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New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records


Descriptive Summary

Identification: MSS 260

Creator: New Century Club of Newark, Delaware.

Title: New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records

Inclusive Dates: 1893-2011

Extent: 14.6 linear feet and 2 oversize boxes (9 boxes)

Abstract: The New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records document the history, organization, and activities of this women's club, which began in 1893 as a reading club, but quickly developed into an organization dedicated to promoting civic responsibility and social service in the Newark community.

Language: Materials entirely in English.


MSS 260, New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.

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Gift of the New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, 1990-2011.


Processed by Anita A. Wellner, January-February 1993 and December 1996, with ongoing additions. Encoded by Lora J. Davis, July 2010.

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Historical Note

The New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, was organized as a reading club by a group of eight Newark women in 1893. The founding members were Mrs. Delaware Clark, Mrs. Alfred A. Curtis, Miss Susan Evans, Mrs L. Irving Handy, Mrs. George A. Harter, Miss Frances Hurd, Mrs. H.G.M. Kollock, and Mrs. T.R. Wolf. A visit by a group of these founding women to a meeting of the Wilmington New Century Club provided the inspiration for the Newark Club.

The "Tuesday Club," as the organization was originally named, met weekly for social time and the presentation of original papers. Mrs. Kollock was the first elected president. The purpose of the club was defined as "Whatever purpose may seem advisable in the opinion of the club."

The early rules of the Club were very strict. Members were required to write and present original papers on assigned topics. This responsibility became codified in 1900 when a rule was adopted assessing a fine of $1.00 for failure to produce the assigned paper. From the beginning, fines of a nickel were also levied for an absence from a meeting; later these fines were eliminated. Club membership was limited to 25, until 1898 when the limit was raised to 35; however, by 1911 the records indicate that the membership was no longer limited.

In 1895 the name of the club was changed to "Newark New Century Club." Upon the incorporation of the Club on April 29, 1902, the official name of the club became "New Century Club of Newark, Delaware," and has since remained so.

Although the Tuesday Club was originally formed as a literary and social organization, as early as 1897 the Club had begun to take on matters of civic responsibility. The adoption of "Non nobis solum" (Not for ourselves alone) as the Club Motto reflected the growing emphasis on community service. Throughout its history the New Century Club has addressed a variety of civic issues including education, medical and dental care, sanitation, environmental conservation and beautification, and improvement in prison conditions.

In 1897 a committee of the New Century Club began working with the original Newark Library Association, established in 1878, to renew interest and to create a workable library in Newark. Members of the Club were an integral part of promoting, financing, and expanding the services of the Newark Library. In fact they served as the librarians until 1903 when a paid librarian was hired. The Club's goal for this subscription library to become a free library was finally realized in 1933 after considerable public education and lobbying by the New Century Club.

Other early community projects organized or assisted by the Club were the purchase and maintenance of a street sprinkler for the town, the placing of trash cans along streets, the founding of the Women's College in 1914, the organization of the Parent Teachers Association in 1915, and the formation of the Welfare Committee in 1920. The Welfare Committee worked with the town council in assisting needy families and was responsible for organizing a free dental clinic for needy children in 1930.

The Club was also attentive to issues of state and global concern. During both World Wars, the Club House was made available to soldiers stationed in Delaware, as well as to the Red Cross. The members of the Club participated in making bandages and clothes for the American soldiers overseas, as well as for the Belgians.

During the 1930s and 1940s, the Club responded to the growing number of juvenile delinquency cases by organizing a community center for young people. Other projects included initiating and implementing a cancer control campaign, endorsing teachers' retirement, developing an employment bureau for women, and participating in state environmental conservation.

From the 1950s through the present the New Century Club participated annually in "Community Improvement Projects," sponsored by the General Federation of Women's Clubs. Some of these projects have included promoting voter registration, creating a municipal swimming pool, providing for welfare and mental health programs, supporting the Newark Police Department, educating children about environmental conservation, developing the program of volunteer aides for the Newark Emergency Room, supporting the Battered Women's Shelter and Emmaus House, and participating in Read Aloud Delaware.

Through the years, as these records document, the New Century Club has developed its programs and activities to meet the needs of its membership and its community. One of the membership's early needs was for a permanent home for the Club. The building was made possible by a gift of land, as well as a contribution of $6,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Wright. The officers laid the cornerstone for the Club House on September 7, 1916.

In order to build and maintain the facility, the New Century Club was required by Delaware State Law to create a separate corporate entity. "The Newark New Century Club House Company" was incorporated on April 22, 1916. The New Century Club was given controlling interest in the capital stock. The Club House Company, through its Corporate Board (composed of members of the New Century Club), continues to maintain and operate the Club House located on East Delaware Avenue at Haines Street.

The New Century Club has also addressed the social, cultural, and intellectual needs of its members. The Fine Arts and Program Committees, as well as other committees provide a variety of educational and social opportunities. Luncheons with guest speakers, arts and crafts shows, trips, art classes, and bridge mixers are but a few of the activities that have been and are still available.

Other activities result as a part of the New Century Club's membership and active participation in both the Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs (formed in 1899) and the General Federation of Women's Club (formed April 24, 1890).

Even today, the New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, continues to be a vital social and service organization in the Newark community.


"Library Acquires Records of New Century Club of Newark." Update. January 24, 1991, p. 8.

"History of the Newark New Century Club" written in 1933. See F137.

Cobb, Alma W. "History of The Newark New Century Club 1893 1968." See F1.

Additional information compiled from the minutes, reports and scrapbooks of the New Century Club as found in Series II. of this collection.

