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Manuscript Collection Number: 313
Accessioned: Purchase, 1975-1993.
Extent: 13 linear ft.
Content: Letters, photographs, contracts, bank statements, drawings, certificates of copyright, catalogs, calendars, broadsides, posters, programs, galley proofs, page layouts, bills (financial), typescripts, journal, drafts (preliminary versions), clippings, photomechanical reproductions, microfilm, poems, books, playbills, and playscripts.
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Table of Contents

Series III: Robert Hogan personal and professional papers, 1899 - 1993

Series IV: Manuscripts written by Mary Rose Callaghan, 1976 - 1990

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Series I: Letters and manuscripts of authors published by Proscenium Press, 1917 - 1993 (bulk dates 1962 - 1993)
Series II: Proscenium Press Files, 1917 - 1993

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8         Series III.  Robert Hogan personal and professional
               papers, 1899-1993
               Includes correspondence; microfilm and photocopies
               of research material; manuscripts and galleys of
               plays, reviews, or books by Hogan; a journal; and
               theater programs and publications collected by

          Series III.1.  Letters, 1920-1983
               Arranged alphabetically by sender.

     F404 Barthelme, Donald
          1975 Mar 10    TLS       1p

     F405 Bly, Robert
          1975 Nov 10    TLS       1p

     F406 Booth, Wayne
          1975 Oct 30    TLS       1p

     F407 Cotter, Denis Jr.
          Typescript of Cotter's biographical sketch of Francis

     F408 Deane, Seamus, 1940-
          1977 Apr 29    ALS       2p

     F409 De Sola Pinto, Vivian and Irene
          1967           Print     1p
               Note:  Printed Christmas greeting which includes
               Vivian de Sola Pinto's poem "Dawn in Flanders"
               (1918).  This is no. 34 of 200 printed.

     F410 Figgis, Allen
          1978 Apr 17    TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a biographical sketch of Helen

     F411 Gish, Lillian, 1896-
          1981 Jan 15    TNS       1p

     F412 Galvin, Patrick, 1927-
          1980 Mar 16    TLS       1p

     F413 Gordimer, Nadine
          1975 Dec 15    TLS       1p

     F414 Gorelik, Mordecai, 1899-
          1975 Nov 10    ANS       1p
               Note:  Includes photocopied letters to Gorelik
               from playwright Robert E. Lee.

8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F415 Hall, Donald, 1928-
          1975-1976      Letters   6p
               Note:  Includes a photocopy of The New York Times
               publication of Hall's poem "Kicking the Leaves"
               (1975 Oct 17).

     F416 Hambleton, T. Edward
          1980 Oct 28    TLS       1p

     F417 Horniman, A. E. F.
          1920 May 14    ALS       2p   (to unidentified)

     F418 Keane, Nona
          1972 Mar 19    TLS       1p

     F419 Kermode, Frank, 1919-
          1975 Dec 3     TLS       1p

     F420 Kinahan, Lady
          1983 Jun 12    ALS       2p

     F421 Kilroy, Thomas
          [n.y.] Nov 12  TLS       1p

     F422 Kline, Herbert
          1983           Letters   6p
               Note:  Includes a carbon of Kline's letter to
               actor Burgess Meredith and information concerning
               a film project about theater artists.

     F423 LeBrocquy, Sybil
          1967 Nov 6     ALS       1p

     F424 Luke, Peter
          1978 May 1     TLS       1p

     F425 Lyons, Leland
          1977 Jan 28    TLS       1p

     F426 MacDermott, Gerald B.
          1967 Jan 25    ALS       1p

     F427 McMaster, Anew
          1962 Jun 15    ALS       2p

     F428 Manahan, Anna
          1971-1972      Letters   39p

     F429 Miller, Henry, 1891-1980.
          1963 Apr 2     ACS       1p

8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F430 Munson, Gorham Bert, 1896-1969.
          1967 Jan 21    TL        2p

     F431 O'Brien, Maire Cruise
          1977 Jan 28    TLS       1p

     F432 O'Donnell, Peadar
          1950 Jul 28    TLS       1p (to Frank)

     F433 O'Duffy, Cathleen and Rosalind
          1971-1978      Letters   3p

     F434 O'Farachain, Roibeard, 1909-
          1977 Feb       Letters   2p

     F435 O'Flaherty, Liam, 1896-       (To: Unidentified)
          1952 Oct 3     ANS       1p

     F436 O'Mahoney, Eoim
          1966 Dec 14    ALS       2p

     F437 Paley, Grace
          1975 Nov 15    TLS       1p

     F438 Payne, Basil
          1972-1973      Letters   6p
               Note:  Includes curriculum vitae and articles
               about Payne.

     F439 Percy, Walker, 1916-
          1975 Nov 2     ALS       1p

     F440 Reid, Alec, 1921-
          1971 Nov 29    TLS       1p

          Richards, Shelah
     F441 1981-1983      Letters   16p
               Note:  Includes typescript and photocopied
               material toward Richards's autobiography Let's
               Play Ghosts, which was to be written with Robert
     F442 Typescript (carbon) of Richards's autobiography Let's
          Play Ghosts: a life in the theatre (n.d.).

