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I. Works by Reed, 1963 - 1994

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11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)

          Series I.2 Poetry, 1963-1994

          Poems published separately, 1963-1993

     F307 "Time and the Eagle."  Umbra No. 2, 1963 Dec
          Copy of Umbra Number 2, a list of names and addresses of Umbra poets, and
          flyers announcing some of the group's activities.

     F308 "Rain, Rain On the Splintered Girl."  Negro Digest, 1966 Sep
          Letter from Hoyt W. Fuller, managing editor of the Negro Digest accepting the
          poem for publication and a photocopy of the published poem.

     F309 "For Cardinal Spellman Who Hated Voodoo."  I-Kon, 1968 Mar 27
          Letter from Susan Sherman of I-kon accepting the poem and a photocopy of the
          published poem and copy of the magazine.

     F310 "The Feral Pioneers."  For Now #10, 1969
          Copy of For Now #10 and a photocopy of the published poem.

     F311 "Badman of the Guest Professor."  Negro Digest, 1969 Oct 6
          Letter from Hoyt W. Fuller, managing editor of Negro Digest, concerning an error
          in publication of Reed's poem.

     F312 "Why I Often Allude to Osiris and Paul Laurence Dunbar in the Tenderloin." 
               Essence, 1970
          Letter from Sharyn S. Alexander of Essence regarding publication of Reed's poem.

     F313 "Catechism of de Neoamerican Church."  Blackworks, 1970
          Heavily corrected typescript page.
          Summer 1970 issue of Blackworks removed to oversize box.

     F314 "Haitans."  Yardbird Reader, Vol. I, 1972
          Corrected typescript, 3 pp.

     F315 "Antigone, This is It."  Black World, 1973 Sep
          Two letters from Black World accepting and acknowledging receipt of Reed's
          poem, a photocopy of the printed poem and copy of the magazine.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2 Poetry (cont'd)

          Poems published separately (cont'd)

     F316 "The All Night Visitors,"  c. 1969.  Black American Literary Forum, c. 1974
          Three corrected typescript drafts of the poem, which is a review of Clarence
          Major's first novel, All-Night Visitors.  The review was originally written for  Los
          Angeles Free Press c. 1969 but not published at that time. Also includes a
          tearsheet with the poem from Black American Literary Forum and one corrected
          typescript draft of an advertising blurb written by Reed for The New Black Poetry
          (1969) edited by Major.

     F317 "Return of Julian the Apostate to Rome."  Iowa Review 6, 1975 Spr
          Corrected typescript.  Holograph inscription "from 'Precognitions' copyright 1974
          Ishmael Reed."  Also includes letter concerning publication details from David St.
          John of Iowa Review.

     F318 "From the Files of Agent 22."  Poetry in Public Places, 1975 Oct
          Folder contains letters and forms concerning the selection and display of Reed's
          poem in New York City buses (removed to oversize), plus a photocopy of the
          poem as printed in The New York Times Magazine (1974 Nov 10).

     F319a     "Caldonia."  Exhibited at the National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1975
          Typescript and holograph drafts, with corrections, 24 pp.

     F319b     "The Saga of Third World Belle."  The American Poetry Review, 1977 Jan-Feb
          Copy of the magazine.

     F320a     "Sixth Street Corporate War."  San Francisco Bay Guardian 10, 1977 Mar
          Clean typescript.

     F320b     "Sky Diving."  Teacher, 1977 Apr
          Copy of the magazine.

     F320c     "Song 1" and ".05."  KPFA Folio, 1977 May
          Copy of the magazine.

     F321a     "The Sparrow Decision."  The Black Scholar, 1978 Nov-Dec
          Copy of the magazine.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2 Poetry (cont'd)

          Poems published separately (cont'd)

     F321b     "Phoebe." Cody's Calendar of Contemporary Poets, 1980
          Carbon typescript.  Calendar with Reed photograph and poem removed to
          oversize box.

     F322a     "Judas."  Poets and Writers, Inc.:  Tenth Birthday Party, 1980
          Holograph draft, 1 p.  Nine pages typescript drafts, two dated (Dec. 24, 1979 and
          Dec. 25, 1979) and some with corrections.  Two photocopied typescripts with
          minor corrections, one inscribed "Copyright 1980 Ishmael Reed March 21, 1980." 
          Also includes a copy of the program.

