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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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IV. Editing and Publishing, 1965-1992

Extent: 11.2 linear ft.

Contents: Poetry, fiction, essays, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, clippings, typescripts, galleys, proofs, paste ups, blue lines, books, photographs, drawings, artwork, notes, flyers, financial papers, legal papers.

Arrangement: Series IV. Editing and Publishing has been divided into seven subseries. Series IV.1. Early Projects has been arranged chronologically with some exceptions. Series IV.2. Yardbird has been subdivided into compilations under this name and the individually authored Wing Editions. Within these subheadings, arrangement is chronological. Series IV.3. I. Reed Books has been arranged alphabetically by author's last name, then by title, where applicable, with few exceptions. Series IV.4. Reed, Cannon and Johnson includes papers from a brief period in which the publishing house was known only as Reed Cannon. This period has been isolated in a subheading, and both subheadings have been arranged in chronological order with few exceptions. Series IV.5. Quilt has been arranged chronologically by publication. With the exception of River Styx (with which Reed was loosely associated), which falls at the end of the subseries, Series IV.6. Miscellaneous Publishing is arranged chronologically. Series IV.7. Submissions has been arranged alphabetically by author, with subheadings of Unsolicited Submissions and Miscellaneous.


Reed's extensive editing and publishing activities are richly, although a bit unevenly, documented in Series IV. Little except references in correspondence and clippings exist for the earliest efforts, which include collaborating on the book The Rise, Fall, and...? of Adam Clayton Powell (1967), and editing the Newark, New Jersey, newspaper Advance and the underground newspaper The East Village Other. Information on Reed's activities during these years can be obtained from his autobiographical writing in Series I, however. The anthology Reed edited, 19 Necromancers from Now, is better documented with some typescript and correspondence.

Reed's later publishing activities, including publications of Yardbird Press, Yardbird Wing Editions, Reed Cannon and Johnson, I. Reed Books, and the magazines Quilt and Konch, are more fully documented with correspondence, business and legal records, publicity and advertising copy, draft and corrected typescripts from contributors, and paste-ups and setting copy. There is also a subseries of manuscripts, some designated "unsolicited," associated with Reed's multiple and sometimes overlapping publishing ventures. Submissions throughout the series represent a significant contribution from minority writers through the 1960s and 1970s.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

31        Series IV.  Editing and publishing, 1965-1992

          Series IV.1.  Early projects, 1965-1970

     F1   The Rise, Fall, and...? of Adam Clayton Powell, 1967

     F2   Advance, 1965
          Removals to oversize small.

     F2a  East Village Other, 1966 - 1969
          See also Series XI. Media.  Removals to oversize small.

          19 Necromancers From Now, 1965-1990
     F3   Intro drafts, [1965]
     F4   Contents, drafts, bios,  [1969-1970]
     F5   Cover copy, galleys 
          Removal to galley box.
     F6   Correspondence, reviews, publicity, permissions, 1969-1970

     F6a  The Amistad, prospectus, [1969]

          Series IV.2.  Yardbird, 1970-1980

     F7   Board of directors, 1971-1978
     F8   Correspondence, 1972-1979
     F9   Mixed correspondence, ca. 1974-1980
     F10  Mixed correspondence, ca. 1981-1985
     F11  Mixed notes and business correspondence, 1976, 1979-1981
     F12  Unused submissions and related correspondence (I), 1976-1979
     F13  Unused submissions and related correspondence (II), 1977-1978
     F14  Receipts, 1972-1978
     F15  Master copies, n.d.
     F16  Publicity (I), 1971-1974
          Removals to oversize small.
     F17  Publicity (II), 1975
          Removals to oversize small.

31        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.2. Yardbird (cont'd)

     F18  Advertising (I), 1974-1975
     F19  Advertising (II), 1976-1978
          Removals to oversize small.
     F20  Reviews and responses (I), 1972-1974
     F21  Reviews and responses (II), 1975-1978
          Removals to oversize small.
     F22  Reviews and responses collection, 1972-1976
     F23  Miscellaneous clippings and announcements, 1972-1979
     F24  Pushcart prize, 1980
     F25  Legal proceedings, 1977-1979
     F26  Financial records, 1972-1977
     F27  Partnership agreement, 1977

32        Yardbird Reader #1, 1972-1973 

     F28  Miscellaneous typescripts and copies
     F29  Miscellaneous correspondence and notes, 1972-1973
     F30  Copies (I) prose
     F31  Copies (II) poetry
     F32  Edited typescript copy

     F33  Yardbird #2, n.d.

