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Seymour Lawrence Publishing Files
related to Kurt Vonnegut

1966 - 1983

Manuscript Collection Number: 259
Accessioned: Gift of Seymour Lawrence, May 1987.
Extent: 3.5 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs, royalty sheets, sales reports,
advertisements, articles, brochures, press releases, reviews, clippings, itineraries, essays,
speeches, jacket copy, cover designs, menus, guest lists, posters, and self portrait.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1992 by Anita Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Seymour Lawrence, born on February 11, 1926, first became interested in publishing while attending Harvard University. From 1945 to 1953 Lawrence was an editor and publisher of Wake, a Harvard literary journal.

Following his graduation from Harvard, Lawrence pursued a publishing career in Boston. From 1952 to 1954 he worked as special assistant to the editor at the Atlantic Monthly. In 1954 Lawrence moved to the Atlantic Monthly Press, and a year later became the Press's director and editor-in-chief. Lawrence left this position in 1964 after arguing unsuccessfully for unexpurgated publication of J.P. Donleavy's "A Singular Man."

Lawrence's next position was at Alfred A. Knopf in New York, where he became editorial vice president. Discouraged by the weekly commute to New York, Lawrence started his own publishing house in Boston in 1965.

With the creation of Seymour Lawrence, Inc., Lawrence and his wife, Merloyd, became independent publishers. The Lawrences contacted authors and developed their own list of books, but they published in association with a large New York publishing house, Dell, and its hardcover division, Delacorte. Dell and Delacorte financed production, promotion, and distribution in return for a share of the profits.

Lawrence first contacted Kurt Vonnegut in 1966. Vonnegut, whose then current book had sold only 1,500 copies, did not have a regular hardback publisher. By January 30, 1967, he had signed a three book contract with Seymour Lawrence, Inc. Lawrence served as Vonnegut's editor and publisher for over twenty years.

During their association, Lawrence maintained a non-interference policy and functioned more as a friend than an editor to Vonnegut. Their years of correspondence reveal a relationship characterized by humor, mutual support, and honesty. Lawrence remained Vonnegut's editor until the publication of Bluebeard in 1987.

After a brief association with Dutton, Lawrence moved his imprint to Houghton Mifflin in February 1988. As of November 1990, Lawrence continues his career as an independent publisher, providing an essential link between large publishing houses and his writers.


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International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who. East Grinstead, England: Kelly's Directories, 1990. p. 368.

Scope and Content Note

Spanning the years 1966 to 1983, the Seymour Lawrence Papers contain the publishing and promotional files maintained by Seymour Lawrence as Kurt Vonnegut's editor and publisher. Consisting of 3.5 linear feet of files, the material includes correspondence between Vonnegut and Lawrence, as well as manuscripts of several speeches and essays written by Vonnegut. The files also contain photographs of Vonnegut, a self-portrait painted by Vonnegut, and publication and promotional materials toward ten of Vonnegut's books.

The papers document the publication of the following books: Welcome to the Monkey House (1968), Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971), Between Time and Timbuktu or Prometheus-5 (1972), Breakfast of Champions (1973), Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons (1975), Slapstick (1976), Jailbird (1979), Palm Sunday (1981), and Deadeye Dick (1982).

Because most of the materials in these files are arranged in chronological order, the list of titles and dates in the previous paragraph may serve as a guideline to finding information related to particular titles written by Vonnegut.

Arrangement Note

Seymour Lawrence's original files were arranged chronologically under two headings: "Vonnegut" (which included professional papers and correspondence) and "Vonnegut Promotion." Lawrence also maintained separate files in which he kept Vonnegut manuscripts and information on special subjects ("Vonnegut and the Soviet Union," "Vonnegut Dinners," and "Vonnegut Europe Trip.") The arrangement of Seymour Lawrence's papers follow, as closely as possible, Lawrence's original filing system.

