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Manuscript and Archival Collections at the University of Delaware Library are managed in collection Call Number Series as listed below. An alphabetical list (by title of collection) is also available.

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0097 Diaries, Journals, and Ships' Logs

The diaries, journals, and ships' logs housed in this collection are personal narratives and records acquired singly by the University of Delaware Library. A number of recipe books, travel narratives, memoirs, and other individually composed accounts are found in this collection. Other items of the same nature are also found in the larger archival collections of individual or family papers in the manuscript collection series beginning with MSS 100. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Item 0001 Armstrong, Mary F., commonplace book
  2. Item 0002 Beale, Joseph Hoare, journals
  3. Item 0003 Biggs, Charles Rupert, The Loss of Pier #4
  4. Item 0004 Black, Jeanie Groome, travel diaries
  5. Item 0005 Black, Samuel H. (Samuel Henry), Selected from various authors: Chosen paragraphs, agreeable to the fancy of the compiler
  6. Item 0006 Boss, Charles, Daily report of Charles Boss. Life and adventures on the frontiers.
  7. Item 0007 Boynton, Lucien Cyrus, journal
  8. Item 0008 Brown, Edward E., Biography of my campaign in the Philippines
  9. Item 0009 Champney, Richard, Journal of Travels Commencing from the Year 1798
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  1. Item 0010 Chappell, Daniel A., Remarks on board the ship Rambler
  2. Item 0011 Christian, S., "Voyage Notes"
  3. Item 0012 Clark, George G., "A Holiday in Norway and Along the Way"
  4. Item 0013 Clarke, John, On board the ship Governor Morton
  5. Item 0014 Cleaver, Joseph, Diary of Joseph Cleaver, Jr., kept at Delaware College
  6. Item 0015 Conover, Elisha, personal accounts and miscellaneous notes
  7. Item 0016 Cook, Rev. Joseph Witherspoon, Dakota Territory missionary journal
  8. Item 0017 Cowan, William Bird, diaries
  9. Item 0018 Darley, Arthur, personal journal of Captain Arthur Darley, R.N.
  10. Item 0019 David, E. C., travel journal
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  1. Item 0020 David, B. B., business records
  2. Item 0021 Diary from Quincy Massachusetts
  3. Item 0022 Dodds, George, ship's log for the snow Susana
  4. Item 0023 Doran, James S., private journal of James S. Doran
  5. Item 0024 Durfee, P. B., My Journey to Memphis
  6. Item 0025 Edgerton, F. D., medical journal
  7. Item 0026 Evans, Mary J., notebook
  8. Item 0027 Emerson, H. A., journal of
  9. Item 0028 Fisher, Milton M., travel journal
  10. Item 0029 Giles, John C., Incidental notes of a trip to Europe made in 1868
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  1. Item 0030 Gray, George Arthur, "To China and Back…"
  2. Item 0031 Grindell, John, The overland narrative of John Grindell: Platteville, Wis. To California
  3. Item 0032 Grover, John C., Civil War journal
  4. Item 0033 Harding, Henry A., ship's log of the Otago
  5. Item 0034 Hazlitt, Margaret, Recollections
  6. Item 0035 Hemperley, Harriet, diary
  7. Item 0036 Ship Herald Stonington (ship's log)
  8. Item 0037 Herbert, Charles, Revolutionary War journal
  9. Item 0038 Hodge, Frederick A., log of the HMS Minotaur
  10. Item 0039 Hoskins, Mary A. H., Journal for the year 1857
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  1. Item 0040 Howell, Charles, journey at sea on board the ship Marcus of Sag Harbor, B. Green Master
  2. Item 0041 Ingraham, Duncan N., journal of a cruise in the U.S. Steam Sloop Richmond
  3. Item 0042 Ives, Mary Olmstead, A year in England
  4. Item 0043 Jenks, Craigie P., Journal and memo'da
  5. Item 0044 Johnson, George S., journal of a whaling voiage [sic] in the Atlantic ocean on Board Schr Antarctic
  6. Item 0045 Jenny Pitts (bark), ship's log for the bark Jenny Pitts
  7. Item 0046 Kempton, David B., diary
