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David M. Nelson Papers

1936 - 1991
(bulk dates 1951 - 1991)

Manuscript Collection Number: 328
Accessioned: Gift of David M. Nelson and Mrs. Shirley Nelson.
Extent: 42 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, minutes, manuals, programs, magazines, books,
media guides, annual reports, articles, dockets, posters, pamphlets, diary, motion pictures, video cassettes, drafts
(preliminary versions), speeches, surveys, diagrams, certificates, interviews, bulletins, notes, newsletters,
proceedings, resumes, and logbook.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1995-1996 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Series VII. - Series IX.

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+ Series X. - XVII., Appendix A and Appendix B

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

13        Series VII.  Professional Writing, 1958-1991
               David Nelson's published works include books,
               articles, chapters, syndicated columns, and
               pamphlets.  Arranged alphabetically by title.

          Series VII.1.  Books, 1957-1991

          The Anatomy of a Game: Football, the Rules, and the Men
               Who Made the Game (Newark, DE: University of
               Delaware Press, 1994).  Spec Del GV 995 .N44 1994

     F1   "First Draft," [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript, clean copy.

     F2   Early draft, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of typescript, first section only, with post-
          it "hang onto until after the first of the year."

     F3   Early draft, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated chapters with extensive revisions
          and a different table of contents and organization than
          published version.

     F4   Early draft, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated preface and chapters with extensive

     F5   Early draft, [n.d.]
     -6   Unnumbered photocopied typescript with extensive
          revisions by someone other than Nelson.

     F7   Draft (originally housed in black binder), [n.d.]
     -9   Photocopied typescript with extensive revisions by
          several persons.
               F7   Preliminary pages-187
               F8   Pages 188-383
               F9   Pages 384-555

14   F10  Draft, [n.d.]
     -13  Computer-generated draft with extensive revisions by
          someone other than Nelson.
               F10  Preliminary pages-149
               F11  Pages 150-283
               F12  Pages 284-426
               F13  Pages 427-579

     F14  Draft (originally housed in blue binder), [n.d.]
     -16  Computer-generated typescript, clean copy.
               F14  Preliminary pages-54
               F15  Pages 55-end of chapter 3 (unnumbered)
               F16  Chapter IV-end
          Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.1.  Books (cont'd)

          The Anatomy of a Game (cont'd)

     F17  Draft, [n.d.]
     -20  Computer-generated typescript, clean copy.
               F17  Preliminary pages-149
               F18  Pages 150-289
               F19  Pages 290-424
               F20  Pages 425-609

     F21  "Revised Epilogue," [n.d.]
          Includes note from Nelson to Herman Masin.

     F22  Draft of appendix, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated typescript beginning with page 93.

     F23  Draft of appendix, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated typescript corrected and labeled
          "Master" by Nelson.

     F24  Draft of appendix, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated typescript, clean copy.

     F25  Draft of appendix, [n.d.]
          Computer-generated typescript with notes by Nelson,
          complete appendix.

     F26  "Evolution of American Collegiate Football 1800-1927,
          Computer-generated typescript of information compiled
          by Parke H. Davis and corrected by Nelson.

     F27  Miscellaneous pages, 1990 Feb
          With letter to Michael V. Earle.

     F28  Miscellaneous pages, 1990 Apr
          Includes letters between Nelson and Earle, plus a mock-
          up of the cover and several pages.

     F29  Bibliography, epilogue, acknowledgments, chapter on the
          1990 Rules Committee meeting, [1990]
          Includes pages of inserts and corrections by Nelson.

     F30  Miscellaneous pages and correspondence, 1986-1991
          Includes bibliography, preface, outline, and chapter
          about the Rules Committee meeting for 1991.

