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Howard McCord Papers

1930 - 1972

(bulk dates 1964 - 1970)

Manuscript Collection Number: 118
Accessioned: Purchase, 1972
Extent: 2.7 linear ft.
Content: Letters, poems, brochures, essays, clippings, journals, pamphlets, and transcripts
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1973 by T. Stuart Dick; revised Jan-Feb 2001 by Anita Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Howard McCord

American poet Howard McCord was born on November 3, 1932, in El Paso, Texas. McCord was educated at Texas Western College and at the University of Utah, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 1957 and a Master of Arts in 1960, respectively.

Howard McCord began his academic teaching career in 1960, as assistant professor at Washington State University, Pullman, where he taught until 1971. Since 1971 McCord has taught at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, where he began as director of the M. F. A. and creative writing programs. He was later named director of the Ph.D. Creative Emphasis degree program.

McCord has written more than twenty-five volumes of fiction, poetry, essays, and most recently his first novel, The Man Who Walked to the Moon (1998). He has contributed his work to anthologies, such as A Geography of Poets (1977), and to periodicals, including The New York Times, Partisan Review, Harper’s Bazaar, and Iowa Review.

Howard McCord’s awards and honors include a 1965 Fulbright award, selection as a National Endowment for the Arts fellow (1976), the Hart Crane Memorial Award (1970), the Ohioana Award for Poetry, (1990) and the Golden Nugget Award, University of Texas at El Paso (1990).

Walter Lowenfels

Poet and social critic Walter Lowenfels was born on May 10, 1897, in New York, New York. After graduating from a New York City preparatory school in 1914, Lowenfels worked in the family butter business. He began writing poetry following his military service in World War I. Some of these early poems appeared in local newspapers. His first collection of poetry, Episodes & Epistles, was published in 1925, with the financial assistance of Lillian Apotheker, whom he met in 1924 and married in 1926, soon after his arrival in Paris.

By relocating to Paris, Lowenfels intended to dedicate his time to writing. His poems were soon accepted for publication in such little magazines as transition and This Quarter, as well as periodicals in London. In 1931 Lowenfels shared with E. E. Cummings This Quarter’s Richard Aldington Poetry Prize. His poetry was admired by Nancy Cunard, owner of the Hours Press, who published his Apollinaire: An Elegy in 1930.

It was in Paris that Lowenfels first met Michael Fraenkel. Although Fraenkel and Lowenfels disagreed philosophically – Fraenkel believing that the world was doomed to moral and physical destruction versus Lowenfels’s belief that the world could be saved by socialistic humanism – they became friends. Together they established the Carrefour Press, which was intended to support the “anonymous” movement. This movement was based on the idea of total anonymity in art, a concept which eventually proved unworkable. However, the Carrefour Press continued to publish work, but began to credit the authors. In 1970 Lowenfels co-authored with Howard McCord a biography of Fraenkel, The Life of Fraenkel’s Death: a Biographical Inquest.

In 1934 Lowenfels returned with his wife and three daughters to the United States and for several years worked in the family business. By 1938 he had moved to Philadelphia to become a reporter for the Pennsylvania edition of the Daily Worker. As his social activism increased, his poetry writing ceased and did not resume until his imprisonment for treason in 1953, the result of which was The Prisoner’s Poems for Amnesty (1954).

During the 1950s and 1960s Lowenfels worked as an anthologist, particularly of avant-garde writing. Where Is Vietnam? (1967), a collection of poetry protesting the war, and In the Time of Revolution (1969), civil rights poems by African Americans, were two of the volume of social consciousness poetry he edited. An anthology of Lowenfels’s writing was published as The Portable Walter (1968).

Walter Lowenfels died on July 7, 1976 in Tarrytown, New York.


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Scope and Content Note

The Howard McCord Papers include 2.7 linear feet of letters, poems, brochures, essays, clippings, journals, pamphlets, and transcripts, which span the dates 1930 to 1972 (bulk dates 1964- 1970). The majority of the collection was generated by the collaboration between McCord and Lowenfels in co-authoring The Life of Fraenkel’s Death.