     F443 Robertson, Olivia, 1917-
          1978-1979      Letters   3p
               Note:  Includes reviews of Robertson's books, as
               well as a flyer for her publications.
8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F444 Robinson, Lennox, 1886-1958. (To: Dublin Drama League)
          1928 Oct 4     Print     1p

     F445 Ryan, Meda
          1978 Feb 22    TLS       1p

     F446 Scudder, Alice
          1972 Nov       Letters   2p

     F447 Smith, Nancy
          [n.d.]         ALS       1p

     F448 Snodgrass, W. D. (William De Witt), 1926-
          1975 Oct 31    TLS       1p

     F449 Stout, Rex, 1886-1975.
          1968-1971      Letters   9p

     F450 Wagoner, David
          1975           Letters   2p
               Note:  Includes a curriculum vitae.

     F451 Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.
          1975 Feb 25    ALS       1p

     F452 Wilson, Angus
          1980 Dec 14    ALS       1p

     F453 Wimsatt, William K. (William Kurtz), 1907-1975.
          1975 Mar 3     TLS       1p

          Series III.2.  Manuscripts written by Robert Hogan,
               Arranged alphabetically by title of manuscript.
     F454 A Better Place, 1972
          Mimeographed typescript of Hogan's play, with flyers
          and reviews of the play's production at Dublin's Gate
          Theatre and 14th Street Theater and The American
          Theater in New York.

     F455 The Crows of Mephistopheles and Other Stories  by George
          Fitzmaurice(Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1970), 1970
          Galley proofs of Fitzmaurice's stories, edited by
          Robert Hogan.  Removed to galley section.

     F456 The Independence of Elmer Rice by Robert Hogan
          (Carbondale: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 1965), 1965
          Galley proofs removed to galley section.
8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.2.  Manuscripts (cont'd)

     F457 "A Theatre Journal: an account of plays produced by
          Robert Hogan," 1962-1963
          Hogan's journal chronicles the 1962 premier productions
          of O'Casey's play Behind the Green Curtains and Elmer
          Rice's play Love Among the Ruins, at the University of
          Rochester's Modern Irish Drama Festival.  Also includes
          transcripts of letters from O'Casey, Denis Johnston,
          Padraic Colum, Paul Vincent Carroll, Seamus de Burca,
          Gabriel Fallon, Rice, and others (original letters are
          available in Series I).  Inserted in the journal are
          clippings, programs, drawings of stage settings, notes
          for sound cues and costumes, reviews of the plays, and
          notes taken during rehearsals.  Programs for other
          plays staged at the University of Rochester and Hogan's
          notes about his work at the university are part of the
          journal, as are pages from the playscript for Love
          Among the Ruins (which bears stage notes on the verso)
          and a poster advertising the Rochester production
          (removed to the oversize section) of this play.

     F458 Toward a National Theatre by Frank J. Fay (Dublin:
          Dolmen Press, 1969), 1969
          Author's page proofs and jacket, with editing and
          introduction by Robert Hogan.  
8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)

          Series III.3.  Theater programs collected by Robert
               Hogan, 1926-1993
               The programs are arranged alphabetically by
               theater name and then chronologically by
               performance dates.  The title of each play and the
               name of the playwright is also included.  See
               Series III.6 for several posters advertising Irish
               plays presented by Abbey Theatre and the Royal
               Academy of Music School of Drama.  

          Abbey Theatre (Dublin)
     F459 1926 Mar 16    In the Shadow of the Glen (Synge) and
                              The Whiteheaded Boy (Robinson)
               Apr 3     The Workhouse Ward (Lady Gregory) and                  
                              The Would-be Gentleman (Moliere,
                              Lady Gregory)
               Apr 27    The Glorious Uncertainty (MacNamara)
               May 10    Professor Tim (Shiels) 2 copies
          1927 Jan 11    The White Blackbird (Robinson) and                     
                              The Coiner (Duffy)
          1929 May 20    The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
               Jul 2     Mountain Dew (Shiels)
               Jul 9     Look at the Heffernans! (MacNamara)
               Jul 16    Full Measure (O'Brennan) and The
                              Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet (Shaw)
               Aug 27    The Glorious Uncertainty (MacNamara) and
                              The Coiner (Duffy)
               Sep 3     Paul Twyning (Shiels)
               Sep 17    The Rising of the Moon (Lady Gregory)
                              and Birthright (Murray)
               Nov 26    The Pot of Broth (Yeats) and Mixed
                              Marriage (Ervine) 2 copies

     F460 1930 Jan 21    The Rising of the Moon (Lady Gregory)
                              and The Playboy of the Western
                              World (Synge)
               Feb 11    The Woman (O'Leary)
               May 13    Peter (Mayne)
               Jul 14    The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
               Jul 21    John Bull's Other Island (Shaw)
          [1932] Sep 20  The Big House (Robinson)
          1933 Oct 9     Paul Twyning (Shiels)
          1934 Sep 3     The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
          1936 Jul 13    Drama at Inish or Is Life Worth Living?
          1937 Feb 15    Margaret Gillan (MacNamara)
               Aug 16    The Rising of the Moon (Lady Gregory)
                              and The Playboy of the Western
                              World (Synge)
8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

