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Dorsey Waitman Lewis Papers

1878 - 1958

Manuscript Collection Number: 349
Accessioned: Purchased, August 1993.
Extent: 4 linear ft.
Content: Ledgers, tax forms, canceled checks, correspondence, wills,
legal documents, personal notes, and miscellany.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1997 by Arthur Siegel.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Dorsey Waitman Lewis was born on November 8, 1873 in Lee Mont, Virginia, to Stanley J. Lewis (1850-1929) and Geraldine Coulson Lewis (d. 1933). He attended Western Maryland College, receiving his A.B. in 1893 and his M.A. in 1896, and in 1896 he also received his M.D. at the University of Maryland. Immediately out of school he began practicing medicine in Parksley, Virginia, and in 1899 he moved to Odessa, Delaware, and established a practice there. He remained in Odessa until 1903, whereupon he moved to Middletown, practicing there from 1903 until his retirement. In Middletown he met Mary Clayton Williams (born May 2, 1887), only daughter of the highly-respected businessman and politician Nathaniel J. Williams, and they were married on December 15, 1904. After practicing medicine alone for a number of years Lewis decided to take on an associate, and in 1919 he formed a partnership with Dr. Richard Spahr. This endeavor was unsuccessful, however, and in 1923 the partnership was dissolved.

As a physician, Lewis also formed a number of close personal contacts with members of the Middletown community, including a particularly intimate one with two sisters: Mary Cochran, who was the wife of former Delaware governor John P. Cochran (1875-1879), and Caroline Tumlin. Lewis had been Caroline Tumlin's personal physician since 1903, and as she had no children of her own she began to look upon Lewis as a son. He had also been the financial advisor to both sisters from about the same time. As they had been unsuccessful in managing their money, they looked to Lewis for assistance. Mary Cochran died in 1912 and made her sister executor of her estate, a responsibility which Tumlin did not want and so turned over to Lewis. Tumlin's health rapidly deteriorated in the years following her sister's death, and she died herself on August 6, 1915 at the age of 74. After her death, however, her two nephews, George and Henry Tumlin, accused Lewis of taking advantage of his relationship with their aunt by squandering her fortune away through poor investments and even stealing, and proceeded to sue him in an effort to recover the money. By Caroline Tumlin's own admission, her relationship with her two nephews was "less than cordial," and when they tried to handle her financial affairs during her last years she refused to permit it -- having deep suspicions of their motives. Very little came of this.

Dorsey Lewis was very active in state and local politics as well. He was the director of Citizen's National Bank in Middletown from 1913-1918, and of the Delaware Trust Company from 1918. In 1922 he was elected president of the New Castle County Medical Association, and in the following year held the presidency of the Delaware State Medical Association. Also during 1923 he was the Secretary of the Democratic State Committee, and in 1924 he made an unsuccessful bid for governor of Delaware under the Democratic banner. In addition, during World War I he served on the state draft board. During the 1950s he was Director of the Delaware State Hospital in Farnhurst, and was president of the St. George's Hundred Historical Society in Delaware. His wife was also active in the community. During World War I she served as an instructor for the American Red Cross in the making of surgical dressings. Later, she served as the Secretary of the Women's Democratic Club and president of the Middletown New Century Club.

On July 17, 1929, Dorsey's father, Stanley J. Lewis, died of arteria-sclerosis at the age of 78 years. He and his wife lived in Baltimore, Maryland, where he had been employed as a produce solicitor for George Allison and Co., a business based in New York. Stanley Lewis was heavily involved in real estate, possessing properties as far afield as Connecticut and Florida, and in the years before his death he either sold off or gave a number of properties to his children. Indeed, much of what is known about these individuals comes from correspondence relating to these financial and legal transactions. Dorsey's sister, Ethel Fox, lived in Westport, Connecticut, and was the recipient of a number of these properties. It would seem, however, that she, like her father, suffered from legal difficulties with realty companies attempting to lay claim on them. In addition, Dorsey's brother Walter L. Lewis, who lived in Orlando, Florida, was sold extensive lands in that region by his father.

Dorsey Lewis himself was a successful investor in both the stock market and in real estate, holding properties in Delaware, Maryland, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida -- the latter where he and his wife spent many of their winters. They were consistently acquiring properties, mostly in Delaware, from the 1920s onwards, and would often sell these at a profit after only a few years. Both Dorsey and Mary had their own individual properties, and Mary acquired a large portion of her father's real estate after his death in July, 1943 -- most notably the Atwell, Hyatt, Savin, and Price farms. Slumping farm values in the post-war period created problems for landowners, and this economic condition is reflected in the collection through evidence of devaluation and frequent sales of property in the 1950s. In addition, Lewis bought and sold a large number of stocks primarily from companies involved in either oil or industry. He died sometime between September 1959 and September 1960, and she died after 1986.


