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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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I. Works by Reed, 1963 - 1994

Extent: 21 linear ft.

Contents: Drafts of novels, poems, essays, speeches, reviews, forwards, plays, musical recordings, articles, introductions; correspondence, clippings, books, magazines, galley proofs, page proofs, photographs, catalogs, posters, flyers, programs, photocopies, and schedules.

Arrangement: Series I.1. Novels is arranged in chronological order by the publication date of each novel. Series I.2. Poetry is separated into several sections: poems published separately, reprints, translations, books of poetry, miscellaneous draft poems, and recordings. Each of these sections is arranged in chronological order. Series I.3. Works for performance is arranged in rough chronological order. Series I.4. Essays, articles, reviews, speeches, forwards, and introductions includes two sections: articles published individually and books of collected articles. Both sections are arranged chronologically by date of publication. Series I.5. Comments and quotations is arranged in rough chronological order. Series I.6. Miscellaneous writing is divided into several sections: notebooks and notepads, miscellaneous fiction, miscellaneous poetry, miscellaneous script, miscellaneous autobiographical writing, miscellaneous prose, mixed prose and notes, and notes and scraps. Each of these sections is arranged in rough chronological order.


The strength of this collection is in the manuscript holdings found in Series I. Reed revised and rewrote continuously. Each published novel is represented by many folders of draft pages in typescript and holograph, multiple complete and/or substantial partial drafts, and revisions of pages and sections. Typewritten and holograph lists of corrections and changes to be made accompany many manuscripts. Even short essays and letters to editors are usually represented in this collection with multiple, corrected drafts. In addition to Reed's holograph corrections and revisions, some drafts bear comments and corrections in other hands. Paste-ups and galleys with printers' and editors' marks form part of the record of many of Reed's works, including essays and articles as well as novels and books. Where appropriate and convenient, correspondence concerning the publication and marketing of a particular work is housed adjacent to the manuscript holdings as are reviews of the particular publication.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

 1        Series I.  Works, 1963-1994
          Series I.1.  Novels, 1966-1994

          Free-Lance Pallbearers, 1967
          See also: Series XI. Sound recordings--East Village Other Electric Newspaper
          Hiroshima Day, 1966, for a reading from Free-Lance Pallbearers by the author.

          Typescripts, 1966 and n.d.
     F1   (I)
          Photocopy of corrected typescript, "Hell's Kitchen, N.Y.  Aug 18, 66."
          Includes correction sheet.
     F2   (II)
          Heavily revised and corrected typescript, photocopy, and carbon pages.
     F3   (III)
          Heavily revised and corrected photocopy of "An Old Woman Kidnaps Checkers,"
          Part II from an early version of The Free Lance Pallbearers.  pp. 45-68.
     F4   (IV)
          Edited typescript.  "Rutherford Birchard Hayes is Thrown By a Horse Oct. 17
          1864" Part. III from The Free Lance Pallbearers a tale of Gothic horror.
     F5   (V)
          Photostat copy with pencil corrections.  Pages 41 (Part II) - 166 (end).
     F6   (VI)
          Photocopy of edited typescript.
     F7   (VII)
          Photocopy of edited typescript with agent's stamp (James F. Seligman, Inc.).  pp.
          69-77 missing.
     F8   (VIII)
          "Excerpt from The Free-Lance Pallbearers."  pp. 69-77.  Photocopy with
          Typescript cover page.  Probably removed from VII, above.

     F9a  Publicity, 1967-1969
     F9b  Reviews, 1967-1969

     F10  Dust jacket for British edition, 1968
          Free-Lance Pallbearers.  London: MacGibbon & Kee, 1968.

     F11  Film treatments, n.d.
          Holograph and Typescript draft for film treatments titled "Pallbearers" and
          "Philadelphia Left Hook," based on Free-Lance Pallbearers.  Correction sheet for
          one draft of "Pallbearers" included.  16 pp.
     F12  Screenplay contract, 1976
          Agreements with Marquita Jones Pool and Stephen C. Pool to produce a motion
          picture, Free-Lance Pallbearers, based on a screenplay to be written by Reed.

     F13  Screenplay drafts, 1977 and n.d.
          Typescript and photocopy pages from several drafts, most with corrections.  One
          with title page dated 1977.

