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Descriptive Summary

Identification: MSS 0578

Creator: Archaeological Society of Delaware.

Title: Archaeological Society of Delaware records

Inclusive Dates: 1933-2011

Extent: 6.3 linear ft. (7 boxes)

Abstract: This collection contains the administrative and organizational records for the incorporated educational group, the Archaeological Society of Delaware. The materials span the length of the organization's existence from 1933 to the present.

Language: Materials entirely in English.


MSS 578, Archaeological Society of Delaware records, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.

Shelving Summary

Boxes 1-6: Shelved in SPEC MSS record center cartons

Box 7: Shelved in SPEC MSS shoeboxes

Box 8: Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (18 inch)

Audio reels: Shelved in SPEC Media audio reels (7")

Video reels: Shelved in SPEC Media video reels (5")

Video cassettes: Shelved in SPEC Media video cassettes (VHS)


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Gift of Herbert T. Pratt and the Archaeological Society of Delaware, 1999 and later accessions.


Processed and encoded by Lora J. Davis and Anita Wellner, July 2008. Updated September 2010, July 2012, November 2013.

The collection is open for research.

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Historical Note

The first meeting of the Archaeological Society of Delaware (ASD) was held on Friday, February 24, 1933, at the Dover High School Library. Public school teacher and archaeology enthusiast H. Geiger Omwake called the meeting in the hopes of founding an organization to promote and support the study of archaeology in the state of Delaware. At this first meeting the twenty-nine persons present outlined four goals for the new society with the help of Dr. J. Alden Mason, Curator of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. The goals of the fledgling society were: 1. To promote and encourage the study of archaeology, 2. To encourage careful scientific research and excavation, 3. To preserve important archaeological sites and artifacts, and 4. To record and preserve data relative to any of these. Since that time the Archaeological Society of Delaware has aimed to fulfill these goals through a variety of means including the publication of several serial and special publications, participation in site surveys and archaeological excavations, membership in the umbrella organization the Eastern States Archaeological Federation, gathering and preserving personal and organizational collections of archaeological artifacts, holding annual public meetings, and participation and leadership in state and community archaeological events.

The ASD publishes two regular publications. The Society newsletter Inksherds has been published continuously since 1955 with only one interruption between the years 1988 and 1991 when Society membership was waning. The other publication, the Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, contains articles and reports on archaeological topics and projects by ASD members and has been published since the Society's beginnings in 1933.

The Society holds annual meetings to bring together the individual members and provide them with an opportunity to discuss archaeology in the state of Delaware. In addition to these meetings, the ASD also provides many opportunities for its members to participate in archaeological excavations and site surveys. In recent years the ASD has also played a major role in planning and promoting Delaware Archaeology Month each year during the month of May. During Delaware Archaeology Month the planning committee runs a calendar of events including lectures and presentations, excavation opportunities, and exhibits on Delaware’s archaeology that are open to professional and avocational archaeologists alike.

In addition to providing opportunities for archaeological research to its members and the citizens of the state of Delaware, the ASD has also had an impact on legislation in the state. Through lobbying, the ASD played a role in promoting state legislation aimed at protecting archaeological sites from vandalism. In addition, the ASD has aided in creating a state archaeological review board and encouraged the state to hire professional archaeologists.

In 1957 the first local chapter of the ASD, the Minquannan chapter, was founded. Since that time several additional chapters have been founded and disbanded. As of 2007 there existed four local chapters of the Archaeological Society of Delaware. These chapters are: the Northern Chapter, People's Chapter, Southern Chapter, and Maritime chapter. The first three chapters correlate loosely to Delaware's three counties, with the latter chapter being one primarily interested in shipwrecks and underwater archaeology.


Pratt, H[erbert] T..History of the Society. Paper No. 6 of the Archaeological Society of Delaware. (November 1958): 25 pages. MSS 578, Records of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.

"Delaware's Archaeological Network Government-Based Archaeology." Newsletter published by the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs. (May 2007): 6 pages. Available online at: (accessed October 2008).

Delaware State Historic Preservation Office. "Delaware Archaeological Month." (accessed October 2008).

Additional information derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Archaeological Society of Delaware records contains the organizational and administrative records of the society from its founding in 1933 until the present. The collection is divided into nine series according to document-type and, as of 2010, contains 6.3 linear feet of processed materials. It is anticipated that additional materials will be added to this collection on a regular basis.

