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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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III. Writing and artwork by others, 1960 - 1995

Extent: 7.7 linear ft.

Contents: Correspondence; typescript and autograph drafts of poetry, fiction, and prose; photographs; photocopies; clippings; magazines; newspapers; artwork; page proofs; notes; and comic books.

Arrangement: The first three subseries: Series III.1 Reed as subject, Series III.2. Manuscripts which include references to Reed, and Series III.3 Miscellaneous writing by others are each arranged in alphabetical order by the author's name. Series III.4 Comic books, cartoons, and artwork by others is divided into three folders and arranged in chronological order. Series III.5 Clippings or printed material written by others in arranged by rough chronological order.


Reed's work provoked many kinds of responses, and Series III. Works by Others, documents these various responses, ranging from academic writing on Reed's work and career to brief mentions of his work and opinions in articles on other subjects. The material is of two main kinds: manuscripts and clippings. However, there are several pieces of original artwork, including drawings or caricatures of Reed in the series.

Manuscripts were sent to Reed for comment by writers working on chapters in literary texts and dissertations which discuss or mention his work, and this series contains typescripts by academic scholars Henry Louis Gates, Reginald Martin, Peter Nazareth, Jerry Ward, Smi Ludwig, and a number of others. This series also includes drafts and copies of Ishmael Reed: An Annotated Checklist, by Elizabeth and Thomas Settle. There are also some manuscripts which remain unidentified as to author or relationship to Reed. In addition, Series III includes the most comprehensive clipping files in the collection, although clippings can also be found throughout the collection with the works or events to which they refer. The clippings have been divided into two sections: clippings which include references to Reed (III.2) and those clippings or printed items which do not mention Reed (III.5).

Subseries III.4 includes a number miscellaneous items, including original artwork, several adult-oriented comic books, and Reed's collection of cartoons clipped from newspapers.

Contents List

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23        Series III.  Writing and artwork by others, 1960-1995

          Series III.1.  Reed as subject, 1970-1994

     F1   Bernard, Ruel.  "Ishmael Reed's Constructive Deconstruction," 1982
          Photocopy of typescript paper.

     F2   Bobinsky, Caroline G.  "Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of biographical entry.

     F3   Boccia, [n.d.]
          Untitled typescript paper regarding Reed.

     F4   Boettjer, John W. "A Last Stand At Yellow Back Radio," [n.d.]
          Mimeographed typescript.

     F5   Boyer, Jay.  Ishmael Reed.  1993
          Boise State University Western Writers Series No. 110.  Copy of book.

     F6   Carter, Steven R.  "Ishmael Reed's Neo-Hoodoo Detection," 1975
          Includes typescripts of the essay and letters from Carter.

     F7   Chang, Kathleen.  Caricature of Reed, [n.d.]
          Ink caricature of Reed, removed to oversize.

     F8   Drazen, Patrick.  "The Neo-Hoodoo Black Experiences," [n.d.]
          Mimeograph and photocopy of a typescript.

     F9   Ernsting, Marianne.  Parodie im Werk von Ishmael Reed, 1992
          Bound copy of her Master thesis at the Freie Universitat, Berlin, which is inscribed
          to Reed, plus one letter.

     F10  Foley, Jack.  "Ishmael Reads:  A Response and an Appreciation," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F11  Fusco, Jennifer.  "A Man Called Ishmael," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F12  G., J.  Ink drawing of Reed, 1975
          Ink drawing by an unidentified artist.

23        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

     F13  Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.  "Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of the biographical article for the Dictionary of Literary Biography.

          Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.  The Signifying Monkey:
              Towards a Theory of Afro-American Literary Criticism, [1988]
          Photocopy of a typescript.    

     F14  Preliminary pages and pages 1-130.
     F15  Pages 131-300
     F16  Pages 301-475
     F17  Pages 476-628
     F18  Appendix

     F19  Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.  "The 'Blackness of Blackness':  A Critique of the Sign and
               the Signifying Monkey," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F20  Gayle, Addison, Jr.  "Ishmael Reed:  The Black Novelist as Satirist," 1971 Oct
          Carbon typescript, plus a poem.

