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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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V. Academic, 1967-1994

Extent: 2 linear ft.

Contents: Notes, letters, forms, newspapers, magazines, clippings, brochures, manuscripts, flyers, catalogs, certificates.

Arrangement: Series V.1. Chronological Teaching Files are generally in chronological order, with some overlap created by folders representing more than one semester or school year. Series V.2. Information and Resources are divided into two sub-headings, Afro-American Studies and Teaching Materials. There is also a small amount of correspondence related to teaching in Series V.3. Teaching Correspondence. This correspondence is a small and limited collection, however. The General Correspondence files in Series VIII. should be consulted for more correspondence related to academic activities. The Recommendations files in Series VIII. should also be consulted for correspondence concerning of recommendations and references, including those for students and academic colleagues.


The Academic series consists of materials directly related to Ishmael Reed's regular teaching assignments. These include course lists, departmental correspondence and announcements, syllabi and reading lists, lecture notes, and student papers. They generally do not include materials pertaining to short-term (less than an academic semester or session) visiting writer or lecturer appointments. Those are included in Series VI. Appearances.

Series V.1. The Chronological Teaching Files begins with materials from his appointment as a visiting instructor at the University of Washington in Seattle during the winter of 1969. He taught at the University of California at Berkeley in the spring of 1969. Files from 1974 to 1993 document his regular teaching assignments at Berkeley and his appeals for a permanent assignment there. He was given security of employment as a lecturer in 1987. Reed also accepted appointments as visiting instructor at a number of universities, including the State University of New York at Buffalo (1975, 1980), Washington University in St. Louis (1977), Dartmouth College (1980, 1981), Harvard University (1986-1987), University of California at Santa Barbara as Regents' Lecturer (1988-1989), and University of Washington (1989). These temporary assignments were often in winter and summer sessions when he was not at Berkeley.

The methods and effects of Reed's teaching are documented by student papers, many with his corrections and comments; student evaluation forms; and letters and notes from students to Reed and to University administrators about the quality of his teaching. There is instructional material for some classes, including photocopies of reading assignments; holograph lecture notes, and reading lists. Reed taught both English and African-American studies, and the contents of a substantial file of African-American resources, including newsletters, catalogs, and announcements is included in this series. Letters, notes, syllabi and reading lists from colleagues which demonstrate Reed's involvement in the academic community are contained in this series where they are directly related to a particular teaching assignment or time period. There are a few carbon copies of typed letters from Reed, generally to administrators or colleagues, in this series.

Teaching materials and resources which are not directly associated with particular classes are located in Series V.2. Reed taught both English and Afro-American studies, and the contents of a substantial file of African-American resources, including newsletters, catalogs, and announcements is located in this subseries. Stories and essays presumed to be photocopied for classroom use and the contents of a file labeled "other people's teaching materials" are also included here.

Series V.3. consists of two folders of correspondence. The first contains undated information from the American Association of University Professors. The second is a small file of letters and information about potential teaching opportunities for Reed. See Series VIII for additional correspondence from his students and professional colleagues.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

40        Series V.  Academic files, 1967-1994

          Series V.1.  Chronological teaching files, 1968-1994

          University of Washington, Seattle, 1968-1969
     F1   Correspondence and information, 1968-1969
     F2   Course materials, 1968-1969

     F3   University of California at Berkeley, 1969 Spring

     F4   "Short story class" (unidentified), 1973

          University of California at Berkeley, 1974-1975
     F5   Teaching, 1974 Fall
     F6   Report: Undergraduate Perspectives, 1975 Jun
     F7   California Monthly Alumni magazine, correspondence, 1975

     F8   State University of New York at Buffalo, 1975

          University of California at Berkeley, 1975-1977
     F9   1975 Fall
     F10  1976 Winter
     F11  Tenure files, 1976-1977
     F12  1977 Winter
     F13  1977 Spring

     F14  Washington University, St. Louis, 1977

          University of California at Berkeley, 1978-1980
     F15  Student anthology: Let it Fly, 1978-1981
     F16  Teaching, 1978-1979
     F17  Teaching, 1979 Fall
     F18  Tenure files, 1979
     F19  Teaching, 1980 Spring

41        Index to Johnson Microfilm Collection, 1980
               Copy of an index prepared for the George P. Johnson collection of
               microfilmed materials relating to Blacks in entertainment, sports, and the
               arts.  Collection is in the General Library at Berkeley. 
     F20  (I) A-J
     F21  (II) K-Z and addenda

41        Series V.  Academic files (cont'd)
          Series V.1.  Chronological teaching files (cont'd)

          Dartmouth College
     F22  1980 Summer
     F23  Lecture notes, 1980-1981
     F24  1981 Summer