          Abbey Theatre (cont'd)
     F461 1938 Jan 10    The Gossoon (Shiels)
               May 16    The Far-off Hills (Robinson)
               Jul 25    The Moon in the Yellow River (Johnston)
               Aug 22    Drama at Inish or Is Life Worth Living?
               Oct 3     The Jailbird (Shiels)
               Oct 24    Quin's Secret (Shiels)
               Oct 31    Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey)
          1939 Jan 2     The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
               Feb 6     In the Shadow of the Glen (Synge) and
                              Caesar's Image (Carey)
               Apr 24    The Dear Queen (Ganly) and Bird's Nest
               May 1     Shadow and Substance (Carroll)
               May 22    Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey)
               May 29    The Silver Jubilee (O'Daly) and
                              Meadowsweet (O'Kelly)
               Aug 21    Paul Twyning (Shiels)
               Sep 4     The King of Spain's Daughter (Deevy) and
                              The Shadow of a Gunman (O'Casey)
               Sep 18    Drama at Inish or Is Life Worth Living?
               Oct 16    The Far-off Hills (Robinson)
               Oct 23    The Whiteheaded Boy (Robinson)

     F462 1940 Jan 15    Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey)
               Jan 22    Spring (Murray) & Bird's Nest (Robinson)
               Mar 11    Give Him a House (Shiels)
               Apr 8     The Heritage (Montgomery)
               Apr 15    The Silver Jubilee (O'Daly) and In the
                              Train (Hunt)
               Apr 22    Mount Prospect (Connor)
               May 13    Birth of a Giant (MacAdam) and The
                              Birthday of the Infanta (Cullen)
               May 20    The Passing Day (Shiels)
               May 27    Look at the Heffernans (MacNamara)
               Jul 8     The Far-off Hills (Robinson)
               Jul 15    To-Day and Yesterday (Hepenstall)
               Oct 1     The Rugged Path (Shiels)
               Oct 28    Drama at Inish or Is Life Worth Living?
               Nov 18    Mount Prospect (Connor)
          1941 Feb 24    The Summit (Shiels)
               May 19    The Lady in the Twilight (Wall)
               Nov 24    The Three Thimbles (MacNamara)
          1943 Mar 21    Assembly at Druim Ceat (O'Farachain) and
                              Hyacinth Halvey (Lady Gregory)
               May 3     Old Road (Molloy)

8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

          Abbey Theatre (cont'd)
     F463 1960 Jun 27    The Money Doesn't Matter (D'Alton)
          [1960]         Arms and the Man (Shaw) and Krapp's Last
                              Tape (Beckett)
          1964 Mar 2     The Ploughs and the Stars (O'Casey)
          1965 Jun 29    The Wood of the Whispering (Molloy)
          1966 Dec       The Patrick Pearse Motel (Leonard)
          1967 Jan 31    The Shaughraun (Boucicault)
               Sep 11    Red Roses for Me (O'Casey)
               Sep 24    The Loves of Cass Maguire (Friel)
               Sep 30   International Theatre Seminar (programs
                              and a catalog) 
               Oct 5     A Brecht Evening: The Day of the Commune
                              (Brecht) and Cabaret of Savagery
                              and Delight (Bernelle)
               Dec 26    An Cailin Ban (Boucicault)

     F464 [1968] Jan 16  The Last Eleven (White)
          1968 Apr 15    The Shaughraun (Boucicault)
               May 13    The Two Shadows: In The Shadow of the
                              Glen (Synge) and The Shadow of a
                              Gunman (O'Casey)
               Jul-Aug   Borstal Boy (Behan), Famine (Murphy),
                              Happy as Larry (MacDonagh), Riders
                              to the Sea (Synge), The General's
                              Watch (Power), The Playboy of the
                              Western World (Synge), The Sound of
                              the Gong and The Countess of
                              Cathleen (Yeats)
               [Dec]     An Baile Seo'Gainne (Judge)
          1969 May 19    The Quare Fellow (Behan)
               Aug 18    Swift (McCabe)
          1970 Jul 27    The Hostage (Behan)
          1972 Jun 27    Bedtime Story and The End of the
                              Beginning (O'Casey) and Splinters
                              From a Glass (Rowe)
          1973 Jul 2     The Freedom of the City (Friel)
          [1973]         God's Country (MacDonagh)
8         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

          Abbey Theatre (cont'd)
     F465 1974 Jan 15    The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
               Jul 16    Ulysses in Nighttown (Joyce)
          1975 May 29    Katie Roche (Deevy)
          1976 Jun 14    We Do It For Love (Galvin)
               Jun 29    The Shaughraun (Boucicault) with ticket
               Jul 19    The Sanctuary Lamp (Murphy)
          [1976 Aug 2]   The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
               Dec 21    Time Was (Leonard)
          1977 Feb 17    The Old Lady Says "No!" (Johnston)
               Mar 24    Living Quarters (Friel)
               Aug 11    Cock-a-Doodle Dandy (O'Casey)
               Dec 21    Wild Oats or, The Strolling Gentlemen