14        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
           Series VII.1.  Books (cont'd)

          Dave Nelson Selects the Best of Defensive Football for
               High Schools (Wilmington, DE: Du Pont, 1967). Spec
               Del GV 951.18 .N45x 1967

     F31  Letter and payment confirmation, 1967

          Football: Principles and Play (New York: Ronald Press
               Co., [1962]).  First edition.  Spec Del GV 951
               .N4x 1962

     F32  Correspondence, contract, and royalty statements, 1960-1976

     F33  Draft, [1962]
     -34  Carbon typescript which varies from the printed
               F33  Preliminary pages-144
               F34  Pages 145-end (unnumbered)

15        Football: Principles and Play.  Drafts for a second
               edition which was never published.  Nelson and
               Harold Raymond (illustrations) worked on this
               revision of the first edition.

     F35  Correspondence, 1974-1976
          Includes correspondence with Ronald Press, which in
          November 1975 declined publication of the new edition
          and returned publication rights to Nelson.  Also
          includes correspondence with Holly Press, several noted
          football coaches (Bo Schembechler, Joe Paterno, and
          Paul Dietzel); as well as chapter rewrites, notes, and

     F36  Draft, [1975]
     -38  Using a photocopy typescript of the first edition,
          includes rewrites, inserts and revisions.
               F36  Preliminary pages-141
               F37  Pages 142-311
               F38  Pages 312-433

     F39  Illustrations for the book, [n.d.]
     -42  Includes a list of illustrations and changes from the
          first edition.
               F39  Preliminary pages-212
               F40  Pages 215-412
               F41  Pages 68-215
               F42  Pages 216-412

15        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.1.  Books (cont'd)

          Football: Principles and Play, 2nd edition (cont'd)

     F43  Draft (originally housed in brown binder), [n.d.]
     -46  Adds numerous pages of inserts to text of the first
          edition, plus extensive revisions and corrections.
               F43  Preliminary pages-130
               F44  Pages 131-250
               F45  Pages 251-360
               F46  Pages 361-437

          Illustrated Football Rules (Garden City, NY: Dolphin
               Books, 1976).  Spec GV955 .N45 1976

     F47  Correspondence, contract, royalty statements, and
          review, 1975-1979.

          The Modern Winged-T Playbook (Dubuque, Iowa: W. M.
               Brown Co., 1961).  Spec GV 951.9 N4

     F48  Correspondence, sales reports, royalty statements, and
          registration of copyright, 1961-1966

          Scoring Power with the Winged-T Offense (Dubuque, Iowa:
               W.C. Brown Co., 1957).  Spec GV 951.9 .E9x 1957

     F49  Sales reports, royalty statements, advertisements, and
          contract, 1957-1966

          Series VII.2.  Articles and Columns, 1957-1991
               Includes syndicated columns, articles for
               newspapers and magazines.  Arranged alphabetically
               by name of publication in which the article or
               column appeared or in the case of syndicated
               columns, alphabetically by title of the column.

     F50  "Teaching and Intercollegiate Athletics," in About
          Teaching, 1987 Feb
          Includes printed article and typescript.

15        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.2.  Articles and columns (cont'd)

          "Breaking the Rules," 1978-1979
               "Breaking the Rules" was a column written by
               Nelson and syndicated by Spook Rock Associates
               from 1979-1982.  The column, which describes a
               football foul and the ruling based on NCAA, NFL,
               and High School rules, was published in newspapers
               throughout the United States.

     F51  Correspondence and subscription list, 1978-1979
     F52  Typescripts and proofs of the column, [1978-1979]
     F53  Advertising letters and posters, 1979
          Posters removed to Box 38.
     F54  Clippings of column, 1978
          Four clippings removed to Box 38.

     F55  "The Changing Character of Football," 1971
          Published by Pearson Advertising Agency, Inc.  Includes
          correspondence, typescript, and copies of "The Football
          Code" and "Evolution of the Football Rules."

     F56  Information for articles published in Sidelines, 1988-1990 
          Correspondence and copies of the College Football
          Association's Sidelines, which includes articles to
          which Nelson contributed.

     F57  "Faculty, Student-athletes and Academic Standards" in
               The Easterner, 1985 Jan
          Includes typescript and copy of issue published by the
          Eastern District of the Association of the American
          Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and
          Dance.  Includes a manuscript of similar content, which
          was also a speech at the University of Delaware.

