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VIII. Literary and Professional Correspondence, 1963-1995

Extent: 3 linear ft.

Contents: Letters, cards, postcards, drawings, notes, clippings, photographs, brochures, flyers.

Arrangement: Series VIII.1, Individual Correspondence, is arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent. Series VIII.2, General Correspondence, has two subseries: letters to Ishmael Reed, and letters from Ishmael Reed. Each subseries is arranged chronologically by folder and within folder, with undated materials for each year at the end. Undated letters which were originally contained in a dated folder remain with the folders for that year or span of years. Other undated materials are in separate folders at the end of the subseries. Series VIII.3, Requests, has five subseries: Submission Requests, Requests to Comment, Permission to Publish, Recommendations, and Miscellaneous Requests. Each subseries is in chronological order. The remaining series are also in chronological order: Series VIII.4, Literary Information; Series VIII.5, Invitations; and Series VIII.6; Rejection Slips.


The Literary and Professional Correspondence subsection contains correspondence relating to Reed's professional life and concerns in general, but not necessarily or primarily concerned with specific projects. Materials of many kinds are included, ranging from theoretical discussion with colleagues to requests for autographs. There are letters from every period of Reed's writing career, from just before the publication of his first novel, The Freelance Pallbearers (1967) through the publication of Japanese by Spring (1993). This series is particularly important in documenting Reed's literary reputation and the effect of his writing, appearances, and collaborative projects on his peers and his readers.

The Individual Correspondence series (VIII.1) is formed from the author's files on individual correspondents or from letters removed from other sections of the collection, presumably because the correspondents were perceived to be of particular literary or historical interest. In some cases, folders for a correspondent include other materials, such as clippings, manuscripts, resumes, recommendation forms, and letters or copies of letters from others which relate to the named correspondent. In a few cases, a letter or copy of a letter from Ishmael Reed to the correspondent is included, although most letters from Reed are in the General Correspondence subseries. Correspondents include artists, such as Bettye Saar and Gerald Duane Coleman, and musicians, such as Ortiz Walton and Johnny Otis, as well as writers and academics.

The General Correspondence series (VIII.2) is based on the author's chronological files. These folders were dated with a year or span of years only. Items are arranged in chronological order within the folders, and additional correspondence in the collection which relates to general literary and professional concerns has been interfiled in the appropriate folders. In a few cases, folders had more specific labels, and these have been retained. Folders of undated materials not originally belonging to dated folders are at the end of the series, along with a folder of detached pages. There is a variety of correspondence in these files, and some materials related to specific appearances, works, academic duties, and other professional projects is included. Additional correspondence by individuals included in the named correspondence series is also present.

Series VIII.2 is divided into two subseries: letters to Ishmael Reed, and letters from Ishmael Reed. Letters from Reed are generally carbon or photocopies of typed letters, but there are a few in the author's hand. Some outgoing letters contain autograph notations. Others are obviously drafts that were not mailed, and one folder of letters retains the original folder designation, "mailed and unmailed." In some cases, short letters to more than one individual are typed on the same sheet. A few letters of reply to Reed or letters from others relating to his correspondence are included. There are also some letters from Reed which are of a personal rather than a literary or professional nature.

Series VIII.3, Requests, contains letters of specific types such as those requesting permission to publish or reprint Reed's work, or those requesting submission of original work for publication. The arrangement does not distinguish between answered and unanswered letters or between requests to which Reed responded and those he ignored or turned down. In many cases, however, initial correspondence relating to a specific appearance, work, or project is filed with other related materials in the appropriate series. There is also a subseries of Requests to Appear in Series VI. The majority of the letters in the subsection Requests to Comment are those accompanying advance copies of books by other authors with requests for a comment from Reed to use in the book's publicity. The Miscellaneous Requests subsection contains requests for autographs, information, and favors. Letters requesting recommendations for students and colleagues are found in the Recommendations subsection, along with forms, notes, resum‚s, and a few draft letters from Reed. Letters requesting recommendation can also be found in subseries VIII.1 and VIII.2. (Individual and General Correspondence) and in Series V (Academic).

Subseries VIII.4, Literary Information, consists of brochures, flyers, announcements, newsletters, and similar materials sent to Reed. Subseries, VIII.5, Invitations, and VIII.6, Rejection Slips, are based on existing folders of these types of letters. Other invitations and rejection slips can also be found in the Individual and General Correspondence files.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

48        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence, 1963-1995
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence, 1963-1995

     F1   Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1988-1989
          Letters from Abdul-Jabbar and his staff regarding Reed's novel.

     F2   Anaya, Rudolpho, 1979-1980
          Includes a request for an evaluation of Anaya's work from the University of New
          Mexico. (4 items)

     F3   Angelou, Maya, 1976
          Telegram congratulating Reed on New York Times article. (1 item)

     F4   Atwood, Margaret, 1979
          1 letter.

     F5   Baker, Houston, 1974-1977
          3 TLSs, 1 ALS from Baker.  TL photocopy of draft letter to Black History
          Museum from Reed addressing Baker's criticism of The Last Days of Louisiana
          Red with holograph notations (some in another hand) and a signed note to "Joye." 

     F6   Bambara, Toni Cade, 1981-1987
          1 TL, 1 TLS, 2 TC, 1 ANS.

     F7   Banks, Russell, 1989
          TLS, ACS.

     F8   Baraka, Amiri, 1990-1994
          Photocopy of "Apartheid At Rutgers: An Open Letter" with AN to Reed and 1

     F9   Barth, John, 1969 and 1980
          1 ALS and 1TLS.

     F10  Barthelme, Donald, 1985
          4 TLSs. Two are addressed to Reed, one to "Colleagues," and one to "Committee

48        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F11  Batchelor, John Calvin,  n.d.
          ANS.  SOHO Weekly News Letterhead.  Additional signature: Ron Whyte.

