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Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera, 1902-1996


Extent:  20.2 linear ft.


Contents:  Correspondence, photographs, announcements, invitations, stationery, booklets, clippings, posters, broadsides, artwork, and printed ephemera


Arrangement:  The series is organized in four subseries:

1) Files of private press ephemera (arranged by alphabetically by the name of the

private press or individual)

2) Christmas cards from private presses (arranged chronologically)

3) Bundled Private Press Ephemera (maintained in original bundles)

4) Miscellaneous private press ephemera (journals arranged alphabetically)




            Subseries IV.1 Files of Private Press Ephemera was formed largely from samples of printed work sent to the Liebermans by private press proprietors. The samples, along with a completed application and a prop card (proprietor’s card) fulfilled the requirements for registering a press name and listing in The Check-Log of Private Press Names, published annually by the Liebermans.

            Among the private presses represented are established presses such as Michael Tarachow's Pentagram Press, John Anderson's Pickering Press, Arthur Rushmore's Golden Hind Press, and Robert Jones's Glad Hand Press.  In contrast were the presses operated by Lieberman's children, Jethro Lieberman’s First-Hand Press and Lina Lieberman’s Etaoin Shrdlu Press and At the Sign of the Lurking Lycopodia.

            The files consist of correspondence, samples of printing by the presses, photographs, and information about the particular press.  Most of the correspondence refers to the registration of a press or the duplication of a press name, but other matters includes business related to chappel meetings or events.  In some cases, a longer correspondence reflects a friendship developed between Lieberman and the proprietor of a press.

            The second subseries, Christmas cards from private presses, consists of Christmas cards sent to the Liebermans by private press printers.  The cards, filed separated from other private press printed ephemera by Lieberman, are arranged chronologically and include an occasional photograph or a letter from the family.

            The third subseries IV.3.  Bundled Private Press Ephemera is a collection of bundled material from the Amalgamated Printers’ Association and the National Amateur Press Association.  Organized in the original mailed envelopes, some of which are marked “gleaned” or “to be gleaned,” the bundles contained samples of printed private press ephemera.  Member submissions were distributed regularly through a designated mailer and each piece submitted bears a membership number that identifies its printer.

            Subseries IV.4.  Miscellaneous private press ephemera consists of printed publications, journals, and miscellaneous ephemera from the 1950s to the 1980s.  An unfoldered collection of miscellaneous printed journals, most likely gleaned from bundles distributed by the National Amateur Press Association and/or the Amalgamated Printers’ Association comprise the first half of this subseries.  A large sample has been grouped alphabetically, to which is appended a smaller collection of unsorted journals.

            The final box of this subseries consists of miscellaneous ephemera and printed material, such as prop cards and prospectuses, as well as some general correspondence and reference material.


Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera, 1902-1996


Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera, 1902-1996


13        "A" - Angelica Press


“A,” 1960-1974

A. Colish, Inc.

Albert, Warren

The Alchemical Press – Limbert, Jack L.

Andrus, Ethel Percy

Ankenbrand, Frank

Anthology of American Poetry

Arellanes, Audrey

Arrowcraft Press, Inc. – Seymour, C. M.

Art Studio Press

Ashlar Press


The Auerhahn Press


The Abbe Press – Abbe, Elfriede, 1952-1963

The Academy Press – White, Dorothy and Henry, n.d.

Acorn & Anchor Press – Washbish, Bruce N., 1986

Ad Lib Press - Oldham, Bob, n.d.

The Adagio Press - Bahr, Leonard F., 1960-1963

Ajax Press - Vince, Leah, 1960

The Alembic Press – Stull, Dr. Daniel, 1960-1964

The Aliquando Press – Rueter, William, 1963-1980

The Allen Press – Allen, Lewis and Dorothy, 1958-1964

Allen, Greer, 1959

            Includes a photograph of Greer Allen and son John, n.d.

The Allenholme Press – Isaac, Peter C. G., 1961-1962

The Amber Beetle Press – Whitehead, Tom, 1983

The Am-O-Cat Press – Hiscox, Ray

Ampersand Press - Wirth, Robert, 1959

Anchor Press – McKay, Bill, 1976

The Angelica Press – Grastorf, Dennis and Marilyn, 1975-1978

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


14        Press of Valenti Angelo - Brayfields Press

Press of Valenti Angelo – Angelo, Valenti, 1960-1964

The Antique Press – Lebowitz, Morris, 1960-1984

The Anvil Press, n.d.

Apple Tree Press - Chase, William D., 1963

The Appleseed Press – Hurlburt, Allen F., 1964

Press of Arden Park – Westreich, Budd, 1982

Press d’Argent - Silver, Rollo, 1959-1962

The Arion Press – Hoyem, Andrew, 1984

The Ark Press – Taylor, Kim, 1959

The Art Press – McClure, Arthur, 1963-1964

The Art Laboratory – Wesleyan University, 1959

The Artichoke Press – Dobson, Stuart and Beverly, 1969-1982

The Arundo Press – Thomas, Frederick Folger, 1959-1961

The Aspect Press, n.d.

Atelier Press - Nelson, Stan, 1980-1981

The Attic Press – Dow, John H., 1953-1965


“B” 1955-1982

Bacon, Thomas R.

Baker, Richard M.

Barron, Manuel H. – Pilot Press

The Battersean – Radcliffe, Howard G.

Baughman, Dr. Roland

Baulette, John L.

Beatty, Richard Whitney

Beitz, Les – Packsaddle Press

Belanger, Terry and Daniel Traister

Bennett, James & Co.

Benguiat, Ed

Benton, George A.

Bevier Print Shop – Bevier, Kenneth G.

Boesen, Charles, Inc., Fine Books

Bonczyk, Theodore S.

Bossler, Gary T.

Boulette, John L.

Boyd, Harry L.

Bradford, Joseph

Brantley, Marie L.

Bridgeport Public Library and Reading Room

Brobin, Noble Margaret

Bubb, Harry D.

Butler, John P.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

14                    Press of Valenti Angelo - Brayfields Press (cont'd)


Babcock, Ralph, 1961-1964

Press of the Bald Eagle – Douglas, Lester, 1949-1961

The Banner Press – Kunde, Robert E., 1938-1961

Banter University Press - Rike, George Carson, 1958-1959

Barber Hill Press – Parker, Mike, 1960

Barker, Leslie, 1944-1959

Baskerville Press – Lehds, Barnet, 1960

Baton Press – Kiernan, James J., n.d.

Battell, Frederic C., 1961-1962

The Battle Press – Leake, Lan, 1965

Bay’s Printin’, n.d.

Bayberry Hill Press – Johnson, Foster, 1959-1968

Bean Creek Press – Hinde, Charles H., Sr., n.d.

The Beau Press – Bogardus, Bill, n.d.

Beaune Press – Dickensheet, Dean W., 1963

The Bee and Blackthorn Press – Bone, David, 1952-1962

Bembo Press – Davis, Catherine B., 1960-1961

Ben’s Press - Montgomery, R. B., 1959

The Best-Cellar Press - Brown, Donald and Kay, 1961-1973

Between-Hours Press – Grauer, Ben, 1952-1963

The 'Bey-'Aven Press – Libbey, David C., 1961-1963

The Bieler Press of Saint Paul – Lange, Gerald, 1983

The Birch Hill Press – Livingston, Paul V., 1959-1975

Bird & Bull Press – Morris, Henry, 1961-1987

Bird in Hand – Bradley, Bruce and Carol, 1962-1966

The Biscuit City Press – Gutchen, Robert M., 1977

The Black Cat Press – Forgue, Norman, 1938-1972

Black Hen Press – Bethke, Amos, 1964

Black Knight Press – Campbell, A. D., 1965

The Black Mill Press – Drewry, Yvonne, 1959

The Black Rock Press – Carpenter, Kenneth J., 1965

Black Rose Press, 1948

The Blackwood Press – Simpson, Edmund E., 1961-1964

The Blake Press – Maines, N. R., 1957-1995

The Blind Snail Press – Lipscomb, Beth Shaw, 1964

The Blossom Press – Frank, Edgar, 1961

The Blotter Press – Kerr, Myrtle, 1963-1964

The Blue “R” Press – Rosewarne, Fran and Robert V., 1960-1962

The Boar’s Head Press – Sandford, Christopher and Lettice, n.d.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

14                    Press of Valenti Angelo - Brayfields Press (cont'd)


The Book Arts Press – School of Library Service, Columbia University, 1977-1984

Bookhaven Press – Bohne, Pall W., n.d.

