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VI. Appearances, 1965-1995

Extent: 4 linear ft.

Contents: Correspondence, programs, brochures, posters, flyers, newspapers and clippings, receipts, drawings, notes, and a plaque.

Arrangement: Series is in chronological order by date of appearance.


The material in the Appearances series consists of correspondence, brochures and schedules, travel receipts, notes, and other items which document Ishmael Reed's many public appearances as a speaker or as a participant in workshops, readings, conferences, and other literary events. From the beginning of his career, Ishmael Reed was a charismatic and popular speaker who received many requests for appearances, and since 1965 he has spent part of every year on the road. During these years he received a number of appointments as a visiting writer or lecturer in different areas of the country. He found time for additional appearances wherever he went, planning his travel to include speaking engagements along the way. After moving to California, he maintained his East Coast friendships and literary connections, and returned regularly for reading tours in the New York area where his writing career began.

Reed's engagements have taken him to many states, including Alaska and Hawaii. He has toured Europe, the French West Indies, Scandinavia, and Japan, giving readings and attending conferences. While at home on the West Coast, he has read at local colleges, libraries, bookstores, and literary events. He has been active in Bay Area community affairs, participating in workshops as a teacher and mentor in local public schools, reading poetry and conducting workshops in California jails, and speaking to diverse community groups, including the Bay Area Black Journalists Association (1984), the American Friends Service Committee (1989), and the Internal Revenue Service Breakfast Club (1988).

Reed's versatility has kept him in demand. As a poet, he has been sought for readings on campuses, in bookstores, at poetry festivals, and at memorial and fund-raising events. As a novelist, he has read and spoken on promotional tours for his books. As a literary critic he has presented papers at Modern Language Association Conferences and given the keynote speech at the Twentieth Century Literature Conference in Louisville (1981). As an essayist and social critic, he has spoken on "the role of the creative voice in encouraging social awareness" at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. (1984); on "poetry and politics" at Harvard University (1987); on "Blacks and Jews" at a conference sponsored by Tikkun magazine (1989); and on "300 years of 1984" at Dartmouth College (1984). He has been a promoter of the arts, traveling with artists and writers on the "Southern Circuit" (1984) and speaking at the opening of an exhibit on Black Folk Art in Cleveland (1984). As a role model and spokesperson for African-Americans, he has presented speeches and participated in discussions on the role of the Black male and the overuse of African-American stereotypes in the media. He has made regular appearances on radio and television, given a gallery talk on the African-American film maker Bill Gunn at the Whitney Museum of American Art (1990), and spoken at screenings of Personal Problems, a television soap opera produced by Reed and Cannon Communications.

The materials are as varied as the types of appearances, including crayon drawings with the file for a children's poetry workshop, student newspapers and interview clippings from campus appearances, international newspaper clippings from overseas tours, folders issued to conference participants with Reed's handwritten notes, and a plaque from the 1991 National Black Writers Congress "in recognition of outstanding literary achievement and dedication to the advancement of the African-American Community."

Many folders contain correspondence related to the engagement, which may include discussions about compensation, travel arrangements, scheduling, related meetings and events, letters and notes from other participants, clippings, and letters of thanks with comments about the presentation. Brochures or schedules of the event are often included, and some of these have Reed's notations on them. A few folders contain specific travel information, including schedules and tickets.

The series also contains posters and flyers for some of the events. These vary widely in sophistication, including tempura-painted cardboard signs and mimeographed announcements as well as a glossy poster for an international colloquium on "African-Americans and Europe" at the Sorbonne in 1991 (featuring a reproduction of Yves Besnier's Black Statue of Liberty), and a sign for the 1983 Joseph Papp New York Shakespeare Festival Production of "Conjure: Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed." Many of these items have been removed from folders and stored in an oversized box in chronological order.

Files in the series are arranged in chronological order by the date of the engagement. Folder headings also include the location of the appearance and the sponsoring institution, where available. For some folders, an event name, description, or a more specific location is substituted for the name of a sponsoring institution. Within each folder, materials are in chronological order, with pre-appearance correspondence first and post-appearance correspondence last. Folders with undated and incompletely dated materials, items for appearances of undetermined location, and correspondence regarding unconfirmed appearances and requests to appear are located at the end of the series. Partial dating has been retained from Reed's folder headings (i.e. "speaking engagements, 1983-84") where available.