          State University of New York at Buffalo, 1980-1981
     F25  Teaching, 1980 Fall
     F26  Buff.  SUNY Buffalo literary journal, issues #1 and #2, 1981

          University of California at Berkeley, 1981-1989
     F27  1981 Winter
     F28  Student anthology materials, 1981 Spring
     F29  1981 Fall
     F30  1982 Winter
     F31  1982 Fall
     F32  1983 Winter
     F33  1983 Spring
     F34  1983 Fall
     F35  Tenure file, 1983
     F36  1984 Spring
     F37  1984 Fall
     F38  1985 Winter
     F39  1985 Spring
     F40  1985 Fall
     F41  Professional file, c1985

     F42  1986 Spring
     F43  1986 Fall
     F44  Student writing: Forest John Castle, c1986

     F45a Harvard University, 1986-1987

     F45b Yale University, [1987]-1990

          University of California at Berkeley, 1987-1988
     F46  1987 Fall
     F47  Evaluations, 1987

41        Series V.  Academic files (cont'd)
          Series V.1.  Chronological teaching files (cont'd)

          Evaluation forms returned from tenure review, 1988
          Forms were collected and reviewed from the years 1981-1986.  Foldered by class.
     F48  1981 Fall: 143A
     F49  1982 Winter: 143A
     F50  1983 Spring: 143A
     F51  1983 Fall: 43B
     F52  1983 Fall: 143A
     F53  1983 Winter: 143A
     F54  1984 Fall: 143A
     F55  1984 Fall: 43B
     F56  1985 Fall: 143A
     F57  1985 Fall: 43B
     F58  1986 Fall: 43B
     F59  1986 Fall: 143A
     F60  1988 Spring
     F61  1988 Fall
     F62  1989 Spring
     F63  University of California at Santa Barbara, Regents Lecturer, 1988-1989     
     F64  University of Washington, Summer 1989

          University of California at Berkeley, 1989-1994
     F65  1989 Fall
     F66  1990 Spring
     F67  1990 Fall
     F68a 1991 Spring
     F68b 1992

          Evaluation forms returned from review, 1993            
          Student evaluation forms were gathered and reviewed from the years 1987-1991. 
          They are foldered separately by class.
     F69  1987 Fall: 43B
     F70  1998 Spring: 43B
     F71  1988 Spring: 143A
     F72  1988 Fall: 43B
     F73  1989 Spring: 43B
     F74  1990 Fall: 43B
     F75  1991 Spring: 43B

41        Series V.  Academic files (cont'd)
          Series V.1.  Chronological teaching files (cont'd)

          University of California at Berkeley, 1989-1994 (cont'd)

          1994 Spring
     F76  Teaching files
     F77  Re-entry mentor award certificates
     F78  UC Berkeley undated 

          Series V.2.  Information and resources, 1976-1985 and n.d.
          Afro-American Studies
42   F79  Berkeley Afro-American Studies department
     F80  The Source.  Newsletter of the Berkeley Afro-Americans Studies Undergraduate
          Association, 1983-1985
     F81  CAAS Newletter.  UCLA Center for Afro-American Studies, 1982-1985
     F82  Gifts from Ileife
     F83  Miscellaneous
          Clippings, book ads, book lists
     F84   (I)
     F85  (II)
     F86  (III)
     F87  (IV)
     F88  (V)
     F89  (VI)
     F90  (VII)

          Teaching Materials
     F91  "The Ben Ishmael Tribe"
     F92  Black Literature and Literary Theory, Henry Louis Gates, Jr ed.
     F93  "The Mouse-Trap"
     F94  "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"
     F95  The People Named the Chippewa
     F96  The Third Life of Grange Copeland
     F97  "The Year 1912"
     F98  Chinese Stories
     F99  "Other Peoples"
     F100 Richard Wright

42        Series V.  Academic files (cont'd)

          Series V.3 Correspondence, 1967-1986

     F101 American Association of University Professors

     F102 Teaching Position inquiries 1970-1986

     F103 University letters to Reed, 1975-1986

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citation and reference information

The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

Manuscript Collection Number: 398
Accessioned: Purchases, 1980-1995.
Extent: 65 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, novels, plays, poems, essays, reviews, speeches, magazines, posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, broadsides, photographs, artwork, books, galley and page proofs, financial documents, catalogs, programs, photocopies, sound recordings, schedules, comic books, notes, transcripts, awards, certificates, minutes, audiovisual recordings, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1998-1999 by Shiela Pardee, completed by Anita Wellner.

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