The Bootstrap Press – Helmbold, F. Wilbur, 1960-1961

Bow Bells Press – Whittington, Dorothy, 1960-1963

Boyer, Les, 1963-1983

The Branding Iron Press – Vennard, Bill and Freda, 1941

Brann Press - Brann, Bessie Butz, 1959

Brayfields Press – Claus, Clyde R, n.d.


15        Briar Press - Crowborough Private Press


The Briar Press - Nevin, Elizabeth, 1982-1983

The Brodie Printshop – Spink, Helm, 1962

The Brookstone Press – Beaudry, James W. and Mary L., 1976

The Brownstone Press – Resen, George T., 1960

Bud Craft Press - Mosier, U. G., 1960-1967

The Buffalo Head Press – Carr, James F., 1962-1963

Bumburg, Jay Gabriel., 1961-1962

The Bunglesome Press – Ash, David F., 1973-1976

The Bunny Press – Bonnell, Francis Earl, 1946-1964

Butterfield Express Press – Loomis, Noel M. and Richard B. Yale, 1962-1964

Buxton – International Associated Hobbies, 1960

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

15                    Briar Press - Crowborough Private Press (cont'd)


“C,” 1958-1986

Caldwell, John M.

Campbell, Bruce

The Cannonade Press – Peattie, Noel

Carpenter, Edwin, Jr.

Casement, Douglas – The Sparrow

The Claricent Press – Prowell, Clarence D.

Clevenger, Allan – The Daily Journal

Cochran, Wendell A. and Betty

Cohen, Herman - Chiswick Book Shop

Cohn, Louis Henry and Marguerite A.

Colorado State College – Greer, James B.

Cousins, Stan

Cronomer Press – Myers, Irving J.

Croom, R. S.

Cuddington, Ray

The Curmudgeon Press, n.d.

Curran, James

Curran, Joseph W.


The Cameo Press – Whitmore, Alice D. and Irving C., 1941-1963

The Cantina Press – Phillips, William B., 1963

Capitol College Press – Jeffreys, Raymond J., n.d.

The Capricorn Press - Brooks, Robert, 1959-1960

Includes a photograph of Robert Brooks

Caribou Press – Collins, Henry W., Jr., 1961

Carpetbagger Press – Liddle, Fred, 1976-1984

The Cartwheel Press - Remington, Roger, n.d.

Castleman's Press - Castleman, J. Rolfe, 1946-1963

The Cataneo Press – Watts, Schuyler, 1961-1963

The Cedar Cliff Press – D’Adamo, Mary Anne and Raleigh, 1966-1981

Cedar Creek Press - Henry, John G., 1976

The Cellar Press – Finch, Lewis T., 1938

The Centaur Press – Agner, Dwight, 1960-1964

The Cerberus Head Press – Herz, Roger J., 1958-1974

The Chamberlain Press – Chamberlain, Sarah, n.d.

Champoeg Press, Inc. – Abel, Richard E., 1959

Cherryburn Editions - Middleton, Robert, 1970

Includes six prints from Bewick engravings (numbered)

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

15                    Briar Press - Crowborough Private Press (cont'd)


Cherrywood Press – Goodacre, Don, 1959

Chicken-Hearted Publishing Company – Kane, George and Mary, n.d.

The Chute Hobby Press – Chute, Charlton, 1951-1963

The Clandestine Press – Chase, William D., 1962-1963

Clearview Press, n.d.

The Private Press of Travis Cliett – Cliett, Travis, 1959-1970

The Clocktower Press, 1965

Cobblestone Press - Nolan, James R., 1977-1983

The Cockescraw Press – Runge, William H, 1962

The Cog Press – Graham, Rigby, 1959-1963

Includes proofs of original artwork by Graham

The Colonial Printing Company – Ferguson, Sanford B., 1961

The Columbine Press – Meyer, Ramon, 1963-1965

The Colvin Press – Colvin, Charles H., 1959-1981

The Commonwealth Press, 1934

Concord Press – Berliner, Harold A., 1970-1981

The Contre Coup Press – Hawley, Tim, 1981-1984

Coolidge Priveate Printeree – Coolidge, Jack, Jr., 1960

The Corpus Press – del Guadio, Joseph, 1962-1964

The Cot Valley Press - Addis, Jeremy, n.d.

The Cottage Press – Keeling III, Jason Mason, 1976

Country Press – Hamilton, George W., 1960-1961

The Country Mouse Press – Whitson, Elizabeth N., 1963

The Cowstall Press – Shevis, William A. and Stell, 1956-1963

Crabb Press – Crabb, Jim, 1960-1961

The Crabgrass Press – Metzger, Philip L., 1959-1976

Crachi Press – Crachi, Rocco, 1960

The Cranbrook Press, 1930-1933

Craw Press – Craw, Janet and Jerry, 1974

Creasman Press – Creasman, Ralph, 1960-1963

The Crescent Press, 1959

Crosby County Secondary Boys School, 1957-1958

The Crowborough Private Press – Ruber, Peter A., 1961

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


16                    The Cubicle Press - The Four Ducks Press


The Cubicle Press – Holman, Robert, 1956-1961

The Cuckoo Hill Press – Chambers, David John, 1959-1964

The Cummington Press – Duncan, Harry and Wightman Williams 1947-1949

The Cuniculus Press – Moitoret, Victor A., 1950-1962

Curridge Press – Chubb, Ralph, 1959-1960

The Curtis Publishing Company, 1959

The Cycling Frog Press – Antupit, Samuel N., 1961-1986


“D," 1938-1991

Dalhouse, Arthur

Darwin, Ian

David, Dorothy and Ismar

Dear, Robert

De Morrais, Gerard A.

Dehmlow, Louis H.

Deodene, Frank

Derring, Steve

Dmochowski, Jo and Henry

The Dorbern Press – Pearce, Bernard A.

Drager, Fred L.

Dragon Press

Dunker, Andrew W.

Duquesne University Bookstore

Duschnes, Philip C.

Dutton, J.


Dartmouth Private Press – Dunbar, Joseph, 1958

Davis, Frank – Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, 1962-1964

The Daye Press - Daye, Stephen, 1957-1966

Day’s End Press – Lambert, Herbert H., n.d.

The Deciduous Press – Underwood, Eugene, 1980-1983

Del Sol Press - Streeter, David, 1972-1976

Dingbat Press – Broad, Charles, 1959

Dixey, Giles, 1959

Dobson, Bev, 1983

The Dockside Press – Ratigan, William O., n.d.

The Dogwood Press – Taft, Elbert, 1974

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

16                    The Cubicle Press - The Four Ducks Press (cont'd)


The Dolmen Press – Kinsella, Thomas, 1960-1977

Domesday Press – Hornby, George and Veronica, 1938

The Doomsday Press – Eckman, James, 1963-1964

Dragon Bindery – Rasmussen, W. E. H., 1961-1962

The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing – Duensing, Paul              Hayden, 1963-1978

            Includes a small typographic composing stick in an envelope

The Private Press of Emerson MacGregor Duerr - Duerr, Emerson MacGregor, 1960-1964

Includes 13 photographs of Duerr and others

Dun Emer Press – Miller, Liam, 1974

The House of Dyal – Dyal, Paul, 1963


“E,” 1962-1984

The Early Morning Press – McCormic, Michael D.

Eddy, William D.

Eicher, Chandra

Eisenman, Alvin - Yale University School of Art and Architecture

Elmhurst College Campus Store

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Ettenberg, Eugene M.

Ewing, Raymond P.


Eagle Rock Press - Scheffler, John, 1959-1964

Easy Hill Press – Watson, William, 1944-1964

Eden Hill Press – Low, Joseph, 1959

Photograph of Joseph Low

El Rey Press – Redmon, Laurence E., 1960-1963

Elba-Dan Press – Cortez, Daniel, 1963-1964

The Eldnar Press – Randle, Edwin H., 1965-1966

Elizabeth Press, 1984

Elliston Press – Elliston, M. F., 1960

The Elmete Press – O’Casey, Ian, n.d.

