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1972 - 1999


Manuscript Collection Number: 452
Accessioned: 1995, 1999
Extent: 14 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, manuscripts, editorial materials, printing samples, tee-shirts.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 2002 by Gerald Cloud

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

The Pentagram Press was founded in 1974 by the Milwaukee-based poet Michael Tarachow as a publishing outlet for poetry and other new literature. The press originally contracted offset printing to local Milwaukee houses, but in 1976 Tarachow began using the letterpress of a fellow printer to produce fine press books in limited editions. Pentagram remained a one-man operation and Tarachow did his own designing, typesetting, presswork, printing, binding, and publishing. In 1979 Tarachow moved Pentagram to Markesan, Wisconsin, where he printed books of poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and typographical design on his own nineteenth-century letterpress. By the time the press moved to Minneapolis in 1987, Pentagram was known as one of the best private literary presses in the United States, publishing editions of 200 – 500 copies by authors such as Bob Arnold, Tom Clark, Cid Corman, Theodore Enslin, Tom Montag, and Diane Wakoski. By the 1990s Pentagram began producing books of typographic ornaments, such as An Exploration of the Granjon Arabesques (1990). The Pentagram Press produced more than seventy-five books and a host of broadsides and other letterpress ephemera. Particularly well-established among Wisconsin and Midwestern poets and printers, Pentagram’s reputation also gained national and even international renown. Pentagram Press books have received awards and certificates of excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Design, the Chicago Book Clinic, and the Pushcart Prize.

Michael Tarachow

Michael Tarachow was born in 1954 and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. Tarachow began his printing and publishing career while still in college, financing the press at his own expense. In addition to operating the Pentagram Press, Tarachow has published his own poetry, including Somewhere Music, Somewhere Song (1981), The Turning Point (1981), and In Place & Out (1982).


Halla, Chris. “Harvesting in the Hinterlands.” Small Press, November - December, 1984

— — “Pentagram: A Press and a Purpose.” Wisconsin Trails, November - December, 1986

Scope and Content Note

The Pentagram Press Archive, spanning the dates 1972 – 1999, documents the operations and output of the small fine press run by Michael Tarachow in Milwaukee and Markesan, in Wisconsin, and Minneapolis. The 14 linear feet of material contains correspondence, manuscript and printed poems, galleys, proofs, paste-ups, dummy copies, printing samples, news clippings, photographs, artwork, production materials, other ephemera, and all working files of the Pentagram Press. Correspondence in the collection is particularly rich in documenting Tarachow’s exchange with printers and writers in his pursuit of creative content and high quality presentation for the works of his press.

The organization of the collection largely follows the original order of the files maintained by Michael Tarachow, presented in three series. The first series contains correspondence to Tarachow, primarily from his published authors and other individuals involved with the works of the press. Tarachow also frequently corresponded with other small press and letterpress printers. The second series contains the files of the Pentagram Press, including business correspondence and production materials. The third series contains printing and publishing projects of the Pentagram Press.

Series I. Correspondence contains correspondence between Michael Tarachow and the authors, editors, publishers, printers, typographers, designers, and artists involved with the publications of the Pentagram Press. The series, which comprises the true bulk of the collection, is arranged alphabetically by the correspondent’s last name. The correspondence shows that Tarachow maintained a friendly exchange of ideas with his business associates, most of whom shared his interest in new literature and fine press publishing. Correspondents such as Tom Bridwell, John Judson, Robie Liscomb, and John Shannon were, like Tarachow, writers as well as printers and / or publishers of poetry. A significant number of Tarachow’s correspondents were fellow small press and letterpress printers from the United States, England, and Canada, with whom he exchanged ideas and materials. The letters reveal Tarachow’s commitment to literature, the arts, and fine press printing. The topics discussed in the letters range from the state of small presses during the 1970s and 1980s (see: Bob Arnold), technical and professional aspects of letterpress printing (see: Don Olsen, Emerson Wulling), book production and publishing (see: Robie Liscomb), and literary matters from the perspective of poets and publishers (see: Tom Montag, John Shannon, David Giannini). Tarachow’s own philosophy about fine press printing and literature is revealed in several letters sent to Chris Halla (F87). Following Tarachow’s original arrangement, the correspondence series includes -- in some instances -- manuscripts, dummy copies, and other production materials directly related to the correspondent.

Series II. Pentagram Press Files contains materials directly related to the business of the press, its authors, and the poetry, printing, bookmaking, and publishing of Michael Tarachow. The series includes correspondence, flyers, newsletters, news clippings, posters, catalogs, dummies, production materials, and other ephemera. The items contained in this series document the operation of a small press through printed materials related to book fairs, lectures, exhibitions, and publishing.

