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Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated, 1926-1985


Extent:  5 linear ft.


Contents:  Correspondence, photographs, minutes, brochures, printed ephemera, corporate seal, posters, catalogs, announcements, magazines and journals, bylaws, membership lists, reports, applications, calendars, and phonograph recordings.


Arrangement:  Arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization.  Educational institutions, museums and libraries are organized separately at the end of the series.




Ben Lieberman was not only active in many print-related organizations; he was the founder of several.  He founded both the American Printing History Association and the Goudy Society.  Lieberman's files reflect the beginnings of both of these organizations, including minutes for first gatherings and photographs of the incorporation signing for the Goudy Society.

Ben Lieberman served as a board member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts; consequently his files include board minutes, correspondence, as well as AIGA publications.  Lieberman was also an active member of the Typophiles, the Private Libraries Association, the Amalgamated Printers Association, the William Morris Society, the Graphic Arts Education Association, and the Type Directors Club.  The files related to these groups include some correspondence but predominantly printed information and ephemera.

This series concludes with files of printed material and an occasional piece of correspondence related to educational institutions, libraries, and museums with which Lieberman had some connection.


6                      Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated, 1926-                                            1985


F1        Advertising Typographers of America, 1942-1965


American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), 1926-1980

F2        News-letter, 1933-1939

F3        News-letter, 1940-1964

F4        Journal, 1947-1952

F5        Book auction, 1934-1949

F6        Packaging exhibitions, 1957-1972

F7        Magazine shows, clinics, 1950-1965

F8        Fifty Books of the Year, 1926-1972

F9        Paperbacks exhibitions, 1960-1964

F10      Plant tours, 1953-1959

F11      Children's Books exhibitions, 1944-1962

F12      Books by offset, 1941-1942

F13      British Books exhibitions, 1939-1952

F14      Printing for Commerce exhibitions, 1934-1952


7                      Printing for Commerce exhibitions, 1953-1964

F15      1953-1958

F16      1959-1961

F17      1962

F18      1963-1964


F19      Workshops and clinics, 1956-1970


AIGA Board, 1963-1980

F20      1963

F21      1964

F22      1966-1980


F23      Announcements, correspondence, etc, 1935-1969

F24      Publications, 1936-1970

F25      Communications, 1946-1962

F26      Annual meeting announcements, report, 1949-1960

F27      List of members, purpose and objectives, 1945

F28      Catalog Omnibus, 1975-1976

F29      Catalogs, 1962-1977

F30      Exhibitions, previews, 1933-1977

F31      Trade books clinics, exhibitions, 1948-1972

F32      Textbooks, clinics, exhibitions, 1950-1959

7                      Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated (cont'd)


F33      American Management Association, 1958

F34      American Printing Association, 1982



American Printing History Association (APHA), 1972-1985

F35      Founding meetings, 1972-1974

F36      Minutes, business, 1975

F37      Board, 1976

F38      Bylaws, 1974


Membership applications, 1974-1975

F39      blank and certificate, 1974-1975

F40      Completed applications

F41      Completed applications

F42      Completed applications

F43      Completed applications


F44      Membership census, 1974-1975

F45      Charter members, 1975

F46      Lists of officers, 1974-1976

F47      Correspondence, etc, 1977-1983

F48      Committees, 1974-1975

F49      The APHA Letter, 1974-1985

F50      Postal

F51      Stamplates, 1975

F52      Stationary

F53      Publications, 1975-1983

F54      Legal, International Revenue Service, 1975

F55      First Annual Meeting, 1975 Jan 22

F56      Conferences, 1977-1983

F57      New York Chapter, 1974-1980


F58      American Society of Industrial Designers, 1956

F59      American Typecasting Fellowship, 1973-1984

F60      Art Directors Club, 1949-1982

8                      Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated (cont'd)


Book Club of California, 1957-1965

F61      Correspondence, 1957-1965

F62      Catalogs, 1964-1965


Quarterly News-letter, 1935-1966

F63      1935-1957

F64      1958-1959


9          F65      1960-1961

F66      1962-1963

F67      1964-1966 and index

F68      Publications and announcements, 1957-1967

F69      Publications and announcements, 1957-1967


F70      Club of Printing Women of New York, 1965

F71      Duodecimo Society, calendars, 1960-1965

F72      Folio Society, 1949-1970

F73      Gallery 303, 1962-1970


The Goudy Society, 1965-1975

F74      Correspondence, 1966-1972

F75      Meetings, dinners, 1965-1970

F76      Incorporation, 1965-1975

Includes 6 photographs of incorporation signing

F77      Corporate seal, n.d.