The collection is organized into three series: Series I. Material regarding Michael Fraenkel, Series II. McCord’s general correspondence, and Series III. Work written by or about Walter Lowenfels. The manuscripts and correspondence in Series I. are related to the collaboration between Howard McCord and Walter Lowenfels in writing The Life of Fraenkel’s Death (1970). The items in Series III. are also related to Lowenfels and were probably enclosed in letters from him to McCord, but the original order of this collection was compromised in earlier processing. Series II is a collection of correspondence between Howard McCord and various poets, small press publishers, and friends; but unrelated to Walter Lowenfels or Michael Fraenkel.

McCord’s association with Lowenfels began with McCord's letter of April 9, 1964 in which he requested biographical information regarding Michael Fraenkel. McCord had begun research toward a book on Fraenkel and was aware of Lowenfels’s connection to Fraenkel. Both sides of the correspondence are present in the collection, including Lowenfels’s original letters and carbon copies of McCord’s letters. The letters are filled with information regarding Fraenkel, as well as transcripts of poetry and essays written by Fraenkel. Lowenfels’s wife, Lillian (Apotheker), who was also a close friend of Fraenkel, contributed comments about him to her husband’s letters as well as a manuscript titled “Fraenkel’s Return” (F29).

In additional to Fraenkel information in Lowenfels’s letters, the collection includes a draft of The Life of Fraenkel’s Death (F35), transcripts of Lowenfels’s correspondence with Michael Fraenkel, and McCord’s correspondence with other writers who knew Michael Fraenkel. The letters from Anas Nin, Will Slotnikoff, and Jonathan Williams add to information regarding Fraenkel.

In the course of their collaboration on Fraenkel, McCord and Lowenfels developed a friendship. In their letters they shared their poetry, discussed the state of contemporary poetry, mentioned mutual friends, wrote about their families and travel plans, and contemplated current and future writing projects. Lowenfels occasionally enclosed a copy of a poem or an essay on which he was working. Draft portions of his book The Portable Walter were also sent with the expectation that McCord would provide feedback on the work.

The second series of the collection, McCord's general correspondence, consists of letters written to Howard McCord between 1957 and 1972, as well as carbon copies of his responses. Many of the correspondents are poets, such as Gary Snyder, James Liddy, Diane Wakoski, and W. S. Merwin. The content of the letters ranges from simple inquiries about arranging readings at Washington State University, where McCord was teaching, to far- ranging discussions of poetry or philosophy. For example, the Allen Ginsberg letter is a brief request for a copy of Choudhury’s Stark Electric Jesus. But the letters between Gary Snyder and McCord are long exchanges on religious/moral philosophies, explorations of their chosen lifestyles, and discussions of their poetry.

In the correspondence between Malay Roy Choudhury and McCord, the Indian poet pleaded for international help in fighting his trial on charges of obscenity for his poem “Stark Electric Jesus.” McCord arranged for the publication of this poem in the United States and provided financial support and encouragement for Choudhury.

The most substantial exchange of letters in the general correspondence is between McCord and Irish poet James Liddy. The correspondence began in 1964 with McCord’s submission of poems to Arena, a poetry periodical edited by Liddy. As a friendship developed, Liddy sought McCord’s assistance in locating teaching positions in the United States, which McCord provided. As Liddy traveled to Spain, the United States (where he met McCord), and back to his family home in Ireland, he kept in communication with McCord, chronicling his activities, mentioning other poets and local events, and supplying McCord with carbon copies of many of the poems he wrote. Many of these poems are now available in F71 of this collection.

Originally the collection included ten books written by Walter or Lillian Lowenfels. These books were removed and cataloged for Special Collections. The appendix lists these titles and indicates the call number location for each item.