Series III. Projects contains poetry and prose manuscripts, artwork, production materials, and other items directly related to the production of Pentagram Press books and publication projects in which Tarachow was involved. The series is arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. Included are the manuscripts and correspondence related to an unpublished anthology edited by Tarachow, Toward a Further Definition. Many of Pentagram’s authors participated in the project, and the work reflects the literary taste of Tarachow and his associates. Also, a large number of Pentagram’s early books are represented in this series and many of the production materials are heavily annotated by Tarachow. Many of the manuscripts in this series include autograph corrections and commentary, and in some cases the files include unpublished or rejected poems. The series reveals the various editorial, technical, and practical processes of printing and publishing letterpress books from design conception and pagination to the selection of ink color and paper type.

The Appendix contains a bibliography for the Pentagram Press and Michael Tarachow compiled from OCLC listings.

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Series List

I.   Correspondence

II.  Pentagram Press Files

III. Projects

Appendix: Bibliography of the Pentagram Press

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

		I. Correspondence Series

1    F1   Miscellaneous A
          Correspondence, 15 items.
     F2   Adler, Carol. 1974 – 1993
          Correspondence, contract, news clippings, photos.  Also
          includes some items concerning photographer Lou Ouzer.
          107 items.
     F3   Agee, Jonis.  1978 – 1980
          Correspondence, mock-up, and two poems.  12 items.
     F4   Alexander, Charles.  1982 – 1983
          Correspondence, 9 items.
     F5   And, Miekal.  1978 – 1980
          Correspondence, printed poems, flyers, and artwork from
          the Sun Rise Fall Down Art Press, Oshkosh, WI, and the
          May Apple Press, Waupaca, WI.  31 items.
     F6   Andersen, Elmer.  1992 – 1993
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F7   Andre, Michael.  1975 – 1989
          Correspondence, typescript poems, flyers, mock-up for
          Unmuzzled Ox, and a photograph of Andy Warhol.  24
     F8   Arman, Mark.  1990 – 1992
          Correspondence, 8 items.  Workshop Press, England.
          Arnold, Bob.  1974 – 1989
     F9   Correspondence, 1974 – 1981
          ALS, TLS, and postcards, 145 items.
     F10  Correspondence, 1982 – 1989
          ALS, TLS, and postcards, 155 items.
     F11  Manuscripts
          Typescripts and corrected proofs of Where Rivers Meet,
          including the previously published: Ropes of Bells,
          Days Alone, Real Life, The Woodcutter Talks, Rising;
          and others.
     F12  Longhouse Press, Battleboro, VT, publications and book catalogs
          5 issues of Bob and Susan Arnold’s Scout, 3 poems, and
          2 book catalogs.
     F13  Printing samples, dummy copies, job notes, and news
     F14  Miscellaneous B
          Correspondence, 51 items.
     F15  Backes, Tony. 1979 – 1981
          Correspondence and a poem, 23 items.
     F16  Bahr, Leonard.  1986 – 1993
          Correspondence and manuscript of Michael Tarachow’s
          eulogy for Bahr.  15 items.  Adagio Private Press,
          Harper Woods, MI.
     F17  Benington, George.  1983 – 1984
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F18  Bennett, John.  1978 – 1989
          Correspondence and book catalogs for the Vagabond
          Press, Ellensburg, WA, 25 items.
     F19  Bieler Press, Saint Paul, MN, 1978 – 1987, 21 items.
          Correspondence originally filed with Buckley.
     F20  Blazer, Doug.  1975 – 1976
          Correspondence, 9 items.
     F21  Buckeye, Bob.  1978 – 1994
          Correspondence and 2 dummies, 35 items.
     F22  Buckley, Christopher (1948 – ), 1982 – 1988.  71 items.
          Correspondence, manuscripts, dummy copy, and production
          notes for Blossoms and Bones, a collections of poems on
          the life and paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, eventually
          published by Vanderbilt Press (1988).  Includes other
          poems accompanied by 10 drawings by Nadya (?).  Also
          includes correspondence from the Bieler Press.
     F23  Burke, Clifford.  1988 – 1991
          Correspondence and poems, including September and
          Between the Mountain and the Lake.  8 items.
     F24  Burton, Ed & Vickie.  1986 – 1994
          Correspondence, 34 items.  The Morgan Press, Milwaukee,
          Bridwell, Tom & Marilyn Kitchell
2    F25  Correspondence, 1976 – 1980, circa. 97 items.
     F26  Correspondence, 1981 – 1989, circa. 143 items
          Bridwell, Tom & Marilyn Kitchell (cont’d)
     F27  Manuscripts, typescripts, and galleys
          Includes Bridwell’s Anacoluthon and The Anatomic Works
          (both Pentagram Press), and two works by Kitchell
     F28  Pentagram mock-ups, dummies, and production notes
          Materials for Bridwell’s Anacoluthon and The Anatomic
          Works, and Kitchell’s Weeds, Wood, Stone, and Mettle.
     F29  Salt-Works Press, Vineyard Haven, MA, printing samples,
          poems, and book catalogs.  Includes printed poems,