          Yellow Back Radio Broke Down, 1969

     F14  "Attack Pattern of Shocks," 1967
          Appears to be an early incomplete version of Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down.
          Photocopy with accompanying letter dated Oct 11, 1967 from Reed's editor at
          Doubleday to his lawyer, Abraham Friedman.  Also includes correction sheet.

     F15  "His Satanic Majesty as a Cowboy from Science Fiction," n.d.
          Typescript draft pages and holograph notes related to Yellow Back Radio Broke

          Draft Pages, n.d.
     F16  (I)
          Typescript draft pages, some with corrections, not numbered and unlabeled.
     F17  (II)
          Heavily corrected carbon typescript draft pages, pp. 6-18 and A-E.
     F18  (III)
          Carbon typescript with pencil corrections, not numbered.
     F19  (IV)
          Carbon typescript, heavily corrected.  Pages numbered 1, 4-5, 7-22, 24-32, 34-44.

1         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Novels (cont'd)

          Yellow Back Radio Broke Down (cont'd)

     F20  (I)
          Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down or Return of the Runaway Comic Book.  Heavily
          corrected early typescript draft.
     F21  (II)
          Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down or Return of the Runaway Comic Book. 
          Typescript draft with additional corrections.
     F22  (III)
          Heavily revised typescript pages from different drafts.
     F23  (IV)
          Photocopy of early corrected typescript.
     F24  (V)
          Original typescript of setting copy. 
     F25  (VI)
          Photocopy of corrected typescript (V).  June, 1968.
     F26  (VII)
          Photocopy of corrected typescript (V) with 5 pp. original (retyped) typescript.
          June, 1968.

     F27  Setting copy typescript.  Part original typescript, mostly photocopy.  Heavily
          corrected throughout by proofreader or editor, with textual changes as well.  June,

2    F28  Bound, uncorrected readers' proof
          Advance copy.  Plain blue wrappers.

     F29  Readers proof with corrections, photocopy
          Labeled "uncorrected proof,"  and "office copy," probably for advance readers and
          reviewers.  Many variations from published text.  Attached Doubleday
          announcement with release date of August, 1969.

     F30  Galleys
          Removed to 3 oversized galley boxes.
          Page proofs #1, Page proofs #2, and galley proofs.
          Cover art, n.d.
     F31  (I)  8 photographs, labeled "cover for paperback YBR Yvonne Williams."
     F32  (II)  Photostat copy of drawing, probably for Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down.

     F33  Excerpts, n.d.
          Corrected photocopy of text from Part 2, "The Loop Garoo Kid Rides Again, and
          Part 3, "The Loop Garoo Kid Meets Spooky Situation," with some additional

     F34  Publicity and reviews, 1969-1971

     F35  Correspondence, 1969

     F36  "The Loop Garoo Kid," 1975
          Photocopy of excerpt published in Superfiction or The American Story
          Transformed: An Anthology, edited by Joe David Bellamy, New York:  Vintage
          Books, 1975, pp. 259-273.  With margin notes, probably for teaching.

     F37  Landon, Brooks.  "Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down."
          Descriptive Entry for Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature.
          Photocopy with minor corrections.

     F38  Film adaptation by Francisco Newman, 1971
          Photocopy with binder. 

          Film adaptation by Ishmael Reed, unpublished
     F39  Film treatment notes (I).  Incomplete typescript pages.
     F40  Film treatment notes (II).  Typescript

          Draft pages
     F41  (I)  Typescript with corrections.
     F42  (II)  Typescript with corrections.
     F43  (III)  Photocopied pages from heavily edited script.

2         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Novels (cont'd)

          Yellow Back Radio Broke Down (cont'd)
          Film adaptation by Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     F44  Draft I
          "Logic is Evil" written on title page.  Heavily corrected typescript.
     F45  Draft II
          Photocopy, January 15, 1970.
     F46  Draft III
     F47  Photocopy of edited script.  Untitled and incomplete.
     F48  Screenplay by Ishmael Reed and Francisco Newman, 1974
          Labeled "first draft, Jan 7, 1974" and stamped registered Jan 23 1974 by Writers
          Guild of America, West.  Photocopy with Francisco Newman's name crossed out.
     F49  Additional photocopy of material in F48.

          Mumbo Jumbo, 1972

     F50  "Scribbles," n.d.
          Unfinished novel, also titled "Scribbles Island" and "RAM."  Some ideas were
          gradually incorporated into Mumbo Jumbo.  Photocopy of outline and draft pages
          of treatment and outline, typescript  with corrections.