     F21  Giordano, Fedora.  Cent'anni di Esotismo:  Il voodoo da G. W. Cable a Ishmael
               Reed, 1979
          Copy of book.

     F22  Glazier, Lyle.  "Ishmael Reed's Moral Allegories," [n.d.]
          Carbon and photocopy of a typescript, with a few autograph corrections to the
          carbon copy. 

     F23  Gordon, Andrew.  "Ishmael Reed:  Literary Conjure Man," 1973 Jun
          Two photocopies of an article.

     F24  Gordon, Andrew.  Review of Mumbo Jumbo, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript.

23        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

     F25  Harris, Norman.  "Politics as an Innovative Aspect of Literary Folklore:  a study of
               Ishmael Reed,"  1977 Oct
          Photocopy of a paper presented at the Association of African and 
          African-American Folklorists, plus a photocopy of an introduction Reed with a few
          autograph corrections by Reed.

     F26  Harris, William J.  Untitled paper concerning Reed, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F27  Holden, Christopher.  "The Voodoo Aesthetic of Ishmael Reed:  Conjure and the
               Transformation of Polemic to Art in Mumbo Jumbo," 1987 Spring
          Photocopy of typescript, plus fourteen photographs.

     F28  Hume, Kathryn.  "Ishmael Reed and the Problematics of Control," 1993 May
          Offprint of a paper published by the Modern Language Association of American
          (vol. 108 #3).

     F29  Judy, Roland Trent.  "The Discourse of Mythic Resituation and Alienation: 
               Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo or a taste of Gumbo Filé," 1985 Apr 13
          Bound copy of this course paper.

     F30  Kindzierski, Camille.  "Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]

     F31  Kkhankins.  "IREEDUREED," 1989 Jan 4
          Typescript poem concerning Reed.

     F32  Lee, A. Robert.  Black Fiction:  New Studies in the Afro-American Novel Since
               1945, [1980]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F33  Lenz, Günter H.  "Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript, plus miscellaneous typescript pages.
     F34  Locke, Laura A.  "Word Twang, Oh Yeahhh Oh Yeahhh," 1991 Feb 22
          Clipping of a poem concerning Reed.

24        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

          Ludwig, Sämi.
          Concrete Language:  Intercultural Communication and Identity in Maxine Hong
          Kingston's The Woman Warrior and Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, 1994
     F35  Includes photocopy of the Reed section and several letters from Ludwig.
     F36  Printed copy of the dissertation.
     F37  "Dialogic Manifestations: Voodoo Possession, Heteroglot Consciousness, and
               Ishmael Reed's Use of Metaphors in Mumbo Jumbo," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F38  "Dialogic Possession:  "Loas" and "Vehicles" in Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo," 
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F39  "From Voodoo to Neo-Hoodoo:  On Ishmael Reed's Heathen Aesthetic,"  [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F40  "Heathen Hermeneutics:  Intercultural Communication in Maxine Hong Kingston's
               The Woman Warrior and in Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F41  "No More Solid Gumbo," [n.d.]
          Typescript with a few autograph corrections.

     F42  "The Quarrel of the Loas:  Ishmael Reed's Neo-HooDoo Aesthetics as a Model for
               a Multi-Cultural Mythology," 1984 Fall
          Photocopy of a typescript, with a cover letter.

     F43  "The Quarrel of the Loas:  Ishmael Reed's Neo-HooDoo Aesthetics as a Model for
               a Multi-Cultural Mythology," 1985 Spring
          Copy of the publication.

     F44  Mackey, Nathaniel.  "Ishmael Reed and the Black Aesthetic," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

24        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

     F45  Major, Clarence.  "Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed," 1972
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F46  Martin, Reginald.  Ishmael Reed and the New Black Aesthetic Critics, 1987
          Photocopy of the book and press release.  Galley proof removed to oversize.

