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E. William Martin

Architectural Works

1921 - 1961


Manuscript Collection Number 357


Accessioned:  Gift of Mrs. William Martin,1980; with additions from Dorothy Martin Reiley, 2006, and Edith Martin Grady, 2006.


Extent:  .3 linear ft. and oversize boxes (ca. 250 items)


Content:  Drawings and sketches, floor plans, elevations, blueprints, photographs, newspaper clippings, brochures, correspondence, and a notebook.


Access:  The collection is open for research.


Processed:  February 1998 by Arthur Siegel, revised December 2006.


Biographical Note

Edward William Martin, the son of Edward Martin and Sarah Anne Hewitt (1863-1946), was born on November 2, 1891, in Inverarnan, Scotland.  His family moved to Delaware when he was a child, and he attended Wilmington High School and the University of Delaware, from which he received his B.S. in 1916.  He developed an interest in architecture, taking several architecture classes at the University of Pennsylvania and eventually attending the University of Liverpool in England, receiving a Bachelor of Architecture with First Class Honours in Design in 1922.  He was also a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, and Tau Sigma Delta (which was an honors architecture fraternity).  In 1921, Martin was awarded a Honan Traveling Scholarship by the Liverpool Architectural Society which enabled a summer study trip to the Continent.  His trip to Paris in 1921 was followed by a second tour in the summer of 1922 to various cities around Italy, including Genoa, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Verona.  During these trips he made a careful study of the architecture in these regions, and produced a large number of sketches and watercolors.  Martin was one of nine finalists for the coveted Rome Scholarship in Architecture in 1922, which would have afforded three years of study at the British School at Rome for three years.  Martin’s design for the preliminary competition, shown on p. 296 of The Architect’s Journal (Folder 1-C), was critiqued as “an imaginative work set forth with … much grace.”

Mr. Martin returned to the United States in 1922, settling in Philadelphia, and joined the firm of Wilson Eyre & McIlvaine, and later established himself in the firm of Evans & Warner.  In 1926 he moved to Wilmington, Delaware, where he established his own firm, E. William Martin, Arch’ts, Inc., and he continued to thrive in Delaware for the next fifty years.  Donald S. Wason joined the firm in 1952 and became a partner in 1961; the name of the firm changed to Martin & Wason in 1961, just before Mr. Martin’s retirement.  Mr. Martin joined the AIA in 1923 and received fellowship status in 1945; by 1975 he was honored with emeritus status.  Martin also belonged to the Delaware Chapter of the AIA.

            Martin was a well-respected architect in Delaware, and worked on a large number of projects for schools, hospitals, government buildings, and private residences.  He also did occasional work for local notables, including Pierre S. DuPont (several buildings at Longwood Gardens), William F. Raskob, and Crawford H. Greenewalt.  A partial list of his projects includes the following:  the main post office in Wilmington; DuPont High School; Colwyck Senior High School; H. Fletcher Brown Vocational High School; Brookside Junior High School; Castle Hills Elementary School; New Castle Junior High School; Sunny Hills School; Smyrna High School; Newark Senior High School; the Friends School in Wilmington; the widening of Ritter Lane in Newark; alterations to the residence of Dr. & Mrs. R.O. Bausman; a country house for Albert B. Kelley of Radnor, Pennsylvania; the distinctive DeVries Memorial Building (Zwaanendael House) in Lewes; additions to the Chester County Hospital, in Pennsylvania; as well as the State Board of Education Building, the Delaware State Legislature Building, and the Hall of Records in Dover.  For his alma mater, Mr. Martin designed the Carpenter Field House, and Cannon and Alison Halls.

Martin also participated in the Depression-era Historic American Buildings Survey project (HABS), initiated by the historic architects of the National Park Service.  Begun in 1933, partly as a means of providing employment for out-of-work architects, the project sought to record historic architecture around the nation, most especially those structures which were threatened with destruction either through neglect or outside development.  The founders of the project sought "preservation through documentation," and over the course of subsequent decades numerous historic structures were surveyed from virtually every state.  Since the project was begun, many of those structures that were surveyed have disappeared, and thus the work of these architects is the only record remaining for historians.  Martin was involved in surveying and preparing the layouts for several historic Delaware buildings in both Wilmington (Brandywine Academy, "Old Swedes" Holy Trinity Church) and New Castle (the Amstel House, Chancellor Kensey Johns House, Old Town Hall, and the Van Dyke House).