          several of which are inscribed from the poet, Bridwell,
          to Michael Tarachow.
     F30  Photographs, negatives, and news clippings
     F31  Miscellaneous C
          Correspondence, periodical, and printing samples.  18
     F32  Cain, Ed.  1980 – 1983
          Correspondence, 8 items.  Ten Crow Press, Aberdeen, WA.
     F33  Campbell, Greg.  1985 – 1988
          Correspondence concerning Inkunabula Arts Building, 6
     F34  Carruth, Hayden.  1981 – 1984
          Correspondence, 3 items.
     F35  Carter, Sebastian.  1991 – 1993
          Correspondence and a catalog from Rampant Lions Press,
          Cambridge, England.  9 items.
     F36  Churchman, Dave.  1981 – 1988
          Correspondence, 64 items.
     F37  Cieszynski, Walt.  1976 – 1980
          Correspondence, 3 items.
     F38  Clark, Tom.  1978 – 1980
          Correspondence, contracts, production notes,
          typescripts, proofs, and paste-ups for Clark’s The
          Master.  Circa 20 items.
          Correspondence Series (cont’d)
          Clewell, David.  1975 – 1981
          Correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, and paste-ups
          for Clewell’s poems, including the collection Room to
          Breathe.  Also promotional materials, reviews, news
          clippings, photographs, negatives, and ephemera related
          to Clewell.  Additionally, correspondence and
          manuscripts from Clewell’s wife, Barbara Joffe,
          including the poem “Origami,” published by Pentagram.
          Circa 75 items.
     F39  Clewell, part 1
     F40  Clewell, part 2
     F41  Clinton, D.  1977 – 1983
          Correspondence, 12 items.
     F42  Contoski, Vic.  1975 – 1983
          Correspondence, 30 items.
     F43  Cook, Geoffrey.  1975 – 1977
          Correspondence, 10 items.
     F44  Corman, Cid.  1978 – 1980
          Correspondence, typescript, and dummy for Corman’s
          Auspices.  Circa 20 items.
3    F45  Crews, Louie.  1978 – 1979
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F46  Crosdale, Alf.  1982 –1983
          Correspondence, 14 items.
     F47  Cultera, Paul.  1979 – 1982
          Correspondence, wedding invitation, and poems, 16
     F48  Miscellaneous D
          Correspondence, 13 items.
     F49  Dailey, Joel.  1975 – 1980
          Correspondence and poems, 23 items
     F50  Degener, Amanda.  1986 – 1992
          Correspondence, flyers, postcards, and promotional
          materials for Amanda Degener and Hand Papermaking,
          Minneapolis, MN, 29 items.
     F51  Dreyfus, John.  1992
          Correspondence, 3 items.
     F52  Duensing, Paul Hayden.  1980 – 1994
          Correspondence and a cancelled check, 21 items.
     F53  Duncan, Harry & Nancy.  1988 – 1993
          Correspondence, catalogs, and flyers, 10 items.
     F54  Miscellaneous E
     F55  Elsted, Crispin & Jan.  1987 – 1989
          Correspondence, 21 items.  Barbarian Press, Mission,
          British Columbia.
     F56  Elliott, Harley.  1975 – 1994
          Correspondence, artwork, and printed poems, 67 items.
          Emmons, Carol.  1978 – 1993
     F57  Correspondence, circa 142 items.
     F58  Postcards, flyers, and posters concerning Emmons’ art
          exhibitions, also photographs, negatives, production
          notes, dummy copy for Maize, exhibition catalog, news
          clippings and ephemera.
          Enslin, Theodore, 1976 – 1989
     F59  Correspondence, 151 items.
     F60  “A Man in Stir,” [1983].
          Typescript with autograph production notes, artwork,
          printing samples, and production notes.
     F61  Manuscripts, typescripts, paste-ups, galleys, and
          Most of Enslin’s work published by Pentagram is
     F62  Dummies, artwork, production notes, and ephemera.
          Includes the Summer / Fall 1981 issue of Contact II
          with Amiri Baraka’s Reggae or Not.
     F63a Miscellaneous F, 5 items
     F63b Firer, Susan.  1976
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F64  Flaherty, Doug.  1974 – 1986
          Correspondence, 76 items, including biographical note
          on Flaherty.
     F65  Fox, Skip.  1981 – 1987
          Correspondence, 14 items.  Kore Press, Lafayette, LA.
     F66  Frazer, Tony.  1982
          Correspondence, 8 items.
     F67  Freed, Ray.  1976
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F68  Fulton, Len.  1975 – 1978
          Correspondence, 22 items.
     F69  Miscellaneous G
          Correspondence, 20 items.  Vance Gerry, Weather Bird
          Press, Pasadena, CA.
4    F70  Gale, Vi.  1976 – 1977
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F71  Gallo, Phil.  1984 – 1986
          Correspondence, poems, galleys, printing samples,
          production notes, and photograph.  Circa 23 items.
     F72  Ganick, Peter.  1981
          Correspondence, 6 items.  Potes and Poets Press,
          Needham, MA.
     F73  Gartung, Karl.  n.d.
          Manuscript poems.
     F74  George, Diana.  1977 – 1987
          Correspondence, 33 items.
     F75  Giannini, David.  1980 – 1984
          Correspondence, manuscript poems, news clipping, circa
          60 items.
     F76  Gibson, Morgan.  1980
          Correspondence, 4 items.
     F77  Goldsmith, Arthur.  1982 – 1994
          Correspondence, APA survey, 46 items.

