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1975 - 2002


Manuscript Collection Number: 496
Accessioned: Purchase October 2004
Extent: 1.5 linear ft.
Content: Letters, play scripts, film scripts, poster, photographs, playbills, presskits, lobby cards, stamp, poetry, interviews, and programs
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 2004 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman, the Brooklyn theater collector and book dealer, built the David Mamet Collection over the years. During his service in the United States Army, Hoffman's experience as an actor led to an assignment to create a television program titled "Your Army in View," which consisted of interviews and live drama.

After his discharge from the service in 1955, Hoffman taught in the drama department of The City College of New York. During this period he was awarded a Eugene O'Neill Fellowship for playwriting. He also seriously began to collect rare books and first editions of contemporary American dramatists, notably the playwrights Eugene O'Neill, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, and David Mamet. Richard Hoffman's interest in collecting first editions led to his career as an antiquarian book dealer.

David Mamet

American playwright, screenwriter, director and producer David Mamet was born November 30, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. Mamet attended Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in 1968 and 1969 and received a B.A. from Goddard College in 1969.

David Mamet began his career as an actor and director, founding and serving as the artistic director of St. Nicholas Theater Company in Chicago from 1973 to 1976. In 1976 three plays which Mamet had written, American Buffalo, Duck Variations, and Sexual Perversity in Chicago, achieved success on Off-Off Broadway. American Buffalo and Sexual Perversity in Chicago won both Joseph Jefferson Awards and Obie Awards in 1975-1976.

In 1984 Mamet's most acclaimed play, Glengarry Glen Ross, received a Pulitzer Prize for drama and an Antoinette Perry ("Tony") nomination for best play. Mamet's play, Speed-the-Plow was awarded a "Tony" in 1988.

In addition to playwriting, David Mamet is an accomplished screenwriter, adapting his own plays, such as American Buffalo (1996) and Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), for the screen and writing original screenplays such as Hoffa (1992) and Heist (2001). Mamet has also successfully adapted the writing of others for the screen, for example James Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) and Larry Barnhart's novel, American Hero, which was titled Wag the Dog for film. Mamet has also written a number of television screenplays, novels, poetry, and children's books.

David Mamet has directed for stage and screen. Some of the films directed by Mamet include House of Games (1987), Homicide (1992), Oleanna (1994), and Heist (2001). He has also has taught at Goddard College, the Yale Drama School and New York University.

As an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter, David Mamet has received numerous awards, including induction into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1994, an Academy Award in 1986, and the Pulitzer Prize in 1984.Literature Research Center Biographies retrieved on 11/2/2004 at http:/


Literature Research Center Biographies retrieved on 11/2/2004 at

Scope and Content Note

The Richard Hoffman David Mamet Collection spans the dates 1975 – 2002 and consists of 1.5 linear feet of letters, play scripts, screenplays, posters, theater programs, periodicals, photographs, presskits, and ephemera related to American playwright and screenwriter David Mamet. The collection was assembled by Brooklyn book dealer Richard Hoffman.

Most of the published works in the collection, such as published plays, screenplays, essays, poetry, novels, and children's books, as well as several volumes written about Mamet, have been cataloged individually for the printed collections.

The collection is organized into six series, the most substantial of which is Series I. Dramatic work, which includes play scripts, screenplays, poster, presskits, and other materials which represent Mamet's writing for dramatic presentation, both stage and screen. Material for twenty- five of Mamet's drama works are arranged in alphabetical order and embody a fine sample of Mamet's work.

In Series I. are remnants of Mamet's earliest successes, achieved in 1976 with the staging of three Off- Off Broadway plays, including a play script for American Buffalo, programs and production photographs from Duck Variations, and a contract, program and photographs for Sexual Perversity in Chicago. Also represented in this series are Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross, the controversial stage and screenplay, Oleanna, his first screenplay, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and an episode for the television series Hill Street Blues titled "A Wasted Weekend."

Series II. Poetry, comprises an issue of Grand Street which includes Mamet's poem, "Hotel Atlantic." Series III. Letters includes five letters written by Mamet to various individuals between 1975 and 1992. In his 1975 letters he discusses the opening of American Buffalo and work left to complete it and his daily activities. A letter written in 1990 includes Mamet's whimsical drawings of a pig and panda, while in a 1992 letter Mamet refers to himself as an "underachiever" and says "I never found anything I was good in until I found writing, when I was in my 20's."