Who's Who in Delaware: A Biographical Dictionary of Delaware's Leading Men and Women. ed. Seth Harmon. Philadelphia: The National Biographical Society, 1932.

R.L. Polk & Co. Wilmington Suburban Directory. Richmond, VA: R.L. Polk & Co., 1954-83.

Note: Historical and Biographical information also derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Dorsey W. Lewis Papers concern the business, legal, and personal affairs of the prominent Middletown, Delaware, physician Dorsey Lewis (1873-1960?). The collection itself consists of four linear feet of material comprising correspondence, wills, estate records, office ledgers, canceled checks, tax forms, stock and real-estate transactions, legal papers, bills, and ephemera. The collection is divided into three main series: I. the medical practice and personal business of Dorsey W. Lewis, II. papers regarding his financial and legal management of the wills and estates of Mary Cochran, Caroline R. Tumlin, Stanley and Geraldine Lewis, and Nathaniel Williams, and III. miscellany.

The first series covers the period 1917-1955 and primarily consists of records from Lewis' medical practice and his partnership with Dr. Richard Spahr, as well as tax records, stock trades, and real-estate business.

The second series covers the period 1900-1943, with bulk dates of 1912-1915, and 1928-1934. This consists of the wills, correspondence, property assessment, and financial business, both before and after death, of individuals whose estates were administered by Dorsey Lewis.

The final series contains two miscellaneous items: an 1878 scrapbook of Myra B. Lewis, who was a probable relation to Dorsey Lewis, and a letter with several enclosures from the League to Enforce Peace, dated 1918.

The papers relating to Caroline Tumlin are of particular interest in that her correspondence reveals a close personal and professional relationship with Dr. Lewis during the last years of Tumlin's life. The subsequent legal battle with her two nephews, to whom Caroline Tumlin left relatively little, shows the repercussions of this type of relationship. The case provides an interesting study in the legal process as well as providing an informative account of the "facts" of the case from both parties involved. The case is also useful in that Lewis' defense provides a detailed breakdown of his financial activity in regard to the Tumlin estate from October 1912 until her death in 1915.

The legal documents and letters, in particular, yield a great deal of biographical data about the principal and secondary characters mentioned in the collection, including such information as their whereabouts at a particular time or the nature of relationships to other individuals. With a constant supply of names of professionals with whom Lewis was associated (be they doctors, attorneys, businessmen, or politicians), it is possible to piece together a picture of his personal connections; and researchers of Middletown, Wilmington, and Baltimore may find useful the frequently-made references to these individuals. Of some interest are the various drafts and rewriting of wills which reflect changing family dynamics, as well as a comparison of the different legal procedures used for wills in Delaware and Maryland.

In addition, the collection provides an extensive, though incomplete and somewhat muddled, account of the Lewis family land holdings -- their location, worth, and history of ownership. From the tax records (particularly from the late 1940s and 1950s) it is possible to take this even further by constructing a picture of the economic fortunes of various properties over the course of years, placing them within the general matrix of Depression and post-war agrarian history. Lewis' activity in the stock market also highlights its general activity and prosperity in the years preceding the crash of October 1929, as well as tracing the fortunes of specific stocks, and the relative value of stocks both before and during the Depression can be analyzed through his tax records as well. In addition, the collection provides a rough index of prices for goods and services within the medical, legal and funerary professions from the period 1912-1934, thus providing a means to chart inflation.

There is not much in the collection regarding Lewis' affiliation with the Democratic party, or his involvement in Delaware politics, but one item of great interest is a letter, dated July 17, 1918, which he received from "The League to Enforce Peace." In an effort to try to get the United States to join a League of Nations, this New York-based organization, headed by former president William Howard Taft, sought to convince Congress and the states of the necessity of this action in order to put an end to German militarism and achieve permanent peace. With the letter is also found a copy of the platform adopted by the league as well as the tentative plank. It is likely that Lewis' political involvement during the war solicited this appeal.

