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Donald Justice Papers

1936 - 1998
(bulk dates 1952-1996)

Manuscript Collection Number: 191
Accessioned: Purchases, 1982-1998.
Extent: 10 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, poems, essays, reviews, stories, lectures, interviews, clippings, photographs, plays, librettos, contracts, books, programs, journals, calendars, thesis, dissertation, translations, proofs, posters, identification cards, transcripts, scrapbooks, certificates, royalty statements, broadsides, slides, and sheet music.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1998 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

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7         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence, 1936-1997
               Includes literary, personal, and business correspondence.  See also Series I
               for correspondence related to the publication of particular books.  The
               material in each subseries is arranged alphabetically by name or
               organization and then chronologically within folders.

          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence, 1936-1997

          Bell, Marvin, 1969-1987
          Poet and teacher Marvin Bell was a close friend of Justice.  Includes typescript
          poems by Bell and letters from others.  In his forty letters he discusses writing,
          teaching, the Creative Writing Program at the University of Iowa, travels, poetry
          readings, and offers Justice feedback on his poems.  

     F280 1969-1971
     F281 1972-1979
     F282 1980-1981
     F283 1982-1987

     F284 Berryman, John, 1954-1955
          Includes three letters to Justice, which mention his work and Justice's poems, as
          well as a copy of his letter of recommendation for Justice.

     F285 Bly, Robert, 1973-1994
          Includes two letters and three typescript poems written by Bly.

          Booth, Philip, 1965-1986
          Poet Booth, who taught with Justice at Syracuse, writes regarding teaching, his
          family, Justice's poetry, and his own poems.  Includes thirty-four letters, six
          typescript poems written by Booth, and several photograph postcards.

     F286 1965-1972
     F287 1973-1986

     F288 Bowers, Edgar, 1956-1996
          Includes seven letters.

     F289 Caetani, Marguerite, 1955-1957
          Three letters from the editor of Botteghe Oscur regarding possible publication of
          Justice's poems.

     F290 Carlile, Henry, [1981 Nov 13]
          Postcard from Carlile and Sandy McPherson.

     F291 Carver, Ray, 1978 Sep 7
          One letter.

     F292 Cole, Henri, 1994-1995
          Two letters.

     F293 Cooper, Jane, 1979-1995
          Three letters.

     F294 Coulette, Henri, 1972-1987
          Eight letters discussing his health, family, his and Justice's poetry, and travels. 
          See also Justice's letters to Coulette (F322-329), an Justice's article on Coulette's
          poetry (F266), and "Poems from letters written to Henri Coulette" (F28).

     F295 Dickey, James, 1962 Oct 28
          One letter regarding teaching.

     F296 Donovan, Laurence, 1994-1995
          Poet and printmaker Laurence Donovan is an "old Miami friend" of Justice.  The
          nine letters discuss travels, his work, friends, and include sixteen photographs and
          a clipping.

     F297 Duncan, Harry, 1964-1978
          Four letters concerning a 1964 book of French translations, his poetry, and family.

     F298 Eberhart, Richard, 1984 Apr 27
          One letter concerning Yaddo.

     F299 Engle, Paul, 1956-1987
          Eleven letters regarding the 1986 Iowa Creative Writing Workshop reunion,
          getting poetry published, Justice's The Sunset Maker, and the "postface"
          (typescript included) for Contemporary French Poetry.  Includes Engle's
          broadside poem, "Heartland."

     F300 Feldman, Irving, 1976
          Two letters concerning poetry readings and praising Departures.

     F301 Fitzgerald, Robert, 1977
          One letter.

     F302 Fussell, Paul, 1979 Feb 2
          One letter.

7         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence (cont'd)

          Gioia, Dana, 1985-1996
          Forty-two letters regarding his job at General Foods, his poetry, contemporary
          poets, mutual friends, Weldon Kees, Justice's poetry and painting, music, travels,
          his interview with Justice, and Diane Wakoski.  Includes two photographs of
          Justice with Gioia and one of Gioia and his new baby.  Also includes poems by
          Gioia, articles and clippings, a copy of his introduction to a Weldon Kees volume,
          and a list of possible poems for Justice's New and Selected Poems (with Gioia's
          comments).  See also Gioia's interview with Justice (F477).
     F303 1985-1986
     F304 1987
     F305 1990-1996

     F306 Glaser, Elton, 1995-1996
          Six letters regarding their joint poetry reading at the University of New Orleans
          and a request for Justice to judge the 1996 Akron Poetry Prize contest.