The materials housed within this collection were compiled and preserved by society members over the course of half a century. In the 1960s one-time ASD secretary Richard Quick bound together two volumes of correspondence, treasurer's reports, and meeting minutes spanning the period from February 1933-November 1963 (F34 and F35) and began the process of preserving the records of the society. When, in 1955, ASD member Herbert T. Pratt undertook writing a special ASD publication on the history of the society he discovered that the society only possessed just over half of the total publications produced by the society in its twenty-year history. This discovery inspired Pratt to begin acting as the society's unofficial archivist. Over the next four decades Pratt actively gathered ASD materials from older members, former officers, and other sources, and set to the task of organizing and documenting these materials. In 1994 the ASD Board of Directors agreed to donate the archives collected by Pratt to the University of Delaware Library and, in 1997, Pratt's "Finding Aid for the Archives of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, 1933-1996" (F1) was published as Paper No. 10 by the Society. Though the organization of the collection has changed from that described in Pratt's finding aid, the materials housed within the collection remain unchanged and thus directly correlate to the items described in the original finding aid.

The first series, Series I. Administrative and organizational documents, spans the history of the society. This series includes several versions of the Society's constitution, bylaws, and incorporation documents, as well as lists of officers and directors and lists of award recipients. Also included in this series are the papers of ASD member Archibald Crozier (F20). These papers were bought at auction by Dr. Allen G. Schiek in 1959 and include newsletters, membership lists, programs, and various other items pertaining to the early history of the society.

The types of documents housed within Series III. Reports and records are similar in many respect to those housed in Series I. Administrative and organizational documents, as both series contain documents pertaining to the administration of the organization. However, whereas Series I. includes many important foundational documents spanning the history of the organization, Series III. contains the records of specific offices within the Society. Represented within Series III. are records and reports dealing specifically with finance, membership, and publications. Of note in this series are a twenty-year span of bank statements for the Society, ASD checkbooks and canceled checks, membership records including several hundred 3"x5" note cards possibly from a Rolodex-type filing system (F54), and membership dues receipts and directories.

Series II. Meetings preserves meeting minutes, programs, agendas, and notices from the Society's board of directors, officers, and public meetings. Typically, the annual public meetings provided an opportunity for ASD members to gather and touch base with one another about archaeological practices and specific archaeological projects. The meetings also usually included a presentation from a noteworthy figure in archaeology. One such presentation, a lecture by John Witthoft at the Second Annual ASD Seminar in 1964, is preserved on reel-to-reel audiotape and housed within the collection (F33). In contrast to the public meetings, the officers' and board of directors meetings afforded these bodies with the opportunity to discuss issues related to the administration of the Society. Thus, the minutes of the officers' and board of directors meetings (F34-F39) provide a useful record of the concerns and activities of the Society over time.

The earliest materials included in Series IV. Correspondence are housed in four folders of correspondence kept by former ASD secretary Leon DeValinger between the years 1933 and 1940. Aside from being a prominent early member and officer of the ASD, DeValinger served as Delaware state archivist for over forty years and was a pioneer in developing Delaware's state archival system. The DeValinger correspondence (F61-F64) was obtained for this collection by ASD member Ronald A. Thomas from the Delaware State Archives. In addition to the DeValinger correspondence, the series also contains several additional folders of miscellaneous correspondence loosely organized by date and spanning nearly half a century from 1952-2000.

The items housed within Series V. Activities and public relations provide information about the work conducted by the Society. In addition to promoting the field of archaeology, the Society was also established to aid its members in conducting archaeological excavations and site surveys. This series houses information relating to some of the surveys in which the Society was involved. Of particular note in F73 Archaeological Site Surveys is a report by Jacob W. Gruber entitled "Preliminary Report of the Archaeological Survey Along the Right-of-Way of FAI-1, State of Delaware." This report was written in 1962 following a site survey conducted along the proposed right-of-way of "FAI-1" which became Interstate 95 through northern Delaware. The report discusses the land that would be used for I-95 extending from Churchman's Marsh west to the Maryland state line. As such, the report is a unique early example of the processes used to try to detect prehistoric sites on land that was being developed as a result of the 1955 Federal Highway Construction Act. Though no archaeological finds were made during the survey, the report includes several interviews with local residents and Gruber's reflections on how such surveys could be improved in the future. The I-95 survey is just one of many site surveys housed in F73.

In addition to site surveys, the ASD also aided in the development of an archaeological review board for the state of Delaware. Series V. Activities and public relations preserves items related to the work of this review board as well as ASD's involvement in Delaware Archaeology Month (F79). The final types of materials found in Series III. are public relations materials created by the Society and newspaper clippings and notices about the work being conducted by the Society.