          "D Hexorcism of Noxon d Awful," 1970
          Short fiction published in 19 Necromancers from Now and Amistad I: Writings on
          Black History and Culture, both 1970.  Elements from this story are part of
          Mumbo Jumbo.  Republished as Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon, 1986.

     F51  Draft pages, 1970
          Includes title page "some squeaky teeny words from D Xorcism Of Noxin D Awful
          A HOODOO FRIGHTGRABBER."  Some pages from the "Neo-Hoodoo
          Manifesto," published in the Los Angeles Free Press, Sep 18, 1970.  Also includes
          some other unidentified draft pages.

     F52  "Simple Folk Will Out: Frm D Xorcism of Noxin D Awful"
          Original and carbon typescript drafts for an early version of "D Hexorcism of
          Noxin D Awful," mixed with drafts and notes related to Mumbo Jumbo,
          "Bicentennial Mural," and the conception of "Bloom Dido."

     F53  "D Hexorcism of Noxin D Awful: A Novel that holds up to the mirror"
          Typescript draft pages, some corrected, many fragments.

     F54  "The Return of Doxin Noxin"
          Typescript with corrections.  Related to plot of "Bi-Centennial Mural."  

     F55  "D Case of The BlueBack Speller"
          Typescript, carbon.  Many fragments, some corrections. 

     F56  Cab Calloway, etc.
          Draft typescript pages, mostly carbon, with several different title pages.

     F57  "Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon"
          Typescript pages from three drafts, all with corrections.

     F58  "Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon"
          Carbon typescript.

          Mumbo Jumbo, 1972   
     F59  Notes
          Mostly holograph.

          Notes and draft pages
     F60  (I)
          Includes list of symbols "used in Yellow Back Radio Broke Down." 
     F61  (II)
          Holograph notes and pages from several typescript drafts with corrections. 
     F62  (III)
          Pages from several typescript drafts with notes and corrections.  
     F63  Draft fragments.

2         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Novels (cont'd)

          Mumbo Jumbo (cont'd)

          Draft pages, with corrections
     F64  (I)
          Mostly typescript pages from several drafts, heavily corrected, with some pages of
          holograph notes.
     F65  (II)
          Revised typescript pages from several drafts, heavily corrected, with some
          fragments and a few pages of holograph notes.  Some pages numbered, but not in
          order.  Some have chapter number noted.

3    F66  (III)
          Revised typescript pages from several drafts, heavily corrected, with some
          fragments and a few pages of holograph notes.  Some pages numbered, but not in
          order.  Some have chapter number noted.
     F67  (IV)
          Typescript pages with corrections, including some fragments.  Some pages
          numbered, but not in order.
     F68  (V)
          Typescript pages in rough order to p. 18.  Some corrections.  Title page "Mumbo
          Jumbo [K]athedral."

          Draft revisions
     F69  (I)
          Typescript draft sections, with corrections and notes.  Some page and chapter
     F70  (II)
          Typescript draft section revisions, with corrections and notes.  Some page and
          chapter numbering.
     F71  Draft I
          "Jes Grew" holograph title page.  Typescript with corrections.  Minimal draft or
          treatment with pages numbered in order through 33A, and chapter divisions
          through chapter seven.  Includes two pages of holograph notes.

          Draft II
          "Mumbo Jumbo" title page.  Heavily corrected typescript pieced together from
          several drafts.  Chapter divisions and rough page numbering.
     F72  Part I
     F73  Part II

          Draft III
          Carbon typescript with some corrections.  Pages 1-5 removed from beginning and
          placed at the end, labeled epilogue.  Dated Jan 31, 1971.
     F74  (I), chapters 1-23
     F75  (II), chapters 24-end

          Draft IV
          Photocopy of corrected typescript with additional corrections.  Photo placement is
          indicated in this draft.  Includes partial bibliography, sources, and correction sheets
          at end.
     F76  (I), chapters 1-17
     F77  (II), chapters 17-30
     F78  (III), chapters 31-end

     F79  Paste-ups
          Removed to small oversize box.

          Setting copy
          Heavily edited.  Includes style sheet and photocopy of correction notes.
     F80  (I), chapters 1-23
     F81  (II), chapters 23-52
     F82  (III), chapters 53-end

     F83  Foundry proof
          Removed to oversize galley box.