     F322b     "The Romantic Image."  Video 80, 1982 Spr-Sum
          Copy of the magazine removed to oversize.

     F323a     "Bitter Chocolate."  Lips, 1984
          One holograph page and five typescript drafts with corrections.  Folder also
          contains two letters from Laura Boss, editor of Lips, concerning her nomination of
          "Bitter Chocolate" for a Pushcart Prize, and photocopies.

     F323b     "Datsun's Death."  Nimrod, 1984 Spr-Sum
          Copy of the magazine.

     F323c     "Petite Kid Everett."  Wind Row, 1985 Sum
          Copy of the magazine and a photocopy of the same poem as it appear in Buffalo
          News (1981 Jan 4).

     F324a     "Why the Matinicans Have Beautiful Eyes."  New Voices, New Concerns 1989
          One holograph draft; one typescript draft with corrections and photocopy.  Copy
          of New Voices, New Concerns, Oct-Nov 1989.

     F324b     "Ban No Koto."  Tribes, 1991 Fall
          Copy of the magazine.

     F324c     "Shi."  Tribes, 1993 Spr-Sum
          Copy of the magazine.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2 Poetry (cont'd)

          Reprints, 1967-1988

     F325 "Gangster's Death."  Lowenfels, Walter, ed.  Where is Vietnam?  American Poets
               Respond:  An Anthology of Contemporary Poems, 1967  
          Letter from Scott, Foresman accompanying payment, Feb 12, 1971.

     F326 "Jackal Headed Cowboy,"  pp. 114-16.  Lowenfels, Walter (ed.)  In a Time of
               Revolution:  Poems From Out Third World, 1969
          Letter from Nan Talese to Walter Lowenfels dated Jan. 5, 1970 with a typescript
          note to Ishmael from Walter.  Letter concerns errors in an earlier publication which
          were apparently duplicated in Lowenfels's reprint.

     F327 "beware: do not read this poem." and "I am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra." 
               Eastman, Arthur M. et al., eds.  The Norton Anthology of Poetry, 1970
          Photocopy of title page and Reed's poems, pp. 1188-1190 with unsigned
          inscription.  Also includes letter accompanying payment from Doubleday.

     F328 "beware: do not read this poem."  Major Black Writers, 1971, Scholastic Voice,
          1970 Sep 14, and Scholastic Scope, 1971 Dec
          Photocopies of the printed poem, advertising brochure, and issues of the

     F329 "Al Capone in Alaska."  Mark In Time:  Portraits and Poetry/San Francisco, 1971
          Book cover and 1971 letters regarding extra copies.

     F330a     "catechism of d neoamerican hoodoo church."  New Black Voices, 1972
          Letter from the editor requesting permission to use Reed's work.

     F330b     "Flight to Canada," "Vamp," and "The Reactionary Poet."  Aftermath of
                    Invisibility, 1973 Mar 19
          Copy of book.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2 Poetry (cont'd)
          Reprints (cont'd)

     F331 "Skydiving."   Hoo-DooIII, 1975
          Includes publicity sheet, Broadside News, press release with holograph note to
          Reed from the publisher, Ahmos Zu-Bolton, invitation to the Hoo-Doo
          Blackpoetry Festival & Bookfair, August 16, 1975, with holograph note to Reed.
          Copy of Hoo-Doo II-II (double issue).

     F332 "The Saga of the Third World Belle."  American Poetry Review 6, 1977 Jan/Feb
          Photocopy of printed poem.

     F333 ".05" KPFA Folio, May, 1977
          Photocopy of reprinted poem previously published in Chattanooga: Poems, 1973.

     F334 "I Am A Cowboy in the Boat of Ra."  The Practical Imagination, 1979
          Letter concerning permission to publish and photocopy of the poem.

     F335a     "The Pope Replies to the Ayatollah Khomeini."   Anthology of East Bay Poets,
          Acceptance letter from the editor and an information sheet for contributors.

     F335b     "Paper-Weight."  Close to Home, 1986
          Photocopy of the poem.

     F336a     "Judas."  Exquisite Corpse, 1988
          Two letters relating to publication and a copy of magazine (removed to oversize).

     F336b     "Untitled." Bookmarks by Writers & Books, [1988]
          From New and Collected Poems.  Removed and cataloged for Special Collections.