The Elston Press – Conwell, Clarke, 1902

Ember Press – Shearn, A. L., 1959

Endgrain Press – De Pol, John and Thelma, 1975-1991

Includes 9 photographs taken at a party at John De Pol’s home

Engelke Press – Engelke, Marian, 1960-1961

The English Press – Greenhalgh, E., 1935

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

16                    The Cubicle Press - The Four Ducks Press (cont'd)


Equinox Cooperative Press, 1977

Eragny Press – Pissarro, Lucien, 1957

Presses Erasmus – Davidse, Jan W., 1960-1961

Erespin Press – Kent, Carol and Robert, 1981-1986

The Little Press of Este Es – Evans, John R. and Thelma, 1962-1963

Estepress – Tatnall, Samuel W., 1951-1958

Et Cetera Press – Weston, Joseph, 1963-1964

The Etaoin Shrdlu Press – Lieberman, Lina, 1961-1963

Eucalyptus Press – Keep, Rosalind, 1959

Excalibur Press, 1965

The Ex Tempore Press – Eddington, Glenn and Catherine, 1968


“F,” 1959-1962

Fellows, J.

Fern, Alan

Ferry, Patrick J.

Fisher, Conrad

Fishman, Linda

The Five Drawer Press



Frasconi, Antonio

Fraser, Samuel E.

Fromberg, Hazel


Fair Oaks Press - Chubb, Ralph N., 1924-1960

Field Press - Field, Jane, 1957

Includes photograph of Jane Field

The Finial Press – Moore, Doyle, 1960

Fir Breeze Printery – Yeager, Marion Jack, n.d.

Firefly Press – Kay, Carl, 1982

Fireweed Press, n.d.

First-Hand Press – Lieberman, Jethro K., 1965

The Press with the Flexible Voice – Orbach, Robert L., 1980-1984

The Florence Press – Stehn, Joseph H., 1958-1964

The Flying Coffin Press – Fleming, Dick, 1976

The Foolproof Press – von Holdt, Rick, 1982-1987

The Foolscap Press – Chapdu, Robert E., n.d.

The Four Ducks Press – Jackson, Bill, 1957-1964

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


17        The Four Penny Press - Hammer Creek Press


The Four Penny Press – Speckter, Penny and Martin, 1961-1977

The Four Winds Press – Schniewind, Henry, 1960-1968

The Foxhall Press – Sayle, Edward F., 1961-1964

Frank, Edgar, 1961-1962

The Fraser Press – Fraser, John G., 1961-1963

Fresh Egg Press – Morgan, Lloyd and Janet, n.d.

The Friend Press – Graybill, John B., 1967

The Friendly Press – Church, John I. and Robert J. Larson, 1961

Friendship Press – Heir, Paul E., 1957

Frigate Press – Hustvedt, Erling, 1966

The Frontier Press – Barnard, William I., 1959-1964

The Frontier Flimsy – Torrens, Les, 1959-1960


“G,” 1962-1986

Gamble, Doug

Garrett, W. K.

Gaskell, Philip

Gibson, Mark S.

Glaister, Geoffrey

Godfrey, Gilbert

Goldgar, Harry

Goodman, Eckert (Bud)

Gottlieb, Henry and Beth

"Grafiks at Western" - Western Washington State College

Grant, Hugh J.

Grove Press

Grushkin, Philip


Gage-Craft Press – Gage, Frederick, H., 1955-1960

Ye Galleon Press – Adams, Glenn C., 1954-1963

The Gallimaufry Press – Hammel, Ken, n.d.

Gallinipper Press – Hunt, Stephen, 1961

The Gallows Hill Press – Garrett, Wendell D., 1963

Garage No. Three – Merkel, Fred H., 1974

Garage Room Press – Brandt, Irwin O., 1963

Garden House Press – Fenenbock, Emi, 1964

The Garden Press – Frey, Edward, 1953-1961

Garden View Press – Cushing, Frank Myrle, 1958-1964

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

17                    The Four Penny Press - Hammer Creek Press (cont'd)


The Gaudeamus Press – Bretz, Robert and Linda, 1962-1965

The Gauntlet Press – Outram, Richard and Barbara, 1960-1965

The Gehenna Press - Baskin, Leonard, n.d.

Geringer, Lauren, 1973-1984

The Giles Press – Cassie, David G., 1971

Ginn and Company - Cayne, Bernard S., 1960

Girs Press – Girs, Anatol, 1970

Glad Hand Press – Jones, Robert M., 1958-1981

The Gladsome Press – Spencer, Leonard and Alnora, 1972

The Gogmagog Press – Cox, Morris, 1963

Press of the Golden Bib – Goldsmith, Jr., Arthur, 1962-1968

Golden Colts Press– Osborne, Lew, 1961

The Golden Flywheel Press – Weston, Franklin A., 1961

The Golden Head Press, Ltd., 1959

The Golden Hind Press – Rushmore, Arthur W. and Edna, 1941-1964

The Golden Hours Press – Sanford, Christopher and Francis J. Newbury, 1932

The Golden Key Press – Fleming, Kathi and Don, n.d.

The Golden Lily Press – Goldstein, Harry A., 1960-1964

The Golden Sun Press – Doolittle, James L. and Helen, 1956-1960

Press of the Golden Unicorn – Williams, Fred C., n.d.

Gopher Gulch Gazette, 1955-1959

The Grace Hoper Press – Grover, Sherwood and Katharine, 1958-1963

Includes a photograph of Sherwood Grover

The Graham Press – Graham, Arthur, 1963-1964

Grass Roots Press – Boerner, Steve, 1983-1984

Grassy Sprain Press – Milne, Robert, 1962-1964

Gravesend Press, 1957-1967

The Great Primer Private Press – Sitterley, Eugene Fletcher, 1962-1963

Green, Remy, 1962-1985

The Green Button Press – Sweeting, Derick, 1965

The Greenwood Press – Stauffacher, Jack W., 1983

Greer Graphics – Greer, David F. and William M., 1976-1986

The Grey Goose Press – Kane, M. L., 1961-1964

The Griddle Press – Wesson, Sheldon, 1958-1976

The Press of Grim Reaper – Kent, Zachary, 1985-1986

The Grimalkin Press -- Carroll, John S., 1957-1982

Grinnin’ Barrett – Barrett, John S., 1973

The Gryphon Press – Chisolm, Andrew and Conny, 1960-1961

The Gulliver Press – Sewell, William C., 1960-1962

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

17                    The Four Penny Press - Hammer Creek Press (cont'd)


“H,” 1962-1986

Halbert, Robert

Hall, Kenny

Hand & Quill

Hand Fed Hard Times Hallelujah Press – Newcom, Barney

Harnish, Herb

Harrigan, Richard V.

Hawkes, John

Heffer, W. and Sons, Ltd.

Heite, Ned

Herman, J. J.

Hettman, Hans W.

Hines, Laurence

Hitchman, Robert

Hodges, Arthur W.

Hoffman, Richard J.

Hogarth, William

Holman, L. Bruce

Holsy Press

Home Shop Printers

Houlihan, Philomena C.

Howard, John W.

Howell, Douglass

Hutchinson, Esther


The Half-Folio Press – Fitch, Don, 1961-1963

The half Seas Press – Nixon, J., 1961


*Halcyon Press - see Little Poor Richard Press


The Hamilton Press – Abrams, Ray H. 1952-1962

Hammer Creek Press – Fass, John F., 1926-1962

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


18        The Hand Press - The Inkwell Press


The Hand Press - Antonucci, Emil, 1957

Includes a photograph of Antonucci

The Hand and Flower Press, 1951-1956

The Hand-me-down Press – Barrett, P. J., 1977-1978

The Hand Set Press – Matheny, Bob and Norene, 1959

The Handcraft Press – Hoggard, N. F., 1958-1962

The Personal Press of Jno Hanna and Sons – Hanna, John, 1961

The Private Press of Gary Hantke – Hantke, Gary, 1972-1975

The Happy Hollow Press – Murtland, William O. and Jeanne N., 1966

The Happy Hound Press – Duncan, Dave and Jo Anne, n.d.