     F78  Green, Sam.  1976 – 1991
          Correspondence, 28 items.  Brooding Heron Press and
          Bindery, Waldron Island, WA.
     F79  Greene, Jonathan.  1979 – 1987
          Correspondence, 15 items.  Gnomon Press, Frankfort, KY.
     F80  Guzzi, Noreen.  1982 – 1988
          Correspondence and artwork, 15 items.
     F81  Miscellaneous H
          Correspondence, APA survey, 28 items.
     F82  Haggard, Ned.  1974 - 1979
          Correspondence, 20 items.
          Hall, James Baker.  1980 – 1982
     F83  Correspondence, photographs, contract for Her Name, and
          productions notes, 70 items.
     F84  Manuscripts, typescripts for Her Name.
          Several copies with autograph corrections.
     F85  Paste-up, and galleys for Her Name.
          Includes photograph of Hall.
     F86  The Cloudless Sky Takes Charge, n.d.
          Poems, photocopy of typescript, including “The Mad
          Farmer Stands Up In Kentucky for What He Thinks Is
     F87  Halla, Chris.  1976 - 1987
          Correspondence, 35 items, including 3 typescript
          letters from Tarachow to Halla discussing Halla’s
          Wisconsin Trails article on the Pentagram Press and
     F88  Hamill, Sam.  1975 – 1987
          Correspondence, printed poems, Copper Canyon Press,
          Port Townsend, WA, checklists, catalogs, and postcards,
          39 items.
     F89  Hassler, Jon.  [1990]
          Correspondence, production notes, manuscript with
          autograph notes, and dummy copy for An Interview with
          Jon Hassler (1990).  5 items.
     F90  Haywood, Bill.  1981 – 1999
          Correspondence, monthly printer’s journal, circa 175
          items.  Private Press of the Haywoods, Alliance, OH.
     F91  Hejinian, Lyn.  1977 – 1980
          Correspondence, poems, and Tuumba Press postcards,
          circa 25 items.
     F92  Helbert, Cliff.  1986 – 1994
          Correspondence, 52 items.
     F93  Heman, Bob.  1980
          Correspondence and printed poems, 7 items.
     F94  Hemensley, Bernard.  1980 – 1991
          Correspondence, circa 55 items.  Last Straw Press,
          Weymouth, Dorset.
     F95  Hill, Ed.  1974 – 1989
          Correspondence, 22 items.
     F96  Hoffman, Ruth.  1987 – 1994
          Correspondence, 27 items.
 5   F97  Horn, John. 1988 – 1998
          Correspondence, photograph, and 2 posters, 98 items.
          Shooting Star Press, Little Rock, AR
     F98  Hotham, Gary.  1980 – 1992
          Correspondence and Without the Mountains (1976), 35
     F99  Howe, Susan.  1979 – 1985
          Correspondence, 17 items.
     F100 Isherwood, Justin.  1975 – 1976
          Correspondence and a printed , 19 items.
     F101a     Miscellaneous J
          Jacobs, John.  1975 – 1994
     F101b     Correspondence, 100 items.
     F102 Manuscripts, photocopies, and galleys of Jacobs’s poems
          and prose.
          F103 Mock-ups, dummies, production notes, and other

