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Archives of Georgetown, Delaware, Businesses


(bulk dates 1919-1927)

Descriptive Summary

Identification: MSS 480

Title: Archives of Georgetown, Delaware, Businesses

Inclusive Dates: 1893-1991

Bulk Dates: 1919-1927

Extent: 3.5 linear feet

Abstract: The Archives of Georgetown, Delaware, Businesses is the gift of Milt Chaski, Jr., who acquired the material in one "odd lot" at an auction sale. The collection consists primarily of materials related to three prominent businesses that were active in Georgetown, Delaware, at the turn of and into the mid-twentieth century: J.W. Blizzard, Layton & Layton, and the Georgetown Gas Company.

Language: Materials entirely in English.


MSS 480, Archives of Georgetown, Delaware, Businesses, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.

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Boxes 1-3: Shelved in SPEC MSS record center cartons

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Gift of Milt Chaski, Jr. 2003 and purchase, 2004.


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Historical Note

The collection consists primarily of materials related to three prominent businesses that were active in Georgetown, Delaware, at the turn of and into the mid-twentieth century: J.W. Blizzard, Layton & Layton, and the Georgetown Gas Company.

J.W. Blizzard operated a general store located at the corner of Rose and Prince Streets in Georgetown, as well as an additional business called The Foot Store. Included in the collection are invoices, receipts, and correspondence from the many distributors whose goods were sold by Blizzard.

The firm of Layton & Layton, established by L. Lee Layton, Jr., furnished supplies for J.W. Blizzard. As a wholesale distributor, Layton & Layton not only provided goods for other local businesses such as J.W. Blizzard but for numerous Sussex County residents as well.

Also included in the collection are delivery receipts for the Georgetown Gas Company. Customers consisted largely of individual residents rather than local businesses. The collection also contains assorted materials related to individual residents of Sussex County and a small collection of ephemera concerning agriculture, particularly tractor manuals and catalogs.


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Scope and Content Note

The Archives of Georgetown, Delaware, Businesses is the gift of Milt Chaski, Jr., who acquired the material in one "odd lot" at an auction sale.Related business miscellany from a later purchase was added to the collection. The collection comprises business records and receipts from three businesses, as well as additional ephemera from Sussex County, allowing a glimpse of regional dry goods transactions, wholesale delivery, and agricultural supplies in the area. As paper Americana, the collection yields many examples of interesting letterhead and receipts. Spanning the years 1893-1949 with the bulk of the material dating from 1919-1927, the collection is divided into three series related to businesses and two series of miscellany.

The first series consists of materials related to J.W. Blizzard’s Georgetown business including invoices, receipts, bills of lading, and correspondence. Blizzard acquired his goods from companies across the country, especially from Baltimore and Philadelphia, including Lippincott and Company and the Howard Manufacturing Company. Blizzard had many transactions with distributor Layton & Layton.

The second series includes materials related to the wholesale distributor, Layton & Layton, another Georgetown supplier. Layton & Layton had dealings with some of the most prominent suppliers in the country, such as Postum Cereal Company, McCormick and Company (spices), Sherwin-Williams Company (paints), and the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (tobacco products).

The third series in the collection contains receipts generated by the Georgetown Gas Company. These include carbon copies for gas deliveries made to residences. The collection also contains a fourth series of material related to Sussex County, Delaware. Included are bills of lading for deliveries made to Sussex County by the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad, materials related to stock purchases by Susan Ennes, legal documents regarding the estate of James H. Warren, and items belonging to Linda Lank of Lewes.

The fourth series consists of miscellaneous Sussex County, Delaware, materials, such as receipts for services provided and materials purchased, correspondence, and legal documents.

The final series of the collection consists of ephemera concerning agriculture. Included in this series are pictures and manuals and catalogs related to various makes and models of tractors.