     F466 1978 Jan 23    Talbot's Box (Kilroy)
          1979 Mar 8     Aristocrats (Friel)
               May 17    Petticoat Loose (Molloy)
               Jun 11    Sharon's Grave (Keane)
          1980 Jul 14    A Life (Leonard)

     F467 1981 Mar 17    Faith Healer (Friel) 2 copies
               Apr 2     All in Favour Said No! (Farrell) 
                              2 copies
               May 14    The Passing Day (Shiels) 2 copies
               May 25    The Scythe and the Sunset (Johnston) 2
               Aug 13    Scenes From an Album (Trevor)
               Dec 17    The Hostage (Behan)

9    F468 1983 Jul 25    Translations (Friel)
               Aug 18    The Moon in the Yellow River (Johnston)
          1984 Aug 9     The Man From Clare (Keane)
               Dec 13    The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare)

     F469 1985 May 9     The Drums of Father Ned (O'Casey)
               Jul 29    All the Way Back (Farrell)
               Aug 22    The King of Friday's Men (Molloy)
          [1985] Sep     Souper Sullivan (Harris) with ticket
          1985 Dec 2     Observe the Son of Ulster Marching
                              Towards the Somme (McGuinness)
               Dec 30    A Thief of a Christmas (Murphy)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

          Abbey Theatre (cont'd)
     F470 1986 Nov 20    The Far-off Hills (Robinson)
          1987 Jul 28    A Whistle in the Dark (Murphy)
          [1987/1988]    The Silver Dollar Boys (Donnelly)
          1988 May 23    St. Stephen's Green or The Generous
                              Lovers (Philips)
               Aug 22    Boss Grady's Boys (Barry)
               Oct 3     Colours - Jane Barry Esq. (Binnie)
          1989 Jun 20    King of the Castle (McCabe) 2 copies

     F471 1990 Feb 20    The Silver Tassie (O'Casey)
               Apr 24    Dancing at Lughnasa (Friel)
               Jul 5     The Shaughraun (Boucicault)
               Aug 8     Second Annual W. B. Yeats International
                              Theatre Festival
          1991 Apr 2     The Gigli Concert (Murphy)
               May 7     The Plough and the Stars (O'Casey)
               Jun 25    Hedda Gabler (Ibsen)
               Nov 27    The Corsican Brothers (Boucicault)

     F472 1992 Apr 21    Moving (Leonard)
               Jun 17    Drama at Inish (Robinson)
          [1992]         Moonshine (Nolan)
          1993 Jan 12    The Honey Spike (MacMahon)
               Jun 30    Wonderful Tennessee (Friel)

     F473 [n.y.] Oct 10  Borstal Boy (Behan)
          [n.d.]         Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey)
          [n.d.]         The Wakefield Mystery Plays (Rose)
          [n.d.]         Arrah-na-Pogue (Boucicault)
          [n.d.]         Purple Dust (O'Casey)

     F474 Aldwych Theatre (London)
          1969 Sep 10    The Silver Tassie (O'Casey)
          1970 Jun 23    London Assurance (Boucicault) with
                              clipping and autograph note

     F475 Arts Theatre (Belfast)
          1965 Jun 21    One For the Pot (Cooney, Hamilton)
          1969 Aug 14    The Mating Season (Cree)

     F476 The Beavers Theatre (Dublin)
          [n.d.]         Country Boy (Murphy)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F477 Bray Theatre Royale Ltd. (Bray)
          [n.y.] Sum     Painted Sparrows (Paxton, Hoile)
          [n.d.]         Spreading the News (with brochure)

     F478 Cyril Cusack Productions (Dublin)
          [n.d.]         The Bishop's Bonfire (O'Casey)

     F479 Druid Theatre Company (Galway)
          1975-1976      In the Glens of Rathvanna, In the Shadow
                              of The Glen, and The Tinker's
                              Wedding (Synge)

     F480 Dublin Grand Opera Society, Ireland (Dublin)
          1984 Wtr       Cosi Fan Tutte (da Ponte, Mozart), Der
                              Rosenkavalier (van Hofmannsthal)
                              and Die Fledermaus (Haffner, Genee,
                              Heilhac, Halevy)
          1986 Wtr       Gala Operatic Concert, Orfeo ed Euridice
                              (Gluck, da Calzabigi), and Turandot
          1990 Apr-May   Peter Grimes (Britten), Madam Butterfly
                              (Puccini), and Don Giovanni (da
                              Ponte, Mozart)
          1992 Apr       Martha (von Flotow)

     F481 Dublin Theatre Festival (Dublin)
          1964 Sep-Oct   Final programme
          1967 Oct       Guide to Tenth Dublin Theatre Festival
          [1985]         Tent Meeting (Larson, Lee and Wackler)
          1986 Oct 11    The Puppeteer from Lodz (Segal)
          1987 Sep-Oct   The Life and Death of a Fireman (flyer
                              and program)
          1988 Sep-Oct   Laurel and Hardy (McGrath)

     F482 Duchess Theatre (London)
          [n.d.]         The Au Pair Man (Leonard)

     F483 Duke of York's Theatre (London)
          [n.d.]         The Price (Miller)