          Judson, John.  1976 – 1994
     F104 Correspondence, 178 items.
          Includes correspondence from Juniper Press and Fred
          Ehrlich concerning the publishing of Shelly Ehrlich’s
          Beneath All Voices (1991).
     F105 (Judson) Juniper Press, La Crosse, WI.
          Printed poems, paper samples, dummy copy, flyers, and
          other ephemera, including two letters from James Minor
          concerning Against the Night.
     F106 (Judson) Moses, W.R. 1984
          Correspondence, dummy, and manuscript for Double View,
          published by Judson’s Juniper Press.
     F107 Miscellaneous K
          Correspondence, 25 items.
     F108 Kenny, Maurice.  1976 – 1982
          Correspondence, printed poems, production notes, 54
     F109 Kent, Carol.  1985 – 1988
          Correspondence, Private Press Books pamphlet, keepsake,
          and “Nick’d,” by John R. Little, 12 items.
     F110 Killie, Jerry.  1991 – 1992
          Correspondence, 3 items
     F111 Kirkwood, Judy,  1985 – 1986
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F112 Kitchen, Jim.
          Dummy for “Writing My Wrongs”
     F113 Klensch, Charles.  1981 – 1990
          Correspondence, APA survey, 4 items.  Underground
          Press, New York, NY.
          Kloefkorn, William.  1975 – 1994
     F114 Correspondence, new clippings, printed poems, and a
          poster.  Circa 50 items.
     F115 Manuscript, galleys, paste-up, photographs, and
          production notes for Ludi, jr.
     F116 Koller, James.  1980 – 1981
          Correspondence, dummy, and manuscript for “One Day at a
     Kooser, Ted.  1975 1995
6    F117 Correspondence, 142 items, including a contract
          and a large group of poems written by Tarachow with
          autograph notes in Kooser’s hand.
     F118 Photocopied reviews, photographs, printed and
          manuscript poems, dummy copies for Not Coming to be
          Barked at, Windflower Press ephemera.  Also, issue 8 of
          Screed, a little magazine.
     F119 Kornblum, Allan.  1979 – 1984
          Correspondence, printing samples and book catalog from
          Toothpaste Press, 36 items.
     F120 Kostelanetz, Richard.  1975 – 1994
          Correspondence, photocopies of manuscripts and other
          writings, flyers, and newsletters, circa 65 items
     F121 Kubieck, J.L.  1987 – 1988
          Correspondence and poems, 8 items.
     F122 Kuehn, Katherine.  1986
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F123 Miscellaneous L
          Correspondence, 14 items.
     F124 Lange, Gerald.  1978 – 1994
          Correspondence, press clippings related to the Bieler
          Press, paper sample, printing samples, circa 100 items.
     F125 Leiber, Gerson.  1988 – 1994
          Correspondence, printing samples, production materials,
          and flyers, circa 30 items
     F126 Lerner, Abe.  1990 – 1994
          Correspondence, 14 items.
     F127 Lessing, Karin.  1980 – 1994
          Correspondence, production materials, manuscript poems,
          and photograph, circa 35 items.
     F128 Levy, John.  1980 - 1985
          Correspondence, 25 items.
     F129 Lewis, Steve.  1975
          Correspondence and a printed poem, 5 items.
     F130 Lingen, Ruth.  1984 – 1985
          Correspondence, 8 items.
          Liscomb, Robie and Kathy.  1978 – 1994
          Correspondence, circa 325 items.
     F131 1978 – 1984
     F132 1985 – 1994
     F133 Undated correspondence.
     F134 Poems, production materials, dummy copies, art work,
          two copies of Liscomb’s Limits.
     F135 Ephemera
          Printed poems, news clippings, flyers, printing
          samples, and photographs.
          Includes a poem by Lu Xun, “published to honor the
          memory of the demonstrators killed in Beijing on June 3
          & 4, 1989,” poems by Tarachow and Liscomb from Fathom
7    F136 Miscellaneous M
          Correspondence, 30 items.  Includes Patience (1981), a
          book of quotations, Catalog With Three Books from the
          Press of Paul Maravelas, and La Corona, seven sonnets
          from John Donne.
     F137 Martin, Paul.  1977 – 1980
          Correspondence, galleys for Great Raven Press #13 (Fort
          Kent, ME), and production notes, 19 items.
     F138 Matthews, Williams.  1974 – 1989
          Correspondence, manuscript and printed poems, art work,
          and a flyer, 37 items.
     F139 Mathews, Richard.  1981 - 1982
          Correspondence and Konglomerati Press, Gulfport, FL,
          order form and checklist, 10 items.
     F140 McDonough, Paul.  1979 – 1981
          Correspondence, 15 items.
     F141 McGrew, Mac.  1981 – 1992
          Correspondence and APA survey, 6 items.  Press of the
          Licorice Cat, Pittsburg, PA.