Harbinger Press – Franklin, Barbara and Herbert, 1964


*Harbor Press – see Hammer Creek Press


The Hart Press – Sim, Joseph William, 1957-1961

Hartmus Handpress – Moreno, Ralph and Catherine, 1959-1969

Hatrack Press – Green, Ralph, 1955

The Hawkshead Press – Colombo, John Robert, 1958-1961

The Hayloft Press – Nuese, Robert, 1959-1963


Private Press of the Haywoods -- Haywood, Matilda and William

1946-1979 - Includes a photograph of William Haywood



Ye Olde Heathercourte Presse – Williams, Bert, n.d.

The Heave-Ho Press – Culver, Jay and Agnes, 1972-1974

The Hell Box - Connell, Martin and Vivienne, 1937-1973

Herbie’s Hobby Print Shoppe – Ahrendt, Herbie, n.d.

Hermit’s Hollow Press – Woodruff, Miriam, 1958-1964

Hickory House – Hirschman, Lofi and Stephen, 1963-1964

High Acres Press – Horine, Emmet Field, 1961-1963

High Country Press – Coppin, Bob and Sylvia, 1961-1964

The Printing Office at High Loft - Heckscher, August, 1979-1980

Hill & Dale Press – Hopkins, Richard L., 1963-1980

The Hillside Press, 1963

Hilltop Hobbies Press - Pfeiffer, George and Louise, 1957-1963

The Press of the Hippogryph – Archer, H. Richard, 1959-1967

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

18                    The Hand Press - The Inkwell Press (cont'd)


Hobby Print Shop – Hiscox, Ray, 1960-1962

Hoboe Press – Lester, Henry M., 1961-1964

The Hodge Podge Press – Broad, David S., 1964

The Private Press of Hodson House – Hodson, Robert J., 1960-1964

The Homewood Press – Warner, David

Hoosier House Press – Chapman, Edward C., 1960-1961

The Hoot Owl Press – Pittaro, Ernest M., 1946-1964

The Hornstone Press - Long, Howard R. and Francis D. Modlin, 1959

Horsley’s Green School, 1956-1959

Hoskins, Sydney, 1961

House of Type – Botterill, Guy, 1983-1985

The Huckleberry Press – Doughton, Kay V., n.d.

The Hudson Press – Hudson, William N., 1964

The Private Press of Howard Hughes – Hughes, Howard, 1960

Humbug Gulch Press – Turner, Don, 1967

Hyco Press – Stephens, Erwin D., 1957-1960


The Ideal Press – Davis, Edward J., Jr. and Davis, Edward J., Sr., 1960

The Imp Press – Wright, Bill George, 1959-1964

Imprint Press – Stahl, Richard, 1960-1961

Private Press of the Indiana Kid - Weygand, James Lamar, 1957-1964

The Indigo Press – Moran, Thomas J., 1959

The Ink-Ball Press – Rollins, George E., 1964

The Inkwell Press – Torre, Vincent, 1960-1965


19        Innominate Press - The Lighthouse Press


Innominate Press – Lewis, Belle and Blaine, 1973

The Intermittent Press – Hatcher, Jack and Evelyn, 1950-1964

International Printing Museum, 1991

In-Time Press – Borden, John W., 1974

Press of the Iron Horse – Petrocelli, Frank, 1965-1990

*The Ronald Ishill Press – see Oriole Press

Ives Street Press, 1982-1984


“J,” 1951-1964

The Jen Press – Newman, J. Ed

Jonah, David A.

Johnson, Erik and Evelyn

Johnson, John B.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

19                    Innominate Press - The Lighthouse Press (cont'd)


Janlyn Private Press – Hurdis, John, 1959-1961

Jayhawk Press – McClure, Kirk, n.d.

Jolly Roger Press – Ralphe, Roger, 1960-1961

The Jonathan Edwards College Press – Libby, David A., 1964

The Juniper Press – Cade, Philip J., 1986

Junto – Goodman, Julius Jr., 1960-1963


“K,” 1960-1990

Kahn, David

Kandell, Sydelle T.

Kansas State Teachers College

Kappa Pi - The Sketch Book of Kappa Pi

Keim, Eileen

Kendall, Wally

Kent, Carol

The Kerlan Collection

Kipp, David V.

Klein, Elaine

Klenk, Richard


Klumpp, Emil

Knightly, Merton

Kobel, W. H.

Koch, Rudolf

Kommer, Jason

Koppel, Virginia

Kottmeier, Patricia

Kowal, C.

Kretsinger, Ann and John

Kroeger, Stan

Kuhler, Charles D.


Kallistos Press – Kristensen, John, 1984

Karuba Press – Jung, Theodor, 1958-1964

The Katydid Press – Lehman, John, 1958-1964

The Keepsake Press – Lewis, Roy, 1959-1983

Kelly Winterton Press – Kelly, Jerry, 1982-1983

The Kennel Press – Laurie, John, 1959-1962

Ken’s Old-Fashioned Printing – Wojtas, Ken, 1985

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

19                    Innominate Press - The Lighthouse Press (cont'd)


Kent, Norman, 1955-1961

Kenwood Private Press – Noonan, Bill, n.d.

Kerr Press - Kerr, Harrison C., 1964

The Private Press of Harry Kikendall - Kikendall, Harry, n.d.

The Kindle Press – Davenport, John, 1958-1968

The King and Queen Press - Servies, James A., 1962-1963

Kirklynn’s Press, n.d.

The Kit-Cat Press - Hardacre, Kenneth, 1959-1974

The Kitchen Press – Butt, Elizabeth, 1957-1963

Kitchen Table Press – Kemp, Charles, Jr., 1973-1975

Kitemaug Press – Anderson, Frank J., 1964-1976

Knerr, Vic 1958-1966

Krona Press – Londgren, Richard E., n.d.


“L,” 1960-1985

Langridge, May

Larsen, Arnold

Lasef Press - Stolfo, Leonard A.

Lasky, J. S.

Lawson, Alexander S.

Leyes, Harold

Lhotka, John F., Jr.

Liberty Tree Press

Limbach, Russell T.

Lindgren, Henry Clay

The Log of Good Fortune – L’Abbe, Earl R.

Logan, Herschel C.

Long, Walter

Loomis House Press

Los Angeles Public Library

Lubko, Les

Lufkin, Ray

Lustig, Theodore

Lycanthrope Press


The Lanius Press – Metzger, Philip A., 1976

Lankes Memorial Press – Lankes, J. B., 1960-1964

Lantern Press – Masson, Carl, 1944-1982

Lantern Yard Press, 1962

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

19                    Innominate Press - The Lighthouse Press (cont'd)


The Laughing Gull Press – Fortier, Norman, 1961-1963

The Laureate Press – White, Jack, 1966

The Laverock Press – Bain, Iain S., 1960-1961

The Lead Balloon – Clarke, Dorothy and Gordon, 1953

Leewood Press – Lee, Arthur B., 1960-1964

The Liberty Press, 1974

The Press of the Licorice Cat – McGrew, Mac, 1981-1990

Includes a photograph of McGrew and Ernest Lindner

The Lighthouse Press, n.d.


20        The Lilliput Press - Nonesuch Press


The Lilliput Press – Rappaport, George, 1961

Lime Rock Press, Inc. – Seymour, Jr., W. N., 1984

The Little Press – McCrea, James and Ruth, 1955-1964

The Little Beaver Press – Cory, Luke D., 1960-1962

Sign of the Little Papoose – Wiley, Charles L., n.d.

Little Per Cent Press– Cheever, David, 1962

The Little Pica Press – Sullivan, John, 1963-1973

Little Poor Richard Press – MacMakin, Bob, 1957-1962

Also includes Halcyon Press

The Little Red Hen - Abbe, Dorothy, 1955

The Lkw Press at the Sign of the Bloody Thumb - McDonald, Thomas W.,


Lodestar Press - Calmenson, George, 1964

Log Cabin Press - Phillips, Michael J., 1974

Long Brook Press - Zimmerman, I. J., 1960-1963

Loujon Press -- Webb, Jon Edgar, 1961

The [Elijah] Lovejoy Press – Polster, Nathaniel, 1976

The Loyalsock Creek Press - Taylor, Barnard, 1960-1962

The Lucubratory Press - Kirkendall, Harry W., 1960-1963

At the Sign of the Lurking Lycopodia - Lieberman, Lina and Carol Schott, 1965

The Lyndon Press - Bey, Don Lyndon, 1960

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

20                    The Lilliput Press - Nonesuch Press (cont'd)


“M,” 1959-1987

Macy, Helen

Mahon, Robert

Malkin, Mary Ann

Malt, Howard

Mann, Monroe Yale

Marietta College Library

The Marlborough College Press

Mathewson. D. Bruce

Megginson, Joyce

Mermelstein, Neil

Merrill, Arthur and Elsie

Michigan, University of, Library

Miller, Robert Ryal

Monahon, Robert

Morrison, Robert

Mosley, James

Mount Union College


“Mac” and “Mc,” 1959-1976

MacDonald, John

McCormic, James A.