     F12  Bellamy, Joe David, 1977; 1992
          2 TLSs, 1 ACS to Reed.  Photocopy TL to Bellamy from Bob Callahan.

     F13  Borovsky, Natasha, 1986
          1 TLS.

     F14  Boyle, Kay, 1976-1988
          2 ALSs, one with envelope.  2 photocopies TL to Reed.  1 ACS.  Photocopy of
          Boyle's response to Life magazine's "Why are we Here" article with autograph
          note to Reed about the article.

     F15  Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1987; 1994
          1 ALS and 1ACS.  Photocopy of TL from Haki R. Madhubuti concerning
          Brooks's 70th birthday with autograph signature and greeting from Madhubuti.

     F16  Brown, Cecil, 1985; n.d.
          TL, TLS, and note with address. (2 items)

     F17  Brown, Charles, 1971
          The Night Times, October 15-26.  Issue with article on Charles Brown, inscribed
          by Brown.  Removed to oversize box.

     F18  Brown, Claude, 1972-1976
          1 ALS. Operation Solidarity business card.  TLS from Mickie Mackay, Director of
          Publicity, Stein and Day Publishers concerning Reed's review of Brown's book The
          Children of Ham with photocopy of the book's preface.  Clipping, "News from
          Claude Brown," Santa Barbara News-Press, 16 Aug, 1972.  Tear sheets of "The
          Group" by Claude Brown, New York Times Magazine, 16 Dec, 1973 removed to

     F19  Brown, Wesley, 1983-1986
          1 ALS. Clipping of Brown's review in Voice Literary Supplement (1986) and vita.

     F20  Brownmiller, Susan, 1984
          1 TNS

48        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F21  Bryant, Jerry, 1972-1976
          7 TLSs, 1 TLS with missing first page.  1 ALS.  Photocopies of Bryant's review of
          Last Days of Louisiana Red and Bryant's article "Individuality and Fraternity:
          Novels of William Gardner Smith."

     F22  Bullins, Ed, 1975
          1 TLS, tickets to Bullins's play Daddy, playbill for the one-act plays (A Son, Come
          Home, Leavings, and The Work Gets Done) by Bullins, copy of Bullins's resumé,
          and expense report from Bullins for directing Reed's play Savage Wilds.

     F23  Burrows, Vinie, 1969-1975
          1 TLS with holograph note.  Brochures on Burrows one-woman show Walk
          Together Children. 1 TLS.  With carbon copies of  letters to Sister Mary Hester
          Valentine, Dr. Richard A. Lawson, and Dr. Ann W. Barnard concerning her show.

     F24  Callahan, Robert, n.d.
          2 TLSs.

     F25  Cartiér, Xam Wilson; Hayes, Xam Wilson, 1986-1990; n.d.
          8 TLSs, 1 ALS, 3 TCSs.  Excerpt from Cartiér's Be-Bop, Re-Bop and letter from
          Chris Cox, Ballantine editor, requesting a comment about the novel from Reed. 
          Photocopy of book jacket for Be-Bop, Re-Bop with Reed's comment.  Photocopy
          of Valerie Smith's review of Cartiér's novel in New York Times Book Review (1987
          Dec 13), with an autograph "post-it" note to Reed from Cartiér.  Letter from
          Robert DeMaria, Vassar College English Department to thank Reed for
          recommending Cartiér for a position there.  Blank postcard addressed to Cartiér. 
          AN from Xam Wilson Hayes (phone numbers).

     F26  Chin, Frank, 1986, 1994
          3 TLSs.  1 TL.  1 TLS from Sandra Kalagian, Coffee House Press, requesting a
          back cover comment for Chin's book Gunga Din Highway.  Typed memo from
          Chin to "Arts and Entertainment" regarding stereotypical portrayal of Chinese. 
          Announcement of death of a colleague, Dorothy Yoshimori.

     F27  Coleman, Gerald Duane, 1979-1983
          2 ALSs, 1 original cartoon by Coleman, promotional materials and photocopied
          clippings on Coleman's art.  A paper bag illustrated with a Coleman drawing has
          been removed to an oversize box.

48        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F28  Creeley, Robert, 1976
          Ts introductory note by Creeley for See All The People by Daniel Zimmerman.

     F29  Cruz, Victor Hernandez, 1985
          1 TLS.  Announcement of Cruz/Reed Reading at Walden Pond Books.  TLS from
          Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation thanking Reed for nominating Cruz.

     F30  Davis, Charles T., 1980
          Letter to "Members of the Calhoun Community, Yale University," invitation to
          Davis's retirement dinner, Davis's vita and sabbatical project proposal.

     F31  Davis, Thulani, 1973, 1975
          TLS, ALS, ANS.

     F32  Dawson, Fielding, 1971
          TCS and photocopy of ad for Dawson's novel The Mandalay Dream with quote
          from Reed.

     F33  Eckels, Jon  1972, 1985
          4 ALSs.  Photocopies of Echels untitled poem and the introduction to his
          Biography of Ted Cunningham.  Photocopy of letter from Reed to Ann Freedgood
          giving Eckels location at Stanford.

     F34  Ellis, Trey, 1986
          1 TLS.

          Fabio, Sarah Webster 
     F35  (I), 1970-1972
          3 ACSs.  Copy of Fabio's conference lecture, "The Black Intellectual and the Crisis
          in Education in the U.S.A," and correspondence concerning the conference. 
          Program for "Black Writers and their Writing" (1971 Jan 22-24).  Newsletter from
          Reed concerning a publication project.  Brochure on artwork of Joe Overstreet. 
          Photocopy TLS from Fabio to Doubleday editor Loretta Barrett.  See also:  III. 
          Manuscripts by others--Fabio, Sarah Webster and VI. Appearances--1971: Jan 22
     F36  (II), 1973-1979
          3 TLSs, 6 ALSs, 1ANS. Invitation to Renee Fabio's wedding.  Flyer for Cheryl
          Fabio's photoessay.  Copies of petition for an honorary doctorate to Sarah Fabio
          from Fisk.  Tribute to Sarah Fabio program and draft of Reed's remarks.