          Yardbird #3, n.d.
     F34  Edited copy
     F35  Ad copy and cover design

32        Series IV.  Editing and Publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.2.  Yardbird (cont'd)    

          Yardbird #4, 1975
     F36  Correspondence, contributors, contents
     F36a Contents
     F37  Art, photography, printing
     F38  Setting copy (I)
     F39  Setting copy (II)
     F40  Miscellaneous paste-ups and proofs
     F41  Paste-up proofs, p. 1-95
     F42  Paste-up proofs, p. 96-195
     F43  Book and reviews

          Yardbird #5, 1976   
     F44  Miscellaneous notes, contents, advertising
     F44a Contents

33   F45  Galleys and paste-ups
          Removals to oversize small.
     F46  Book, bound proof, and correction notes

     F47  Best of Yardbird contents and miscellaneous typescripts
     F48  Miscellaneous typescripts and correspondence, c.1976

     F49  "Editing Yardbird" typescript

     F50  Yardbird Lives, 1978-1979
          Removals to oversize small.

33        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.2. Yardbird (cont'd)

          Yardbird Magazine, 1978-1980
     F51  Yardbird Magazine correspondence and miscellaneous typescripts, 1978-1980

          Yardbird Magazine #1
     F52  Contributors' biographical information
     F53  Miscellaneous typescript and setting copy
     F54  Edited typescripts (I)
     F55  Edited typescripts (II)
     F56  Corrected page proofs
     F57  "Archetype" paste-ups and printed copy (Some items removed to oversize)

          Yardbird Magazine #2
     F58  Book, poster, and printing bill, 1978
          Removals to oversize small and large.
     F59  Photographs and ordered typescripts

          Wing Editions, 1970-1980
     F60  Advertising and correspondence
          Removals to oversize small.   
     F61  Business records
     F62  Youth Law Handbook, William Samuels, 1976

          Changing All Those Changes, James P. Girard  
     F63  Manuscript and setting copy
     F64  Negative, photograph, and paste-ups
     F65  Galleys and page proofs (Some removed to oversize small)    
     F66  Defective copies

     F67  Poems and notes
     F68  California poets research (I), 1976
     F69  California poets research (II)
     F70  California poets research (III)
     F71  "To xerox and place in anthology," n.d.
     F72  Editor notes
     F73  Author biographical cards and notes, n.d.
     F74  Permissions notes and correspondence, 1976-1977

33        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.2.  Yardbird (cont'd)
          Wing Editions (cont'd)
          Calafia (cont'd)

     F75  "Working file" with permissions correspondence, 1977-1978
     F76  Anonymous

34        Calafia Poets & Bios
     F77  A-B
     F78  C-D
     F79  E-H
     F80  I-K
     F81  L-M
     F82  N-R
     F83  S-T
     F84  V-Z
     F85  Miscellaneous

     F86  Folders and envelopes, n.d.

          Calafia introduction
     F87  Draft pages and notes
     F88  Draft pages, notes, introduction, n.d.
     F89  "Is the Only Cultural Advantage...," c. 1970
     F90  Callahan
     F91  Ortiz, Wong, Yamauchi, Anderson, Young, 1977

     F92  Table of contents, n.d.
          Calafia Collected Copy #1
     F93  Introductions
     F94  A-B
     F95  C-F
     F96  G-L
     F97  M-R
     F98  S-T
     F99  V-Z

34        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.2.  Yardbird (cont'd)
          Wing Editions (cont'd)
          Calafia (cont'd)

          Calafia Typesetting Copy
     F100 Title, contents, acknowledgments
     F101 Bios A-H  
     F102 Bios I-R
     F103 Bios S-Z

     F104 Paste-up pages and typesetting notes
     F105 Corrected galleys (I) Introduction-p.50

35   F106 Corrected galleys (II) p. 51-141
     F107 Corrected galley (III) p. 142-end
     F108 Corrected page proofs (I) p. title-249
     F109 Corrected page proofs (II) p. 250-end
     F110 Publicity
     F111 Reviews and responses, 1979-1980

          Lay My Body on the Line, Floyd Salas
     F112 Part I, 1978
     F113 Part II, 1978
     F114 Part III, 1978
     F115 Setting copy, 1978
     F116 Paperback, 1978

          Series IV.3.  I. Reed Books, 1979-1988

     F117 Cosby grant
     F118 Proposal: "Black Men Talk Back," n.d.
     F119 Publicity, 1980-1982
          Removals to oversize small and large.
     F120 Publicity, 1984-1988
          Removals to oversize small.
     F121 Miscellaneous

     F122 The Sidney Poet Heroical, Amiri Baraka, 1979
          Cover designs and correspondence.  Removals to oversize small.