          Translations, 1981-1994

     F337 "Tag der Amtseinführung, 1981"
          Printed flyer with poem and biographical information about Reed.

     F338a     "Paracaidismo."  nueva poesia, Spring 1990
          Although not a literal translation, this Spanish poem appears to be related to "The
          Wardrobe Master of Paradise."  Photocopies of printed poem and introduction.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Poetry (cont'd)

          Translations (cont'd)

     F338b     "Poetry Makes Rhythm in Philosophy" and "Soul-Besitzertum."  In the Mood,
          Copy of the book.

     F338c     "Ester May, 1989."  Facing America, 1994.
          Copy of the book.

          Books of poetry, 1970-1988

          catechism of d neoamerican hoodoo church, 1970

     F339 "Black Halloween" and "the micro-mass on st. mark's place"
          Typescript pages of early drafts, heavily corrected and rewritten.
     F340 Letter to Sarah Fabio, 1970 
          Contains detailed background information on "catechism of d neoamerican hoodoo
          church" and "Bad Man of the Guest Professor."
     F341 British edition publicity flyer, 1970

          Conjure, 1972

     F342 Proposal letter to David Clark, 1970
     F343 Poems and lists
          Set of collected photocopies of poems for the book.  Title page reads One-Liners,
          Head-liners, Dead Ringers.  Some pages have holograph comments and
          corrections.  Includes holograph and typescript poem lists with comments.
     F344 Introductory material, 1972
          Typescript drafts of introduction, title, etc., with letter to Paul Wright.
     F345 Galleys
          Two sets of galleys removed to oversize galley boxes.
     F346 Review and publicity, 1972-1976
     F347 Photocopy pages, n.d.
          Ten miscellaneous photocopied pages from the printed edition with some poems

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)

          Chattanooga, 1973

          Drafts, n.d.
     F348 (I)  Typescript with corrections.  "The Kardek Method," "To a Daughter of
          Isaiah," and miscellaneous.
     F349 (II)  Twelve pages corrected typescript, including drafts of "Conjure Bill," "The
          Kardak Method," and "Haitians."

     F350 Typescript pages with minor corrections

     F351 Photographs
          Removed to a small oversize box.

     F352 Design copy 
          Photocopy of edited typescript with data sheet, Feb. 27, 1973.

     F353 Trial layouts

     F354 Setting copy
          Typescript with penciled editorial notes.

     F355 Galley proofs
          Four sets of galley proofs, including uncorrected, master set, page proofs, and
          corrected.  Removed to galley proof boxes.

     F356 Repo proofs
          Pasteup pages with a few notes and corrections.

     F357 Blue line proofs
          Incomplete, with notes and corrections.

     F358 Cover art

     F359a     Letter from Jeffrey Mitchell, Academy of American Poets, 1974
          Concerns eligibility of Chattanooga for the Poe Award.

     F359b     Reviews, 1973-1974

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Poetry (cont'd)

          Secretary to the Spirits, 1978
     F360 Typescript drafts of "Caldonia" and "Vamp" with corrections and notations and
          copy Isala (1984) with reprints.

          New and Collected Poems, 1988

     F361 Notes and drafts
          Typescript, photocopy, and holograph poems and notes

     F362 Drafts
          Drafts of "Home Sweet Earth," "Hunter's Point," and "Oakland Blues."

          "Points of View"
          Drafts of new poems included in New and Collected Works.
     F363 "For Dancer"
          Two broadsides (one inscribed) were removed for cataloging.
     F364 "Earthquake Blues"
     F365 "Datsun's Death"
     F366 "Petite Kid Everett'
     F367 "Turning Pro"
     F368 "The Pope Replies to the Ayatollah Khomeini"
     F369 "Inaugural Day, 1981"
     F370 "Mossy"
     F371 "Grizzley"
     F372 "Poem for Two Daughters"
     F373 "Middle Class Blues"
     F374 "Martine's Keen Eyes"
          Includes reprint in Good Times (1982) which is removed to oversize.
     F375 "But Nobody Was There"
     F376 "Slaveship, German Model"
     F377 "Lake Bud"
          Includes a copy of the poem as printed in Voice Jazz Special (1989 Jun 27).
     F378 "Home Sweet Earth"
     F379 "I'm Running For the Office of Love"
     F380 "Life is a Screwball Comedy"

     F381 Contents lists
          Photocopied lists from Conjure, Chattanooga, and Secretary to the Spirits and a
          list of new poems for the "Points of View" section.