Series VI. Publications is the largest of the collection and comprises over two linear feet. The series houses both the Society's regular publications as well as several special and occasional publications. Additionally, several non-ASD published items are included in the series because they were authored by ASD members. The regular publications of the Society housed in this collection are the Society's newsletter Inksherds and the Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware. The holdings of these regular publications are for the most part complete and comprehensive until the year 1999. Missing issues or other unusual circumstances related to these publications are noted in the detailed contents list of this finding aid.

Series VII. and Series VIII. are both rather small and self-explanatory. Series VII. ASD Chapters contains information relating to specific local ASD chapters rather than to the Society as a whole. Over the years the names of these chapters have changed and new chapters have been added as necessary. The first local chapter to be founded was the Minquannan chapter in 1957. In addition to records from this chapter (F136) the series also contains records from the Tancopanican, Kent County, and New Castle County chapters.

Series VIII. Eastern States Archaeological Federation contains records, correspondence, programs, and reports pertaining to ASD's relationship with the umbrella organization the Eastern States Archaeological Federation (ESAF). The series also contains a thirty-six year run (1941-1977) of ESAF's publication the Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation. Several audio and video recordings of speakers from ESAF meetings are housed at the end of this series. F148 contains three reel-to-reel audio recordings of four speakers from the 1958 ESAF meeting held in Wilmington, Delaware, and F149 contains two VHS recordings of speakers at the Delaware session of the 1995 ESAF meeting. Additional information about ESAF can be found in the organization's records which are housed at the University of Delaware. (MSS 0579, Records of the Eastern States Archeological Federation, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.)

The final series in the collection, Series IX. Mary C. Sawyer papers (1961-2010) contains a small collection of the personal and professional papers of long-time ASD member and DuPont employee Mary C. Sawyer. The bulk of these papers reflect Sawyer's involvement in ASD, including participation at archaeological field sites. The series also includes a near-complete run of the Kent County Archaeological Society Newsletter, Chips & Points, from 1966 to 1973, as well as correspondence related to ASD's Mary C. Sawyer publication fund, which was established in Sawyer's honor at the request of her sister Frances Sawyer. Finally, the series also documents Sawyer's career with DuPont, involvement in various professional organizations (including the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists and the American Society for Testing and Materials), and involvement with the Scottish Games Association of Delaware, Inc.

Selected Search Terms

Personal Names
Pratt, Herbert T.
De Valinger, Leon, 1905-2000.
Weslager, C. A. (Clinton Alfred), 1909-1994.
Omwake, H. Geiger.
Crozier, Archibald.
Volkman, Arthur G.
Thomas, Ronald A.
Gibbons, Dolores.
Sawyer, Mary C.
Corporate Names
Archaeological Society of Delaware.
Other Titles
Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware.
Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation.
Archaeology of North America.
Chips & Points.
Topical Terms
Archaeology--Delaware--History--20th century.
Geographic Names
Delaware--History--20th century.
Form/Genre Terms
Certificates of incorporation.
Membership lists.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Tax records.
Serials (publications)
Drafts (documents)
Video recordings.
Sound recordings.

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  • I. Administrative and organizational documents, 1940-2011
  • II. Meetings, 1935-2010
  • III. Reports and records, 1933-2007
  • IV. Correspondence, 1933-2010
  • V. Activities and public relations, 1933-2009
  • VI. Publications, 1933-2009
  • VII. ASD Chapters, 1957-2010
  • VIII. Eastern States Archaeological Federation, 1938-1995
  • IX. Mary C. Sawyer papers, 1961-2010

Detailed Contents List

Series I. Administrative and organizational documents, 1940-2011

Finding aid, 1997   [Box 1 F1]

Finding aid for the archives of the Archaeological Society of Delaware written by Herbert T. Pratt and published as Paper no. 10 by the ASD.

Donation to the University of Delaware Library, 1986-1999   [Box 6 F152]

Includes material related to the donation of the archive to the University of Delaware Library.

Thank you to Herbert T. Pratt, 1996-1999   [Box 1 F2]

Includes a thank you letter from Alice Guerrant to Herbert T. Pratt upon his retirement from the Board of Directors, as well as notes on Pratt's membership. Pratt served as long-time ASD historian and archivist. Also includes several pages of Pratt's handwritten notes from the ASD archives and a thank you note for his contributions to the ASD publication fund (1996).

Constitution and bylaws revisions, 1961-1993   [Box 1 F3]

Also includes information on incorporating in Delaware.