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  • I. J.W. Blizzard
  • II. Layton & Layton
  • III. Georgetown Gas Company
  • IV. Miscellaneous Sussex County, Delaware, documents
  • V. Agricultural Ephemera

Detailed Contents List

Series I. J.W. Blizzard

A.B. Cunningham , 1904-1921   [Box 1 F1]

Philadelphia distributor of tobacco products

A.G. Walton , 1919-1926   [Box 1 F2]

Shoemaker based in Boston

American Tobacco Company , 1914-1927   [Box 1 F3]

Kentucky tobacco company

American Wholesale Corporation , 1919-1927, undated   [Box 1 F4]

Baltimore manufacturer of clothing, shirts, overalls, cloaks, and suits and wholesaler of general merchandise

Argee Hair Net Company , 1925   [Box 1 F5]

New York manufacturer and importer of hair nets

Armour and Company , 1906-1918   [Box 1 F6]

Wilmington, Delaware food distributor

Atlantic Refining Company , 1904-1949, undated   [Box 1 F7]

Located in Wilmington

Automotive Equipment Company, Inc. , 1925   [Box 1 F8]

Newark, New Jersey manufacturers of wireless equipment

Baltimore Bargain House , 1913-1919   [Box 1 F9]

Wholesaler of general merchandise and manufacturer of clothing located in Baltimore

Bell, Walt, and Company , 1919-1927   [Box 1 F10]

Philadelphia manufacturer of wholesale boots, shoes, and rubbers

Booker, Scott, and Moore Company , 1904-1926, undated   [Box 1 F11]

Manufacturers and dealers in confectionary and grocers specialties located in Wilmington

Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company , 1926-1927   [Box 1 F12]

Located in Georgetown, Delaware

Butler Brothers , 1902-1922   [Box 1 F13]

New York wholesalers of general merchandise

Butler Brothers , 1923-1927, undated   [Box 1 F14]

Calhoun and Jones Company , 1904-1912   [Box 1 F15]

Packer of fruits and vegetables based in Georgetown

Capelle Hardware Company , 1913-1915   [Box 1 F16]

Wilmington based distributor of hardware, cutlery, and guns

Carter, Webster, and Company , 1904-1921   [Box 1 F17]

Baltimore company specializing in hosiery, underwear, gloves, white goods, and notions

Carter, Webster, and Company , 1922-1927   [Box 1 F18]

Charles H. Atkins , 1902-1906   [Box 1 F19]

Manufacturer of shirts located in Milton, Delaware

Claflin, Thayer, and Company , 1902-1904, undated   [Box 1 F20]

New York distributor of boots and shoes

Daniel Miller and Company , 1904-1927   [Box 1 F21]

Baltimore company specializing in dry goods, notions, millinery, garments, draperies, and floor coverings

Delaware Power and Light , 1947-1949   [Box 1 F22]

Diamond State Roller Mills , 1906-1919   [Box 1 F23]

Roller flour processing company located in Milton, Delaware

Diamond State Roller Mills , 1919-1923   [Box 1 F24]

Diamond State Roller Mills , 1925-1928   [Box 1 F25]

Dixon-Bartlett Company , 1919-1926   [Box 1 F26]

Baltimore company specializing in shoes

D.M. Ferry and Company , 1902-1927, undated   [Box 1 F27]

Seed distributor

Mrs. Elizabeth Fleming , 1902-1909   [Box 1 F28]

Proprietor of wholesale lumber and Harrington Roller Mills based in Harrington, Delaware

Endicott Johnson Company , 1919-1925, undated   [Box 1 F29]

Leather and leather shoe company located in Endicott, New York

English American Tailoring Corporation Ltd. , 1922-1925   [Box 1 F30]

Tailoring company based in Baltimore

Everwear Hosiery , 1922-1923   [Box 1 F31]

Milwaukee distributor of hosiery

F.A. Davis and Sons , 1919-1927   [Box 1 F32]

Tobacco, cigarettes, and snuff distributor located in Baltimore

Frank and Sons , 1921-1925   [Box 1 F33]

Philadelphia distributor of cloth hats and caps

Frank China Company , 1927   [Box 1 F34]

Salisbury, North Carolina, based china company

Frank Rogers , 1924-1925   [Box 1 F35]

