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Manuscript and Archival Collections at the University of Delaware Library are managed in collection Call Number Series as listed below. An alphabetical list (by title of collection) is also available.

For review of the most recently available collection descriptions, please see What's New. Please contact Special Collections for assistance of any kind.

0093 Commonplaces, Albums, Scrapbooks

Items housed in this collection are albums, blank books, or scrapbooks in format, ranging in size from small handbooks to oversize folios. These volumes include commonplaces, copy books, friendship albums, autograph albums, scrap albums, scrapbooks, albums with sample trade cards, and other such blank books filled with collected items or text. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Item 0001 Mallouk, Robert S., scrapbooks of World War II cartoons
  2. Item 0002 Allen, William F., scrapbooks
  3. Item 0003 Young, Anne Wheeler and William Young scrapbooks
  4. Item 0004 Chew, Phyllis G., World War I scrapbooks
  5. Item 0005 Dawson, Ann Fox, Project Jazz Festival scrapbook
  6. Item 0006 Edgerton, Bertha and Ruth, scrapbooks
  7. Item 0007 Notebook of handicraft instructions
  8. Item 0008 Lindeman, Rachel Leah, album
  9. Item 0009 Scrapbook of automobiles

  10. Item 0010 Sargent, Emilie Hall, scrapbook of West Indies and South American cruise aboard R.M.S. Mauretania
  11. Item 0011 Loyd, Mary Ann, autograph album and poems
  12. Item 0012 Pitt family albums of poetry and Illustrations
  13. Item 0013 Daley, Anne, autograph album
  14. Item 0014 C. B. Cottrell & Sons Co. printing specimens and trade catalogs
  15. Item 0015 Davids, Richard W., Centennial Exposition scrapbook
  16. Item 0016 Jackson, John, albums of specimens of dried flowers and plants
  17. Item 0017 World's Columbian Exposition scrapbook
  18. Item 0018 Black, Lester F., sample book of calligraphic calling cards
  19. Item 0019 Weck, W. F., scrap album of color printed perfume, cosmetic, and toiletry labels

  20. Item 0020 Eccleston, Malva B., scrapbooks
  21. Item 0021 Davis, Alma, Paragon autograph albums
  22. Item 0022 English dyeing sample book
  23. Item 0023 J. C. & Co. Inc., samples of dance orders, tickets, and menus
  24. Item 0024 Dunn, Alice Goodsell, notes on British literature and theater scrapbook
  25. Item 0025 Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), "Random Notes of a Week's Visit to England" scrapbook
  26. Item 0026 Children's scrapbook belonging to "A.R."
  27. Item 0027 Nineteenth-century children's scrap album
  28. Item 0028 Norman, Freddie, scrap album
  29. Item 0029 Eclectic nineteenth-century British scrapbook

  30. Item 0030 Harris, Ella, nineteenth-century American scrapbook
  31. Item 0031 Nineteenth-century British scrapbook of greeting cards
  32. Item 0032 Nineteenth-century children's scrap album with photograph of two boys
  33. Item 0033 Boulter, Clara Agnes, mid-nineteenth century scrapbook from the American South
  34. Item 0034 Wright, Charles, Victorian scrap album
  35. Item 0035 American scrapbook of Victorian chromolithographed art prints
  36. Item 0036 Anderson, Harry, scrap album
  37. Item 0037 Scrapbook of twentieth-century American Valentines and greeting cards
  38. Item 0038 Early twentieth-century British children's scrapbook
  39. Item 0039 Fred's nineteenth-century British album of scraps and greeting cards

  40. Item 0040 Nineteenth-century scrapbook of theatrical, historical, royal, and artistic content
  41. Item 0041 British scrapbook of the late Regency - early Victorian period
  42. Item 0042 The Centennial scrap book
  43. Item 0043 Willett, Joseph,1856 eclectic scrapbook of engravings
  44. Item 0044 British late-Victorian album with "Ally Sloper" characters and other scraps
  45. Item 0045 The Jenny Lind album : a friendship album from Mary Ann De Souza to Esther Bolster

  46. Item 0053 Scrapbook of turn-of-the-twentieth century portraits of world leaders and international celebrities
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0095 Miscellaneous Scientific & Humanities Manuscripts

Items housed in this collection include some of the oldest manuscripts in the University of Delaware Library, from a Babylonian cone or an Ottoman prayer book to early alchemical manuscripts acquired with the Unidel History of Chemistry Collection in 1968. Please ask for assistance in the Special Collections department.

