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I. Works by Reed, 1963 - 1994

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14        Series I.4.  Essays, articles, reviews, speeches, forwards, and introductions,

          Individual works, 1965-1994
     F545 Early Journalism, photocopies, 1965-1966
          Articles written by Reed when he wrote for and edited  Advance (Newark, N. J.). 
          Also includes copies of articles from the East Village Other: "Poetry Place
          Protest" and "We Can Save Thich Nhat Hanh--If We Hurry!"

     F546 "The Black Artist: Calling a spade a spade," Arts Magazine, 1967 May
          Copy of Arts Magazine and photocopy.

     F547 "An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline," Los Angeles Free Press, 1968 Mar 22
          Review of Fielding Dawson's book.  Three typescript drafts and photocopy of
          published review.  Issue of Los Angeles Free Press removed to oversize.

     F548 "Writing a First Novel," The Writer, 1968 May
          Issue of The Writer with Reed's comments directed to those writing first novels.

     F549 "Snaps," East Village Other, 1969 Mar 19
          Two typescript drafts, tearsheets (removed to oversize), and photocopy of the

     F550 "The Black Revival and 19 Necromancers From Now," 1970 Aug 10
          Four typescript drafts, three with corrections.

14        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F551 "Neo-Hoodoo Manifesto," Los Angeles Free Press, 1970 Sep 18
          Heavily corrected typescript and photocopy pages, plus a copy of the Los Angeles
          Free Press in which the article appeared (removed to oversize).

     F552 "A Rascal on the Literary Plantation," San Francisco Sunday Examiner &
               Chronicle 1970 Nov 1
          Review of Dunfords Travels Everywheres by William Melvin Kelley.  Typescript,
          tearsheet, and photocopy, and letter acknowledging receipt by San Francisco

     F553 "Bringing it Down Front:  Ending the Western Established Church of Art,"
               Essence, 1971 Jan
          Photocopy of original report, copy of the magazine, and two letters from Essence
          relating to publication, photocopy pages with corrections, photocopy and tear
          sheet of printed article.

          "The New Hoodooism," 1971 Mar
          Review of De Mayor of Harlem by David Henderson.  
     F554 Several corrected typescript drafts and photocopy draft pages.  Includes copy of
          letter to "Allen" commenting on the completed review he is sending.  Revised
          typescript dated August, 1971.

     F555 "Too Hot for Scanlon's,"  Nickel Review, 1971 Apr
          Three corrected typescripts.  Corrected typescript and mounted clipping of the
          article.  Related correspondence (photocopies) from Shane Stevens, Hoyt W.
          Fuller, and Amiri Imamu Baraka.

     F556 "Contemporary Afro-American Writing: Orthodoxy or Freedom?," 1971 Jul 14
               and Sep 14
          Corrected typescript drafts with letters from editor of New Literary History.

     F557 "Riding the Literary Gravy Train," [ca. 1971]
          Typescript draft pages with corrections.

     F558 Untitled, [c.1971]
          Concerning Calvin Hernton, Norman Pritchard, and the poetry sound recording
          Destinations.  See also Series XI. Media--Sound recordings.

14        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F559 Introduction to 19 Necromancers From Now, New Black Voices: Criticism, 1972
          Typescript drafts with corrections and photocopy of reprint in New Black Voices: 
          Criticism in 1972.

     F560 "Chester Himes, Writer," Black World, 1972 Mar
          Holograph and corrected typescript drafts of an article.

15   F561 "From Woodcarving to Bronze: A Conversation with Doyle Forman," Encore,
               1972 Spr
          Copy of Encore and photocopy of the interview.  See also Series II.2 Interviews
          by Ishmael Reed--Forman, Doyle.

     F562 "Papa Peck's Gumbo," California Voice, 1972 Aug 3
          Unsigned article.  Corrected typescript, clean typescript, and photocopy of printed

     F563 "Bird Lives," New York Times Book Review, 1973 Mar 25
          Review of The High Life and Hard Times of Charlie (Yardbird) Parker by Ross
          Russell.  Payment approval slip from New York Times, corrected typescript dated
          December 3, 1972, and mounted photocopy of clipping of published article and
          copy of magazine (removed to oversize).

     F564 "A Step to the Right Shelters Gliberals," New York Times, 1973 Mar 31
          Draft pages, 4 typescript drafts with corrections, clean typescript dated Feb. 14,
          1973, clean typescript dated March 31, 1973, plus clipping and photocopy of the

     F565 "Music: Black White and Blue," Black World, 1973 Apr
          Review of book by Ortiz Walton.  Typescript with minor corrections (dated 1972
          Dec) and correspondence with Black World.

     F566 "A Westward Movement," San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, 1973
               May 20
          Typescript titled "Something's Up?" dated Mar 17, 1973, mounted photocopy,
          clipping, and photostat copy of printed article.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F567 "The Biggest Sinners," 1973 May 25
          Typescript dated May 25, 1973 and carbon typescript.