Additional materials related to Ishmael Reed's appearances may be found in the individual and general correspondence files.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

42             Series VI.  Appearances, 1965-1995
               Some items removed to oversize.  Removals sheets found in folders.

     F1   1965 Apr 21         New York:  New School for Social Research
     F2        Jun 29         New York:  Poets at the Dom
     F3        Jul 23         New York:  New School for Social Research
     F4   [1965]    Nov 6     New York:  Aegis Gallery

     F5   1966-1969           New York:  American Academy of Poets

     F6   1966 May 19         New York:  Poets for Peace Now
     F7        Apr 18         New York:  Poetry Discovered, Riverside Radio WRVR
     F8   [1966]    Nov 18    New York:  Poetry Series #4
     F9        Dec 2          Pennsylvania:  Lincoln University
     F10  [1966]    Dec 4     New York:  Poetry Series #4

     F11  1967 Jan 19         New York:  Academy of American Poets
     F12       Mar 18         New York:  Queens Committee to End the War

     F13  1968 May 24         California:  Berkeley High School
     F14       Aug 19-24      New York:  Cazenovia College
     F15       Dec 5          New Jersey:  Princeton University
     F16       Dec 9-10       Illinois:  Blackburn College

     F17  1969 [Feb ?]        Nebraska:  Creighton University
     F18       Mar 5-6        Ohio:  Kent State University
     F19       Aug 17-23      New York:  Cazenovia College
     F20       Oct 9          Connecticut:  Wesleyan University
     F21       Oct  20-22     New York:  New School and Friends Seminary
     F22       Oct 23         Pennsylvania:  Seton Hall College
     F23       Nov 6          New Jersey:  Douglass College
     F24       Nov 7          Pennsylvania:  Bucks County Community College
     F25       Nov 21-23      New York:  Suny Buffalo AFNA Conference
     F26       Nov 25         District of Columbia:  Martin Luther King Library
     F27       Dec 1          New Jersey: Somerset County College
     F28       Dec 5          New York:  NBC Radio

     F29  1970 Feb 14         New York:  "Like It Is" (TV broadcast)
     F30       Mar 17         New York:  New York City Community College
     F31       Apr 5          Tennessee:  Knoxville College
     F32       Apr 12         Indiana:  Notre Dame Literary Festival

42             Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F33       May 23         Ohio:  Central State University, Wilberforce
     F34       Jun 13-Jul 10  California:  Berkeley Unified School District
     F35       Jun 22         California:  San Francisco Black Writers' Workshop
     F36       Jul 19         Pennsylvania:  Lincoln University
     F37       Sep 2          California:  San Francisco Public Library, Waden Branch
     F38       Nov 19         California:  Poetry Center, San Francisco State

     F39  1971 Jan 22         California:  "Black Writers and  their Writing" Conference
     F40       Feb 8-9        Colorado:  University of Colorado
     F41       Apr 19-23      North Carolina:  North Carolina Central University
     F42       May 6          California:  University of California, Berkley
     F43       Aug 15-21      New York:  Cazenovia College
     F44       Nov 3          California:  Saint Mary's College
     F45       Nov 12         California:  California State College, Hayward

     F46  1972 Feb 2          California:  Kenneth Patchen Memorial Read-Out
     F47       Feb 24         New York:  Syracuse University
     F48       Mar 2          "The Black Exprience as Depicted in the Novel"
     F49       Mar 3-4        New York:  Queens College
     F50       Mar 9          California:  Scholastic Magazine Black Literature
     F51       May 19         California:  San Fernando High School
     F52       May 22-24      Ohio:  Ohio University
     F53       May 26-28      Illinois:  Black Academy of Arts and Letters Conference
     F54       Aug 10         California:  Merritt College
     F55       Oct 25         New York:  Columbia University
     F56       Nov 11         California:  Merritt College
     F57       Dec 8          Vermont:  Bennington College
     F58       Dec 12         New York:  Academy of American Poets
     F59       Dec 14         New York:  Sarah Lawrence College            