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

 Series I. Personal Business
          This series contains papers regarding the personal business of Dorsey W. Lewis. 
          Included are stock reports and receipts for the purchase and sale of stock shares,
          tax forms of Dorsey and Mary Lewis (1922-1955), real estate business, ledgers
          from the Lewis' medical practice (1917-1933), and papers regarding the
          partnership with Dr. Richard Spahr and its dissolution in 1923. 

          Office Ledgers
          These span the years 1917-1933 and contain (unless otherwise specified) a list of
          patient visits, services rendered, and charges.

1    F1   1917-1923
          Contains a list of the purchases of office supplies between June 15, 1917 and
          November 1, 1919.  It also contains the inventory list of supplies and instruments
          for Drs. Lewis and Spahr at the commencement of their partnership on September
          15, 1919, and an inventory for the supplies of Dr. Lewis at the termination of the
          partnership on April 15, 1923.

     F2   1919 Jan 1 - Dec 31
          The ledger has "Jed's Diary" printed on the cover.

     F3   1919 Sep 15 - 1921 Sep 15
          A cash account book which provides a complete, alphabetized list of all of his

     F4   1920 "Jed's Diary"

     F5   1921 "National Diary"

     F6   1922 "National Diary"

     F7   1923 Apr 16 - 1925 Jan 8
          Contains an account of office visits and bills collected, rendered not
          chronologically but by patient's name.
     F8   1925 "Decker Diary"

     F9   1926 Aug 19 - Dec 31

     F10  1927 "National Diary"

     F11  1928 "National Diary"

2    F12  1929 "National Diary"

     F13  1930 "National Diary"

     F14  1931 "National Diary"

     F15  1932 "National Diary"

     F16  1933 "National Diary"

     F17  Daily Planner of Dr. Lewis, 1932
          Entitled "Warner's Calendar of Medical History," this commercially printed
          journal provides medical facts and/or quotes from renowned scientists for each
          day of the year, and at the back there are numerous reference charts providing
          useful information such as the average height and weight for members of various
          age groups.  It contains notes written by Dr. Lewis regarding his daily affairs and
          obligations, and all are crossed out -- though still legible underneath.

          Check Stubs
          These are bound in hard-cover notebooks and cover the period from Sept 19, 1919
          to Apr 20, 1923 -- the period of the partnership of Lewis and Spahr.  The checks
          were drawn from the Delaware Trust Company of Middletown, Delaware, the
          same bank of which Lewis was the Director.  In addition, from 1953-1958 there
          are check stubs kept in 2 spiral "Y+S EZY-Fil Filler" notebooks, published by the
          Young and Selden Co.

     F18  Book 1 (check #101-366)  1919 Sep 19 - 1920 Jun 26

     F19  Book 2 (#367-721)  1920 Jun 29 - 1921 Jun 1

     F20  Book 3 (#722-817)  1921 Jun 3 - Sep 23

     F21  Book 4 (#818-912)  1921 Sep 24 - Dec 30

     F22  Book 5 (#913-1010)  1921 Dec 30 - 1922 Apr 10

2         Series I.  Personal Business (cont'd)
          Check Stubs (cont'd)
     F23  Book 6 (#1011-1111)  1922 Apr 10 - Jul 28

     F24  Book 7 (#1112-1205)  1922 Jul 29 - Nov 6

     F25  Book 8 (#1206-1350)  1922 Nov 8 - 1923 Apr 4

     F26  Book 9 (#1351-1374)  1923 Apr 4 - Apr 20

     F27  EZY Filler (#8044-8539)  1953 Aug 8 - 1956 Apr 13

     F28  EZY Filler (#8540-9034)  1956 Apr 14 - 1958 Oct 2

     F29  Partnership Papers of Lewis and Spahr, 1919-1923
          Various items pertaining to the creation and dissolution of the partnership of Drs.
          Lewis and Spahr.  The folder includes written contracts (one dated Sep 18, 1919,
          the other Jan 13, 1923); inventory lists, account records, collection totals, and a
          letter from Richard Spahr dated Apr 26, 1923

     F30  Stock Statements, 1922-1925
          Included are stock statements and receipts for the purchase and sale of stocks from
          three Wilmington, Delaware, brokerage companies with which Lewis did
          business:  Owens, Anderson & Rumford (Jun 1- Nov 3, 1923); Laird, Bissell &
          Meeds (May 14 - Dec 31, 1923); and F.D. Lackey & Co.(Dec 31, 1921 - Dec 31,
          1922).  He also did business with the Broward Abstract Co. from Ft. Lauderdale,
          Florida, in 1925, and one firm from New York City, Harriman & Co., to whom he
          transfered several stocks on Mar 21, 1923.  In addition, there are two undated
          pieces of correspondence with Harriman & Co.