     F568 "Crystallizing Afro-American Style," Washington Post, 1973 Aug 13
          Review of  Jumbish by Elouise Loftin.  Typescript, carbon typescript, clipping,
          photocopy of printed article, and card from Loftin thanking Reed for the review.

     F569 "A Fine Book Comes Out of a Literary Movement," Washington Post, 1973 Sep
          Review of Acts of Love: An American Novel by Carol Bergé.  Draft carbon
          typescript dated Sep 9, 1973.  Typescript labeled Washington Post Sep 21, 1973,
          "material cut from This One's On Me."  Also includes clipping, photocopies (one
          mounted), and a letter from Carol Bergé explaining the novel.

     F570 "Kulubi," New York Times Book Review, 1973 Oct 7
          Review of the novel by Edmund P. Murray.  Typescript with corrections, dated
          August 26, 1973.  Typescript labeled New York Times Book Review, October 7,
          1973, and carbon typescript with page numbering, 121-129. Tear sheet, copy of
          the magazine (removed to oversize), and mounted photocopy of printed article. 
          Related correspondence objecting to Reed's review.

     F571 "Letter to Roger W. Gaess Concerning the Literary Achievements of Walter
               Lowenfels," Small Press Review, 1974 Mar 5
          Draft pages with corrections, plus card (1974 Feb 24) and letter (1974 Apr 3)
          from Gaess.

     F572 Review of Embryo by Quincy Troupe, Parnassus: Poetry in Review, 1974 Jun 30
          Photocopy of review and letters (1973-1974) from Herbert Leibowitz of

     F573 "Blacks Must Put 'Filthy' Money to Work," Los Angeles Times, 1974 Dec 26
          Background material, including clippings and notes; corrected draft typescript; and
          mounted photocopy of printed article.

     F574 "Hoodoo Manifesto #2 on Criticism: The Baker-Gayle Fallacy," Black History
               Museum Umum Newsletter, [1974]
          Black History Museum Umum Newsletter 4, no. 3-4:9-12.  Heavily corrected
          typescript drafts and photostat copy of article.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F575a     "The Old Music," City, 1975 Jan
          Corrected photocopy typescript dated January 17, 1975, corrected typescript draft
          pages, photocopy of the article, and a copy of the magazine.

     F575b     "Third World Told to Seek More Arts Money," Los Angeles Times, 1975 Apr 29
          Tear sheet of the article.

     F576 Review of Aiiieeeee! Anthology and Who is Angelina by Al Young, 1975
          Letter from Roberta J. Palm, editor at Howard University Press, July 15, 1974. 
          Carbon typescript dated January 20, 1975.

     F577 "Native Son Lives," Literary Cavalcade, 1975 Nov
          Typescript with revisions, correspondence, and a copy of the magazine.

     F578a     "The Greatest, My Own Story," New York Times Book Review, 1975 Nov 30
          Corrected typescripts and copies.

     F578b     "The New Phase of American Writing: The Heathen Horde," 1976 Mar
          Autograph draft with extensive revisions.

     F579a     "The First Black Wasp:  The Children of Ham by Claude Brown," 1976 Apr 11
          Tear sheet, photocopy, and letter from the Washington Post (1976 Feb 5)
          concerning publication date.  Mailgram from Reed to the Post with corrections.

     F579b     "A Letter from Ishmael Reed," North Dakota English, 1976 Spr
          Copy of the journal and letter from the editor.

     F580 "The Liberal in Us All," Antaeus, 1976 Spr/Sum
          Carbon typescript.  See also Shrovetide in New Orleans and Series VI.
          Appearances--1975 Apr 17, California State University.

     F581 "L'Ecrivain Multi-Culturel," Le Monde Des Livres, 1976 Jun 11
          Clipping and photocopy of the article.

     F582a     "A Glimpse of Voodoo," Washington Post, 1976 Aug 6
          Review of A Treasury of Afro-American Folklore by Harold Courlander.  Tear
          sheet and photocopy.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F582b     "The Harlem Renaissance," The New York Times Book Review, 1976 Aug 29
          Clipping of the article.

     F583 "Crushing the Mutiny," [c.1975-1976]
          Response to a review by Robert Moss in the Saturday Review November 15, 1975. 
          Corrected typescript, carbon typescript, and photocopy pages.

     F584 "Pee Wee's Wreath," New York Times, 1976 Dec 16
          Photocopy and clipping of article.

          "Voodoo in New Orleans," Oui, 1977 Jan 6
     F585 Notes and drafts, 1976
     F586 Letter from Oui (1976 Jul 16) concerning advance, copy of the magazine, and
          corrected photocopy of "first proof" galleys.

     F587a     Review of Black Culture and Black Consciousness, California Monthly and The
                    American Book Review, 1977 Apr/May, Dec
          Copies of the issues in which the article appears (both removed to oversize).