McCoy, Bruce K.

McCready’s Printing Company

McGregor Magazine Agency, Inc.

McKay, George


The Magee Press – Magee, B. W., 1963

The Magpie Press – Taylor, Margaret Gustafson, 1963-1966

Mahdeen Press – Needham, Richard M., 1961

The Maledictions Press – Worley, Lillian and Parker, 1962-1990

The Mandrill Press – Haven, Kathleen and Martin Levitt, 1959

Mantissa Press – Dewhirst, F. S. and E. W., n.d.

The Marble Hill Press – Sas, George W., 1962-1963

Mardale Press – Whittaker, Kenneth, n.d.

The Private and Non-commercial Press of Wallace E. Martin – Martin, Wallace, 1973-1979

The Marvell Press – Hartley, George, 1959

John Mason, 1959-1962

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

20                    The Lilliput Press - Nonesuch Press (cont'd)


Maverick Press - Emmons, Earl H. 1937-1960

The Mayflower Press – Parry, Jay C., 1959-1963

The MBL Press – Murphy, Robert L., 1973-1976

The Meadowlark Press – Corley, Wayne E., n.d.

Mentor Press – John C. Pace Library, 1984

The Meridian Press – Badenhop, Alfred and Patty, 1957-1984

The Merle Press – Mercer, T. Stanley, n.d.

The Mermaid Press - Johnson, Fridolf, 1957-1965

Includes a photograph of Fridolf Johnson

The Merrythought Press – Mountford, John and Philip, 1959-1967

The Middlecourt Press – Robert, Joseph C., 1959

Midnight Press - Warhaftig, Irving, 1960-1961

The Midnight Press – Speer, Hal, 1962

The Midnight Press of Akron, Ohio - Long, Walter, 1978-1980

The Midnight Oil Press – Faust, Harold, 1959-1962

La Presse Militaire – Granger, Gary L., 1963-1964

The Millview Press – O’Connor, Mike, n.d.

Miniature Folio of Private Presses – Ryder, John, 1959-1962

The Press of the Minotaur – Hussey, S. E. and Earl Foster Myers, 1962-1963

The Mistel Press – Cobb, Charles M., 1963

Mockingbird Press – Renault, Dennis, 1985

The Molehill Press – Averill, John, 1955-1959

The Monastine Press – Laube, Clifford J., 1938-1952

Monogram Press – Ayres, William R., 1959-1960

Morgan Press – Morgan, Willard D.1959-1967

Includes a photograph of Willard Morgan

Morgan Press West – Morgan, Janet and Lloyd, 1963-1964

Morning Star Press, 1966

The Motte Press - Moore, R. Peter, 1960

Mountain House Press – Hunter, Dard, 1963

Mt. Tam Press – Craemer, Jeff, 1982

Multiversity Press, 1965

Mundivagant Press – Mooney, William, 1959-1961

The Mustard Seed Press – Walley, Bruce, 1968

The Myriad Press – Johnson, Frank, 1959


“N,” 1960-1989

The Public Library of Newark, New Jersey

The Nine Patch Press

University of North Carolina Library

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

20                    The Lilliput Press - Nonesuch Press (cont'd)


The Narcissus Press – Berger, Arthur Asa, 1957-1963

The Nautilus Press, 1966

The Needleman’s Press – Needleman, Sylvia and Hy, 1970-1972

Nelson’s Eagle Press – Nelson, William F., 1959

At-the-Nettles – Mistler, Ralph N., 1962-1963

The New Bottles Press – Batcheler, Wayne, 1987

New Penn Press - Barancik, Robert, 1983

The Nichols Press – Nichols, Dwight, 1960-1963

The Press of the Nightowl – Agner, Dwight E., 1966-1968

Nobel Press - Symonds, James, 1964

Nonesuch Press – Meynell, Sir Francis, 1931-1965


21        The Nonpareil Press - Pearce Press


The Nonpareil Press – Stack, Edward M., 1960

Northland Press, 1964

Norton Press – Norton, David M., 1946-1981

Includes original signed and numbered prints by Norton

The Nova Press – Barlow, Jr., William P, 1957

The Now and Then Press – Campbell, Charles, 1959-1962


“O,” 1959-1984

Olds, Jessie G.

Oliver, Horace G.

Olson, Richard D.

Orangerie Press – California State University

Ye Olde Printery


The Oak Park Press – Yarnell, Jim, n.d.

The Oakwood Press – Cole, Edward H., 1944-1963

Includes four photographs

The Occasional Press – Pearce, William R., 1963

The October Press – Osborne, Lewis, 1975

The Odd Bodkin Press – Hirschman, Lofi and Steve, 1963-1964

The Offhand Press – Shaw, Charles B., 1959-1963

The Ogham Press, - Tompkins, Willis W., 1957-1964

The Old Country Road Press - Bacon, Harold, n.d.

Old Harbor Press – Calvin, Jack and Margaret, 1984

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

21                    The Nonpareil Press - Pearce Press (cont'd)


The Old Shed Press – Thiele, Robert, 1958-1959

Oldstyle Press – Freese, Robert, 1966-1968

Old-Time Printing – Roberts, J. W., n.d.

W. E. Olivers' Partnership, 1958-1961

The Omega Press – Minas, J. Sayer, 1961-1966

Omlette Press – Gillespie, Faith and Mary Jo Majors, 1984

One Arm Bandit Press – Santer, Mack O., 1965

100 Proof Press – Harris, Stan, n.d.

The Organ Case Press – Jenkins, James A., 1970-1971


The Oriole Press – Ishill, Joseph, 1958-1965

Two folders of samples

The Orion Press – Stump, Ron, 1969

The Osborne Press – Osborne, Lewis, 1957-1972

Ostergaard Press – Ostergaard, Brauner and Alexia, 1958

The Ounou Press – Antos, George, 1960-1963

Out of Hand Press, 1973

Out of Sorts Press & Letter Foundery – Taylor, E. H., 1973-1984

The Overbrook Press – Altschul, Frank, 1940-1981

Overtime Press – Weaver, H. S., 1966


“P,” 1960-1986

            Panurgia – Dixey, Harold Giles

Pardoe, F. E.

Parkhurst, Eleanor

Parr, Phil

Peavy, Asa

Peck, Elaine


The Playboy Press

Player, Charles A.

The Portage Press

Priebe, Joe

Providence Public Library

Prowell, Clarence

Purdy, C. G.


Packet Press – Shaub, Paul, 1960-1963

Paisano Press – Parker, Horace, 1960-1963

Palmstrom Press – Palmstrom, William, 1963-1964

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

21                    The Nonpareil Press - Pearce Press (cont'd)


The Paltry Press – Shaw, John M., 1963

Pandanus Press – Dettman, Preston H., 1960

The Pantry Press – Humfleet, Betty, 1959-1964

Paradiset Hand Press – Fagerburg, Dorothy, 1962-1964

Paradox Press – Callas, James and Evelyn, n.d.

The Parlour Press – Webb, Eric, 1956-1962

Parnassus Press – Kenney, Harry E., n.d.

The Parson’s Printery – Anderson, William G., 1962-1964

The Pasquinade Press – Margo, Don, n.d.

The Parvus Press – Compton, Fred H., 1960-1964

Pastime Printer - Thorniley, William O., 1947-1960

Pastime Printery – Schumaker, Bernard, 1956-1963

Past Times Press - Weiss, Harry B., 1960

The Paxton Press – Hubbard, Fred C., 1949

The Pea Vine Press, 1966

The Peacock Press, 1964

Pearce Press – Pearce, William R., 1962-1965


22        The Pearson Street Press - The Post Press


The Pearson Street Press – Albert, Howard I., 1951-1963

The Pease Press – Pease, William A. and Lydia, 1962

Peat’s Press – Peat, David W., 1984

At the Sign of the Pen and Press – Margo, Egdon H., 1961-1963

Pendragon Press – Churchman, David C., 1964

The Pendulum Press – White, Henry B., 1959-1968

The Sign of the Penitent Dunce - Robert, Joseph C., 1956-1963

Pennian Private Press – Weiser, Ken, n.d.