Scope and Content Note

The New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records document the history, organization, and activities of this women's club, which began in 1893 as a reading club, but quickly developed into an organization dedicated to promoting civic responsibility and social service in the Newark community.The records consist of 14.6 linear feet of material, spanning the dates 1893-2002. Comprised of correspondence, financial records, annual programs, scrapbooks, minutes, committee reports, photographs, clippings, membership lists, constitution and bylaws, as well as other legal documents, this archive details the social, intellectual, and civic life of this women's club.

Series I. consists of material that documents the history and organization the New Century Club. Series II. is composed of material which details the programs and activities of Club. The archive also records the impact of this organization on the lives of its members and on the Newark community. Though begun in 1893 as a women's reading club, the New Century Club quickly developed into an organization that took an active role in improving the community in which it was formed. By 1898 the Club had adopted the motto, "Non nobis solum" (Not for ourselves alone), which then and now accurately describes the service orientation of the Club.

As early as 1897 the Club became involved in educational questions and civic affairs; first, by supporting legislation to start a "Normal School" in Delaware, and then, by organizing the Newark Library and by supporting and facilitating measures related to public sanitation and cleanliness.

With each decade the New Century Club became further involved in the Newark community, through projects which mirrored the changes in society and its needs. As Club President Alice Miller suggested, "We must make sure that we keep our eyes and ears alerted to the needs of others and to the changing tempo of our times" (see "President's Annual Report 1968 69" F109). The Club did just that; it organized the first Parent Teachers Association in local schools, appointed a Welfare Committee to work with the town council in supporting needy families, developed free health and dental clinics for needy children, and entertained soldiers and assisted the Red Cross during both World Wars. Later, the Club worked with recovering mental hospital patients, developed environmental conservation projects, and organized aides for the Newark Emergency Room. These are only a few examples of the community improvement activities in which the club engaged.

The records also document the contributions that this women's club in particular, and women's clubs in general, have made in fostering civic responsibility. The New Century Club has worked effectively to motivate and involve other organizations, local government, and other citizens in addressing the needs of the community.

Civic responsibility and service to the Newark community has been balanced in the New Century Club with attention to the intellectual and cultural needs of the women involved in the Club. The programs and activities which the club has provided are varied, educational, and reflective of the issues facing women at any given time.

Consequently, the programs and activities provide information about the cultural and social history of 1890s and most of the twentieth century, particularly in Newark, Delaware. For example, the scrapbooks contain glimpses of cultural history through photographs of arts and crafts women working at their trade, photographs of the annual fashion shows documenting period clothing, as well as programs for musical presentations and dramatic presentations illustrating the popular performing arts forms.

These records also offer evidence of the substantial change and improvement to social institutions which women have fostered in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries through women's clubs. Finally, the archive encompasses issues ranging from decorative arts to education to the history of volunteer groups.

Material will continue to be added to this archive as it becomes available from the New Century Club of Newark.

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  • I. History and organization of the New Century Club and the Club House Company, 1893-2011
    • A. Histories, 1893-1993
    • B. Constitution and bylaws, 1898-1988
    • C. Documents of incorporation, 1902-1989
    • D. Annual reports - Delaware corporation, 1940-1962
    • E. Documents of the Newark New Century Club House Company, 1914-1977
    • F. Financial records, 1899-2002
    • G. Membership records, 1928-1994
    • H. General Federation of Women's Clubs material, 1972-1996
    • I. Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs, 1962-2011
  • II. Programs and activities, 1895-2011
    • A. Annual programs, 1897-2011
    • B. Minutes and reports, 1895-1996
    • C. Presidents' files, 1944-1994
    • D. Scrapbooks and reports of Publicity Committee, 1924-1994
    • E. Community improvement projects and outreach, 1952-1994
    • F. Arts, crafts, and recreation programs, 1953-2010
    • G. Photographs of activities, 1969-1980

Detailed Contents List

Series I. History and Organization of the New Century Club and the Club House Company , 1893-2011

Includes histories, constitution and bylaws, documents of incorporation, annual reports, legal agreements, financial records, membership rolls, reports, printed material, correspondence, and awards, arranged in nine subseries and chronologically within each subseries. The material in this series documents the origin and organizational development of the New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, and the related Newark New Century Club House Company. The history of the club is chronicled in three written documents, which describe the club's formation and its activities through 1992. Elements of the club's history are also provided through information found in the corporation annual reports, the financial records, and the membership rolls. Various versions of the constitution and bylaws, which were revised periodically, and the documents of incorporation for both the New Century Club and the related Club House Company describe the organization of the club. Papers concerning the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs identify the New Century Club's relationship to and support of the national and state women's organizations.

Subseries I.A. Histories , 1893-1993

Three histories, chronicling 1893-1992, document the origins of the New Century Club and its complementary Newark New Century Club House Company, as well as documenting the celebration of the club's 100th anniversary. A list of club presidents through 1990 and a clipping describing the records of the club provide further historical information.

"History of the Newark New Century Club 1893-1968" , 1969   [Box 1 Fl]

This document describes the founding of the club and its social and community projects through 1968.

"History of the Newark New Century Club 1893-1975" , 1975   [Box 1 F2]

An update of the history found in F1.

"Presidents of the Newark New Century Club" , 1893-1990   [Box 1 F3]

"Library Acquires Records of New Century Club of Newark," University of Delaware Update , 1991 January 21   [Box 1 F4]

"History of the Newark New Century Club, Newark, Delaware, 1893-1992" , 1992   [Box 6 F188] (Box 6)

Four copies written for the centennial celebration of the New Century Club.

Centennial Tea , 1993 April 30   [Box 6 F189] (Box 6)

Clippings of The Post (Newark) article recognizing the Newark New Century Club's 100th anniversary, as well as programs, notes, mementos, correspondence, and certificates of recognition.