     F47  Melnick, Jeff.  "'What You Lookin' At?':  Ishmael Reed's Reckless Eyeballing,"
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F48  Mizell, Don.  "A Discussion of the Satiric Techniques and Themes of Yellow Back
               Radio Broke-Down," 1970 Sep
          Typescript with corrections.

     F49  Natambu, Kdfi.  "Mumbo Jumbo as Literary Critique & Cultural Signification,"
               1989 Sep 28
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F50  Nazareth, Peter.  "Heading Them Off at the Pass:  The Fiction of Ishmael Reed,"
               1983 Mar 10
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F51  Nazareth, Peter.  Reviews of Reed's The Terrible Twos, Reckless Eyeballing, and
               Writin' is Fightin', 1983-1987
          Typescript and photocopies of typescripts, plus several letters from Nazareth.

     F52  Nelson, Carolee.  Untitled essay concerning Reed's writing, 1986
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F53  Okafor, Dubem. "Abrogation and Appropriation:  The Subversive Effectivity of 
               Ishmael Reed's Fiction," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript.

     F54  Paladino, David.  "I am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra" film adaptation, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of script.

24        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

     F55  Pastor, Rick.  "Where Bullets Don't Mean Everything:  an analytical critique and
               comparison of Ralph Ellison and Ishmael Reed," 1971 Apr
          Photocopy of typescript.

     F56  Pelletier, Gaby.  Ishmael Reed's The Terrible Twos: A Neo-Hoodoo Novel, 1992
          Copy of a dissertation for the L'Universite des Antiles et de la Guyane, which is
          inscribed to Reed by Pelletier.

     F57  Pool, Anna.  Untitled paper concerning Reed, [n.d.]
          Incomplete autograph paper.

     F58  Saunders, Raymond.  Black is a Color, [n.d.]
          Printed brochure concerning Reed.

     F59  Settle, Elizabeth and Thomas.  Ishmael Reed:  An Annotated Checklist, 1977 Jun
          Copy of book and letter.
          Settle, Elizabeth and Thomas.  Ishmael Reed:  a primary and secondary
               bibliography, 1982

     F60  Photocopy of typescript with corrections (incomplete)
     F61  Photocopy of typescript
     F62  Photocopy of typescript
     F63  Bound copy, labeled "Bibliog not catalogued (work in progress)"
     F64  Bound printed copy, with postcard from the publisher, 1982
     F65  Photocopy of the printed copy, with letter, 1984

     F66  Shadle, Mark.  Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo Works:  the kaleidoscopic fiction of
               Ishmael Reed, 1984
          Bound copy of this dissertation, plus a letter from Shadle.

     F67  Sorrentino, Gilbert.  Review of The Free-Lance Pallbearers, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F68  Stokes, Bob.  "The Last Days of Louisiana Red:  Ishmael Reed and the
               NeoHooDoo Aesthetic," 1974
          Photocopy of a typescript.

24        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Reed as subject (cont'd)

     F69  Toure, Askia Muhammad.  "'H.U.A.C. Investigates Louisiana Reds' (an
          Unsportsmanlike Retaliation)," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a poem.

     F70  Turner, Darwin T.  "A Spectrum of Blackness (Alice Walker and Ishmael Reed),"
          Photocopy of a typescript.

25   F71  Vautor, Veronique.  Etude des Procedes de Creation Romanesque, Le Das de: 
               The Free-Lance Pallbearers by Ishmael Reed, 1982
          Bound copy of the dissertation.

     F72  Ward, Jerry W.  "Ishmael Reed and the Problem of Modernity," [1974]
          Two photocopies of this Center for African and African-American Studies
          Occasional Paper No. 22, a letter from Ward, and a course syllabus.

     F73  Werner, Craig.  "The Insurrection of Subjugated Knowledge: Poe and Ishmael
               Reed," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript with autograph corrections.