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Series List

I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel, 1930-1970              9

     1.  McCord-Lowenfels correspondence, 1964-1970             9
     2.  Lowenfels writing about Fraenkel, 1930-1969           11
     3.  McCord's correspondence regarding Fraenkel, 1964-1970 11

II.  McCord's general correspondence, 1957-1972                12

III.  Work written by or about Walter Lowenfels, [1934]-1970   19

Appendix:  Books                                               20 

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel, 1930-1970

          Series I.1.  McCord-Lowenfels correspondence, 1964-1970
          Lowenfels’s original letters to McCord, with carbons of
          McCord’s letters; arranged chronologically.  Includes
          some clippings.

1    F1   1964 Apr 9-28
          Includes  a typescript (carbon) of Fraenkel's "The
          Proletarian Revolution of Liquidation" (30 pp.),
          bearing autograph corrections.
     F2   1964 May 2-Jun 30
     F3   1964 Jul
          Includes typescript and carbon copies of Fraenkel's
          poem, "What Town Is This?" and transcripts of some of
          Fraenkel's letters to Lowenfels.  Also includes a
          typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poem,
          "Translating the X-rays from Scorpius."
     F4   1964 Aug-Sep
          Includes transcripts of Fraenkel letters and a
          typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poems, "Epitaph
          for a House," "Yes," and "Epistle to C. S. Concerning
          Burial in Illinois."
     F5   1964 Oct
          Includes typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poem,
          "At Bemidji Fall, Pennsylvania."
     F6   1964 Nov
     F7   1964 Dec
          Includes a typescript (photocopy) of Bernie Packer's
          poem, "Tribute from a Nobody" and a photocopy of a
          letter to Lowenfels from Roger Asselineau.
     F8   1965 Jan
          Includes a photocopy of a letter to Lowenfels from
          Mircea Eliade and a typescript (carbon) copy of George
          Bratt's poem, "Sweetheart of Coeur d'Alêne."
     F9   1965 Feb-Mar
          Includes photocopies of a letter and story ("The Dead
          Man Dragged from the Sea") written by Carl Gardner, as
          well as (photocopies) of three poems ("Madras - 1963,"
          "George Montgomery," and "For My Pregnant Wife") by Dan
     F10  1965 Apr-Jun
     F11  1965 Jul-Sep
          Includes a typescript (carbon) of Lowenfels's
          "Dedication" for the Fraenkel book.
     F12  1965 Oct-Dec
          Includes a typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's
          "Goodbye to Fraenkel," a reprint of Allen Guttmann's
          "Walter Lowenfels' Poetic Politics," and a photocopy of
          David Meltzer's inscribed untitled poem.

2    F13  1966 Jan 1-24
          Includes a photocopy of Lowenfels's poem, "Elegy for D.
          H. Lawrence."
     F14  1966 Jan 24
          Includes chapters from The Portable Walter.
     F15  1966 Jan 27-Mar 3
     F16  1966 Mar 3
          Includes Part I from The Portable Walter.
     F17  "The Portable Walter" Parts II-IV
     F18  1966 Mar 8-29
     F19  1966 Apr 7-Jun 22
          Includes a photocopy of a letter to Lowenfels from Will
          Slotnikoff and tear sheets from a copy of The
     F20  1966 Jul 28-Sep 20
          Includes a typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's
          translation of "Marie de Noël."
     F21  1966 Oct
     F22  1966 Nov-Dec