     F60  1973 Feb 3          California:  Mt. San Antonio College
     F61       Feb 13         California:  Canada College
     F62       Feb 16         California:  California Association of Teachers of English
     F63       Apr 26         California:  University of California, Santa Barbara
     F64       May 11-13      California:  College of Marin
     F65       May 16         California:  Community College of San Francisco
     F66       May 17         California:  University of Santa Clara
     F67       [Jun 1 ?]      New Jersey:  Princeton University
     F68       Oct 4          California:  San Francisco State College

42        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F69  1974 Feb 9          California:  Mt. San Antonio College
     F70       Feb 16         California:  San Francisco Public Library

43   F71       Apr-May   List of appearances for April and May
     F72       Apr 1          New York:  Poets and Writers Inc.
     F73       Apr 2          New Jersey:  Glassboro State College
     F74       Apr 3          New Jersey:  Ramapo College
     F75       Apr 6-7        New York:  House of Kuumba Black Writers Conference
     F76       Apr 11         California:  De Anza College
     F77       Apr 19         Washington:  University of Washington
     F78       Apr 24         Virginia:  Washington and Lee University
     F79       Apr 26         Pennsylvania:  University of Pennsylvania
     F80       Apr 28         [New York]:  Only Child Restaurant
     F81       Apr 29         District of Columbia:  Library of Congress
     F82       Apr 30         New York:  Fordham University
     F83       [May 1]        New York:  State University at Brockport
     F84       May 13-18      Washington:  Central Washington State College
     F85       May 20         Michigan:  Wayne State University
     F86       May 23         California:  University of California, Santa Cruz
     F87       May 26         California:  CCLM Regional Meeting, San Francisco Art
     F88       Aug 5-8        Washington:  Eastern Washington State College
     F89       Sep 18-20      Kansas:  University of Kansas
     F90       Oct 9          Iowa:  University of Iowa
     F91       Nov 8-10       District of Columbia:  Howard University
     F92       Nov 23         Wisconsin:  Milwaukee Public Library
     F93       Dec 7          Rhode Island:  Brown University
     F94       Dec 22         California:  KFOG Radio

     F95  1975 Jan 17         Oregon:  Reed College
     F96       Feb 2-4        North Carolina:  Fine Arts Festival
     F97       Feb 28         California:  Rainbow Sign, Berkley, Reading for Dumas
     F98       Mar 11-13      Ohio:  Denison University.  Includes letter from Reed.
     F99       Mar 17         California:  University of Redlands
     F100      Mar 20-21      North Dakota:  University of North Dakota.  Includes letter
                              from Reed.
     F101      Apr 15-16      Montana:  University of Montana, Missoula
     F102      Apr 17         California:  California State University, Sacramento
     F103      Apr 21-23      Washington:  Eastern Washington State College

43        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)
     F104      May 18-20      New Hampshire:  Franconia College
     F105      Jun 21         California:  Foothill College
     F106      Jul 11         Michigan:  Grand Valley State College
     F107      Jul 18         New York:  State University of New York, Buffalo
     F108      Nov 15         California:  Black Teachers Caucus
     F109      Nov 19         Ohio:  University of Cincinnati
     F110      Nov 25         District of Columbia:  Howard University
     F111      Dec 28         California:  Melus Symposium, Hilton Hotel

     F112 1976 Feb 13         Nebraska:  Creighton University    
     F113      Mar 5-6        South Carolina:  SCETV
     F114      Mar 11         California:  Bay Area Poets Coalition
     F115      Mar 31-Apr 2   Texas:  University of Texas, Austin
     F116      Apr 2          Minnesota:  Univerity of Minnesota
     F117      Apr 3          Michigan:  Eastern Michigan University
     F118      Apr 13-14      Colorado:  Colorado College
     F119      Apr 21         Iowa:  Grinnell College
     F120      Apr 22         New Jersey:  County College of Morris
     F121      Apr 29         New York:  Cornell University
     F122      Apr 30         Washington:  Western Washington State College
     F123      May 3          Connecticut:  Yale University
     F124      May 4          New York:  Academy of American Poets, Donnell Library
     F125      May 7          Florida:  University of Florida
     F126A     May 10         New York:  New York City High School Poetry Contest
     F126B     May 21-22      New York:  First Annual Lewis H. Michaux Book Fair
     F127      Aug 9          California:  Squaw Valley Community of Writers
     F128      Sep 26         California:  Bookswest  76 Bookfair
     F129      Oct 11         District of Columbia:  Howard University, Ascension Poetry
     F130      Oct 19         California:  University of California, Berkeley
     F131      Oct 20         California:  KFOG FM Radio, San Francisco
     F132      Nov 3          California:  California State, Long Beach
     F133      Nov 6          California:  Oakland "Celebration of Writers"
     F134      Nov 10         California:  KBHK TV 44, San Francisco
     F135      Nov 12         Texas:  CCLM Open Reading, Austin
     F136      Nov 14         California:  Oakland Museum
     F137      Nov 26         [Alabama]:  Raven Bones Foundation