     F74  Zamir, Shamoon.  "Blake in Birdland:  Displacement and Metamorphosis in the
               Poetics of Ishmael Reed," 1989
          Photocopy of article.
     F75  Zamir, Shamoon.  "Displacement, Music, Noise: Ishmael Reed's Musical Book of 
               the Dead," [1986]
          Computer typescript with a few autograph corrections and a letter from Zamir.

     F76  Zamir, Shamoon.  "Sidelights," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript concerning Reed.

          Work concerning Reed by unidentified authors
     F77  "The Basis of Neo-Hoodoo:  The Poetry of Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
     F78  "The Novels of Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
     F79  "Ishmael Reed--Old Gods and New Demons," 1973
     F80  "Ishmael Reed, The Debil in Him, [n.d.]
     F81  Untitled essay regarding Reed, [n.d.]

25        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)

          Series III.2.  Manuscripts which include references to Reed, 1965-1995

     F82  Buhle, Paul.  "The Recognition of American Darkness," 1975 Nov
          Photocopy of a typescript draft.

     F83  Cannon, Steve.  The Essential Ellison, 1977 Jan
          Typescript of Cannon's introduction, with autograph corrections.

     F84  Cannon, Steve.  "Wonder in Aliceland:  Exploring the Fictional World of Alice
               Walker," 1986
          Photocopy of typescript and a letter from Cannon.

     F85  Dent, Tom.  Review of Calvin Hernton's Medicine Man, [1976]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F86  Fox, Robert Elliot.  Untitled essay, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of an incomplete typescript.

     F87  Galileo High School Creative Writing Program.  "An Still It Moves," 1984
          Calendar (removed to oversize).

     F88  Klinkowitz, Jerome.  "Avant-garde Novelists, an Endangered Species," 1977 Mar
          Photocopy of an article, a letter from Klinkowitz, and printed material.

     F89  McFall, Benjamin.  "In Maasai Land," [n.d.]
          Autograph poem.

     F90  Miller, E. Ethelbert.  "A Look at Black Publications:  The State of Things," 1978
               May 4-6
          Photocopy of a typescript, a photocopy of "Famine" (a poem dedicated to Reed by
          Miller), and two copies of the Hoo-Doo Broadside #2 "Recipe for Black Poetry"
          (written by Miller).

     F91  Nazareth, Peter.  "The Phenomenon of Roots," 1977 Mar 14
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F92  Stanford University Libraries.  Studies in Black Literature, 1970 Sum

25        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.2.  Manuscripts which include references to Reed (cont'd)

     F93  Tomb, Eric and Nancy Conkle.  A Coloring Book of California Authors, 1992

     F94  Yu, Charles.  Untitled poem, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript.

     F95  Incomplete and unidentified manuscripts which make reference to Reed, [n.d.]

          Clippings, Magazines, newspapers, posters, and photocopies which include articles
               regarding Reed or references to him, 1965-1995 
               See also small oversize boxes.

     F96  1965
     F97  1966
     F98  1967
     F99  1968
     F100 1969
     F101 1970
     F102 1971
     F103 1972
     F104 1973
     F105 1973
     F106 1974
     F107 1975
     F108 1975
     F109 1976
     F110 1976
     F111 1976

26   F112 1977
     F113 1978
     F114 1979
     F115 1980
     F116 1981
     F117 1981
     F118 1982
     F119 1982
     F120 1983

26        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III.2.  Manuscripts which include references to Reed (cont'd)
          Clippings, etc. (cont'd)

     F121 1983
     F122 1984
     F123 1985
     F124 1985
     F125 1986
     F126 1986
     F127 1986

27   F128 1986
     F129 1986
     F130 1987
     F131 1987
     F132 1987
     F133 1988
     F134 1989
     F135 1989
     F136 1990
     F137 1990
     F138 1990
     F139 1991
     F140 1992
     F141 1992
     F142 1992
     F143 1993
     F144 1994
     F145 1995

28   F146 [n.d.]
     F147 [n.d.]
     F148 [n.d.]
     F149 [n.d.]
     F150 [n.d.]

28        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)

          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others, 1968-1990

     F151 Abrams, Sam, [n.d.]
          Typescript poems and one letter from Abrams.