Constitution and duties of officers and directors, 1975   [Box 1 F4]

Bylaws, 1993-2000   [Box 1 F5]

Bylaws, 2000   [Box 1 F6]

List of officers and directors, 1962-1971   [Box 1 F7]

List of officers and directors, 1996-2008   [Box 1 F8]

Duties of officers and directors manuals, 1975-1996   [Box 1 F9]

Compiled by Herbert T. Pratt and Mary C. Sawyer, 1975; compiled by Herbert T. Pratt, 1994-1996.

Corporation charter, state of Delaware, 1960 November 16   [Box 1 F10]

Correspondence, Artists Emblem Company, 1993-1996   [Box 1 F11]

Correspondence regarding Crozier Award plaques and ASD lapel pin.

ASD emblem, photographic negatives, undated   [Box 1 F12]

3" diameter

For use in printing.

Arthur S. Volkman Fund, correspondence, obituary, 1983   [Box 1 F13]

H. Geiger Omwake Award, 1996   [Box 1 F14]

Herbert T. Pratt's correspondence and a biography of Omwake by L.T. Alexander.

Keith Doms, Crozier Award, 1999   [Box 1 F15]

Signatures of outstanding members, 1947-1973   [Box 1 F16]

22 items

Collected by Herbert T. Pratt in the 1980s.

In praise of editors, 1998   [Box 1 F17]

C. A. Weslager memoriam written by Herbert T. Pratt, 1978-1994   [Box 1 F18]

News about members, obituaries, 1994-2001   [Box 1 F19]

Archibald Crozier papers, 1940-1952   [Box 1 F20]

1 inch

Includes newsletters, membership lists, programs, certificate of incorporation, and bylaws. The papers were bought at auction and donated by Dr. Allen Schiek, 1959.

Contents of loose-leaf notebook kept by president Dolores Gibbons, 1978-1979   [Box 1 F21]

Series II. Meetings, 1935-2010
Subseries II.A. Annual meetings, 1935-2010

Meeting notices, 1933-1953   [Box 1 F22]

51 items

Minutes of annual, public, and dinner meetings, 1964-1977   [Box 1 F23]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 1993   [Box 1 F24]

Minutes of special reorganization meeting, 1993 January 20   [Box 1 F25]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 1994   [Box 1 F26]

Annual meeting minutes and program , 1995   [Box 1 F27]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 1996   [Box 1 F28]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 1997   [Box 1 F29]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 1999   [Box 1 F30]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 2000   [Box 1 F31]

Annual meeting minutes and program, 2001-2003   [Box 1 F32]

Annual meeting programs and agenda, 2004-2006   [Box 6 F156]

Annual meeting program, 2009 April 25-   [Box 6 F151]

Annual meeting notice, 2010 May 22   [Box 6 F155]

Lectures by John Witthoft, Second Annual ASD Seminar, Wilmington, Delaware, 1964 April 23-1964 April 26   [Box 1 F33]

2 reel-to-reel audiotapes

Reel 1, side 1, 2nd lecture, April 23, 1964; reel 2, side 2, 3rd lecture, April 24, 1964; reel 2, side 1, 4th lecture, April 25, 1964; reel 3, side 2, 5th lecture, April 26, 1964.

Subseries II.B. Board of directors meetings, 1933-2011

Meeting minutes and treasurer's reports, 1933 February-1952 December   [Box 1 F34]

Hard bound, 9" x 12", in chronological order

Compiled by Richard Quick.

Meeting minutes and treasurer's reports, 1952 December-1963 November   [Box 1 F35]

Hard bound, 9" x 12", in chronological order

Compiled by Richard Quick.

Minutes of board of directors meetings, 1964-1979   [Box 2 F36]

Minutes of officers meetings, 1967 March 17-1974 December 6   [Box 2 F37]

Soft bound, 9" X 12", in chronological order

Minutes of officers meetings, 1964-1976   [Box 2 F38]

Minutes and agenda of board of directors meetings, 1993-2000   [Box 2 F39A]

Minutes and agenda of board of directors meetings, 2001-2011   [Box 2 F39B]

Series III. Reports and records, 1933-2008
Subseries III.A. Finance, 1953-2008

Treasurer's reports, 1964-1977   [Box 2 F40]

Delaware franchise tax and IRS records, 1958-2007   [Box 2 F41]

Bank statements, 1981 May 22-1990 December 26   [Box 2 F42]

Bank statements, 1991 January 24-1999 January 12   [Box 2 F43]

Bank and investment account statements, 2000-2004   [Box 2 F44]

ASD checkbook, Delaware Trust Company, 1953-1954   [Box 2 F45]

3" x 7"