16   F58  Football section of "Major Team & Individual Sports" in
               Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1988
          Includes correspondence, contract, typescripts, proofs,
          and copies of the article for Nelson's revision of the
          football section for the 15th edition.

     F59  Articles for Fifth Down, 1976-1989
          Includes photocopies of articles and issues of Fifth
          Down.  Nelson provided summaries of football rule
          changes for this official publication of The Football
          Writers Association of America.

16        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.2.  Articles and columns (cont'd)

          Articles for Football Today, 1976-1977
               Nelson contracted to write regular articles,
               particularly about football on the East Coast, for
               Football Today, Inc.

     F60  Correspondence, publication schedules, news releases,
               and articles, 1976-1977
     F61  Typescripts of Nelson's articles, 1976
     F62  Clippings, 1976-1977
          Photocopies of clipping, plus issues of Football Today
          (removed to Box 37) and one bound volume of clippings
          (removed to Box 34).

     F63  "From the Admiral's Desk" for University of Delaware
               football programs, 1981
          Includes a memorandum and a list of articles used for
          the column.

     F64  "Where Do We Stand in College Football" in Look, 1962
          Includes correspondence and payment statement, see also
          the copy of November 19, 1963, issue of Look (Box 37)
          which includes Nelson's article (with Tim Cohane),
          "Football Players Must Be Students."

     F65  Articles for NCAA News, 1978-1991
          Includes issues of NCAA News (published by the National
          Collegiate Athletic Association) and photocopies of
          Nelson's articles, most of which concern football rule

     F66  Articles for The New York Times, 1978-1990
          Includes correspondence, typescripts, and photocopies
          of articles, such as "Fifth Down or Not, It's Over When
          It's Over" and "A Coach Finds More Agony Than Ecstasy."

16        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.2.  Articles and columns (cont'd)

          Articles and Columns for The News Journal (Wilmington,
               Delaware), 1966-1980
               Includes the regular columns "Official Football,"
               "Breaking the Rules," "Grid Quiz," and "By Dave

     F67  Correspondence and photocopies, 1967-1976
          See also Nelson's personal and NCAA correspondence for
          letters related to his writing for The News Journal.
     F68  Autograph and typescript manuscripts, 1969-1973
          Photocopies of the published articles are also present.
     F69  Typescript manuscripts, 1979-1980
          Photocopies of the published articles are also present.
     F70  Autograph and typescript notes for articles, [n.d.]
     F71  Manuscripts and proofs of "Official Football"
               specifically written for The News Journal, using
               the University of Delaware football team as the
               example, [n.d.]

     F72  Clippings, 1966-1980
          Includes loose clippings, photocopies of clippings,
          plus four bound volumes of clippings (removed to Box
          34).  See also the scrapbooks shelved separately for
          some clippings of Nelson's articles.

     F73  "Official Football," 1965-1977
          Nelson's "Official Football" was syndicated by
          Newspaper Enterprise Association from 1965-1971, but
          Nelson continued the column for The News Journal from
          1972-1977.  Includes correspondence and clippings. 
          Three bound volumes of clippings have been removed to
          Box 26.

     F74  Articles for Pennsylvania State University football
               program Beaver Stadium Pictorial, 1972-1977
          Includes correspondence and one typescript article. 
          See the bound volume titled "David Nelson Articles"
          (Box 34) and the untitled bound volume of magazines #6
          (Box 34) for copies of the following programs:

          Beaver Stadium Pictorial (in volume #6)
               Penn State vs. Navy (1972 Sep 23)
               Penn State vs. Air Force (1971 Oct 2)

          Beaver Stadium Pictorial (in "David Nelson Articles")
               Penn State vs. Air Force   1971 Oct 2
               Penn State vs. Navy        1972 Sep 23
               Penn State vs. Houston     1977 Sep 17

        Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
        Series VII.2.  Articles and columns (cont'd)

     F75  "College Football, Theatre are Kin" in programs for The
               Playhouse Theatre, 1980 Nov-Dec
          Copies of four programs.  This article also appeared as
          part of Nelson's series "From The Admiral's Desk."