Subseries I.B. Constitution and Bylaws , 1898-1988

Versions of the New Century Club's Constitution and Bylaws, detailing the organization, purpose and function of the club, are included in eight pamphlets. Following the incorporation of the Newark New Century Club House Company in 1916, the pamphlets include bylaws for both organizations. The copies date [1898], 1911, [1912-1916], 1918, 1930, 1949, 1959, and 1988. See the minutes of the club for other versions of the constitution and bylaws. The earliest version (1895) is found in "Minute Book No. 1" (F56).

Constitution and Bylaws , 1898-1988   [Box 1 F5]

Subseries I.C. Documents of Incorporation , 1902-1989

Photocopies of the certificates of incorporation for the New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, and The Newark New Century Club House Company, as well as a letter regarding the possible dissolution of the charter for the Club House Company are included in this subseries. A note included with the copies in F7 indicates that as of October 14, 1968, Ruth Buggy had possession of the original charters.

Certificate of Incorporation of the New Century Club of Newark, Delaware , 1902   [Box 1 F6]

Certificate of Incorporation of The Newark New Century Club House Company , 1916 April 22, 1989   [Box 1 F7]

The certificate indicates that the purpose of the Club House Company was to own real estate; build, maintain, and operate a Club House for the benefit of the members of the New Century Club; and to act as a holding company. Also includes a certificate of renewal of the incorporation (1989).

Subseries I.D. Delaware Corporation annual reports , 1940-1962

As a Delaware corporation, the New Century Club of Newark submitted annual reports to the Secretary of State of Delaware. The forms list the nature of the corporation's business, and the officers and directors.

Annual reports , 1940-1962   [Box 1 F8]

Reports for 1940-1949, 1951-1957, and 1962 are present.

Subseries I.E. Documents of The Newark New Century Club House Company , 1914-1977

Notes regarding available land, the legal agreement transferring the Wright's lot to the New Century Club, an annual report, and the notebook of stock certificates are included. Minutes and Reports of the Newark New Century Club House Company are found within Series II.2 (F60, F87, F110), since they were sometimes kept in the same notebook as minutes of the New Century Club.

The Newark New Century Club House Company was incorporated on April 22, 1916, to serve as the holding company for the property and building of the New Century Club. In July 1916 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Wright donated the land upon which the New Century Club building now stands. The cornerstone for the building was laid September 7, 1916.

Research Notes Regarding Land and Finances for a Club House , 1914   [Box 1 F9]

Agreement between New Century Club and Samuel and Isabel Wright , 1916   [Box 1 F10]

Deeded the Delaware Avenue property to the club, as well as committing $4,000 to the building project.

State of Delaware annual report , undated   [Box 1 F11]

One annual corporate report for the Newark New Century Club House Company submitted to the State of Delaware.

Club House stock certificate ledger , 1916 May-1918 April   [Box 8 F12] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

Club House financial ledger , 1916 May 16-1977 April 27   [Box 1 F13]

This ledger lists the receipts and debits of the Newark New Century Club House Company.

Club House Circuit Directory and Rules , undated   [Box 7 F226] (Box 7)

Subseries I.F. Financial records of the New Century Club of Newark , 1899-2002

The ledgers of receipts and expenses, bank books, checkbooks, bank statements, deposit slips, insurance policies, fund raising material, money receipt books, and bills in this series detail the financial affairs of the New Century Club. Also included are a ledger of the Newark Welfare Committee and a bank book for the Newark Library. Further financial information is available in the minutes and reports (Series II.2).

Account book and ledger , 1899 April-1925   [Box 1 F14]

This ledger details the receipts and expenses of the club, as well as providing annual lists of the members and the amount paid in dues.

Account book and ledger , 1926 June 22-1942 September 30   [Box 1 F15]

This ledger includes a separate account of the Newark New Century Club Library Fund for 1936-1942 (p.100).

Account book and ledger , 1942-1956   [Box 1 F16]

Account book and ledger , 1970-1988   [Box 7 F227] (Box 7)

Includes schedule of treasurer's duties on the front page.

Account book plus treasurer's reports , 1988-1995   [Box 7 F228] (Box 7)

Account book plus treasurer's reports , 1995-2002   [Box 7 F229] (Box 7)

Bank pass books , 1911 December 12-1940 June 28

1911 December 12-1926 June 9   [Box 1 F17]

Record of the club's account with the National Bank of Newark (1911-1913) and Farmer's Trust Co. (1913-1926).

1926 June 22-1936 December 19   [Box 1 F18]

Record of account with Newark Trust & Safe Deposit Co.

1936 December 19-1940 June 28   [Box 1 F19]

Record of club account with Newark Trust Company.

Checkbooks with Newark Trust Company , 1936 March 31-1945 January 26

Record of deposits and checks.

1936 March 31-1939 May 10   [Box 1 F20]

1939 May 10-1941 December 17   [Box 1 F21]

1941 December 17-1943 May 8   [Box 1 F22]

1943 May 17-1945 January 26   [Box 1 F23]

Money receipt books , 1942 June 15-1944 May 22   [Box 1 F24]

Two receipt books indicating source of cash received by New Century Club.

Bank statements and canceled checks with Newark Trust Company , 1944 October 24-1946 May 15

1944 October 24-1945 January 24   [Box 1 F25]

1945 January 29-1945 May 15   [Box 1 F26]

1945 May 15-1945 August 25   [Box 1 F27]

1945 August 31-1945 September 27   [Box 1 F28]

1945 September 29-1945 October 27   [Box 1 F29]

1945 October 31-1945 November 27   [Box 1 F30]

1945 November 30-1945 December 31   [Box 1 F31]

1945 December 31-1946 May 15   [Box 1 F32]

Newark Trust Co. deposit slips , 1939 June 14-1940 May 15   [Box 1 F33]

Ledger for Newark Welfare Committee , 1932-1966   [Box 1 F34]

Ledger listing income and expenditures of the Newark Welfare Committee, which was formed by the NCC in 1920 to work with the Newark Town Council to help the needy.