     F484 Eblana Theatre (Dublin)
          1970 Apr 8     The Savages (Douglas)
               Jul 27    It's a Two-Foot-Six-Inches Above-the-Ground World (Laffan)
          1977 Feb 14    Lovers and Other Strangers (Taylor,
          1986 Jul 29    Mr. Wonderful MCP (Rowan) & ticket stub
          [n.d.]         A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (Nichols)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F485 Field Day Theatre Company (Ireland)
          1987           Pentecost (Parker)
          1988           Making History (Friel)

     F486 Focus Theatre (Dublin)
          1992           The Master Builder (Ibsen)

     F487 Gaiety Theatre (Dublin)
          1960 Jun 20    The Mikado (Gilbert, Sullivan)
               Jul 25    Flights of Fancy (O'Donovan)
          1967 Nov 13    The Gondoliers, The Yeomen of the Guard,
                              and H.M.S. Pinafore (Gilbert,
          1970 Jun 16    Gaels of Laughter '70 (O'Donovan)
          1976 Oct 7     Dead Eyed Dicks (King)
          1977 Mar 21    The Merry Widow (Park, Lehar)
          1979 Apr 16    Tosca (Puccini)
               Jun 5     Hunky Dory (Doherty)
          1980           Annie (Meehan)
          1982 Jun 22    Irishmen (Leonard)
          1985 Oct 26    Arsenic and Old Lace (Kesselring)
          1987 Jul 13    One of Our Own (Linehan, Doherty)
               Sep 10    John Bull's Other Island (Shaw) 2 copies
          1993 Jun 14    The Chastitute (Keane)
          [n.d.]         The Words Upon the Window-pane (Yeats)
                              and O'Flaherty V.C. (Shaw)

     F488 The Garrick Theatre (London)
          1967 Apr 20    Uproar in the House (Marriott, Foot)
          1969 May 7     She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith)

     F489 Gas Company Theatre (Dun Laoghaire)
          [n.d.]         Don't Listen Ladies (Powys, Bolton,
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

          Gate Theatre (Dublin)
     F490 1936 Oct-Dec   Three-Cornered Moon (Tonkonogy) 2 copies
          1937 Feb       The Duchess of Malfi (Webster)
               Jun-Jul   Busman's Honeymoon (Sayter, Byrne)
          1939 Jan-Jul   Doctor Faustus (Wagner)
          1942 Mar       Twelfth Night (Shakespeare)
          1960 Jul 5     The Birthday Party (Pinter)
               Jul 26    I Am a Camera (Isherwood, Van Druten)
          1967 Oct 9     The Goose (Owen)
          1969 Jul 1     Black Comedy (Shaffer)
               Jul 29    Madigan's Lock (Leonard)
          [1960s]        Lovers (Friel)
          1976 Aug 18    Liam Liar (Leonard)
               Oct 5     The Seventh Sin (Forristal)
               Nov 25    Home for Christmas (Mac Liammoir) with
                              ticket stubs
          1977 May 23    Equus (Shaffer)
          1978 Dec 27    Where Stars Walk (Mac Liammoir)

     F491 1981 Aug 6     Amadeus (Shaffer)
          1984 Oct 16    Hedda Gabler (Ibsen)
               Dec 18    Arrah-na-pogue or The Wicklow Wedding
          1985 May 21    The Recruiting Officer (Farquhar)
               Oct 4     The Mask of Moriarty (Leonard)
          1986 Jul 15    Juno and the Paycock (O'Casey)
               Oct 7     Innocence The Life of Caravaggio

     F492 1987 Oct 6     Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Hampton)
               Dec 8     The Rivals (Sheridan)
          1988 May 31    Fathers and Sons (Friel, Turgenev)
               Oct 4     Peer Gynt (McGuinness, Ibsen)
               Dec 6     Twelfth Night or What You Will
          1989 Apr 4     An Ideal Husband (Wilde)
               Jul 25    The School for Scandal (Sheridan)

     F493 1990 Mar 28    Three Sisters (McGuinness, Chekhov)
               May 13    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Pennington)
               Aug 7     You Never Can Tell (Shaw)
          1992 Jan 23    The London Vertigo (Friel, Macklin)
               May 12    The Cherry Orchard (Bogdanov, Chekhov)
               Aug 4     A Month in the Country (Friel, Turgenev)
               Dec 1     The Double Dealer (Congreve)
          1993 Feb 22    Mary Makebelieve (Linehan, Stephen)
               Apr 6     Just Between Ourselves (Ayckbourn)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F494 The Globe (London)
          [1989]         Lettice and Lovage (Shaffer)

     F495 Irish Theatre Company (Dublin)
          1975 Fall      Irishmen (Leonard), A Murder Has Been
                              Arranged (Williams) and When We Are
                              Married (Priestley)
          1976 Aut       Da (Leonard)
               Nov-Dec   The J. Arthur Maginnis Story (Murphy)
          1978 Spr       Spokesong (Parker, Kennedy) 2 copies