3         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Mumbo Jumbo (cont'd)

     F84  Final galley
          Removed to oversize galley box.

     F85  Book cover

     F86  Publicity and reviews,  1970-1987

     F87  National Book Award Nomination Publicity, 1973

     F88  Ragtime controversy, 1975-1977
          Many pointed out similarities between details in E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime, and
          Mumbo Jumbo.  Included is a summary comparison of the two books by Reed's
          lawyers, and correspondence and clippings related to the issue.

     F89  Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon, 1986
          Letter accompanying Reed's copies of this publication and photocopy of clipping
          noting its publication.

     F90  "Cab Calloway springt für den Mond ein"
          Photocopy of German translation from Schreibheft #31.

     F91  Mumbo Jumbo, 1989
          Photocopies of reviews after publication of the 1989 edition by Allison and Busby.

     F92  "Beast of Pocantico Hills" / "Crocodiles"
          Typescript pages of novel in progress in 1971-1972.    

4         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          The Last Days of Louisiana Red, 1974

     F93  Holograph notes and fragments
          Mostly holograph pages, many relating to Louisiana Red.

          Notes and draft pages
     F94  (I)
          Mostly typescript, some corrected.  A few pages holograph notes.
     F95  (II)
          Original and carbon typescript, some with corrections.  Includes nine index cards
          with holograph bibliographic notes for books used in The Last Days of Louisiana
          Red.  Some draft pages of "Bloom Dido."

          Draft pages
     F96  (I)
     F97  (II)
     F98  (III)
          Early draft of chapter 1, developing the concept of moochism.  Corrected
          typescript pages and holograph list of ethnic groups.
     F99  (IV)
          Early typescript draft pages, heavily corrected.
     F100 (V)
          Early typescript draft pages, corrected in blue and green.
     F101 (VI)
     F102 (VII)
          Typescript draft (2 pp.) of Max Kasabubu's dream of Bigger Thomas and Kafka's
     F103 (VIII)
          Drafts for various chapters and scenes.  Mostly typescript, some corrected, with
          chapter headings for many page groups.  Some holograph draft and notes.
     F104 (IX)
          Corrected typescript draft pages with some page numbers and chapter headings.

          "Creon the Gumbo King"
     F105 Composition notebook for an early version of The Last Days of Louisiana Red. 
          Clippings laid in the notebook removed to the back of the folder.
     F106 Draft
          Typescript, incomplete.  Some notes and corrections, some chapter headings.

     F107 "Peck's Gumbo Works"
          Incomplete typescript draft with some chapter headings.  Heavy corrections in
          purple and blue.  Some miscellaneous pages.

     F108 "The Sphinx's Jinx"
          Three typescript pages from chapter I with corrections.

     F109 "Solid Gumbo Works"
          Early draft of assembled typescript pages intermittently numbered 1-53 in
          turquoise.  In this draft, Papa Peck is equivalent to Papa LaBas.  Includes clipping
          from Berkeley Daily Gazette, January 26, 1973, on Berkeley as Athens of the

          "The Minnies"
          Early drafts of The Last Days of Louisiana Red.  Combines perhaps three separate
          drafts with "The Minnies" (xerox typescript from which a substantial portion of the
          final manuscript originated).  Many changes and corrections.
     F110 Part I
     F111 Part II

     F112 Draft, chapter 14-16
          Photocopy of corrected typescript with further holograph corrections.

     F113 Correction Notes
          Nine pages holograph, one page typescript.

4         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          The Last Days of Louisiana Red (cont'd)

     F114 Draft I
          Early typescript pages compiled to form chapters 1-30 with pages numbered 2-56
          in brown ink.  Heavily corrected.  Includes correction sheet and an unnumbered
          chapter paginated a-g.
     F115 Draft II
          Photocopy with corrections, chapters 1-27, 29.  Pages 1-50, 52-53, 55-56.
     F116 Draft III
          Carbon typescript on onionskin, dated April 27, 1973.  Title page The Last Days
          of Louisiana Red; header "The Minnies."   Title page, chapters I and II not
          paginated.  Includes pages 5-9, 15-20, 25-71, 74-97, 99-100, and some duplicate
          and unnumbered extra pages.
     F117  Draft IV
          Photocopy of complete corrected typescript dated December 13, 1973.
          Draft V
          Typescript and photocopy pages, heavily corrected.
     F118 Part I, chapters 1-20.
          Includes four pages correction sheets.
     F119 Part II, chapters 21-end.
     F120 Photocopy with correction sheets.
          Includes a typed note to "Joye" dated Jan. 2, 1974 regarding changes.
     F121 Incomplete photocopy.
          Begins with Chapter 7.  Includes twelve pages of photocopied correction sheets.

