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XII. Copies of books and printed material removed
and cataloged for Special Collections, 1965-1994

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     Series XII.  Copies of books and printed material removed and cataloged for Special
          Collections, 1965-1994

     Series XII.1.  Books written by Ishmael Reed, 1969-1994

Reed, Ishmael, 1938- .  Chattanooga.  New York:  Random House, [1973].  Special Collections
     PS3568 .E365 C5 1973.

                     .  Los Fatales Tres.  Madrid:  Narrativa Mondadori, 1993.  In Spanish.

                     .  "For Dancer." s.l: s.n., n.d.  Two copies of a broadside poem, one
     inscribed by Reed.

                     .  The Freelance Pallbearers:  an irreverent novel.  London:  Allison &
     Busby: W. H. Allen & Co., 1990.  Special Collections PS 3568 .E365 F7 1990.  Two
     copies, hardback and paperback.

                     .  Japanese by Spring.  London:  Allison & Busby, 1994.  Two copies.

                     .  Klaas en Claus.  Nederlandse:  In de Knipscheer, 1984.

                     .  De Laatste Dagen van Louisiana Red.  Nederlandse:  In de Knipscheer,

                     .  Mumbo Jumbo.  London:  Allison & Busby, [1988].  First British edition.

                     .  Mumbo Jumbo.  Barcelona, Buenos Aires:  Ediciones Grijalbo, 1975.  In

                     .  Mumbo Jumbo.  Milano:  Rizzoli Editore, 1981.  In Italian.

                     .  Mumbo Jumbo.  Milano:  Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, 1991.  In Italian.

                     .  The Terrible Threes.  New York:  Atheneum, 1989.  Special Collections
     PS3568 .E365 T369 1989.  Uncorrected advance proof.

                     .  The Terrible Twos.  London:  Allison & Busby: W. H. Allen & Co.,
     1990.  Special Collections PS3568 .E365 T4 1990.  Two copies, one hardback and one

                     .  The Terrible Twos.  New York:  St. Martin's/Marek, c1982.  Special
     Collections PS3568 .E365 T4.  Advance proofs (uncorrected).  Two copies.

                     .  Die Weihnachtsmann Connection.  Frankfurt am Main:  Fischer
     Taschenbuch Verlag, 1993.  First German edition.

                     .  Los Ultimos dias de Louisiana Red.  Madrid:  Narrativa Mondadori,
     1991.  In Spanish.

                     .  Yellow Back Radio Broke-down.  Tokyo:  Pharaoh, [1969].  In Japanese.

     Series XII.2.  Books written by others, 1965-1986

Austin, Nancy, Robert Beaver, and Eric Abrahamson (eds.)  Let it Fly: a national student
     anthology.  Volume 2.  Berkeley:  National Student Anthology, 1979.  Ishmael Reed is
     listed as an "inspiration" and provides an endorsement (back cover).

Baraka, Amiri.  The Sidney Poet Heroical: in 29 scenes.  New York:  I. Reed Books, 1979. 
     Morris PS3552 .A583 S5 1979 and Special Collections PS3552 .A583 S5x 1979.

Berge, Carol.  Secrets, Gossip and Slander.  New York:  I. Reed Books, 1984.  Morris PS3552
     .E716 S42x 1984.  Three copies.

Cannon, Steve.  Jambalaya.  New York:  Reed, Cannon, & Johnson, [1975].  Morris PS615 .J36

Cenizas: literature and art.  No. 1.  San Francisco:  Romax, 1979 Nov.  

Fire 10.  Norfolk, England:  Daedalus Press, [n.d.]  First edition, one of 1500 copies.

Gross, Ronald.  "List."  Kinetic Pop Poem, c1967.  Fold out prose poem.

Gunn, Bill.  Black Picture Show.  Berkeley:  Reed, Cannon, & Johnson Communications Co.,
     1975.  Two copies.

Hagedorn, Jessica Tarahata.  Dangerous Music.  San Francisco:  Momo's Press [Cranium Press],
     1975.  Special Collections Folio PS3558 .A3228 D6x.  Inscribed to Reed by Hagedorn.
Harjo, Joy.  What Moon Drove Me To This?  New York:  I. Reed Books, 1979.  Morris PS 3558
     .A62423 W5.