3    F23  1967 Jan-Mar
          Includes typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poems,
          "Your Centennial Is My Centennial" and "The Echo of
          Howard McCord's Type Bar."
     F24  1967 Apr-Jun
          Includes typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poems,
          "Howard McCord" and "R.I.P. after Francois Villon," as
          well as a photocopy of a letter from Roger Asselineau.
     F25  1967 Jul-Sep
          Includes typescript (carbon) copies of Slotnikoff's
          poem, "Testament of the Napalm Jesus," and several
          pages of an essay.  Also includes the final chapter in
          Lowenfels's "Second Biography," a photograph of two
          children, and draft material for The Life of Fraenkel's
     F26  1967 Oct-Dec
     F27  1968 Jan-Jun
          Includes typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's memories
          of Gurdjieff.
     F28  1968 Jul-Dec
          Includes a newsletter (1968) from the Survival of
          American Indians Association, Inc. and a copy of
          Lowenfels's letter to Bob Gover regarding Gover’s
          review of The Portable Walter.
     F29  1969 Jan-Apr
          Includes typescript (carbon) of Lillian Lowenfels's
          "Fraenkel's Return."
     F30  1969 Jun-Sep
          Includes typescript (photocopy) of Lowenfels's poems,
          "Epitaph for My Whales" and "On Reading 'Our Ever-
          Living Poet,’" as well as draft material for the
          Fraenkel book.

          Series I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  McCord-Lowenfels correspondence (cont'd)

3    F31  1969 Oct-Dec
     F32  1970 Jan-Mar
          Includes a typescript draft of Lowenfels's foreword for
          his autobiography.
     F33  1970 Apr-Aug
     F34  1970 Sep-Dec
          Includes photocopies of reviews of The Life of
          Fraenkel's Death.

          Series I.2.  Lowenfels writing about Fraenkel, 1930-1969

          The Life of Fraenkel's Death
4    F35  Publisher's draft, 1969
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) pages of editor's
          draft, bearing autograph revisions, editor's and
          printer's notations in binder with publisher's
          announcement tipped in front.

          Transcripts of correspondence between Lowenfels and
               Fraenkel, and Lowenfels's notes, [1930s]
     F36  Letters and notes
     F37  Letters and notes
     F38  Letters and notes
     F39  Notes on Fraenkel

5         Series I.3.  McCord's correspondence regarding
               Fraenkel, 1964-1970

     F40  Correspondence between McCord and Anaïs Nin, 1964-1968
          Eight letters from Nin, plus carbon copies of McCord's
          letters in response and a typescript (photocopy) of
          McCord's draft of the correspondence between Nin and
          Fraenkel for The Life of Fraenkel's Death, with
          corrections by Nin.

          Correspondence between McCord and Will Slotnikoff, 1966-1970
     F41  1966-1968
          Fourteen letters from Slotnikoff, plus carbon copies of
          McCord's letters, as well as announcements for books by
          Slotnikoff, photocopies of Fraenkel letters to
          Slotnikoff and several reviews written by Fraenkel.
     F42  1969-1970
          Eleven letters from Slotnikoff, plus McCord carbons.
          Also includes a typescript (carbon) copy of
          Slotnikoff's "Automated Tidbits," "Radical Amazement,"
          an untitled essay about Henry Miller, and a drawing by

     F43  Correspondence between McCord and Jonathan Williams, 1964-1969
          Fourteen letters from Williams, as well as a typescript
          draft of Williams's statement for the dust jacket of
          McCord's The Spanish Dark and Other Poems.

     F44  Miscellaneous correspondence regarding Fraenkel, 1964-1965
          Includes letters from Philip Kaplan, Kingsley Widmer,
          Alfred Perles, and Anna Neagoe (wife of Peter Neagoe).
          Includes a Christmas booklet "All the Bread" written by
          Peter Neagoe.

6         Series II.  McCord's general correspondence, 1957-1972
          Arranged alphabetically by the name of the sender.
          Correspondence may include announcements for the
          writers' books, clippings, reviews, and articles.  Most
          of the folders include carbon copies of McCord's
          letters in response.

