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Manuscript and Archival Collections: What's New

This page provides links to all new collection descriptions to highlight new or updated access to primary sources at the University of Delaware Library.

Manuscript and Archival collections at the University of Delaware Library are managed in collection call number series as listed in the headers below. New finding aids for collections in each series are listed below.

An alphabetical list (for all collections, by title) is also available. Please contact Special Collections for assistance of any kind.

0093 Commonplaces, Albums, Scrapbooks

Items housed in this collection are albums, blank books, or scrapbooks in format, ranging in size from small handbooks to oversize folios. These volumes include commonplaces, copy books, friendship albums, autograph albums, scrap albums, scrapbooks, albums with sample trade cards, and other such blank books filled with collected items or text. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

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0095 Miscellaneous Scientific & Humanities Manuscripts

Items housed in this collection include some of the oldest manuscripts in the University of Delaware Library, from a Babylonian cone or an Ottoman prayer book to early alchemical manuscripts acquired with the Unidel History of Chemistry Collection in 1968. Please ask for assistance in the Special Collections department.

  1. Please ask for MSS 095 + Item###

  2. Item 0014 Johannes, de Rupescissa, Liber de consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum
  3. Item 0031 Book of hours : Use of Noyon

  4. Last modified: 04/24/15

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0096 Account Books and Ledgers

Account books, ledgers, journals, and other record-keeping volumes of individuals, businesses, and organizations are housed in this collection. Many of these items are oversize. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Please ask for MSS 096 + Item###

  2. Item 0001 Account book for a Wilmington, Delaware, dry goods store
  3. Item 0147 Herdman, John David, Jr., Day Book

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0097 Diaries, Journals, and Ships' Logs

The diaries, journals, and ships' logs housed in this collection are personal narratives and records acquired singly by the University of Delaware Library. A number of recipe books, travel narratives, memoirs, and other individually composed accounts are found in this collection. Other items of the same nature are also found in the larger archival collections of individual or family papers in the manuscript collection series beginning with MSS 100. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Please ask for MSS 097 + Item###

  2. Item 0001 Armstrong, Mary F., commonplace book
  3. Item 0002 Beale, Joseph Hoare, journals
  4. Item 0006 Boss, Charles, Daily report of Charles Boss. Life and adventures on the frontiers.
  5. Item 0009 Champney, Richard, Journal of Travels Commencing from the Year 1798
  6. Item 0024 Durfee, P. B., My Journey to Memphis
  7. Item 0025 Edgerton, F. D., medical journal
  8. Item 0027 Emerson, H. A., journal of
  9. Item 0029 Giles, John C., Incidental notes of a trip to Europe made in 1868
  10. Item 0031 Grindell, John, The overland narrative of John Grindell: Platteville, Wis. To California
  11. Item 0032 Grover, John C., Civil War journal
  12. Item 0037 Herbert, Charles, Revolutionary War journal
  13. Item 0039 Hoskins, Mary A. H., Journal for the year 1857
  14. Item 0042 Ives, Mary Olmstead, A year in England
  15. Item 0043 Jenks, Craigie P., Journal and memo'da
  16. Item 0050 Milford High School (Milford, Mass.), Daily journal of Milford High School
  17. Item 0052 Mitchell, Colby C., Journal of Rev. C. C. Mitchel from New York/Boston to Smyrna
  18. Item 0053 Morton, James M., travel journal
  19. Item 0056 Osborn, Stanley Hart, A diary of the American Red Cross Sanitary Commission to Serbia 1915-16
  20. Item 0067 Smith, Edward F., travel journal
  21. Item 0068 Snow, Theodora William, "Journal of voyage to England - travels in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland…"
  22. Item 0069 Sowden, Emily, travel journal
  23. Item 0078 Ward, Thomas, Jr., travel journal
  24. Item 0095 Penny, Georgina M. Cooper, copybook and poetry scrapbook
  25. Item 0102 Recipes for Cake, pies, & pudding &c
  26. Item 0106 Rohrman, J. Hall, travel journal
  27. Item 0107 Fotterall, Sarah K., Manuscript recipe book
  28. Item 0110 Tupper, Samuel, Rev., diary
  29. Item 0114 Bradley commonplace book
  30. Item 0116 Voorhies, Athaliah, spiritual journal
  31. Item 0119 Billing, Louis, travel diary
  32. Item 0145 Manuscript recipe book
  33. Item 0146 German-American manuscript recipe book
  34. Item 0147 Manuscript recipes
  35. Item 0150 Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  36. Item 0151 Embrey, Lee Anna, student diaries
  37. Item 0162 Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  38. Item 0170 Martin, Joseph, Journal of a voyage from Philadelphia to Antwerp