     F122 Draft VI
          Photocopy of Draft V, chapters 1-7, with additional corrections and inserts.

          Setting copy
          Some authorial and editorial corrections
     F123 Chapters 1-18
     F124 Chapters 19-end

          Camera copy
     F125 Chapters 1-18
     F126 Chapters 19-end

5         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          The Last Days of Louisiana Red (cont'd)

          Galley proofs, "Master Set," 1974
     F127 First pass (photocopy) with author's corrections
          Includes holograph letter to Anne Freedgood, dated May 6, 1974, concerning
          corrections and deletion from Chapter 31.
     F128 First pass 
          Some authorial and editorial corrections.
     F129 Second pass
          Uncorrected.  Dated 5/24/74
     F130 Third pass
          Dated 6/19/74
     F131 Blueline proofs, 1974

     F132 Players excerpt, galley
          Galley proof of excerpt from The Last Days of Louisiana Red that appeared in
          Players magazine.  Photocopy with holograph corrections and copy of magazine.

     F133 Ramparts 12, excerpt, January, 1974
          Photocopy of printed article and copy of magazine.

     F134 Sketch, n.d.

     F135 Cover art, photostats

     F136 Publicity,  1974-1975

     F137 Reviews, 1974-1976

     F138 Draft letter, n.d.
          Response to review by Houston Baker, with corrections.  Recipient not indicated.

     F139 "Two Crowns of Thoth:  A Study of Ishmael Reed's The Last Days of Louisiana
          Red."  By Lorenzo Thomas.  Obsidian, Winter, 1976.
          Photocopy of the article with letter from Thomas to Reed dated October 3, 1977.

     F140 "Radio Script"
          Clean typescript copy of chapters 11-18 from folder labeled "radio script."

5         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Flight to Canada, 1976

     F141 Note cards, n.d.
          16 holograph bibliographic note cards used for research.

          Notes and draft pages
     F142 (I)
          Miscellaneous holograph notes and typescript draft pages, some with corrections.
          Includes holograph draft of Raven's poem.
     F143 (II)
          Miscellaneous typescript and holograph pages, many corrected.  Includes heavily
          corrected typescript draft of poem "The Saga of Third World May Belle," and
          photocopy of page describing shackles used for slaves.

     F144 Draft pages and introduction to a reading
          Pages from Chapter Six, referred to in the introduction, and Chapters Three and

          Draft pages
          Typescript and photocopy pages from different drafts.  Many with corrections.
     F145 (I)
     F146 (II)
          Includes corrected drafts of poem "The Saga of Third World May Belle."
     F147 (III)
          Many pages in groups with revisions and page numbers.  Some holograph notes, a
          sketch, and one correction sheet.  Includes corrected ending pages of a draft
          labeled "12:01 a.m., Tamanaca Hotel, room 127, Fat Tuesday, March 2, 1976
          New Orleans."
     F148 (IV)
          Mostly original typescript, heavily revised.  Several page groups in numbered
          order.  Some holograph notes and correction sheets.  Includes two drafts of "The
          Saga of the Third World Belle," and one of  the poem "Flight to Canada."

5         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Flight to Canada (cont'd)

     F149 (I)
          Combined typescript and photocopy pages numbered 1-53 in green, also includes
          lettered and unnumbered inserts.  No chapter headings.  Corrections in blue and
          green, and three pages of correction notes.
     F150 (II)
          Clean, incomplete typescript draft on onionskin with no pagination.  Second group
          of corrected typescript pages and a few miscellaneous pages.
     F151 (III)
          Assembled pages from different drafts, consistent, but incomplete pagination.
     F152 (IV)
          Original typescript draft, complete, with pagination and chapter headings, labeled
          "12:01 A. M.; Tamanaca Hotel, Room 127; Fat Tuesday; March 2, 1976; New
     F153 (V)
          Photocopy of corrected typescript.

     F154 Setting copy, 1976
          Edited typescript.