     F45  Aldan, Daisy
          1965-1966           Letters   6p

     F46  Banks, Russell
          1968 Dec 13         ALS       1p

     F47  Beecher, John
          1966-1969           Letters   12p

     F48  Blazek, Douglas
          1969-1971           Letters   5p

     F49  Bly, Robert
          1962 Jul 25         ALS       1p
          1963 Nov 4          ALS       1p
               Dec 16         ALS       1p
          1964 Mar 12         TLS       1p
          [n.d.]              ANS       1p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p

     F50  Bukowski, Charles
          1965 Sep       TCS            1p

     F51  Castaneda, Carlos
          1968 Oct 11    TLS            1p

     F52  Choudhury, Malay Roy
          1965 Apr 16         ALS       1p
               May 11         ALS       1p
               May 18         ALS       1p
               Jul 28         ALS       1p
               Aug 28         ALS       2p
               Oct 8          ALS       2p
               Oct 16         ALS       1p
               Nov 22         ALS       1p
               Dec 16         ALS       1p
          1966 Jan 4          ALS       1p
               Mar 11         ALS       1p
               Apr 6          ALS       1p
               Apr 15         ALS       1p
               May 20         ALS       1p
               Jun 9          ALS       2p
               Jul 1          ALS       1p
               Jul 12         ALS       1p
               Aug 2          ALS       2p
               Aug 9          ALS       2p
               Sep 13         ALS       1p
               Nov 11         ALS       2p
               Dec 8          ALS       1p
               Dec 24         ALS       2p
               Dec 27         ALS       2p
          1967 Jan 5          ALS       1p
               Jan 19         ALS       2p
               Feb 24         ALS       1p
               Mar 22         ALS       2p
               Nov 13         ALS       1p
               Nov 30         ALS       2p
          1968 Apr 14         ALS       1p
               Note:  Include a printed letter from Ginsberg to
               Aug 20         ALS       2p
               Sep 6          ALS       1p
               Oct 8          ALS       1p

     F53  Corrington, John William
          1966 Jul 19         TLS       2p

          Series I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel (cont'd)
          Series II.  McCord's general correspondence (cont'd)

6    F54  Di Prima, Diane
          1965 May 21         ALS       1p
          [1967 Feb]          ACS       1p
          [1967 Feb 18]       ACS       1p

     F55  Enslin, Theodore
          1969 Dec 6          TLS       1p
          1970 Mar 3          TLS       1p
               May 31         TLS       1p
               Sep 17         TLS       1p

     F56  Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
          [1957 Mar 7]        ACS       1p
          1965 Jan 13         ACS       1p
               Aug 26         TLS       1p
          [1966 Feb 1]        ALS       1p
               Note:  Written on McCord's invoice for copies of
               Stark Electric Jesus.
          [1966     Mar 26]   TNS       1p
               Note:  Written on a carbon copy of a McCord letter
               to Choudhury.
          1966 Mar 28         ACS       1p
               Apr 4          TCS       1p
               Apr 16         TCS       1p
               May 7          TCS       1p
               Nov 16         TCS       1p
               Nov 28         TCS       1p
          1967 Jun 5          ACS       1p
               Jun 13         ACS       1p
          [n.d.]              AC        1p
               Note:  Also includes two letters from City Lights
               Books to McCord.
     F57  Frumkin, Gene
          1969                Letters   5p

     F58  Gilbert, Jack
          [1964] Aug 23       ACS       1p
     F59  Ginsberg, Allen
          1966 Jun 3          ALS       1p

     F60  Hadley, Drum
          1967-1968           Letters   13p
          Includes Hadley's typescript poems, "The Song," and
          "The Stream,"(19 drafts) and untitled prose piece, and
          typescripts of other untitled poems.

          Series I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel (cont'd)
          Series II.  McCord's general correspondence (cont'd)

6    F61  Haines, John
          1970                Letters   4p
               Note:  Includes two pages of biographical

     F62  Hatley, Ronnie Lee
          1965 May 22         TLS       2p

     F63  Hitchcock, George
          1966-1970           Letters   41p

7         Liddy, James
     F64  1964-1966 Jun       Letters   27p
               Note:  Includes clippings and a poem in the body
               of a letter.
     F65  1966 Jul-Dec        Letters   15p
               Note:  Includes Liddy's typescript (carbon)
               stories, "Cheerio Charlie" and "A Few Bad Days
               with the Music."
     F66  1967 Jan-May        Letters        19p
               Note:  Includes clippings.
     F67  1967 Jun-Dec        Letters        13p
               Note:  Includes six typescript poems and
               biographical information regarding George Stanley.
     F68  1968                Letters   15p
     F69  1969                Letters   11p
               Note:  Includes clippings and a copy of Liddy's
     F70  1970                Letters   12p
     F71  Poems written by Liddy and clippings, 1967 and [n.d.]
          Includes typescript, typescript (carbon), and
          typescript (photocopy) poems written by Liddy, some
          bearing autograph corrections.  Also includes several
          newspaper clippings.