35        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.3.  I. Reed Books (cont'd)

     F123 Heat Bird, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

          Random Possession, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge     
     F124 Typescript, 1979
     F124a     Photocopy typescript, signed
     F125 Photocopy, 1979
     F125a     Paste ups
          Removals to oversize large.
     F126 Galleys, 1979
     F127 Correspondence and reviews, 1978-1981

          What Moon Drove Me To This?, Joy Harjo
     F128 Correspondence, reviews, and cover design
          Removals to oversize small.
     F129 Photocopy typescript
     F130 Paste-ups
          Winters Without Snow, Colleen McElroy
     F131 Correspondence and art, 1978-1981
     F132 Setting copy
     F133 Proofs, book, and paste ups
          Removals to oversize large.

36        Yolanda and the Strange Objects, Lezley Saar
     F134 Typescript with drawings
     F135 Photocopy with drawings
     F136 Paste-ups
          Removals to oversize small.   
     F137 Correspondence, photo, and review, 1979

          Snake-Back Solos, Quincy Troope
     F138 Paste-ups, 1979
     F139 Photo, cover, and reviews, 1979
          Removals to oversize small.

36        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.3.  I. Reed Books (cont'd)

          Homebase, Shawn Wong
     F140 Correspondence and reviews, 1979-1982
          Removals to oversize small.
     F141 Bound photocopied typescript with corrections, 1979
     F141a     Bound typescript with corrections, 1978
     F142 Paste-ups, 1979
          Removals to oversize small.
     F143 Books, 1979 and 1982

          Rhinestone Sharecropping, Bill Gunn
     F144 Typescript, 1981
     F145 Correspondence, press release, and reviews, 1982

          The Bathers, Lorenzo Thomas
     F146 Correspondence, cover design, publicity, reviews, Dracula, 1981
     F147 Typescript, 1981

          Secrets, Gossip & Slander, Carol Bergé
     F148 Typescript, press release, correspondence, 1983
     F149 Photocopied proofs, 1984
     F149a     Book
     F150 Publicity, 1984

          A Lagoon Is In My Back Yard, Sister Goodwin  
     F151 Typescript
     F151a     Publicity, 1985

          Peeling: Poems, Yuri Kageyama
     F152 Paste-ups, 1988
     F152a     Reviews, ca. 1988

     F153 Changing the River, Alex Kuo, 1986-1987

37        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)

          Series IV.4.  Reed, Cannon, & Johnson, 1974-1987
          Reed & Cannon
     F154 Personal Problems
     F155 Correspondence, 1974-1979
     F156 Business documents, 1981-1983
     F157 Announcements, 1979-1986
     F158 Information, 1983-1987
     F159 Clippings regarding black writers and publishing, 1975-1984

          Reed, Cannon & Johnson
     F160 Business documents, 1974-1978
     F161 General files and announcements
          Removals to oversize small.   
     F162 Press releases
     F163 Correspondence
     F164 Correspondence with Al Young, 1976
     F165 Reviews, 1974-1976
     F166 Reviews 1977-1978
     F167 Information, Two Hands News, 1976-1979

          Francisco, Alison Mills
     F168 Photographss, ads, and reviews, part I, 1974
     F169 Photographs, ads, and reviews, part II, 1974

          Tropicalization, Victor Hern ndez Cruz
     F170 Correspondence, cover, layout, and reviews, 1976
          Removals to oversize small.
     F171 Typescript photocopy, 1976
     F172 Page proofs, corrected, 1976

     F173 Black Picture Show, Bill Gunn, 1976
          Correspondence, playbill, and reviews.  Removals to oversize small.   

     F174 Medicine Man, Calvin Hernton, 1976
          Correspondence, prospectus, and reviews.

37        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.4.  Reed, Cannon, & Johnson (cont'd)

     F175 Jambalaya: Four Poets, 1976
          Photographs, manuscript, correspondence, prospectus, and reviews.  Removals to
          oversize small.

          Love Story Black, William Demby
     F176 Correspondence and notes, 1978-1980
     F177 Original, part I, 1978
     F178 Original, part II, 1978
     F179 Typescript with corrections, part I, 1978
     F180 Typescript with corrections, part II, 1978
     F181 Setting copy, 1978
     F181a     Review, n.d.
          The Crisis of Possession In Voodoo, Louis Mars
     F182 Manuscript, 1977
     F183 Original French text
          Removals to oversize small.   
     F184 Correspondence, proofs, articles, and cover, 1977
          Removals to oversize small.
     F185 Paste-ups

          Hoodoo Medicine, Faith Mitchell
     F186 Proofs and book, 1978
     F187 Paste ups and cover design, 1978
          Removals to oversize small.   
     F188 Correspondence, photograph, reviews, and press release, 1975-1980

     F189 Miscellaneous photos, n.d.    