     F152 Ackley, Randall, 1983
          Typescript of paper, "Education vs? Democracy," one letter from Ackley, and a

     F153 Askia.  "From the Pyramids to the Projects...Poems of Genocide and Resistance!"
          Photocopy of typescript and a letter from Askia.

          Askin, Robert.  "The Underground Up," [n.d.]
          Photocopy typescript of a novel.
     F154 Preliminary pages and pages 1-99
     F155 Pages 100-199
     F156 Pages 200-355

     F157 Bakeer, Donald.  Crips: the story of the L.A. Street Gang from 1971-1985, 1987
          Copy of book, plus biographical sheet and three pages of autograph corrections.

          Berman, Mitch.  Time Capsule, 1987
          Typescript of novel published by Putnam, plus a letter from Berman and flyers for
          the book.
     F158 Preliminary pages and pages 1-110
     F159 Pages 111-229
     F160 Pages 230-338
     F161 Pages 339-467

     F162 Berssenbrugge, Richard.  "Little Known Applications of Acupuncture in the
               Indies," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F163 Blank, Joseph P.  "Who Mourns for Herbie Wirth?" 1971 Jul
          Final proof for a newspaper article.

     F164 Chen, Norbert Y.  Poems, [n.d.]
          Two typescript poems by Chen and a letter from him.

28        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

     F165 Desruisseaux, Paul.  "The New York Times," 1976 Jan-Feb
          Page proofs for article with extensive revisions.
     F166 Fabio, Sarah Webster.  "Night After Malcolm Xmas" & other poems, 1972
          Typescript, typescript (carbon), and autograph drafts of poems by Fabio.

     F167 Felipe, Juan.  Untitled text for an exhibition catalog, 1984 Nov
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F168 Feltington, S. Pawne and Richard Rycheg.  "Find Your Love".  Feltington, S. Pawne 
          and Quinn, Jamie.  "Love Me,Goodbye," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of the text for two songs.

     F169 Foley, Jack.  "Indeed the Name Was Irish:  Address to the Commonwealth Club,"
               1990 Mar 14
          Photocopy of a typescript, plus a letter from Foley.

     F170 Gabugah, O. O.  "What You See is What You Get," 1972
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F171 Goldfarb, Donna L.  "Perhaps a Montage of Genitals" and "The Four Sided
               Triangle," [n.d.]
          Photocopies of typescripts for these short stories, plus two notes from Goldfarb.

     F172 Greenwald, Ted.  "Blink," 1972
          Broadside of this poem.

     F173 Gunn, Bill.  "Rhinestone," 1978
          Photocopy of typescript, plus a photocopy of Wesley Brown's review of Gunn's
          novel, Rhinestone Sharecropping.

     F174 Harris, Michael D.  Atlantis, 1977
          Copy of this book of poems.

     F175 Hewitt, Christopher.  "Tournament," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of story, with autograph notes by Reed.

28        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

     F176 Hoagland, Kathleen.  "A Few Incidents of My Association with William Carlos
               Williams," 1978 Apr
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F177 Horace Mann Jr. High School.  The Poetry Book, [1974]
          Copy of book edited by Donald Bakeer.

     F178 Joans, Ted.  "Cauliflower Suspenders," 1979 Aug 19
          Typescript of poem dedicated to Reed and signed by Joans.

     F179 Kennedy, Adrienne.  "Georgia With Music," 1983.
          Photocopy of typescript.

29   F180 Levine, Deanna.  "All of It" and "Song for Rebecca," [n.d.]
          Typescripts of two poems.

     F181 Levitas, Tony.  "Two For a Journey," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript play.

     F182 Long, Richard A.  "Haiti and Black Americans:  Relations and Encounters," [n.d.]
          Copy of Center for African and African-American Studies Occasional Paper No.