  39. Last modified: 04/24/15

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0098 Delaware Miscellaneous Literary & Historical Manuscripts

Items housed in this collection are single manuscripts or small collections of documents related to Delaware. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Please ask for MSS 098 + F###

  2. F0190 Parker, Charles and Inge, greeting cards to Miriam Willis
  3. F0191 Grier, A. O. H., letter to Blanche J. Swayne

  4. Last modified: 04/24/15

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0099 Miscellaneous Literary & Historical Manuscripts

Items housed in this collection are single manuscripts or small collections of documents of literary or historical significance. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

  1. Please ask for MSS 099 + F###

  2. F0017 Boyle, Kay, letters to Basil Burwell
  3. F0092 Gosse, Edmund, letters
  4. F0109 Hone, Joseph M., letters to Hylda Wrench
  5. F0152 McAlmon, Robert, letters to Edward Titus
  6. F0159 Monroe, Harriet, letters to Grant Hyde Code
  7. F0307 Bukowski, Charles, "The Life of a Bum": short story typescript
  8. F0308 Bukowski, Charles, "Action": short story typescript
  9. F0474 Giorno, John, letters to William Levy
  10. F0479 Wieners, John, holograph poetry notebook
  11. F0517 Bell, Clive, letters to Gilbert Seldes
  12. F0920 Herlihy, James Leo, letters to Edward P. Mitchell
  13. F0921 Wiksell, Gustave Percival, miscellaneous material related to Bliss Carman, F. B. Sanborn, and R. W. Trine
  14. F0923 Jackson, Andrew, autograph signature
  15. F0925 Farrell, James T., letters to William F. Claire
  16. F0926 Bowles, Paul, letters to Irving Stettner
  17. F0928 Morgan, Charles, letter to Mademoiselle Engel
  18. F0933 Holmes, John Clellon, letter to Shirley Holmes
  19. F0934 Coffey, Brian, letter to Dee
  20. F0935 Claire, William F., collection related to James T. Farrell
  21. F0936 Sissle, Noble, and Langston Hughes, Swingtime at the Savoy : Good Time No. 1 : radio transcript
  22. F0937 Simon, Neil, Murder by Death : screenplay and shooting calls
  23. F0938 Modern Editions Press, pamphlet series one collection
  24. F0939A-B Miller, Arthur, The Misfits : dialogue continuity and cutting continuity
  25. F0940 Sherriff, R. C., and Walter Reisch, That Hamilton Woman : screenplay
  26. F0941 Barry, Philip, Foolish Notion : a Comedy : production script
  27. F0942 Carter, Frederick, letters to Tom Turner
  28. F0943 Engle, Paul, letters and enclosures to Alex Williams
  29. F0945 Smith, Alexander Howland, papers regarding his forgery of Robert Burns's The Jolly Beggars
  30. F0946 Shimura, Asao, correspondence with Gilbert Beale regarding Japanese papermaking
  31. F0947 Bowles, Paul, letters to John B. L. Goodwin
  32. F0948 Dunbar, Paul Lawrence, letters to Reginald Wright Kauffman
  33. F0949 Morgan, Charles, letter to Reverend R. Barrett
  34. F0950 Claire, William F., card to Timothy Murray
  35. F0951 Mizener, Arthur, letter to John S. Monagan
  36. F0952 Muir, Percy H., review of John E. T. Clark's Musical Boxes
  37. F0953 Muir, Percy H., letters to Rev. James Brown
  38. F0954 Alexander, Charles, letter to Tom Clark
  39. F0955 Gerstler, Amy, letter and postcards to Tom Clark
  40. F0956 Frym, Gloria, publicity materials and typescripts
  41. F0957 Day Lewis, C. (Cecil), letters to Terence Tiller
  42. F0960 Gutteridge, Bernard, The Ladies of St Leonards : poem
  43. F0961 Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, letter to William Carlos Williams
  44. F0963 Lambert, Gavin, Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me : screenplay
  45. F0964 Lambert, Gavin, Sons and Lovers : screenplay
  46. F0965 Lambert, Gavin, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden : screenplay
  1. Last modified: 04/24/15