     F587b     "Multi-Cultural Issue," Berkeley Barb, 1977 May 27-Jun 2
          Tear sheet and copy of Berkeley Barb (removed to oversize box).

     F587c     "The Multicultural Artist: a new phase for American Literature," The San
                    Francisco Bay Guardian, 1977 May26-Jun 3
          Copy of newspaper removed to oversize.

     F588 "American Poetry: A Buddhist Takeover?" Black American Literature Forum,
               1978 Spr
          Notes, letters, photocopy of article, and issues of Black American Literature
          Forum.  Also includes American Rag (1980) in which the article is reprinted.

     F589 "St. Louis Woman,"  New Letters, 1978
          Typescript drafts with corrections.

          "The Final Appeal," The CoEvolution Quarterly, 1978 Fall
     F590 Corrected typescript drafts and photocopy of article.  Treatment by Reed of "The
          Final Appeal" as a "historical fiction."
     F591 Copy of The CoEvolution Quarterly in which "The Final Appeal" appears.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F592a     "Ishmael Reed on Ali," Village Voice, 1978 Oct 16
          Tear sheet of article.

     F592b     "Excerpts From Ishmael Reed's Address at Guild Annual Meeting," Authors Guild
                    Bulletin, 1979 Apr-May
          Photocopy of printed article and copy of the bulletin.

          "The Be-Bop Revival," Program for the Newport Jazz Festival, 1979 Jun 22-Jul 1
     F593 Draft typescript with corrections.
     F594 Programs

          "Zebra,"  New West,  1979 Nov 19
     F595 Two typescripts with corrections.
     F596 Copy of New West issue with Reed's review.

     F597 "American Literary Scene As White Settler's Fortress"  Art of Literary Publishing,
          Holograph and typescript draft pages and photocopy.

     F598 "The American Rag: The multi-culture invades New York," The American Rag,
          Typescript and correspondence.

     F599 Response to Sondra O'Neale on Flight to Canada, [c.1981]
          Draft pages and letter dated April 6, 1981 from editor of Callaloo.

     F600 "Black Macho, White Macho: The Stale Drama,"  Playgirl, 1981 Mar
          Typescript drafts with corrections.  Includes letter from editor Patrick McGilligan,
          dated November 6, 1980 concerning contract. 

     F601 "Black Irishman," Callahan's Irish Quarterly, 1981 Winter
          Holograph draft pages, photocopy, copy of the magazine, and note from editor
          concerning copyright.

     F602a     "Ishmael Reeds Discusses Real Politics of '82," Appeal to Reason, 1982
          Issue of magazine.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F602b     "A Bitter Study in Black and White," Review, 1982 Apr 18
          Typescript, clipping, and photocopy of a review of John Williams's Click Song.

     F602c     "On African Retentions," Caribe, 1982 Spr/Sum
          Issue of Caribe.

     F603a     "America, the Heart of the World," Readers Digest, [1983]
          Letter, expense account information, and photocopy of a draft.

     F603b     "So I'm speakin' out," Express, 1983 Feb 18
          Clipping of the article.

     F604 "My Neighborhood," California, 1983 Mar
          Two typescript drafts, heavily corrected and a copy of the magazine.

     F605 "America: The Multinational Society,"  San Francisco Focus, 1983 Dec
          Typescript drafts, copy of the magazine, and tear sheets.

     F606 "H*M**Town Revisited," California, 1984 Oct
          Corrected draft pages and copy of the magazine.

     F607 "Of One Blood, Two Men," The New York Times Book Review, 1984 Nov 4
          Review of Brothers and Keepers by John Wideman.  Corrected typescript drafts,
          edited galley pages, clippings, and photocopy.

     F608 "300 Years of 1984" [speech]
          Multiple holograph and typescript drafts, some with corrections.

     F609 "Now it's 1985 and . . . " (first line), 1985
          Typescript and autograph draft pages with corrections on feminists.

     F610a     "A Dream Ticket," The Nation, 1985 Apr 6
          Corrected typescript draft with copy of the April 6, 1985 issue of The Nation.

     F610b     "Introduction to Ted Joans, Reading His Poetry," 1985 Apr 16
                    Photocopy of typescript.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F611a     "Go!  (Oakland for Nat Hentoff)," California, 1985 Jun
          Letter from California magazine soliciting article and note from Nat Hentoff.

     F611b     "Botha Should Take a Tip on State-of-the-Art Apartheid from a Real Pro,"
               Tribune, 1985 Aug 23
          Photocopy of the article.

     F611c     "Allegories with Alligators," The New York Times Book Review, 1985 Nov 10
          Tear sheet of Reed's review of Virginia Hamilton's The People Could Fly.

     F612a     "The Narrative of the Life of William W. Brown," 1985
          Chapter in The Slaves's Narrative, edited by Charles T. Davis and Henry-Louis
          Gates, Jr.  Lists of chapters assigned and completed; typescript drafts.