     F183 Lovett, Winston.  Inside Creativity, 1989
          Copy of Lovett's book of poetry.

     F184 Lowenfels, Walter.  Material related to Harold Carrington and poems, 1969-1971
          Typescripts and photocopies of articles related to Harold Carrington (one written
          by Clarence Major) and poems written by Lowenfels.

     F185 Lucas, W. Francis.  "Comparative Literature: courses of instruction," 1968
          Printed manual inscribed to Reed by Lucas.

     F186 Major, Clarence.  "Clarence Major Speaks Out On Censorship" and "On the
               Writing of All-Night Visitors," 1969
          Photocopies of typescripts.

29        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

     F187 Manual Arts High School (Los Angeles, CA).  Sun City Songs:  an anthology of
               poetry, [n.d.]
          Copy of the book.

     F188 Martin, Reginald.  "Everybody Knows What Time It Is," 1988
          Bound photocopy of a novel by an unidentified author.

     F189 Martin, Waldo.  "Images of Frederick Douglass in the Afro-American Mind:  The
               Civil Rights Revolution," 1981 Dec
          Photocopy of a typescript, a letter from Martin and material on jazz musician
          Lester Young, all with corrections by Reed.

     F190 Martins, Julio Caesar Montiero.  "A Case of Hunger," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript, inscribed by author.

     F191 McGee, Marcus.  "Synopsis for The President's Man," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript, signed, plus one letter and business card from McGee.

     F192 Musungayi, Kazadi Big.  "Hairs and The Game of the Shadows," 1985 Oct
          Photocopy of poems.

     F193 Myenne No, B. Fae.  "A Corner of a Garden," [n.d.]
          Typescript of a play.  

     F194 Nazareth, Peter.  Review of William Demby's novel Love Story Black, [1978]
          Photocopy of a typescript, with extensive autograph note by Nazareth.

     F195 Okada, Jun.  Poems, [n.d.]
          Photocopies of seven typescript poems.

     F196 Parkinson, Thomas.  "The Untranslatable Poetry of Yvor Winters," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript with autograph corrections.

     F197 Portales, Marco A.  "Literary History, a 'Usable Past,' and Space," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript, inscribed to Reed by Portales.

     F198 Putterman, Zev.  Out of Our Heads, [n.d.]
          Copy of a proposal for a television program.

29        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

     F199a     Raab, Catherine.  Star Trek: The Next Generation:  "To Speak of the Tsordix,"
          Copy of a teleplay, with autograph comments written in the margins by Reed.

     F199b     Randell, Richard.  "The Fragrance of Poetry, Part I," 1990
          Typescript photocopy of play, with letter from Randell.

     F200 Raphael, Maryanne.  How to Survive as a Freelance Writer, [1973]
          Copy of the publication, inscribed to Reed by Raphael.

     F201 Ray, David.  Poems, [n.d.]
          Photocopies of three poems by Ray.

     F202 Roermo, Danny.  "Saint Aloysius," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript, plus a note from Roermo.

     F203 Ross, Michael Erik.  "Migratory Habits," 1989
          Photocopy of a typescript, plus one letter from Ross to Reed.

     F204 Shimbun, Asahi.  "Development of American Vanguard Literature," 1973 Jun 30
          Autograph essay, plus a clipping regarding Mumbo Jumbo (in Japanese).

     F205 Snead, James Arthur.  Collection of articles about Snead's film making and an
               untitled lecture about films, [n.d.]
          Photocopies of typescripts, with autograph corrections.

     F206 Thomas, Barbara J.  "Parallel Worlds," [n.d.]
          Mimeographed typescript.

     F207 Troupe, Quincy.  "Conjuring Against Alien Spirits," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript poem, inscribed to Reed and signed by Troupe.

     F208 Trueblood, Kathryn.  "On Léros," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript and a letter from Trueblood.

     F209 Vizenor, Gerald.  Griever:  An American Monkey King in China, 1987
          Set of page proof for this novel.