            On October 19, 1927, William Martin married La Reine Kennard of Atlantic, Virginia, with whom he had three daughters:  Edith Frances, Alice Kennard, and Dorothy Hewitt.  After a career spanning over fifty years as an architect in Philadelphia and Delaware, Edward W. Martin died on December 10, 1977, at the age of 86 years.






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Additional information provided by Edith Grady Martin, September 2006.



Scope and Content

The E. William Martin Collection contains part of the corpus of work from the Delaware architect E. William Martin (1891-1977).  The collection contains sketches and watercolors, blueprints, floor plans, photographs, maps, brochures, and various other architectural drawings.  The collection is divided into three main series:  Series I contains sketches from his study tours around Paris and Italy and his speech given to the Liverpool Architectural Society following these tours;  Series II contains drawings, blueprints, and floor plans from his projects; and Series III contains miscellaneous items, such as letters, a speech, and other memorabilia, brochures, photographs, and Newark (Delaware) maps.

The first series covers the period from 1921-1922, and contains a number of watercolors and free-hand sketches that Martin created during his summer tours of Paris and Italy, as well as a notebook from a class he attended at the University of Liverpool.  The series also includes information related to Martin’s Honan Prize and his recognition in the Rome Prize competition.

The second series covers the period from 1934-1961 and includes blueprints, floor plans, and elevations for the American Building Survey as well as for numerous schools, public buildings, and private residences; photographs; and newspaper clippings.

The third series covers the period from 1951-1958 and includes maps of the Newark area, brochures from regional institutions as well as architecture-related services, and numerous unidentified and undated drawings and sketches.

This collection by no means contains the complete output of Martin's five decades of work as either a student or professional architect, but it does provide a good idea of the diversity and level of his talents.  The drawings from his European tour, as well as those found interspersed within the pages of his class notebook, demonstrate his skill as an artist, a keen eye for detail, and reveal a vivid image of his particular interests.  Many of Martin's drawings are of individual buildings or of particular architectural features (such as sculpted capitals or wall tombs), but some are panoramic landscapes and street scenes.  The drawings indicate that the purpose of these travels was to practice sketching and to study the classical architectural styles of the Continent, styles which he would emulate repeatedly in his own work.

Much of the extant material pertains to designs of school buildings in the New Castle County area, and of buildings in general which were designed during his years in private practice.  The collection also contains a large number of sketches and plans which are unidentified, and can be considered more or less scrap paper.  Martin was quite prolific, and spent time not only drafting plans, but out in the field as well.  The collection contains several very large photographs of building facades that were taken to serve as models for his work, and possibly also as guide points for his work in redesigning these existing structures.  Indeed, though some of the schools and other buildings were planned from scratch, many others required only an addition or other modification to an existing design.  Martin also traveled to Hoorn, Holland, in 1930 in order to study the measurements and design of their city hall, which he planned to use in the design of the Zwaanendael House in Lewes, Delaware.

Several notable works in the collection include graphite elevations and renderings of buildings that were designed by Martin's firm, but were drawn by individuals who are identified as Schell Lewis and Albert Kruse.  Schell Lewis was an architectural delineator employed by many leading firms.  His “rich style of soft pencil delineation … with elegant compositions graced by majestic trees” is well represented in the collection.  It is likely that Lewis and Kruse were employed by Martin, but there is no further mention of these individuals.

There is no material in the collection which dates after 1961, and thus no evidence of Martin's projects after this time.  Moreover, with the exception of his letter from Holland, there are few personal letters or other materials to provide greater insight into the course of his life or his significant career.