          Tax Records, 1923-1958
          These forms provide a continuous financial record over a 35-year period, and
          include state and federal tax forms for Dorsey and Mary Lewis, receipts,
          correspondence, hand-written calculations, instruction booklets, and other tax-related    
          items such as relevant newspaper clippings.

3    F31  1923-1925

     F32  1926-1927
     F33  1928-1929

     F34  1930-1932

     F35  1933-1934

     F36  1935-1938

     F37  1939-1942

4    F38  1943-1945

     F39  1946-1948

     F40  1949-1950

     F41  1951

     F42  1952-1953

     F43  1954

     F44  1955-1958

5    F45  Real Estate Business, 1917-1947 (54 items)
          With bulk dates from 1917-1919, these items pertain to business transactions and
          management of various farms in Delaware and Maryland, and include
          correspondence, bills, receipts, and assessments for school taxes in School District
          83.  The majority of the items in this folder, however, are calculations scrawled on
          scrap paper.

     F46  Real Estate Ledger, 1916-1919
          List of properties with renters and caretakers; including amounts of rent
          owed, and dates of payment.
     F47  St. George's Hundred Historical Society, Jul 1956 - Feb 1958 (11 items)
          This contains letters to and from Lewis' nephew George T. Coulson  (a partner in
          Morris, Steel, Nicholas, & Arsht of Wilmington, Delaware) regarding the
          purchase of the Old Academy Lot.  Also included is a blank sheet of official 
          letterhead from the Historical Society which lists Dorsey Lewis as president, and
          names the other members of the board of trustees.

          Series II.   Wills and Estates
          This series contains the records of the wills and estates of individuals with whom
          Dorsey Lewis was involved as executor and administrator.  These include Mary
          Cochran (d.1912), Caroline Tumlin (d.1915), his father Stanley Lewis (d.1929),
          and his father-in-law Nathaniel Williams (d.1943).  Included are copies of wills,
          letters from creditors to Dorsey Lewis as executor of estate, certificates of death,
          and other forms of legal business.

          Mary Cochran
          This collection of documents spans the years 1900 - 1913 and deals with the
          estates of both Mary Cochran and her husband, John P. Cochran, who died in
          1899.  Included is a copy of the will of Mary Cochran, an inventory and
          settlement of the estate of John Cochran, account books, and numerous bills for
          services rendered to Mary Cochran, and paid by Dorsey Lewis as administrator of
          her estate.

     F48  Last Will and Testament of Mary Cochran, 1909-1913 (5 pp.)
          This copy is dated to February 5, 1909 and is attached to a two-page certification
          form dated July 6, 1912 and signed by Francis M. Walker, Register of Wills for
          New Castle County, Delaware.  Also included is an official receipt, signed by
          Francis R. Walker and dated Aug 13, 1913, for the inheritance tax paid by Dorsey
          Lewis on the estate of Mary Cochran.

     F49  Inventory and Settlement of Estate of John P. Cochran, 1899-1913 (10 pp.)
          This includes three separate documents: the Inventory of assets and debts
          accredited to his estate, dated September 29, 1899 and appraised by George D.
          Kelley and A.M. Chamberlain; the First Settlement of the estate of John P.
          Cochran by the executors of his Last Will and Testament, dated April 3, 1900 and
          approved by Calvin W. Crossman, register in St. George's Hundred; and the
          Settlement of Dorsey Lewis as executor for the estate of Mary Cochran, dated
          August 13, 1913 and signed by Francis W. Walker.

     F50  Account Books, 1907-1912 (2 items)
          From the "Equitable Guarantee and Trust Company" of Wilmington, Delaware. 
          One book contains account records for Mary Cochran from 1907-1912, and the
          other contains canceled checks from 1912.

5         Series II.   Wills and Estates (cont'd) 

     F51  Bills, 1912-1913 (14 items)
          Included are bills and envelopes from individuals collecting on services rendered
          to Mary Cochran, from Jul 1, 1912 to Aug 12, 1913.  Among these are medical
          bills, a bill from the American Bonding Company, a bill from attorney J. Frank 
          Biggs, and bills for Mary Cochran's tombstone and grave services.