48        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F37  Fabre, Michel, 1975-1989
          6 TLSs from Fabre to Reed.  1 TL from Reed to Fabre.

49   F38  Fair, Ron, 1969-1975
          17 TLSs to Reed, 12 ALSs to Reed, 1 TL with page(s) missing from Reed to Fair. 
          Letter to Lynn Deming, Doubleday in reference to Fair's review of Yellow Back
          Radio Broke Down.  Letter from Fran McCullough, Harper & Row, concerning
          Fair's return from Copenhagen.  Copy of letter from Fair to the Guggenheim
          Foundation with autograph note to Reed.  TL(c) concerning publishing project
          with autograph note to Reed.

     F39  Farmer, Philip Jose, n.d.
          TLS (cc) to "Larry" about The Free Lance Pallbearers.

     F40  Federman, Ray, 1974-1991
          1 ALS, 4 TLSs.  TLS from Donald W. Rennie, State University of New York at
          Buffalo, to Reed requesting an evaluation of Federman's qualifications.

     F41  Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, 1973-1976
          1 ALS, 1 TLS, 2 ACSs, and a bookmark announcement of Ferlinghetti's Literary
          San Francisco.

     F42a Field, Edward, 1977 Mar 12

     F42b Fiedler, Leslie A., 1976
          3 TLSs, 1 to Steve Cannon

     F43  Foreman, Doyle, n.d.
          2 CSs, 1 with TNS.  1 ACS.  Invitation to Forman exhibit reception. 1 ink
          drawing.  Matchbook cover and record sleeve with pencil drawings.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F44  Fuller, Hoyt W., 1975-1976
          2 TLSs.

     F45  Gates, Henry Louis, 1974-1992
          12 TLSs, 1 ALS to Reed.  Photocopy of a review by Gates with AN to Reed. 
          TLS to Sheldon Meyer, Oxford University Press (cc: Ishmael Reed) concerning
          publication of Harry Hyatt encyclopedia of Hoodoo with introduction by Reed. 
          Memo to John Blassingame and Robert Thompson (cc: Ishmael Reed) concerning
          Hyatt publication. TLS with missing first page.  Photocopies of Gates typescript
          pages:  "Bring Back Amos and Andy" (first page only) and "The Sixth Type of
          Mask" (incomplete chapter, 11 pp.).  TLS from Reeve Parker to Reed requesting a
          letter of recommendation for Gates with Gates's curriculum vitae.  ANS on fax
          cover sheet from Reed to Gates.

     F46  Gayle, Addison, n.d.
          1 ALS, 1TLS,  photocopy of Gayle letter to the editor, New York Times Book
          Review. Fragment of envelope with Gayle's address.

     F47  Giddins, Gary, 1986-1989
          2 TLSs.

     F48  Ginsburg, Allen, 1988-1993
          I TLS, 1 ALS, 1 envelope.  TLS to Reed from Charles Upton concerning the
          "Ginsberg/Trungpa question."

     F49  Goldstein, Richard, 1970
          2 TLSs.

     F50  Gomez, Linda, 1976-1988
          2 TLSs, 1 ALS.  Letter of recommendation for Reed.  Gomez's Life business

     F51  Gover, Robert, 1971; 1975
          2 TLSs.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F52  Gross, Ronald, n.d.
          TLS concerning recantation to New York Times Magazine with copy of

     F53  Gunn, Bill, 1980-1984
          2 ALSs, 1 TLS to Reed.  1 ALS with envelope to "Gundars" about getting in
          touch with Reed.  Copy of budget sheet for Gunn's "Love Story/Black.  Mailgram
          from Reed to Gunn.

     F54  Gysin, Brion, 1982

     F55a Hagedorn, Jessica, 1974-1987
          5 ALSs, 4 TLSs, 4 ACSs, and 3 TCSs.  2 TLS from Stephen Vincent, Hagedorn's
          editor, concerning her novel Dangerous Music, and invitation to book party. 

     F55b Haley, Alex, 1983 May 8
          ACS inscribed to Tennessee Reed.

     F56  Halpern, Daniel, 1981-1986
          6 TLS.

     F57  Harper, Michael, 1974-1978
          4 TLS.  1 TLS from Harper to Anne Freedgood mentioning Reed.

     F58  Harris, Jana, 1978

     F59  Harris, William J., 1975-1988
          6 TLSs, 5 ALSs, 3 ACSs.  Photocopy of Harris review with autograph note to
          Reed.  TLS from Ruth Miller, State University of New York at Stony Brook, to
          Reed requesting letter of recommendation for Harris.  Copies of TLSs to Harris
          from Edward D. King and Susan McGregor Denny, University of Missouri Press,
          concerning publication of Harris's proposed work on Ishmael Reed.  ALS from
          Reed to Harris.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F60  Hass, Robert, [n.d.]
          1 TLS.

     F61  Hernton, Calvin, 1987-1991

     F62  Herscovitz, Marcia, 1967-1973
          2 TLSs, 5 ALSs, and 2 Handmade cards.  ALS to "David" who had been living at
          "Ish's place."  ACS to Carla [Reed].  Page from Look magazine, January 7, 1969,
          part of "Black Artist" article.   

     F63  Heyer, Bill, 1973-1974
          1 ALS, 1 TLS.