     F76  Articles for Referee magazine, 1976-1978
          Includes correspondence, manuscripts, and purchase
          orders for such articles as "100 Years of Football" and
          "What Difference a Day Makes."  The bound volume titled
          "David Nelson Articles" (Box 34) includes the July-
           August 1976 issue of Referee.

          Articles for Scholastic Coach, 1957-1990
               See also correspondence in the NCAA and personal

     F77  Correspondence, 1987 and [n.d.]
          Most of the correspondence is with editor Herman Masin.
     F78  Manuscripts and photocopies of articles, 1978-[1990]
     F79  Issues of Scholastic Coach, 1976-1981
     F80  Issues of Scholastic Coach, 1986-1988
     F81  Issues of Scholastic Coach, 1989-1990
          See also the bound volumes of magazines #1-6 and "David
          Nelson Articles"(Box 34) for the following issues:

          Volume 1: 1957 Sep
                    1958 May
                    1959 Sep
                    1960 Jun

          Volume 2: 1963 Feb
                    1963 Mar
                    1963 Jun
                    1964 Jun
                    1964 Sep
                    1965 Sep

          Volume 3: 1962 Feb
                    1962 Jun
                    1962 Sep
                    1962 May
                    1962 Nov
                    1963 Sep

David Nelson Articles:  1986 Jan
                        1982 Jan
                        1978 Nov
          Series VII.  Professional writing (cont'd)
          Series VII.2.  Articles and columns (cont'd)

     F82  Autograph lists of topics for articles, [n.d.]

     F83  Articles "To Be Published," [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript articles or fragments of
          articles about football or athletics, from a folder
          labeled "to be published."

     F84  Notes or information for articles, [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript notes, quotes, and ideas for
          articles.  Also includes photocopies of articles by

17        Series VII.3.  Chapters for books, 1979-1990

     F85  "Administrators' Views of Governance of Intercollegiate
               Athletics" in The Governance of Intercollegiate
               Athletics, edited by James H. Frey, 1980-1981
          Includes correspondence and manuscript.

     F86  "Football Rules and Safety" in Athletic Injuries to the
               Head, Neck and Face edited by Joseph S. Torg,
          Originally titled "Athletic Injuries to the Head, Neck
          and Face," Nelson first presented this paper at a
          symposium in March 1980 in Philadelphia.  Includes
          correspondence and manuscripts.

     F87  "The Role of Sports Rules in Safety" in Prevention of
               Athletic Injuries: The Role of the Sports Medicine
               Team edited by Frederick D. Mueller and Allan J.
               Ryan. 1987-1990
          Includes correspondence, manuscripts, and proofs.

          Series VII.4.  Pamphlet, 1977

     F88  "Football Is Alive," 1977 
          Published by the National Federation of State High
          School Association as a pamphlet in 1977, this address
          was originally delivered to the National Federation
          Football Rules Committee in Biloxi, Mississippi. 
          Portions of this pamphlet later appear in an article in
          Coach & Athlete (1977 Jul-Aug).  Includes copies of the
          pamphlet and manuscript.  For the original address see
          speeches (F15).

17        Series VIII.  Speeches, addresses, memorials, and
               lectures and talks, 1949-1991
               Includes notebooks of presentations, as well as
               individual manuscripts.  The notebooks have been
               numbered 1-7 and appear in chronological order. 
               The individual speeches on related topics or
               audiences are gathered in subseries and then
               arranged chronologically.

          Series VIII.1.  Notebooks, 1949-1987
               Includes autograph and typescript manuscripts of
               presentations, as well as notes for speeches. 
               Nelson was also the master of ceremonies for
               numerous banquets.

     F1   Notebook #1, 1949-1960
          Includes presentations to the Delaware Coaches Clinic,
          the Maxwell Club, squad meetings, local churches and
          high schools, athletic banquets, Michigan Alumni,
          colleges, faculty meetings, Newark Rotary, and parents

     F2   Notebook #2, 1960-1984
          Includes presentations high school athletic banquets,
          University of Delaware trustee meetings, the Blue &
          Gold Club, Wilmington Touchdown Club, football clinics,
          the Pennsylvania State University athletic banquet, an
          ECAC meeting, Ohio rules meetings, and others.