     F612b     "My Neighborhood," At Home in North Oakland, [1985]
          Copy of booklet.

     F613 "The 1960's East Village Renaissance, 1960-1976: A Personal Memoir," 1985
          Typescript drafts with corrections.
     F614 "The Stereotyping Goes On and On," Review, 1986 Dec 7
          Review of The White Press and Black America by Carolyn Martindale.  Typescript
          and tear sheet of the article.

     F615 "In Opposition--Which State," 1986
          P.E.N. address.  Typescript drafts with corrections and bill for typing.

     F616 "Literary Ambulance Chaser: Review of Evidence of Things Not Seen by James
               Baldwin," City Paper, 1986 Jan 10-16
          Two typescripts, one with corrections, copy of the newspaper and a tear sheet of
          the review as it appeared in Express (1985 Dec).

     F617a     "Hyped or Hip?" California, 1986 Mar
          Review of four novels by Chester Himes.  Typescript (signed) and copy of the

     F617b     "Images of Tennessee," Nashville, 1987 Jan
          Letter, photocopy of printed article, and a copy of the magazine.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F618 "Still Everybody's 'Open Season' on Black Men," Arts & Entertainment, 1987 Jan
          Photocopy of printed article.

     F619 "In Search of August Wilson," Connoisseur, 1987 Mar
          Letter from Connoisseur, multiple corrected and edited drafts, galleys, tear sheet,
          and a copy of the magazine.
     F620 "Black Culture and Black Consciousness," California Monthly, 1987 Apr-May
          Corrected draft and photocopy of printed article.

     F621 "Soyinka Among the Mono-Culturists," New Theater Review, 1987 Sum
          Typescript, letter from editor of New Theater Review, and two issues removed to
          oversize.  Also includes page proofs for the reprint of the article in Black
          American Literature Forum (1988 Winter).

     F622a     "An Evening in Radcliffe Yard," 1987 Jul
          Typescript drafts with corrections.
     F622b     "Fight Against Illiteracy Can't Be Left to Elitists," San Francisco Examiner, 1987
                    Nov 5
          Typescript with corrections, tear sheets and photocopy of the article.

     F622c     "Becky in Hinterland," San Francisco Chronicle, 1987 Sep 14
          Tear sheet and photocopy of the article.

     F622d     "America's Color Bind: The Modeling of Minorities," San Francisco Examiner,
                    1987 Nov 19
          Tear sheet of article.
     F623 "Before Santa Had to Lock His Sleigh," San Francisco Examiner Image, 1987
               Dec 20
          Copy of the magazine.

     F624 "John A. Williams and the Invisible Empire," 1987
          Review of Williams's novel Click Song.  Multiple typescript drafts.

15        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F625 Rediscoveries II, 1987-1988
          Correspondence concerning an unidentified article published in Rediscoveries II.

     F626 The Invention of Ethnicity, 1988 
          Transcriptions and notes from a panel discussion with Bob Callahan, Andy Hope,
          and Shawn Wong.  Letter from Oxford University Press concerning editing.

     F627 "Drugs," San Francisco Examiner, 1988 Feb
          Typescript drafts.

16   F628 "...And the Maligning of the Male," Life, 1988 Spring
          Galleys and copy of the magazine (removed to oversize).  Also includes a copy of
          Emerging Voices (1993), which contains a reprint of the article.

     F629 "Living at Ground Zero," San Francisco Examiner Image, 1988 Mar 13
          Typescript draft and copy of issue containing article.

     F630a     "Carnival  88!" San Francisco Examiner Image, 1988 Jun 19
          Copy of issue with article.

     F630b     "Henry Dumas: the poet of resurrection," Black American Literature Forum, 1988
          Proof pages for article.

     F631a     "George Bush's Campaign of Racist, Dirty Tricks,"  New York Amsterdam News,
          Computer generated draft.

     F631b     "A Point of View," Shapers, 1989 Jan-Feb
          Copy of newspaper and photocopy.

     F632a     "The Actor Who Rejected the Script," Los Angeles Times Book Review, 1989 Feb
          Tear sheet and photocopy of the review of Martin Duberman's Paul Robeson.

     F632b     "Americans should learn from the Sanrio case," The Japan Times Weekly, 1989
                    Jun 3
          Photocopy and tear sheet.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F633 "The War on Drugs," The Post, 1989 Oct. 4

     F634 "Blaming Everything on Blacks Masks America's Real Problem," The Post, 1989
               Oct 11
          Computer generated copy and photocopy.

     F635 "The Divine Josephine," Washington Post Book World, 1989 Oct 15
          Tear sheet and photocopy.

     F636a     "The Black Pathology Biz," The Nation, 1989 Nov

     F636b     Forward to Zora Neale Hurston's Tell My Horse, 1989 Nov
          Galley proof and letter from the editor.