          Galley proofs, 1976
     F155 Uncorrected photocopy, stamped "file copy."
     F156 Author's reading copy, with corrections.
     F157 "Master Set, 1st Pass."
          With authorial and editorial corrections.

     F158a     Correspondence regarding Iowa Review excerpt, 1974-1975
          Letter from Al Young accepting chapter three from Flight to Canada for
          publication.  Original and copy of transfer of copyright back to Reed.

     F158b     "Flight to Canada" excerpt in Fiction, 1975
          Copy of magazine.

     F159 Book of the Month Club edition, 1977
          Includes copy of contract, Book of the Month Club News, March 1977, and
          photocopies of jacket text and first 50 pages of the printed edition.

6         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Flight to Canada (cont'd)

          Stage adaptation by William W. Cook     
     F160 Draft I, photocopy
     F161 Draft II
          Photocopy with note from author.
     F162 Draft III
          Photocopy with corrections
     F163 Corrected pages
     F164a     American Folk Theater, 1982
          Flyer advertising performance.

     F164b     Reviews, 1976-1982

          "Bloom Dido," 1973
          Novel in progress, 1973, never published.  Some material related to Last Days of
          Louisiana Red and Flight to Canada.

     F165 Draft pages
          Typescript with some corrections.
     F166 Chapters III - IX
          Draft typescript pages with corrections.  Some miscellaneous pages and fragments.
     F167 Notebook
          Draft pages, some with corrections and/or page numbers, bound.  One section
          written as a play.

          "Bicentennial Rag" / "Bicentennial Mural," 1974
          Novel in progress, 1974, never published.  Some material related to Flight to          Canada.

     F168 Miscellaneous pages, fragments, and draft letters, 1972-1974
     F169 Chapters and pages
          Group of eleven chapters and miscellaneous typescript pages of an unfinished
          novel, with a draft letter to Anne Freedgood, dated March 4, 1974, describing the
                    novel in progress.

6         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)   

          The Terrible Twos, 1982

     F170 Draft outline and chapters 1-3, May, 1979

          Plot outline and draft fragments
     F171 (I)
     F172 (II)

     F173 Holograph pages and miscellaneous notes

     F174 Fragments and draft pages
          Mixed holograph and typescript, some with corrections.

     F175 Draft pages
          Typescript with corrections.

          Corrected typescript pages, some in groups, from different drafts.
     F176 (I)
     F177 (II)
     F178 (III)
     F179 (IV)
     F180 (V)
          Chapters 46-47, corrected typescript and clean typescript

     F181 Draft I, [1980 Nov 2]
          Corrected typescript combined from different drafts.  Chapters labeled.  Date
          based on notation on folder.
     F182 Draft II, n.d.
          Corrected typescript combined from different drafts.  In rough chapter and page
          number order.
          Draft III
          Typescript with minor corrections.  
     F183 (I), chapters 1 - 15
     F184 (II), chapters 15 - 39 and unnumbered 
     F185 Draft IV
          Typescript with minor corrections, incomplete.

7         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)   

          The Terrible Twos (cont'd)

          Draft V
     F186 Chapters 1-24, incomplete photocopy, with a few additional changes.   
          Draft VI
     F187 Chapters 26-45, incomplete photocopy.
          Draft VII, 1981 Oct 1
          Combined photocopy and original typescript pages with corrections.
     F188 (I), Chapters 1-20
     F189 (II), Chapters 21-end
          Draft VIII
          Combined photocopy and original typescript pages with corrections.
     F190 (I), Chapters 1-19
     F191 (II), Chapters 20-end

          Editor's copy
          Photocopy with corrections.
     F192 (I), Chapters 1-19
          Includes Reed's correction sheet, style sheet, and St. Martin's Press interoffice
          memo concerning the manuscript. 
     F193 (II), Chapters 20-47, incomplete

          Editor's copy with corrections
          Photocopy with editorial flags and corrections.
     F194 (I), Chapters 1-19
          Includes style sheet
     F195 (II), Chapters 20-end

     F196 Unbound signatures and dust jacket

          Publicity and reviews, 1982-1984
     F197a     (I)
     F197b     (II)
     F198 Book cover (photograph)
          British edition, Allison & Busby, 1990.

7         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Reckless Eyeballing, 1986

     F199 "Attack Pattern Zombies"
          A few draft pages with corrections which appear to be related to The Last Days of
          Louisiana Red and Reckless Eyeballing.