43        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F138 1977 Feb 1          New Jersey:  Brookdale Community College
     F139      Feb 9          California:  University of California, Berkeley
     F140      Feb 12         Pennsylvania:  Swarthmore College
     F141      Feb 13-14      Connecticut:  University of Connecticut
     F142      Mar 7          California:  California State College, Stanislaus
     F143      Mar 18-20      Paris, France:  New York University in France
     F144      [Apr]          New York:  Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center
     F145      Apr 16         New York:  State University of New York, Buffalo
     F146      Apr 26         Nevada:  University of Nevada.  Includes letter from Reed.
     F147      May 2          California:  University of Southern California
     F148      May 5          Ohio:  Cleveland State University  
     F149      May 12-14      Oregon:  Portland State University.  Includes letter from
     F150      May 14         California:  KPFA Berkley Poetry Festival
     F151      May 21         California: Ca ada College
     F152      May 30         California:  American Booksellers Association
     F153      Sep 5          Washington:  Seattle Arts Festival.  Includes bill to Seattle
                              Arts Festival signed by Reed.
     F154      Sep 19-23      Mississippi:  Jackson State University
     F155      Oct 7-20       Missouri:  Washington University and University of
     F156      Nov 18         California:  San Francisco Poetry Festival
     F157      Nov 21         Texas:  University of Houston, P.E.N.
     F158      Nov 22         Texas:  Shadydale and Rogers Elementary Schools
     F159      [Nov 22]       Texas:  Creative Arts Society of Houston
     F160      Nov 25         Kansas:  Wichita Vortex Poetry Association.  Includes letter
                              from Reed.
     F161      Nov 26         New York:  National Council Teachers of English

     F162 1978 Feb 14         California:  California State University, Sacramento
     F163      Feb 27         California:  Berkley Public Library
     F164      Mar 2-3        Washington:  Eastern Washington University
     F165A     Apr 17         Illinois:  University of Illinois
     F165B     Apr 26         Unidentified
     F165C     Apr 28         Connecticut:  Dartmouth College
     F166      May 19-21      New York:  Medgar Evers College
     F167      Jun 12         New York:  National Convocation on Free Speech
     F168      Jun 25-Jul 1   Indiana:  Indiana University
     F169      Sep 11-16      Netherlands:  Amsterdam, One World Poetry
     F170      Oct 15         California:  Los Angeles Municipal Arts Dept.

43        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)
     F171 1979 Feb 13-15      Georgia:  Spelman College
     F172      Feb 24         District of Columbia:  Ascension 42
     F173      Mar 4-10       Indiana:  Notre Dame
     F174      Mar 15-17      New York:  Children's Arts Project, Long Island
     F175      Sep 17-Oct 6   Connecticut:  Yale University
     F176      Oct 4          Connecticut:  Wesleyan University
     F177      Oct 11         Iowa:  University of Iowa
     F178      Nov 1          California:  English Speaking Union Symposium
     F179      Nov 4          California:  California College of Arts and Crafts
     F180      Nov 15         California: "Visions of California," Beyond Baroque
     F181      Nov 25         California:  Sarah Webster Fabio Celebration
     F182      Nov 27         Canada:  Toronto, Harbourfront Reading Series
     F183      Nov 28         New York:  St. Mark's Poetry Project
     F184      Dec 6-7        Texas:  University of Houston at Clear Lake City
     F185      Dec 29         California:  Modern Language Association

