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Series IX.  Collection of catalogs, brochures and samples of paper, 1900s


Extent:  4.5 linear ft.


Contents:  Catalogs, brochures, posters, printed ephemera, and samples of paper.


Arrangement:  The material is arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the paper company.




            A collection of catalogs, brochures, posters, printed ephemera and individual sheets of paper which sample paper made by various commercial paper companies.  In addition to these samples, the series includes two folders of information explaining and illustrating the process of papermaking.

            Of particular note are the sample books from the Strathmore Paper Company that originally belonged to Edna Beilenson when she worked at the Peter Pauper Press.  According to a note by Lieberman, he saved them from being discarded when Beilenson was clearing out the premises of her press in 1978.  As Lieberman noted these booklets (as well as others in this series) "are quite important in terms of style, art work, lettering, and sales pitch, to say nothing of the history of the manufacturers and distributors themselves."

Series IX.  Collection of catalogs, brochures and samples of paper,          1900s


58        F1        Adhesive Papers

F2        Alcor Papers

F3        Allan & Gray

F4        Allied Paper Corporation

F5        Alling & Cory Company

F6        Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead


59        F7        Appleton Papers Division

F8        Arkwright-Interlaken, Inc.

F9        B.F. Brown Paper Company

F10      Balamundi Nederland N. V.

F11      Baldwin Paper Company

F12      Beckett Paper Company

F13      Bee Paper Co., Inc.

F14      Blake, Moffitt & Towne

F15      Boise Cascade

F16      Brown-Bridge Mills, Inc.

F17      Bulkley Dunton Line Lathrop

F18      Butler Paper Company, Inc.

F19      Camille Albums

F20      Canfield Paper Company

F21      Martin Cantine Company

F22      Champion Papers, Inc.

F23      Consolidated Papers, Inc.

F24      Craftint Manufacturing Co.

F25      Craftool

F26      Curtis Paper Company

F27      The E. B. Company

F28      Everett Pulp & Paper Co.

F29      F.W. Anderson & Company, Incorporated

F30      Finch Pruyn & Company, Inc.

F31      Fraser Paper, Limited

F32      Gilbert Paper

F33      Ginn Card & Paper Co., Inc.

F34      Green, Low & Dolge, Inc.

F35      H. Band & Co., Ltd.

F36      H.D. Catty-Franz Euler Corp.

F37      Hamilton Papers

59                    Series IX.  Collection of catalogs, brochures and samples (cont'd)


F38      Hammermill Paper Company

F39      Harlem Card & Paper Co.

F40      Henry Lindenmeyr & Sons

F41      Hercules Powder Company

F42      Howard Fine Papers

F43      Hunt Bienfang

F44      Hurlbut Paper Company


60        F45      International Paper Company

F46      Japan Paper Company

F47      Kimberly-Clark Corporation

F48      Lindenmeyr Paper Corporation

F49      Linweave Association

F50      M.M. Ellish & Company, Inc.

F51      Marquardt and Company

F52      Mead Papers

F53      Milton Paper Company

F54      Mohawk Paper Mills, Inc.

F55      Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.

F56      Monsanto Chemical Company

F57      Multiprint, Inc.

F58      Olin Corporation

F59      P.H. Glatfelter

F60      Penisular Paper Company

F61      Potlatch Corporation

F62      Provincial Paper

F63      Reading Paper Mills

F64      Reem Paper Corporation

F65      Riegel Paper Corporation

F66      Rising Paper Company

F67      Robert Wilson Paper Corporation

F68      Royal Card & Paper Co.

F69      Rusling Wood, Inc.

F70      Saxon Paper Corporation

F71      Schlosser Paper Corporation

F72      Scott Paper Company

F73      S.D. Warren Company

F74      Semper Paper Co., Inc.

F75      Seymour Paper

F76      Simpson Lee Paper Company

61                    Series IX.  Collection of catalogs, brochures and samples (cont'd)


F77      Smead Manufacturing Company

F78      Sorg Paper Company

F79      Standard Paper Manufacturing Company

F80      Schriftgiesserei D. Stempel AG

F81      Stevens-Nelson Paper Corporation


Strathmore Paper Company

F82      Samples

F83      Samples


Strathmore - Peter Pauper

F84      Samples

F85      Samples

F86      Samples

F87      Samples

F88      Samples

F89      Samples

F90      Samples

F91      Samples

F92      Samples


F93      Swigart Paper Company

F94      3M: Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.

F95      Things of Science

F96      Ticonderoga Pulp & Paper Company

F97      Tileston & Hollingsworth Co.

F98      Tullis Russell and Company, Limited



F99      Union Bag and Paper Corporation

F100    Union Camp Fine Paper

F101    Union Card & Paper Co., Inc.

F102    Viking-Criterion Paper Corporation

F103    Walden, Sons & Mott, Incorporated

F104    Watervliet Paper Company

F105    West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company

F106    Westvaco Paper

F107    Weyerhaeuser

F108    Wheelwright Papers, Inc.

62                    Series IX.  Collection of catalogs, brochures and samples (cont'd)


F109    Whitaker Paper Company

F110    Whitehead & Alliger Company, Inc.

F111    Whiting-Plover Paper Company

F112    Willmann Paper Company, Inc.

F113    Worthy Paper Company Association

F114    Zellerbach Paper Company


F115    Information about paper and papermaking

F116    Information about paper and papermaking


F117    Unidentified paper samples

F118    Unidentified paper samples


UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > J. Ben Lieberman Papers Index > Series Outline

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