     F307 Gross, Harvey, 1977-1978
          Four letters concerning Justice's essay on poetic meter for The Structure of Verse,
          co-edited by Gross.

     F308 Haffenden, John, 1956-1987
          Four letters requesting information regarding John Berryman for Haffenden's
          biography of Berryman.

          Hall, Donald, 1956-1987
          Thirty letters discuss Hall's writing, publication and reviews, arranging a reading
          for Justice at the University of Michigan, other poets, being labeled a
          "conservative" poet, editing Platonic Scripts, and Justice's contributions for New
          Poets of England and America (edited by Hall, Robert Pack, and Louis Simpson). 
          Includes galley proofs of Justice's poems for New Poets of England and America
          and a permission sheet.

     F309 1956-1978
     F310 1981-1983
     F311 1985-1987

          Halpern, Daniel, 1977-1982
          Twenty-eight letters discussing Justice's works published in Antaeus, mutual
          friends, his work, and travels.  Includes postcards from his travels in Morocco and
          Europe, as well as a list of topics for a book on Wallace Stevens.

     F312 1977
     F313 1978-1981
     F314 1982-1983

     F315 Higgins, Thomas, 1969 Nov 17
          One letter from the subject of Justice's poem, "Variations for the Piano."

     F316 Hirsch, Edward, 1986
          Two letters regarding Justice's poetry and a poetry reading.

     F317 Hirschman, Jack, [1960 Jan 14]
          One letter regarding Weldon Kees and Justice's poetry.

     F318 Hollander, John, 1996 Feb 20
          One letter concerning Justice's New and Selected Poems.

     F319 Howard, Richard, 1971-1977
          Four letters regarding Justice's poetry.

     F320 Irving, John, 1976-1996
          Four letters discussing his life in Vermont, readings, his novels, Cider House
          Rules and Trying to Save Piggy Sneed.  Includes a flyer which attributes poems
          written by Justice to Irving.

     F321 Jarman, Mark, 1994
          Two letters regarding Justice's books, plus a copy of the journal, Pequod (1984),
          in which Jarman's article, "Ironic Elegies:  the Poetry of Donald Justice," appears.

7         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence (cont'd)

          Justice, Donald

          Letters to Henri Coulette, 1959-1988
          In over 110 letters, Justice discusses the Iowa Creative Writing Program, his
          poetry, health, family, the Ford award, writing plays, mutual friends, travels,
          teaching, readings, as well as critiqued poems written by Coulette.  Includes
          copies of his poems with extensive notes by Justice, two envelopes with a
          photograph of Justice used as a seal, and a letter to Coulette from Harry E. Maule. 
          See also Coulette's letters to Justice (F294 and F28).

     F322 1959-1962
     F323 1963-1964
     F324 1965-1968
     F325 1969-1978
     F326 1979-1982
     F327 1983-1985
     F328 1986-1988

     F329 Letter to Mr. Torgersen, 1982 Oct 3
          Draft letter disputing Torgersen's review in American Poetry Review.

     F330 Letter to Mary Ethel Justice (mother), [1936-1937?]

          Letters to Jean and Nat Justice (wife and son), 1960-1976
          Twenty-eight letters written to his family during his travels for poetry readings,
          summer teaching jobs, stays at the MacDowell Colony, and during a 1976 trip to
          England with Henri Coulette.  Affectionate letters in which he discussed his
          travels, life in England, teaching and reading experiences, his health, and movies. 
          Includes three poems, a program, and a receipt.

     F331 1960-1967
     F332 1968-1976

     F333 "Correspondence Diary," 1990-1993 Aug
          One spiral-bound notebook in which Justice listed and numbered all letters written
          between 1990 and 1993.  Includes name of recipient, dates, a brief line about the
          letter's contents, and lists enclosures.

     F334 "Copy to all who took the recent M.F.A. Examination," [1970s]
          Mimeograph copy of a letter from Justice to University of Iowa graduate students
          regarding the poor writing displayed on recent M.F.A. examinations.

     F335 "Notebook of lectures and certain business correspondence," 1990-1991
          Legal-size notepad containing drafts of letters to Patrick Dillon (Atheneum),
          Claudia Johnson, Belle Randall, Ken Fields, Joseph Parisi, Miller Williams, Paul
          Elledge (re: Mark Jarman), Joseph Dermant, Dana Gioia, Eric Parker, plus letters
          of reference for Leon Stokesbury, Jeff Franklin, and Lewis Turco.  Also includes
          lists of addresses, notes for library research, an outline for a course on poetry, and
          a letter regarding personal investments.  The notepad also includes notes for a
          reading and notes for a lecture at Breadloaf in 1990.  36 pp.