Series I is titled Professional Papers and consists of correspondence and business materials toward the publication of Vonnegut's books. Series II is titled Promotional Files and contains material toward the promotion of each of the books and of Vonnegut in general. Series III is titled Vonnegut Works and includes manuscripts of essays and speeches by Vonnegut, as well as material toward book jackets and preliminary matter for books by Vonnegut. Series IV is titled Promotional Events and consists of correspondence, itineraries, photographs, and other material related to special dinners and trips involving Kurt Vonnegut. Series V consists of photographs of Vonnegut. Series VI consists of Vonnegut's painted self-portrait. Some material is housed in the oversize section, including clippings, tear sheets, posters, and advertisements. The material in Series I, II, IV, and VII are arranged chronologically. The material in Series III is arranged alphabetically by title of the book.

Series List

I.    Professional Papers, 1966-1983
II.   Promotional Files, 1966-1982
III.  Kurt Vonnegut Works, 1969-1981
IV.   Material Related to Promotional Events, 1971-1979
V.    Photographs of Kurt Vonnegut, [n.d.]
VI.   Kurt Vonnegut Self-Portrait, [n.d.]

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

 1         Series I.  Professional Papers, 1966-1983.
               Present are documents from Seymour Lawrence's
               files, including correspondence, memoranda,
               contract information sheets, sales figures, book
               order forms, editorial forms, printing orders,
               royalties information, and other papers relating
               to his work as Vonnegut's editor and publisher. 
               Among the correspondence are approximately 65 of
               Vonnegut's letters to Lawrence, dating from 1966
               to 1980.  The presence of Vonnegut's letters is
               noted in the  appropriate folders.  The material
               is arranged in chronological order.

     F1   1966 Nov-1969 Apr
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F2   1967 May-Sep 18
          Three Vonnegut letters present.

     F3   1967 Sep 19-Nov
          Seven Vonnegut letters present.

     F4   1967 Dec-1968 Mar
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F5   1968 Apr-May
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F6   1968 Jun-Sep
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F7   1968 Oct-Nov
          One Vonnegut letter present and two photographs of

     F8   1968 Dec-1969 Jan
          Three Vonnegut letters present.

     F9   1969 Feb
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F10  1969 Mar 1-17
          Two letters from Joseph Heller present.

     F11  1969 Mar 19-Apr

     F12  1969 May-Aug
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F13  1969 Sep-Dec
          Two Vonnegut letters present and two photographs of

     F14  1970 Jan-Mar
          Two Vonnegut letters present.
     F15  1970 Apr-May
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F16  1970 Jun-Oct
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F17  1970 Nov-Dec
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F18  1971 Jan-Mar
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F19  1971 Apr-May
          One Vonnegut photograph present.

     F20  1971 Jun-Sep
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F21  1971 Oct-Dec
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F22  1972 Jan-Feb

     F23  1972 Mar

     F24  1972 Apr

     F25  1972 May

     F26  1972 Jun

     F27  1972 Jul
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F28  1972 Aug

     F29  1972 Sep 7-11
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F30  1972 Sep 13-29

     F31  1972 Oct
          One Vonnegut postcard present

     F32  1972 Nov

     F33  1972 Dec 1-17
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F34  1972 Dec 20-27

     F35  1973 Jan 1-15

     F36  1973 Jan 18-30

1         Series I.  Professional Papers (cont'd)

     F37  1973 Feb 1-22
          Includes letters from Harry Levin and Derek Bok.

     F38  1973 Feb 23-28

     F39  1973 Mar

     F40  1973 Apr

     F41  1973 May

     F42  1973 Jun
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F43  1973 Jul

     F44  1973 Aug

     F45  1973 Sep
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F46  1973 Oct

     F47  1973 Nov
          One Vonnegut letter and one postcard present.

     F48  1973 Dec

     F49  1974 Jan

     F50  1974 Feb
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F51  1974 Mar
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F52  1974 Apr 1-10
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F53  1974 Apr 12-28

     F54  1974 May

     F55  1974 Jun

     F56  1974 Jul

     F57  1974 Aug-Sep
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F58  1974 Oct

     F59  1974 Nov
     F60  1974 Dec

     F61  1975 Jan-Feb
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F62  1975 Mar-Apr

     F63  1975 May-Jun
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F64  1975 Jul-Sep

     F65  1975 Oct-Dec
          Three Vonnegut letters present.