Bank Book for the Newark Library , 1914 June 2-1926 June 9   [Box 1 F35]

Record of deposits and debits for the Library account. See also F15.

Bills and receipts , 1942, 1946   [Box 1 F36]

Bills and receipts , 1947, undated   [Box 1 F37]

Bank check records , 1977 May 1-1980 February 18   [Box 1 F38]

Three notebooks recording deposits and checks for the club account.

Insurance policies, claims, and correspondence , 1992   [Box 6 F190] (Box 6)

Insurance policies and correspondence , 1993-1995   [Box 6 F191] (Box 6)

Fire insurance and safety inspections , 1990-1995   [Box 6 F192] (Box 6)

Includes correspondence and license.

Bills, fund raising material, contracts, budgets, service proposals, stock information, and change of agent documents , 1975-1994   [Box 6 F193] (Box 6)

Subseries I.G. Membership records , 1928-1994

This series includes records of the club's membership between 1928-1956, as well as for 1976, 1978, and 1994. Some of the information included in the material includes names and addresses of members; names of candidates for membership and their sponsors; information on acceptances, deaths, and resignations; dues and initiation fees; and honorary members. Further membership information is found in the minutes and reports (Series II.2).

Membership Committee record book , 1928-1956   [Box 1 F39]

A record of the names of members of the Membership Committee from 1930-1956, as well as an indexed chronological file of the names of all proposed for membership between 1928-1956.

Record of membership dues , 1939-1943   [Box 1 F40]

Notebook recording membership dues collected and a listing the new members for each year.

Membership list , 1976 October   [Box 1 F41]

Membership list , 1978 July   [Box 1 F42]

Membership list and correspondence , 1989-1994   [Box 6 F194] (Box 6)

Subseries I.H. General Federation of Women's Clubs Material , 1972-1996

The New Century Club of Newark is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), which is the largest and oldest non-denominational, international service organization of volunteer women in the world. With members in all U.S. states and 46 countries, it had a membership of 11 million in 1990. The GFWC was formed on April 24, 1890 through the impetus of the Sorosis Club of New York. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the GFWC represents women's clubs from all over the world, serving under the motto "unity in diversity." The GFWC reflects the programs of local women's clubs by working nationally and internationally on legislation and projects in the areas of the arts, conservation, education, home life, international affairs, and public affairs.

General Federation material , 1972-1993   [Box 2 F43]

Programs, a 1972 Board of Directors address, brochures on highway safety, a "Federation Quiz," a history of the GFWC (1987), certificates, correspondence, press releases, and a proclamation in celebration of GFWC Day are included.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Middle Atlantic Region Conference , 1989 September 25-1993 September 21

Includes programs, correspondence, brochures, and ephemera.

Wilmington, DE , 1989 September 25-1989 September 27   [Box 6 F195] (Box 6)

Harrisburg, PA , 1992 September 20-1992 September 22   [Box 6 F196] (Box 6)

Wilmington, DE , 1993 September 19-1993 September 21   [Box 6 F197] (Box 6)

GFWC administrative and program publications , 1990-1996   [Box 6 F198] (Box 6)

Includes the 1990-1992 Administrative Guide, the Charter, Constitution and Bylaws, plus catalogs and departmental program guides.

GFWC Clubwoman, 1989-1996

Issues of the GFWC magazine.

1989-1991   [Box 6 F199] (Box 6)

1992-1993   [Box 6 F200] (Box 6)

1994-1996   [Box 6 F201] (Box 6)

Subseries I.I. Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs Material , 1962-2011

The New Century Club of Newark participated in the formation of the Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs in 1899 but withdrew that same year and did not rejoin until 1911 (see F1). The program goals of the DSFWC are similar to those of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

Delaware State Federation correspondence and information , 1962-1994   [Box 2 F44]

Correspondence, citations from the DSFWC, programs for fashion-sewing contests, a 1972-1973 progress report, programs for annual meetings, a copy of "Federation Song for 1915," are some of the items included.

Fashion-sewing Contest Award , 1958-1959   [Box 2 F45]

Fashion-sewing Contest Award , 1959-1960   [Box 2 F46]

Delaware club reports , 1990-1992   [Box 6 F202] (Box 6)

Includes the club reports for Newark, Wyoming/Camden, Millsboro, Dover, Laurel and other Delaware women's clubs, as well as the list of program awards for 1990-1992.

Federation Day Program , 1990-1994   [Box 6 F203] (Box 6)

Includes reports, clippings, and programs information about this annual DSFWC event.

DSFWC Conservation Workshop , 1992 September 29   [Box 6 F204] (Box 6)

Packet of information.

Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs Conventions , 1990-1993

Includes programs, badges, correspondence, reports, and ephemera.

1990-1991   [Box 6 F205] (Box 6)

1992   [Box 6 F206] (Box 6)

1993   [Box 6 F207] (Box 6)

Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs Publications , 1988-2011

GFWC - Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs’ Progress Reports, 1988-1992   [Box 7 F208] (Box 7)

Clubwomen News and Views, 1973-1993, 2011   [Box 7 F209] (Box 7)

GFWC - Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs’ Yearbook, 1988-1990   [Box 7 F210] (Box 7)

101 Years of Volunteerism, 1990   [Box 7 F211] (Box 7)

Two copies written by Dorothy Gardner Downs are numbers 21 and 261 of 300 copies.