     F496 Lantern Theatre (Dublin)
          1965 Jul 21    Silk on the Sword-blade:  A centenary
                              presentation of plays and poetry by
                              William Butler Yeats (Yeats)
          1967 Sum       Pictures in the Hallway (O'Casey)
               Sum       A View on Vanessa (Le Brocquy)
          1968 Apr 24    A Beginning of Truth (Gallivan)
          1969 Jul 9     Passes in the Night (Grattan)

     F497 The Lyric Players Theatre (Belfast)
          1968 Jun       A Programme of Plays by W. B. Yeats: The
                              Dreaming of the Bones, Oedipus at
                              Colonus, The King of the Great
                              Clock Tower, Purgatory, Calvary,
                              and The Resurrection (Yeats) with
                              ticket stub, postcards and notes
          1983 Nov-Dec   Tea in a China Cup (Reid)
          [1984] Apr     Tea in a China Cup (Reid)

     F498 The Mermaid Theatre (London)
          1962 Aug 15    Sean O'Casey Festival:  Purple Dust, Red
                              Roses for Me, and The Plough and
                              the Stars (O'Casey)
          1965 May 11    Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus
          1969 Mar/Jun   Lock Up Your Daughters (Johnson, Bart,
                              Fielding) and Anything You Say Will
                              Be Twisted (Campbell) with flyer

     F499 Muck Struck Theatre Company (Dublin)
          [n.d.]         Man of Destiny and Glimpse of Reality

     F500 New Theatre (London)
          1967 Jul 31    Spring and Port Wine (Naughton)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F501 Olympia Theatre (Dublin)
          1960 Jul 18    Salad Days (Reynolds, Slade)
          [1964]         Summer Cruise (Cruise)
          1967 Oct 3     Frankenstein (Beck, Malina)
               Oct 10    The Quick and the Dead (Leonard) 2
          1968 Apr 15    Knocknagow or The Homes of Tipperary (De
                              Burca, Kickham) 2 copies, one
                              signed by De Burca
          1969 Jun 10    The Mundy Scheme or May We Write Your
                              Epitaph Now, Mr. Emmet? (Friel)
          [1974]         Da (Leonard)
          1977 Mar 14    Gala Re-opening Concert
               Apr 11    Cabaret (Kander, Ebb, Masteroff)
               Jun 20    The Playboy of the Western World (Synge)
          [1977] Jul 4   IPI-Tombi (Egnos, Lakier)
          1980 Jul 21    The Chastitute (Keane)
          1981 Jun 24    Many Young Men of Twenty (Keane)
               Dec 26    Oliver! (Bart)
          1985 May 29    Goodbye to the Hill (Dunne)
               Sep 23    Northern Star (Parker)
          1986 Aug 14    How the Other Half Loves (Ayckbourn)
          1988 Dec 15    The Adventures of Mr. Toad (Chater-Robinson, Grahame)
          1991 May 21    The Sound of Music (Rodgers,

     F502 Oscar Theatre (Dublin)
          1977 Jan 10    There Was a Young Man (Dolan)
          1981 Feb 10    Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Fo)
          [1981]         I Do Not Like Thee, Dr. Fell! (Farrell)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F503 Peacock Theatre (Dublin)
          [1968 Jan]     The Orphans (Murphy)
               Jan 28    The Savages (Douglas) 2 programs
               Feb 28    Come and Go (Beckett), Before Breakfast
                              (O'Neill) and The Maids (Genet)
               Apr 16    A Second Lady Gregory Programme: The
                              Rising of the Moon, The Workhouse
                              Ward, and Hyacinth Halvey (Lady
          [1968]         King of the Barnamen and The Magic
                              Glasses (Fitzmaurice)
          1969 Jul 11    Soldier (Lynch)
               Aug 6     Aaron Thy Brother (Farrington)
          1977 Nov 25    Mrs. Warren's Profession (Shaw)
          1979 Aug 9     The Pot of Broth (Yeats)
          1981 Mar 5     Childish Things (McCarthy)
          [1982] Jun 21  Macook's Corner (Shiels)
          1986 Jul 14    The Great Hunger (MacIntyre, Kavanagh)
               Sep 15    Calvary and The Resurrection (Yeats)
          1987 May 5     Yerma (McGuinness, Lorca)
               Sep 7     The Last Hero (Freed)
          1989 Jul 18    Hughie (O'Neill)
          1991 Dec 10    Strange Occurrence on Ireland's Eye
                              (Johnston) 2 different programs
          1992 Jul 30    Away Alone (Noble)
          1993 Jun 2     The Trojan Women (Kennelly, Euripides)
          [n.y.] Jun 19  Red Biddy (Magee)

     F504 The Playhouse (Derry)
          1993           Travellers' Tales (Bannister) cover
                              bears ANS by Ivy Bannister

     F505 Project Arts Centre (Dublin)
          1976 Jul 13    The Hour Glass, The Words Upon the
                              Window Pane, and The Cat and the
                              Moon (Yeats)
          [n.y.] Jun 23  The Hostage (Behan)
               Jul-Aug   Behind the Green Curtains (O'Casey)

     F506 Rough Magic (Dublin)
          1987           The Silver Tassie (O'Casey)

     F507 Royal National Theatre (London)
          [1989]         The Shaughraun (Boucicault)