     F200 Story line
          Typescript with corrections, incomplete.

          Early draft pages
     F201 (I)
          Typescript with corrections, chapters 1 - 10
     F202 (II)
          Typescript with corrections, chapters 1 - 15

     F203 Story line with drafts, chapters 1 and 2
          Story line: blue typescript with corrections.  Draft chapters: photocopy with

          Draft pages
     F204 (I)
          Typescript in blue and black with corrections.
     F205 (II)
          Typescript with corrections.  Includes bill from Mary Strads for typing dated
          2/19/84 and draft letter to Tribune dated June 22, 1984 concerning Alice Walker
          and The Color Purple.
     F206 (III)
          Typescript with corrections.  Includes holograph notes and a March 1983 calendar
     F207 (IV)
          Mixed typescript with corrections.  Some holograph notes.
     F208 (V)
          Mixed typescript with corrections.  Some holograph notes.
     F209 (VI)
          Mixed typescript with corrections.  Some holograph notes.
     F210 (VII)
          Combined draft of mixed typescript pages, numbered 66 - 87.

8         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)   

          Reckless Eyeballing (cont'd)

          Corrected Pages
     F211 (I)
          Combined mixed typescript with corrections, numbered 1- 39 and 49 - 58.  
          Includes correction sheets and envelope.
     F212 (II)
          Miscellaneous typescript pages and combined mixed typescript numbered 1 - 19. 
          With corrections.  Includes two pages holograph correction notes and envelope.
     F213 (III)
          Corrected typescript pages, numbered 41- 65 (chapters 11 - 19).  Includes typed
          correction sheet and envelope with holograph notes.
     F214 (IV)
          Miscellaneous corrected typescript pages and a group of heavily corrected pages
          which could have been removed from draft II.

     F215 Draft I
          Incomplete clean typescript, numbered 1 - 67 (chapters 1 - 11).

     F216 Draft II
          Heavily corrected typescript with correction sheets, in binder.

          Draft III
          Photocopy with corrections and adhesive notes.  Also includes style sheet. 
     F217 (I) Chapters 1 - 22
     F218 (II) Chapters 23 - 29
          With typescript and holograph correction sheets.

     F219 Cover art
          Includes letter from Jeanne Martinet of St. Martin's Press (1985 Sep 3).

     F220 Correspondence, 1986

          Reviews, 1985-1987
          Clippings, photocopies, and two copies of an unidentified typescript review.
     F221a     (I)
     F221b     (II)

8         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          The Terrible Threes, 1989

     F222 "Nick and Pete"
          Typescript treatment for new novel with chapter summaries for Chapters 1 - 3. 
          With a few corrections.

     F223 Draft fragments, typescript

          Draft pages
          Miscellaneous typescript, computer generated, and holograph.
     F224 (I)
     F225 (II)
     F226 (III) Some groups with corrections and/or chapter numbering.
     F227 (IV) Some with corrections and/or chapter numbering.

          Chapter groups
          Working drafts, mostly computer generated, with some corrections.  Chapters
          indicated by various methods--numbers and letters.
     F228 (I)
     F229 (II)
     F230 (III)
     F231 (IV)
     F232 (V)

          Groups of pages from different drafts with corrections.  Mostly computer
          generated, some typescript.
     F233 (I) 
     F234 (II)
     F235 (III)
     F236 (IV)

     F237 Draft "First Version," 1987 May
          Incomplete typescript.

     F238 Draft with Corrections, Chapters 1 - 19
          Typescript with page numbering in green.  Heavily typescript in several different
          inks.  Includes correction sheets.

     F239 Photocopy draft with corrections, (incomplete)
          Copy of draft described above, with additional corrections and corrections sheets.

          Bound typescripts
     F240 With corrections and adhesive tabs.  Holograph date and place: June, 1988
          Oakland California.
     F241 Photocopy of typescript in F240.

9         Photocopy typescripts
          Made from typescript above, with additional corrections.
     F242 (I) Chapters 1 - 19
     F243 (II)Chapters 20 - end

          Copy edited typescript
     F244 (I) Chapters 1 - 19
     F245 (II) Chapters 20 - end

     F246 Reviews and excerpt, 1989-1993
          Includes a copy of Nine Items or Less (1988 Winter) which includes an except.

     F247 Response to Gerald Early review, [1989]
          Holograph draft page responding to Early's review, "Still Subverting the Culture,"
          published in the New York Times Book Review, May 7, 1989.