Pennyroyal Press, n.d.

Pentagram Press, - Tarachow, Michael, 1980-1982

The Penury Press – Hookway, William, 1961-1964

The Peppercorn Press – Morgan, Arthur and Muriel, 1962-1964

The Pequod Press – Ruyle, John, 1985

The Peregrine Press – Evans, Henry, 1955-1961

The Permanent Press – Floyd, Picot and Mary, 1973-1977

The Permutation Press – Harvey, Clifford A., 1978-1982

Peter Pauper Press – Beilenson, Peter and Edna, 1962

The Pfuster and Tinker Press – Mahoney, J. Carroll, 1957-1983

The Philter Press – Quyle, Katherine, 1961-1968

Two folders of samples and correspondence

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

22                    The Pearson Street Press - The Post Press (cont'd)


Phoenix Press – Clement, John, 1937-1940

The Piccolo Press – Craig, John, 1958-1962

Pickering Press – Anderson, John, 1983

Pie in the Sky Press – Boyett, Laurie and Ted, 1976

Pied Pauper Press, 1984

Pied Pica Press – Oshlag, Dorothy, 1963

Pied Piper Press – Jorgenson, Robert, 1959

The Pigeonhole Press – Dilley, Ray, 1959

Pigtail Press – Quyle, Katherine, 1962-1965

Pilgrim Way – Johnston, Elder James E., 1957-1959

Pillbox Private Press – Grady, Milton R., 1959-1963

The Pilot Press – Greer, David F., 1982-1984

Pin Oak Press – Merck, 1971-1972

The Pinch-Penny Press – Storer, Guy B., n.d.

The Pine Tree Press – Witter, Robin A, 1967-1975

The Pioneer Press, n.d.

The Piper’s Press – Hoehn, Doris and Harry, 1963-1968

The Pipsqueak Press – Krause, Jean and Joe, 1963

Plain Wrapper Press – Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel, 1974

The Plane Tree Press – Granger, Gary, n.d.

The Plane Tree Press – Schutz, Gloria and Robert, n.d.

The Platen Press – Freedman, Ted, 1944-1962

The Plover Press – Bohne, Pall W., 1963

P’Nye Press – Postman, Frederica, 1976

Polidiom Press – West, Elizabeth, 1960

The Polka Dot Press – Simpson, Violet Marr, 1959

The Pondside Press – Diamant, Joan and Linc, 1971

The Pony X Press – Bush, Charles L. 1980-1987

The Poor Richard Press – Goodman, Jr., Julius, 1960-1976

Poorhouse Press – Connolly, Robert B., 1960

The Pop-Over Press – Miller, Matthew, 1968

The Porcupine Press – Neals, Walter, 1957-1964

The Post Press - Carothers, Martha, 1984

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


23        The Postern Press - The sand flea press


The Postern Press – Spear, Frank E., 1961-1964

Potluck Press – Ober, Charles J., 1964

Potpourri – Miller, Guy, 1949-1961

Poverty Press – Starkweather, Ralph, 1963

Powers Private Press – Powers, Edith and Frank, 1955-1975

The Pragmatic Press – Mack, Albert J., 1981-1982

The Prairie Press – Coleman, Carroll, 1939-1961

The Prairie School Press – Hasbrouck, W. R., 1963

The Pray Curser Press – Bergdoll, Erwin R., 1976

Pride’s Press – Pride, Earl B., 1960-1961

The Primitive Press – Long, Bob, 1961-1964

Printcraft Specialties Press – De Atley, Glenn O., 1963-1964

The Press of the Printer’s Devil – Gnat, Raymond E., 1961-1962

Prints Charming Ink – Logan, Kuyk and Dianne, 1984

The Printshop - Slama, Lester K., 1959-1962

Prism Press, - Ghorbanian, Nelson, 1978

Private Prize Press -- Walker, Horace, 1973

Propaganda Press – Chase, Robert W., n.d.

Protean Press – Horrigan, Terry, 1982

The Provincial Press – Smith, Mason and Barbara, 1968-1970

Pterodactyl Press – Pearce, Floyd, 1967

Pulitzer Press – Babcox, Peter, 1962

The Pumpkin Press – Pelow, Dale M., 1961-1962

The Puppet Press – Thompson, Tommy, 1959

The Purple Partridge Press – Kurschenska, Harold Douglas, 1959-1963

Pussyfoot Press – Kuhn, Mary E., 1966

Püterschein-Hingham Press – Abbe, Dorothy, 1959


“Q,” 1979

Quadrille Printers

Quick Print Shop

The Quiet Desperation Press


Q Press – Ellison, Louise, 1965

Queen Maud Press – Anderson, Maria

Quest Graphics –Lillethorup, Kragh, 1961

Quest Press – Stanley, Clyde, 1958-1963

The Quilkin Press – Leonard, Clifford S., Jr, 1971-1983

The Quill and Phyton Press – Nolan, James R., 1983

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

23                    The Postern Press - The sand flea press (cont'd)


“R,” 1961-1990

Rachlis, Eugene

Ranney, Dick

Reich, J. J.

Remignanti, Gene

Remley, R. D.

Rich, Robert P.

Richter, Jean and Bob

Roberts, Howard

Rochford, Daniel

Rosenthal, Skip

Royall, Bill, photograph


The Ram Press – Wronker, Lili and Erich, 1961

Rampant Lions Press – Carter, Will and Sebastian, 1967-1974

Rampart Press – Beecher, John, 1960-1962

The Ranch Press – Spencer, Carmelita G., 1964

The Rather Press – Rather, Lois and Cliff, 1974-1989

The Rattlesnake Press – Simmons, Gil L., 1964

The Raymond Press, 1958

Reason Totters – Jackson, John C., 1953-1964

Recalcitrant Press – Rice, Roy A., 1976-1981

The Recess Press – Albert, Ray Allen, 1957-1961

The Rectory Basement Press, - Eddy, William D., 1983-1987

The Red Apple Press – Overington, Norman, 1964-1965

The Red Barn Press – Marsden, James H., 1959-1962

Red Dress Press – Holden, Karen, 1984-1985

Redmon Press – Redmon, Laurence, 1964

The Regalet Press – Cornfield, Edwin and Carmel, 1964

The Ward Ritchie Press – Ritchie, Ward, 1960-1963

The River Hill Press – Jaskovski, Robert J., 1959-1962

Robinwood Press – Stall, John F., 1956-1962

The Robot Press – Kent, Robert, 1985-1986

Ron Press – Wronker, Lili and Erich, 1958-1993

Ronart Press Limited – Ruble, Ronald A., 1966-1974

The Rookwood Press – Gander, William. H., 1949-1963

The Rooster Press of Chapel Hill – Hudgens, Robert W., 1964-1966

The Rose Valley Press – Kahoe, Walter, 1963

The Press in Rowayton – Sweet, Bruce, 1958

Runser, Robert E., 1960-1964

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

23                    The Postern Press - The sand flea press (cont'd)


“S,” 1944-1964

Sabine, Julia – The Public Library of Newark, NJ

Sandvig, Mauda

Saplin, Stanley

Schappler, John and Jane

Schimmel, Stuart B.

Schlesinger, Carl

Schlosser Paper Corporation – Schlosser, Leonard B.

Schneiderman, Ira P.

Schober, Joseph E.

Schultz, Walter F.

Schumacher, Bernard A.

Schwarz, Philip John

Scott, J. Alexander

Scruggs, Jr., J. H.

Shavit, David

Shipley, James

Siberell, Lloyd Emerson

Silberman, Michael, n.d.

Silva, John A.

Sims, Harry R.

Singer, George C.

Smith, Ray F.

Smolin, Harold

Source Publishers

Spearwa Press

Spencer, John W.

Stang, R. E.

Stanley, D. A.

Stechert-Hafner, Inc.

Stephens County Chapter, American Red Cross

Steven, Marsha and Chandler

Stevens, Harold F.