     F72  Lynch, Brian
          [1965] Jun 17       TLS       2p
          1965 Dec 6          TLS       2p
     F73  McGrath, Tom
          1967-1970           Letters   17p

     F74  Mac Low, Jackson
          1966 Jul 1          TL        1p
               Nov 9          ACS       2p
               Note:  Includes an offprint of McCord's article
               concerning Mac Low.
          1968 May 27         ACS       2p

     F75  Matthews, William
          1967-1971           Letters   31p
          Includes postcards with printed poems by Marie
          Matthews, Dave Etter, and Lou Lipsitz.

     F76  Merwin, W. S.
          1967 May 25         ALS       2p
               Jun 13         TLS       1p
               Oct 24         TLS       1p
          1968 Apr 13         TLS       1p

     F77  Moore, Marianne
          1963 Dec 19         TCS       1p
               Note:  Also includes a letters from Moore's
               brother to McCord and a photocopy of a clipping.

8    F78  Peterson, Robert
          1969 Jul-Oct        Letters   3p

     F79  Planz, Allen
          1967                Letters   24p

     F80  Porter, Bern
          1970 Jun 12         ALS       1p

     F81  Powell, L. C. (Lawrence Clark)
          1965-1966           Letters   3p

     F82  Randall de Mondragon, Margaret
          1964-1967           Letters   11p

     F83  Shahane, Asoka
          1965 Apr 20         ALS       3p

     F84  Sherbell, Shepard
          1966 Dec 1          TLS       1p

          Series I.  Material regarding Michael Fraenkel (cont'd)
          Series II.  McCord's general correspondence (cont'd)

          Snyder, Gary
8    F85  1967-1968
             To George Hitchcock
          1967 Jan 5          TL (m)    1p
               Note:  Review of McCord's Fable.

             To Howard McCord
          1967 Apr 10         TLS       1p
               Note:  Includes a typescript (carbon) copy of
               Snyder's poem, "A Curse on the Men in Washington,
               Pentagon," which is signed and dated March 31,
          [1967 May 24]       ALS       2p
          [1967 Jun]          TLS       2p
          1967 Jul 5          TLS       2p
          1967 Sep 19         ALS       2p
          1968 Mar 28         ALS       1p
               Apr [20]       ALS       2p
               May 3          TLS       2p
               May 16         TLS       2p
          [1968] Oct 24       ALS       2p

     F86  1969-1971
          [1969 Jan 27]       ALS       1p
          [1969 Mar]          ALS       2p
          1969 May 19         ALS       1p
               Sum            ALS       1p
               Aug 1          ALS       2p
               Fall           ALS       1p
          1970 Jan 28         ALS       1p
          [1970 Mar 15]       ACS       1p
          [1970] May 23       ALS       1p
          [1970 Jun]          ALS       1p
          1970 Oct 5          ALS       1p

     F87  Swallow, Alan
          [n.y.] Jun 29       ALS       1p

     F88  Wakoski, Diane
          1968 Apr 12         TLS       1p
               Sep 27         TLS       1p
               Oct 18         TLS       1p
               Nov 3          TLS       1p
               Nov 16         TLS       1p
               Nov 27         TLS       1p
          1969 Jan 24         TLS       1p
          [1969 Oct 8]        ACS       1p

     F89  Webb, Jon
          1965-1968           Letters   32p
               Note:  Includes flyers for Loujon Press books
               written by Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski and
               photocopies of articles about the Webbs and Loujon