Receipts for items sold to Rogers by Blizzard

Garrett, Miller, and Company , 1925   [Box 1 F36]

Distributor of electrical supplies and construction materials located in Wilmington

George E. Kennerly and Company , 1927   [Box 1 F37]

Confectionery located in Salisbury, Maryland

George H. Prettyman , 1914-1922   [Box 1 F38]

Packer of “Mary’s Choice” brand canned goods based in Milford, Delaware

Georgetown Lumber Company , 1935-1940   [Box 1 F39]

Georgetown based lumber company

Georgetown Roller Mills Company, Inc. , 1906-1922   [Box 1 F40]

Manufacturers of flour, meal, middlings, bran etc. located in Georgetown

Gilbert Brothers and Company , 1906-1923   [Box 1 F41]

Wholesale druggists located in Baltimore

Goodyear Rubber Company , 1925   [Box 1 F42]

Philadelphia rubber company

Greenfield Glove Manufacturing Company , 1926-1927   [Box 1 F43]

Greenfield, Ohio company specializing in gloves and mittens

Harrington and Company, Inc. , 1947, undated   [Box 1 F44]

Wholesale grocery distributor based in Lewes, Delaware

Henlopen Flour Mills , 1902   [Box 1 F45]

Lewes based manufacturer of flour and feed

H.O. Wilbur and Sons, Inc. , 1925-1927   [Box 1 F46]

Philadelphia confectionery

Howard Manufacturing Company , 1923   [Box 1 F47]

Baltimore manufacturer of men’s and boy’s pants

Hudson & Hudson , 1909-1910   [Box 1 F48]

Dealers in fancy groceries based in Georgetown

Hudsons Bakery , 1919-1923   [Box 1 F49]

Georgetown based bakery

Hudsons Bakery , 1925-1927   [Box 1 F50]

J.E. Dayton, Company , 1919   [Box 1 F51]

High grade shoe manufacturers based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

J.E. Holland , 1904-1914   [Box 1 F52]

Milford, Delaware, based wholesale grocer

J.F. and C.J. Truitt , 1922   [Box 1 F53]

Manufacturers and dealers in flour, meal, feed, and buckwheat flour located in Georgetown

J.H. McCullough and Son , 1925   [Box 1 F54]

Automotive equipment, radio sets and parts company located in Philadelphia

J.J. Morris , 1923   [Box 1 F55]

Dover based wholesale and retail merchandise specialist

J.L. Taylor and Company , 1925   [Box 1 F56]

New York merchant tailoring for merchants

Joseph G. Green, Inc. , 1948   [Box 1 F57]

Licensed plumber based in Georgetown

Joseph M. Zamoiski Company , 1925   [Box 1 F58]

Wholesale distributors radio equipment and supplies located in Baltimore

J.W. Blizzard , 1925, undated   [Box 1 F59]

Receipt and circular

Kern, Lauderbach, and Company , 1902-1906   [Box 1 F60]

Philadelphia company specializing in boots, shoes, and rubbers

Laing, Harrar, and Chamberlain , 1921-1923   [Box 1 F61]

Shoe company located in Philadelphia

Lambertville Rubber Company , 1921-1925   [Box 1 F62]

Lambertville, New Jersey based rubber company

Layton & Ayers , 1923-1927, undated   [Box 2 F63]

Flour manufacturers of Georgetown, Delaware

Layton & Layton , 1902-1904   [Box 2 F64]

Georgetown wholesale distributors

Layton & Layton , 1906-1917   [Box 2 F65]

Layton & Layton , 1919   [Box 2 F66]

Layton & Layton , 1921   [Box 2 F67]

Layton & Layton , 1922   [Box 2 F68]

Layton & Layton , 1923   [Box 2 F69]

Layton & Layton , 1925   [Box 2 F70]

Layton & Layton , 1926   [Box 2 F71]

Layton & Layton , 1927   [Box 2 F72]

Levering Coffee Company , 1919-1927   [Box 2 F73]