     F336 Drafts of letters, 1991-1992
          Loose pages of autograph drafts of letters to Elise Pascher, Jane Jones, Charles
          Martin, Robert Pack, Stephen Robitaillo, Scott Jones, Charles Wright, Dee Clark,
          Steve Kunsisto, Matthew Graham, Henry Carlile, Vern Rutsala, Ed London, W.
          D. Snodgrass, Harry Ford, Richard Frost, Harriet Mosher, Gregory Smith, Melissa
          Hammerle, Lewis Turco, Sidney Berger, and others.  Also includes a 1991 update
          to Justice's resume and a letter of reference for Peter Klappert.  32 pp.

     F337 Drafts of letters, 1991-1992
          Standard-size notepad, with some loose pages inserted, containing drafts of
          recommendations for Robert Mezey, Dana Gioia, Gail Shepherd, Padgett Powell,
          William Logan, Eric Parker, as well as a letter regarding Breadloaf.  Also includes
          five pages of revisions for Dana Gioia's interview (F477) of Justice (published in
          a 1995 issue of American Poetry Review) and four pages of notes related to
          research for a course on poetry.

     F338 Drafts of letters, [1992]
          Standard-size notepad with autograph drafts of letters to Kate Hensler, Paul
          Mariani, and others.  6 pp.

     F339 Drafts of letters, 1994
          Standard-size notepad (plus a few pages laid in) with autograph drafts of letters to
          Willis Regier, T. McFarland, Donald Hall, Harry Ford, Walter Martin, William
          Logan, Robert Pack, and others.  Also includes letters of recommendation for
          Carol Frost, Debora Gregor, Bill Young, Ginny MacKenzie, Steve Kronen, and
          Offitt.  Also includes paragraphs reviewing books by Richard Russo, Stuart
          Dybek, and Andre Dubris III.  33 pp.

     F340 Drafts of letters, 1995
          Standard-size notepad which contains drafts of letters to Stephen Foster,
          Catherine Davis, Hualing Engle, Edgar Bower, James Reidel, and others.  Also
          includes a list of names and addresses.

     F341 Drafts of letters, [1996]
          Standard-size notepad containing autograph drafts of letters to Glenna Nowell,
          Danny Smith, Mark Melnicove, Robert Farnsworth, Peter Jay, and others.  Also
          includes a list of expenses for a trip to New England.

     F342 Kronen, Steve, 1995 Aug 6
          One card celebrating Justice's seventieth birthday.

     F343 Lang, Daniel, 1994 Sep 27
          One letter regarding his establishment of an art school in Italy for the University
          of Tulsa.

          Levine, Philip, 1970-1982
          Sixteen letters discussing John Berryman, mutual friends (Mezey, Bell), his
          readings, Yaddo, other poets, Atheneum, get-togethers with Justice, and academic
          department politics.

     F344 1970-1972
     F345 1973, 1982

8         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence (cont'd)

   F346 Logan, John, 1954 Nov 27
          One letter regarding Justice's poetry.

          Logan, William, 1985-1995
          Thirty-three letters regarding his current writing projects, faculty life, book
          reviews, other poets, readings, his sabbatical in England, his personal life and
          family.  Includes poems by Logan, newspaper clippings and programs from
          England, and photocopies of letters to others.

     F347 1985 May-Jul
     F348 1985 Aug-Nov
     F349 1986-1987
     F350 1994-1995

     F351 London, Ed, 1980 Mar 18
          One card from this composer who collaborated with Justice on Death of Lincoln.

     F352 Mariani, Paul, 1987-1996
          Three letters regarding his writing, audio cassette tapes featuring Jerome Mazzaro,
          Harte Crane, and Justice's New and Selected Poems.

     F353 Martin, Walter, 1994
          Two letters regarding Justice's poems.

     F354 McAfie, Thomas, [1956 Dec 12]
          One Christmas greeting from a writer who was Justice's colleague at the
          University of Missouri.

     F355 McCain, Murray, 1957-1958
          Two letters from Justice's undergraduate roommate at the University of North
          Carolina, Chapel Hill (Fall 1944).
     F356 Meredith, William, [1967 Dec 19]
          One thank you note with Meredith's poem, "In the Canyon."

     F357 Merker, K. K., 1964 August 27
          One letter regarding publishing translations by Justice.

