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Samuel Loveman Correspondence

1911 - 1976

(bulk dates 1932 -1968)

Manuscript Collection Number: 148
Accessioned: Purchase and gift, 1978-1981
Extent: .6 linear ft.
Content: Letters, postcards, photographs, drawings, pamphlets, reprints, and clippings
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1984, revised 1993 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

American book dealer and publisher, poet, and editor Samuel Loveman (b. 1885?-1976) was proprietor of Bodley Book Shop in New York City, and associated with Dauber & Pine Book Shop and Gotham Book Mart. In partnership with David Mann, as the Bodley Press, he published Hart Crane, by Brom Weber; The Case of Ezra Pound, by Charles Norman; and a reprint from Walt Whitman's The Wound Dresser.

Loveman edited the magazines, Saturnian and Trend, and published translations of Heine, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud, and Rilke.

Loveman died on May 14, 1976.


Bowden, Jane A. (ed.) Contemporary Authors. Volumes 65-68. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1977. p. 372.

Note: Biographical information is also derived from correspondence in the collection.

Scope and Content Note

This collection of letters from various literary figures to American bookseller Samuel Loveman spans from 1911 to 1976, the year of Loveman's death. The letters are chiefly acknowledgments of poems and books received from Loveman; but also include business letters in connection with Loveman's career as a book dealer.

Correspondents include historian Jacques Martin Barzun, author James Branch Cabell, composer Vernon Duke, novelist Waldo Frank, chemist and author John Uri Lloyd, columnist Benjamin DeCasseres, poet Robert Loveman, and artist Prentiss Taylor.

Some of the letters include enclosures, such as photographs, clippings, offprints of articles, several pamphlets, typescript excerpts from articles or books, and one pen and ink drawing by Prentiss Taylor.

The Prentiss Taylor folder (F35) also includes several Christmas/New Year's cards designed by Taylor. In addition, three photographs of Taylor, two of which were taken by noted photographer Carl Van Vechten, were also enclosed in Taylor's letters to Loveman.

A photograph of Cosima and Siegfried Wagner was enclosed in a letter from Wellington Sloane to Loveman.

The approximately 150 items in this collection are arranged alphabetically by correspondent, then chronologically.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1    F1   Barker, Eric Wilson
          [1941]Aug 25        ALS       2p

     F2   Barzun, Jacques, 1907-
          American historian of French birth
          1964 Aug 21         TLS       1p
          1965 Apr 16         ALS       1p
          1966 Feb 28         ACS       1p
          1968 Jan 29         TLS       1p
               Note: Also includes a Bodley Book Shop bill.

     F3   Bernardino, Medina
          1951 Sep 15         ALS       2p
               Oct 8          ALS       3p
               Oct 16         ALS       2p
               Oct 24         ALS       2p
          1952 Jan 18         ALS       2p
               Mar 23         ALS       2p

     F4   Betts, Craven Langstroth
          1936 Jun 4          ALS       5p

     F5   Cabell, James Branch, 1879-1958
          American author
          1927      Nov 5     TLS       1p
                    Nov 12    TLS       1p

     F6   Chase, Lewis Nathaniel, 1873-1937
          Author and educator
          1932 May 1          ALS       3p
               May 6          ANS       1p
               Jun 25         TLS       1p

     F7   Coolbrith, Ina Donna, 1841-1928
          American poet
          1912 Feb 21         ALS       1p

     F8   Cornell, Joseph, 1903-1972
          American artist
          1946 Jul 30         ALS       1p
               Note:  Addressed to David Mann, co-proprietor of
                    Bodley Books.  Also includes AN with
                    Cornell's address.
          1959 Mar 30         TNS       1p

1         F9   Damon, S. Foster (Samuel Foster), 1893-1971
          American poet, literary biographer, and Brown
          University professor
          1930 May 28         TLS       1p
          1952 Apr 15         TLS       1p

     F10  DeCasseres, Benjamin, 1873-1945
          American essayist and columnist for Hearst newspapers
          [1925 Nov 16]       ACS       1p
          [1925 Dec 9]        ACS       1p
          [1927 Feb 9]        ANS       1p
          1931  May 19        ALS       1p
               Sep 30         ALS       1p
               Oct 5          ACS       1p
               Dec 16         ACS       1p
               Dec 19         ALS       1p
          1932 Apr 10         ACS       1p
          [1932 May 13]
               Note:  Consists of two pamphlets announcing
               DeCasseres' Magazine.
          [1932 Jun 20]       ACS       1p
          1932 Jun 21         ACS       1p
          1933 Nov 12         ANS       1p
               Nov 14         ACS       1p
          1935 Nov 24         ALS       2p
               Note: Includes a pamphlet titled From Olympus to
               Independence Hall.
          1936 Jan 6          ALS       2p

