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Series VIII.  Cold type, photo-processes, and 20th-century reproduction methods, ca. 1924-1983


Extent:  3 linear ft.


Contents:  Catalogs, pamphlets, stereotypes, plates, brochures, manuals, and examples of 20th-century print processes with particular focus on “cold type” and related photo processes.


Arrangement:  Organized alphabetically, often by company name.




            In Printing as a Hobby Lieberman defines cold type as “any process of printing type-like letters without actually using hot (i.e. metal) type.”  Originally organized by Lieberman as simply “cold type,” the series expanded to include information on offset lithography, gravure and rotogravure, and screen process printing.  Significant oversize items include the first cold-type issue of the New York Times (3 July 1979) and a plate from the New York Herald Tribune (28 Nov. 1962).  Miscellaneous processes and examples forms one of the largest categories and includes a wide range of materials of commercial and private printing.

            This series is largely a collection of samples from various printing companies, which includes both promotional and actual printed material.  The large amount of miscellaneous material can be attributed to Lieberman’s wide collecting interests in the history of printing and printing processes; therefore, it is unclear whether or not a magazine for example may have been collected for its content or as an example of the process that produced it.  Included in this collection are also several stereotype plates and transfer sheets.

Series VIII.  Cold type, photo-processes, and 20th-century reproduction methods, ca. 1924-1983


55        F1        Aaron Burns & Co., 1964


F2        Alphabet Innovations International, 1980


F3        Artintype, 1974


F4        Artype, n.d.


F5        Boro, n.d.


F6        Chartpak, 1960-1977


56        F7        Compugraphic, 1977-1979

F8        Compugraphic, n.d.

F9        Compugraphic, 1979


F10      Copiers, 1978-1980


F11      Craftint, 1940-1958


F12      Deynor, 1979


F13      Dymo, 1978


F14      Eastman Kodak, 1961-1981


F15      Enco, n.d.


F16      Film-Klischee GmbH, n.d.


F17      Filmotype, 1956-1958


F18      Formatt, 1976-1978


F19      Fototype, n.d.


F20      Haber, 1969-1975


F21      International Typeface Corporation, 1974-1981

F22      International Typeface Corporation, 1981-1982

Series VIII.  Cold type, photo-processes, etc. (cont'd)


56        F23      International Typographical Union, 1959-1960


F24      Itek, 1977-1980


F25      Itek faces, 1979-1981


F26      Letraset, 1966-1979

F27      Letraset, 1981-1983


F28      Lettering Inc., 1967


57        F29      Linofilm, n.d.


F30      Miscellaneous charts and scales, 1925-1952


F31      Miscellaneous lettering systems, n.d.


F32      Miscellaneous machines, 1936-1967

F33      Miscellaneous machines, 1962-1980


Miscellaneous manuals and guides

F34      Manuals and guides, 1924-1949

Also includes histories and reference materials.

F35      Manuals and guides, 1951-1956

F36      Manuals and guides, 1963-1983

F37      Manuals and guides, n.d.


Miscellaneous processes and examples

F38      Examples

F39      Examples

F40      Examples

F41      Examples

Includes two oversize Gutenberg leaf facsimiles.


F42      Miscellaneous services and supplies

F43      Miscellaneous services and supplies


F44      Modernage, 1967-1968


F45      Myers & Co., 1953

Series VIII.  Cold type, photo-processes, etc. (cont'd)


58        F46      The New York Herald Tribune, 1962


F47      The New York Times, 1978-1980


F48      The Photo-Composing Room, 1966


F49      Photo-headlines, Inc., 1969


F50      Photo-lettering, 1950-1971


F51      Photon, 1966-1968


F52      Prestype, 1975


F53      Stereotyping, 1951


F54      Tactype, 1967-1979


F55      Type Films of Chicago, 1972-1979


F56      TypeSpectra, 1974-1979


F57      TypoGraphics Communications, 1976


F58      VA Graphics, 1978


F59      Varityper, 1965-1966

F60      Varityper, 1967-1979

F61      Varityper, 1967


F62      Visual Graphics, 1966-1980


F63      Westcott & Thomson, n.d.


F64      Zip-a-tone, n.d.

UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > J. Ben Lieberman Papers Index > Series Outline

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