Checks and deposit records, 1977 January 15-1990 May 5   [Box 2 F46]

1 "The Secretary" notebook

Deposit slips and canceled checks, 1981 May 5-1999 September 10   [Box 2 F47]

Various bills, 1984-1999   [Box 2 F48]

P. O. box rental contract, 1996 February 13   [Box 2 F49]

Tentative budgets, 1995-1996   [Box 2 F50A]

Receipts, 1990-1999   [Box 2 F50B]

Receipts, including membership, 2000-2005   [Box 2 F50C]

Grants, 1999-2008   [Box 2 F50D]

Subseries III.B. Membership, 1933-2001

Membership lists, directories, and forms, 1933-2001   [Box 2 F51]

Membership dues receipts, 1948-1956   [Box 2 F52]

1 hard bound ledger, black binding, 5 3/4" X 9" and one hard bound book, red binding, 3 ½" X 6"

Membership dues receipts, 1955-1968   [Box 2 F53]

8 "The Secretary" notebooks, red/tan, 6 ½" X 8"

Contents cover the following date spans: 1955-1960, 1960-1962, 1962-1963, 1964, 1965, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, and 1967-1968.

Membership records, 1956-1975   [Box 2 F54]

3" X 5" file cards

Membership records, circa 1955-1985   [Box 2 F55]

Membership, 1993-1999   [Box 3 F56]

Includes application forms and directories for the years 1993, 1994, and 1996.

Membership records, miscellaneous, 1933-1994   [Box 3 F57]

Includes lists of Life Members, 1976, 1994; lists of Crozier Award recipients, 1976, 1994; list of Presidents, 1933-1994. Compiled by Herbert T. Pratt.

Subseries III.C. Publications, 1975-2004

Report of the publications director, 1975-1976   [Box 3 F58]

Correspondence about Publications Fund, 1995   [Box 3 F59]

Resolutions governing the administration of the Publications Fund, 1995   [Box 3 F60]

Publication fund investment activity, 1994-2001   [Box 6 F157A]

Publication fund investment activity, 2002-2004   [Box 6 F157B]

Series IV. Correspondence, 1933-2010

Correspondence, Leon DeValinger, secretary, 1933   [Box 3 F61]

Includes meeting notices, first proposal by H. G. Omwake to form a society, and the Society's first constitution. Donated by Delaware State Archives

Correspondence, Leon DeValinger, secretary , 1934   [Box 3 F62]

Donated by Delaware State Archives.

Correspondence, Leon DeValinger, secretary, 1935-1936   [Box 3 F63]

Donated by Delaware State Archives.

Correspondence, Leon DeValinger, secretary, 1937-1940   [Box 3 F64]

Donated by Delaware State Archives.

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1952-1958   [Box 3 F65]

1 inch

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1959-1963   [Box 3 F66]

2 inches

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1964-1966   [Box 3 F67]

1 inch

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1970-1978   [Box 3 F68]

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-1991   [Box 3 F69]

Correspondence relating to the revival of ASD, 1991-1993   [Box 3 F70]

Contains correspondence to and from Herbert T. Pratt and Ronald A. Thomas.

Correspondence, 1993-2010   [Box 3 F71]

Includes grant correspondence with the Ederic Foundation, Inc. and Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc.

Designs for ASD stationery, circa 1935-1997   [Box 3 F72]

Series V. Activities and public relations, 1933-2009
Subseries V.A. Activities, 1955-2009

Archaeological site surveys, 1955-1976   [Box 3 F73]

15 items

Minquannan Reservoir correspondence, 1961   [Box 3 F74]

Correspondence relating to loan of ASD library to state and ASD artifact collections, 1974-1978   [Box 3 F75]

Inventory of Joeseph Wigglesworth Artifact Collection, 1974   [Box 3 F76]

As returned to ASD by the University of Delaware. Compiled by Elwood S. Wilkins, Jr..

Delaware Archaeological Board, 1955-1961   [Box 3 F77]

Includes correspondence and the following issues ofDelaware Archaeology: vol. 1, no. 1, vol. 2, nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1966. Donated by H. Geiger Omwake and Ronald A. Thomas.

Archaeological Coordinating Committee, 1967-1968   [Box 3 F78]

Photographs of Talbots Fort Marker, Christiana, Delaware, 1988   [Box 6 F154]

Delaware Archaeology Month and Awareness, 1998-2009   [Box 3 F79]

Includes materials related to both Delaware Archaeology month and Delaware Archaeology Awareness.