          Mezey, Robert, 1976-1997
          These eighty-one letters from Justice's long-time friend and fellow poet include
          information regarding Mezey's writing, Justice's poetry, a long-distance chess
          game between them, his family, travels, students, struggle with depression, the
          death of Jim Wright, mutual friends, and other poets.  Mezey has enclosed
          clippings, typescript poems, and a typescript of his Seamus Heaney review.

     F358 1976-1978
     F359 1979
     F360 1980
     F361 1981-1982
     F362 1986-1988
     F363 1993-1994
     F364 1995 Jan-Jul
     F365 1995 Aug-Dec
     F366 1996-1997

     F367 Murphy, Richard, 1976-1986
          Three letters regarding England, the University of Iowa, readings, U. S. university
          teaching jobs, and Sri Lanka and the Tamils.

     F368 Nims, John Frederick, 1994 Dec 7
          One letter regarding Yugen.

8         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence (cont'd)

     F369 O'Donnell, George Marion, 1943
          Three letters from the first poet with whom Justice was acquainted.  O'Donnell's
          letters discuss Justice's poems, his own writing, the job of a poet, and thoughts on
          public recognition of poets or the lack thereof.

     F370 Offutt, Chris, 1994
          Two letters (with enclosed resume and typescript poems) regarding mutual
          friends, his family, and writing a novel.

     F371 O'Gorman, Ned, 1979
          Two letters requesting Justice's reflections on Allen Tate for a biography
          O'Gorman is writing.

     F372 Pack, Robert, 1991 Aug 31
          One letter regarding the future of the Breadloaf conference.

     F373 Peich, Michael, 1990
          Two letters regarding his printing of a poem written by Justice and Mezey titled
          "Starkweather Ballad."  Includes a typescript page regarding the creation of the
          poem, with Justice's revisions and a note from Mezey.

     F374 Plumly, Stanley, 1976-1982
          Nine letters mentioning readings, travels, teaching at Princeton, Marvin Bell, and
          poetry by Justice or himself.

     F375 Ramsey, Paul, [n.d.]
          One letter written to Mrs. Jean Justice regarding teaching and his family.

     F376 Randall, Belle, [1991 Dec 16]
          One letter regarding publishing a poem by Justice.

     F377 Ruggles, Carl, 1943
          Two letters from this American composer, with whom Justice studied music
          composition, critiquing musical scores by Justice.

     F378 Schmitt, Peter, 1991 Jan 31
          One thank you card.

     F379 Schulman, Grace, 1986 Mar 14
          One letter praising Justice's translations of Rilke poems.

     F380 Simon, Maurya, 1996 Mar 19
          One card complimenting Justice's linocuts and his reading at Pomona, CA.

     F381 Smith, Dave, 1976-1981
          Four letters regarding working with Justice at the University of Florida.

     F382 Snodgrass, W. D., 1994 Jun 11
          One letter regarding Helmut Goebbels, his writing and his Erieville home.

     F383 Sollberger, Harvey, 1967-1968
          Three letters requesting permission to write a musical score based on Justice's
          poem, "To the Hawks."

     F384 Spender, Stephen, 1977 Jan 14
          One letter regarding Departures and meeting Justice in Iowa City.

     F385 Spires, Elizabeth, 1995
          One letter regarding Justice's poetry and her Worldling.

     F386 Starbuck, George, 1965-1971
          Six letters regarding readings and teaching at the University of Iowa.

          Stern, Richard, 1951-1995
          Forty-eight letters from poet Stern discussing plays in New York, his teaching,
          travels, writing a novel, and his poetry, as well as critiquing poems by Justice.  He
          mentions Marianne Moore, Eudora Welty, Saul Bellow, and John Berryman. 
          Enclosed are a few poems, letters from others, and a 1955 letter offering Justice a
          teaching position at the University of Chicago.  Also includes one letter from Gay

     F387 1951-1955
     F388 1956
     F389 1957-1962
     F390 1964
     F391 1986
     F392 1987
     F393 1988-1995

8         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.1.  Personal and literary correspondence (cont'd)

          Strand, Mark, 1964-1995
          One hundred and thirty-four letters from poet Strand discussing his travels,
          teaching, poetry, anthologies, the Iowa Workshop, other poets, his family,
          Justice's poems and paintings, readings, buying land in Nova Scotia, gambling,
          and mutual friends.  Enclosed are typescripts or photocopies of poems by Stern,
          autograph notes on a play, a page of doodles by Strand, and a copy of Strand's
          1978 satire, "The Presidential Resignation."