2    F66  1976 Jan-Feb

     F67  1976 Mar
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F68  1976 Apr

     F69  1976 May
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F70  1976 Jun
          Two Vonnegut letters present

     F71  1976 Jul
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F72  1976 Aug

     F73  1976 Sep

     F74  1976 Oct
          Includes a letter from John Irving.

     F75  1976 Nov
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F76  1976 Dec

     F77  1977 Jan

     F78  1977 Feb

     F79  1977 Mar

     F80  1977 Apr
          One Vonnegut letter present.

2         Series I.  Professional Papers (cont'd)

     F81  1977 May

     F82  1977 Jun

     F83  1977 Jul

     F84  1977 Aug

     F85  1977 Sep-Oct

     F86  1977 Nov-Dec

     F87  1978 Jan-Feb

     F88  1978 Mar-Apr

     F89  1978 May

     F90  1978 Jun
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F91  1978 Jul

     F92  1978 Aug-Sep
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F93  1978 Oct-Dec

     F94  1979 Jan
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F95  1979 Feb
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F96  1979 Mar

     F97  1979 Apr

     F98  1979 May-Jun
          Three photographs of Vonnegut present.

     F99  1979 Jul-Sep
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F100 1979 Oct-Dec
          Two Vonnegut letters present.

     F101 1980 Jan-Mar
          One Vonnegut letter present.

     F102 1980 Apr-Jul

2         Series I.  Professional Papers (cont'd)

     F103 1980 Aug

     F104 1980 Sep-Dec

     F105 1981 Jan-Mar

     F106 1981 Apr-Jul

     F107 1981 Aug-Oct

     F108 1982 Feb-Apr

     F109 1982 May-Jul

     F110 1982 Oct

     F111 1983 Mar-Sep

          Series II.  Promotional Files, 1966-1982.
               Includes advertisements, advertising schedules,
               articles, brochures, flyers, best-sellers lists,
               reviews, press releases, radio transcripts, and
               other materials relating to the promotion of Kurt
               Vonnegut's works.  The materials are arranged

     F112 1966 Oct-1968 Dec

     F113 1969 Jan-Mar 29

     F114 1969 Mar 30-31

     F115 1969 Apr 1-6

     F116 1969 Apr 7-13

     F117 1969 Apr 14-19

     F118 1969 Apr 20-24

     F119 1969 Apr 25-30

     F120 1969 May 1-10

     F121 1969 May 11-20

     F122 1969 May 21-31

     F123 1969 Jun 1-15

     F124 1969 Jun 16-30

2         Series II.  Promotional Files (cont'd)

     F125 1969 Jul

     F126 1969 Aug

     F127 1969 Sep-Dec

     F128 [1969]

     F129 1970 Feb-Jul

     F130 1970 Aug-Sep

     F131 1970 Oct-Dec

3    F132 1971 Jan

     F133 1971 Feb-Apr

     F134 1971 May

     F135 1971 Jun-Dec

     F136 [1971]

     F137 1972 Mar

     F138 1972 Apr-Jul

     F139 1972 Aug-Dec

     F140 1973 Jan

     F141 1973 Feb

     F142 1973 Mar

     F143 1973 Apr

     F144 1973 May 1-10

     F145 1973 May 11-31

     F146 1973 Jun

     F147 1973 Jul

     F148 1973 Aug

     F149 1973 Sep-Oct

     F150 1973 Nov-Dec

     F151 [1973]

3         Series II.  Promotional Files (cont'd)

     F152 1974 Jan-Apr

     F153 1974 May

     F154 1974 Jun

     F155 1974 Jul

     F156 1974 Aug-Sep

     F157 1974 Oct-Dec

     F158 [1974]

     F159 1975

     F160 1976 Jan-Feb

     F161 1976 Mar-May

     F162 1976 Jun

     F163 1976 Jul-Sep

     F164 1976 Oct-Dec

     F165 [1976]

     F166 1977 Jan-Mar

     F167 1977 Apr-Nov

     F168 1978

     F169 1979 Jan-Aug

     F170 1979 Sep 1-10

     F171 1979 Sep 11-30

     F172 1979 Oct 1-14

     F173 1979 Oct 15-30

     F174 1979 Nov

     F175 1979 Dec

     F176 [1979]

     F177 1980

3         Series II.  Promotional Files (cont'd)

     F178 1981 Jan-Mar

     F179 1981 Apr-Oct

     F180 1982

     F181 [n.d.]