     F142 McKeown, Tom.  1975 – 1977
          Correspondence and two poems, 11 items.
     F143 McPherson, Bruce.  1975 – 1978
          Correspondence, 8 items.
     F144 Merker, Kim.  192 – 1993
          Correspondence, 4 items.  Windhover Press, Iowa City,
     F145 Metcalf, Paul.  1978
          Correspondence and printed poems, 4 items.
     F146 Mills, Ralph.  1977 – 1982
          Correspondence, 3 items.
          Montag, Tom 1972 – 1989
     F147 Correspondence, 55 items.  Margins literary magazine,
          Milwaukee, WI.
     F148 Typescripts and photocopies of Montag’s poems and
          prose.  Includes tear sheets for “Stalking the Little
     F149 Unidentified fragments of poems and prose.
     F150 Typescript poems by Michael Tarachow.
     F151 Printed poems, photographs and negatives, artwork,
          press clippings, Gotham Book Mart small press catalog,
          dummy, and ephemera.  Also includes The Free Lance
          literary magazine from 1975 with a Montag poem.
     F152 Moore, Todd.  1976 –1980
          Correspondence, typescript poem, paste-up, and
          photocopy of a long poem, 57 items.
     F153 Moraff, Barbara.  1980 – 1985
          Correspondence, photograph, news clipping, printed and
          manuscript poems, circa 70 items.  12/12/80 mentions
          Lennon’s death.
     F154 Morris, Henry.  1992 – 1993
          Correspondence, 3 items.  Bird and Bull Press, Newtown,
     F155 Miscellaneous N
          Correspondence, APA survey, 5 items.
     F156 Naropa, Joe.  1979 – 1987
          Correspondence, 8 items.
     F157 Nelson, Bill.  1982 - 1984
          Correspondence, printing samples and artwork for A Man
          in Stir; dummy, and manuscript for On Seeing Things, 30
     F158 Miscellaneous O
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F160 O’Connell, Bonnie.  1979
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F161 Olsen, Don.  1974 – 1999
          Correspondence, Ox Head Press, Browerville, MN, printed
          cards, news clippings, and Ox Head Press edition of
          Findings by Ursula K. Le Guin.  Circa 160 items.
     F162 Osterlund, Steven.  1976 – 1977
          Correspondence, printed and manuscript poems, 23 items.
     F163 Ott, Gil.  1979 – 1981
          Correspondence, manuscript poems, clippings, 4 dummy
          copies, and printed postcards related to Ott’s Maize,
          55 items
8    F164 Miscellaneous P
          Correspondence, 33 items.
     F165 Palmer, Jack.  1976 – 1978
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F166 Parker, Linda.  1980 1981
          Correspondence, 9 items.
     F167 Peavy, Asa.  1983 – 1989
          Correspondence, 20 items.
     F168 Peckenpaugh, Angela.  1975 – 1979
          Correspondence and poems, 10 items.
     F169 Penzi, Jim.  1982 – 1985
          Correspondence and poems, 7 items.
     F170 Perchik, Simon.  1982 – 1989
          Correspondence and poems, 6 items.
     F171 Perlman, John.  1980 – 1988
          Correspondence, 2 items.
     F172 Peters, Robert.  1975 – 1984
          Correspondence, manuscript and printed poems,
          autographed poster, 17 items.
     F173 Petersen, William.  1981 – 1983
          Correspondence, 9 items. Plucked Chicken Press,
          Chicago, IL.
     F174 Piper, Paul.  1981
          Correspondence and poems, 14 items
     F175 Pollak, Felix.  1977
          Correspondence and poems, 5 items.
     F176 Powers, Will.  1987 – 1994
          Correspondence, printing samples, and dummy copy, circa
          10 items.
     F177 Miscellaneous R
          Correspondence 22 items.
     F178 Rakosi, Carl.  1982
          Correspondence printed poems, 7 items.
     F179 Randle, John.  1992 – 1993
          Correspondence, 5 items.  Whittington Press,
          Herefordshire, England.
     F180 Randolph, Leonard.  1975.
          Correspondence and a printed poem, 2 items.
     F181 Ratch, Jerry.  1974 – 1977
          Correspondence and printed and manuscript poems, 12
     F182 Richardson, Gene.  1982
          Correspondence, APA survey, 11 items.
     F183 Richardson, Jerry.  1993 – 1994
          Correspondence, printing samples, and photograph
          greeting card, 17 items.
     F184 Ritchie, Ward.  1991 – 1994
          Correspondence, 12 items.
     F185 Robertson, Kirk.  1977 – 1991
          Correspondence, 17 items.
          Rosenblum, Martin.  1971 – 1999
          Correspondence, 209 items.
     F186 1971 – 1986
     F187 1987 – 1992
     F188 Flyers, news clippings, and printed poems.
     F189 Manuscript and printed poems and prose by Rosenblum and
          production materials for Scattered On: Omens and
          Curses.  Also a group of poems written by Tarachow with
          Rosenblum’s autograph notes.