     F508 Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Stratford-on-Avon)
          1976           Troilus & Cressida (Shakespeare)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F509 7:84 Theatre Company (Edinburgh)
          [1976]         Out of Our Heads (McGrath)

     F510 Strand Theatre (London)
          1960 Jun 8     Rhinoceros (Ionesco)

     F511 Theatre Royal (Haymarket and Bristol)
          1960 May 12    Ross (Rattigan)
               Jun 7     The Hostage (Behan)
          1966 Jan 12    You Never Can Tell (Shaw)

     F512 Tivoli Theatre (Dublin)
          1989           Semi+Private (Halpin)
          1991           Philadelphia Here I Come! (Friel)

     F513 Ulster Group Theatre (Belfast)
          [n.d.]         The Cradle Song (Sierra, Goldblatt)

     F514 United States theater productions, 1954-1980

          Actors' Playhouse (New York)
          [n.y.] Jun     Live Like Pigs (Arden)

          American Committee for Sean O'Casey's Centenary
          1980 Mar 25    Labor Salute to Sean O'Casey 

          Bijou Theatre (New York)
          1958 Dec 29    The Shadow of a Gunman (O'Casey)

          The Broadway Theatre (New York)
          1965 Jun        Baker Street (Coopersmith, Doyle)

          Lafayette Little Theater (Lafayette, Indiana)
          [1959]         The Drums of Father Ned (O'Casey)
                              Directed by Hogan and Jeanne Orr

          New York Shakespeare Festival (Lincoln Center)
          1974 Feb       The Tempest (Shakespeare)

          Palace Theatre (New York)
          1974 Dec 5     London Assurance (Eyre)

          Theater de Lys (New York)
          [1954]         The Threepenny Opera (Weill, Blitzstein,

     F515 Victor Theatre (Dublin)
          [1976]         The End of Mrs. Oblong (De Burca)
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Theater programs (cont'd)

     F516 Westminster Theatre (London)
          1937 Sep       Carmilla (Longford, Le Fanu)
               Oct       Anything but the Truth (Longford)

     F517 Whitehall Theatre (London)
          1964 Jul 15    Chase Me Comrade! (Cooney)

     F518 Writers' Week in Listowel (Listowel, Ireland)
          1972 Jun 2     Moll (Keane)
          1973 May-Jun   Programme of Events with brochure
          1977 May-Jun   Programme of Events

          Series III.4.  Certificates of copyright for plays
               written by Robert Hogan, 1966-1970
               Arranged in alphabetical order by title of play.

     F519 Certificates for Hogan's Betty and the Beast, The Fan
          Club, The New Rasputin, and Saint Jane.

          Series III.5.  Research material collected by Robert
               Hogan, 1899-1969
               Arranged alphabetically by subject of research or
               title of microfilm.

     F520 Irish literary and dramatic journals, 1899-1939
          One reel of microfilm (removed to Box 11) containing
          volumes 1-5 of The Arrow (Dublin, 1906-1939), numbers
          1-3 of Beltaine (London, 1899-1900), and volume 1 of
          DANA (Dublin, 1904-1905).

     F521 Moore, George, 1902
          Photocopies of letters from Moore to Hyde.

     F522 Newspaper articles, 1901-1938
          Photocopies of newspaper articles from The Spectator
          (1928-1932), The Irish Statesman (1924-1925), The
          Speaker (1901), The Listener (1938), Irish Worker
          (1913), The Sunday Record-Herald, All Ireland Review,
          and The New Age (1910).  Includes articles by William
          Butler Yeats, Frank O'Connor, G. K. Chesterfield,
          Katharine Tynan, and Padraic Colum.
9         Series III.  Robert Hogan Papers (cont'd)
          Series III.5.  Research material (cont'd)

     F523 O'Casey, Sean, 1934-1969
          Transcripts of correspondence between O'Casey and Hogan
          (1960); photocopies of O'Casey's letters to Leslie
          Daiken (1960-1961) and Morley Horder (1934-1942); and
          clippings of O'Casey's letters to the editor or
          articles about O'Casey (1955-1969).  Some of this
          material may have been collected towards Hogan's books,
          The Experiments of Sean O'Casey (1960) and The Years of
          O'Casey, 1921-1926 (1992), or one of his articles on

     F524 Microfilm from the National Library of Ireland (the
          originals of the LeFanu papers are located in the
          Library of Cambridge University)," [n.d.]
          One reel of microfilm containing a variety of letters,
          notes, poems, and writings by the Sheridan family and
          Joseph LeFanu (copied material spans the dates 1732-1938).  
          Includes letters from Dr. Thomas Sheridan,
          William Sheridan, Elizabeth Sheridan, Mrs. R. B.
          Sheridan, Charles Francis Sheridan, Charles B.
          Sheridan,  Charles Robert Sheridan, Persiane John
          Sheridan, Mrs. R. B. Sheridan (Elizabeth Ann Lindley),
          and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  Also includes poems by
          Mrs. R. B. Sheridan and copies of autograph plays by
          Joseph LeFanu.  Some of this research material may have
          been towards Hogan's books, The Plays of Frances
          Sheridan (1984) or The Poems of Thomas Sheridan (1994). 
          Removed to Box 11.