The Rebirth of America, 1986   [Box 7 F212] (Box 7)

Copy of this publication of the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation.

Series II. New Century Club program and activities , 1895-2011

Includes annual programs; minutes; reports of the President, Treasurer, and committees; correspondence; event programs; membership lists; photographs; clippings; scrapbooks for publicity, community improvement projects, and arts and crafts; award certificates and ribbons; printed material; press releases; and a cookbook. The series is arranged in seven subseries. Within each subseries the arrangement is chronological.

The social life and community involvement of the New Century Club are reflected in this series. The minutes of the regular club meetings, as well as the minutes of the Executive Board of the club and the Corporation Board of the Club House Company, detail the management of the club and the club's involvement in the life of the Newark community. Committee reports, the president's records and annual reports, and the publicity files, as well as the scrapbooks of the community improvement projects and arts and crafts programs, all picture the ways in which the New Century Club adds quality to the lives of its members and to its community.

The social and educational activities of the club for its members and guests are documented through the committee reports, event programs, scrapbooks, and photographs. Evolving from the reading club of 1897, the New Century Club grew to provide a variety of opportunities for intellectual, artistic, and social development for its members through regular meetings and special events.

This series of material documents the contributions of the New Century Club in improving its community. For example, the minutes for November 8, 1897 describe the New Century Club's initial efforts to create a free library in Newark. The minutes also chronicle the club's work in the public schools to improve education and provide milk for children, support of the founding of the Women's College in Newark, work to clean up the streets, initiation of conservation projects, as well as provision of space and volunteers for the Red Cross during the world wars, and organization of a clinic to provide health checkups for children.

Clippings, photographs, and written reports in the scrapbooks document numerous "community improvement projects" in which the New Century Club has been involved: efforts to promote voter registration, to create a municipal swimming pool, to support welfare and mental health programs, to support the Newark Police Department, to educate children in conservation issues, to conserve open space and promote energy conservation, to create the Maclary Nature Center, to initiate the program of volunteer aides for the Newark Emergency Rooms, and to sustain many other projects.

Subseries II.A. Annual programs , 1897-1996

Beginning in 1897, the New Century Club published a brochure of its program for the upcoming year. The first brochures listed regular meeting dates, speakers and topics or activities, and a list of officers. Later brochures became more elaborate, listing past presidents, committee chairs, "The Collect for Club Women," membership lists, the club motto, and other information. Membership lists were included in many of the programs from 1910 to 1968.

1897 November-1902 April   [Box 2 F47]

1902 November-1910 April   [Box 2 F48]

1910 November-1917 May   [Box 2 F49]

An autograph copy of speech by Club President, Mary Evans, and schedule for the New Century Club of Wilmington are laid in.

1925 October-1943 January   [Box 2 F50]

See F66 the 1932, 1933-1934, 1935-1936 programs and F137 for the 1925 program.

1943 Spring-1950 January   [Box 2 F51]

See F81 for a copy of the 1949 program.

1950 October-1960 May   [Box 2 F52]

1960 October-1969 May   [Box 2 F53]

1969 October-1976 May   [Box 2 F54]

1976 October-1984 May   [Box 2 F55]

1987-2011   [Box 7 F213] (Box 7)

Subseries II.B. Minutes and reports of the New Century Club of Newark and the Newark New Century Club House Company , 1895-1996

Minutes of the club's regular meetings, the NCC Executive Board meetings, meetings of the Corporate Board of the Club House Company, and joint meetings of the two Boards detail the management of the club and its programs. The content of the papers presented by the members, the subjects of guest speakers, the business conducted, and the entertainment presented were usually described in the minutes of each meeting. Membership lists, drafts and revisions of the constitution and bylaws, and financial information were also included.

In early years (1895-1942) the minutes were kept in bound notebooks passed on to each new club secretary. Occasionally minutes of the club, Boards and/or joint meetings could be found in one notebook. After 1942 the minutes were maintained in loose leaf form, with reports of committees, treasurer, and president incorporated in the files. Later files of minutes and reports also contained event programs, certificates, and other material. Material is arranged chronologically.

"Minute Book No. 1" of the New Century Club , 1895-1899   [Box 2 F56]

Contains a draft of the first constitution of the New Century Club of Newark, as well as a note indicating that the first group voted "to call ourselves the Tuesday Club--even though it was necessary after the first meeting to change the day from Tuesday to Wednesday." These minutes contain the first references to the Newark Library.

"Minute Book No. 2" of the New Century Club , 1899 January-1904 April   [Box 2 F57]

Includes information about the incorporation of the club and a club seal.

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1904 November-1911 July   [Box 2 F58]

Laid in this notebook are a memorial resolution for founding member, Mrs. Annie Evans Kollock, and an untitled poem about the New Century club by Mrs. H. M. Dawson.

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1911 November-1915 April   [Box 2 F59]

A report titled "The Life of Edward MacDowell" (1914) is laid in.

Minutes of the Newark New Century Club House Company ledger , 1916 May-1919 May   [Box 2 F60]

The minutes of the Board of Directors (also referred to as the Corporate Board) meetings, stockholders meetings, and joint meetings with the Executive Board of the New Century Club provide information about management of the club house facilities. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Club House Company and of the bylaws are tipped in. Laid in are programs, clippings, the agreement with the Wrights for the Delaware Avenue property, and several financial statements. Removed and housed with Box 8 (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches)) is a clipping from the Evening Journal listing the presidents of the New Castle County women's clubs.