     F186 1980 Feb 16         California:  M. H. de Young Memorial Museum
     F187      Mar 7          California:  Cody's Books, Berkeley
     F188      Mar 20         California:  San Jose Fine Film Series
     F189      Apr 1          Ohio:  University of Cincinnati
     F190      Apr 2          Michigan:  Wayne State University
     F191      Apr 25         Tennessee:  Memphis State University
     F192      Apr 26         New Mexico:  Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
     F193      May 17         California:  SOMA Gallery, San Francisco
     F194      Jun 15         Kenkeleba House
     F195      Jun 27         Pennsylvania:  Allentown Community Center
     F196      Aug 1          Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     F197      Aug 21         New Hampshire:  Dartmouth College
     F198      Sep 16         New York:  New York University.  Includes Reed
     F199      Oct 15-16      Colorado:  Colorado State University
     F200      Nov 12-13      Vermont:  Middlebury College  
     F201      Nov 20-22      Georgia:  Emory University
     F202      Dec 14         California:  Earthsign Books, Berkeley

43        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F203 1981 Jan 8          California:  KBHK TV
     F204      Feb 25         California:  University of California, Riverside
     F205      Feb 27         Kentucky:  University of Louisville
     F206      Mar 8          New York:  Basement Workshop Poetry Reading
     F207      Mar 9          New York:  Manhattan Theatre Club
     F208      Mar 13         New York:  New School for Social Research
     F209      Apr 1          California:  Media Alliance, Reading
     F210      Apr 27         New York:  City College
     F211      May 2          California:  Poetry Film Festival Workshop
     F212      May 13         California:  University of California, Santa Barbara
     F213      May 26         California:  College of San Mateo
     F214      Sep 25         California:  War Resisters League--West
     F215      Oct 9-12       New York:  American Writers Congress
     F216      Oct 23         California:  Oakland Public Library
     F217      Dec 11         California:  San Francisco African-American Historical and
                              Cultural Society
     F218      Dec 29         California:  American Historical Association Convention

     F219 1982 Feb 8-12       Virginia:  George Mason University
     F220      Mar 18-20      California:  Conference on College Composition and
     F221      Apr 1          California:  Media Alliance
     F222      Apr 16         Oregon:  Portland State University
     F223      Apr 21         District of Columbia:  University of District of Columbia
     F224      Apr 22         New York:  Columbia University
     F225      Apr 24         New York:  Fredrick Douglass Creative Arts Center
     F226      Apr 25         Connecticut:  Real Art Ways
     F227      May 5          California:  Stanford University
     F228      May 21-23      New York:  Medgar Evers College, City University of New
     F229      Jun 29-Aug 5   Alaska:  Sitka and Juneau
     F230      Aug 18-19      New Hampshire:  Dartmouth College
     F231      Sep 12         Mexico:  Dialogo de Las Americas
     F232      Sep 21         California:  KBHK
     F233      Oct 13         District of Columbia: Wetacom, Portraits in Black program
     F234      Oct 21-23      Iowa:  University of Iowa
     F235      Nov 12-14      Netherlands/Belgium:  One World Poetry Festival
     F236      Dec 27-30      California:  Modern Language Association     

43        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F237 1983 Feb 26         Massachusetts:  Fine Arts Work Center
     F238      Mar 10-15      New York:  Rochester and Buffalo.
     F239      Mar 18-21      Wisconsin:  University of Wisconsin
     F240      Mar 20         California:  University of Southern California    
     F241      Apr 10         Arkansas:  University of Arkansas
     F242      Apr 15         California:  University of California, Berkeley, Black
                              Theatre Symposium
     F243      Apr 22         California:  Northern California Booksellers Association
     F244      Apr 22-23      California:  UCLA Center for Afro-American Studies
     F245      Apr 30         California:  University of California, Berkeley

44   F246      May 3          California:  University of California, Berkeley
     F247      May 13         California:  California State University
     F248      Sep 19         New York:  New Jazz at the Public
     F249      Sep 20         California:  KQED
     F250      Nov 3-6        Pennsylvania:  American Studies Association Convention
     F251      Nov 10-13      Oklahoma:  Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa
     F252      Nov 20         California:  Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department
     F253      Dec 8-11       Minnesota:  The Loft Mentor Series, Minneapolis

