Series II.3. Family Documents (cont'd)
     No   Florence Reynolds' Scrapbook, 1901 Jul-Dec
     F    Consists of a scrapbook kept by Florence Reynolds
          during the summer and fall of 1901 during which she and
          her stepmother visited relatives in Salt Lake City,
          Utah.  They were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. William F.
          Mack (Florence's sister and brother-in-law) and Judge
          and Mrs. H.P. Henderson (Florence's aunt).  The
          scrapbook includes clippings, invitations, theatre
          programs, correspondence, game cards for social events,
          personal calling cards, and photographs of Florence
          Reynolds and Hattie Mack.  This scrapbook documents the
          social life of a young woman in the United States
          during the early 20th century.

10   No   Florence Reynolds' Notebook, 1908-1992
     F    Consists of loose-leaf notebook kept by Florence
          Reynolds from 1908 until her death in 1949.  Includes
          clippings, transcripts of letters from friends
          (including several letters from Jane Heap during World
          War II) and family, copied quotations from books, three
          photographs (one includes Jane Heap) of friends from
          Chicago, addresses of family, records of the Reynolds'
          family geneology, notes on topics of philosophy and
          religion, copies of poems, obituaries, and other items
          gathered by Reynolds.  A few notations have been added
          by Reynolds' niece, Florence Treseder.

11        Series III. Jane Purse Research Archive, 1879-1978
               Consists of research material related to Florence
               Reynolds, Jane Heap, and The Little Review. 
               During the 1970s Jane Purse, in collaboration with
               David Gregory, pursued research toward the
               publication of a book about Jane Heap and The
               Little Review.  The research archive includes
               correspondence, audio tapes of an interview with
               Florence Mack Treseder (niece of Florence
               Reynolds), research notes, photographs, and
               photocopies.  The arrangement generally
               corresponds to Jane Purse's original arrangement
               of the material.

          Series III.1. Interview with Florence Mack Treseder,
               1976 Feb 2
     F103 Florence Mack Treseder Interview, 1976
          Consists of two cassette tapes of an interview of Mrs.
          Treseder conducted on February 2, 1976 by Jane Purse
          and David Greggory.  The interview concerned Mrs.
          Treseder's aunt, Florence Reynolds, and her
          relationship with Jane Heap.

11        Series III.  Jane Purse Research Archive (cont'd)

          Series III.2. Correspondence and Research Notes,
               Includes correspondence among Jane Purse, Florence
               Mack Treseder, and individuals or institutions who
               could provide information or resources related to
               Jane Heap and/or The Little Review.    

     F104 Correspondence with Michael Currer-Briggs, 1976-1978
          Consists of letters from Currer-Briggs in London
          (colleague of Heap's in the Gurdjieff work and literary
          executor of the Jane Heap estate) to Jane Purse, David
          Greggory, and Florence Mack Treseder.  Also includes
          carbon copies of letters to Currer-Briggs and a copy of
          information about Jane Heap as described by Currer-Briggs
          and Chloe Champcommunal (daughter of Elspeth
          Champcommunal, Heap's longtime companion).
          Currer-Briggs was responsible for the return of the letters
          written by Florence Reynolds to Jane Heap from 1940-1945 
          to Mrs. Treseder.  Enclosed in Currer-Briggs'
          December 3, 1976 letter are two photographs of Florence
          Reynolds taken by him in 1947 at the home of Elspeth
          Champcommunal during Reynolds' final visit to Jane
          Heap.  The letters from Currer-Briggs reveal much about
          Jane Heap's life in London.

     F105 Correspondence Toward a Book, 1971-1978
          Consists of correspondence among Jane Purse, David
          Greggory, and various individuals seeking information
          about Jane Heap and The Little Review.  The information
          was being gathered in order to publish a book on Heap
          and The Little Review.  The folder includes letters
          from Margaret Anderson, Fred Galloway, Rosalind Meyer,
          Lois Karinsky (Margaret Anderson's sister and the
          mother of Tom and Fritz Peters), Coburn Britton, Jean
          Palmer, and James Kraft.  The letters include
          information about Charles "Caesar" Zwaska (see F21),
          Lois Karinsky, and The Little Review.

     F106 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Madison, 
          1976 Mar-Oct
          Consists of correspondence with several University
          librarians concerning The Little Review Archive at the
          University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Includes a
          photocopy of the inventory for the collection and
          copies of selected letters from the archive.  Also
          includes correspondence with Jackson R. Bryer (a copy
          of his dissertation "A Trial-Track for Racers: Margaret
          Anderson and The Little Review" has been removed to Box
          11) and copies of letters to the University of
          Wisconsin from Mathilda Hill; both of whom were using
          Wisconsin's archive for research on Margaret Anderson
          and The Little Review.

11        Series III. Jane Purse Research Archive (cont'd)
          Series III.2. Correspondence and Research (cont'd)

     F107 Topeka, Kansas and Heap Family Research, 1879-1978
     -108 Includes photographs, research notes, photocopies of 
          documents, and other material gathered by Jane Purse 
          during her research related to the Heap family during 
          their life in Kansas.

     F107 Photographs, 1879-1976
          Consists of three photographs of the Heap family
          residence at 510 Buchanan Street, Topeka, Kansas (taken
          in 1976 by Jane Purse); five photographs of the Insane
          Hospital, Topeka, Kansas (one is dated 1879) reproduced
          from the archive of The Kansas State Historical
          Society, Topeka; and one photograph (see oversize
          section) of a map of Topeka, Kansas.  Also includes
          several negatives and a photocopy of a story written by
          Heap in which she describes the Insane Hospital (see
          F61 for the original).  During her visit to the
          hospital in May 1976, Jane Purse used this story to
          orient herself.  The envelope in which Purse organized
          this material bears autograph notes by Purse and is
          housed in this folder.