Contents Outline:


I.  European Drawings, 1921-1922


IIArchitectural Projects, 1934-1961


IIIMiscellany, 1951-1958



Note:  Items are stored in a regular manuscripts box (MB), oversize manuscript boxes (OB), or in oversize map drawers (OD), as indicated.



Series I.  European Drawings, 1921-1922  (65 items)

These are sketches in ink and watercolor made by Martin during his tours of Paris (1921) and Italy (1922).  They consist primarily of architectural structures, as well as numerous details around doors and windows.  In addition to the items listed below, there are two watercolors and six ink sketches, the subjects and provenance of which cannot be identified.  Also included is a course notebook kept during his studies at the University of Liverpool.


MB-1   F1A     University of Liverpool – Honan Prize, 1921-1922  (3 items)

Letter (July 1921) from Liverpool Architectural Society announcing Martin’s award of the Honan Scholarship, which included a prize of 50 pounds toward a study tour of France and Italy; Society program from the 1921-1922 season, including the January 24, 1922 presentation of a paper by Martin; and a 14-page carbon typescript of his paper, “An Architectural Student’s Impressions of Paris.”


MB-1   F1B     Notebook, [ca. 1921-1922]  (33 pp.)

From a "History of Architecture" course at the University of Liverpool.  Sketches of Parisian and Italian buildings laid in.  Also includes an undated sketch of a Bronze Ornament from the Robinson School of Architecture, Harvard University.


MB-1   F1C     Rome Prize, 1922 (2 items)

- newsclipping (1922) announcing Rome Prize in Architecture

- The Architects’ Journal (February 22, 1922) which includes a criticism of the work submitted for the Rome Prize.


OB-1   F1C     British School at Rome, 1922 (2 items)

Instructions and Martin’s plan of site for the Rome Scholarship in Architecture, 1922; with exhibition program for works submitted in the open examinations for the Rome Scholarships in Architecture, Sculpture, Decorative Paintings, and Engraving.


MB-1   F1D     Ware, William.  The American Vignola. 1904

(Scranton: International Textbook Company, 1904)  Martin’s worn copy of this book, with several sketches tipped in and several other sketches loosely laid-in.



                        Series I.  European Drawings, 1921-1922 (cont’d)


OB-1   F2        Sketches from Paris, 1921  (13 items)

- Library of St. Genevieve, watercolor  (Jul 17, 1921)

- Profile of Vase in Tuilleries, pen and ink  (Aug 1921)

- College Sainte-Barbe (details) -- Rue Cujas, pen and ink  (Aug 9, 1921)

Column and lintel sketched on verso.

- College Sainte-Barbe (upper part of entrance), pen and ink  (Aug 9, 1921)

- Stone Vase -- Tuilleries on Rue de Rivoli, watercolor  (Aug 11, 1921)

- Vase -- Tuilleries Gardens, pen and ink  (Aug 12, 1921)

- Lion of Belfort, pen and ink  (Aug 12, 1921)

- Entrance to Library of St. Genevieve, watercolor  (1921)

- Floral pattern, pen and ink  (n.d.)

- Bronze Standards -- Panthéon, pen and ink  (n.d.)

- Unidentified Paris scene, watercolor  (n.d.)

- Front elevation of unidentified building, watercolor  (n.d.)

- Side elevation [possibly the same building], watercolor  (n.d.)


OB-1   F3        Sketches from Genoa, 1922  (2 items)

- Sketched from Campo Santo ("first Italian sketch"), watercolor  (Jul 20, 1922)

- Small Door near San Lorenzo (details), pen and ink  (Jul 20, 1922)


OB-1   F4        Sketches from Rome, 1922  (18 items)

- St. Maria di Loreto (detail of base), pen and ink  (Jul 21, 1922)

- Tempietto by Bramante, Courtyard of S. Pietro di Montiori (detail of base), pen and ink  (Jul  22, 1922)

- Campanile opposite Thermae of Caracalla, pen and ink  (Jul 23, 1922)

- Doorway in Cortile, Massimi Palace -- Peruzzi, watercolor  (Jul 24, 1922)

- Door in Cortile -- P. Cancellaria, pen and ink  (Jul 24, 1922)

- Column in Cortile -- Cancellaria, pen and ink  (Jul 24, 1922)

- F.S. of Architrave at side -- Door in Piazza Pollarola #42 by Alberti, pen and ink (Jul 26, 1922)

- Details from a marble door in vestibule, pen and ink  (Jul 26, 1922)  Includes the coat of arms of the Picchi Family, mid-fifteenth century.