29        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

     F210 Wade, Cheryl Marie (ed.)  Close to the Truth, 1989
          Copy of anthology.

     F211 Wagstaff, Hollis M.  "Seasoned," 1979 Oct
          Photocopy of a short story.

     F212 Waldman, Anne.  "Sad Cypress," [n.d.]
          Broadside poem, inscribed to Reed by Waldman.  Removed to for cataloging for
          Special Collections.

     F213 Wallace, Michele.  "Payback is a Bitch," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F214 Weiss, Jason.  "An Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Fiction Writers in
               Paris:  project description," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of a typescript.

     F215 Williams, John A.  "Origins," 1974-1976
          Photocopy of a typescript poem.

     F216 Yamashita, Karen Tei.  "O Matacao," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript, plus pages of untitled manuscript with Reed's autograph

     F217 "Poetry by others," 1972-1977 and [n.d.]
          A folder of poems in a variety of formats by the following: Jon Taylor, Katherine
          Lalonde, Sue Tiffany, Sheree Faust, J. Kates, Karl Sharp, B. R. Givens, Paul Minx,
          Yusef Komunyakaa, Pancho Savery, Catharine E. Davis, Marion Alexander Carr,
          and Gene Simpson.  Some bear corrections or comments by Reed.  Also includes a
          bound set of poems by an unidentified poet.

     F218 "Prose by others," [n.d.]
          Mimeographed and photocopied typescripts of stories, essays, or prose by the
          following: Wendy Heilsberg, W. L. Severson, Michael Glodt, Thomas Mahar,
          Frederik Nelson, Jim Bolker, and J. M. Hershey. 

29        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)
          Series III. 3.  Miscellaneous writing by others (cont'd)

          Novel, unidentified, 1973
     F219 Pages 75-235
     F220 Pages 236-350
     F221 Pages 351-478

     F222 Miscellaneous manuscripts by unidentified writers, 1972 and [n.d.]

     F223 Resumes, [n.d.]
          Includes material for Alexander Kuo, Flora M. Smith, Wesley Brown, and
          Raymond Patterson.

          Series III.4.  Comic books, cartoons, and artwork by others, 1965-1978

     F224 Comic books, 1977-1978
          Includes six printed by Last Gasp Educomics:  Inner City Romance 4, Blood on
          the Moon, Red Raider, All-Atomic Comics, Yow Comics No. 1, and The
          Checkered Demon.  Also includes two by Robert Crumb and The Print Mint: Zap
          #9 (10th anniversary issue) and Despair.

     F225 Cartoons, 1969
          Tear sheets, clippings, and magazines of adult cartoons.  Includes Gothic Blimp
          Works (volume 1 #6) and The East Village Other (volume 4 #13), with cartoons
          by Robert Crump.  All material removed to oversize.

29        Series III.  Writing by others (cont'd)

          Series III.5.  Clippings or printed material written by others, 1960-1995
               Arranged in rough chronological order.  See also oversize boxes.

          Clippings, 1960-1995
     F226 1960s
     F227 1960s
     F228 1970s

30   F229 1970s
     F230 1970s
     F231 1980s
     F232 1980s
     F233 1980s
     F234 1990s
     F235 [n.d.]
     F236 [n.d.]

          Printed, 1965-1993
          Items of particular note include: Fire 10 (n.d.), Cenizas No. 1 (1979 Nov),
          Soulbook #2 (1965 Spr), Umbra Anthology 1967-1968 (1968), and Pandemonium
     F237 1965-1976
     F238 1977-1979
     F239 1980-1985
     F240 1986
     F241 1987-1989
     F242 1990-1993
     F243 [n.d.]

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, novels, plays, poems, essays, reviews, speeches, magazines, posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, broadsides, photographs, artwork, books, galley and page proofs, financial documents, catalogs, programs, photocopies, sound recordings, schedules, comic books, notes, transcripts, awards, certificates, minutes, audiovisual recordings, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
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