     F636c     "My Oakland," San Francisco Chronicle, 1989 Nov 3
          Letter from the editor, clipping, and photocopy of the printed article.

     F637 "The Malignant Eye," 1990 Feb
          Three computer generated drafts.

     F638 "Black Pathology is a Big Business," Philadelphia Inquirer, 1990 Feb 3

     F639a     "Drug 'Experts' Don't Live With Gunfire," USA Today, 1990 Feb 16

     F639b     "Antihero," in Spin, 1990 May
          Copy of the magazine.

     F639c     "Reading, Writing, and Racism," San Francisco Examiner Image, 1990 Aug 19
          Copy of the magazine and a photocopy of the article.

     F639d     "Our Vision of the Future Must Go Beyond Columbus," Northwest Ethnic News,
                    1990 Jul
          Copy of newspaper containing article.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F640a     "Philadelphia Firestorm," Philadelphia Inquirer, 1990 Sep 23
          Clipping of article.

     F640b     "Steele Backlash," Image, 1990 Nov 18
          Copy of the magazine which includes Reed's letter to the editor.

     F641a     "The Fall Guys," 1990
          Computer generated text concerning Oliver North.

     F641b     "A Proud and Passionate Voice," Los Angeles Times Book Review, 1991 Feb 3
          Tear sheet and photocopy of the review of William McFeely's Frederick Douglass. 
          See also F644a. 

     F642 "The Best of Himes, the Worst of Himes," Los Angeles Times, 1991 Jul 3
          Photocopy and tear sheet.

     F643 Ambrose Bierce article, [c. 1991]
          Letter from David Madden (1990 Nov 13) and photocopy of printed article.

     F644a     "Douglass a giant in America's 19th century," The Columbus Dispatch, 1991 Feb
          Review of William McFeely's Frederick Douglass.  Typescript drafts with
          corrections, tear sheet, and photocopy.

     F644b     "Ishmael Reed," The Nation, 1991 Jul 15-22
          Copy of the magazine.

     F645a     "The Rich, The Poor: The City That Fights," California Voice, 1991 Nov 8
          Tear sheet and photocopy.

     F645b     "A Bad Time for Black People," 1991 Nov 17
          Clipping and photocopy of the article.

     F646 Introduction to Soul on Ice, 1991
          Photocopy of computer generated draft with corrections.  Includes letter from
          Trish Todd of Dell Publishing with questions about the text.

     F647 "Why a Boycott of T.V. News?" 1991
          Computer generated and typescript drafts.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F648 "Does T.V. News Boycott Serve Its Purpose? Yes..." Oakland Tribune, n.d.
          Photocopy of article.

     F649 "Miraculous Fiction," American Book Review, 1992 Aug-Sep
          Review of A Saint is Born in China by Manuel Zapata Olivella.  Computer
          generated draft with note from Reed to "Ray" (1992 Jun 5) and computer
          generated revision with note from Reed to "Ray" (1992 Jun 16).  Includes a copy
          of the magazine.

     F650 "Die Tradition Der Ernsthaften Komödie," Chelsea Hotel, 1992 Jan
          Copy of issue with article.

     F651 "Every Black Person Risks Becoming a Rodney King," San Francisco Examiner,
               1992 May 3
          Clipping and photocopy.

     F652 "The New Racism," 1992 Jun 26
          Four pages of an incomplete, unpublished article (fax) sent to Lowenstein Assoc.

     F653a     "Clarence Thomas Lynched Again," Washington Post Outlook, 1992 Oct. 18
          Computer generated drafts, note to "Jeff" (1992 Oct 15) with correction sheet,
          fax, and photocopy.

     F653b     "Truman's Fair Deal Isn't Square Anymore," Sunday Newsday, 1992 Oct 25
          Copy of the newspaper and photocopy of the article.

     F653c     Introduction for Break Word with the World II, [1993]
          Copy of the magazine.

     F654 "Activist Elaine Brown, leader and survivor of Black Panthers," 1993 Feb 14
          Clipping from unidentified newspaper and photocopy.

     F655a     "A Voice That Tweaks Souls," New York Times, 1993 Jun 15
          Signed, computer generated typescript, clipping, and photocopy.

     F655b     "The Pacific Intellectuals," In Out of the Cold, 1993 Oct-Dec
          Typescript and copy of the exhibition catalog in which Reed's article appears.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

     F655c     "Is There a Black-Jewish Feud?"  Black Books Bulletin: WordsWork, 1993-1994
          Copy of the magazine.

     F655d     "Ishmael Reed Responds," 1994 Winter
          Copy of UB Today in which the letter appears.

     F656 "Sermons Clinton Should Give," New York Times, 1994 Jan 15
          Drafts, faxes, clipping, and photocopy.

     F657 "Why do the media focus only on Black violence," Philadelphia Inquirer, 1994
               Jan 16
          Clipping and photocopy. 