Series IV. Interviews, consists of published or photocopied interviews and conversations with Mamet. Series V. Honors awarded Mamet includes an issue of Proceeding of the American Academy of Arts and Letters which records Mamet's induction as a member in 1994. Series VI. Miscellaneous, consists of a George M. Cohan commemorative stamp and a 22kt. gold replica.

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Series List

I. Dramatic work, 1975-202

II. Poetry, 1992

III. Letters written by Mamet, 1975-1992

IV. Interviews and conversations with Mamet, 1981-1997

V. Honors awarded Mamet, 1994

VI. Miscellaneous, 1978

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

	  Series I.  Dramatic Works, 1975-2002

1         American Buffalo, 1975-1996
     F1   American Buffalo, a play by David Mamet, 1977 Mar 15
          New York: Lansbury/Beruh Productions, 1977
          Loose typescript copy pages for Mamet's first
          Broadway play that starred Robert Duvall.
     F2   Poster, [1975]
          New York: Circle in the Square Downtown, [1975]
          Theatre window poster in black and white with
          stylized portrait of Al Pacino.  Removed to map
     F3   Poster, [1983]
          New York: Booth Theatre, [1983]
          Theatre poster for the Broadway revival with Al
          Pacino, with stylized portrait of him.  Removed to
          map case
     F4   Presskits, 1996
          Los Angeles, CA: The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1996
          Two presskit with 38 pages of publicity material for a
          film starring Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, and
          Sean Nelson.  The first page of one kit features Mamet's
          signature, a small drawing and Mamet's rubber
          stamp.  Additionally, this kit includes 6 black and white
          stills of the play, an 8" x 10" color photograph
          portrait of Hoffman that is signed by him, and a
          bookmark.  The second kit has 38 pages of publicity
          material, an 8"x10" color photograph of Mamet and a 
          September 1987 issue of American Theatre which features

          The Autobiography of Malcolm X, 1983
     F5   The Autobiography of Malcolm X: a screenplay, 1983 Apr 14
          Burbank, CA: Warner Bros., 1983
          Typescript copy of the second draft of the
          screenplay which was never produced.  Paper covers
          bear the Warner Brothers logo.
          *Death Defying Acts – see Lawyer in Hell (F18 and

          The Disappearance of the Jews, 1983
     F6   The Disappearance of the Jews: a play by David Mamet, 1983 Jun 14
          New York: Rosenstone/Wender Agency, 1983
          Typescript copy of play script which bears the
          rubber stamp of The Goodman Theatre (Chicago) on
          the title page as is the agency address.  The
          script is in a binder with a label for the Jewish
          Repertory Theatre (New York).  The play was
          published by Samuel French in 1987 under the title
          Three Jewish Plays.

1         The Duck Variations, 1977 and n.d.
          See also F28 and F29 for programs.
     F7   Best Short Plays 1977
          Radnor, Pa.: Chilton Book Co., 1977 Aug
          Uncorrected galley proofs edited by Stanley
          Richards which include The Duck Variations.  The
          first published appearance of a play by Mamet.
     F8   Production photographs, n.d.
          Two original 8" x 10" productions photographs
          taken by Rena Hansen of the first New York City
          production performed at St. Clement's Church.  See
          also F29 for 1976 Cherry Lane Theatre (New York)

          Edmond, 1982
     F9   Poster, 1982
          2 copies
          Provincetown, CT: The Provincetown Playhouse, 1982
          Theatre window card illustrated with design by
          Donald Sultan in blue and black.  Removed to

          Glengarry Glen Ross, 1984-1992
     F10  Glengarry Glen Ross: screenplay by David Mamet, 1987 Mar 1
          Los Angeles, CA: Zupnik Enterprises, Inc., 1987
          Typescript copy of the first draft of this
          screenplay.  In paper covers with Creative Artists
          Agency logo on the front cover and the stamp of
          Zupnik Enterprises, Inc. on the title page.
          Labeled #10 on title page.  Cast included Jack
          Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Kevin Spacey.