- Door in Piazza Pollarola #43 by Alberti, pen and ink  (Jul 26-27, 1922)

- Eagle in garland of oak leaves from Trajan's Forum [details] -- Church of Santi Apostoli, watercolor  (Jul 28, 1922)

- Cherub in Loggia -- Church S. Apostoli, pen and ink  (Jul 28, 1922)

- Capital of column in Campidoglia (Michaelangelo architect), pen and ink  (Jul 28, 1922)

- Window in side wing of Campidoglio (Michaelangelo architect), watercolor (Jul 28, 1922)



                        Series I.  European Drawings, 1921-1922 (cont’d)


OB-1   F4        Sketches from Rome, 1922  (cont’d)

- Candelabrum from Pantheon, pen and ink  (Jul 29, 1922)

- Campanile opposite Thermae of Caracalla, watercolor  (Jul 31, 1922)  [There is a partial watercolor sketch on the back.]

- House in Borghese Gardens, pen and ink  (Aug 1, 1922)  [There is a partial watercolor sketch on the back.]

- Temple de Jupitor Stator, pen and ink  (n.d.)

- Cornice, Temple Fortuna Virilis, Rome (Uhde), n.d.


OB-1   F5        Sketches from Florence, 1922  (15 items)

- Ground floor window -- Pitti Palace, watercolor  (Aug 2, 1922)

- Leon by Donatello -- Palazzo Vecchio, watercolor  (Aug 2, 1922)

- "From our Window," pen and ink  (Aug 5, 1922)

- S. Frediano in Castillo, colored ink sketch  (Aug 5, 1922)

- Interior of Santo Spirito, pen and ink  (Aug 6, 1922)

- Entrance to Strozzi Palace, pen and ink  (Aug 6, 1922)

- Architrave around main entrance of Palazzo Strozzi, pen and ink  (Aug 6, 1922)

- St. Spirito from the Pitti Palace, colored ink sketch  (Aug 6, 1922)

- Early Renaissance wall tomb (by Bern. Rossellino) -- Santa Croce, pen and ink  (Aug 8, 1922)

- Capitals in Museo di Santa Maria del Fiore, pen and ink  (Aug 10, 1922)

- Wall Tomb in Santa Croce, watercolor  (Aug 10, 1922)  This is the tomb of Carlo Marsuppini.

- Dolphin's head -- Church of La Badia Cortile and Fountain Top -- Palazzo Vecchio, pen and ink sketches  (Aug 10, 1922)

- Details from wall tomb - Church of La Badia, pen and ink  (Aug 11, 1922)

- Sacristy in Church of Santa Maria Novella, pen and ink  (n.d.)

- Miscellaneous lintel designs, pen and ink  (n.d.)


OB-1   F6        Sketches from Venice, 1922  (5 items)

- Colleone Statue (by Verrocchio), watercolor  (Aug 16, 1922)

- Santa Maria della Salute, watercolor  (Aug 17, 1922)

- Door from SS. Giovanni e Paulo, watercolor  (Aug 17, 1922)

- Door in Campo S. Moise, watercolor  (Aug 18, 1922)

- Calle Scuola dei Fabri (?), watercolor (Aug 18, 1922)

- Details of arabesque ornament on pilaster of doorway of church, pen and ink  (Aug 19, 1922)




                        Series I.  European Drawings, 1921-1922 (cont’d)


OB-1   F7        Sketches from Verona, 1922  (4 items)

- Corner of Porta del Palio, watercolor  (n.d.)