     F254 1984 Feb 24         California:  Alameda County Library, "Books Behind Bars"
     F255      Mar 6          California:  Sonoma State University
     F256      Mar 10         California:  Acuarian Spiritual Center
     F257      Mar 18         Missouri:  Missouri Botanical Garden
     F258      Mar 29-Apr 4   Southern Circuit Tour: Southwestern (Tennessee),
                              University of South Carolina, Appalshop (Kentucky), 
                              North Carolina State University, Georgia State University,
                              Contemporary Arts Center (Louisiana)
     F259      Apr 7          California:  Crestmont School, Richmond
     F260      Apr 18-19      Ohio:  Black Folk Art in Cleveland, Case Western Reserve
     F261      Apr 28         New York:  Fredrick Douglass Creative Arts Center
     F262      May 3          California:  "A Berkley Affair"
     F263      May 8          California:  Bay Area Black Journalists Association
     F264      May 17         New Hampshire:  Dartmouth "300 Years of 1984"
     F265      May 19         California:  John Muir School, Berkeley
     F266      May 25-26      Illinois:  University of Illinois, Chicago
     F267      May 30         California:  Celtic Foundation Memorial Awards Dinner

44        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)
     F268 1984 Jun 13         California:  Far West High School, Oakland
     F269      Jun 19         California:  San Bruno Jail, San Francisco
     F270      Jun 25-29      District of Columbia:  Georgetown University
     F271      Jul 12-22      Washington:  Port Townsend Writers Conference
     F272      Aug 23-25      California:  University of California, Berkeley
     F273      Sep 1          New York:  New York Book Fair
     F274      Oct 19-20      District of Columbia:  Institute for Policy Studies
     F275      Dec 5-7        Michigan:  Detroit; NY: Buffalo--"Across State Lines"
     F276      Dec 11-13      Washington:  Washington State University

     F277 1985 Jan 7-16       French West Indies lecures
     F278      Feb 12-14      South Carolina:  South Carolina Arts Commission
     F279      Feb 17         California:  Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists
     F280      Feb 23         California:  Oakland Public Library
     F281      Feb 27         California:  San Francisco Public Library
     F282      Mar 4-6        New Mexico:  University of New Mexico
     F283      Mar 9          California:  San Francisco African American Historical and
                              Cultural Society
     F284      May 3, 5       California:  City Cafe, Berkeley
     F285A     May 8          South Carolina:  South Carolina Arts Commission
     F285B     May 11         California:  The Port of Oakland Poets Landmark
                              Dedication Ceremony
     F286      Jun 11-21      Finland tour:  Reykjavik, Helsinki, Lahti, Helsinki  
     F287      Jun 24 - Jul 5 Germany tour:  Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Munich,
                              Heidelberg, Tuebingen, Freiburg
     F288      Oct 25         Wyoming:  University of Wyoming
     F289      Dec 5-11       Pennsylvania:  Painted Bride Art Center Residency
     F290      Dec 12         Pennsylvania:  Temple University

     F291 1986 Jan 14         Pennsylvania:  Lincoln University
     F292      Jan 16         New York:  International PEN Congress.  Includes Reed's
                              autograph notes.
     F293      Jan 24-25      Alaska:  Alaska Native Publishing Conference, Sitka
     F294      Feb 15         California:  John F. Kennedy Library, Vallejo
     F295      Mar 6-8        London, England:  International Book Fair
     F296      Mar 8          Alabama:  Birmingham Southern College
     F297      Mar 21-23      New York:  Medgar Evers College, City University of
                              New York

44        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F298 1986 Apr 13         California:  Berkeley Poetry Review
     F299      Apr 17         California:  Concordia High School
     F300      May 2          California:  Solano Community College
     F301      May 5          New York:  Queens College
     F302      May 6          New York:  Cornell University.  Includes Reed letter.
     F303      May 12         California:  University of California, Santa Cruz
     F304      May 14         California:  San Francisco Women's National Book
     F305      Jun 25-26      Hawaii:  University of Hawaii
     F306      Jul 9          New York:  Essence Television Productions
     F307      Jul 26         California:  Oakland Museum, There City Cinema
     F308      Aug 29         Massachusetts:  Harvard University
     F309      Oct 9-11       Tennessee:  Tennessee Homecoming
     F310      Oct 16-17      California:  San José State University
     F311      Nov 8          Florida:  Miami Book Fair.  Includes typescript remarks and
                              poem with first line: "It is better to be poor."