     F64  Himes, Chester and Lesley, 1969-1990
          4 ALSs, 2 partial ANS (3 p.), 18 TLSs, 1 CS, 1 ACS,  and 1 AN.  2 TLS and 3
          ALS from Lesley Himes, and copies of letters from Lesley to "John y Lori"  and
          "Phyllis" written after Chester became bedridden.  ACS from Lesley.  1 ANS to
          Carla [Reed].  ALS from Robin Hall to Ishmael about the return of some keys--
          probably used by Chester and Lesley during a stay at the Reeds' home.  ALS from
          Mac Kellar to Ishmael Reed regarding a possible memorial issue for Himes. TLS
          to Reed from Erroll McDonald of Random House regarding publication of 3 of
          Himes's novels.  Typed draft of a paragraph about Himes.  Clippings and
          photocopies of articles about Himes.  Photocopy of an article on Himes from the
          Journal of American Studies, April 1978 by A. Robert Lee with AN to Ishmael
          from "Bob."  Photocopy of part of an unidentified article about Himes's writing (p.

     F65  Hoffman, Daniel, 1974
          1 TLS.

     F66  Hone, Jinx, 1991
          Clipping of Hone's obituary.

     F67  Hongo, Garrett, 1978-1985
          1 ACS.  4 TLS. 1 ALS.  1TNS.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F68  Hughes, Langston, 1966-1971
          1 ACS, 1 TCS.  TLS with enclosed Hughes poem "Bitter Brew." TLS to Reed
          from Raoul Abdul, Hughes Secretary, about Hughes anthology The Poetry of the
          Negro.  TLS to Reed from John B. Nelson of Prentice-Hall announcing Black
          Magic: A Pictorial History of the Negro in American Entertainment by Hughes
          and Meltzer.  Announcement from Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers of a biography
          of Hughes by Meltzer.  Photocopies of Hughes obituary and other articles about
     F69  Hunter, Kristin, 1974-1980
          2 TLSs, 1 ALS, 1 ACS.  1 TLS from Faith Donovan at Charles Scribner's
          requesting comment on Hunter's book The Survivors.

     F70  Inada, Lawson, 1971; 1984
          2 TLSs.

     F71  Joans, Ted, 1985-1988; n.d.
          ALS, ACS, and AN.  Photocopied letter with autograph note, signature, and date.
          TLS from Phyllis Bischof, Africana Librarian, UC Berkeley, regarding Reed's
          introduction for Joans's poetry reading.  One ALS in on the verso of a 1987 poster
          (removed to oversize).

     F72  Johnson, Charles, 1975-1989
          5 TLSs.  1 TLS from Will Broaddus at Atheneum requesting comment from Reed
          on Johnson's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

     F73  Jones, James Earl, 1977-1978
          2 TNSs.

     F74  Jones, Quincy, n.d.
          1 TLS.

     F75  Kageyama, Yuri, 1984-1987
          1 ALS, 4 TLSs, and 2 partial TLSs.  Includes a TL (x) from Reed to Nate Johnson
          of the National Endowment for the Arts recommending support for Kageyama's
          trip to Japan.  Also includes TLS to Reed from Susan Felix, President of the
          Berkeley Civic Arts Commission announcing approval of a grant for his project to
          publish Kageyama's poetry.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F76  Katzman, Allan, 1967-1984
          7 TLSs, 2 TLs, 1 ALS, and 2 ACSs.

     F77  Kelley, William Melvin, n.d.

     F78  Kennedy, Adrienne, 1981-1988
          8 ALSs, 3 ANSs, 2 ACSs.  Copy of a draft TL to Carol Christ, UC Berkeley
          English Department requesting a teaching assignment and mentioning discussion of
          the possibility with Reed.  Draft of a letter of recommendation for Kennedy with
          corrections in Reed's hand.  Memo from Christ announcing a reading by Kennedy's
          students.  TLS from Alice Quinn of Alfred A. Knopf to Reed requesting comment
          on Kennedy's memoir.  TL from Laurie Winer of Knopf acknowledging Reed's
          comment and giving edited version.  Copy of TLS from Elizabeth Taylor to
          Kennedy.  TCS to Reed from Susan L.W. Shambayati of U of Minnesota Press
          regarding classroom use of Kennedy's play In One Act.  

     F79  Kerouac, Jan, 1995

     F80  Killens, John Oliver  1972-1986    
          3 ALSs.  List of Killens's professional activities 1977-1986.  Photocopies of 
          Library Journal reviews.

     F81  Kincaid, Nanci  n.d.
          2 ACSs.

     F82  Kingston, Maxine Hong, 1990
          ALS, ACS, and business card.

     F83  Knight, Etheridge, 1975-1980  
          ALS.  Photocopy of newspaper article on Knight.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F84  Kostelanetz, Richard, 1972-1980
          7 TLSs with holograph corrections and additions, 2 TNSs, and 3 TCSs.  Graphic
          illustration with typed signature.  TL to Kostlanetz from Reed.  Information letters
          on Kostelanetz projects Essaying Essays and Assembling.  TLS from Betty
          Fitzpatrick of Sheed and Ward thanking Reed for his comment on Kostelanetz's
          The End of Intelligent Writing.

     F85  Leonard, John, 1971-1976
          TLS.  Telegram and copy of return telegram from Reed to Leonard regarding
          review of Edmund Murray's Kulubi.  Photocopy of Leonard editorial about Black
          writing.   New York Times Book Review style sheet for Reed's review of Jonathan
          Yardley's Upstate.  Proof pages of California Monthly article on Leonard.

     F86  Lermon, Rhoda, 1971

     F87  Lewis, Reginald F., 1991-1993
          TLS to Reed from Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., Executive Director United Church of
          Christ Commission for Racial Justice granting $25,000, made possible by the
          Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, Inc., to support his work.  Copy of letter from
          Lewis to Chavis which accompanied the check.  Clippings related to Lewis and
          Beatrice International, Inc. Business card for TLC Beatrice International.  TL to
          Reed from R. S. Meily, passing on thanks from Lewis for a book.  TLs from Reed
          to Lewis reporting on plans for use of grant money with holograph note in reply. 
          Typed drafts of "second submission" report to Lewis.   Registered mail receipt,
          Reed to Lewis.   Program for Lewis's memorial service and thank you note from
          his widow.  Original and edited fax of Reed's Utne Reader article "Reginald
          Lewes, Hero."