     F11  Playbill, 1984
          New York: John Golden Theatre, 1981 Mar 25
          Opening night program for a play starring Joe
          Mantegna, Robert Prosky, James Tolkan, Mike
          Nussbaum, Lane Smith, Jack Wallace, & J.T. Walsh.
     F12  Poster, [1984]
          2 copies
          New York: The Golden Theatre, [1984]
          Black and red theatre window poster illustrated
          with photographs of some of the cast and labeled
          "Winner Best American Play, 1984 Pulitzer Prize,
          1984 New York Drama Critics Circle Award."
          Removed to mapcase
     F13  New Line Cinema presskit, 1992
          Los Angeles, CA: New Line Cinema Corp., 1992
          Presskit with 20 pages of publicity material plus
          6 photograph stills of the stars, Al Pacino, Jack
          Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, and
          Kevin Spacey

1         Heist, 2002
     F14  Poster, 2002
          New York: Morgan Creek Productions/ Warner Bros.
          Pictures, 2002
          Sheet poster for the 2002 videocassette and DVD
          release of a film starring Gene Hackman, Danny
          DeVito, Delroy Lindo and Rebecca Pidgeon.
          Illustrated in color with photographs of the cast.
          Removed to map case

          Hoffa, 1992
     F15  Presskit, 1992
          Beverly Hills, CA: Twentieth Century Fox, 1992
          Folder with 41 pages of publicity and promotional
          material, plus 14 photographs with several stills
          per page.  Film starred Jack Nicholson and Danny

          Homicide, 1990
     F16  Homicide: a screenplay by David Mamet, 1990 May
          Cambridge, MA: Copyright 1990 by David Mamet
          Typescript copy  in black binder, dated May 1990.

          House of Games, 1987
     F17  Photograph, 1987
          Los Angeles, CA: Orion Pictures Corporation, 1987
          Black and white still of Mamet on the Orion
          Pictures set with Joe Mantegna and Lindsay Crouse.

          A Lawyer in Hell or An Interview, 1993-1995
     F18  A Lawyer in Hell, 1993
          New York: Rosenstone/Wender, 1993
          Typescript copy in black binder.  A one act play
          which was titled "An Interview" when part of the
          evening of short parts titled "Death Defying
          Acts."  A flyer for "Death Defying Acts" at the
          Variety Arts Theatre in New York (1995), starring
          Paul Guilfoyle and Gerry Becker, is laid in.
     F19  Playbill for "Death Defying Acts," 1995 Feb
          New York: Variety Arts Theatre, 1995 Feb
          Playbill for an evening of short plays which
          includes Mamet's An Interview, which stars Paul
          Guilfoyle and Gerry Becker
          *Mr. Happiness – see The Water Engine

          The Old Neighborhood, 1997
     F20A Playbill, 1997 Nov 19
          New York: Booth Theatre, 1997 Nov 19
          Opening night production of Mamet's The Old
          Neighborhood starring Peter Riegert, Patti Lupone,
          Vincent Guastaferro, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Jack
          Willis.  See also F49 for copies of a press
          release regarding the Booth Theatre production.

     F20B Booth Theatre, New York City, poster, 1997
          Removed to MAPCASE.

          Oleanna, 1992-1993
     F21  Oleanna: a play by David Mamet, 1992 Jun 26
          New York: Rosenstone/Wender Agency, 1992 Jun 26
          Typescript copy of a draft manuscript dated June
          23, 1992, with Rosenstone/Wender Agency on the
          title page.  Titled has note: "Arthur Cantor's
          copy."  Final page notes: "Draft, Revised June 26,

     F22  Playbill, 1993 Jan
          New York: Orpheum Theatre, 1993 Jan
          Two Orpheum Theatre playbills with different
          covers.  Production stars William H. Macy and
          Rebecca Pidgeon.

          The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1980-1981
     F23  The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1980
          Privately printed copy of the screenplay from a
          novel by James M. Cain, leather bound with
          marbleized endsheets, which belonged to executive
          producer Merv Adelson, whose name is embossed on
          the cover.

     F24  The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981
          Typescript mimeograph copy bound in black paper
          covers with title lettering.

