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George Morgan Papers

1914 - 1934

Manuscript Collection Number: 372
Accessioned: Gift, July 1991
Extent: .6 linear feet (60 items)
Content: Essays, poems, and newspaper clippings
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: July 1998, by Meghan J. Fuller

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

A prominent journalist with the Philadelphia Record, George Morgan, LL.D., (1854-1936), was an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Delaware. A native of Sussex County and a graduate of the class of 1875, Morgan founded the Philadelphia chapter of the Alumni Association and even served as editor of the Alumni News. He was well versed in the history of both the University and the local Delaware and Philadelphia area. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation in 1925, he delivered a speech to the history department entitled The Romantic Colonial Origins of the University of Delaware. In 1934, on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the University, Morgan, then the University's oldest living alumnus, delivered a speech entitled The Colonial Origins of Newark Academy. He received an honorary doctor of laws degree from his alma mater in 1917.

Morgan is also the author of several volumes, including The Life of James Monroe (Small, Maynard and Co., 1921); The True Patrick Henry (Lippincott, 1907); The Issue (Lippincott, 1904); The Golden Jubilee of the Philadelphia Record, (1920); and John Littlejohn of J.: Being in Particular an Account of His Remarkable Entanglement with the King's Intrigues Against General Washington (Lippincott, 1897). He also received favorable reviews for his volume, A City of Firsts, the complete history of Philadelphia.


Note: Biographical information is derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

Spanning the years 1914 to 1934, the George Morgan Papers comprise .6 linear feet (60 items) of autograph essays, typescript poems, newspaper clippings, and other material related to Morgan or the University of Delaware. The collection is divided into three series of material: Writings by George Morgan, 1925-1932; Newspaper Clippings, 1914-1915; and Writings by Others, n.d. All items are arranged alphabetically by title.

The George Morgan Papers will be of particular interest to those studying the history of the University of Delaware and the surrounding area. The Romantic Colonial Origins of the the University of Delaware is a 111-page, detailed account of the school's history from a man who was once considered an authority on the subject. The Colonial Origins of Newark Academy is also noteworthy as it was delivered at the university's centennial celebration on May 10, 1934.

Series Outline

I.   Writings by George Morgan, 1914-1934

     1.   Colonial Origins of Newark Academy, 1934
     2.   Delaware Stories and Queer Names in Delaware, 1925
     3.   Historic Trifles, n.d.
     4.   Pennsylvania, 1932
     5.   Queer Names in Delaware, n.d.
     6.   Romantic Colonial Origins of the University of Delaware, 1925
     7.   Untitled [Delaware History], n.d.
     8.   Untitled [book about robins], n.d.
     9.   Poems, typescript, n.d.
     10.  Poems, newspaper clippings, 1914-1915

II.  Newspaper Clippings, n.d.

     1.   Newspaper Clippings by or about George Morgan, n.d.
     2.   Newspaper clippings related to the University of Delaware, n.d.

III.      Writings by Others, n.d.

     1.   Robert Pharo Lowry, Robin Hood of Pennsylvania, n.d.
     2.   Ralph Morgan, Reminiscences of a Basketball Government, n.d.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1              Series I.  Writings by George Morgan, 1914-1934.

     F1   Colonial Origins of Newark Academy, 1934
          AMs  63 pp.  (2 items)
          Delivered at the centennial celebration of the University of Delaware on May 10,
          1934; traces the history of Newark Academy from the influx of Scotch-Irish           
          immigrants to the area in the 1720s to Morgan's own days as a student at Delaware
          College, now the University of Delaware

          Also includes an untitled, five-page autograph manuscript which was most likely
          a humerous introduction to the centennial speech

     F2   Delaware Stories and Queer Names in Delaware, 1925
          AMs  February 19, 1925  35 pp.  (1 item)
          Speech delivered to the Sons of Delaware; humerous anecdotes of both famous 
          and not-so-famous Delawareans

     F3   Historic Trifles, n.d. 
          AMsS  84 pp.  (1 item)
          Inscribed on title page "Historic Trifles / George Morgan / 408 South 45th St. /          
          Philadelphia, PA"
          A speech delivered on the subject of Philadelphia history