Harris, Jana.  This House That Rocks With Every Truck on the Road.  Fairfax, California:  Jungle
     Garden Press, 1976.  Drawings by Carl Dern.  Three hundred copies printed.  Inscribed to
     Al Young by Harris.

Hernton, Calvin C.  Medicine Man:  collected poems.  New York:  Reed, Cannon & Johnson,
     1976.  Morris PS3558 .E695 M4 1976.  Two copies.

Kupferberg, Tuli.  Was It Good For You Too?  New York:  Vanity Press, 1983.  Inscribed to
     Reed by Kupferberg.

Leong, George.  A Lone Bamboo Doesn't Come From Jackson St.  San Francisco:  Isthmus Press,

Lyle, Curtis.  15 Predestination Weather Reports.  Venice, California:  Beyond Baroque
     Foundation, 1977.  Morris PS3562 .Y408 F5 1977.

Mars, Louis.  The Crisis of Possession in Voodoo.  [s.l.]:  Reed, Cannon & Johnson Co., 1977. 
     Morris BL2490 .M27x 1977.  Two copies.

Miller, E. Ethelbert.  Andromeda.  Boulder Creek, California:  Chiva Publications, 1974.

Miller, E. Ethelbert.  The Land of Smiles and the Land of No Smiles.  [s.l.]:  [s.n.], 1974.

Mills, Alison.  Francisco.  Berkeley:  Reed, Cannon & Johnson Communications Co., 1974.

Ola, Ngozi O. (ed.)  Strangefruit.  Cambridge, Massachusetts:  Harvard University, Department
     of Afro-American Studies, [1980].  Includes an introduction by Ishmael Reed.

Pandemonium.  Cambridge, Massachusetts:  Living Color Productions Inc., 1986.  Limited first
     edition, 500 copies.

Reedy, T. J.  Less Than a Score, But a Point.  New York:  Random House/Vintage Books, 1974. 
     Uncorrected first proof.

Saar, Lezley.  Yolanda and the Strange Objects.  Berkeley:  I. Reed Books, 1978.

Soulbook: the quarterly journal of revolutionary America.  Volume 1 No. 2.  Berkeley: 
     Afroamerican Research Institution, 1965.

Troupe, Quincy.  Snake-Back Solos.  New York:  I. Reed Books, 1978.  Morris PS3570 .R63 S6
     and Special Collections PS3570 .R63 S6 1978.

Umbra Anthology 1967-1968.  New York:  Society of Umbra, [1968].

Walton, Ortiz M.  Coronation of the King: Duke Ellington's contributions of Black culture. 
     Berkeley:  Letters and Science Extension, University of California, 1969.  Pamphlet for
     the Symposium "The Great Duke Ellington," Berkeley, September 28-29, 1969.

Wong, Shawn.  Homebase.  New York:  I. Reed Books, 1979.  With dustjacket.

Wong, Shawn.  Baum des Himmels.  Frankfurt am Main:  Nexus Verlag, 1982.  German edition
     of Homebase.

Writers & Books.  Set of commemorative bookmarks in celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of
     Writers & Books.  Includes 10 bookmarks, each featuring a poet and poem.  Poets
     include:  John Ashbery, Robert Creeley, Gu Cheng, Rita Dove, Jessica Hagedorn, Lucille
     Clifton, W. S. Merwin, Grace Paley, Ishmael Reed, and Anne Waldman.  Reed's poem is

Wyatt, Faricita.  By the Banks of the River.  Oakland, California:  Lawton and Alfred Kennedy,
     1974.  An edition of 1000 copies.

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, novels, plays, poems, essays, reviews, speeches, magazines, posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, broadsides, photographs, artwork, books, galley and page proofs, financial documents, catalogs, programs, photocopies, sound recordings, schedules, comic books, notes, transcripts, awards, certificates, minutes, audiovisual recordings, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1998-1999 by Shiela Pardee, completed by Anita Wellner.

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