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0100 > Manuscript and Archival Collections

The bulk of manuscript and archival collections in Special Collections at the University of Delaware Library are housed in the collection call number series beginning with MSS 100. Additional online finding aids and collection descriptions will be added as they become available.

  1. Please ask for MSS ###

  2. 0125 Bates, George Handy, Samoan papers
  3. 0213 Viñes, Ricardo, music manuscripts
  4. 0293 Pierce family papers
  5. 0315 Frear, J. Allen, Jr., papers
  6. 0361 Johnson, Everett C., & Louise Staton, papers
  7. 0380 Stone, Nathan, the Reverend, sermons
  8. 0416 McKee, Robert B., papers
  9. 0436 Brown, Harry Fletcher, collection
  10. 0438s Salmon Publishing, Ltd. records supplement
  11. 0480 Georgetown, Delaware, businesses, archives of
  12. 0521 Lincoln Club of Delaware, Abraham Lincoln collection
  13. 0525s Townsend, Joseph Brevitt, papers supplement
  14. 0599 Kaufman, Alan, papers
  15. 0601 Tober, Frank W., collection on literary forgery
  16. 0633 Delaware Theatre Company records
  17. 0633s Delaware Theatre Company records supplement
  18. 0634 Conard-Pyle Company records
  19. 0634s Conard-Pyle Company records supplement
  20. 0641 Wilson, Robert A., Marianne Moore collection
  21. 0646 Garland, Bruce, Thomas Wise collection
  22. 0656 Delany, Samuel R., collection of manuscripts and correspondence
  23. 0657 Stewart, Angus, correspondence and publishing files
  24. 0658 Gold, Joseph, literary manuscript collection
  25. 0659 Strong, L.A.G., letters to Mary Turner and Tom Turner
  26. 0660 Kaufman, Edward E. "Ted", papers
  27. 0661 Delaware Afro-Latina oral histories collection
  28. 0663 Skerl, Jennie, Paul Bowles collection
  29. 0664 University of Delaware Women's Studies oral history collection
  30. 0666 Southmayd, Henry J., Jr., World War II letters to the Southmayd family
  31. 0667 Loos, Anita, A Girl Like I: typescript
  32. 0670 Bailey, Jeffrey, collection of James Leo Herlihy papers
  33. 0671 Thompson, William G., Briarwood Writers' Alliance correspondence and publicity records
  34. 0672 Yagoda, Ben, papers
  35. 0673 Allmond, Charles, papers
  36. 0674 Mrabet, Mohammed, correspondence, reviews, and other material
  37. 0675 Friends of Rockwood records
  38. 0677 Delaware Women's Conference, records
  39. 0680 Owens, Frank E. and Anna Hayes, family papers
  40. 0682 Bissinger, Karl, papers
  41. 0684 Shipley-Bringhurst-Hargraves family papers
  42. 0689 Bair, Myrna L., papers
  43. 0694 Stewart, Richard H., collection of Abraham Lincoln material
  44. 0695 Delaware Folklore Society audio recordings
  45. 0696 University of Delaware audio recordings of poetry readings
  46. 0702 Murray, George W., Jr., and Pauline Murray papers
  47. 0716 Greenwatch Institute records

  48. Last modified: 04/24/15

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