  8. Item 0047 Kent County, Delaware, Attendance Record for School District
  9. Item 0048 Kimball, Ella (Dultz), diary
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  1. Item 0050 Milford High School (Milford, Mass.), Daily journal of Milford High School
  2. Item 0051 Miller, Robert, diary
  3. Item 0052 Mitchell, Colby C., Journal of Rev. C. C. Mitchel from New York/Boston to Smyrna
  4. Item 0053 Morton, James M., travel journal
  5. Item 0054 Needham, George G., diary of
  6. Item 0055 Nicholson, John Reed, diary
  7. Item 0056 Osborn, Stanley Hart, A diary of the American Red Cross Sanitary Commission to Serbia 1915-16
  8. Item 0057 Parker, Jessica S., diary
  9. Item 0058 Patterson, William D., journal
  10. Item 0059 Smith, James E., Pocket diary
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  1. Item 0060 Pool, Maria Louise, diary
  2. Item 0061 Potato famine diary
  3. Item 0062 Vinton, John Rogers, Private Journal No. V
  4. Item 0064 Rogers, Robert Possac, journal of a voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro on board ship Franklin
  5. Item 0065 Saltus, Eliza Howe Evertson, commonplace book
  6. Item 0066 Shaw, Caroline, album
  7. Item 0067 Smith, Edward F., travel journal
  8. Item 0068 Snow, Theodora William, "Journal of voyage to England - travels in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland…"
  9. Item 0069 Sowden, Emily, travel journal
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  1. Item 0070 Sparhawk, George, journal of the U.S.S. Enterprise
  2. Item 0071 Strong, Frederick G., journal of a voyage from Boston to Newfoundland
  3. Item 0072 Swan family, diary
  4. Item 0073 Swift, Dudley, diary
  5. Item 0074 Thomas, C. B., missionary journal
  6. Item 0075 Thompson and Gridley, diary, receipt book, and account book
  7. Item 0076 Clifford, William John Cavendish, log of H.M. Ship Undaunted
  8. Item 0077 Upson, Lucy E., diaries
  9. Item 0078 Ward, Thomas, Jr., travel journal
  10. Item 0079 Warren, S. Edward, Journal Vol. I S.E.W.
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  1. Item 0080 Washburn, Selina C., travel journal
  2. Item 0081 Philadelphia weather diary
  3. Item 0082 Webb, B., weather log
  4. Item 0083 Welsh, J. C., travel journal
  5. Item 0084 White, Mary (Avery), diary
  6. Item 0085 Wilson, Archibald, Forecastle Journals
  7. Item 0086 Worrell, M. C. L., reminiscences
  8. Item 0087 Evix, D.C., Lonely Hours. A Collection of Miscellaneous Songs and Poems
  9. Item 0088 Allen, John W., journal of a voyage from Boston to Calcutta
  10. Item 0089 Baker, Matilda, diary and account book
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  1. Item 0090 Physician's notebook
  2. Item 0091 Delaware College. Pestalozzi Literary Society
  3. Item 0092 Chester, Frederick D., catalogue of insects
  4. Item 0093 New Castle Common Trustees. Committee on Education., Minutes of the meeting of the Committee on Education of the Trustees of the New Castle Common
  5. Item 0094 Wesley Methodist-Episcopal Church, Wilmington (Del.), church record
  6. Item 0095 Penny, Georgina M. Cooper, copybook and poetry scrapbook
  7. Item 0096 Burton, Nancy W., cyphering book
  8. Item 0097 Brinck biographical sketch notebook
  9. Item 0098 Coode, Thomas, recipes and instructions
  10. Item 0099 Green, Charles, geometry notebooks
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  1. Item 0100 Herbal receipt book
  2. Item 0101 Moon, James, Account of the names of places and persons…
  3. Item 0102 Recipes for Cake, pies, & pudding &c
  4. Item 0103 Rauch, John, "Receipts for dyeing wool and woolen cloths"
  5. Item 0104 Shore, Margaret Emily, diaries
  6. Item 0105 Potts, Anna M., diary
  7. Item 0106 Rohrman, J. Hall, travel journal
  8. Item 0107 Fotterall, Sarah K., Manuscript recipe book
  9. Item 0108 Davis, John L., recipes and formulae
  10. Item 0109 Receipt book of floral, medical, and general formulaes
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  1. Item 0110 Tupper, Samuel, Rev., diary
  2. Item 0111 Saxon, John, copybook