     F25  Presskit, 1981
          New York: Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1981
          Folder of publicity and promotional material
          including a 35 page book of production
          information, 26 additional pages of biographical
          other information and two photograph stills.  The
          film starred Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange, and
          Michael Lerner.
          Series I.  Dramatic Works (cont'd)
     F26  Photograph, 1981
          New York: Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1981
          Black and white 8" x 10" still of
          Producer/Director Bob Rafelson, Jack Nicholson
          Jessica Lange, and Director of Photography, Sven
          Nykvist on the set, with a note from the Publicity
          Department of Paramount Picture

     F27  Paramount Picture poster, 1981
          New York: Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1981
          Half sheet full color poster for Mamet's first
          screenplay.  Poster is illustrated with artwork of
          Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange.  Removed to map

          Sexual Perversity in Chicago, 1975-1976
     F28  Contract, 1975 Sep 25
          Carbon copy of the three- page contract for the
          production of Sexual Perversity in Chicago at St.
          Clement's Church in New York City.  Signed Mamet
          and Lawrence Goossen.

     F29  Programs, [1976]
          New York: Cherry Lane Theatre, [1976]
          Includes two programs for a production of Sexual
          Perversity in Chicago and Duck Variations, with
          one cast list laid in.  The cast varied on each

     F30  Photographs, n.d.
          Two black and white 8" x10" production stills from
          a performance.

          Things Change, 1987-1988
     F31  Things Change: an original screenplay by David
     	  Mamet and Shel Silverstein, 1987 Sep 9-12
          New York: Cinehaus, Inc., 1987
          Offset typescript screenplay in bound paper covers
          which bear the Creative Artists Agency logo.  The
          typescript has a memorandum explaining changes and
          revised pages have been added throughout the
          script and photocopied handwritten notes, possibly
          by Mamet.

     F32  Presskit, 1988
          Burbank, CA: Columbia Pictures, 1988
          Includes 49 pages of publicity material and three
          photograph stills from the production in a folder.
          Film starred Don Ameche and Joe Mantegna.

          The Untouchables, 1986-1987
     F33  The Untouchables: a screenplay by David Mamet, 1986 May 5
          Offset typescript revised script bound in brown
          binder, dated May 5, 1986.

     F34  Presskit, 1987
          New York: Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1987
          Presskit includes a four-page fold-over preview
          brochure, a 32-page book of production information
          and 19 black and white photograph stills from the
          production starring Robert DeNiro, Charles Martin
          Smith, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, and Andy

2         The Verdict, 1981
     F35  The Verdict: a screenplay by David Mamet, 1981 Nov 23
          New York: The Zanuck/Brown Company in association
          with Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, 1981
          Original offset typescript of final draft with
          revisions made on blue pages.  Bound in red paper
          covers with the studio logo.  This copy is signed
          by Director Sidney Lumet on the title page.

     F36  The Verdict: a screenplay by David Mamet, 1981 Nov 23
          New York: Fox-Zanuck/Brown Productions, 1981
          Original offset typescript of final draft with
          revisions incorporated into the script.  Bound in
          red fabricord binder, the copy is signed by Mamet
          with a small drawing and inscribed by Sidney Lumet
          "for Emily & Richard."  Script also bears a few
          autograph pencil changes.

          Vint, 1986
     F37  Playbill, 1986 Apr 28
          New York: Lucille Lortel Theatre, 1986 Apr 28
          Program for Orchards: Seven American Playwrights
          Present Stories by Chekhov, which includes Mamet's
          "Vint," adapted from the short story translated by
          Avrahm Yarmolinsky.

          Wag the Dog, 1997
     F38  Presskit, 1997
          New York: New Line Cinema Corporation, 1997
          Presskit includes 41 pages of publicity and
          production information, plus 13 photograph stills
          in folder.  Film stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert
          DeNiro, Anne Heche, Denis Leary and Willie Nelson.

