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Series VI.  Files related to printers, ca. 1920-1983


Extent:  5 linear ft.


Contents:  Booklets, keepsakes, correspondence, photographs, printed material about the printers, samples of work, proofs, and notes


Arrangement:  Following an initial folder of images, arranged alphabetically by name of   printer.




            The series originally began as a file of "historic printers" probably organized by O. A. Dickman and continued by Lieberman.  At some point the files were expanded to include files for contemporary individuals prominent in the field of printing.  The files are sources of information about the printer, with occasional samples of their work.

            The first folder in the files is a collection of images of historic printers.  The file includes photographs, negatives, engravings, mock-ups for prints, and printed material.  Individuals include John Baskerville, Frimin Didot, Giambattista Bodoni, William Caslon, Tolbert Lanston, Beatrice Warde, Ottmar Mergenthaler, Johann Gutenberg, William Bulmer, and others.


38                    Series VI.  Files related to printers, ca. 1920-1983


F1        Images of historic printers

Includes John Baskerville, Frimin Didot, Giambattista Bodoni, William Caslon, Tolbert Lanston, Beatrice Warde, Ottmar Mergenthaler, Johann Gutenberg, William Bulmer, and others.


F2        “A”

Aldus Manutius

Anderson, John

Ashbee, C. R.


F3        Adler, Elmer

F4        Angelo, Valenti


F5        “B”

Bank, Arnold

Bartlett, Edward E.

Baskin, Leonard

Baudin, M Fernand


Beach, Sylvia

Belanger, Terry B.

Bell, John

Bender, Albert M.

Benguiat, Ephram (2 photographs)

Bernhard, Lucian

Bethke, Amos

Bewick, Thomas


Bruce, David

Buell, Abel

Bulmer, William

Burns, Aaron


F6        Baskerville, John

F7        Beilenson, Edna and Peter

See also in the Private Press Series: Walpole Printing Office and Peter Pauper Press


38                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


Bennett, Paul A., 1953-1970

F8        Correspondence and photographs

6 photographs of Bennett

F9        Printed material containing work by Bennett

F10      Keepsakes and material related to the ceremonies honoring Bennett

F11      Memorial material for Bennett

F12      Printed material about Bennett

Includes clippings, articles, galley proofs


39        F13      Benton, Linn Boyd and Morris Fuller

Includes a negative and two photographs


F14      Bettman, Otto L.

F15      Blumenthal, Joseph

F16      Bodoni, Giambattista

F17      Bradford, William

F18      Bradley, Will

Includes one photograph with Bradley and A. O. Dickman

F19      Brussel-Smith, Bernard

Includes signed engravings

F20      Bullen, Henry Lewis


F21      "C"

Cary, Melbert B., Jr.


Chwast, Seymour

Cobden-Sanderson, T. J.

Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle

Coggeshall, Howard W.

Cooper, Oswald Bruce

Conkwright, P. Jefferson


F22      Carnes, A. Burton

Includes 12 photographs of Ben Grauer, Lieberman, Robert Leslie, Cathy Brody and others


F23      Caslon, William

F24      Chappell, Warren

F25      Cleland, Thomas Maitland


39                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F26      "D"

Daniel, C. H. O.

Dair, Carl

De Worde, Wynkyn

Dietch, Alan

Dorfsman, Lou


F27      Da Boll, Raymond F.

F28      DePol, John

Includes engravings

F29      DeVinne, Theodore Low

F30      Dickman, O. Alfred

Includes two photographs of Dickman, see also Series X

F31      Doughlas, Lester

F32      Dreyfus, John

Includes a negative and four photographs of Dreyfus

F33      Duschnes, Philip C.

F34      Dwiggins, W. A.


F35      "E"

Ellis, Richard

Ettenberg, Eugene M.


F36      Eichenberg, Fritz

Includes one signed engraving


F37      "F"

Farquhar, Francis P.


F38      Farrier, Herbert

F39      Franklin, Benjamin

F40      Frasconi, Antonio


F41      “G”

Gentry, Helen

Gilliss, Walter

Gleason, William P.

Goss, Frederick L.

Granjon, Robert


F42      Gage, Harry

Includes original watercolor by Gage

39                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F43      Garamond, Claude


F44      Garnett, Porter


F45      Gill, Eric


Goudy, Frederic W.

F46      Photographs

Includes five negatives, proofs of prints, and 28 photographs of Goudy, as well as one oversize photograph taken by Robert L. Leslie

F47      Information about Goudy

Notes, clippings, keepsakes

F48      Information about Goudy

F49      Information about Goudy

F50      Information about Goudy

F51      Californian

Includes souvenir from the Lanston Monotype Company - metal type of Goudy’s initials

40        F52      Testimonial Fund - account book


F53      Grabhorn, Edwin & Bob


Gutenberg, Johann

F54      Printed material about Gutenberg

F55      Photocopies of articles about Gutenberg


F56      “H”

Hardie, James

Hendrickson, James

Herman, J. J.