  3. Item 0112 Talley, Samuel M., trigonometry and surveying copy book
  4. Item 0113 Marston, Henry W., A Daily Journal for 1875
  5. Item 0114 Bradley commonplace book
  6. Item 0115 Ingrahm, William A., diary of European travel
  7. Item 0116 Voorhies, Athaliah, spiritual journal
  8. Item 0117 Carothers, Harriet S., travel diary
  9. Item 0118 Stockton, Sarah Marks, travel diary
  10. Item 0119 Billing, Louis, travel diary
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  1. Item 0120 Pepys, Walter Courtenay, travel diary
  2. Item 0121 Carothers, Ethel G., diary
  3. Item 0122 Dalcour, Clementina, travel diary
  4. Item 0123 Recipes
  5. Item 0124 Calder, John H., Stewart's Diary for 1860
  6. Item 0125 Chase, George P., "Madness of Rebellion" : Essay
  7. Item 0126 Supplee, Elizabeth, exercise book
  8. Item 0127 M., J., Jr., Slavery in Great Britain under English Law
  9. Item 0128 Volume of school assignments
  10. Item 0129 George, W. O., formulae
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  1. Item 0130 Pennsylvania. Militia. Regiment, 1st., Constitution, bylaws and standing resolutions…
  2. Item 0131 Snyder, Philip, F., Musical researches…
  3. Item 0132 Garrigues, Mary, "Memoirs"
  4. Item 0133 Georgia travel journal
  5. Item 0134 Parker, Richard, Judge, law class student notebook
  6. Item 0135 Philadelphia County (Pa.) Municipal Court, Court Blotter No. 2
  7. Item 0136 National Eclectic Assurance Society of the United States. Finance Committee, meeting minutes and medical notes and receipts
  8. Item 0137 New Jersey Court of Chancery, The Delaware and Raritan Canal and Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Companies, vs. the Camden and Atlantic Railroad Company, and the Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad Company
  9. Item 0138 Shippen, Dr. William, Jr., notes from medical lectures
  10. Item 0139 DaCosta, Jacob Mendes, "Notes on Practice of Medicine from the Lectures of Prof. J.M. DaCosta, M.D., S.S.D."
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  1. Item 0140 Mulock, Isaac F. R., lecture notes
  2. Item 0141 Wehner, Jacob H. and William H., medical notebooks
  3. Item 0142 Travel diary to New York, Washington, etc.
  4. Item 0143 Pedersen, Charles J., Food Book No. 1
  5. Item 0144 Pedersen, Charles J., Wine Book No. 1
  6. Item 0145 Manuscript recipe book
  7. Item 0146 German-American manuscript recipe book
  8. Item 0147 Manuscript recipes
  9. Item 0148 Martin, John Hill, family papers
  10. Item 0149 Snyder, Henry M., Notes on Americanization
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  1. Item 0150 Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  2. Item 0151 Embrey, Lee Anna, student diaries
  3. Item 0152 French, Isaac S., The Olio or the Miscellaneous Writings of Isaac S. French Student of Medicine
  4. Item 0153 K., E. L. L., autograph poems and travel log
  5. Item 0154 Recipe book
  6. Item 0155 Lawton, Rae, travel diary
  7. Item 0156 Baker, Mary, English receipt book
  8. Item 0158 Bailey, Rebecca, album of autograph verses and quotations
  9. Item 0159 Papermaking apprentice's notebook
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  1. Item 0160 Pratt, Henry C., journals
  2. Item 0161 Studer, Heinrich, instructional dyeing receipt book
  3. Item 0162 Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  4. Item 0163 Pepys, Amy Harriet, travel diary
  5. Item 0164 Arabia Schooner log book
  6. Item 0165 Mary Steamship log book
  7. Item 0166 Holcomb, Chauncey P., diary of a farm
  8. Item 0167 Mahony, Michael Bartholomew, diary
  9. Item 0168 Paxson, Alfred I., family history, diary, and reflections
  10. Item 0169 Maton, Charles, Cours de Tissage de Saint-Quentin
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  1. Item 0170 Martin, Joseph, Journal of a voyage from Philadelphia to Antwerp
  2. Item 0171 Coats, John Motion, laboratory dyeing notebook
  3. Item 0172 Welliver, Miriam E., travel diary
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