     F3   Notebook #3, 1960-1987
          Includes presentations at retirement celebrations for
          Elbert Chance, Judy DuRoss, Harry Rawstrom, Roy Donoho,
          and John Grundy, as well as addressing a Hall of Fame
          Reception, the New York Football Writers, Wilmington
          Touchdown Club, Lambert Club, during a Tea Council
          tours, the YMCA, and other groups.  Also include
          several titled manuscripts, including "College Football
          Has Charisma," "The Rule," "Coaches' Tie Talk a Lot of
          Hogwash," "Third-down Myth Termed Hogwash," "TV
          Announcers Talk Too Much," "No Single Play Ever Won a
          Game," "A Smart Moderator Gets Just Due," and "Humor
          Essential in Football."

     F4   Notebook #4, 1962-1971
          Includes presentations at the Ice Rink dedication, a
          Michigan Bust, a Texas clinic, the Blue Hen Conference
          dinner, a MRHA Intramural banquet, and presentations at
          Woodbury, Annapolis, and Germantown.  Also includes a
          copy of "Duty, Honor, Country."

17        Series VIII.  Speeches, addresses, etc. (cont'd)
          Series VIII.1.  Notebooks (cont'd)

     F5   Notebook #5, [1970s]
          Includes a presentation titled "Campus Life - Does it
          Exist - Plays the Thing," as well as notes for his
          master of ceremonies duties at an awards banquet and an
          address to the Delaware State Legislature.

     F6   Notebook #6, 1970-1973
          Includes presentations to the Wilmington Touchdown
          Club, during a Tea Council tour, a YMCA kickoff dinner,
          an ECAC dinner, banquets for Harold Westerman and
          Charles Lanier, Red Lion High School banquet, and a
          speech titled "Meeting the Professional Challenges."

     F7   Notebook #7, 1970-1984
          Includes an address to the Joint Committee on Medical
          Aspects of Sports, presentations to the 1970 and 1977
          Medical Aspects of Sports Seminars, and addresses for
          the 1983 and 1984 Sports Medicine Seminars.

          Series VIII.2.  Presentations related to the University
               of Delaware, 1973-1991
               Includes individual speeches, addresses,
               memorials, tributes, or eulogies given at
               University of Delaware events or for individuals
               associated with the University.

     F8   Presentations at retirements, memorials services, or
               testimonial dinners, 1973-1991
          Includes presentations at Nelson's retirement, and the
          retirements of Scotty Duncan, C. Roy Rylander, Judy
          DuRoss, Charles Lanier, Phil Selway, Donald Crossan,
          and I. Wisniewski.  Also includes eulogies at memorial
          services for John Evans Hocutt and Scotty Duncan.

     F9   Presentations at meetings with the Faculty Senate,
               Board of Trustees, Delaware State Legislature, or
               the UD President, 1973-1987

     F10  Presentations at University of Delaware convocations,
               Honors Day, freshmen meetings, or recruitment
               days, 1983-1991

     F11  Presentations at meetings hosted at the University of
               Delaware, 1980-1988
          Meetings include football clinics, Sports Medicine
          Seminars, Student Teacher Seminars, Supervising
          Teachers Seminar, and the USFSA Junior Pairs
          Development Camp.

        Series VIII.  Speeches, addresses, etc. (cont'd)
        Series VIII.2.  Presentations related to UD, (cont'd)

     F12  Presentations at University special events, 1987-1989
          Events include an "Evening with the UD Skating Club,"
          the reunion of the 1963 football team, ground breaking
          for the Ice Arena, and the University Centennial Dinner
          in 1989.