          Japanese by Spring, 1993

     F248 Draft proposal
          Descriptive paragraph describing novel tentatively titled  . . . Here?
     F249 "Kaifuku" (Reclamation), 1989
          Draft chapters I and II.  Includes two letters from Larry Dark, editor of Literary
          Outtakes regarding publication of an excerpt from "Kaifuku."

          Draft excerpts
     F250 (I) "Draft as of March 5, 1990"
          Initialed, incomplete typescript with corrections, pp. 1-35
     F251 (II) "Draft completed on Tues March 7, 1990"
          Described at the beginning as "a thirty six page excerpt from a novel, Japanese By
          Spring, by Ishmael Reed."  With some corrections.

          Draft pages
          Computer generated, with some corrections.
     F252 (I)
     F253 (II)

          Early drafts
     F254 (I) "August, 1989"
          Corrected typescript.
     F255 (II)
          Incomplete computer generated [1992].
     F256 (III) 
          Incomplete typescript.
          Corrected typescript.
     F257 Pp. 1 - 80
     F258 Pp. 81 - 159
          Typescript with corrections.
     F259 Pp. 1 - 83
     F260 Pp. 84 - end
     F261 (VI) 
          Corrected typescript with correction sheets.  Some pages missing and some pages
          out of order.

9         Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1. Novels (cont'd)

          Japanese by Spring, (cont'd)

          Groups of corrected typescript pages.
     F262 (I)
          Pages 117 - 208; 217-220.  Possibly from different drafts.
     F263 (II)
          Pages numbered 107-111; 113-125;  142-167.  No chapter numbers.
     F264 (III)
          Pages from two different drafts.  Includes extensive typescript correction notes.

          "First Draft"
          Although "1st Draft" is written on the first page in an unknown hand, this
          typescript appears to have been completed later than the "early drafts" listed
     F265 Typescript
     F266 Corrected typescript, appears to be identical to above.

     F267 Notes, draft pages, and correction notes, 1991-1992 
          Includes a bill for typing from Walda Thompson dated 5/29/91 and a sheet of
          correction notes for "Carole" dated Nov 31, 1992.

     F268 Correction sheets
          With letter from Reed to "Walda" dated April 8, 1992.

          Incomplete typescripts with corrections
     F269 (I)
          Pp. 3-83
     F270 (II)
          Pp. 2-104 with two holograph pages and two note sheets.
     F271 (III)
          Pp. 1-26

10        Corrected typescript I
          Marked with adhesive tabs and clips.
     F272 Chapters 2 -22
     F273 Chapters 23 - 29
     F274 Chapters 30 - end
          Corrected typescript II
          Marked with adhesive tabs.
     F275 Chapters 1 - 19
     F276 Chapters 20 - 32
     F277 Chapters 33 - end

          Photocopy with corrections
     F278 Chapters 1 - 12
     F279 Chapters 14 - 22

          Photocopies with page changes
     F280 Chapters 1 - 50
     F281 Chapters 13 - 28
          Corrected typescript III
          Pages missing at the end.  Marked with adhesive tabs.
     F282 Chapters 1 - 19
     F283 Chapters 20 - 38
     F284 Chapters 39 - 57

          Photocopy with corrections
     F285 Chapters 1 - 13
     F286 Chapters 22 (incomplete) - 30 (incomplete)
     F287 Chapters 35 - 51

     F288 Corrected pages 128 - 142

10        Series I.  Works (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Novels (cont'd)

          Japanese by Spring (cont'd)

          Miscellaneous pages
          Generally computer generated copies with corrections.  Most were found
          elsewhere in the collection.
     F289 (I)
     F290 (II)
     F291 (III) [1992]
          With correction notes.
     F292 (III)
     F293 (IV)
     F294 (V)
     F295 (VI)

     F296 Epilogue draft

          Edited typescript, 1993
          With adhesive notes and tabs.
     F297 Chapters 1 - 22
     F298 Chapters 23 - 39
     F299 Chapters 39 - end

     F300 Publication blurb, query tags, notes

          Printers rough page pass, clean photocopy
     F301 Pages 1 - 102
     F302 Pages 103 - end

     F303 Printer's copy (photocopy)

     F304 Cover art

     F305 Cover art, British ed.

     F306 Reviews, 1992-1994

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