  1. Item 0014 Johannes, de Rupescissa, Liber de consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum
  2. Item 0031 Book of hours : Use of Noyon
  3. Item 0032 Puymaurin, Jean-Pierre-Casimir de Marcassus, baron de, Receueil d'Observations
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0096 Account Books and Ledgers

Account books, ledgers, journals, and other record-keeping volumes of individuals, businesses, and organizations are housed in this collection. Many of these items are oversize. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Item 0001 Account book for a Wilmington, Delaware, dry goods store
  2. Item 0054 Janvier, John, account books for New Castle, Delaware
  3. Item 0066 Donnell, Samuel M., insurance records for Newark, Delaware
  4. Item 0067 Bancroft, Samuel, and Joseph Bancroft and Sons records
  5. Item 0070 Mulligan, Michael, account books of Delaware City, Delaware
  6. Item 0074 Horn, Charles S., ledgers
  7. Item 0075 Horn, Charles S., Rehoboth, Delaware, Voter Registers and Tax Assessments
  8. Item 0076 Russel, William, ledgers
  9. Item 0080 Anderson, John, account book
  10. Item 0081 Donnell, Samuel M., account books
  11. Item 0147 Herdman, John David, Jr., Day Book
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0098 Delaware Miscellaneous Literary & Historical Manuscripts

Items housed in this collection are single manuscripts or small collections of documents related to Delaware. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

As an interim access tool, please consult the attached Word document, which is an item-level inventory of MSS 098. Researchers may use "find in page" searches on this Word document file.

  1. F0105 Hannum, Robert Marshall vs. the Wilmington City Railroad Co., papers regarding
  2. F0130 Reading, Philip, Sermons on Various Subjects Preached at Apoquiniminck in the Year 1765
  3. F0147 Layton, Caleb S., correspondence
  4. F0149 Hull, John C., letters to John Thompson
  5. F0150 Black, Robert M., docket book
  6. F0154 Clay, Henry, presentation items
  7. F0170 Ferguson, Robert, land indenture between Robert Ferguson, his wife Jane, and Joseph Kinkead, NewArk, New Castle County, Delaware
  8. F0171 Wilkin, David, land indenture between David Wilkin, his wife Ann, and Jonathan Germain, Blacksmith, of Newark in White Clay Creek Hundred and County of Newcastle on Delaware
  9. F0172 Howell, Ebenezer, land indenture between Ebenezer Howell and his wife Sarah, from Cumberland County, New Jersey, to William Armstrong of Newark, Delaware
  10. F0173 Glasford, Hugh, land indenture between Hugh and Ann Glasford and Robert Ferguson for property in the White Clay Creek Hundred
  11. F0174 Walter, John, land indenture between John Walter of Christiania Hundred, Delaware, and Joel Swaine of East Marlborough, Pennsylvania
  12. F0175 Gilmour, Robert, letter to William Young
  13. F0176 Ward, Christopher, letter to Marina Wister
  14. F0177 Ross, William Henry Harrison, document appointing John A. Nicholson to be superintendent of schools in and for Kent County, Delaware
  15. F0179 Wolkind, George, papers
  16. F0183 Pedrick, Mark, letter to Adam Harbeson
  17. F0184 Powell, Walter A. (Walter Anderson), letters to William P. Frank
  18. F0185 Poole, J. Morton, letter to James Canby
  19. F0186 Boggs, J. Caleb, letter to John M. Dawson
  20. F0190 Parker, Charles and Inge, greeting cards to Miriam Willis
  21. F0191 Grier, A. O. H., letter to Blanche J. Swayne
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