4         Series III.  Kurt Vonnegut Works, 1969-1981.
               Includes manuscripts of essays and speeches
               written by Kurt Vonnegut, some of which contain
               autograph notes and corrections.  Also present is
               editorial material toward some of Vonnegut's
               published books. 

          Series III.1.  Speeches by Vonnegut, 1974-1980.
               Includes the manuscripts for various public
               presentations given by Vonnegut, including
               graduation addresses, a sermon, an award
               presentation, several speeches, and tributes. 
               Topics range from anti-nuclear sentiments to a
               sermon based on the Sermon on the Mount.  Most of
               these speeches were published in Palm Sunday.

     F182 Graduation Address at Hobart & William Smith Colleges,
          1974 May 26.
          Photocopy of typescript.  15 pp.

     F183 "Lavina - A Tribute," 1976 Mar 25
          Printed copy of eulogy for Lavina Lyon.  2 pp.

     F184 Speech at Dedication of the New Library at Connecticut
          College in New London, 1976 Oct 1
          Photocopy of typescript of speech which Vonnegut calls
          "The Noodle Factory."  9 pp.

     F185 Tribute to Erica Anderson, 1976 Nov 28
          Photocopy of typescript of a speech delivered at the
          dedication of the Albert Schweitzer Friendship House,
          Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  2 pp.

     F186 Graduation Address at Fredonia College, Fredonia,
          New York, 1978 May 20
          Photocopy of typescript.  9 pp.

     F187 Citation for Jugoslavian Writer, Mihajlo Mihajlov, 
          1978 Jun 12
          Photocopy of typescript of speech presenting Mihajlov 
          with an award from The International League for Human
          Rights.  3 pp.
     F188 Speech at the Anti-Nuclear Rally, Washington, D.C.,
          1979 May 6
          Typescript.  2 pp.

     F189 "The Necessary Miracle," 1979 Jul 7
          Tear sheet from The Nation of this speech delivered in
          the Spring of 1979 at the Mark Twain House in Hartford. 
          1 p. 

     F190 Address at an American Civil Liberties Fund-raiser at 
          Sands Point, New York, 1979 Sep 16
          Photocopy of typescript.  3 pp.

     F191 Speech at Irwin Shaw "Pipe Night" at Player's Club, 
          New York, 1979 Oct 7
          Typescript.  3 pp.

     F192 Speech at The First Parish Church (Unitarian), Harvard
          Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1980 Jan 27
          Photocopy of typescript of speech delivered on two-hundredth 
          anniversary of the birth of William Ellery
          Channing.  10 pp.

     F193 Sermon, St. Clement's Episcopal Church, New York,
          1980 Mar 30
          Typescript and photocopy pages of this Palm Sunday
          sermon.  7 pp.

          Series III.2.  Reviews, Essays, and Other Short
               Pieces Written by Vonnegut, 1969-1980
               Consists of tear sheets, typescripts, and
               photocopies of reviews, introductions, forwards,
               essays, and letters to the editor written by
               Vonnegut.  Also includes the story-line for a
               musical.  Some of these pieces were published in
               Palm Sunday.  Arranged in chronological order.

     F194 "Excelsior! We're Going to the Moon! Excelsior." 
          1969 Feb 13
          Photocopy of an essay published in the New York Times
          Magazine.  3 pp.

     F195 "A New Scheme for Real Writers," 1974 Jul 14
          Photocopy of an essay published in the New York Times
          and a second photocopy of the same essay as published
          in the Minneapolis Tribune as "Creative Writing Course
          for Gifted Wanderers and Articulate Hoboes."  2 items
          2 pp.

     F196 Review of Joseph Heller's Something Happened, 1974
          Oct 6
          Photocopy of printed review.  2 pp.
     F197 [Untitled] Essay, 1976 Mar 24
          Photocopy of a typescript of an essay for the editorial
          page of the Long Island edition of the New York Times,
          with a TNS from Vonnegut to Lawrence.  2 items 3 pp.