Strachan, Wallace

Strobel, Don M.

St. Clair, Rodney

St. Lawrence College

St. Onge, Achille J.

Swallow, Alan - letters to Lieberman

Swarthmore College Library

Syracuse University – Clark, W. C.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

23                    The Postern Press - The sand flea press (cont'd)


The Sagittarius Press – Shanklin, Richard B., 1963-1965

Sahlin Typographic Service – Sahlin, Emil Georg, 1950-1962

Saint Albert’s Press, 1957-1959

The Salamagundi Press – Schumaker, Millard, 1964

The sand flea press – Durrett, Joe, 1961-1963


24        Sandalwood Studio - The Press of the Stepping Hen


Sandalwood Studio – Wesson, Helen and Sheldon, n.d.

The Sandstone Press, - Beil, Frederic C., 1977

The Sans Souci Press – Bohm, Anton, 1961-1963

The Saxon Press, 1965

The Scarlet Cockerel Press – Babcock, Ralph W., 1937-1962

The Press of Ward Schori – Schori, Ward K.,1960-1987

The Scorpio Press – Nemoy, Maury, 1961-1963

The Scott Free Press – Scott, Duane C., 1974-1986

The Scrap Paper Press – Nicholson, Donn E., 1962

The Scrimshaw Press – Mitchell, Frederick and Margaretta, 1960-1964

The Scullions’ Press, 1957

Second-Hand Press – Kirouac, Paul and Ellen, 1966

The Private Press of Harold Segal -- Segal, Harold, 1959-1964

The Serendipity Press, - Antin, Charles, 1958-1969

The Serendipity Press – Wronker, Lili, 1994

The Serif Press – Osburn, Burl N., 1959

Seven Acres Press – Haberly, Loyd, 1962

Seven Sea Private Press – Carlson, Quick, 1963

The Shady Acre Private Press – Keffer, Willametta and Martin, 1948-1964

Includes three photographs, one of Martin Keffer (1963)

The Shady Tree Press – Rapa, Ernie and Aida, 1956-1964

Shakespeare Head Press, 1982

The Shamrock Press – Murphy, Jack, 1972

The Shamrock Press (Schoonrock) – Schoonrock, Peter, 1963-1973

The Shawnee Press – Phillips, Charles, 1973-1977

The Shinbone Alley Press – Palmer, Dick, 1960

The Shoe String Press – Sands, Ben and Bonna, 1960-1962

La Siesta Press – Wheelock, Walter W., 1960-1964

Sigma Press – Piaskowski, Stanislaw, 1959-1961

The Signet Press – Rae, Thomas, 1958-1962

The Sil-Mar Press – Tawney, Silas Edward, n.d.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

24                    Sandalwood Studio - The Press of the Stepping Hen (cont'd)


Silo Press – Borsodi, Victor, 1959-1960

Includes proofs of the pressmark by John DePol

The Silver Buckle Press – Shaftoe, Robert W., 1962-1964

The Silver Press – Shenker, Martin, 1960-1961

The Silverado Press – Strouse, Norman H., 1953-1965

Includes letters from Strouse

Simanis Press – Simanis, Vito, 1964

Simplistic Press - Ulrich, R. L., 1969-1975

Skreughbaul Press – Danner, William M. 1959-1996

Includes issues of Stefantasy Magazine

Sleepy Hollow Press – Callendar, Jr., Wesley P., 1958-1960

At the Sign of the Slipped Disc – Clarke, Thomas, 1966

The Sloop Press – Racke, Regis F., 1972-1974

The Smoking Stack Press– Ryland, Charles S., 1954-1964

Smout Press – Bradshaw, Christopher, 1959

The Snapfinger Press – Fitzpatrick, Jimmy, 1960-1962

The Solstice Press – Sherdeman, Ted, n.d.

The Sometime Press – Bate, Norman, 1960-1962

The Sometimes Press – Suzuki, Tom, 1962

The Sorg-hum Press – Sorg, Len, n.d.

La Press Sous-Sol – Bonk, Wallace J. and Joyce, 1961

Spadefoot Press – Gallagher, Frederick M., 1983

Spare Moments Press – Piskor, Frank P., 1961-1964

Spare Time Press – Bradford, Joe and Charlene, 1963-1964

Sparrow Press, 1984

Speer Press – Speer, Willard F., 1965

The Spilling Over Press – Ropers, Clark and Mary, 1978

The Spiral Press – Blumenthal, Joseph, 1933-1962

Square Deal Printery – Myers, Wilfred, 1959

The Squire’s Press – Freedmen, Edward H., 1961-1970

Stagecoach Press – Rittenhouse, Jack D., 1951-1963

Stanbrook Abbey Press - Cumming, Dame Hildelith, 1961-1968

The Star Press – Harshaw, Alan E., 1959-1962

Star & Cradle Press – French, Hollis, 1959

Stedman’s Golden Filch Press – Stedman, Dale, 1971-1986

The Press of the Stepping Hen – Stephens, Stephen Dewitt, 1955-1964

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


25        The Stone House Press - Walnut Press


The Stone House Press – Gelfand, Morris A., 1977-1996

Stone Stable Press – Barnes, Doug, 1940-1968

Stone Wall Press, n.d.

The Stourton Press – Hall, Penelope and Fairfax, 1958-1959

The Studio Press – Baker, Bert, 1961

Suburban Peasant – Bauer, Anne, 1965

The Sugarbush Press, 1969

Sumac Press – Klinefelter, Walter, 1956-1986

The Sun Arts Press – Fernandez, George R., 1964

Sunburst Cottage Press – Nielsen, Albert K., 1962-1964

Sunflower Press – Cunningham, Bruce and Carol, 1964-1981

Sunny Brae Press – Horner, Allen R., n.d.

Sunshine Private Press – Henrichs, Henry F., 1961

The Surfside Press of Mission Beach – Fielding, Edgar X., 1959-1960

Swedes House Press – Askerberg, Albert E. Jr, 1969-1970


“T,” 1964-1983

Tagle, Ferdy – The NY School of Printing

Talponia Press

Tansey, Gene M.

Taylor, W. Thomas

The University of Texas at Austin

Thomajan, P.K.

Thomas, Ellen S.

Thompson, Bradbury

Tschudi, Traugott

Tuars Press, Ltd.


The Tabard Press – Kerrigan, Philip, 1964-1967

Talkarra Press – Stone, Walter W., 1953-1959

The Tamalpais Press – Levenson, Roger, 1959-1970

Tarantula Press - Kent, Susannah, 1985-1986

Taurus Press – Piech, Paul Peter, 1960-1965

The Tenfingers Press – Thomas, Frank J., 1960-1967

Includes photograph of Frank J. Thomas’s studio

The Thinkmore Press – McGahey, George, 1961

Includes samples of "The Story Behind the Stamp"

The Third & Elm Press – Nesbitt, Alexander, 1960-1984

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

25                    The Stone House Press - Walnut Press (cont'd)


The Three Birds Press – Hunt, Lee, 1969-1972

Includes signed engravings by Hunt

The Three Generations Press – Doletzky, James, 1973

Threepenny Press – MacDonald, Stephen and Patricia, n.d.

The Thumbprint Press – Biemiller, Reynard and T. Robert Stumpf, 1937-1938

Tideline Press, n.d.

The Tinhorn Press – Robertson, Charles F., 1960-1961

Tom's Thumb Press – Claydon, Molly and Peter, 1962

The Tortoise Press – Fleming, Allan R., 1961

Towne Talk Press – Towne, Bruce F., 1963-1964

Includes a photograph of Towne

The Tread-Not Press – Smith, Bill and Gloria, 1980-1981

The Trivia Press – Burbank, Harlan D., 1975-1976

Trovillion Private Press – Trovillion, Hal W. and Violet, 1943-1962

The Tudor Press – Teeple, Louise and Herbert, 1961-1977

The Tumbleweed Press – Meagher, James J., 1960-1961

The Turtle Press – Wiggins, R. H., 1960

Twelve Oaks Press – Johnson, William M., 1981-1985

Twin Quills Press – Feller, Les, n.d.