11        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Poetry (cont'd)
          New and Collected Poems (cont'd)

          Points of View (cont'd)

          Notebook, c. 1983-1987
          Contains notes and various materials interspersed with drafts of poems, primarily
          those included in New and Collected Poems.    
     F382 (I)
          Includes flyer for a reading by Reed at the University of Tulsa, Nov. 10, 1983. 
          Typescript and holograph notes, introductory material, and drafts of "Bitter
          Chocolate," "The Domestic Front," "D Train," "Martine's Keen Eyes" (one draft
          signed) "Foolology," "On the Fourth of July in Sitka, 1982."  Clean typescript of
          "Pocadonia," "Foolology," "Phoebe," "Hanging onto the Same Strap."
     F383 (II)
          Holograph drafts include "Excessive Obligation," "But Nobody Was There,"
          "Elegy," "Richard's Tree," and "Lake Bud."  Typescript drafts include "Turning
          Pro," "Datsun's Death," "Bitter Chocolate," "Judas," "Grizzly," "Mossy,"
          "Inaugural Day, 1981," "Dialog outside the Lakeside Grocery," "The Pope Replies
          to the Ayatollah Khomeni," "Middle Class Blues" (including staging ideas), "On
          the fourth of July in Sitka, 1982," "Bitch," and "Oakland Blues."  Also includes a
          letter from Sami Ludwig dated Feb 2, 1987, about Reed's teaching schedule at
     F384 (III)
          Holograph drafts of "Elegy," "The Perfect Crime," and "Slaveship, German
          Model."  Unidentified holograph draft written on the back of a German poster
          (removed to oversize).  Typescript drafts of "Epistolary Monologue," "Monkey
          Island," "July 1st 1982," "Invasion," and "Take No Prisoners."  Partial drafts of
          "Datsun's Death" (signed last page), "The Pope Replies to The Ayatollah
          Khomeini," "Petite Kid Everett," "Judas," "Martine's Keen Eyes," "Turning Pro,"
          and "On the Fourth of July in Sitka, 1982."  Staging notes for "The Middle Class
     F385 (IV)
          Binder which contained notebook contents listed above.

     F386 Photocopies of corrected draft poems for "Points of View."
          Photocopy sets with corrections.  
     F387 (I)
     F388 (II)
     F389 Blue binder (I)
     F390 Blue binder (II)

     F391 Clean photocopies, incomplete set

12        Binding die copy, 1988 Mar 30
          Photocopy with extensive setting notes, including attached adhesive notes.
     F392 Pages 1 - 60
     F393 Pages 61 - 120
     F394 Pages 121 - 180
     F395 Pages 181 - end

     F396a     Galley proofs.  
          Removed to galley proof boxes.
     F396b     Reviews

          Miscellaneous draft poems
          Individual, titled.
          Some typescript, some holograph drafts.  In alphabetical order by title or first line.
     F397 "The Author at Forty-Five"
     F398 "Ba"
     F399 "The Baaaaaad Dr. Cooke"
     F400 "Cat Burgler"
     F401 "Cindy"
     F402 "current events"
     F403 "Doc the Player"
     F404 "Due to heavy traffic your call"
     F405 "Domestic Front"
     F406 "the explication of thomas weatherly jr"
     F407 "Garden Party"
     F408 "Gayle"
     F409 "Hanging Onto The Same Strap"

12        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Miscellaneous Draft Poems (cont'd)

          Individual, titled (cont'd)
     F410 "The Philadelphia Assassin"
     F411 "Prometheus Was A Man"
     F412 "The Romantic Image"
     F413 "The Sparrow Decision"
     F414 "Stuff in Death"
     F415 "Take No Prisoners"
     F416 "Terror and Fame"
     F417 "Timbucktoo Private Eye"
     F418 "White Collar Crime"
     F419 Drafts concerning Alaska

     F420 "Caldonia," etc.
          Drafts of various unidentified poems and fragments, including "Caldonia."

     F421 Drafts of poems about Sarah Fabio

     F422 Unidentified drafts
          Typescript and holograph, some corrected.  Includes "2 Rhinos Butting" (for Joe
          Overstreet), "the cities write abt me," "Homecoming," "Paper-Weight," and
          several untitled.