Baltimore coffee distributor

Lippincott and Company , 1902-1906   [Box 2 F74]

Wholesale grocers and tea dealers of Philadelphia

Max Miller and Sons, Inc. , 1922-1925   [Box 2 F75]

Baltimore company specializing in shirts, pants, and overalls

Menzies Shoe Company , 1921-1923   [Box 2 F76]

Fond Du Luc, Wisconsin shoe company

Mexican American Hat Company , 1925-1926   [Box 2 F77]

Hat company based in St. Louis

Miltonian Company , 1914   [Box 2 F78]

Milton, Delaware based manufacturer of shirts, overalls, and notions

Miscellaneous Receipts and Invoices , 1902-1949, undated   [Box 2 F79]

Music Master Corporation , 1925   [Box 2 F80]

Philadelphia based music company

National Biscuit Company , 1919-1927, undated   [Box 2 F81]

Wilmington based company that later moved to Salisbury, Maryland

Olin D. Johnson , 1921-1934   [Box 2 F82]

Book and job printer based in Georgetown

Otto Eisenlohr and Brothers , 1923-1925   [Box 2 F83]

Philadelphia cigar manufacturer

P.W. Minor and Son, Inc. , 1925-1926   [Box 2 F84]

Women’s shoe distributor located in Batavia, New York

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company , 1916-1926   [Box 2 F85]

Winston-Salem based tobacco company

Rouse, Hempstone, and Company , 1922-1925   [Box 2 F86]

Baltimore company specializing in hosiery, gloves, underwear, and shirts

Rummel, Himes, and Company , 1906-1927   [Box 2 F87]

Menswear company located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Scholl Manufacturing Company, Inc. , 1919-1925   [Box 2 F88]

Foot specialties company of New York

Scotch Woolen Mills , 1925   [Box 2 F89]

Chicago based distributor of woolen goods

Scotten, Dillon Company , 1925, undated   [Box 2 F90]

Tobacco manufactures based in Detroit

Selak and Hoffman , 1906-1914   [Box 2 F91]

Wilmington based makers of fine cigars

Sterling Company , 1925   [Box 2 F92]

Chicago dress company

Steven Strong Shoe Company , 1925-1926, undated   [Box 2 F93]

Shoe company located in Milwaukee

Sussex Printing and Publishing Company , 1922   [Box 2 F94]

Owner and publisher of the Sussex Journal based in Georgetown

Trenton Shirt Manufacturing Company , 1925-1927   [Box 2 F95]

Trenton based manufacturer of shirts

Union Candy Company , 1919-1922   [Box 2 F96]

Candy supplier located in Baltimore

Union Oil Corporation , 1925-1926   [Box 2 F97]

Georgetown oil distributor

Union Republican , 1925-1927   [Box 2 F98]

Georgetown company specializing in book and commercial printing

V.J. Brown and Sons , 1906   [Box 2 F99]

Importers, wholesale grocers, and dealers in cigars and tobacco located in Baltimore

Walls and Brothers , 1902-1904   [Box 2 F100]

Proprietors of Georgetown Roller Mills, manufacturers of flour, meal, and bran

W. Bodek Company, Inc. , 1923   [Box 2 F101]

Importers, manufacturers and jobbers of hosiery, underwear, knit goods and notions based in Philadelphia

W.F. Keith , 1926-1927   [Box 2 F102]

Receipts for the purchase of candy

W.H. Cook , 1913-1915   [Box 2 F103]

Laurel, Delaware, based manufactures’ broker of fruits and produce and confectionery

Whittemore Brothers Corporation , 1921-1924   [Box 2 F104]

Cambridge company dealing in shoe polishes and dressings

W.L. Douglas Shoe Company , 1919-1926   [Box 2 F105]

Shoe company located in Brockton, Massachusetts

W.O. Covey , 1926-1927   [Box 2 F106]

Seaford distributor of Easton’s mayonnaise, Kraft’s cheese, as well as other goods

Series II. Layton & Layton

A.B. Griffing and Son , 1909-1915   [Box 2 F107]

