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W. Russell Hood
Collection related to
Typography and Graphic Design

1569 - 1970

(bulk dates 1950 - 1969)

Manuscript Collection Number: 412
Accessioned: Purchase, January 1999
Extent: 1.3 linear ft. and oversize
Content: Articles, clippings, labels, stickers, bookplates, posters, prints, engravings, newspapers, advertisements, artwork, calendar
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 2000-2001 by Tabitha D. Groh

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

W. Russell (Wesley Russell) Hood worked as an industrial designer with the Philco-Ford Corporation, located on Delancey Place in Philadelphia, primarily in the 1950s and 1960s. He was employed in the electronics division, product design department. Evidence from mailing labels in the collection indicates that Hood was associated with Joseph Fox Books on Sansom St. and Steinmetz Mfg. Company (labels addressed to Hood & Barnett) on Buttonwood St., both also in Philadelphia. He lived at 15 E. Mowry St. in Chester, Pennsylvania.


Biographical information is derived from information in the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The W. Russell Hood Collection related to Typography and Graphic Design is a working reference file of original and reproductive lettering and design from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, as well as articles and clippings on typography and design spanning the dates 1950-1969. The files were created by W. Russell Hood, a Philadelphia-based industrial designer. The collection is still valuable to researchers as a source of lettering and imagery, especially the popular labels and logos of Series I.1., the ornate engravings and script exercises in Series I.3., and finally the Modern imagery of the 1950s and 1960s available in Series II.

The collection is organized in three series: Series I. Visual Reference Material, Series II. Reference Articles, and Series III. Original work. Most of the material is housed in either subject files or in notebooks, as originally arranged by Hood according to style or subject of the image.

Series I contains specimens of lettering, printing ornaments, typography, and graphic design. Hood gathered his visual references from original texts as well as reproductions from publications and commercial ephemera of the 1960s.

Of particular historic interest are a number of borders and script exercises from early printed penmanship texts, including a grouping identified as “Perret, Antwerp, 1569” and John Ayres’ A Tutor to penmanship, or, the writing master … (1698?). Several large notebooks include elements of commercial design in the form of clippings from various advertisements, letterhead, seals, and packaging from the 1960s. Hood often gathered material from consumables including candy wrappers, labels from food packaging, bottles of liquor and wine, and mailing labels. One notebook contains a series of tracings which Hood made from a text on watermarks. The pages are headed with the title “Filigranes sur papiers d’Imprimés Vénitiens.”

Series II consists wholly of over 200 articles on typography and design written in the 1950s and 1960s. There is a series of biographical articles on various typographers and letterers, including Hermann Zapf, Eric Gill, and Will Carter.

A small group of original designs form Series III. Included are Hood’s own studies of lettering and designs for bookplates and decorative lids, and four designs by Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver.

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Series List

I.   Visual Reference Material

     1.   Labels and Logos

     2.   Images

     3.   Print samples – Ornaments and Lettering

II.  Reference Articles, 1950-1969, n.d.

III. Original work
     1.   Artwork by Hood
     2.   Artwork by Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver 

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series I.  Visual Reference Materials

          Series I.1.  Labels and Logos
          Sample labels and logos from commercial packaging,
          corporate letterhead, mailing labels, advertising, and
          clippings.  The arrangement and filing categories of
          the material were Hood’s.  Twelve folders of loose
          sample labels and logos, followed by three notebooks
          with samples pasted in.

          Printing Layout etc.
1    F1   Assorted
     F2   Perugina and Bon Appetit
     F3   Furniture – Advertisements and labels     F4   Mailing labels and stickers
     F5   Food and Toiletries
     F6   Paper Houses and Manufacturers
     F7   Commercial
     F8   Book Shops
     F9   Libraries, Ad Agencies, etc.
     F10  Antique
     F11  Type Foundries
     F12  University Presses

     F13  Liquor/Wine/Beer
     F14  Commercial
          With index compiled by Hood
     F15  Presses/Book shops/Paper Manufacturers/Publishers
          With index compiled by Hood

          I.2.  Images
          These images, primarily clippings from publications,
          were arranged according to subject matter.

     F16  Architecture
          6 items

     F17  Topographica 1970 German calendar
          1 item

     F18  Portrait [of David Hudson?]
          1 item

     F19  Architecture/Interior Design
     F20  People/Liquor/Interior Design

          I.3.  Print samples – Ornaments and Lettering
          Primarily arranged by design element.