F78      Unused corporate records book, n.d.


F79      Graphic Art Preparation - workshops, n.d.

F80      Graphic Arts Industry Inc., 1966-1967

F81      Grolier Club, 1946-1971

F82      Heritage of the Graphic Arts, 1962-1980

F83      International Communications Association, 1975

F84      International Small Printers Association, 1957-1962


Limited Editions Club, 1930-1964

F85      Announcements and ephemera, 1930

F86      The Monthly Letter, 1931-1933, 1954, 1964

9                      Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated (cont'd)


F87      Museum of Printing, 1982

F88      National Art Education Association, 1953

F89      New York Employing Printers Association Inc., 1937-1958

F90      New York Printers Wall-of-Fame, 1976-1981

F91      Overseas Press Club of America, 1972

F92      Printing Historical Society, 1973-1974

F93      Printing Industries of America, 1976

F94      Printing Industries of Metropolitan New York Inc., 1963-1969

F95      Printing Week in New York, 1942-1982

F96      Private Libraries Association, 1957-1972


10        F97      Public Relations Society of America, 1955-1976

F98      Rounce & Coffin Club, 1956-1957

F99      Sigma Delta Chi, 1958

F100    Society of Publication Designers, 1971

F101    Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, 1967


Type Directors Club, 1949-1982

F102    Exhibition catalogs and information, 1949-1982

F103    Annuals, 1966-1980

F104    Lieberman's presentation: "The Typographic Taxonomy," 1970 May 26


F105    Typocrafters, 1969-1983

Includes a photograph of a group attending the September 1978 Typocrafters meeting in Salem, New Hampshire

F106    Typographers Association of New York, 1971-1977

F107    Typographic Composition Association, 1969

Includes three 33 1/3 rpm phonograph records: "The Sound of Type," (2 copies) and "The Sound of Lettering," both conceived and recorded by Tony Schwartz for the International Typographic Composition Association."


Typophiles, 1940-1980

F108    Announcements, 1944-1978

F109    Announcements and production material, 1940-1971

F110    Correspondence and mailing list, 1968-1980

F111    Publications, 1949-1974

10                    Series II.  Organizations with which Lieberman was affiliated (cont'd)


William Morris Society - British and U. S., 1958-1974

F112    Correspondence, 1961-1969

F113    Correspondence (British), 1961-1968

F114    Members (U. S.), rules, 1958-1974

F115    Minutes and publications (British), 1961-1968

F116    News from Anywhere (U. S.), 1961-1971

F117    Journals (British) 1961-1970

F118    Annual reports, 1959-1969


F119    Wynkyn de Worde Society, 1969


Educational Institutions, 1939-1983

F120    Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1941-1968

F121    Club des Libraries de France, n.d.

F122    Columbia University, 1980-1981

F123    The Cooper Union Art School, 1960

F124    New York University, 1954-1967

F125    Pratt Institute, 1960-1962

F126    Rochester Institute of Technology, 1939-1983


11        F127    South Dakota State University, 1965

F128    Williams College, 1966

F129    Yale University, n.d.


Museums and Libraries, 1935-1984

F130    Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz, Germany, 1962-1977

F131    Klingspor-Museum, Offenbach am Main, Germany, 1961-1982

F132    Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1984

F133    Museum of Modern Art, 1950-1969

F134    New England Book Show, 1937-1958

F135    New York Public Library, 1935-1958

F136    Pierpont Morgan Library, n.d.

F137    Printers Row Printing Museum, n.d.

F138    South Street Seaport Museum, n.d.

Includes two photographs of Edmund A. Stanley, Jr., Peter Stanford, and Roger Campbell

F139    Exhibits, 1949-1970


UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > J. Ben Lieberman Papers Index > Series Outline

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