Linesville, Pennsylvania, company that distributed cream cheese, eggs, and butter

Arbuckle Brothers , 1915   [Box 2 F108]

New York based coffee distributor

Baker Glass Company , 1901-1906   [Box 2 F109]

Manufacturers and importers of window glass, glassware, chemicals, paints, and glue located in Baltimore

Bawo and Dotter , 1896-1908   [Box 2 F110]

Company specializing in china and crockery based in New York

Berry Brothers Limited , 1895-1906   [Box 2 F111]

Varnish and Japan manufacturers located in Philadelphia

Boorum and Pease Company , 1902-1908   [Box 2 F112]

New York based manufacturers of standard blank books

Bosman and Lohman Company , 1902-1908   [Box 2 F113]

Supplier of peanuts and peanut butter based in Norfolk

Boyer and Company , 1910   [Box 2 F114]

Manufacturers of fine shoe polishes, genuine oil polish, and Bengal liquid blue based in Philadelphia

Clawson Company , 1909-1915   [Box 3 F115]

Philadelphia supplier of spices, seeds, and herbs

D.I. Bushnell and Company , 1906-1909   [Box 3 F116]

Seed company based in St. Louis

Frank Burns , 1910-1917   [Box 3 F117]

Philadelphia steam biscuit bakery

George Blome and Son Company , 1909-1910   [Box 3 F118]

Baltimore confectionery

George W. Helme Company , 1911-1914   [Box 3 F119]

Tobacco distributor based in New York

J. Bolgiano and Son , 1906-1911   [Box 3 F120]

Wholesale seed grower and seedsmen located in Baltimore

J. Frank Shull and Company , 1898-1907   [Box 3 F121]

Philadelphia based wholesale grocers and tea dealers

John J. Buffington and Company , 1906-1912   [Box 3 F122]

Wholesale seed merchants located in Baltimore

Kenton Baking Powder Company , 1914-1916   [Box 3 F123]

Cincinnati based baking powder company

Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company , 1915-1916   [Box 3 F124]

St. Louis distributor of tobacco

McCormick and Company , 1916   [Box 3 F125]

Baltimore based importers, exporters, and grinders of drugs, teas, and spices

Miscellaneous Receipts and Invoices , 1897-1921, undated   [Box 3 F126]

Parke, Davis, and Company , 1896-1906   [Box 3 F127]

New York supplier of various chemicals

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company , 1907   [Box 3 F128]

Glass company based in Baltimore

Postum Cereal Company, Ltd. , 1909-1913   [Box 3 F129]

Located in Battle Creek, Michigan

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company , 1916   [Box 3 F130]

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, tobacco company

Sherwin-Williams Company , 1893-1905   [Box 3 F131]

Paint and colors distributor based in New York

S.H. Levin’s Sons , 1915-1916   [Box 3 F132]

Philadelphia distributor of salt fish

Soda Mint Gum Company , 1904-1905   [Box 3 F133]

Gum company based in Pittsburgh

Southern Manufacturing Company , 1908   [Box 3 F134]

Richmond distributors of baking powder

Speakman Supply and Pipe Company , 1906   [Box 3 F135]

Manufacturers and dealers in fine plumbing fixtures, water, steam, and gas supplies, heating boilers, and radiators based in Wilmington

Spool Cotton Company , 1907-1909   [Box 3 F136]

Cotton company located in New York

Stafford’s Inks , 1902-1903   [Box 3 F137]

Ink distributor located in New York

Standard Mineral Water Company , 1893-1904   [Box 3 F138]

Philadelphia based mineral water company

Steuart, Knatz, and Company , 1905-1908   [Box 3 F139]

Distributors of New Orleans molasses and sugars located Baltimore

Strater Brothers Tobacco Company , 1898-1909   [Box 3 F140]

Louisville based tobacco distributor

Sussex Journal , 1894-1905   [Box 3 F141]

Advertising receipts for Georgetown based newspaper

Sussex Printing and Publishing Company , 1907-1908   [Box 3 F142]