     F198 Movie Review for "All the President's Men," 1976 Apr
          Photocopy of a typescript for More.  2 pp.

     F199 Introduction to The Incomplete Mark Twain, 1976 Apr 24
          Photocopy of the typescript introduction to this
          Running Press edition.  7 pp.

     F200 Forward to the Franklin Library Edition of Vonnegut's
          Slaughterhouse-Five, 1976 Oct
          Photocopy of typescript.  2 pp.

     F201 Citation for Parthian Shot, 1976
          Photocopy of typescript for a citation for Loyd
          Little's Parthian Shot, as winner of The Ernest
          Hemingway Prize for Fiction in 1976.

     F202 Message to Members of The First Edition Society of 
          Slapstick, 1976
          Photocopy of letter to the membership by Vonnegut.
          3 pp.

     F203 "Your State of Mind," 1977 Mar
          Tear sheet of Vonnegut's response to the question,
          "What keeps you up?" for Vogue.  1 p.

     F204 Introduction for the Book of the Month Club Edition of
          Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, 1977
          Photocopy of typescript for this introduction.  5 pp.

     F205 "Only Kidding, Folks?" 1978 May 13
          Photocopy of essay for The Nation on Stanislaw Lem. 
          1 p.

     F206 "Shilling Shocker," 1978 Jun 15
          Photocopy of typescript of a story line for a seven
          scene musical titled "Shilling Shocker."  The musical
          is based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 
          Includes a photocopy of letter from Vonnegut to Lee
          Guber describing the material.  2 items 4 pp.

     F207 [Untitled] Essay, 1978 Jul 30
          Typescript of an essay concerning Vonnegut's daughter,
          Nanette.  The essay was rejected by the New York Times
          opinion editor.

4         Series III.  Kurt Vonnegut Works (cont'd)
          Series III.2.  Reviews, Essays (cont'd)

     F208 Comment on Leaked Cabinet Minutes, 1978 Aug 18
          Photocopy of typescript of an untitled essay which
          comments on leaked cabinet minutes.  The essay was
          written for The Nation.  A photocopy of the proof for
          the printed essay is also present.  2 items 3 pp.

     F209 "The Happy Conservative," 1979 Jan-Feb
          Tear sheet of Vonnegut's review of William F. Buckley,
          Jr.'s A Hymnal, the Controversial Arts, published in
          Politics Today.  1 p.

     F210 Essay on Literary Style for an International Paper 
          Company Literacy Campaign, 1980 Apr
          Photocopy of typescript with autograph note.  9 pp.

     F211 Forward to the Franklin Library Edition of Jailbird,
          Photocopy of typescript with autograph corrections.  
          2 pp.

     F212 Introduction to Celine's Rigadoon, [n.d.]
          Tear sheets of Vonnegut's introduction to the Penguin
          paperback edition of Louis-Ferdinand Celine's Rigadoon.
          9 pp.

          Series III.3.  Material Toward Books Written by
               Vonnegut, 1967-1981
               Includes magazine excerpts, jacket copy, flap
               copy, page proofs, cover designs, typescripts of
               introductions, revised ending, and other material
               related to the publication of some of Vonnegut's
               books.  Arranged alphabetically by book titles and
               then chronologically within each folder.

     F213 Between Time and Timbuktu, 1972
          Includes typescript of Vonnegut's introduction, as well
          as material for the copyright page, jacket copy, title
          page, and other preliminary matter for the published

     F214 Breakfast of Champions, 1972 Sep
          Typescript and typescript carbons of preliminary
          matter, jacket copy, as well as proofs for two
          different jackets.  Also includes jacket for the
          Editorial Extemporaneos, Mexico edition.  See also

     F215 Happy Birthday, Wanda June, 1971-1977
          Includes a Playbill for the Edison Theatre production
          of this play.  Also includes preliminary matter, jacket
          copy, and a photocopy of a revised ending (1977).
     F216 Mother Night, [n.d.]
          Jacket proof for the Dell paperback edition.

     F217 Palm Sunday, 1980-1981
          Tear sheets of excerpts of Palm Sunday as published in
          Book Digest Magazine, promotional ads, and a typescript
          of the table of contents.