- San Michele's unfinished campanile, pen and ink  (Aug 20, 1922)

- Cornice from Porta del Palio, pen and ink  (Aug 21, 1922)

- Ponte Vecchio ("Last Italian Sketch"), watercolor  (Aug 22, 1922)


OB-1   F8        Miscellaneous drawings and unidentified Sketches, undated  (13 items)

Varied sketches of buildings (including four from Mobberley) and details, and a 1918 pencil portrait of an unidentified subject.



Series II.  Architectural Projects, 1934 - 1961

Included in this series are photographs, drawings, floorplans, elevations, and details of various projects in which Edward Martin was involved.  Among these are schools around New Castle County, Delaware; state government buildings; hospitals; and private residences.  Also included are a series of blueprints of several historic Delaware buildings, done for the American Building Survey.


OB-1   F9        American Building Survey Blueprints, 1934  (13 items)

An incomplete collection of the work done by Martin for the survey, as each individual project is missing several sheets.  The survey was sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior; Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations; Branch of Plans and Designs.


Brandywine Academy, Jan 16, 1934  (1 sheet out of 2)

Located in Wilmington, this includes various elevations and details.

Survey # 9-1


(Old Swedes) Holy Trinity Church, Mar 20, 1934  (3 sheets out of 7)

Located in Wilmington, these include window details and elevations.

Survey # 9-2


Amstel House, Jan 24, 1934  (3 sheets out of 6)

Located in New Castle, these include interior and exterior elevations.

Survey # 9-3


Old Town Hall, Feb 10, 1934  (1 sheet out of 5)

Located in New Castle, this includes plans and window details.

Survey # 9-4


Van Dyke House, Apr 8, 1934  (3 sheets out of 8)

Located at 400 E. Delaware St., New Castle, includes mantle and interior details.

Survey # 9-5


Chancellor Kensey Johns House, Apr 26, 1934  (2 sheets out of 10)        

Located in New Castle, these include cornice and window details.

Survey # 9-6







Series II.  Architectural Projects  (cont=d)


OD-1   F10      Chester County Hospital, 1947-1958  (15 items)

Includes elevations, floor plans (additions to Nurse=s Home; basement, first, second, and third floor plans), a topographical survey of part of the property of Chester County Hospital.  Also included are several plans for alterations and additions: a plot plan, a new Maternity Building, a Central Wing and Laboratory Wing addition.  All three of these are blueprints, mounted on board.



OD-1   F11      State Board of Education Building, 1953-1961  (7 items)

A project of the firm Martin, Wason, & Assoc., the proposed building was to be located in Dover, Delaware.  The folder contains several blueprints of floor plans, as well as preliminary sketches and a charcoal elevation of the building.


February, 1953  (2 items)

First Floor and Second Floor plans.  Drawn on tracing paper.


June, 1957  (2 items)

First Floor and Second Floor plans.  Blueprints, mounted on board.


February, 1961  (2 items)

First Floor and Second Floor plans.  Both are blueprints, each one entitled "preliminary sketch."


Perspective, 1941 (1 item)

Sketched in graphite by Schell Lewis, it is matted and mounted on board.



OD-1   F12      Plans for Colwyck Senior High School, 1951-8  (5 items)

OB-1   F12b    Produced by the firm of Martin and Wason for a school in Swanwyck, New Castle

County.   Included is an architectural drawing, sketched in charcoal by Schell Lewis in 1951 and mounted on board (F12a).  Also included are three photostats and one floorplan  (in Oversize Box #1, F12b). 


OB-1   F13      Brookside Junior High School, 1956  (5 items)

Produced by the firm of Martin and Wason, included are three floorplans (one in photostat), and two mounted photographs.


OB-1   F14      Sunny Hills School, undated (2 items)

Produced by the firm of Martin and Wason, includes preliminary floor plan.



Series II.  Architectural Projects  (cont=d)


OB-2   F15      Newark Senior High School, n.d.  (5 items)

Includes two blueprints, one photostat, one photo of the front of the building, and one section from the floorplan of the physical education department.


OD-1   F16      Pierre S. DuPont High School, ca. 1933  (2 items)

Includes an architectural drawing of the school, as well as an enlarged photograph which is mounted on board and matted.