Subseries V.B. Public relations, 1933-2009

Awards and acknowledgments, 1996-2001   [Box 3 F80]

New Castle County Historic Preservation Award for 1996 removed oversize Box 8 (18").

News clippings and obituaries of ASD members and their activities, 1961-1996   [Box 3 F81]

24 items

Collected by Herbert T. Pratt.

Publicity and miscellaneous, Leon DeValinger, secretary, 1933-1934   [Box 3 F82]

Donated by Delaware State Archives.

Publicity, 1938-1950   [Box 3 F83]

Newspaper and magazine articles relating to ASD. Compiled by Arthur G. Volkman.

Publicity, 1962-1968   [Box 6 F153]

Includes newspaper clippings and an issue of Delaware Today containing references to projects worked on by the ASD.

Publicity, 1995-2009   [Box 3 F84]

Publicity brochures, circa 1970   [Box 3 F85]

6 items

ASD Publicity brochure, 1996   [Box 3 F86]

Subseries V.C. Lectures, 1973

S. Silsby, Stone Tool Technology, Smithsonian Institution, 1973 August 2   [Box 3 F87]

1 reel-to-reel videotape, ½" X 1250'

13 min.

Series VI. Publications, 1933-2009
Subseries VI.A. Inksherds, 1939-2009

Newsletters, 1939-1950   [Box 3 F88]

Newsletters predating the issuance of the society newsletter Inksherds.

Volumes 1-3, 1955-1958   [Box 3 F89]

14 issues

Vol. 1 no. 5 not issued.

Volumes 4-6, 1958-1961   [Box 4 F90]

15 issues

Volumes 7-9, 1961-1964   [Box 4 F91]

14 issues

Vol. IX no. 5 not issued.

Volumes 10-12, 1964-1967   [Box 4 F92]

14 issues

Vol. XII no. 5 not issued.

Volumes 13-15, 1967-1970   [Box 4 F93]

15 issues

Volumes 16-18, 1970-1973   [Box 4 F94]

15 issues

Volumes 19-21, 1973-1976   [Box 4 F95]

14 issues

Vol. XVIV no. 5 not issued.

Volumes 22-24, 1976-1978   [Box 4 F96]

12 issues

Vol. 23 includes only two issues.

Volumes 25-27, 1979-1981   [Box 4 F97]

10 issues

Vol. 25 includes only two issues; vol. 26 no. 5 and vol. 27 no. 5 not issued.

Volumes 28-30, 1981-1984   [Box 4 F98]

10 issues

Vol. 28 no. 5 and vol. 29 no. 5 not issued; vol. 30 includes only two issues.

Volumes 31-34, 1985-1988   [Box 4 F99]

6 issues

Vol. 31,33, and 34 each include only one issue; vol. 32 includes three issues.

1991 June -1994 December   [Box 4 F100]

15 issues

1995 March -2001 December   [Box 4 F101]

28 issues

2002-2007   [Box 6 F159]

13 issues

2008 January -2009 September   [Box 6 F150]

3 issues

Inksherds e-mail updates, 2008   [Box 6 F160]

Contains printed copies of ASD Inksherds email updates.

Designs for Inksherds mastheads, undated   [Box 4 F102]

Subseries VI.B. Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, 1933-2003

Volume 1, 1933-1934   [Box 4 F103]

5 issues

Volume 2, nos. 1-3, 1935-1936   [Box 4 F104]

3 issues and 1 photocopied duplicate

Volume 2, nos. 4-7, 1936-1938   [Box 4 F105]

4 issues

Volume 3, 1939-1942   [Box 4 F106]

5 issues

Volume 4, 1943-1949   [Box 4 F107]

5 issues

Volumes 5-9, 1952-1958   [Box 4 F108]

5 issues

Includes one issue per volume.

Numbers 1- 6 new series, 1962-1967   [Box 4 F109]

5 issues

Nos. 5 and 6 are a combined issue.

Numbers 7-9 new series, 1969-1972   [Box 4 F110]

4 issues

Two versions of issue no. 9 exist and are housed in this folder. The first version was published with the ASD emblem upside down so a reprint was run off with the emblem in the correct position.

Numbers 10 and 11 new series, 1977-1978   [Box 4 F111]

2 issues

Numbers 12-14 new series, 1981-1983   [Box 4 F112]

3 issues

Numbers 15-19 new series, 1983-1985   [Box 4 F113]

5 issues

Numbers 20-23 new series, 1985-1987   [Box 4 F114]

4 issues

Numbers 24 and 25 new series, 1987-1989   [Box 5 F115]

2 issues

Numbers 26 and 27 new series, 1989-1990   [Box 5 F116]

2 issues

Numbers 28-31 new series, 1991-1994   [Box 5 F117]

4 issues

Numbers 32-34, 36 new series, 1995-1999   [Box 5 F118]

4 issues

Missing issue no. 35.