     F88  Loewinsohn, Ron, 1992-1993
          1 ALS and 1 TLS.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

          Lowenfels, Walter
     F89  (I), 1963-1965
          3 TLSs.  Pamphlet: Shall Freedom of Speech Apply to All Americans? or shall the
          Communists continue to be sacrificed on the altar of McCarthyism?:  The
          Speeches Before Sentencing of the Philadelphia Smith Act Defendants.  Includes
          "the right of the people to read and to listen" by Lowenfels, one of the defendants. 
          Book cover for Poets of Today: A New American Anthology edited by Walter
          Lowenfels.  Typed notes and memos.  Broadside announcement of New Jazz
          Poets, a record compiled and edited by Lowenfels.  Note from Lowenfels
          accompanying opening pages of "a first novel by Ishmael Reed" sent to Ben
          Raeburn, Horizon Press.
     F90  (II), 1966-1968
          6 Typed letters and notes, most signed. One with corrections.  2 ANSs.  One TCS. 
          Copy of TN to American Literary Exchange requesting funds for Reed so he can
          work on his novel with TN to Reed on copy.  Request forms for permission to
          reprint Reed's poem "The Gangster's Death" in Lowenfels's anthology Where is
          Vietnam?  TL (x) to "Nan and Lil" with TNS to Reed on copy.   Copies of old
          letters, an announcement for a poetry recital, and a poem by Lowenfels, all with
          typed notes to Reed.  Clippings: reviews of Where is Vietnam? and The Portable
          Lowenfels.  2 ANSs to Reed from Lowenfels's wife Lillian.  Announcement for
          Walter Lowenfels' Peace Poems.
     F91  (III), 1969-1980
          4 TLSs.  Request for comments on Walt Whitman's 150th birthday for Lowenfels's
          American Dialog with autograph note to Reed.  14 TNSs.  4 TNs.  2 ANSs.  2
          letters from Gay Talese at Random House regarding editing of Reed poem "In a
          Time of Revolution" for publication.  Photostat copy of poem, "The Last Echo." 
          TNS to Reed from Lillian Lowenfels.  Photocopy description of Lowenfels's career
          by an unidentified author.  Copies of articles on Lowenfels.  Requests for work for
          anthologies, copy of a Lowenfels letter to the editor of the Authors Guild Bulletin,
          poems, an old literary note, clippings, all with autograph or typed notes to Reed. 
          Flyer advertisements for Lowenfels anthologies.  TN (may be draft) to Lowenfels,
          presumably from Reed.  Invitation to Lowenfels' wedding anniversary.  ACS from
          Nina Serrano requesting submissions for Lowenfels's anthology on Chile and
          Neruda.  Invitation to memorial for Lillian Lowenfels.  Copy of an article on
          Whitman by Maurice Mendelson with enclosure note to Reed.  TLS from Manna
          Lowenfels Perpelitt to Reed regarding posthumous publication of Lowenfels's
          Autobiography of an Empire.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

          Lubin, Maurice 
     F92  (I), 1970-1971
          Card, TLS, 3 ALSs, 2 CSs, and 1 ACS.    
     F93  (II), 1965
          Publications by Lubin:  Quelques Poètes Haïtiens de la Jeune Génération and
          L'Afrique dans la Poesie haitienne.

     F94  Madhubuti, Haki R., 1987

     F95  Major, Clarence, 1969-1981
          1 ANS with flier promoting Major's work which includes a prose-poem review of
          All-Night Visitors by Reed.  5 TLSs, 1 with autograph note.  TLS to Reed from
          Harriet Ritvo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology requesting a letter of
          recommendation for Major.  TLS to Reed from Patrice Vecchione of the Black
          Scholar Press requesting comment on Major's book The History of Rape.  Los
          Angeles Free Press "Living Arts" section with article by Major (1969 Mar 7)
          removed to oversize.

     F96  Mars, Louis, 1976-1978
          TLS.  ACS.  Typescript and photocopy articles on Mars's work in French.    Brief
          bibliography relating to Vodou in French.  Articles by Mars in pamphlet form:  "La
          Littérature Haïtienne et L'avenir de la Langue Française en Haïti";
          "L'Ethnopsychiatrie et la Schizophrénie en Haiti"; "La psychiatrie au service du
          tiers-monde.  Nouvelle considération."  Photocopies of draft title page, table  of
          contents, introduction, and bibliography of The Crisis of Possession in Voodoo. 
          Copy of Mars's 1966 publication Temoignages I (essai ethnopsychologique).

     F97  Martin, Reginald, 1987-1991
          5 ALSs, TLS.  Photocopy College English Association award to Martin for his
          essay "New Ideas for Old: New Black Aesthetic."  Photograph of Martin.  Copy of
          TL from Martin to Ron Sukenick of Memphis State University accompanying
          submission of Martin's novel Everybody Know What Time It Is for an award. 
          Invitation to Martin's wedding.

     F98  Maynard, Robert, 1985

49        Series VIII.  Literary and Professional Correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual Correspondence (cont'd)

     F99  McCaffery, Larry, n.d.
          TLS (incomplete).

     F100 McFeely, W.S., 1991

     F101 McGilligan, Patrick, n.d.
          1 TLS and 1 TLS (copy).