     F108 Correspondence and Research Notes, 1976-1978
          Consists of typescript notes recorded by Purse during
          her 1976 trip to Topeka, Kansas, where she gathered
          information about Jane Heap and her family.  Also
          includes correspondence with Philip Tilghman, Assistant
          Librarian at Washburn University of Topeka; with the
          Demographic Services Office of the Topeka Public
          Schools; with Margaret Briggs of the Kansas State
          Historical Society; with Elizabeth C.M. Baxendale of
          the Topeka State Hospital; and with George W. Clark
          (son of Edna Clark who was Jane Heap's sister). 
          Further includes photocopies of school records for Jane
          Heap and her siblings, information about George Heap
          (Jane's father), and photocopies of information
          regarding Topeka, Topeka State Hospital (formerly the
          Insane Hospital), and Jane Heap's brother.

     F109 Miscellaneous Research Material, 1970-1978
          Consists of photocopies, clippings, research notes, and 
          articles.  Includes photocopies of letters from Solita
          Solano and Margaret Anderson, biographical information
          about Anderson (including obituaries), a photocopy of
          Heap's "Potatoes in the Cellar" (see F57 for original),
          a chronology of Heap's contributions to The Little
          Review, reviews of books written by Margaret Anderson
          (with a note from Helen Deutsch about an article), and
          a quote form Prose related to Anderson.
11        Series III. Jane Purse Research Archive (cont'd)

          Series III.3. Books Collected by Jane Purse for
               Research Related to Jane Heap and The Little
               Review, 1928-1975
               The entire manuscript collection originally
               included five books related to Georges I.
               Gurdjieff, three books related to Ezra Pound, two
               books related to American expatriates in Paris,
               two books about Chicago, and one book concerning
               The Dial.  Only the books related to Gurdjieff
               have been kept with this collection (see Box 11);
               other titles may be found in the general stacks of
               Morris Library.

     F110 Books Collected by Jane Purse, 1928-1975

12        Books Kept With Collection

          Anderson, Margaret.  The Unknowable Gurdjieff.  New 
               York: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1975.  Copy of Jane
               Purse, with autograph notes by Purse in the back.

          De Hartmann, Thomas.  Our Life With Mr. Gurdjieff.
               Baltimore: Penguin Books, Inc., 1972.  Copy of
               Jane Purse, with autograph notes in the back.

          Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch.  Views from the Real
               World: Early Talks in Moscow, Essentuki, Tiflis,
               Berlin, London, Paris, New York, and Chicago as
               Recollected by his Pupils.  New York: E.P. Dutton
               & Co., Inc., 1975.

          Peters, Fritz.  Boyhood with Gurdjieff.  Baltimore:
               Penguin Books, Inc., 1973.  Copy of Jane Purse,
               with autograph notes in the back.

          Peters, Fritz.  Gurdjieff Remembered.  New York: Samuel
               Weiser, Inc., 1974.  Copy of Jane Purse, with
               autograph notes in the back and a laid-in note.

          Cataloged for the Stacks

          Norman, Charles.  Ezra Pound.  New York: The MacMillan
               Company, 1960.  Copy of Jane Purse, with autograph
               notes in the back.

          Series III. Jane Purse Research Archive (cont'd)
          Series III.3. Books Collected by Purse (cont'd)

          Books Removed from the Collection (copies available in 

          Duffey, Bernard.  The Chicago Renaissance in American
               Letters: A Critical History.  Westport, Conn.:
               Greenwood Press, Publisher, 1972.  Markers for
               pages 189-193, 201-202, 207, 239, and 243.  With a
               quote from Prose laid in (removed to F109) and the
               following notes in the back, "Maurice Browne 239,"
               "Heap's role 243," and "Sherwood Anderson (L/R)

          Huddleston, Sisley.  Paris Salons, Cafes, Studios. 
               Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1928.  Copy
               of Jane Purse.

          Joost, Nicholas.  Years of Transition: The Dial 1912-
               1920.  Barre, Mass.: Barre Publishers, 1967. 
               Markers for pages 14-15, 26-27, 50-51, 66, 161,
               166-167, 168-169, 170-171, 214-215, 236-237, 
               246-247, 248-249, 250-251, 252-253, 254-255, 
               256-257, 258-259, 260-261, 262, 301.

          Mayer, Harold M. and Richard C. Wade.  Chicago: Growth
               of a Metropolis.  Chicago: University of Chicago
               Press, 1969.  Markers for pages 164-165 and 380-381.

          Pound, Ezra.  Selected Poems.  New York: New
               Directions, 1957.  Copy of Jane Purse.  Marker for
               pages 76-77.

          Read, Forrest.  Pound/Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Pound
               to James Joyce, with Pound's Essays on Joyce.  New
               York: New Directions, 1970.  Copy of Jane Purse. 
               Markings on pages 7-9, 12-13, 26, 41, 82, 91, 97,
               102-104, 106, 112-115, 118, 121-122, 126-131, 134,
               142-148, 150, 153-164, 173, 184-186, 188-189, 192,
               209-211, 225, 227, 247, 259, 301.

          Wickes, George.  Americans in Paris.  New York:
               Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1969.

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