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1919 October-1921 November   [Box 2 F61]

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1921 November-1924 May   [Box 2 F62]

A summary of the history of the club and some correspondence are laid in. Committees now include Civics, Social Services, Education, Conservation, Home Economics, and Child Welfare.

Newark Choral Club records , 1921 December-1922 August   [Box 2 F63]

Formed by members of the New Century Club, the Choral Club provided community musical programs; particularly the Christmas program. The notebook includes minutes, financial information, a list of members, words to songs, and a script for the musical, "There's No Business Like Club Business."

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1924 October-1927 April   [Box 2 F64]

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1927 April-1930 January   [Box 3 F65]

Education/program committee reports , 1928 October-1936   [Box 3 F66]

Labeled "Education Committee October 1932," this notebook actually contains Program Committee reports for 1932-1936, and annual programs.

Minutes of the New Century Club ledger , 1930 January-1942 March

1930 January-1932 October   [Box 3 F67]

1932 October-1934 May   [Box 3 F68]

1934 October-1938 May   [Box 3 F69]

1938 October-1942 March   [Box 3 F70]

1942 March-1942 May   [Box 3 F71]

Executive board minutes ledger , 1934 September-1942 May   [Box 3 F72]

A copy of claims for damages due to a 1935 fire in the club house is laid in.

Minutes and reports of the New Century Club of Newark , 1938-1988

Beginning in 1938 the minutes and reports were kept in loose leaf form. Most folders include minutes of the regular meetings and boards, President's and committee reports, financial reports from the Treasurer, correspondence, copies of annual programs, and other material. The contents of each folder may vary. Some contain minutes or reports only and are so indicated. Some of the reports cover two year periods coinciding with a term of the chair or officer. Later copies of the Club's reports to the DSFWC and the GFWC.

1938-1940   [Box 3 F73]

Club committees now include Program, Library, American Homes, Literature, Citizenship, Legislation, Dramatic, Ways & Means, Welfare, Publicity, Membership, and Art.

1940-1942   [Box 3 F74]

1942-1943   [Box 3 F75]

1943-1944   [Box 3 F76]

1944-1945   [Box 3 F77]

1945-1946   [Box 3 F78]

1946-1947   [Box 3 F79]

1947-1948   [Box 3 F80]

1948-1949   [Box 3 F81]

1949-1950   [Box 3 F82]

1950-1951   [Box 3 F83]

1951-1952   [Box 3 F84]

1952-1953   [Box 3 F85]

1953-1954   [Box 3 F86]

Newark New Century Club House Company minutes , 1954-1968   [Box 3 F87]

Notebook containing the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, joint meetings with the Executive Board of the New Century Club, and stockholders meetings. Laid in is a copy of "Lasting Books 1944-1964" published by the American Library Association.

1954-1955   [Box 3 F88]

1955-1956   [Box 3 F89]

Minutes , 1956-1957   [Box 3 F90]

Minutes , 1957-1958   [Box 8 F91] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

Reports , 1956-1958   [Box 3 F92]

1956-1958   [Box 3 F93]

1958-1959   [Box 3 F94]

1959-1960   [Box 3 F95]

Reports , 1958-1960   [Box 3 F96]

Minutes , 1960-1961   [Box 4 F97]

Minutes , 1961-1962   [Box 4 F98]

Reports , 1960-1962   [Box 4 F99]

Minutes , 1962-1963   [Box 4 F100]

Reports , 1962-1963   [Box 4 F101]

Minutes , 1963-1964   [Box 4 F102]

Reports , 1963-1964   [Box 4 F103]

Minutes, reports, and Program Committee notebook , 1964-1965   [Box 4 F104]

Minutes, reports, and Program Committee notebook , 1965-1966   [Box 4 F105]

Minutes , 1966-1967   [Box 4 F106]

Minutes (75th anniversary celebration) , 1967-1968   [Box 4 F107]

Minutes , 1968-1969   [Box 4 F108]

Reports , 1968-1969   [Box 4 F109]

Newark New Century Club House Company minutes , 1968-1976   [Box 4 F110]

Includes minutes of Corporate Board, stockholders, and joint meetings with the Executive Board, as well as correspondence and financial reports.

Minutes , 1969-1970   [Box 4 F111]

Reports , 1969-1970   [Box 4 F112]

Minutes , 1970-1971   [Box 4 F113]

Monthly financial reports and budget only , 1970-1971   [Box 4 F114]

Reports , 1970-1971   [Box 4 F115]

Minutes , 1971-1972   [Box 4 F116]

Monthly financial reports and budget only , 1971-1972   [Box 4 F117]

Reports , 1971-1972   [Box 4 F118]

Notebook of information for the Christmas Show and Bazaars , 1971-1973   [Box 4 F119]

Minutes and reports , 1972-1973   [Box 4 F120]

Reports , 1972-1973   [Box 4 F121]

Minutes , 1973-1974   [Box 4 F122]

Reports , 1973-1974   [Box 4 F123]

Minutes , 1974-1975   [Box 4 F124]

Reports , 1974-1975   [Box 4 F125]

Bicentennial material , 1974-1976   [Box 4 F126]

Minutes , 1975-1976   [Box 4 F127]

Reports , 1975-1976   [Box 4 F128]

Minutes , 1976-1977   [Box 4 F129]

Reports , 1976-1977   [Box 4 F130]

Minutes , 1977-1978   [Box 4 F131]

Reports , 1977-1978   [Box 4 F132]

Minutes and reports , 1979-1988   [Box 4 F133]

GFWC Club reports and annual reports , 1989-1992   [Box 7 F214] (Box 7)

Minutes , 1988-1992   [Box 7 F215] (Box 7)

GFWC reports , 1993-1996   [Box 7 F216] (Box 7)

Minutes, board lists, and information , 1993-1996   [Box 7 F217] (Box 7)

Reports and miscellaneous items , undated   [Box 7 F218] (Box 7)

Subseries II.C. Presidents' Files , 1944-1994

Files compiled by Grace Lechner and Betty Cornwall, Joanne B. Bolton, and Norma Rogow, all Presidents of the New Century Club, are found in this subseries. Their files included minutes, reports, and correspondence. Material related to other Presidents of the New Century Club is found in the minutes and reports (Series II.2). Also included in this subseries are some of the periodic letters written by the Club President to the membership. Some of these letters may also be found in Series II.2 Minutes and Reports.