          Series VIII.3.  Presentations in the Delaware
               community, 1974-1990

     F13  Presentations at the Wilmington Rotary, Seaford Red
               Cross dinner, the Wilmington Touchdown Club, the
               VFW, the Newark Touchdown Club, and the Wilmington
               Sportswriters & Broadcasters Association.

          Series VIII.4.  Presentations at regional or national
               events, 1960-1991

     F14  Presentations at the Maine Football Centennial Dinner
               (1991), also for the Marine Corps Scholarship
               Foundation, Michigan Alumni, a Maine reunion, and
               a Villanova banquet.

          Series VIII.5.  Papers or reports presented at
               professional meetings, 1970-1991

     F15  Presentations, 1970-1977
          Includes "Forum on Football Rules and Injuries" for the
          a National Conference on Medical Aspects of Sports,
          "Football Is Alive" and "The Devaluation of Sports" for
          the National Federation of High Schools, "Competitive
          Athletics: a Member of the Family" for the Eastern
          District Association Convention, "New Pressures on Big
          Time Sports" for the National Conference on Higher
          Education, and a paper for the NACDA Convention.

     F16  Presentations, 1980-1991
          Includes reports for Collegiate Commissioners
          Association meetings, NOCSAE meetings, and "Development
          of Football Rules and Safety" for a Seminar on Football
          Head and Neck Injuries as Related to Equipment,
          Coaching, Training and Conditioning.

17        Series VIII.  Speeches, addresses, etc. (cont'd)
          Series VIII.5.  Papers for professional mtgs (cont'd)

     F17  "Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics," 1983
          Includes correspondence, Nelson's manuscript, and
          copies of other papers presented at this Sport and
          Higher Education Conference.

          Series VIII.6.  Presentations for retirements, memorial
               services, birthday celebrations, or award
               tributes, 1982-1990

     F18  Includes eulogies at the memorial services for
               Elizabeth Nelson (David Nelson's mother), Ned
               Bliss Allen, Robert Kelly, R. R. M. (Bob)
               Carpenter, Jr.  Also includes presentations at the
               retirements of coaching friends James Sullivan and
               Harold Westerman, as well as an awards ceremony
               for Mary and Bob Carpenter.

          Series VIII.7.  Miscellaneous pages of notes, stories,
               quotes, axioms or partial speeches, [n.d.]

     F19  Miscellaneous pages, [n.d.]

Series IX.  Personal Correspondence

1951-1991      3 linear ft.        Boxes 18-20

Contents:  Correspondence, thesis, biographical notes, vitae,
photographs, and clippings.

Arrangement:  The first seventy-four folders of letters are
arranged chronologically.  Folder 75 consists of letters from
Ivan Kaye arranged in chronological order.  Folders 76 and 77
contain the letters organized (in no apparent order) by Nelson in
a binder.  Folder 78 consists of biographical information about

Description:  In addition to the correspondence found in the NCAA
series (Series V), Nelson maintained an extensive file of
personal correspondence.  These letters to Nelson and copies of
his responses, cover some of the same topics as found in the NCAA
file.  However, these files also encompass a wide variety of
personal notes from fans (particularly University of Delaware
fans) or coaching friends, requests for letters of references or
favors (such as tickets for NCAA events), letters of
congratulations on outstanding football seasons or awards,
expressions of regret at his retirement from coaching, and
letters recruiting Nelson for other coaching positions.
     From the 1950s through the 1970s Nelson was recruited by
numerous colleges and universities for Head Football Coach or
Athletic Director positions.  For example the universities of
Nebraska, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Indiana, and
Michigan, as well as Baylor University and Wake Forest College,
all sought Nelson's services.  Much of that correspondence is
found in this series.
     The personalities represented in this correspondence range
from Delaware officials, including Delaware's governors and U.S.
Senators J. Allen Frear, Jr. and Joseph R. Biden, Jr. to "names"
in football, intercollegiate athletics, and sports.  Letters from
sports writers Fred Russell, John Underwood, and Red Smith;
National Football League Commissioner Pete Rozelle; ABC Sports
analyst Beano Cook; former Miami Dolphins Coach Don Shula;
Chicago Bears owner George S. Halas, college coaches "Woody"
Hayes, Homer C. Rice, and R. R. Neyland are scattered among the
personal correspondence.
     However, most of the letters are from Nelson's friends and
coaching contemporaries (or mentors), such as Fritz Crisler, Milo
Lude, Harold Westerman, James Sullivan, Forest Evashevski, "Bump"
Elliot, Ellwood Geiges, Rocco J. Carzo, Ara Parseghian, "Tad"
Wieman, News Journal columnist Al Cartwright and Philadelphia
Phillies owner R. R. M. (Bob) Carpenter, Jr.
     In addition to the chronological file of correspondence,
Series IX also contains a folder of correspondence from sports
writer Ivan Kaye, a folder of biographical information about
Nelson (including a portion of a draft of Steven Johnson's
thesis, "David M. Nelson: Football Player, Football Coach,
Football Rules Editor") and a notebook of correspondence
collected by David Nelson.  This notebook includes a number of
letters from noted football coaches and sports writers.