          "A Wasted Weekend" for Hill Street Blues, 1986 Oct 8-14
     F39  "A Wasted Weekend" script for episode of Hill Street Blues, 1986
          Property of MTM Enterprises Inc., 1986
          Typescript copy of a script for an episode of Hill
          Street Blues originally written in 1981.  This
          copy is dated October 8, 1986 and has pink and
          blue revision pages for October 13 and October 14
          of 1986.  The script has paper covers with the
          Creative Artists Agency logo on the cover.  Title
          page notes: "Script #11" and "Prod. #6401."

          The Water Engine and Mr. Happiness, 1999 Oct
     F40  Playbill, 1999 Oct
          New York: The Atlantic Theater Company, 1999
          Production of Mamet's The Water Engine and his Mr.
          Happiness starring Steven Goldstein and Mary

          We're No Angels, 1987 Dec
     F41  We're No Angels: an original screenplay by David Mamet, 1987 Dec
          Beverly Hills, CA: William Morris Agency, Inc.,
          Typescript copy of a Paramount Pictures film in
          paper covers with William Morris Agency logo on
          the cover.  Labeled "First Draft" and dated
          December 1987.  Title page notes: "Produced by Art
          Linson, Paramount Pictures."

     F42  We're No Angels: an original screenplay by David Mamet, 1987 Dec
          Los Angeles, CA: Creative Artists Agency, Inc., 1987
          Typescript copy of a Paramount Pictures film in
          paper covers with Creative Artists Agency logo on
          the cover.  Labeled "First Draft" and dated
          December 1987.  Title page notes: "Produced by Art
          Linson, Paramount Pictures."

          The Winslow Boy, 1999
     F43  Photograph, 1999
          Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., 1999
          Black and white 8" x 10" photograph of David Mamet
          directing the production, with an mailing envelope
          from New York photographer Rena Hansen.

     F44  Lobby cards, 1999
          Sony Picture Entertainment, Inc., 1999
          Set of eight full color photograph lobby cards for
          the film, starring Nigel Hawthorne, Jeremy
          Northam, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Gemma Jones.

2         Series II.  Poetry, 1992

     F45  "Hotel Atlantic," 1992
          New York: Grand Street Press, 1992
          Issue No. 41 of Grand Street contains Mamet's
          three-page poem, "Hotel Atlantic."

          Series III.  Letters written by Mamet, 1975-1992
          Three typed and two handwritten letters written by
          David Mamet.

     F46  Letters, 1975-1992
          1975 Sep 29         TLS       1p   To "L"
          1975 Nov 4          TLS       1p   To "Larry"
          1990 Jan 12         ALS       1p   To Mr. Cross
               Note:  Includes Mamet's drawings of a panda
               and a pig and his personal stamp.
          1992 Oct 23         ALS       1p   w/env     To
          Tom Callos
          [n.d.] Friday       TNS       1p   To "L, J, J, G,
          et al."

          Series IV.  Interviews and conversations with
          Mamet, 1981-1997

     F47  "Short Plays and Small Musicals," 1981 Winter
          New York: The Dramatist Guild, 1981
          Issue (Vol. 17, No. 4) of The Dramatist Guild
          Quarterly which includes a forum discussion in
          which Mamet participated with Eve Merriam, Albert
          Innaurato, and Terrence McNally.

     F48  "Mamet on Playwriting," 1993 Spring
          New York: The Dramatist Guild, 1993
          Issue (Vol. 30, No. 1) of The Dramatist Guild
          Quarterly which includes a piece titled "Mamet on
          Playwriting" which records Mamet's responses to a
          question and answer session in New York City.

     F49  Photocopies of various printed interviews and
          newspaper articles, 1994-1997
          Also includes press releases for The Old
          Neighborhood at the Booth Theatre.

2         Series V.  Honors awarded Mamet, 1994

     F50  American Academy of Arts and Letters induction, 1994
          New York: American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1995
          Issue No. 45 of the 2nd series of Proceeding of
          the American Academy of Arts and Letters which
          records Mamet's induction as a member in 1994.
          Includes a brief biographical sketch and a
          photograph.  A brief note is laid in.

          Series VI.  Miscellaneous, 1978

     F51  George M. Cohan commemorative stamp and gold replica, 1978
          Stamp was issued July 3, 1978 and is mounted on a
          board with the 22 kt. gold replica.  Also bears
          Mamet's personal stamp and signature.

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