     F190 Rueter, William.  1991 – 1993
          Correspondence, 15 items.  Aliquando Press, Toronto,
     F191 Miscellaneous S
          Correspondence, 28 items.
     F192 Saxe, Steve.  1986 – 1989
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F193 Schallock, Kathleen.  1991 – 1993
          Correspondence, 10 items.
     F194 Schanilec, Gaylord.  19
          Correspondence, flyer, and press clipping, 5 items.
     F195 Schuler, Bob.  1979 – 1984
          Correspondence, 20 items.
     F196 Schupbach, Terry.  1985 – 1986
          Correspondence, 23 items
     F197 Shannon, John.  1974 – 1993
          Correspondence, news clippings, Caledonia Press
          (Racine, WI) catalog, The Story of Ch’ing (1978) by
          John La Crosse, and 2 printed pamphlets by John
          Shannon, circa 95 items.  Also 2 manuscript essays by
     F198 Sharkey, Lee.  1980 – 1983
          Correspondence, 12 items.
     F199 Shumway, Mary.  1974 – 1985
          Correspondence, 17 items.
     F200 Skjei, Michael.  1991 – 1994
          Correspondence, news clipping, production materials and
          dummy, 10 items.
     F201 Sklar, Morty.  1976 – 1987
          Correspondence, manuscript poem, and Iowa Arts Council
          application, 16 items.
9    F202 Slate, Ron.  1976 – 1979
          Correspondence, 11 items.
     F203 Snyder, Kirtland.  1985
          Correspondence, manuscript poem, book catalog and
          printed cards, 14 items.
          Stefanile, Felix.  1977 – 1988
     F204 Correspondence, issues 5-7 of the Sparrow Press’s Black
          Rooster, circa 70 items.
     F205 Stephenson, Jonathan.  1988 – 1994
          Correspondence and news clippings concerning the Rocket
          Press, Oxfordshire, England, 37 items.
     F206 Stuart, Gloria.  1992 – 1993
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F207 Miscellaneous T
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F208 Taggart, John.  1976 – 1980
          Correspondence, manuscript poem, printed poem, flyers,
          30 items.
     F209 Taylor, Richard.  1976 – 1979
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F210 Taylor, W. Thomas.  1989 – 1993
          Correspondence, 7 items.  W. Thomas Taylor, Austin, TX.
     F211 Thomas, Donna and Peter.  1987 – 1993
          Correspondence and a prospectus: The Poet is Dead: A
          Centenary edition of William Everson’s Elegy for
          Robinson Jeffers, 4 items.  Good Book Press, Santa
          Cruz, CA.
     F212 Tickle, Phyllis.  1977 – 1978
          Correspondence, 5 items.
     F213 Tisdale, Walter.  1985 – 1987
          Correspondence, 2 items.
     F214 Truesdale, William.  1981
          Correspondence, 6 items.
     F215 Typocrafters.  1991 – 1994
          Correspondence, 3 items.
     F216 Typophiles (Philip Sperling).  1981 – 1993
          Correspondence, 11 items.
     F217 Miscellaneous U & V
          Correspondence, printing samples, flyers, and
          newsletters.  Includes items from Claire Van Vliet,
          Janus Press, West Burke, VT. and Rick von Holdt,
          Foolproof Press, Minburn, IA.  18 items.
     F218 Miscellaneous W
          Correspondence, 23 items.  Includes “The Legend
          Beautiful” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, printed by
          Henry Weiland.
     F219 Wakoski, Diane.  1975 – 1978
          Correspondence, flyers, printed poem, press release and
          copyright application for Wakoski’s The Fable of the
          Lion and the Scorpion, Pentagram Press, 1976.  21
     F220 Waldman, Anne.  1986
          Correspondence and a poster, 4 items.
     F221 Waldrop, Keith & Rosemarie.  1979.
          Correspondence, 3 items.
     F222 Walsh, Phyllis.  1993
          Correspondence, production materials, dummy, and
          manuscript.  Circa 30 items.
     F223 Waters, Daniel.  1986 – 1987
          Correspondence, circa 12 items.
 9   F225 Weinberger, Eliot.  1978 –1981
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F226 Weygand, James Lamar.  1987 – 1993
          Correspondence, 18 items.
     F227 Wilcox, Patricia.  1977 – 1978
          Correspondence, 10 items.
     F228 Wilk, David.  1978 – 1980
          Correspondence, manuscript poems, flyers, and a paste-
          up, circa 20 items.
     F229 Williams, Fred.  1980 – 1990
          Correspondence, APA survey, circa 20 items.
     F230 Williams, Gil.  1977
          Correspondence, 2 items.
     F231 Worley, Lillian and Parker.  1981 – 1990
          Correspondence, 7 items.
     F232 Wulling, Emerson.  1979 – 1994 (1)
          Correspondence, APA survey, circa 225 items.  Sumac
          Press, LaCrosse, WI.
     F233 Wulling, Emerson.  1979 – 1994 (2)
     F234 Wulling, Emerson
          printing samples, news clippings, and other ephemera.