     F102 McHugh, Heather, 1989

     F103 McMillan, Terry, 1976-1990
          7 TLSs (one with request for recommendation and forms), ALS, TCS, 2 ACSs, 
          CS, ANS, and clipping.  TL (copy) from Reed to Jenny McKean Moore
          recommending McMillan for a position as writer-in-residence.  TLS to Reed from
          Gerald Mansman of the University of Arizona requesting evaluation of McMillan
          for promotion.

     F104 McMurty, Larry, 1989
          TLS and TL (incomplete).

     F105 Meredith, William, 1976

     F106 Miles, Josephine, 1980

     F107 Minsky, Mark

     F108 Moore, Carman, 1983-1987
          3 ALSs.  TL (cc with autograph note to Reed) Moore to Nathan Huggins, Harvard
          University, regarding the Guest Professor Program.  TLS to Colleen [J. McElroy]
          from Carman (cc) regarding Wild Gardens of the Loup Garou.  Audio cassette of
          taped radio interview with Moore and selections from Wild Gardens of the Loup
          Garou removed to Series XI. Media.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F109 Morgan, Robin, 1991
     F110 Morrison, Toni, 1974-1987
          3 TLSs.  Invitation to a UC Berkeley dinner honoring Morrison.

     F111 Mukerji, Bharat,  1991
          2 ANS.

     F112 Myles, Glenn, n.d.
          4 posters removed to oversize box.  Partial TS of article on Myles by Reed.

     F113 Neal, Larry, 1971
          TLS.  Copy of written material accompanying Neal's workshop in Creativity.  TL
          Reed to Neal.

     F114 Newman, Charles, n.d.

     F115      Newman, Francisco, 1974-1976
          2 ALSs, ANS, 2 ACSs, AC, and mailgram.  Cartoon "The Ishmael Reader." 
          Pacific film archive screening calendar with screenings of Newman's films marked
          and an autograph note (removed to oversize box).  Section of The Daily
          Californian, April 16, 1974, with article on Newman film signed by Newman
          (removed to oversize box).

     F116 Newman, Mike, 1973-1977
          2 TLSs, TN, TCS, 2 CSs (1 with illustrated AN enclosed).  TL (copy) from Anne
          Freedgood to Newman with autograph notes to Reed.  Las Vegas Sun Scene
          Magazine with poems by Newman and his wife Paula Ann Eskenasy (removed to
          oversized box).  Photocopy author's note for Newman's Players. Las Vegas Jazz
          Society newsletter, Think Jazz, Oct and Nov 1976 and Jan 1977, edited by Mike
          and Paula Newman.

     F117 Ng, Fae Myenne, n.d.
          TLS (copy).

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F118 Nicosia, Gerry, 1991
          TLS and 2 TCSs.

     F119 Nimrod (Malone, Carl S.), n.d.
          Music and lyrics for 3 of Nimrod's compositions.

     F120 Otis, Johnny, 1989
          TLS (copy).

     F121 Patterson, Charles, 1970-1972
          3 ALSs and 4ACSs.  Part of draft corrected typescript of "The Black Arts Its Rise
          And Fall" by Charles Lennox, which contains references to Charles Patterson and
          Ishmael Reed.

     F122 Phillips, J. J., 1989-1991
          3 TLSs.

     F123 Ploomp, Hans, n.d.
          ALS with TN.

     F124 Polite, Carlene Hatcher, 1975-1978
          2 ALs, 1 TL, and 1 ANS.

     F125 Pool, Marquita J., 1975-1977
          5 TLSs, 1ANS.  1 TL from Reed to Mr. & Mrs. St[e]phen C. Pool.  I TL signed
          by Stephen C. Pool.

     F126 Powell, Adam Clayton, III, 1987-1991
          1 TLS on Jesse Jackson letterhead. 1 ACS.  1 TL from Reed to Powell.

     F127 Prettyman, Al, n.d.
          1 ACS.

     F128 Price, Richard, 1974
          1 ALS.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

          Pritchard, Norman, 1965-1973; n.d.
          Many letters and notes are illustrated and/or hand-colored by Pritchard. 
     F129 (I). 1965-1967
          2 ALSs, 2 ACSs, 2 TLSs (1 with AN).
     F130 (II), 1968
          4 TLSs (1 with AN), 4 ALSs and 1 ACS.  
     F131 (III), 1969
          7 ALSs, 1 TLS, and 1 ACS. 
     F132 (IV), 1970-1973
          12 ACSs, 7 ALSs, I TL from Reed to Pritchard.  2 flyers for poetry concerts. 
          Photocopy of review with ANS.
     F133 (V), n.d.
          Advertisement for Destinations poetry recording featuring Pritchard.  Signed
          photograph of Pritchard.  9 pages poetry typescript: 1 signed, and 1 with
          corrections.  44 pages photocopied poems.  1 poem, "Autumnal," mimeograph
          copy with typed date added.  2 pages autograph notes.  2 pages photocopied notes
          with manuscript additions.  Signed, dated illustration.  Clipping for a reading
          including Pritchard.  Tearsheets of article about Pritchard in Black Youth.
     F134 (VI), 1973
          Announcements for readings given in Pritchard's poetry workshop at New School
          For Social Research.

     F135 Roach, Max, 1988
          Autograph copy of Roach's statement:  "Ishmael Reed is the Charlie Parker of
          American Fiction" (dated 4/9/88).

     F136 Ross, Michael E., 1992

     F137 Saar, Betye and Saar, Lezley, 1973-1990; n.d.
          TLS, ACS from Betye Saar.  3 ALSs, ACS from Lezley Saar, Betye's daughter, to
          Reed.  See also:  I.4.  Works--Essays and Articles--Shrovetide in Old New
          Orleans--Betye Saar, Artist and II.2.  Interviews--By Ishmael Reed--Saar, Betye.

     F138 Sanders, Ed, 1991
          TLS (copy).

49        Series VIII.  Literary and rofessional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F139 Schultz, Chiz, 1971-1984
          1 TLS, 1 ACS.