     F658 "The hypocrisy of the media," Oakland Tribune, 1994 Jan 30
          Computer generated copy, clipping, and photocopy.

     F659 "Misogyny afflicts men of all races," San Francisco Examiner, 1994 Feb 1
          Clipping and photocopy.

     F660 "Disasters and Ethnic Strife Visit the City Across the Bay," New York Newsday,
               1994 Feb 13
          Computer generated copy, complimentary issue and photocopy.

     F661 "stats, lies & videotape," Emerge, 1994 Apr
          Computer generated copy with fax cover sheet and fax article with notations.

     F662 "Gift of the Magi," San Francisco Examiner, 1994 Nov 20
          Copy of issue with article.

     F663 "The Rainbowing of California: Moving from the Page to the Streets," In Their
               Footsteps, 1994
          Copy of the book.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Undated articles
          In alphabetical order by title.

     F664 "Charles Davis: A Pioneer Critic"
          Corrected typescript and a photocopy of the article from The Yale Review.

     F665 Reviews of Chickencoop Chinaman and The Year of the Dragon by Frank Chin
               and By Lingual Wholes by Victor Hernandez Cruz
          Corrected typescript.

     F666 "The Christmas Spirit"
          Typescript drafts and photocopies, with corrections.

     F667 Review of The Collected Stories of Chester Himes
          One page of typescript.

     F668 "Hoodoo Manifesto Finish," San Francisco Chronicle
          Draft typescript page, heavily corrected.

     F669 "How the Afrikaners Can Hold On"
          Heavily corrected typescript page, typescript "pruf to Patrick Marshall,"
          photocopy of corrected draft.

     F670 "In the Ghetto"
          Photocopy of marked article.

     F671 "Money Can't Buy You Love"
          Corrected typescript.

     F672 "The Most Powerful Book Review in America"
          Photocopy pages, one heavily corrected.

     F673 "The Nature of Criticism in Black Arts"
          Heavily corrected typescript draft.

     F674 "An Outsider in Korea Town"
          Corrected, computer generated copy.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Undated articles (cont'd)

     F675 "An Author Reflects on Santa Legend's Christmas Meaning"

     F676 "Please Don't Talk About Me"
          Corrected typescript and computer generated copy.

     F677 "The Problem With White America"
          Signed computer generated copy.
     F678 "The Rise and Demise of the Black Panthers"

     F679 "Spielberg Plays Howard Beach," New York Amsterdam News
          Typescript drafts with corrections.  Marked photocopy of reprint in The Black
          Person in Art, edited by Henry Louis Gates.

     F680 "When State Magicians Fail"
          Correspondence and draft page.

     F681 "The Why Me Generation"
          Typescript draft with corrections.

     F682a     "Will Fiction Survive the 1980s?"

     F682b     "The Changing South as a Prelude to a Changing America," [n.d.]
          Autograph draft.

     F682c     Untitled essay regarding writers, [n.d.]
          Autograph draft.

          Unidentified articles
     F683 (I)
     F684 (II)

     F685 Unidentified pages, n.d.

16        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Collections of articles

          This One's On Me, 1973-1977
          Includes materials for a contracted book of autobiography and reprinted articles. 
          The book was never published, but much of the material was included in
          Shrovetide in Old New Orleans.

          Autobiographical drafts
     F686 (I) "Ishmael Reed's Experience," corrected typescript.
     F687 (II) Heavily corrected typescript.
     F688 (III) Heavily corrected typescript.
     F689 (IV) Photocopy of corrected typescript.
     F690 (V) Corrected typescript with revision notes.
     F691 (VI) Corrected carbon typescript.
     F692 (VII) Corrected carbon typescript.
     F693 (VIII) Corrected carbon typescript.
     F694 Draft contents list and draft introductory pages.

17   F695 Draft photocopy autobiographical introduction with corrections.
     F696 Carbon typescript autobiographical introduction.
     F697 Typescript autobiographical introduction.
     F698 Contents list and introduction, carbon typescript.
     F699 Contents list, notes, and revision.
     F700 Contents list and photocopy pages. 
     F701 "Advance Intro," corrected typescript.

     F702 (I) Introductory autobiographical material, mostly corrected typescript--some
     F703 (II) More corrected typescript draft pages.
     F704 "A Nigromancer from Chattanooga," introductory autobiographical typescript with

     F705 "Contemporary Afro-American Writing..." photocopy.
     F706 "The New Slavers," corrected typescript and photocopy.
     F707 Correspondence and reviews, 1973-1977

17        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Shrovetide in Old New Orleans, 1978
          Includes material compiled for the book, including essays.  Most essay folders
          consist of retyped clean copy for the book, but some have earlier versions or
          and/or edited copy.
     F708 Compiled essays and reviews
          Contents of a binder.
     F709 Introduction draft and notes