     F423 Untitled and fragments

          See also Series XI. Media.
     F424 Big Ego: The Dial-A-Poets LP, 1987  
          Advertising flyer.
     F425 The First American Poetry Disc
          Advertisement and royalty statements.

     F426 Poems and grant application, 1988 

     F427 Correspondence related to poetry, 1973-1984

Box -- Folder -- Contents

12 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance, 1973-1994 F428 "Bloom Dido" Typescript with some corrections. Incomplete play script in progress about 1973. See also Series I.1. Novels--Bloom Dido. Ace Boon Coon/Players Opera, 1978-1980 Unpublished play in progress c. 1978-1980, with music by Carmen Moore. Possibly performed or intended for performance by the New York Shakespeare Festival. F429 Correspondence re Ace Boon Coon, 1978-1980 and n.d. Draft pages F430 (I) Mixed corrected typescript and holograph. F431 (II) Corrected typescript, not in order. F432 (III) Various drafts, some with corrections Play scripts F433 (I) Corrected typescript, incomplete. F434 (II) Combined pages of different drafts, ordered, numbered, and complete. F435 (III) Photocopy with correction sheet and minor corrections. F436 (IV) Clean typescript Personal Problems, 1979-1991 Series of soap opera episodes produced by Reed and Cannon Communications for radio and then for television. The episodes were produced by Steve Cannon and directed by Bill Gunn. Carmen Moore composed the music. Reed wrote the scripts for three episodes. F437 "The Making of 'Personal Problems'" Typescript and holograph drafts of the history of the series. May have been prepared for the introduction to a screening. Also includes draft summaries of episode II. Reed & Cannon Communications Company Mixed materials, including company business statements, records, correspondence, and publicity. See also Series IV.3. Editing and Publishing--Reed, Cannon, and Johnson. F438 (I) F439 (II) Scripts F440 Episode I, script Minor corrections. Includes binder. F441 Episodes I and II, audio script for video F442 Radio episode III, script F443 Episode III, script F444 Personal Problems II, draft summaries F445 Budget and forms F446 Resumes F447 Cast and crew 13 Funding and distribution F448 (I) F449 (II) F450 Audio F451 Pilot, 1979 F452 Pacific Film Archive, 1980 Dec 14 F453 KQED, 1981-1982 F454 Roxie Cinema, 1982 Apr 27 13 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance (cont'd) Personal Problems (cont'd) F455 Kitchen, 1982-1986 F456 Introductions F457 Critical notes by G. Kudaka, Jun. 8, 1980 Publicity F458 1980 F459 1981-1983 13 F460 Promotional booklet F461 Publicity photocopies (binder) F462 Clippings, Black theater and television, 1979-1983 F463 Southern circuit, 1984 F464 Berkeley Art Museum, 1991 Feb 7 Mother Hubbard, 1980-1987 Video Play. See also Series XI. Media. F465 Hell Hath No Fury Autograph and typescript draft pages. F466 "A Woman Scorned" Hell Hath No Fury F467 (I) F468 (II, partial) F469 (III) F470 Freedman copy,1980 F471 Original reader's script Bears autograph revisions by Reed. F472 Photocopy of reader's script (A) F473 Photocopy of reader's script (B) F474 Photocopy of reader's script (C) F475 Photocopy of reader's script (D) F476 Photocopy of reader's script (E) F477 Photocopy of reader's script (F) F478 Bound script with additional pages laid in. F479 Pages of notes and revisions. F480 Actors Studio, NY, 1980 F481 Cast notes and holograph script pages F482 Script with corrections and notes F483 Script with filming notes (photocopy) F484 Filming notes and log Includes rehearsal schedules and notes (some schedules removed to oversize). F485 Cast F486 General notes and documentation F487 Workers' compensation F488 Receipts and expenses 14 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance (cont'd) Mother Hubbard (cont'd) Production binder contents F489 (I) F490 (II) F491 (III) F492 (IV) F493 (V) F494 (VI) F495 (VII) F496 Expenses and songs F497 Bay Area Video Liability, 1983-1984 F498 Cheryl Fabio, 1983 F499 Correspondence, 1983-1986 F500 Playwrights Platform, 1987 May 31 F501 Publicity 14 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance (cont'd) Conjure, 1984 and 1988 Conjure included both concerts and sound recordings of Ishmael Reed's poetry set to music. The first recording, Conjure: Music for the texts of Ishmael Reed, by American Clavé, 1984, was conceived, produced, and directed by Kip Hanrahan. Executive producer was Scott Marcus. Musicians included Taj Mahal, Allen Toussaint, Carman Moore, Robert Kenny Kirkland, Kip Hanrahan, Lester Bowie, and others. Tracks included "Jes Grew," "The Wardrobe Master of Paradise," "Dualism (I)," "Oakland Blues," "Skydiving," "Judas," "Betty Ball's Blues," "Untitled," "Fool-ology (the song)," "From the Files of Agent 22," "Dualism (II)," "Rhythm in Philosophy." The second recording, Conjure: Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon by American Clavé, 1988, was also produced by Kip Hanrahan and Scott Marcus. Musicians included Allen Toussaint, Bobby Womack, Carman Moore, Lenny Pickett, Diahnne Abbott, Tennessee Reed, Shaunice Harris, Carla Blank, and others. Tracks included "The Author Reflects on His 35th Birthday," "Loup Garou Means Change Into," "'Sputin," "Nobody Was There," "Medley: General Science/Ish/Papa La Bas," "Running For The Office Of Love," "My Brothers," "Petit Kid Everett," "St. Louis Women," "Bitter Chocklate," "Beware: Don't Listen to this Song," and "Minnie the Moocher." See also Series XI. Media--Sound recordings for both records F502 Concerts, 1983 and 1985 F503 Reviews and ads, 1983-1988 F504 Conjure II, 1988 Letter and typescript draft page describing the Conjure projects F505 Kip Harrahan, 1992-1994 Clipping file on the producer of Conjure. F506 The Middle Class Blues, 1984 Correspondence concerning a musical commissioned by the New York Shakespeare Festival. 14 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance (cont'd) Savage Wilds Part I, 1987 F507 Treatment and draft F508 Draft pages Corrected typescript pages F509 (I) F510 (II) F511 (III) Incomplete typescript, ca. 1988 F512 (I) F513 (II) F514 Photocopy typescript with corrections F515 Revision pages F516 Bound typescript with corrections F517 Cast list and notes F518 Correspondence and programs F519 End of an Error Show, 1987 Nov 20-22 F520 Black Repertory Theatre, 1988 Jul 15 F521 Video production, 1990 Savage Wilds Part II, 1990 F522 Incomplete typescript F523 Bound script F524 BMT Theatre, Sep, 1990 F525 Smithsonian reading, 1990 Aug 21 F526 Berkeley, 1990 Aug 24-Sep 16 F527 Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 1991 Feb 7-Mar 16 F528 Miscellaneous clippings Hubba City, 1989 F529 Draft script (incomplete) F530 Draft script F531 Script pages F532 Bound copy of script with corrections F533 Black Repertory Group, 1988 Dec-1989 Feb F534 King Junior High School, 1989 F535 Correspondence and reviews, 1989-1990 The Wild Gardens of the Loup Garou, 1986 F536 Script pages F537 Notes and song drafts F538 After Dinner Opera Co., 1986 Apr 4 Bayview Opera House, San Francisco, 1989 Dec 8-10 F539 Bound Lyrics F540 Programs and Reviews 14 Series I. Works (cont'd) Series I.3. Works for performance (cont'd) F541 Poets and Dancers, 1989 Feb 24-26 Flyer announcing the performance by the Danspace Project, New York, featuring poetry by Ishmael Reed and choreography by his wife, Carla Blank. F542 Gethsemane Park, 1992-1994 Opera commissioned by the San Francisco Opera composed by Bobby McFerrin with lyrics by Reed. Clippings, correspondence, and script pages. F543 The Preacher and the Rapper, 1994 Performed at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 1995 Jan 1. Flyers, clippings, and script. F544 Miscellaneous and unidentified performance, 1989-1994 and n.d.

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, novels, plays, poems, essays, reviews, speeches, magazines, posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, broadsides, photographs, artwork, books, galley and page proofs, financial documents, catalogs, programs, photocopies, sound recordings, schedules, comic books, notes, transcripts, awards, certificates, minutes, audiovisual recordings, and miscellaneous ephemera.
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