Georgetown based commercial printers and publishers of the Sussex Journal, Delaware Democrat, and Delaware Pilot

Series III. Georgetown Gas Company

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 January   [Box 3 F143]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 April   [Box 3 F144]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 April   [Box 3 F145]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 May   [Box 3 F146]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 June   [Box 3 F147]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 November   [Box 3 F148]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1924 December   [Box 3 F149]

Georgetown Gas Company , 1925 April   [Box 3 F150]

Series IV. Miscellaneous Sussex County, Delaware documents

Ennes/Ennis/Evans , 1912-1930, undated   [Box 3 F151]

Receipts for the purchase of stock, correspondence

Lank , 1933-1943   [Box 3 F152]

Miscellaneous receipts for services provided and materials purchased, Maytag certificate

Warren Estate , 1929   [Box 3 F153]

Legal documents establishing Linda E. Warren as administratrix of the estate of James H. Warren.

Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad , 1907-1914   [Box 3 F154]

Bill of lading for items shipped to J. Horace Derrickson of Dagsboro and an additional bill of lading for goods shipped from Georgetown to W.S. Morris of Felton.

Series V. Agricultural Ephemera

Acme Road Machinery Company Rollers Catalog , 1927   [Box 3 F155]

Agricultural Almanac , 1907-1940   [Box 3 F156]

Consists of years 1907, 1930, 1934-1936, 1938, and 1940

Agricultural Pictures   [Box 3 F157]

Various pictures relating to agricultural work

Antique Tractor Serial Number Index , 1900-1965   [Box 3 F158]

Carbureter Tune-Up Manual , 1934   [Box 3 F159]

Del-Mar-Va-Lous Chicken Recipes , 1949   [Box 3 F160]

Dunbar Manufacturing Company , 1961   [Box 3 F161]

Ford Dealers’ Equipment Directory , 1927   [Box 3 F162]

Fordson Tractor: An Advertising History , 1919-1937   [Box 3 F163]

Frick Company Catalog , 1912   [Box 3 F164]

Gas Engine Magazine, Vol. 26 No. 12 , 1991 December   [Box 3 F165]

Gasoline Engines , 1884-1934   [Box 3 F166]

Gas Power , 1909   [Box 3 F167]

Ignition Tune-up Analyzer Manual   [Box 3 F168]

International Harvester Company Data Book #1 , 1900-1940   [Box 3 F169]

John I. Brown and Son, Lozenge Advertisements   [Box 3 F170]

John Deere General Purpose “A”, “B”, “G” Series   [Box 3 F171]

John Deere General Purpose Models “A”, “B”, “G”, “H” Series   [Box 3 F172]

John Deere General Purpose Two Cylinder   [Box 3 F173]

John Deere Instruction Manual   [Box 3 F174]

John Deere No. 5 Power Mower Directions   [Box 3 F175]

John Deere Parts Catalog , 1940   [Box 3 F176]

John Deere Shop Manual , 1953   [Box 3 F177]

John Deere Tractor Plows Directions   [Box 3 F178]

John Deere Tractors , 1918-1976   [Box 3 F179]

John Deere Various Advertisements   [Box 3 F180]

Management of Marine Gasoline Engines , 1914   [Box 3 F181]

Massey-Harris High Arch Tractors   [Box 3 F182]

Massey-Harris Operating Instructions   [Box 3 F183]

Massey-Harris Wallis 20-30 Tractor   [Box 3 F184]

McCormick No. 3 Operator’s Manual   [Box 3 F185]

Minneapolis-Moline Data Book #2 , 1910-1959   [Box 3 F186]

Novo Engine Company Operating Instructions , 1927   [Box 3 F187]

Oliver Serial Numbers and Years , 1982   [Box 3 F188]

Operator’s Manual, Oliver Corporation , 1957   [Box 3 F189]

Spencer Magazine Feed Heaters   [Box 3 F190]

Threshers , 1900-1948   [Box 3 F191]

Year of the Tractor , 1919   [Box 3 F192]