     F21  Early calligraphy and printing
          4 items
          Includes four facsimiles:
          Reproduction of an original love letter from King Henry
          VIII of England to Anne Boleyn, distributed by the
          publisher in promotion of The Secret Archives of the
          Vatican (Little Brown, 1970)
          “…facsimile page of the 42-line Bible (1450-1455) was
          printed on a replica of the Gutenberg press exhibited
          by the Cuneo Press, Inc., … at the World’s Fair of 1940
          in New York.”
          “…Franklin page, illuminated by hand, was set in Donat
          Type, on hand made paper on the Gutenberg Press from
          the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, loaned to A Century of
          Progress International Exposition, Chicago, 1933, and
          exhibited by The Cuneo Press, Inc.”
          Reproduction of a medieval text of an ancient Roman
          myth, 2 leaves
     F22  American newpapers, 1759-185[7]
          4 items
          The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, June 25, 1759
          The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, July 1763
          The Virginia Gazette, July 26, 1776 (reproduction)
          New York newspaper, 185[7]
     F23  Decorative borders with script exercises, Perret,
          Antwerp, 1569
          4 items
          Printed engravings tipped in paper mattes and
          identified on verso “Perret, Antwerp, 1569”
     F24  Decorative borders, Picart, del., 1730-1731, n.d.
          Printed engravings, signed “Picart, del.”
     F25  Antiquités étrusques, grecques et romaines …
          Florence, 1801-1802.
          Hand-colored printed engravings.  Title pages of
          volumes I and II, 2 leaves
     F26  Acanthus/Scroll/Ribbon ornaments, n.d.
          Title pages, borders, sample pages
     F27  Initials/Lettering
          Original engravings and reproductions
     F28  [Alfabetz Majeur et Mineur Mesurés par Roland]
          Engraved plates, 6 leaves
     F29  Ayres, John.  A tutor to penmanship, or, the writing
          master… [London?]: sold by ye author, [1698?].
          Original pages mounted on paper, 40 leaves
          With portfolio made by Hood.  The complete text is
          available at the Morris Library on microfilm S1.5
     F30  Clifford & Lawton.  Chronological Tree of the Design
          Periods.  Dec 15, 1914.
          Reproduction, 1 leaf
     F31  Desiderata.  Sausalito: Graphic Arts of Marin, n.d.
          Broadside, 1 leaf
     F32  Watermarks – “Filigranes sur papiers d’Imprimés
          Tracings of watermarks, notebook indexed by Hood
     F33  Borders/Flowers/Rules
          Sample pages, prints, ads, clippings, etc., pasted in
     F34  Vignettes/Flowers/Borders
          Sample pages, prints, ads, clippings, etc., pasted in
     F35  Initials/Lettering
          Sample pages, prints, ads, clippings, etc., pasted in
          Series II.  Reference Articles, 1950-1969, n.d.
          A table of contents for these articles was compiled by
          Hood, the original appears in the first folder for each
          “List.”  A few of the articles which appear on these
          original lists are not included in the collection.  The
          bibliography here, however, indicates only those
          articles which are available in the collection.  A few
          articles are not in English.
          List 1
     F36  Ryder, John and Heather Copley, ed.  “Benjamin
          Franklin.”  pp. 55-57
          “Society of Typographic Designers of Canada.”
          Netzer, Remigius.  “Imre Reiner.”  Gebrauchsgraphik.
               Vol. 28, No. 3, 1957.  p. 2-9.
          Loganesi, Leo.  Jane Grigson, translator.  “A letter to
               a Printer’s Daughter.”
          Brinkley, John.  “John Woodcock: Craftsman in
               lettering.”  Connoisseur.  Vol. 167, Apr 1968.
               pp. 234-237.
          Johnson, Fridolf.  “Donald Jackson:
               Calligrapher and Illuminator.”  American Artist.
               May 1970.  pp. 17-23, 58, 68-69.
          Michel, Joan Hess.  “Illustrations of Peter Spier.”
               American Artist.  Oct 1969.  pp. 49-55, 82-86.
          Welling, Richard.  “I am in love with line.” American
               Artist.  Oct 1969.  pp. 56-58, 86-88.
          Johnson, Fridolf.  “The Typophiles … and a keepsake.”
               American Artist.  May 1969.  pp. 66-74.
          Brady, Sister Elizabeth Mary.  “20th century book