     F90  Weissner, Carl
          1967 Jan 24         TLS       1p
               Feb 11         TLS       1p
               Apr 2          TLS       1p
               May 10         TLS       1p
               Jun 23         ACS       1p
               Oct 25         ACS       1p
          [1967] Dec 20       TLS       1p
          [1968] Jan 30       TC        1p

     F91  Whalen, Philip
          1970 Oct 19         TLS       5p
               Note:  Includes vita.
               Nov 13         ALS       1p
               Nov 19         ALS       2p

     F92  Wilson, Keith
          1968-1970           Letters   20p
          Includes two poems written by Wilson, "Amigo" and
          "Climbing in the Organ Mountains."

          Series III.  Work written by or about Walter Lowenfels, [1934]-1970

8    F93  "An Evening with Walter Lowenfels," [n.d.]
          Includes a letter from George Wickes and a typescript
          (carbon) of Lowenfels's "Reminiscences of a Paris
     F94  "The Last Echo," [1969]
          Includes a letter from Lowenfels to McCord.
     F95  A Poet Speaks to the Court [1934]
     F96  U S A With Music, [n.d.]
     F97  "Who Is Lenin?  Americans Respond," in The Nickel
          Review, 1970 Apr 13
     F98  "No More Poems of Death, No More Elegies," in Political
          Affairs, 1967 May
          Reprint of George Alexan's tribute to Walter Lowenfels
          on his 70th birthday.

                        Appendix:  Books

     A list of books which were originally part of the Howard
McCord Papers.  The books were removed and are available in
Special Collections.

Braymer, Nan and Lillian Lowenfels (trans.)  Modern Poetry from
     Spain and Latin America.  New York: Corinth Books:
     distributed by Citadel Press, c1964.  Spec PQ 6267 .E2 1964.

Lowenfels, Walter (ed.)  In a Time of Revolution : poems from our
     third world.  New York: Random House, c1969.  With dust
     jacket.  Spec PS 536 .2 .L6 1969.

                 .  Land of Roseberries.  Mexico: El
Corno Emplumado, 1965.  Coleccion
     Acuario (Mexico), v. 4.  Spec PS 3523 .O92 L3518 1965.

                 (ed.)  Poets of Today : a new
     American anthology.  New York: International Publishers,
     c1964.  Prologue poem by Langston Hughes.  With dust jacket.
     Spec PS 614 .L75 1964.

                 .  The Portable Walter : from the
     prose and poetry of Walter Lowenfels.  Edited by Robert
     Gover.  First edition.  New York: International Publishers,
     c1968.  New World paperbacks.  Spec PS 3523 .O92 P6 1968.

                 .  Some Deaths.  Highlands, [N.C.]:
     Nantahala Foundation, 1964.  Jargon, 32. Author's autograph
     presentation copy inscribed to Howard McCord, dated 1964.
     Spec PS 3523 .O92 S59 1964.

                 .  Sonnets of Love and Liberty.  New
York: Blue Heron Press, c1955.  With
     dust jacket.  Spec PS 3523 .O92 S6 1955.

                 .  Thou Shalt Not Overkill: Walter
     Lowenfels' peace poems.  Belmont, Mass.: Hellric
     Publications, c1968.  Edited by Lillian Lowenfels.  Special
     edition limited to 500 copies.  Chapbook (Hellric
     Publications), no. 1.  Spec PS 3523 .O92 T5 1968.

                 .  To an Imaginary Daughter.  New
     York: Horizon Press, 1964.  With dust jacket.  Spec PS 3523
     .O92 T6 1964.

                 .  Translations from Scorpius.
[Monmouth, Me.]: Poetry-Dimension Press,
     c1966.  Copy 2 is the author's autograph presentation copy,
inscribed to Howard McCord
     dated 1966.  With manuscript corrections on pages 14 and 19.
     Spec PS 3523.O92 T7 1966.

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