Perspective, 1933 (1 item)

Drawn in charcoal by Albert Kruse, mounted on board and matted.


Photograph, undated (1 item)

Frontal view of the school at 3/4 angle.


OD-1   F17      New Castle Junior High School, 1957  (1 item)

Produced by the firm of Martin and Wason, it includes one floor plan.


OD-2   F18      Alterations to the residence of Dr. & Mrs. R.O. Bausman, 1949  (12 sheets)

Produced by the firm of Martin and Wason, this includes floor plans, details, elevations, and a letter.


OB-1   F19      Alterations and Additions to a Residence in Roxbury, Connecticut, undated

 (4 items)

Includes a west elevation, a south elevation, a first floor plan, and a second floor plan.


OD-2   F20      Country Home for Albert B. Kelly, ca.1922-1926 (1 item)

Produced by the firm of Wilson Eyre & McIlvaine.  The elevations are drawn in ink and watercolor on board, and present front, side, and back views of the house.


OD-2   F21      Miscellaneous School Plans, undated (9 items)

These are floor plans from unidentified schools.  Includes one plan drawn on cardboard, and overlain with tracing paper on which room labels and other markings are found.








Series II.  Architectural Projects  (cont=d)

     Architectural Drawings  (cont=d)


OD-2   F21      Perspectives, 1935-1938  (2 items)

These consist of graphite drawings from building projects in New Castle County and Dover, Delaware.  They were drawn by Schell and Kruse, and are mounted on board and matted.  Other drawings for the Colwyck School, the DuPont High School, and the proposed State Board of Education Building are to be found with their respective projects. 


OB-2   F22      Hall of Records in Dover, 1938


OB-2   F23      Proposed building for the Friends School in Wilmington, 1935


Series III.  Miscellany, 1916 - 1958

This series includes unidentified architectural drawings, photographs, newspaper prints, correspondence, brochures for regional institutions and museums, and Newark maps.  Not all of these items are associated with the firm of Martin & Wason.


MB-1   F25A   Delaware College, 1916-1917 (3 items)

Commencement invitation and program, 1916; typed letter (signed) from Samuel C. Mitchell, President of Delaware College, providing reference for Martin.  Mitchell wrote “He is a gentleman by instinct and a man of great mental force.  In sheer culture and effectiveness he has not been surpassed by any student in this College for decades.”


OB-1   F24      Miscellaneous Architectural Drawings, undated  (20 items)

These include floor plans, details, elevations, and rough sketches.  It is uncertain for which projects these were intended, since they are all unidentified, and all of them, but one, are drawn on tracing paper.


MB-1   F25B   Newspaper Prints of Schools, undated  (7 items)

These are black and white newspaper clippings of schools which were designed by Martin=s architectural firm, and which probably accompanied related articles.  Six of these items are mounted on board, and all are multiple prints of the same two schools:  Castle Hills Elementary School (4 items), and New Castle Jr. High School (3 items).


OD-2   F26      Newark Area Maps, 1951  (3 items)

"Proposed Widening of Ritter Lane" (1951), drafted by Marvin S. Smith, Civil Engineer and Surveyor; "Street and Road Map of Newark and Vicinity"; and "Newark, Delaware" (a blueprint street map).  The last two items are undated.

Series III.  Miscellany (cont'd)


MB      F27      Brochures and Pamphlets, 1955-1958  (11 items)

- Selections from the Work of E. William Martin, AIA, architect.  Du Pont Building, Wilmington, October 1934.  Professional brochure; original removed for cataloging to add to the Delaware Collection.  See DELCAT.

- Selections from the architectural work of E. William Martin, FAIA, and Associates.  [Wilmington, ca. 1960].  Professional brochure; original removed for cataloging to add to the Delaware Collection.  See DELCAT.