Grace Lechner, President 1970-1972 , 1962-1974   [Box 5 F134]

Betty Cornwall, President 1974-1976 , 1968-1976   [Box 5 F135]

Joanne B. Bolton, President, 1988-1992 , 1988-1992   [Box 7 F219] (Box 7)

Norma Rogow, President, 1992-1994 , 1992-1994   [Box 7 F220] (Box 7)

Presidents' letters to club members , 1944-1976   [Box 5 F136]

Subseries II.D. Publicity Committee Scrapbooks and Reports , 1924-1994

Compiled by the Publicity Committee of the New Century Club, these scrapbooks, reports, and clippings detail the social, intellectual, and community service activities of the Club. Material in the scrapbooks include programs, clippings from local newspapers, photographs of events, awards, written descriptions of press coverage, issues of The Delaware Clubwoman and The Federation Forecaster, and press releases. Some reports of the Publicity Committee are also found in Series II.2 Minutes and Reports.

Scrapbook , 1924-1934   [Box 5 F137] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Includes the earliest photographs of club members.

Scrapbook , 1934-1943   [Box 5 F138] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Publicity Scrapbook , 1954-1956   [Box 5 F139]

Publicity Scrapbook , 1956-1958   [Box 5 F140] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Publicity Scrapbook , 1958-1959   [Box 5 F141] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Original drawings by Mrs. Thomas J. Pellegrene.

"New Century Club Pressbook" , 1959-1960   [Box 5 F142] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Includes a script for a WDEL radio program (1959).

"New Century Club Scrapbook" , 1960-1962   [Box 5 F143] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Publicity Report , 1960-1962   [Box 5 F144]

Publicity Report , 1962-1964   [Box 5 F145]

Publicity Report , 1964-1966   [Box 5 F146]

Publicity Report , 1966-1968   [Box 5 F147]

Material related to the New Century Club's 75th anniversary is included. Also a copy of the General Federation of Women's Club 75th anniversary commemorative stamp.

Publicity Report , 1968-1970   [Box 5 F148]

Annual Publicity Reports , 1971-1978

Includes budget, summary report, clippings, and event programs.

1970-1971   [Box 5 F149]

1971-1972   [Box 5 F150]

1972-1973   [Box 5 F151]

1973-1974   [Box 5 F152]

1974-1975   [Box 5 F153]

1975-1976   [Box 5 F154]

1976-1977   [Box 5 F155]

1978   [Box 5 F156]

Articles and clippings , 1990-1994   [Box 7 F221] (Box 7)

Includes drafts of articles and clippings from The News Journal, The Newark Post, and Clubwomen News and Views.

Subseries II.E. Community Improvement Projects and Outreach , 1952-1994

This subseries consists of scrapbooks and reports describing some of the projects organized and implemented by the New Century Club between 1952 and 1994. Some of the reports were submitted to the General Federation of Women's Clubs, in conjunction with Sears, Roebuck and Company, for competition in the Community Achievement Contests (later the Community Improvement Program). These reports document a voter registration promotion, work toward a municipal swimming pool, welfare and mental health programs, support of the Newark Police Department, promoting cancer exams for women, organizing the Maclary Nature Center, creating and implementing the aides program for the Newark Emergency Room, energy awareness, conservation efforts, and other projects.

Items in the scrapbooks include photographs, correspondence, reports, financial information, citations and awards, schedules, etc.

From its founding in 1893 the New Century Club has been actively involved in projects and services which have benefitted the Newark community. As early as 1897 the Club championed the community library, and by the early 20th century the Club was working with schools to improve education, supporting the founding of the Women's College in Newark, working with the city to clean up Newark's streets, working to prevent the mutilation of trees, supporting child labor laws, and organizing a clinic which offered medical care for children. These activities and others are also documented in Series II.2 Minutes and Reports.

"Get Out the Vote" campaign report , 1952   [Box 5 F157]

Community service report , 1954-1956   [Box 5 F158]

Documents the Club's programs in support of mental health, e.g. parties for patients at Delaware State Hospital and Mental Health Week promotion.

Municipal swimming pool community project , 1958-1960   [Box 8 F159] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

Report documents the need for a municipal pool.

Community Improvement Program , 1964-1966   [Box 5 F160] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Report of the New Century Club's support and promotion of a parking mall in downtown Newark. The Club offered to provide landscaping and lighting for such an area.

Community Improvement Committee Project , 1968-1970   [Box 5 F161]

Campaign to foster community support for the Newark Police Department.

Community Improvement Program Report , 1970-1972   [Box 5 F162]

Report documenting the resocialization program for former mental health hospital patients who were re­entering community life.

Community Improvement Project: Right to Read Program , 1972-1974   [Box 5 F163]

Community Improvement Project: Socialization Program , 1972-1974   [Box 5 F164]

One of several projects during 1972-1974, the program continued work begun in 1970.