          Caroline R. Tumlin
          This collection spans the years 1899-1915 and contains copies of her will,
          personal correspondence, canceled checks, bills, and a series of legal documents
          pertaining to the suit against Dorsey Lewis by George and Henry Tumlin.

     F52  Last Will and Testament (8pp.)
          Includes two autographed drafts of the will, written by Tumlin herself, one in
          rough scrawl and with no date; the other an official document dated Feb 5, 1909
          and signed by Dorsey Lewis and George D. Kelley.  Also included is the final,
          official, copy of the will dated Jun 21, 1913.  Attached to this is a two-page letter
          of certification dated Aug 10, 1915 and signed by Isaac R. Brown, Register of
          Wills for New Castle County, Delaware.

     F53  Legal
          Includes an agreement by former trustee of the estate of C.R. Tumlin, Martin B.
          Burris, to pay Tumlin 5% interest from her estate per year (dated Aug 19, 1899); a
          notarized notice of payment to C.R. Tumlin by Dorsey Lewis of $18,135.40 from
          her sister's estate (dated Aug 15, 1913 and witnessed by Alfred Cox); and an
          undated and unsigned notice of payment to Frank and George Tumlin of their
          inheritance specified in the will of Caroline Tumlin.

     F54  Frank Tumlin and George Tumlin vs. Dorsey W. Lewis  (3 items)
          Included is a copy of the complaint made against Dorsey Lewis "In the Court of
          Chancery of the State of Delaware, in and for Kent County."  This is 21 pages and
          is not dated.  Also included are two 30-page copies of Lewis' response, undated
          and signed by William S. Hilles and J. Frank Biggs, Solicitors for the Defendants. 
          At the end of the document is a complete reckoning of Lewis' financial activity
          regarding the estate of Caroline Tumlin, with a list of checks written from that
          estate between October 10, 1912 and June 30, 1915.

     F55  Correspondence  (7 items)
          Included are several letters from Caroline Tumlin and on her behalf to Dorsey
          Lewis, dated from between July 3-31, 1913, when Tumlin was residing at the 
          Hotel Brothwell in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Only one of these is written by
          Tumlin herself - three are penned by S.R.Haymen and one by her niece Minnie
          Tumlin - and all are on hotel stationery.  Also included are two autographed
          letters relating the history of Caroline Tumlin, and Lewis' professional 
          relationship with her.  Though neither is signed nor dated they are in different
          hands, and one may have been written by Lewis himself in defense of accusations
          by Tumlin's nephews.  In addition, there is an autographed note by Tumlin to Dr. 
          Lewis confirming him as executor of her will, and on the envelope in which it
          came is a note that instructs the recipient to open it only after her death.

     F56  Business (20 items)
          These items pertain primarily to the financial management of Tumlin's estate
          during her lifetime, and span the years 1906-1915.  Included are interest checks
          and receipts, a detail of expenditures and receipts, a letter of certificate for the
          purchase of a burial plot for C.R. and H.C. Tumlin in the Forest Church Cemetery
          (dated Dec 9, 1899), a certificate and receipt of payment for the upkeep of the
          burial plot in Forest Church Cemetery (dated March 1906), a letter of
          confirmation by J. Frank Biggs to Dorsey Lewis as executor of Tumlin's will
          (dated Sep 7, 1915), a bill from Bertha H. Allen for massage treatments (dated
          Sep 28, 1914), as well as miscellaneous calculations.  Also included is a letter of
          contract between Miss Ella Staats and Dr. Lewis for renting a room in the house
          of the late Caroline Tumlin, dated Sep 15, 1915.

     F57  Canceled Checks
          These were written by Caroline Tumlin from the Citizen's National Bank of
          Middletown, Delaware between October 10, 1912 and June 30, 1915.  They are
          kept in a small, brown accordion file.

          Stanley J. Lewis
          These papers extend from 1926 to 1934 and deal with business and
          correspondence relating to the death and estate of both Stanley J. Lewis and his
          wife Geraldine Lewis. Included are copies of both wills, bills for services
          rendered, correspondence, a copy of Stanley Lewis' death certificate, and other
          business relating to the management of their funerals and estate.

     F58  Correspondence , 1928-1934 (13 items)
          This contains some letters of condolence, though primarily issues of legal and
          financial concern.  Three letters are penned by Ethel Fox regarding her legal
          difficulties in Connecticut, and one three-page letter is written to Dorsey by 
          Stanley J. Lewis, who was then staying in Lakeland, Florida.