     F394 1964-1965
     F395 1966
     F396 1967-1970
     F397 1971
     F398 1972 Jan-Jul
     F399 1972 Aug-Dec
     F400 1973
     F401 1974-1976
     F402 1977-1978
     F403 1979-1984
     F404 1985-1987
     F405 1989-1995 and [n.d.]

     F406 Taylor, Peter, 1948-1994
          Three letters regarding Justice's poems, jobs, and recommending students for the
          Iowa Workshop.

          Turco, Lewis, 1964 and 1986-1995
          Thirteen letters from poet Turco discussing mutual friends, translations, teaching
          at Hillsdale, and writing.  Enclosed are clippings and reviews by Turco.  One
          letter is written on the verso of a broadside of Turco's poem, "Oswego" (1988).

     F407 1964
     F408 1986-1995

     F409 Twichell, Chase, 1979 Mar 9
          One letter regarding jobs and gambling.

     F410 Vendler, Helen, 1980
          Two letters praising Justice's Selected Poems.

     F411 Voigt, Ellen, 1995
          One thank you card.

     F412 Weiss, Theodore Russell, 1976 Oct 24
          One letter regarding Princeton and a mutual friend.

     F413 Williams, Miller, 1976-1986
          Five letters regarding readings, travels, and acknowledging Justice's praise for his

     F414 Winters, Yvor, 1954
          Two letters responding to Justice's review of his book and regarding students who 
          imitate his poetry.

     F415 Wiseman, Christopher, 1994-1996
          Six letters regarding teaching, writing, and readings in England.  Enclosed is a
          Thomas Hardy program.

     F416 Wormser, Baron, 1985-1988
          Fourteen letters (plus one article) regarding art, Francis Bacon, his poetry, and
          reviewing The Sunset Maker.

          Wright, Charles, 1965-1995
          One hundred and thirty letters from poet and long-time friend Charles Wright, in
          which he discusses his poetry, his wife (artist Holly McIntire), teaching, his
          health, awards, travels, California poets, the University of Virginia, and the Iowa
          Workshop.  Includes typescript poems and an essay by Wright.

     F417 1965-1966
     F418 1967-1970 
     F419 1971
     F420 1972-1973
     F421 1974-1976
     F422 1977
     F423 1978-1979
     F424 1980-1982
     F425 1983-1984
     F426 1985-1986
     F427 1987-1995

     F428 Wright, Franz, 1982-1996
          Letters from the son of James Wright in which he discusses his health, poetry, and
          appreciation for Justice's encouragement.  Includes poems by Franz Wright.

     F429 Wright, Stuart, [1987 Feb 2]
          One letter regarding Justice's papers.

9         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)

          Series IV.2.  Business correspondence, 1942-1996
               Arranged alphabetically by publisher, organization, or company and then
               chronologically within folders.  The series includes one folder of
               miscellaneous business correspondence which is filed at the end.

     F430 The Academy of American Poets, 1974-1987
          Three letters (two from Henri Cole) regarding readings for the Academy and a
          "Poets' Salute to Harry Ford," plus a tax receipt.

     F431 American Poetry Review, 1976-1983
          Most of the nine letters are with editor Arthur Vogelsang, regarding Justice's
          submissions or requests for permissions.

     F432 Antaeus/Ecco Press, 1984-1988
          Three letters, two from Daniel Halpern, regarding publication of Justice's poems.

     F433 Anvil Press, 1976-1985
          Twenty-five letters regarding Anvil Press's British publication of Selected Poems. 
          Includes royalty statements, copies of reviews, and advertisements for the book. 
          Most of the letters are from Peter Jay and include personal information regarding
          Jay's family and own writing, plus several poems written by Jay.  See also
          Antheneum Press for related correspondence (F434-441).

          Atheneum merged into Macmillan in June of 1984.  Most of the correspondence
          is between editor Harry Ford and Justice, and includes the original letters written
          by Justice to Ford.  Their discussions center on Atheneum's publication of
          Departures (1973), Selected Poems (1979), and The Sunset Maker (1987).

          Correspondence, 1972-1992
     F434 1972-1975
     F435 1976-1978
     F436 1979
     F437 1980
     F438 1981-1983
     F439 1984-1986
     F440 1987-1989
     F441 1990-1992

     F442 Royalty statements, 1974-1992
          Includes check stubs, Justice's completed author's questionnaire, and statements.

     F443 Atlantic, 1983-1986
          Three letters from poetry editor Peter Davison.