     F312 1987 Jan 19-23      Georgia:  Albany State College
     F313      Feb 14         New York:  Alchemical Theatre, Poets and Writers, Inc.
     F314      Mar 6-8        Massachusetts:  Harvard University
     F315      Mar 10         Massachusetts:  Suffolk University
     F316      Mar 27         Massachusetts:  Suffolk University
     F317      Mar 27-29      Pennsylvania:  University of Pittsburgh
     F318      Apr 1          Tennessee:  Memphis State University
     F319      Apr 7          Georgia:  Clark College
     F320      Apr 26         New York:  Fredrick Douglass Creative Arts Center
     F321      Apr 29         Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     F322      May 8          Massachusetts:  Roxbury Community College
     F323      May 16         Pennsylvania:  University of Pennsylvania Museum
     F324      May 20         New York:  Poetry Project at St. Marks
     F325      May 31         Massachusetts:  Boston University
     F326      Jun 20         Massachusetts:  Codman Square Library, Dorchester
     F327      Sep 5          California:  Oakland Public Library
     F328      Sep 25         California:  Berkeley, "Capital News" Series
     F329      Dec 2          California:  Stanford University.  Includes copy of Poetry,
                              Prose, and Politics, with poems by Reed, Paula Gunn Allen,
                              Denise Levertov, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Adrienne Rich.
     F330      Dec 11-23      Antilles Islands:  Université des Antilles

44        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F331 1988 Jan 6          California:  California College of Arts and Crafts
     F332      Jan 18         California:  "people are talking" television appearance
     F333      Feb 9          California:  Kennedy High School
     F334      Feb 23-26      New York:  St. Mark's Church In-The-Bowery
     F335      Feb 27         California:  San Francisco Public Library, Tribute to James
     F336      Mar 16         California:  University of California, Berkeley Library
     F337      Mar 24-27      New York:  Medgar Evers College
     F338      Mar 30         California:  KJAZ FM
     F339      Apr 1          California:  Associated Writing Programs Meeting
     F340      Apr 4          Tennessee:  Austin Peay State University
     F341      Apr 17         California:  Cafe Milano
     F342      Jun 19-24      Germany: Universität Bern and Switzerland: Geneva
     F343      Jul 30         California:  Katherine Delmar Burke School
     F344      Aug 14         Oregon:  Portland Poetry Festival
     F345      Aug 24         California:  Internal Revenue Service Breakfast Club
     F346      Sep 12         Tennessee:  Austin Peay State University
     F347      Oct 28         California:  McBean Theater, San Francisco
     F348      Nov 1          California:  Burnett Middle School
     F349      Nov 15         Louisiana:  Louisiana State University
     F350      Dec 3          Washington:  KIRO Newsradio

     F351 1989 Jan 6          California:  KBHK TV
     F352      Jan 24         California:  KCSM-FM
     F353      Feb 16         Michigan:  University of Michigan, Flint
     F354      Feb 23         New Jersey:  Seton Hall University
     F355      Feb 24-26      New York:  Dan Space Project, St. Mark's Church
     F356      Mar 10         California:  University of California, Berkeley
     F357      Mar 15-23      England: promotional tour
     F358      Mar 29         Arizona:  University of Arizona
     F359      Apr 27         California:  KQED TV
     F360      May 14         California:  Zev Putterman Show
     F361      May 22         California:  California State University, Haywood
     F362      May 26         California:  Lannan Foundation, "Beyond Baroque"
     F363      Jun 4          California:  Berkeley, University Art Museum
     F364      Jun 5          California:  King Jr. High, Berkeley United School District
     F365      Jun 23         Washington:  University of Washington, Seattle
     F366A     Aug 12         Washington: Elliott Bay Book Co.
     F366B     Aug 23         California:  Bay Area Theatre Workshop

44        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F367 1989 Sep 2-4        Washington:  Bumbershoot, Seattle Arts Festival
     F368      Oct 7          California:  Oakland Museum and Bay Area Association of
                              Black Psychologists
     F369      Oct 27         California:  American Friends Service Committee
     F370      Nov 11-12      California:  Tikkun Conference
     F371      Nov 18-19      Florida:  Miami Book Fair International