18        Series IX.  Personal correspondence, 1951-1991
               Arranged in reverse chronological order within
               each folder.

     F1   1951
     F2   1952
     F3   1953
     F4   1954 Jan-May
     F5        Jun-Dec
     F6   1955
     F7   1956
     F8   1957
     F9   1958 Jan-Jun
     F10       Jul-Dec
     F11  1959 Jan-Mar
     F12       Apr-Sep
     F13       Oct-Dec
     F14  1960 Jan-May
     F15       Jun-Dec
     F16  1961 Jan-May
     F17       Jun-Sep
     F18       Oct-Dec
     F19  1962 Jan-Apr
     F20       May-Aug
     F21       Sep-Dec
     F22  1963 Jan-Jul

19   F23       Aug-Oct
     F24       Nov-Dec
     F25  1964 Jan-Feb
     F26       Mar-Apr
     F27       May-Sep
     F28       Oct-Dec
     F29  1965 Jan-Mar
     F30       Apr-Jul
     F31       Aug-Dec
     F32  1966 Jan-May
     F33       Jun-Sep
     F34       Oct-Dec
     F35  1967 Jan-Mar
     F36       Apr-Jun
     F37       Jul-Sep
     F38       Oct-Dec
     F39  1968 Jan-Feb
     F40       Mar-Apr
     F41       May-Oct
     F42  1969 Mar-Sep
     F43       Oct-Dec
     F44  1970 Jan-Aug
     F45       Sep-Oct
     F46       Nov-Dec

19        Series IX.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F47  1971 Jan-Mar
     F48       Apr-May

20   F49       Jun-Sep
     F50       Oct-Dec
     F51  1972 Jan-Mar
     F52       Apr-Aug
     F53       Sep-Oct
     F54       Nov-Dec
     F55  1973 Jan-Mar
     F56       Apr-Jun
     F57       Jul-Sep
     F58       Oct-Dec
     F59  1974 Jan-Mar
     F60       Apr-Oct
     F61  1975 Feb-Sep
     F62       Oct-Dec
     F63  1976 Jan-Mar
     F64       Apr-Nov
     F65  1977
     F66  1978
     F67  1979
     F68  1980-1981
     F69  1982-1984
     F70  1985-1987
     F71  1988
     F72  1989
     F73  1990-1991
     F74  [n.d.]

     F75  Ivan Kaye correspondence, 1988-1989
     F76  Correspondence originally housed in binder, 1954-1983
     -77  Includes letters from Nelson's coaching friends, sports
          writers, sports broadcasters, University of Delaware
          faculty and administrators, as well as Delaware
          governors and U.S. Senators.  Includes a significant
          number of letters commenting on Nelson's retirement
          from coaching in 1966.
     F78  Biographical materials, 1968-1991
          Includes several vitae, biographical notes, and twenty-five
          pages of a draft of Steven G. Johnson's master's
          thesis titled "David M. Nelson: Football Player,
          Football Coach, Football Rules Editor" (copy of
          completed thesis is available in Morris Library: GV
          1999 .J69 1991).

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