- Two brochures for Longwood Gardens, first and second editions  (post 1954)

- Brochure for Architectural Book Publishing Company, Inc. (1955)

- Pamphlet for "Parker=s Simplified Series"  (1955)

- Guidelines for Architectural Practice in Virginia, written by the Virginia AIA  (1956)

- The Wilmington Home Owner  (Sep/Oct 1958)

- Tidewater, Maryland Architecture and Gardens  (n.d.)

- Garden Ornaments, brochure of the Erkins Studios  (n.d.)

- Envelope from the American Architects Directory  (R.R. Bowker Co./ 62 W. 45th St./   New York 36 New York.

- print of the U.S. Post Office Custom House and Court House, Wilmington, n.d.

- “A Glimpse of Dutch Building, Lewes, Del.” (Zwaanendael House) b/w postcard (New York: The Hayrose Co., n.d.)



OB-2   F28      Miscellaneous Sketches, undated (7 items)

Several sketches on tracing paper, as well as a copy of a painting used as a model for one of the sketches in this folder.  In addition, there is a banner, sketched on tracing paper, which reads "SARAH A. MARTIN / BORN AUGUST 24th 1863 / DIED JUNE 10th 1946," signed "E. William Martin / architect / 830 West St."


MB      F29A   Miscellaneous Drawings and Correspondence, 1930-1956  (11 items)

Includes several advertisements for bids on architectural projects, a form for biographical information from the official publication of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, as well as correspondence.  One of these is a two-page hand-written letter from Martin to Joseph Holton Jones (an architect in Martin’s firm), dated October 4, 1930.  It is in regard to measurements that Martin was taking of various features of the Town Hall in Hoorn, Holland, for use in the Zwaanendael House project.  The letter is written on letterhead from the hotel "De Doelen" in Hoorn, and also included is an envelope that was addressed to Martin, and pasted on a cardboard backing.  The folder also includes several rough sketches on tracing paper, which may have been part of the work referred to in the letter.  A landscape site study with color notations (which Martin used for later painting) is titled “Made at Town Landing Yarmouth, Cape Cod, May 6, 1956.”


Series III.  Miscellany (cont'd)


MB-1   F29B   Personal Correspondence and portraits, 1935-1975 (7 items)

ALS, Percy S. Worthington, Gorsey Brow, Mobberley, Cheshire, to Martin, August 13, 1935 (4 pp.).  Later knighted, Worthington was a classmate of Martin’s at the University of Liverpool. (See also Mobberley sketches, F8)

ALS, Joseph Allen, Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Martin, April 29, 1955 (5 pp. w env). Allen, also a mate from Liverpool, taught architecture at University of Durham.

TLS, “Leonard,” Hampstead, to Martin, June 3, 1966 (2 pp. w env).

TLS, Delaware Chapter AIA, to Martin, May 9, 1975 (1 p. w env).  Letter announcing election as Member Emeritus of AIA.


E. William Martin, FAIA

Portrait photograph, ca. 1920s

Portrait photograph, ca. 1930s

Color facsimile of original 8x10 black and white portrait, ca. 1960 (2 copies)


MB-1   F29C   This Man – The Architect, ca. 1959-1960

                        Speech by Martin before the Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, ca. 1959-1960.


OB-2   F30      Newspaper Clippings, 1933-1965  (15 items)

From various Wilmington, Delaware, newspapers, these include articles pertaining to projects completed by the firm of Martin and Wason in the Newark and Wilmington areas, as well as other miscellaneous architecture-related articles.  Also includes a color newspaper image of the Zwaanendael House (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1965).


OD-2   F31      Enlarged Photographs, undated  (6 items)

These are photographs, floor plans, and elevations of buildings that were either built or supplied with additions by Martin=s architectural firm.  Included are photographs of the doorway to H. Fletcher Brown Vocational High School, Legislative Hall in Dover, and the remodeled residence for Woodlawn Trustees in Talleyville (1936).  Also included are floor plans of an unidentified school.


MB-1   F31      Photographs, undated (3 items)

Residence of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Greenewalt, Martin and Jeffers, architects; Sheppheard and Co., contractor. b/w photo

Unidentified residence, brick trim and stucco walls, E. William Martin, AIA, registered architect.  b/w photo (2 copies)

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