     F372 1990 Jan 23         California:  Alameda County Library

45   F373A     Jan 30-Feb 4   Louisiana:  University of New Orleans
     F373B     Feb 28-Mar 1   Ohio:  Black World Studies
     F374      Mar 7          Colorado:  University of Colorado, Boulder:  Novel of the
                              Americas Symposium
     F375      Apr 27         Italy:  Universitá Di Macerata
     F376      Jun 3          Nevada:  African American Publishers, Booksellers, and
                              Writers Association
     F377      Jun 21         California:  Foothill College
     F378      Jun 24         New York:  Nkiro Books
     F379      Jun 26         New York:  Whitney Museum of American Art
     F380      Aug 21         District of Columbia:  Smithsonian
     F381      Oct 5-7        Texas:  San Antonio Inter-American Bookfair
     F382      Oct 16         California:  Artists for Riles Benefit
     F383      Nov 22         New Mexico:  Sante Fe, Lannan Literary Series

     F384 1991 Feb 13         California:  Pasadena Public Library
     F385      Mar 1          Iowa:  University of Iowa
     F386      Mar 9-10       Oregon:  Portland Literuption Bookfair
     F387      Mar 27         New York:  Medgar Evers College
     F388      Apr 26         California:  PEN Oakland reading, Berkeley Store Gallery
     F389      Apr 28         Texas:  Houston International Festival
     F390      Sep 28         California:  Haywood Public Library
     F391      Sep 29         Pennsylvania:  Painted Bride Art Center
     F392      Oct 18-19      Illinois:  Chicago State University
     F393      Nov 13         California:  Cody's Bookstore, Berkeley
     F394      Nov 16         California:  Community College Humanities Association
     F395      Nov 21         New York:  State University of New York, Farmingdale
     F396      Nov 23         New York:  Cultural Dimensions, Henry Street Settlement
                              Arts Center

45        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

     F397 1992 Feb 5-9        France:  Universite De La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris
     F398      Mar 4          New York:  New York Public Library
     F399      Mar 12         California:  Kepler's Bookstore, Menlo Park
     F400      Apr 9-10       Tennessee:  University of Tennessee, College Language
     F401      May 27-29      Germany:  Freiburg.  Includes photograph of Reed.
     F402      Sep 8-25       Colorado:  University of Colorado, Novel of the Americas
     F403      Oct 28         California:  McBean Theatre, San Francisco
     F404      Dec 2          Pennsylvania:  International Poetry Forum
     F405      Dec 14-17      Spain:  El Congreso de la Aedean

     F406 1993 Feb 10         Pennsylvania:  Ursinus College
     F407      Feb 17         New York:  Unterberg Poetry Center
     F408      Mar 27         New York:  Nkiru Books
     F409      Jun 15-16      Netherlands:  Crossing Border Festival
     F410      Aug 20         California:  Funeral Eulogy for Roberd C. Maynard
     F411      Dec 5          New Jersey:  Walt Whitman Cultural Arts Center
     F412      Dec 11         Illinois:  African American Book Center

     F413 1994 Jan 10         California:  City Arts and Lectures, Inc.
     F414      Jan 27         California:  Artists on the Cutting Edge
     F415      Mar 28         New York:  Studio Museum, Harlem
     F416      Apr 16         California:  KQED - FM
     F417      Jun 24-26      Hawaii:  University of Hawaii, Manoa
     F418      Jul 31         Georgia:  National Black Arts Festival
     F419      Sep 23-30      Canada:  Le Festival de la Litterature, Montreal
     F420      Oct 9-16[?]    Germany:  American Literature Week
     F421      Oct 29         California:  Cafe Arts National Poetry Festival
     F422      Nov 18         Florida:  Miami-Dade Community College Symposium. 
                              Writing in our Hemisphere: South & North
     F423      Dec 27-30      California:  Modern Language Association

     F424 1995 Jan 1          New York:  Nuyorican Poets Cafe
     F425      Jan 10         California:  USCB Regents' Lecturer in Black Studies
     F426      Feb 13         California:  KPFA FM
     F427      Feb 21         California:  Tribute to Malcolm X
     F428      Apr 7          New York:  New York University, Black Graduate Studies

45        Series VI.  Appearances (cont'd)

          Material for appearances for which dates are incomplete or unconfirmed 
     F429 1968-1969
     F430 1970-1973
     F431 1974-1975
     F432 1976-1977
     F433 1978-1979
     F434 1980-1981
     F435 1982-1984
     F436 1985-1987
     F437 1988-1989
     F438 1990
     F439 n.d.

          Requests for Reed appearances
     F440 1968-1980      
     F441 1981-1990
     F442 n.d.

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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