Hubbard, Elbert


F57      Hammer, Victor

F58      Hess, Sol.

F59      Hunter, Dard

F60      Ishill, Joseph


F61      "J"

Jaffe, Herman

Johnson, Fridolf

40                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F62      Joachim, Leo H.


F63      "K"

Kirschner, Max R.

Kittredge, William A.

Koenig, Frederick

Kraus, Han P. and Hanni


F64      Kent, Rockwell

F65      Knopf, Alfred

F66      Kredel, Fritz


F67      "L"

Lacouriere, Roger

Lanston, Tolbert


Lerner, Abe

Linen, George

Loos, Melvin

Lufkin, Raymond

Lustig, Alvin


F68      Lebowitz, Morris

Includes many samples printed at the Antique Press.  See also "Antique Press" in the Private Press series.

F69      Lebowitz, Morris


Leslie, Robert

F70      Correspondence and photographs

F71      "Laurels for Leslie," 1980

Includes two woodblocks engraved by John DePol

F72      Printed material related to Leslie


F73      Lubalin, Herb


F74      Lyons, T. J.


40                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F75      "M"

McKay, George

McMurtrie, Douglas C.

Macy, George

Maillol, Aristide

Mardersteig, Martino

Markert, George

Melcher, Fred

Mendel, Hortense

Meynell, Francis

Moran, James Charles

Morgan, Barbara

Morgan, Willard

Morris, Charles V.


F76      Mergenthaler, Ottmar

F77      Middleton, Robert Hunter

Includes a photograph of R. Hunter Middleton and material printed at Cherryburn Press


F78      Morison, Stanley

Includes a negative and four photographs


F79      Morris, William


F80      Nash, Ray


F81      O’Brien, Paul M.


F82      Osborne, Lewis


41        F83      “P”

Paine, Thomas

Pickering, William

Pissarro, Lucien


F84      Powell, Lawrence Clark

41                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F85      "R"

Reichl, Ernst

Ricketts, Charles

Robbins, Sabin

Roce, Denis

Romano, Frank - two photographs of Romano

Rounds, Sterling P.

Rusch, Adolf


F86      Ransom, Will

F87      Rau, Jack

F88      Roger, Bruce

Includes five photographs of Rogers or paintings of Rogers

F89      Rollins, Carl


Rudge, William Edwin

F90      Correspondence, announcements, etc., 1943-1973

F91      The Rudge Roundup, 1973-1974

F92      Job of the Month

F93      Some Greguerias by Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 1944

Sets of proofs, including the first proofs

F94      Samples of printing by William Edwin Rudge & William E. Rudge's Sons

F95      Samples of printing by William Edwin Rudge & William E. Rudge's Sons


F96      Ruzicka, Rudolph


F97      "S"

Sachs, Hans

Salter, George

Schlosser, Leonard B.

Senefelder, Alois

Siegfried, Larry

Skira, Albert

Sterling, Homer

Strauss, Victor

41                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


Simpson, Herbert W.

F98      Correspondence, photographs and Christmas greetings

Includes three photographs of Simpson.

F99      Samples of work

F100    Samples of work

F101    Samples of work

F102    Samples of work

F103    Samples of work

F104    Samples of work

F105    Samples of work


42        F106    Samples of work

F107    Samples of work

F108    Samples of work

F109    Samples of work

F110    Samples of work

F111    Samples of work

F112    Samples of work

F113    Samples of work

F114    Samples of work

F115    Samples of work

F116    Samples of work

F117    Samples of work

F118    Samples of work


F119    Steiner-Prag, Hugo


F120    "T"

Thompson, Bradbury

Thompson, John

Trotter, Ernie

Trump, Georg


F121    Thomas, Isaiah

F122    Tommasini, A. R.

F123    Trentholm, George F.

43                    Series VI.  Files related to printers (cont'd)


F124    Tschichold, Jan


F125    Updike, Daniel Berkeley


F126    "V"

Van Krimpen, Jan


F127    Van Wert, Irving C.


F128    "W"

Walker, Emery, Sir

Walpole, Horace

Warwick, John

Weiler, Joseph F.

White, Lew

Whittingham, Charles


Warde, Beatrice

F129    Correspondence and photographs

Includes seventeen photographs of Warde, several at Lieberman's "Quiet Evening at the Herity Press," on August 7, 1965.

F130    Keepsakes from "Quiet Evening," 1965 Aug 7

F131    Reel-to-reel tape (possibly "Quiet Evening")

F132    Keepsakes and printed material related to Warde

F133    Printed material related to Warde

Includes issues of "News From the Outpost"


F134    Watts, Stevens L.


F135    "Z"

Zachrisson, Bror

Zundel, Walter


Zapf, Hermann

F136    "Quiet Evening at Herity," 1968 May 4

Includes negatives and 12 photographs

F137    Photographs, keepsakes, and printed

Includes 10 photographs of Zapf taken by Burt Carnes


F138    Zenger, John Peter


UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > J. Ben Lieberman Papers Index > Series Outline

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