Numbers 37-40 new series, 2000-2003   [Box 6 F158]

4 issues

Subseries VI.C. Special or occasional publications, 1939-1997

Papers nos. 1-5, 1939-1943   [Box 5 F119]

5 items

Includes the following special publications of the ASD: C.A. Weslager, The Coastal Aspects of the Woodland Pattern as Represented in Delaware, October 1939, 8 pages; C.A. Weslager,Index of Publications, May 1940, 6 pages; C.A. Weslager and A. Crozier, editors,Excerpts from Peter Kalm's Travels, undated, 16 pages; C.A. Weslager, editor, Museum Inventories of Delaware Artifacts, December 1941, 18 pages; and Arthur G. Volkman, Excerpts from the Works of Henry David Thoreau, December 1943, 11 pages.

Papers nos. 6-10, 1958-1997   [Box 5 F120]

6 items

Includes the following special publications of the ASD: H[erbert] T. Pratt, History of the Society, November 1958, 25 pages; Arthur G. Volkman, Excerpts from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau, December 1973, 12 pages; Herbert T. Pratt, Doctor Benjamin Rush's Inquiry into the Health and Medical Practices of Indians, December 1974, 17 pages; L.T. Alexander, Clay Tobacco Smoking Pipes from the Caleb Pusey House, June 1978, 35 pages, dedicated to Dr. A. Schiek, List of Pusey house publications; L.T. Alexander, Clay Tobacco Smoking Pipes from the Caleb Pusey House, June 1978, [corrected version], 35 pages, no dedication, no list of publications; and Herbert T. Pratt, Finding Aid for the Archives of the Archaeological Society of Delaware, 1933-1996, September 1997, 25 pages.

Miscellaneous ASD publications, 1940-1982   [Box 5 F121]

4 items

Includes the following publications of the ASD: William B. Mayre, Indian Towns of the Southeastern Part of Sussex County, Delaware, March 1940, 16 pages (mimeographed); A. R. Dunlap and C. A. Weslager, Indian Place Names in Delaware, 1950, 61 pages (printed); Elwood S. Wilkins, Jr. and Richard C. Quick, The House on the Kirby Tract, Better Known as Carson's or the Buck Tavern, 1976, 69 pages (printed); and Eileen C. Aist, Dining on Foods the Indians Gave Us, (A Project of the Minquannan Chapter), No publication date, but issued October 1982, 63 pages (printed).

Subseries VI.D. Miscellaneous publications and unpublished manuscripts, 1942-1996

Ronald A. Tirpak, "Activity Analysis in Community Studies: A Case Study from a Prehistoric Delmarva Archaeological Site", 1979 May 19   [Box 5 F122]

Prepared for the Archaeological Society of Delaware, Spring Symposium.

C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F123]

54 pages typescript

Typescript of textbook written for use in Nanticoke Indian Mission School in Sussex County, Delaware. The work was never published. Six versions (or partial versions) of this work exist and are housed in F123-F128 of the collection. This first version contains the complete corrected 54 page typescript as well as a letter about the work written from "Wes." [C.A. Weslager] to "Duke" [L.T. Alexander] on October 5, 1942.

C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F124]

Photocopy of typescript

Also includes Herbert T. Pratt's notes on the book project.

C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F125]

Partial typed rough-draft with additional hand-written sections

C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F126]

Typed draft with numerous written corrections

C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F127]

Typed draft

Chapter from C. A. Weslager and L. T. Alexander, Indians of Delaware: Past and Present, 1942   [Box 5 F128]

One chapter from the unpublished manuscript. Also includes a page of notes taken by Herbert T. Pratt.

Anon., "The Stickler Site, A Conestoga Town, 1678-1717", undated   [Box 5 F129]

2 pages

The following is written on the top of the item: "C.A. Alexander, Advertising Dept., DuPont Nemours Co., Wilmington, Del."

Talk by H. G. Omwake, Archaeological Society of Maryland, 1955 March 17   [Box 5 F130]

Correspondence relating to the Buck Tavern monograph, 1976   [Box 5 F131]

Related to Elwood S. Wilkins, Jr. and Richard C. Quick, The House on the Kirby Tract, Better Known as Carson's or the Buck Tavern, 1976, 69 pages (printed).