          "Shrovetide in Old New Orleans"
     F710 Typescript draft pages (I)
     F711 Typescript draft pages (II)
     F712 Photocopy draft pages
     F713 Typescript draft with corrections
     F714 Photocopy draft with corrections
     F715 Carbon typescript

     F716 "Dunfords Travels Everywhere"
     F717 "The Liberal in Us All" (carbon and photocopy typescripts), 1978
     F718 "Native Son Lives"  (carbon and photocopy typescripts), 1978
     F719 "An American Romance"  (carbon and photocopy typescripts), ca. 1978
     F720 "Image and Money"
     F721 "Letter to Roger W. Gaess 1974," 1978
     F722 "The Old Music" 1975 and 1978
     F723 "Born to Rebel," 1978
     F724 "De Mayor of Harlem," 1978
     F725 "Chester Himes: Writer," 1978
     F726 "Music: Black, White and Blue," 1978
     F727 "Bird Lives!" 1978
     F728 "A Westward Movement," 1978
     F729 "Before the War, Poems as they happened," 1978
     F730 "The Song Turning Back Into Itself," 1978
     F731 "The Greatest, My Own Story," 1978
     F732 "A Treasure of Afro-American Folklore," 1978
     F733 "Ishmael Reed - Self Interview," 1978
     F734 "Betye Saar, Artists," 1978
     F735 "Max Bond and Carl Anthony," 1978

17        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Shrovetide in Old New Orleans (cont'd)
          Articles (cont'd)

     F736 "Doyle Forman, Sculptor," 1978
     F737 "George S. Schuyler, Writer," 1978
     F738 "Crushing the Mutiny," 1978
     F739 "You Can't be a Literary Magazine and Hate Writers," 1978
     F740 "The Children of Ham," 1978
     F741 "The Multicultural Artist; A New Phase in American Writing," 1978
     F742 "Harlem Renaissance Day" 
     F743 "I Hear You, Doc" (I) 1978
          Seven drafts, extensively revised.
     F744 "Remembering Josephine," 1978
     F745 "The World Needs More Guys Like Pee Wee," 1978

          Original typesetting copy.
     F746 (I)
     F747 (II)

18   F748 "Reader's set" and "Final" galleys corrected by editor.
          Removed to galley section.

     F749 Doubleday book cover.
     F750 Reviews, 1978
          Includes magazine with an excerpt.

          God Made Alaska for the Indians, 1982-1984
          Materials associated with this book, including many essays with multiple drafts.

     F751 Native Tribal Government workshop & related materials, 1982
     F752 Notes and draft pages

          "God Made Alaska for the Indians"
     F753 Draft pages
     F754 "Flight To Alaska" photocopy typescript with corrections
     F755 Corrected copy (I)
     F756 Corrected copy (II)

          "The Fourth Ali" 
     F757 Audio tape Ali/Spinks fight
          Removed to Series XI.  Media
     F758 "Ali in New Orleans" drafts
     F759 Typescript drafts and copies with some corrections.

     F760 "How Not to get the Infidel to Talk the King's Talk," photocopy. 

     F761 "Black Macho, White Macho," typescript with corrections.

          "Race War in America"
          Seven typescript drafts with corrections.  Reed revised his article "The Final
          Appeal:  Race War in America," into "Race War in America?"
     F762 (I)
     F763 (II)
     F764 (III)
     F765 (IV)
     F766 (V)
     F767 (VI)
     F768 (VII)

     F769 "Black Irishman"

          "American Poetry: Looking for a Center"
     F770 Draft pages
     F771 "American Poetry: Is There a Center?" typescript with corrections
     F772 "American Poetry: Is There a Center?" typescript 
     F773 "American Poetry: Looking for a Center," typescript

     F774 Photocopy with corrections

     F775 Afterward

     F776 Ribbon copy

18        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          God Made Alaska for the Indians (cont'd)

     F777 Compiled essays, photocopies (I)

     F778 Compiled essays, photocopies (II)

     F779 Essays marked "do not include"

     F780 Edited typescript

     F781 Master proof

     F782 Galley correction sheets

     F783 Correspondence and reviews, 1983-1984

19        Writin' is Fightin', 1987-1991
     F784 Notes

     F785 Introduction

     F786 Correspondence and permissions, 1987

     F787 Essays

     F788 Book cover

     F789 Publicity, 1987-1988
          Includes a copy of Diablo, which contains an excerpt from Writin' is Fightin'.

     F790 Reviews, 1988-1991

19        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.4.  Essays and articles (cont'd)

          Airing Dirty Laundry, 1993-1994

     F791 Preface drafts with letter to Don Fehr, 1993 May 7
          "Airing Dirty Laundry"

     F792 Corrected computer generated draft (I) 
     F793 Corrected computer generated draft (II)

     F794 "America's Hidden Pathology: Coddling Whites"
     F795 "Beyond Los Angeles"
     F796 "Elaine Brown, Activist"
     F797 "Zora Neale Hurston, Writer"     F798 "Jess Mowry," signed typescript and draft
     F799 "The Mowry Method," 1992
     F800 "To Be American is to be Fair"

     F801 Essay fragments and related materials, 1992-1993

     F802 Collected essays

     F803 Essay pages, incomplete set.