     F235 Young, Gary.  1977 1987
          Correspondence, 12 items.
     F236 Young, Karl.  1972 – 1979
          Correspondence and printed poems, circa 20 items.
     F237 Zeitz, Gary.  1975 – 1994
          Correspondence, 4 items.
     F238 Zempel, Edward.  1981 –1986
          Correspondence, 2 items.
     F239 Unidentified Correspondents

     F240 Cover letters. Part 1
          Includes cover letters from unsolicited poetry
          submissions and other correspondence.

     F241 Part 2
     F242 Part 3
10   F243 Submission replies
          Correspondence from magazines and journals to which
          Tarachow sent his poems for publication.
          II. Pentagram Press Files Series
     F244 Flyers, catalogs, etc.
          Book Fairs
     F245 Part 1
     F246 Part 2
     F247 Book Fairs—Oak Knoll Fest
     F248 Bookstores, Distributors, Libraries
     F249 Plains Distribution Service
     F250 Minnesota Center for Book Arts & Minnesota College of Arts and Design
     F251 Writers and Artists Councils
     F252 Small Press Book Club
     F253 Library of Congress and ISBN
11   F254 Publicity and New Clippings
     F255 Reviews
     F256 Typecasters
     F257 Part 1
     F258 Part 2
     F259 Camera-ready and Dummies
     F260 Artwork, printing samples, and ephemera
     F261 Miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera
     F262 International Typographic Design: 2
     F263 Graphic Design USA: 10
12   F264 Graphic Design USA: 14
     F265 Awards
          III. Projects Series
          Toward A Further Definition (TAFD)
          Tarachow, Michael ed.  Unpublished manuscript
          collection of poems and essays.  Includes some
     F266 TAFD Paste-up part 1
     F267 TAFD Paste-up part 2
     F268 TAFD Galleys
     F269 TAFD Production Materials
     F270 Bennett, John
     F271 Bergé, Carol
     F272 Bridwell, Tom
     F273 Burton, Ed
     F274 Coach House
     F275 Corman, Cid
     F276 Freed, Ray
     F277 Gill, John
     F278 Hamill, Sam
     F279 Higgins, Dick
     F280 Hill, Ed
     F281 Jacobs, John
     F282 Johnson, Curt
     F283 Judson, John
     F284 Kenny, Maurice
     F285 Kooser, Ted
     F286 Kornblum, Martin
     F287 Malone, Marvin
     F288 Mangelsdorff, Rich
     F289 Montag, Tom
     F290 Pollak, Felix
     F291 Shannon, John & John Williams
     F292 Sorcic, Jim
     F293 Stefanile, Felix
     F294 Weil, James
     F295 Wilk, David
     F296 TAFD “no” replies
          Publishing Projects.  Paste-ups, manuscripts, and some
          correspondence for works published by the Pentagram
     F297 Adler, Carol
          Arioso, 1975
     F298 Cassiopeia, 1974
          Collection of poems compiled by Tarachow.
     F299 Cieszynski, Wladyslaw
          But Getting Back to Wisconsin: A Celebration, 1976
     F300 Clewell, Dave
          Unidentified, n.d.
     F301 Dailey, Joel
          Exploring Another Leg, 1975.
13        Erhlich, Shelley
     F302 Beneath All Voices, 1991.  Dummy, paste-up, printing
          samples, advertisement flyer, and manuscript.
     F303 Proofs and setting copy
     F304 Elliott, Harley
          Sky Heart, 1975
     F305 Flaherty, Doug
          Near the Bone, 1975
          Hawk Wind.  Literary magazine.
     F306 Manuscript 1
     F307 Manuscript 2
     F308 Correspondence
     F309 Jacob, John
          Making Play, 1976
     F310 Judson, John
          Routes From the Onions Dark, 1976, and other mss not
          published by Pentagram.
     F311 Kalt’s Reading
     F312 Kloefkorn, William
          Ludi Jr., 1976.
     F313 Kooser, Ted
          Not Coming to be Barked at, 1976.
     F314 Lewis, Steve
          Exits Off a Toll Road, 1975.
     F315 Matthews, William
          Sticks and Stones, 1975.
     F316 McClintock, Michael, S.L. Poulter, and Brady Young
          Jesus Leaving Vegas, 1976.
          Montag, Tom.
          Concerns, Essays and Reviews 1972 – 1976, 1977
     F317 Paste-up.
     F318 Typescript and galleys.
     F319 Photocopy
     F320 Ninety Notes Towards Partial Images & Lovers' Prints: A
          Love Poem For Mary, 1976; Making Hay & Other Poems,
14   F321 Moraff, Barbara.
          Potterwoman, 1983.
     F322 Printed Postcards
     F323 Rosenblum, Martin
          Scattered On: Omens & Curses, 1976
          Stefanile, Felix (Sparrow Press).
     F324 Mason, Bessie Marlin
          On The Hill, 1980
     F325 Sister Maura
          What We Women Know, 1980

     F326 Mills, Ralph, J.
          [March Light, 1983]
     F327 Stefanile, Selma.
          The Poem Beyond My Reach, 1982
15   F328 Zaranka, William.
          A Mirror Driven Through Nature, 1981
     F329 Tanaka, Lynn
          Artwork for a Valentine’s Day greeting card.
     F330 Tarachow, Michael
          The Pentagram Press Commonplace Book :  a Selection of
          Typographic Interpretations, 1988
     F331 Tarachow, Michael
          An Exploration of the Granjon Arabesques, 1990
     F332 Tarachow, Michael
          Sunrise, 1975
     F333 Unidentified
     F334 Wakoski, Diane
          The Fable of the Lion and the Scorpion, 1975
16   F335 “Pentagram Established 1974” tee-shirts
          5 tee-shirts printed for the Pentagram Press:
          1) Black, “The Long Strange Trip / Milwaukee 1974  /
          Markesan 1979  / Minneapolis 1987.”
          2) Green, “Time is the invisible factor”
          3) Blue, “You can judge a book by its cover.”
          4) Red, “Freedom of the press belongs to those who can
          defend it.”
          5) Black, “On the road again.”



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	 Tarachow (cont'd)
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