     F218 Player Piano, [n.d.]
          Jacket proof for the Dell paperback edition.

     F219 The Sirens of Titan, [1970]
          Proof of cover design.

     F220 Slapstick, 1976
          Includes tear sheets of excerpts as published in
          Playboy, typescript and carbon copies of the flap copy
          and copyright page.  See also F236.

     F221 Slaughterhouse-Five, 1968
          Typescript of flap copy written by Vonnegut, typescript
          and carbon copies of preliminary matter, proofs of
          title and sample pages, tear sheets of excerpts
          published in Ramparts, and two different cover designs
          for the Dell paperback edition.  See also F236.

     F222 Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons, 1973-1974
          Tear sheets of excerpts as published in Book Digest
          Magazine, proof of cover design, photocopies of
          preliminary matter and jacket copy.

     F223 Welcome to the Monkey House, 1967-1968
          Carbon copy of typescript of copyright page and jacket
          copy, as well as proofs of cover design, title page and

4         Series IV.  Material Related to Promotional Events,
               Includes material documenting dinners honoring the
               publications of several of Vonnegut's books, as
               well as items related to tours promoting his
               publications in Europe and the Soviet Union. 
               Material is arranged chronologically.

          Series IV.1.  Dinners, 1971-1979
               Includes guest lists, invitations, menus, seating
               charts, correspondence, photographs, and other
               material relating to five dinners planned by
               Seymour Lawrence.  Three of the dinners were held
               in honor of the publication of new Vonnegut books; 
               the other two dinners were held in Germany in
               honor of Vonnegut's foreign publishers.

     F224 Dinner in Germany for Vonnegut's Foreign Publishers,
     -225 1971 Aug-Nov
          Held at the Schlosshotel Kronberg in Taunus on October
          15, 1971.  Includes photographs of Vonnegut.

     F226 Dinner Marking the Publication of Wampeters, Foma &
          Granfalloons, [1974]
          Held May 20, [1974] in New York.

     F227 Dinner Marking the Publication of Slapstick, 1976
          Held October 6, 1976 in New York.  Includes a note from

     F228 Dinner in Germany for Vonnegut's Foreign Publishers,
          Held October 14, 1977 at the Schlosshotel Kronberg. 
          Includes note from Vonnegut.

     F229 Dinner Marking the Publication of Jailbird, 1979
          Held September 18, 1979 in New York.  Includes a letter
          from Vonnegut. 

          Series IV.2.  Promotional Tours of Europe and the
               Soviet Union by Vonnegut, 1974-1977
               Includes material related to trips taken by
               Vonnegut to promote his books.  Includes
               correspondence, itineraries, photographs, etc.   

     F230 Trips to the Soviet Union, 1974-1977
          Includes pamphlets related to the Soviet Union, a copy
          of the 1977 USSR Travel Agents' Manual, and a portion
          of an essay about Vonnegut and Russia.

     F231 European Tour, 1976-1977
     -233 Includes itineraries, correspondence, photographs,
          clippings, and other material related to the September
          25-October 15, 1977 promotional trip to Europe. 
          Includes a letter from Vonnegut.

4         Series V.  Photographs of Kurt Vonnegut, [n.d.]
               Consists of twelve photographs of Vonnegut taken
               by Jill Krementz and Bossi.  Photographs are also
               found throughout this collection.

     F234 Photographs, [n.d.]

          Series VI.  Kurt Vonnegut Self-Portrait, [n.d.]
               Consists of one painting done by Vonnegut of
               himself.  The image was used for one cover design
               of Breakfast of Champions (Delacorte Press). 
               Stored in the safe.

     F235 Vonnegut Self-Portrait, [n.d.]
          Oil on board painting (14 inches x 17.5 inches) by Kurt
          Vonnegut of himself.


     F236 Oversize Material, 1966-1982
     -239 Consists of posters, brochures, booklists, clippings,
          tear sheets, and design copy for advertisements.  The
          material relates promotions for various books by
          Vonnegut, articles about Vonnegut, information on the
          1977 European trip, and other material.  Preservation
          copies are available in the appropriate folders in
          Series II-IV. 

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