          Series III.6.  Miscellaneous materials, 1965-1981

     F525 Publications, 1965-1981
          Includes a "50th Anniversary Calendar" (1916-1966), a 
          booklet titled William Butler Yeats 1865-1965 (Dublin:
          Dolmen Press, 1965), issue #70 of Icarus (1976), and a
          copy of David Vajda's Lucretius: a Cognac Carnation
          (s.l.: A Ptolemy, 1981).  Also includes a poster for an
          Abbey Theatre production of Boucicault's The Shaughraun
          (n.d.) and the Royal Academy of Music School of Drama
          productions of Bernard Shaw's The Music Cure and The
          Fascinating Foundling and Hogan's Saint Jane (1966). 
          Also present is the broadside III  no. 11 (signed by
          Editor Hayden Murphy).  The broadside includes poetry
          by Eithne Strong, Liam O'Mahoney, Murphy, Desmond Egan,
          Roc Brynner, and others.  The posters, calendar, and
          broadside have been removed to the oversize section.

     F526 Unidentified play, [n.d.]
                    Twenty-three page typescript.  

10        Series IV.  Manuscripts written by Mary Rose Callaghan,
               Most of the manuscripts bear revisions by

          Series IV.1. The Awkward Girl: a novel (Dublin: Attic
               Press, 1990), [n.d.]
               A copy is available in Morris Library (PR 6053
               .A382 A94 1990).

     F527 Drafts of stories, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of stories which became
          chapters of The Awkward Girl.  Titles include "Letter
          From America," "Underwear," "A Far, Far Better Thing,"
          "How I Saved $20,000," and "The History Lesson."

     F528 Early version, [n.d.]
          Incomplete typescript.

     F529 Early version, [n.d.]
          Incomplete typescript.
     F530 Early version, [n.d.]
          Incomplete typescript photocopy with title page,
          dedication and table of contents.

     F531 Early version, [n.d.]
          Incomplete typescript.

     F532 Early version, [n.d.]
          Incomplete typescript photocopy.

     F533 Early versions, [n.d.]
          Miscellaneous pages of early drafts.

     F534 Later version, [n.d.]
     -535 Complete draft composed of typescript and typescript
          photocopy pages from several different drafts.  An
          attached letter from Callaghan to the publisher
          explains the changes which she has made before
          resubmitting the manuscript.

          Series IV.2.  Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter
               (London, New York: Marion Boyars Publishers,
               1985), [n.d.]
               A copy is available in Morris Library (PR 6053
               .A382 C6 1985).

     F536 Typescript draft, [n.d.]

     F538 Photocopied typescript draft, [n.d.]
10        Series IV.  Mary Rose Callaghan Manuscripts (cont'd)

          Series IV.3.  Has Anyone Seen Heather? (Dublin: Attic
               Press, 1990), [1989-1990]
               A copy is available in Morris Library (PR 6053
               .A382 H37x 1990).

     F540 Photocopied typescript, [1989-1990]
          Early draft of this adolescent story with the early
          title "What We Did."  Also includes a copy of the
          Autumn 1990 Attic Press catalog which advertises Has
          Anyone Seen Heather?

          Series IV.4.  A House For Fools, [n.d.]
               A play in two acts.

     F541 Early typescript draft, [n.d.]
     F542 Early photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          Reflects the revisions made to the previous draft.

     F543 Early photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          Duplicate of typescript in F542.

     F544 Early photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          Duplicate of typescript in F542, with binder.

     F545 Photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          Bound copy of typescript and Hogan's note, "three early
          versions," refers to this copy and the typescripts

     F546 Photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          A later revised version of the play, with significant
          additions to the first act. 

     F547 Photocopied typescript, [n.d.]
          Duplicate of the typescript in F546.

     Series IV.5.  The Improper Grandfather, [n.d.]
               A novel.

     F548 Photocopied typescript versions of the beginning,
          Two different versions of the beginnings of this novel. 
     F549 Complete draft, [n.d.]
     -550 Composed of photocopied and computer-generated
11        Series IV.  Mary Rose Callaghan Manuscripts (cont'd)

          Series IV.6.  Mothers (New York: Marion Boyars, 1984),
               A copy is available in Morris Library (PR 6053
               .A382 M67x 1984).

     F551 Autograph draft pages, [n.d.]
          Numerous pages of autograph versions, none of which are
          complete drafts, plus eight pages titled "Editorial
          Problems w/Mother."

     F552 Typescript draft pages, [n.d.]
          Numerous pages of typescript, typescript (carbon) and
          typescript (photocopy) drafts of Mothers, plus four
          pages titled "Synopsis of Mothers a novel by Mary Rose

     F553 Typescript draft pages, [n.d.]
          More pages of typescript, typescript (carbon) and
          typescript (photocopy) drafts.

     F554 Published version of "Ronnie," 1976 Sep
          One copy of September 1976 issue of The Journal of
          Irish Literature, which contains Callaghan's story
          "Ronnie."  This story became a chapter in Mothers.

     F555 Complete draft, [n.d.]
          A complete draft of Mothers, composed of typescript and
          typescript (photocopy) pages.

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