     F59  Bills, 1928-1934 (24 items)
          These fall roughly into two concentrated periods: the first from October 22, 1928
           to October 21, 1929 deals with the medical, legal, and funerary bills owed by
          Dorsey Lewis on behalf of Stanley J. Lewis; and the second from April 10, 1933 
          to November 8, 1934 deals with those owed for services for Geraldine Lewis. 
          Several of these items are signed by Senator George A. Frick of Baltimore, a
          Maryland politician and attorney who offered legal aid to the family.

     F60  Wills and Death Certificate (4 items)
          Included are two copies of Stanley J. Lewis' will, dated December 1, 1922 and
          certified on August 8, 1929 by Edwin R. Downes, Register of Wills for Baltimore,
          Maryland.  Also included is a 2-page uncertified copy of the will of Geraldine
          Lewis, dated to December 1, 1922.  The copy of Stanley Lewis' death certificate
          is dated July 18, 1929 and certified by Dr. T.B. Aycock.

     F61  Legal (16 items)
          Included are a wide variety of items concerning the estate of Stanley J. Lewis, and
          spanning the period from March 11, 1926 to January 9, 1932.  Contains mortgage
          contracts (with Ethel Fox and W.L. Lewis), a quit-claim deed, a hand-written
          assessment of Lewis' financial records (Jan 1, 1928 - Jan 9, 1932), promissory
          notes owed to Stanley J. Lewis (1 by W.L. Lewis and 4 by Floride E. Gilmer), and
          several other documents.  

          Nathaniel Williams
          These papers extend from 1941 to 1947 and contain correspondence, as well as
          the financial, legal, and tax records relating to the death and estate of Nathaniel J.
          Williams, father-in-law of Dorsey W. Lewis.

     F62  Estate Business, 1943-1944 (30 items)
          Includes a financial appraisal of Williams' Delaware and Maryland farms,
          revealing where they are located, how many acres they are, how much they are
          worth, and what type of crops are grown on the land.  In addition, there is a
          clipping of a 1946 article regarding the nature of post-war real-estate inflation.

     F63  Tax, 1941-1947 (32 items)
          Includes federal, state, and inheritance tax information for Mary Lewis in regard
          to her tax liability as an inheritor.  There is also a copy of a 1947 audit of her 1943 
          income tax returns, revealing that there must have been a great deal of complexity
          to the tax issue.

     F64  Financial (7 items)
          Included are a packet of canceled checks from the Delaware Trust Company (May 
          8 - Jul 15, 1943) and signed by Mary Lewis on behalf of her father with power of
          attorney; a balance account sheet from the same period; three promisory notes
          (Apr 4 - Dec 3, 1941); a list of checks written between July 7-15, 1941; and a list
          of stocks included in Nathaniel Williams' estate, including number of shares and
          their value, dated Jul 5, 1944.

     F65  Legal (6 items)
          These items are dated to 1944 and include two copies of an affadavit; a hand-written note;             
          and undated and unsigned settlement of estate; an undated
          Application for Probate, registered by by Isaac R. Brown, Register of Wills for
          New Castle County; and a copy of the forms and rules for power of attorney.

     F66  Bills, 1943-1944 (5 items)
          These include a clipping of a newspaper advertisement, dated July 31, 1943 and
          written by Mary Lewis, as a notification to creditors of her father's death.

          Series III.   Miscellany
     F67  Letter from the League to Enforce Peace (4 items)
          Included is the letter, an official envelope, as well as copies of the platform and
          plank of the organization.  The letter, dated July 17, 1918, is on official stationery,
          lists all the members of the executive committee (including president, Willaim
          Howard Taft), and is signed by W.R. Boyd, National Campaign Manager.  

     F68  Scrapbook (1 item)
          Dated 1878 from the Felton, Delaware Seminary, this includes clippings of
          newspaper stories written by W.G.B. Lewis, biographical information, and a
          hand-written draft of a story entitled "A City Window"; all kept in "Mark Twain's
          Adhesive Scrapbook,"published by Slate, Woodman & Co. in New York City. 
          Myra Lewis and W.G.B. Lewis were probably husband and wife, and as he was a
          pastor it seems that they moved around frequently, for the stories are from
          newspapers in Poughkeepsie, NY (1871), Meadville, PA (1872), and Cincinatti,
          OH (1874).  W.G.B. Lewis was last recorded as being pastor at Silver Creek, 
          Colorado, where, according to a notice found in the scrapbook, Myra Lewis died
          of typhoid fever on August 22 of an unspecified year.

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