     F11  DeCasseres, Bio (Mrs. Benjamin)
          [1931 Dec 20]       ACS       1p
          [1932 Jan 19]       ALS       2p
          [1932 Jun 21]       TL        1p
               Note:  With AN at the bottom of the page.
          1950 Oct 17         ACS       1p
          1951 May 23         ALS       4p
               Note:  Photograph enclosed.
          1952 Jun 25         ALS       2p
               Aug 16         ACS       1p
          [1954 Dec 11]       ACS       1p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p
               Note:  Also includes an ANS to DeCasseres from an
               unidentified person.

1         F12  Duke, Vernon, 1903-1969
          Composer of musicals, symphonies, ballets, concertos,
          and cantatas
          [1959 Oct 17        ALS       3p
          [1961 Sep 4]        ALS       1p
          [1961 Sep 20]       ACS       1p
          [1961 Oct 10]       ACS       1p
          [1961 Dec 4]        ACS       1p
          [1963] Jul 5        ACS       1p
          1963 Jul 12         ACS       1p
          [1964] Apr 28       ACS       1p
          [1964] May 18       ALS       1p
          [1964] Jul 22       ACS       1p
          [n.y.] Mar 20       ALS       1p
          [n.y.] Oct 15       ALS       1p
          [n.d.]              AN        1p

     F13  Ehrsam, Theodore George, 1909-
          American writer
          1945 Nov 15         TLS       1p
          1946 Apr 11         ALS       2p
               May 4          ACS       1p
               Note: Includes Ts article titled "A Few Musical
                    Notations on the Shelley Circle based on
                    Professor Robert M. Smith's The Shelley
                    Legend," 4p.
               May 29         ALS       1p
               Jul 12         TLS       1p
               Aug 16         TL        1p
               Sep 11         ALS       1p
               Sep 25         ACS       1p
               Oct 17         Ts        2p
               Note: Also includes a reprint of Ehrsam's article
                    titled "Mary Shelley in Her Letters," which
                    is signed and inscribed to Loveman, (6p) and
          [1949 Aug 21]       ACS       1p
          1949 Nov 16         ALS       1p
          1957 Jun 4          ALS       1p
          1964 Dec 13         ACS       1p
          [n.d.]              ACS       1p
               Note: Also includes an envelope dated 10/9/1950.

1         Ferri, Liana
     F14  1949 Dec 18         AL        1p
          1952 Apr 16         ALS       2p
               Jul 16         ALS       2p
          [1952] Nov 4        ALS       2p
          [1953] Nov 16       ALS       2p
          1954 Feb 20         ALS       2p
          [1962] Nov 29       ALS       2p
          1963 Oct 8          TLS       1p
          1964 Feb 20         ALS       1p
          [n.y.] Jan 26       ACS       1p
          [n.y.] Apr 2        ALS       1p
          [n.y.] Dec 9        ALS       2p

     F15  [n.y.] Aug 1        ALS       2p
          [n.y.] Aug 7        ALS       2p
          [n.y.] Aug 26       ALS       2p
          [n.y.] Sep 18       ACS       1p
          [n.y.] Sep 28       ALS       2p
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
          [n.d.]              TLS       2p
               Note: Bears autograph note on verso.
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p
          [n.d.]              ACS       2p

     F16  Flesch, Rudolf Franz, 1911-1986
          American writer
          1966 Aug 2          TNS       1p

          Frank, Waldo David, 1889-1967
          American essayist and novelist
     F17  [1932 Feb]          TNS       1p
               Note: Includes a letter from Phelps Putnam to
               Frank dated 2/19/1932.
          [1932] Dec 12       TLS       1p
          [1932 Dec 20]       ACS       1p
          [1932 Dec 22]       ALS       1p
          [1932 Dec 24]       ALS       1p
          [1933 Jan 8]        ALS       1p
          [1933 Jan 23]       ACS       1p
          [1933 Feb 3]        ALS       1p
          [1933 Feb 8]        ALS       1p
          [1933 Mar 7]        TNS       1p

     F18  [1933 Aug 19]       ACS       1p
          [1933 Oct 22]       ACS       1p
          [1934 Oct 3]        ACS       1p
          [1934 Oct 11]       ACS       1p
          [1934] Dec 4        TLS       1p
          [1935] May 10       TLS       1p
          1946 May 2          TLS       1p
               Jul 9          TLS       1p
               Jul 30         TLS       1p
          [1946]    Aug 16    ALS       1p