38        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)

          Series IV.5.  Quilt, 1981-1987

     F190 Quilt correspondence, 1981-1987

          Quilt #1  
     F191 Miscellaneous
     F192 Manuscript
     F192a     Paste-ups, part I
     F192b     Paste-ups, part II
     F192c     Paste-ups, part III
     F192d     Paste-ups, part IV
     F193 Introduction and notes
     F194 Osing, Gordon, "To the Lady from the Boundary Waters"
     F195 Gonz lez, Genaro, "A Bad Back"
     F196 Jeffers, Lance, The Blues and Rachmaninoff  (excerpt)
     F197 Bernikow, Louise, "Woman as Saxophone"
     F198 Simpson, Mona, "A Small Incident"
     F199 Komunyakaa, Yusef, Three poems
     F200 Brown, Cecil M., "Plate Du Jour: Soul Food: Truman Capote on Black Culture, an
     F201 Damas, Leon G., "Hiccup" (translated by B. Szerlip)
     F202 Reveaux, Anthony, "Blacks and Reds and Whites in Cartoons"
     F203 Reviews, correspondence,  and art
     F204 Miscellaneous

          Quilt #2
     F205 Cover design and manuscript
     F206 Manuscript, blue lines with notes, and publicity
     F207 Proofs, part I
     F208 Proofs, part II
     F209 Proofs, part I
     F210 Proofs, part II
     F210a     Paste ups
          Removals to oversize large.

38        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.5.  Quilt (cont'd)

          Quilt #3
     F211 Prospectus, ads, and reviews
     F212 Paste-ups, part I, cover layout
          Removals to oversize small.
     F213 Paste-ups, part II

     F214 Quilt #4
          Reviews and publicity.

     F215 Quilt #5
          Proofs, art, correspondence, and reviews.

     F216 Quilt miscellaneous

          Best of Quilt  
39   F217 Table of contents, Y'Bird 1
     F218 Y'bird 2
     F219 Quilt 1
     F220 Quilt 2
     F221 Quilt 3
     F222 Quilt 4
     F223 Quilt 5
          Best of Quilt paste ups
     F224 Table of contents, Y'Bird 1
     F225 Y'bird 2
     F226 Quilt 1
     F227 Quilt 2
     F228 Quilt 3
     F229 Quilt 4   
     F230 Quilt 5

39        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)

          Series IV.6.  Miscellaneous editing and publishing, 1972-1992

     F231 Dues, 1972-1974

     F232 Before Columbus Foundation
          Removals to oversize small.

     F233 Konch, 1992

     F234 The Argonaut, 1992

     F235 Ishmael Reed Publishing, 1989-1990

     F236 River Styx, 1981-1984

     F236a     Unidentified miscellaneous
          Removals to oversize large.

40        Series IV.7.  Submissions, 1974-1982

     F237 Barlow, George, 1974

     F238 Brown, Cecil, "Two Niggers"

     F239 Cannon, Steve, "King Kong as a Nigger," Voo Doo Gumbo (The F Layer) A Hoo
               Doo Mystery!, poems.

     F240 Hagedorn, Jessica, "Bump City"

     F241 Harper, Michael

     F242 Loftis, N.J., The Immortal and the Damned, 1978

     F243 Mitchell, Faith, 1979 

     F244 Nazareth, Peter, X

40        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.7.  Submissions (cont'd)

     F245 Roth, Henry, "O Sweet Saturday Sonnet"

     F246 Salas, Floyd, "Las Palmas" and assorted poems, 1977.

     F247 Shange, Ntozake, New Daughters, 1974

     F248 Shange, Ntozake, 8 pieces and 'a photograph' / other forms, 1978

     F249 Anthology suggestions, and photocopies from original publications

          Unsolicited submissions

          Burkhalter, Mary, The 500th Year of Reason, 1978
     F250 Part I
     F251 Part II

          Chin, Frank, Charlie Chan On Maui
     F253 Part I
     F254 Part II
     F255 Part III

     F256 Chin, Frank, Gee Pop.
     F257 Gee, Terry, "Love Always, Dragon," 1982

     F258 Hubenthal, Mahlon, Coyote and Platinum Blonde, 1978

     F259 Johnson, Mark S., Quiet Broadwway

     F260 Lockett, Reginald, 1979

          Nieh, Hualing, Two Women of China
     F261 Part I
     F262 Part II
     F263 Part  III 
     F264 Part IV

40        Series IV.  Editing and publishing (cont'd)
          Series IV.7.  Submissions (cont'd)
          Unsolicited submissions (cont'd)

     F265 Nomathemba, Ojen-dea, Cadre

     F266 Weathers, Diane

     F267 Part I, 1970s
     F268 Part II

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, novels, plays, poems, essays, reviews, speeches, magazines, posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, broadsides, photographs, artwork, books, galley and page proofs, financial documents, catalogs, programs, photocopies, sound recordings, schedules, comic books, notes, transcripts, awards, certificates, minutes, audiovisual recordings, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1998-1999 by Shiela Pardee, completed by Anita Wellner.

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