     F140 Scott, Jimmy, 1992
          1 Fax.

     F141 Shange Ntozake, 1976-1990
          2 ACSs, 1 ALS, 1 TLS.  TLS to Ishmael Reed from Jane Beirn, publicity manager
          of St. Martin's Press, requesting Reed's comments on Shange's book Ridin the
          Moon in Texas.

     F142 Silko, Leslie, 1974-1978
          4 ALSs, 1 partial ALS, 2 TLSs with autograph note, and 1 TCS.  Clipping
          regarding Silko and her contribution to the show "America More or Less."  TLS
          from Jeannette M. Seaver at Richard Seaver Books requesting a comment on
          Silko's novel Ceremony.

     F143 Simic, Charles, 1990
          TLS, ACS.

     F144 Simpson, Mona, 1985-1986
          1 ALS, 1 TLS.

     F145 Sneed, James, 1986
          2 TLSs.  1 TLS from Sneed to Jared Kieling at St. Martin's Press with photocopy
          of Sneed's review of Reckless Eyeballing.

     F146 Sollers, Werner,1985-1994
          9 TLSs, TL with attached ANS, 3 ALSs, 1 TNS, and 1 ANS.  Incomplete TL draft
          on Sollers's letterhead to "Harold" regarding a There City Cinema grant.  TLS "TO
          WHOM IT MAY CONCERN"  letter of recommendation for Reed.

     F147 Spiegelman, Art, n.d.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence, (cont'd)

     F148 Steptoe, Lammot B., 1985-1988
          3 ALSs, 1 partial ALS, 1 ALS with attached ACS, 2 TLS, and 4 ACS.  Inscribed
          typescript of Steptoe's poem "For Etheridge Knight."  Photograph of Steptoe and
          companion.  Four copies of clippings, 3 with ANS and two fliers, each with ANS.

     F149 Steptoe, Robert, 1977
          ALS with signed partial typescript of Steptoe's introduction of Reed.

     F150 Stone, Chuck, 1974

     F151a     Sukenick, Ron, 1975-1992
          4 ALSs and 3 TLS.

     F151b     Sun Ra, [n.d.]
          Poster of Sun Ra and John Cage inscribed by Sun Ra to Reed.

     F152 Tanner, David, 1967-1968
          3 TLSs: 1 illustrated with pasted-on magazine pictures, 1 with holograph
          comments.  1 piece artwork and 1 handmade card, signed.

     F153 Thomas, Joyce Carol, 1982-1983
          2 TLSs, 1 ALS, and 1 ACS.  Invitation to book party for Thomas's Bright

     F154 Troupe, Quincy 1983, 1988
          ALS from Ishmael Reed to Quincy Troupe.  Photocopy ad for Miles by Miles
          Davis with Quincy Troupe.

     F155 Trudeau, Peirre Elliot, 1986

     F156 Vizenor, Gerald, 1985-1987
          1 ALS, 1 TLS with AN, 1 TL with AN, and 1 TLS.  TL to Ishmael Reed from
          Jean Casella, editor at Fiction Collective, requesting comment on Vizenor's novel
          Griever: An american Monkey King in China.

     F157 Waldman, Anne, 1976
          ALS on Naropa Institute letterhead.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence (cont'd)

     F158 Wallace, Michele, 1975-1987
          7 TLSs. Audiocassette of Reed's interview with Wallace removed to XI. Media.

     F159 Walton, Ortiz, 1969-1992
          1 AL, 1 ALS, 4 TLSs.  Copy TLS Delano E. Lewis, Staff Counsel to Edward W.
          Brooke, U. S. Senator from Massachusetts to Ortiz Walton, Albert Dennis, and
          Ishmael Reed responding to their information package on "cultural racism."  TLS
          to Reed from the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation regarding Walton's
          application for a fellowship.  Note on Walton and Boston Symphony.  TLS from
          Morrow Publishers to thank Reed for the quote for Walton Music: Black, White,
          and Blue.  Walton's booklet, Coronation of the King: Duke Ellington's
          Contributions to Black Culture, inscribed "To Ishmael Reed a prophetic genius." 
          Walton Bio sheet.  Articles on Walton and ad for Neo-Hoo-Doo-Jazz Band.

     F160 Weatherly, Thomas, Jr., 1969
     F161 Weixlmann, Joe, 1977-1980; n.d.
          TLS, 3 TNSs.  Photostat copy of TL to Weixlmann from Amiri Baraka.

     F162 Welch, Jim, 1974

     F163a     Weston, Randy, n.d.
          ACS and addressed professional card.

     F163b     White, Edmund, n.d.

     F164 Wideman, John Edgar, 1981-1994
          ALS.  TLS to Reed from Avon Books, requesting comment on Wideman's two
          new books.  TLS to Reed from MacArthur Fellows Program, requesting an
          evaluation of Wideman.  Clippings related to Wideman's book Philadelphia Fire. 
          See also II.2. Interviews by Ishmael Reed--Wideman, John Edgar and XI. Media. 
          Audiocassette, John E. Wideman and Ishmael Reed.

49        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Individual correspondence  (cont'd)

     F165 Williams, John A., 1984-1988
          7 TLSs, TL, 2 ANSs and 2 invitations.  Photocopy review of Williams's  film El

     F166 Wong, Shawn, 1977-1989
          8 TLSs and 1ALS.

     F167 Wright, C. D., 1988
     F168 Young, Al, 1971-1988
          4 TLSs, 5 ALSs, TNS, 2 ANSs.  Fax of poem The Art of Disappearing by Naomi
          Shihab Nye.  Description of Reed and family from Young's Likenesses: A Dream
          Journal.    Photostat copies of TL from Al Young to Fred Jordan of Evergreen
          Review and Jordan's reply.  TLS to Reed from Carolyn Sims with request for
          comment on Young's book The Song Turning Back Into Itself.  TLS from Jane
          Rosenman of Delacorte Press requesting comment on Young's Seduction by Light. 