2    F19  Freeman, Joseph, 1897-1965
          American poet, editor, and critic
          1954 Sep 10         TLS       1p

     F20  Lieberson, Brigitta
          [1951 Jan 2]        ALS       2p

     F21  Lieberson, Goddard, 1911-
          English-born American writer, music critic, composer,
          CBS executive
          1966 Oct 17         TLS       1p
          1976 Jan 27         TLS       1p

     F22  Lieberson, Zorina
          [1946 May 23]       ALS       2p
          [n.d.]              ALS       1p

     F23  Lloyd, John Uri, 1849-1936
          Chemist, educator, and author of several books on
          1933 Feb 8          TLS       2p
               Oct 21         TLS       1p
          1934 Aug 14         TLS       2p
               Note:  AN at bottom of letter.

     F24  Loveman, Robert
          American poet
          1911 Dec [22]       ALS       2p
          1912 Jul [27]       ALS       1p
          1916 Aug [9]        ALS       3p
               Sep [18]       ALS       1p
               Note: Includes two clippings.

2         F25  Mabbott, Thomas Ollive, 1898-1968
          American scholar and authority on Edgar Allan Poe
          1939 Sep 9          TLS       1p
               Sep 12         TLS       1p
               Sep 15         TLS       1p
          1941 Jun 10         ANS       1p
          1943 Dec 12         TLS       1p

     F26  Norman, Charles, 1904-1996
          Russian-born American writer
          1946 Sep 6          TLS       1p
               Note: Includes Ts excerpt his The Muses' Darling.

     F27  North, Diana
          1956 May 29         ALS       1p

     F28  Peck, Walter Edwin, 1891-1954
          1948 May 5          ALS       2p

     F29  Perry, Virginia R.
          Perry Picture Company, Malden, Massachusetts
          1942 Dec 26         ALS       6p

          Putnam, Phelps.  See Frank, Waldo.

     F30  Ramsey, Warren, 1914-
          1953 Mar 25         ANS       1p

     F31  Rodman, Selden, 1909-
          American writer, poet, art critic
          [1948 Dec 7]        ACS       1p

     F32  Sacks, Claire
          1965 Jun 23         ALS       1p
               Note: Includes offprint of Sack's research on
               Edgar E. Saltus.

     F33  Saltus, Mrs. Marie (Giles)
          Third wife of American novelist Edgar E. Saltus
          [1926 Nov 4]        ALS       2p
          [1935 Sep 16]       TLS       2p

2    F34  Sloane, Wellington
          1952 Feb 4          TLS       2p
          1963 Aug 18         ANS       1p
               Note: Photograph of Cosima and Siegfried Wagner is
          1966 Apr 30         TLS       2p
               Oct 10         TLS       2p
               Note: With TL (carbon) of same letter.
               Oct 30         TLS       3p
               Note: With TL (carbon) of same letter.
               Nov 11         ANS       1p

     F35  Sloane, Wellington (cont'd)
          1967 Mar 21         TLS       2p
               Aug 18         ALS       2p
               Aug 22         ANS       1p
               Note: Four photographs enclosed.
               Sep 6          TCS       1p
               Sep 28         TLS       2p
               Dec 15         ANS       1p
          1972 May 6          ALS       2p
               Note: Addressed to Mrs. Wodika, concerning the
                    whereabouts of Samuel Loveman.
               Jul [8]        ALS       4p
               Note: Enclosed with a letter to Mrs. Wodika.

     F36  Taylor, Prentiss, 1907-1991
          American artist, art therapist
          Christmas/New Years cards in this folder were designed
          by Taylor.
          1931 Nov 13         ACS       1p
               Note: Card is a photograph of Taylor.
          1932 May 20         Card      1p
               Note: Photograph of Taylor taken by Carl Van
          1932 Jul 2          ACS       1p
               Note: Card is a photograph of Taylor taken by Carl
               Van Vechten.
          1936 [Jan]          ACS       1p
               Note: Includes original drawing by Taylor, signed
                    and a signed photograph of Taylor.
          1938                ACS       1p
          [1942     Jan 9]    ACS       1p
          [1948     Dec 23]   ACS       1p

     F37  Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964
          American critic, novelist, and photographer
          1951 Jul 24         ACS       1p

          Wagner, Cosima and Siegfried.  See F34.

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