     F804 Typescript essay set

     F805 Print test pages

     F806 Cover

     F807 Proof sheets, fax

     F808 Master set, proofs, and notes

     F809 Correspondence

     F810 Reviews, 1993-1994
                    See also oversize.

Box -- Folder -- Contents

18 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.5 Comments and quotations, 1981-1994 Series contains primarily clippings, photocopies, and magazine issues with Reed's comments. F811 "Martine's Keen Eyes," 1981-1982 F812 "From 'Raisin' to the Present," American Theater, 1984 Nov F813 "Words of the Week," Jet, 1987 Dec 7 F814 Pourquoi Écrivez-Vous?, 1988 F815 The Other America, 1989-1990 F816 "E Pluribus What?" Fortune, 1991 Jan 14 F817 Lewis, Gregory. "Down Home With Cecil Brown," San Francisco Examiner, 1994 Nov 27 F818 Miscellaneous, 1970s F819 Miscellaneous, 1980s F820 Miscellaneous, 1990-1994 F821 Miscellaneous, n.d. Box -- Folder -- Contents

Series I.6 Miscellaneous writing, 1968-1989 Notebooks and pads F822 Black "Blank" Book #1, Freelance, etc. F823 Black "Blank" Book #2, Yellow Back, etc. F824 Notebook pages, [1970s] F825 Yellow Legal, [1976] F826 Notebook, early 1977 F827 Blue spirals, ca. late 1970s F828 Small yellow legal, ca. 1979 F829 Miscellaneous notepads, ca. 1980-1981 F830 Yellow legal, ca. early 1980s 20 F831 Rochester Institute of Technology F832 Hotel Ourant, Berkeley F833 Yellow legal pad F834 Laboratory notebook F835 Green legal #1 F836 Green legal #2 F837 Green legal #3 F838 Green legal #4 F839 Green legal, loose pages F840 Brown leather case with blue notebook. Roots, Yardbird, etc. F841 "Academy at War with the Artist," n.d. Holograph draft in writing pad. F842 "Admiral's London Speech," unidentified, n.d. Miscellaneous fiction F843 "Calvin H. Come Home," n.d. F844 "Smoking Reefer in the Bathroom," n.d. F845 Incomplete, unidentified story. Typescript, n.d. F846 Miscellaneous fiction pages. Typescript with some corrections, n.d. Miscellaneous poetry F847 Single typescript page with holograph notes. Miscellaneous script F848 "Kill the Mover," typescript and holograph, n.d. F849 Script pages, unsorted typescript and holograph, ca. 200 pp. Miscellaneous autobiographical writing F850 "Elsewhere Krank," n.d. F851 Unidentified computer generated pages, [1986-1988] F852 Unidentified typescript, n.d. Miscellaneous prose F853 Three pages heavily corrected typescript in response to Dickstein review, [1972] F854 Typescript pages, unsorted (I), [1968-1972] F855 Typescript pages, unsorted (II), [1968-1972] F856 Typescript and holograph pages, unsorted, [1981-1982] F857 Typescript pages with corrections, unsorted, [1983-1984] F858 Holograph pages, [1984] F859 Computer generated pages, [1987--1989] 20 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series 1.6 Miscellaneous writing (cont'd) Miscellaneous prose (cont'd) Prose pages, n.d. F860 (I) F861 (II) F862 (III) F863 (IV) F864 (V) F865 (VI) F866 (VII) F867 (VIII) F868 (IX) F869 (X) Mixed prose and notes F870 [1985] F871 [1985-1986] F872 n.d. F873 Project notes, [1985-1986] 21 F874 Holograph drafts and notes [1987] F875 Mixed typescript, holograph, and computer generated draft pages marked "to be sorted" by Reed. Adhesive identifying notes are not Reed's. Notes and scraps F876 1970s F877 [1970-1972] F878 [1971] F879 [1971] F880 [1971] F881 [1971] F882 [1971-1972] F883 [1971-1972] F884 [1972-1982] F885 [1975-1978] F886 [1975-1978] F887 [1976-1985] 21 Series I. Writing (cont'd) Series 1.6 Miscellaneous writing (cont'd) Notes and scraps (cont'd) F888 [1976-1985] F889 [1978-1979] F890 [1978-1982] F891 [1978-1982] F892 [1980-1981] F893 [1982-1983] F894 [1983] F895 [1983] F896 [1983-1984] F897 [1983-1984] F898 [1983-1985] F899 [1984] F900 [1985] F901 [1986-1987] F902 [1986-1991] F903 [1987-1989] F904 [late 1980s] undated F905 (I) F906 (II) F907 (III) F908 (IV) F909 (V) F910 (VI)

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
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