     F169 Zarco, Cyn, 1975-1984
          2 TLSs, 2 ACSs, 1 written jointly with Kathy Chang.  Typescript copies of two
          poems by Zarco, "Making Out" and "The Night 2 Souls Were Lost In The
          Bermuda Triangle."

50        Series VIII.2.  General correspondence, 1966-1994
     F170 1966 - 1967
     F171 1968
     F172 1969
     F173 1970
     F174 1971
     F175 1972
     F176 1973
     F177 1974
     F178 1975 Jan-Jun
     F179      Jul-Dec

50        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.2.  General correspondence (cont'd)
     F180 [1975]    n.d.
     F181 1976
     F182 1977
     F183 1978
     F184 1979
     F185 "undated 70s"
     F186 1980
     F187 [1980]    n.d.
     F188 1981
     F189 1982 Jan-Jun
     F190      Jul-Dec
     F191 [1982]    n.d.
     F192 1983 Jan-Mar
     F193      Apr-Jun
     F194      Jul-Sep
     F195      Oct-Dec
     F196 [1983]    n.d.
     F197 [1983-1984] n.d.
     F198 1984 Jan-Mar
     F199      Apr-Jun
     F200      Jul-Sep
     F201      Oct-Dec
     F202 [1984 - 1985] n.d.
     F203 Re: Moscow Book Show,  1985 May-Sep
     F204 1985 Jan-Mar
     F205      Apr-Jun
     F206      Jul-Sep
     F207      Oct-Dec
     F208 [1985-1986] n.d.
     F209 1986 Jan-Mar

51   F210      Apr-Jun
     F211      Jul-Sep
     F212      Oct-Dec
     F213 [1986] n.d.

51        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.2.  General correspondence (cont'd)

     F214 1987:     Jan-Mar
     F215      Apr-Jun
     F216      Jul-Sep
     F217      Oct-Dec
     F218 [1987] n.d.
     F219 1988 Jan-Mar
     F220      Apr-Jun
     F221      Jul-Sep
     F222      Oct-Dec
     F223 [1988] n.d.
     F224 1989:     Jan-Mar
     F225      Apr-Jun
     F226      Jul-Sep
     F227      Oct-Dec
     F228 [1989] n.d.
     F229 1990
     F230 [1990] n.d.
     F231 1991
     F232 1992
     F233 1994

     F234 (I)
     F235 (II)
     F236 (III)
     F237 (IV)

     F238 Unattached pages

     F239 Appreciation and thanks, 1984-1986

51        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.2.  General correspondence (cont'd)

          Letters from Ishmael Reed, 1969-1994

     F240 1969-1970
     F241 1971
     F242 1972
     F243 1973
     F244 1974 Jan-Mar
     F245      Apr-Jun
     F246      Jul-Sep
     F247      Oct-Dec
     F248 1975
     F249 1976
     F250 1977
     F251 1978
     F252 1979
     F253 1980-1983
     F254 1984
     F255 1985
     F256 1986
     F257 1987
     F258 draft letters 1988
     F259 1988
     F260 1989
     F261 1992
     F262 1994
     F263 n.d.
     F264 "Mailed and unmailed," 1968-1972
     F265 To editors, n.d.

51        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)

          Series VIII.3.  Requests, 1967-1990

          Requests for submissions, 1967-1990
     F266 1967
     F267 1968
     F268 1969
     F269 1970
     F270 1971
     F271 1972
     F272 1973
     F273 1974
     F274 1975
     F275 1976
     F276 1977

52   F277 1978
     F278 1979
     F279 1980
     F280 1981
     F281 1982
     F282 1983
     F283 1984
     F284 1985
     F285 1986
     F286 1987
     F287 1988
     F288 1989
     F289 1990
     F290 n.d.

          Requests to comment, 1970-1988
     F291 1970 - 1988

52        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series VIII.3.  Requests (cont'd)

          Permission to publish, 1968-1989
     F292 1968-1969
     F293 1970
     F294 1971
     F295 1972
     F296 1973
     F297 1974
     F298 1975 - 1976    
     F299 1977
     F300 1979-1980
     F301 1981-1982
     F302 1983
     F303 1985
     F304 1986
     F305 1987
     F306 1988 - 1989
     F307 n.d.

          Recommendations, 1973-1990
     F308 1973 - 1979
     F309 1980 - 1985
     F310 1986 - 1990

          Miscellaneous requests, 1972-1990
     F311 1972
     F312 1973 - 1974
     F313 1975 - 1976
     F314 1977 - 1978
     F315 1979 - 1980    
     F316 1981 - 1982
     F317 1983 - 1984
     F318 1985
     F319 1986
     F320 1988
     F321 1989
     F322 1990
     F323 n.d.

52        Series VIII.  Literary and professional correspondence (cont'd)

          Series VIII.4.  Literary information, 1966-1994

     F324 [1966 - 1967]
     F325 1970 - 1971
     F326 1973
     F327 1974
     F328 1975
     F329 1976
     F330 "Arts and the Government," 1976 - 1977
     F331 1977-1979
     F332 1980
     F333 1981
     F334 1982
     F335 1983
     F336 1984
     F337 1985
     F338 1986
          Includes photographs of Kim R. Stafford, Clarence Major, Mary Barnard, and
          Anita Sullivan.
     F339 1987
     F340 1988
     F341 1989
     F342 1990-1994
     F343a     n.d.
     F343b     n.d.
     F344 SF Poetry Center, 1979; n.d.

          Series VIII. 5.  Invitations, 1968-1990
     F345 1968-1990

          Series VIII. 6.  Rejection slips, 1964-1981
     F346 1964-1981

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