     F4   Pennsylvania, 1932
          Ts (c)  13 pp.  (2 items)
          Enclosed with letter to Morgan from John Nolen of the Regional and City              
          Planning Committee of Cambridge Square in Harvard, Massachusetts;
          Describes the development and orgnization of the physical environs of                
          Philadelphia during the colonial period
     F5   Queer Names in Delaware, n.d. 
          AMs  48 pp.  (1 item)
          Humerous look at the funny names of Delaware residents, including a man named 
          Mr. Ball who named his three sons "Cannon," "Gun," and "Pistol" and claimed to 
          have a "bang-up" family

1              Series I.  Writings by George Morgan (cont'd)
          Romantic Colonial Origins of the University of Delaware,1925
          AMsS 111 pp.  (1 item)
          Speech delivered in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation
          from Delaware College; inscribed "The Romantic Colonial History of the      
          University of Delaware / Being an Address made in Wolf Hall, University of
          Delaware, Newark, Del. / on the evening of March 5, 1925 / by George Morgan / 
          Class of 1875"
     F6   pp. 1-55
     F7   pp. 56-111

     F8   Untitled [Delaware History], n.d. 
          AMs  3 pp.  (1 item)
          A speech given in celebration of the upcoming tercentennial of Delaware
     F9   Untitled [notebook about robins], n.d.  
          Includes descriptions, sightings, and newspaper clippings about robins

     F10  Poems, typescript, n.d.  
          (7 items)
          The Blood of Bunker Hill
          Happy Warrior
          Land of the Lemon
          On a Recent Happening
          On the Hip Pocket Flask
          Solid South

     F11  Poems, newspaper clippings, 1914-1915  
          All published in Philadelphia  (28 items)
          As the Foul Fiend Sees it, June 15, 1915
          Be Thankful All, November 25, 1914 (2 copies)
               one inscribed, "I suppose I ought to have put Maryallis in my 
               Thanksgiving poem!  G.M."
          The Bumper News, June 21, 1914
          A Cranks' Picnic, July 23, 1914 (2 copies, one with holograph corrections)
          His Nibs' Rebuke, October 1, 1914 (2 copies)
          Immolation, December 13, 1914
          The Kaiser and Herr Krupp, August 27, 1914 (2 copies)
               one inscribed "Dear Ralph: Am sending on latest effusion.  Love to
               Josephine and kindest rememberances to Miss Hood G.M." 
          On the Job, June 28, 1914
          A Pean of Praise for "Them Phillies", September 25, 1915
          The Rip Roarers, January 13, 1915
          The Superman, October 21, 1914
          Uncle Sam's Grouch, June 1, 1914
          Uncle Sam's Soliloquy on the Army Mule, May 18, 1914 (2 copies)
          Weaning the Baby, July 12, 1914
          A Welcome to Billy Sunday, December 30, 1914
          Which, November 1914 (4 copies)
          Also included is a small scrapbook with three poems pasted inside, Down in 
          Mexico and two copies of Delaware, n.d.

 2        Series II.  Newspaper Clippings, n.d.
     F12  Newspaper Clippings by or about George Morgan  (7 items)
          Morgan, George.  "The Flanker, the Hammerer, and the All  Round Great One."  
               ---.  "History as She May Be Writ."
               ---.  "An Imaginary Lincoln Bit: "K. of K." and a Kitchener of Our Own."
               ---.  "A Short Interview with Benjamin Franklin."
          Tyler, Dr. Lyon G.  "Must American History be Largely Re-Written?"  Review of
               Morgan's The Life of James Monroe, n.d.
          Review of Morgan's The Issue, n.d.
          Review of Morgan's The City of Firsts, n.d.

     F13  Newspaper Clippings Related to the University of Delaware  (6 items)
          "Centenary Greetings: The Oldest Grad Respectfully Submits a Passing Word."
               The Newark Post, May 10, 1934
          "Delaware Graduates: Memories of Early College Days Evoked by Impressive
               Campus Scenes."  Philadelphia Record, June 25, 1916
          "Dr. Morgan Tells Romantic Origin of Our University," 1925
          "Find Original Charter of Newark Academy," n.d.
          "One Hundred Years at Old Delaware Reviewed This Week in Pageant and
               Story."  The Newark Post, May 10, 1934
          "U. of D. Was Once a Shoe Factory, George Morgan, Graduate 50 Years Ago, 
               Tells History Students."  The Evening News.  March 6, 1925

2         Series III.  Writings by Others, n.d.  (2 items)

     F14  Robert Pharo Lowry, The Robin Hood of Pennsylvania, n.d.
          Ts (c) with holograph notations  9 pp.

          Ralph Morgan, Reminiscences of a Basketball Government, n.d.
          proof  1 pp.

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