     F444 British Broadcasting Corporation, 1959
          Three letters requesting permission to broadcast a BBC "Third Programme" which
          would include the poetry of Justice and other young American poets (1959 Jul 5).

     F445 The Georgia Review, 1982 Jan 31
          Justice letter regarding a review by Stitt.

     F446 Harper's Magazine, 1958-1959
          Four letters, including three from R. B. Silver, regarding the publication of
          Justice's poems in 1959.

     F447 Houghton Mifflin Company, 1987-1990
          Letters from Al Poulin and Peter Davison regarding Contemporary American

     F448 Hudson River Press/Hawk's Well Press, 1958-1959
          Eighteen letters from Jerome Dennis Rothenberg regarding the publication of
          Justice's poetry.  The press had a contract to publish Summer Anniversaries, but
          because of press problems, Justice was amicably released from the contract and
          the book was published by Wesleyan.  Rothenberg nominated Justice for the
          Lamont Prize.  Enclosed is volume one of Poems From the Floating World.

     F449 The Iowa Review, 1982-1986
          Twelve letters with editor Dave Hamilton regarding "Notes of an Outsider."

     F450 Libraries, 1958-1982
          Letters from libraries at the University of Buffalo, Weslyan University, University
          of Florida, and the Pierpont Morgan Library regarding lectures or donations of
          manuscripts by Justice.

     F451 The New Criterion, 1984-1995
          Twenty-one letters from Robert Richman regarding publication of Justice's
          poems, with copies of letters from Philip Levine and Fellowes.

     F452 The New Yorker, 1956-1994
          Eighteen letters from editors Howard Moss, Alice Quinn, or Charles McGrath,
          regarding the copyrights, acceptance, rejection, and/or publication of Justice's
          poems.  Some letters include Justice's typescript poems, which bear editor's
          notations.  Check stubs and fan letters are also included. 

9         Series IV.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series IV.2.  Business correspondence (cont'd)

     F453 Poetry, 1942-1986
          Eight letters from Karl Shapiro, Henry Rago, or John Frederick Nims regarding
          publication of Justice's poems and the Inez Boulton Prize in 1960.  Also includes
          a group of three early rejection notices (1942-1943) from Poetry, American
          Mercury, and The Atlantic Monthly, all pasted to one sheet.

     F454 Princeton University, 1974
          Two letters from Carlos Baker regarding Justice's engagement as the Bain-Swiggett Lecturer in the Spring of 1976.

     F455 The Southern Review, 1994-1995
          Four letters regarding publication or copyright of Justice's poetry and the
          inclusion of his poetry in Pushcart Press XX.

     F456 University of Iowa, 1976
          Two letters from John Leggett regarding Justice's leave of absence for a
          Guggenheim Fellowship.

          University of Michigan Press, 1967-1993
          Includes correspondence, contract, royalty statements, check stubs, and income
          tax records.  The press published Platonic Scripts, Contemporary French Poetry,
          and Poets on Poetry, to which Justice contributed.  Also includes reviews of
          Contemporary French Poetry.

     F457 1966-1982
     F458 1983-1988

     F459 Royalty statements and financial papers, 1965-1993

          Wesleyan University Press, 1959-1990
          Wesleyan University Press, which later merged with the University Press of New
          England, published Summer Anniversaries and Night Light.  Some Wesleyan
          correspondence is present in the series for those books.  Includes correspondence,
          royalty statements, copies of checks, and tax forms.  The correspondence
          primarily covers publication details, such as permissions, contracts, proof pages,
          publicity, and readings. Information about the Lamont Prize and plagiarism of
          Justice's poems is also present.

          Correspondence, 1959-1994
     F460 1959-1960
     F461 1961-1965
     F462 1966-1968
     F463 1969-1994 and [n.d.]

          Royalty reports, 1961-1990
     F464 1961-1975
     F465 1976-1985
     F466 1986-1990

     F467 Miscellaneous business correspondence, 1948-1996
          Arranged in chronological order, this folder of correspondence includes eighteen
          letters from various magazines, journals, and organizations.  Magazine and
          journals include Mademoiselle, The Paris Review, New York Times Review of
          Books, The Formalist, The New England Review, Nation, The Statesman, and
          North American Review.  Most of the letters discuss publication of Justice's
          poems.  Includes a typescript of Justice's poem, "Doom Poem (To the Hawks)"
          and letters from Hayden Carruth, Grace Schulman, Paul Carroll, and Donald Hall.

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