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Account Books for
Michael Mulligan
of Delaware City, Delaware


1887 – 1894


Manuscript Collection Number:  96, Item 70


Accessioned:  Purchase, 2003.


Extent:  5 vols.


Content:  Account books.


Access:  The collection is open for research.


Processed:  August 2003 by Theresa Hessey

Table of Contents

Introductory Note

            At the turn of the twentieth century, Michael Mulligan operated a dry goods establishment in Delaware City, Delaware.  A prominent Delaware City citizen, Mulligan served on the board of commissioners in both 1863 and 1868.  In addition, he served as superintendent of the city’s only Catholic Sunday school.  Included in this collection are account books of individuals who purchased items from Michael Mulligan between 1887 and 1894.  Three of the books represent the accounts of individuals who purchased items on an almost daily basis.  A fourth book consists of accounts of numerous individuals who patronized Mulligan’s establishment sporadically.  The final account book included in the collection is comprised of an alphabetical listing of names. 



Scharf, J. Thomas. History of Delaware: 1609-1888, Vol. 2. Philadelphia: L.J. Richards & Co., 1888. pp. 973-976.


Delaware State Directory for 1888. Wilmington, Del:  Ferris Brothers Publishers, 1888. p. 45.


Delaware State Directory for 1894-1895. Wilmington, Del:  M.A. Costa Publisher, 1895. p.83.


Contents List

Volume        Descriptions of Contents

1          Account book of Samuel J. McCall, 1887-1888

Contains entries for items purchased between August 31, 1887 and October 29, 1888.  Almost daily purchases included household items as well as fabric and other sewing materials. 


2          Account book of Frank Dunlap, 1893-1894

Includes entries for routine purchases of household items between November 23, 1893 and September 28, 1894.  Items purchased include coffee, tobacco, beans, and ham as well as other foodstuffs. 


3          Account book of Mr. Davis Trustus?, 1896-1897

Account book for goods purchased almost daily between March 26, 1896 and December 11, 1897.  Purchases include goods such as sugar, flour, lard, and other household items.


4          Account book, 1893-1894

Contains accounts of individuals who maintained small accounts with Michael Mulligan.  Entries include items purchased primarily between October and December, 1893.  Some accounts, however, continue into 1894. 


5          List of names, n.d.

            Alphabetical list of names.  Final page contains a short list of merchandise.


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