Community Improvement Project: Newark's Heritage , 1974-1976   [Box 5 F165]

In preparation for the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976, the Club researched the history of landmarks in Newark and published a brochure titled "Heritage Trail." The brochure was available to the public for use in public tours of the historic landmarks. In addition to the brochure, photographs of the landmarks and a copy of "Historic Site Research and Recommendations for Preservation in the City of Newark, Delaware," written by Dale A. Ervin, are included.

Community Improvement Projects Scrapbook , 1974-1976   [Box 5 F166] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

A narrative description and photographs of several projects, including "Heritage Trail," a Cancer Detection - Pap Smear Clinic, and the creation of the Maclary Conservation and Nature Trail.

I-95 Hospital Project , 1975-1976   [Box 5 F167]

Correspondence supporting the creation of a hospital for Southern New Castle County.

Environmental Conservation Program: Maclary Nature Center , 1976-1978   [Box 5 F168]

The New Century first began this project in 1975 by creating the Maclary Nature Trail. The program has now expanded to include nature tours for elementary school and the Environmental Outdoor Education Program administered by the Newark School District.

Landscaping for Newark Post Office scrapbook , 1976-1978   [Box 5 F169] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes and SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

A report, with blueprints of the landscape design, document the landscaping the area surrounding the Newark Post Office on Main Street.

Community Aides for Newark Emergency Room Project scrapbook , 1978-1980   [Box 5 F170] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

Report of the New Century Club's efforts to organize aides to serve in the Newark Emergency Room.

Community Aides for Newark Emergency Room Project report , 1980-1982   [Box 5 F171]

Continuation of the Emergency Room aides project.

Gulf War letters of appreciation , 1991 April-1991 May   [Box 6 F187] (Box 6)

Letters of appreciation from President Bush, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Colin Powell, and General Norman Schwarzkopf.

"Take Pride in America" National Awards Ceremony programs , 1989   [Box 7 F222] (Box 7)

The New Century Club of Newark is listed as a semi-finalist for this conservation award. Includes two programs and a letter.

Community Improvement Projects , 1988-1993   [Box 7 F223] (Box 7)

Includes citations, correspondence, reports and other material related to the Cider Mill Restoration Project (1988), Newark Beautification (1989), Energy Awareness (1993), and Keep America Beautiful (1993). Also includes a copy of 30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do To Save the Earth (Delmarva Power).

Conservation - Community Environmental Issues notebook , 1992-1994   [Box 7 F224] (Box 7)

Reports, award certificate, photographs, and correspondence document the Club's efforts in conservation, energy awareness, and other environmental issues.

Delaware Special Olympics , 1993-1994   [Box 7 F225] (Box 7)

Program and promotional material.

Subseries II.F. Arts, Crafts, Recreation Programs , 1953-2010

In addition to the intellectual and service emphases of the New Century Club, fine arts and crafts are an integral part of the club's life. Music, dramatic presentations, as well as art classes, hobby and crafts shows, and the "art corner," are some of the programs provided by the club. Of particular note are the photographs, depicting women working at various arts and crafts, included in several of the scrapbooks.

Hobby Show scrapbook , 1953 March 16   [Box 9 F172] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

A Fine Arts Committee Scrapbook which illustrates, through photographs and labels, craftswomen at work during the "Creative Hobbyists at Work" program. Some of the crafts pictured include chair caning, oil painting, weaving, lace making, block printing, rug hooking, and pottery.

American Heritage Handicrafts scrapbook , 1954 February 15   [Box 6 F173]

Scrapbook for handicrafts show includes photographs and labels which depict craftswomen at work. Handicrafts illustrated included needlepoint, smocking, samplers, rug braiding, spinning, crochet, quilting, snailing, knitting, china painting, embroidery, and tatting.

Fine Arts Department scrapbook , 1956-1958   [Box 9 F174] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

Scrapbook documents the general programs and the "art corner" displayed for each program. Subjects of the art corners included Japanese flower arranging, personal art treasure exhibit, and "Amish Family Way of Life."

Crafts scrapbook , 1957-1958   [Box 6 F175]

Scrapbook of the Crafts Committee which includes material concerning the Craft Exhibition on October 7, 1957.

Art Report scrapbook , 1958-1960   [Box 6 F176]

Scrapbook highlights include a display of art from the public schools and the YWCA, an art contest for Club members, a craft exhibit, a painting class taught by Tom Bostelle, and art exhibitions of the work of Robert Duncan and May Sutherland Mafko.

Art Book , 1960-1962   [Box 9 F177] (SPEC MSS oversize boxes (24 inches))

The cover of this report consists of an original oil painting of the New Century Club.

Scrapbook of Programs compiled by the Art and Communications Departments , 1962-1964   [Box 6 F178] (SPEC MSS manuscript boxes)

From New Century Club Kitchens, 1989   [Box 6 F179]

A copy of the cookbook published by the New Century Club in 1989.

New Century Club of Newark bowling league notebook , 1966-1988   [Box 7 F230] (Box 7)

Includes photographs of members, schedules, records of the league and individuals, contracts with the Blue Hens Lanes, and rules and regulations.

Art Show/Silent Auction catalog , 2010 November 13   [Box 7 F230] (Box 7)

The catalog features the work of Pegi Burkert.

Subseries II.G. Photograph Albums of Activities , 1969-1980 circa 550 photographs

The activities of the Club during the years 1969- 1970 and 1974-1980 are depicted in albums of photographs. Some of albums include annual and event programs, as well as a few clippings. Names and dates are included with some of the pictures in the earlier albums.

1969-1970   [Box 6 F180]

1974-1975   [Box 6 F181]

1975-1976   [Box 6 F182]

1976-1977   [Box 6 F183]

1977-1978   [Box 6 F184]

1978-1979   [Box 6 F185]

1979-1980   [Box 6 F186]