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Series III.  Chappels, 1947-1984


Extent:  2.5 linear ft.


Contents:  Correspondence, announcements, printed ephemera, minutes, photographs, bylaws, histories, rosters, calendars, and keepsakes


Arrangement:  Arranged in five sub-series:

1) Information about chappels

2) Individual chappels

3) Annual Joint Meetings of the New York Area Chappels (chronological order)

4) National joint chappel meetings (chronological order)

5) Inquiries to Lieberman about chappels (arranged alphabetically by state)




Ben Lieberman has been identified as the founder of the modern chappel movement in the United States.  In 1957, he founded the Moxon Chappel in San Francisco, the first modern chappel in the United States.  During the 1960s he was instrumental in founding the New York Chappel and Westchester Chappel.

            Material in this series documents Lieberman's involvement in the modern chappel movement in general, including fielding of inquiries from throughout the nation, as well as his active participation in local chappels and joint meetings of chappels.  Among the files are the proposals and bylaws for the first chappel, photographs the New York Chappel's summer chappel encampment, histories and rosters for chappels, and numerous keepsakes printed by members of the chappels.  See folders F61-F65 in series I.1. for publications printed by Lieberman's Herity Press for various chappels.


11                    Series III.  Chappels, 1947-1984


Series III.1.  Information about chappels, 1947-1982

F1        General, 1965-1970

F2        History - Ancient, 1947

F3        History - Modern, 1961-1982



Series III.2.  Individual chappels, 1957-1984


Moxon Chappel, 1957-1982

F4        Proposal and bylaws, 1957

F5        Correspondence, 1956-1981

F6        Histories and customs, 1958-1982

F7        Rosters, 1960-1976


Minutes, 1957-1982

F8        1957-1959

F9        1960-1969

F10      1970-1979

F11      1980-1982

F12      n.d.


Announcements, 1957-1982

F13      Stone plate for printing, n.d.

F14      Printed, 1957-1982

F15      Printed, 1958-1979


F16      Packet, 1966

F17      Member prints, 1957-1980

F18      Member prints, 1959-1982


Westchester Chappel, 1959-1984

F19      Correspondence, notes, etc., 1959-1978

F20      Rosters, 1971-1980

F21      Calendars, notes, 1963-1984

F22      Announcements, etc., by Herity Press, 1960-1976

F23      Announcements, 1960-1977

F24      Print by members, 1960-1982

12                    Series III.  Chappels (cont'd)

Series III.2.  Individual chappels (cont'd)


New York Chappel, 1958-1965

F25      Correspondence, notes, etc., 1958-1965

F26      Photographs, 1959-1961

16 photographs of members of the summer chappel encampment, including images of Ben Lieberman.

F27      Printing by Herity Press for the chappel, 1961-1962

F28      Announcements, rosters, etc., 1958-1963

F29      Print by members, 1958 and n.d.


Monks and Friars Chappel, 1962-1965

F30      Correspondence, 1962-1964

F31      Announcements, keepsakes, 1963-1964

F32      Calendars, 1963-1965


Goudy Chappel, 1965-1982

F33      Photographs and correspondence, 1966-1982

3 group photographs of Goudy members, includes the Liebermans, the Wronkers, Cordes, Speckters, Haywoods, and others.

F34      Annoucements and keepsakes, 1965-1980

F35      Rosters, 1965-1981

F36      Calenders, 1969-1982


Raritan Chappel, 1973-1978

F37      Correspondence, Etc., 1973-1978

F38      Keepsakes and announcements, 1973-1974

F39      Rosters, 1974-1977


13        F40      Calenders, 1973-1978


F41      Knickerbocker Chappel, 1962

F42      Manhattan Chappel, 1959-1962

F43      Long Island Chappel, 1961-1964

F44      John Peter Zenger Chappel, 1963-1964

F45      New Jersey Chappel, 1962-1963

F46      Redwood Chappel, 1976-1980

F47      Boston Chappel, 1960-1961

F48      Cleveland Chappel, 1962-1963

13                    Series III.  Chappels (cont'd)

Series III.2.  Individual chappels (cont'd)


London Chappel, 1962-1983

F49      Correspondence, etc. 1962-1983

F50      Announcements and calendars, 1963-1964

F51      Keepsakes and specimens, 1964-1972


Series III.3.  Annual Joint Meetings of the New York Area Chappels,     1960-1968

F52      First, 1960

F53      Second, 1961-1962

F54      Third, 1962-1963

F55      Fourth, 1964

F56      Fifth, 1965

F57      Seventh, 1967-1968

F58      Mechanick Exercise, 1963


Series III.4.  National joint chappel meetings, n.d.


F59      National joint meetings, n.d.


Series III.5.  Inquiries to Lieberman about chappels, 1959-1969

Arranged by location from the inquiry originated


F60      Arizona, 1967

F61      California, 1959-1968

F62      Colorado, 1961-1964

F63      Connecticut, 1959-1964

F64      Washington, D.C., 1962

F65      Florida, 1960-1964

F66      Illinois, 1960-1964

F67      Indiana, 1961-1963

F68      Iowa, 1959

F69      Kansas, 1963-1966

F70      Kentucky, 1966

F71      Maryland, 1964-1965

F72      Massachusetts, 1963-1968

F73      Michigan, 1961-1964

F74      Minnesota, 1961-1966

F75      Missouri, 1965

13                    Series III.  Chappels (cont'd)

Series III.5.  Inquiries about chappels (cont'd)


F76      Nebraska, 1967

F77      New Hampshire, 1965

F78      New Jersey, 1960-1965

F79      New York, 1961-1966

F80      North Carolina, 1966

F81      Ohio, 1963-1964

F82      Oklahoma, 1965

F83      Oregon, 1960

F84      Pennsylvania, 1961-1969

F85      Texas, 1963-1967

F86      Vermont, 1966-1967

F87      Virginia, 1965

F88      Wisconsin, 1960-1967

F89      Canada/International, 1959-1962

UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > J. Ben Lieberman Papers Index > Series Outline

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