The Twittering Wheel Press – Creasman, Ralph, 1963-1964

The Two-Horse Press – Colt, Andrew, 1962

To Two Y’s Press -- Yost, Arthur Kenneth, 1961-1984

The Twombly Press – Bullwinkle, Benjamin B., 1965-1990

Tynet Press – Smith, John, 1958


Under the Cellar Steps Press – Cordes, Norman and Ruth, 1974-1981

The Under Hand Press – Riback, Milt, n.d.

The Underfoot Press – Soule, 1958-1959

Underground Press – Klensch, Charles, 1960-1994

Unicorn Press – Williams, Betty and Fred, 1984

United Efforts Press – Arnold, John E., 1960-1963

The Univir Press – Migliaccio, Ernest, n.d.

Uphill Press – Heckscher, August, 1934-1965

Uranian Press – Baer, Dorothea and Richard O., 1960-1967



Van der Kloot, Barbara

Vance, Marshall D.

Van's Column

Vecchio, Anthony

Vickers, Jonathan

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

25                    The Stone House Press - Walnut Press (cont'd)


The Valentine Press – Purser, Richard A., 1958-1973

The Vanishing Press – Richardson, Jr., Eugene S. and Peter Nichols, 1966-1975

Veritas Press – Suess, Ursula, 1962-1966

The Vic Press – Oliner, Stan, 1957-1962

Vice Press – Stoltz, Gene, 1964

The Victoria Press – Saxe, Stephen O., n.d.

The Victorian Press – Derby, Ralph F., 1960-1963


Village Green Press – Callender, Wesley P., Jr., 1958-1963

Includes a photograph of Wesley P. Calender, Jr.

The Village Press -- Goudy, Frederic W., 1962-1978

The Vine Press, 1959

The Vintage Press – Burnett, Kenneth L., 1965-1966

The Vinters Press – Gibb, Robert M., 1973


“W,” 1955-1988

Wagon and Star Press

Wallace, W.W.

The Walrus Press – Johnson, Bryan R.

Walsdorf, John J.

Walsh, George T.

Wanzug, George L.

Ward, Philip

Waterloo County Secondary School Press

Waygoose Society

Wells, James M.

Wells, Lester G.

Wentz, Roby

Wheaton, Robert E.

White, Douglas

William Allen White Library

Williams, Gordon

World Writers Club – Serpas, Paul F.

Wright, F. K.


W4 Imprint – Angle, G. Brock, 1959-1960

Walnut Press, n.d.

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)


26        Walpole Printing Office - The Zauberberg Press


Walpole Printing Office - Peter Beilenson and Edmund Thompson, 1920-1935

Five folders of samples

Waltzing Indian Press – Prather, Maurice, n.d.

Wanderlust Press – Brandt, Irwin O., 1960-1961

The Water Tower Press – Templeton, Richard H., 1966

The Wattle Grove Press – Hennequel, Rolf, 1961-1962

Watts Press – Watts, Steve L., 1959-1964

The Wayside Press – Stanley, Clyde L., 1986

The Wayzgoose Press – Lancaster, John, 1970-1978

Wee Willie’s Workshop – Weygand, Phil, 1964

Includes a negative for a photograph of Phil Weygand

Weiler Press – Weiler, Joseph Francis, 1958-1984

Wessman, Robert H., 1962-1964

Private Press of the Wessons - Wesson, Sheldon, 1979-1984

The Westgate Press, 1960

Wheelwick Press – Hodges, A. W., 1956

White Birch Press – Davids, Harold E., 1961

White Clay Creek Press – White, William O., 1960-1963

White Elefant Press – Da Rif, Gerda, 1980

Williamsburg Press, 1974

The Willow Press – Hantke, Gary, 1958-1963

Includes a photograph of Hantke

Wilmac Press – McKenney, J. Wilson, 1960-1964

Wilson, Adrian, 1956-1977

The Windcrest Press – Hale, Pups and Ralph, 1960

The Windhover Press – Merker, Kim K., 1969-1980

The Windward Press – Meacham, J. A., 1957-1961

The Wine Press – Scudder, Harvey E., 1961

Wini Press – Pasternack, Charles, 1972-1983

Witte Enterprises – Witte, E. P., 1963-1964

The Woodland Press – Forkey, Del, 1960-1964

The Woodside Press – Grisenti, James, 1962-1976

Press of the Woolly Whale, 1937-1940

The Work-Up Press – Elzinga, Donald, 1963

The Wrapping Paper Press, 1962-1963

The Wyvern Press – Frank, David D., 1977-1981

Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)

Series IV.1.  Files of private press ephemera (cont'd)

26                    Walpole Printing Office - The Zauberberg Press (cont'd)



Yoder, Richard


The Private Press of a Yankee Ink Dauber – Mac Mahon, Frederick B., 1959-1963

Yellow Breeches Press – Karch, R. Randolph, 1957-1963


“Z,” 1969-1996

Zant, Pu


Zapf, Hermann, 1984-1996

The Zauberberg Press – Drenner, Don von R., 1954-1964



Series IV.2.  Christmas cards from private presses, 1922-1983

Arranged chronologically, these cards were sent to the Liebermans by private press printers, including a few photographs of families and letters.


F1        1922-1957

F2        1958-1959

F3        1960

F4        1961

F5        1962

F6        1963

F7        1963

F8        1963

F9        1964

F10      1965

F11      1966

F12      1966

F13      1967-1968

F14      1969

F15      1970-1974

F16      1975-1979

F17      1980-1983

F18      n.d.

Series IV.  Files of private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)


Series IV.3.  Bundled Private Press Ephemera, 1959-1984


28        Amalgamated Printers’ Association (APA) material

Includes “Some Words on the Subject of Bundles” by Eugene Richardson (APA No. 440), 1977.


29        Amalgamated Printers’ Association (APA) bundled material


30        Amalgamated Printers’ Association (APA) bundled material


31        National Amateur Press Association  (NAPA) bundled material


Series IV.  Private press publications and ephemera (cont'd)


Series IV.4.  Miscellaneous private press ephemera, 1950s-1980s

Includes printed publications, journals, and miscellaneous ephemera



Includes an unfoldered collection of miscellaneous printed journals (c.1900-1960), most likely distributed by the National Amateur Press Association (NAPA) and/or the Amalgamated Printers’ Association (APA), c.1960.  The journals appeared to have been gleaned from bundled material issued by the organizations to their members.  A large sample has been grouped alphabetically, to which is appended a smaller collection of unsorted journals.  Titles include: APC News, Apex Mailer’s Message, Badger Scratches, Bare Cove, Bayou Blossoms, Biscayne Breeze, Blue Grass Amateur, Blue Skies, Campane, Canyon Echoes, Capitol Columns, Cartoons, Cedar Smoke, The Cemetery Rabbit, Cerebrations, Chief, Christmas Pudding, Colorado Roundup, The Columbian, Comment, The Cornerstone, Couleur de Rose, Dingbat Gossip, The Dryad, The Dragon-Fly, Florida Flowers, The Flying Quill, The Friendly Road, The Garden State Messenger, The Goldenrod, The Hermit’s Gazette, Hyacinths, Interim Edition, The Journal of Intermittency, J. Ed’s Almanack, The Great Western Jungle Telegraph, The Kitchen Stove, The Leaflet, The Lone Wolf, Long Live the King, The Magnet, The Mascot, Microcosm, Micros, The Midland Printer, The Minstrel, Mirages, Miscellanea Typographica, Oasis Opus, The Patriot, The Prairie Breeze, Prairie Memories, The Preceptor, Quote, Ramblings, The Redwood Rambler, The River Hill Printer, Rustlings, The Sage Hawk, The Scribbler, The Sea Hawk, Seattle Amateur, Seattle Advocate, Seattle Chief, Seattle Comment, Seattle Zenith, The Secretary’s Notebook, Shambler, Sharp Pointers, The Shillalah, Siamese Standpipe 40, Slipsheet, The Stepping Stone, Strictly Duerr, Tid-Bits, The Torpedo, The Trail Blazer, True Blue, Tusculum, Two Elms, Velvet Shoes, The Walrus, Wave Your Banners, Weaker Moments, and other miscellaneous titles.


33                    Miscellaneous ephemera and printed material, 1950s-1980s

F19      Correspondence, 1963-1983

F20      Prop cards, n.d.

F21      Prospectuses, 1951-1983

F22      Prospectuses, 1935-1981

F23      Reference, 1940-1980

Unfoldered       miscellaneous ephemera and printed material


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