Peer reviews, Josephine Albrecht, "Ceramics from the Caleb Pusey House Site", 1975   [Box 5 F132]

"Basic Outline: Primer of Archaeology", 1959-1965   [Box 5 F133]

Publications by ASD members relating to archaeology, 1962-1976   [Box 5 F134]

Four items by J. Akerman, N. Nielsen, M. Patterson, J. Kraft and R. Thomas

Herbert T. Pratt, "A Chronology of Archaeology in Delaware", 1996   [Box 5 F135]

A copy of Herbert T. Pratt's "A Chronology of Archaeology in Delaware," which was published in the Fall 1996 issue of the Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware. The folder also contains items and notes Pratt collected while researching the subject.

Series VII. ASD chapters, 1957-2010

Minquannan Chapter, 1957-1967   [Box 5 F136]

Three-ring notebook, 10" X 12"

Includes meeting minutes.

Tancopanican Chapter, 1960-1973   [Box 5 F137]

1 inch

Includes meeting minutes.

Kent County Chapter, 1976-1992   [Box 5 F138]

10 items

Includes newsletters, membership lists, programs, certificate of incorporation, and bylaws.

Kent County Chapter, 1981-1999   [Box 5 F139]

See Series IX. Mary C. Sawyer papers, Box 6, F171, for a several issues of the Kent County chapter newsletter (1966-1973).

New Castle County/Northern Chapter, 1991-2010   [Box 5 F140]

Series VIII. Eastern States Archeological Federation, 1938-2010

Eastern States Archaeological Federation, 1938-1986   [Box 6 F141A]

31 items

Includes correspondence, programs, directories, and the constitution of 1938.

Archaeology of Eastern North America, 2005-2010   [Box 6 F141B]

3 items

Volumes 33 (2005), 37 (2009) and 38 (2010) of this publication the Eastern States Archaeological Federation.

ASD 25th Anniversary Meeting, 1958   [Box 6 F142]

ESAF meeting in Wilmington, 1995 October 26-29   [Box 6 F143]

Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation, 1941-1955   [Box 6 F144]

14 issues

Bulletin no. 1 (October 1941) through no. 14 (January 1955).

Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation, 1956-1970   [Box 6 F145]

14 issues

Bulletin no. 15 (January 1956) through no. 29 (July 1970). Issue numbers 27 and 28 are a combined issue.

Bulletin of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation, 1971-2010   [Box 6 F146]

7 issues

Bulletin no. 30 (July 1971) through nos. 35, 36 (September 1977). Issue numbers 35 and 36 are a combined issue, plus no. 69 (2010).

Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey, 1940, 2009   [Box 6 F147A]

2 issues

Federation Number, Vol. 1, No. 2. Volume includes an editorial about the ESAF meeting in New Jersey by A. O. Hayes and a piece on the organization of ESAF written by Cornelius Osgood. Also newsletter no. 226 (October 2009).

New Hampshire Archeological Society newletter, 2009 Autumn   [Box 6 F147B]

1 issue

Vol. 25, No. 2.

Audio recordings of four speakers, ESAF Annual Meeting, Wilmington, Delaware, 1958 November 9   [Box 6 F148]

3 reel-to-reel audiotapes

Tape 1, William J. Mayer-Oakes, " Some Early Allegheny Valley Excavations"; tapes 1&2, Don W. Dragoo, "The Cresap Mound: A New Adena Manifestation in the Upper Ohio Valley"; tape 3, W. Fred Kinsey, "Excavations on Bare Island: The Kent-Hally Site"; and tape 3 John Witthoft. "A Dry Ash Cave in Central Pennsylvania".

Video recordings of 1995 ESAF Delaware session, 1995   [Box 6 F149]

2 VHS tapes

Series IX. Mary C. Sawyer papers, 1961-2010

Correspondence, 1997-2004   [Box 6 F161]

Frances Sawyer, 1998-2009   [Box 6 F162]

Photographs of Mary C. Sawyer, 1963-1998   [Box 6 F163]

DuPont career, 1966-1999   [Box 6 F164]

Scottish Games, 1996-1997   [Box 6 F165]

Other memberships, 1982-1999   [Box 6 F166]

Obituaries, 1998-2010   [Box 6 F167]

Island Field site, 1966-1968   [Box 6 F168]

Pusey house, 1964-1967   [Box 6 F169]

Membership in ASD, 1961-1977   [Box 6 F170]

Kent County newsletters, 1966-1973   [Box 6 F171]

See Series VII. Box 6, F138-139 for additional information about the Kent County chapter.

Miscellaneous archeological publications, 1965-1998   [Box 6 F172]