               designer Eric Gill.”  Print.  Vol. 15, Nov 1961.
               pp. 41-43.
          Schmoller, Hans.  “Autobiography in Type by Hermann
               Zapf.”  pp. 33-48.
          _____________.  “Hermann Zapf: Type designer.”  pp. 49-
          One page of calligraphy by Hermann Zapf.
          Johnson, Fridolf.  “Hermann Zapf’s Letters.”  American
               Artist.  Oct 1964.  pp. 42-47, 65-66.
          Bennett, Paul A.  “Report on a visit: Hermann Zapf:
               Calligrapher, Type Designer, Master of Book Arts.”
               Publisher’s Weekly.  Jan 4, 1965.  pp. 72-85.
          Zapf, Hermann.  “Printing types and books: An
               Expression of Their Times.”
          “Hermann Zapf: Type Designer and Calligrapher.”  Print.
               Vol. 15, Mar 1961.  pp. 44-49.
          Schauer, G.K.  “Hermann Zapf: Calligrapher and Book
               Designer Frankfurt/Main (Germany).”
          Hölscher, Eberhard.  “Old Violin Labels.”
               [Gebrauchsgraphik.]  pp. 38-41.
          “Hermann Zapf: Manuale Typographicum.”
               [Gebrauchsgraphik.]  pp. 42-49.
          Bennett, Paul A.  “Distinguished American book
               designers and printers.”  pp. 20-42.
          ____________.  “Typophiles’ Adventures in Bookmaking.”
               pp. 21-27.
          Hartz, S.L.  “van Krimpen.”  pp. 28-30.
          Gardner, William M.  “Lettering and the letterhead.”
               pp. 31-40.
          Stillert, Willy.  “Erik Linegren: Privatbok tryckare I
               Askim.”  pp. 164-165.
          Rogers, Bruce.  “Bruce Rogers 1870-1957.”  Reprint from
               PI: A Hodge-Podge of The Letters, Papers and
               Addresses Written During the Last Sixty Years.
               Cleveland and NY: World Publishing Co., 1953.
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     F37  “Will Carter, Printer.”  pp. 28-36.
          “The Elegies of A Glass Adonis.”  Specimen page.
          with Standard, Paul.  “Who Designed and Cut the Arrighi
               Types?”  reprint from Publisher’s Weekly.  Nov 6,
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          II.  Reference Articles (cont’d)
          List 2
1    F38  “The Vine Press.”  pp. 50-54.
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          II.  Reference Articles (cont’d)
          List 3
1    F39  Kuh, Hans.  “Laszlo von Szecsey.”  [Gebrauchsgraphik.]
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          _________.  “Typography in Scientific Books.”
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               “Special Stamp for the ‘International Stamp
               Exhibition Hamburg 1959’”
               Memorial Stamp “A 1000 Year Buxtehude”
               “Special Stamp ‘Veneration of the Robe in Trier
               “Special Stamp ‘Synod of German Protestants 1959’”
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               “Welfare Stamps, 1960”
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          [Gebrauchsgraphik.]  pp. 6-23.  (2 copies)
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          List 4
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          II.  Reference Articles (cont’d)
          List 4 (cont’d)
1    F40  “Wood Engravings by Peter Forster.”  p. 94.
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          II.  Reference Articles (cont’d)
          List 4 (cont’d)
2              F41  MacRobert, T.M.  “Appendix to Hofer: 17th
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          II.  Reference Articles (cont’d)
          List 4 (cont’d)
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          Series III.  Original work
          Series III.1.  Artwork by Hood
          Hood’s work includes a series of sketches for lids and
          a notebook of designs for bookplates.
2    F43  Sketches
          Calligraphy exercises –
     F44  Will Carter Chancery
     F45  Lower case Caslon cursive/upper case English script
     F46  Eric Gill Roman
     F47  “V” vignette and “Venetias” border
     F48  Sketchbook
     F49  Sketches
          Series III.2.  Artwork by Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver

     F50  New Year’s card, 1960
          Printed design with autograph note
     F51  “Turkey” floral designs, 1959
          2 items
          Hand-painted designs, each signed and titled “Turkey”

     F52  Gold design, 1959
          Hand-painted design, signed

     F53  Ornament with reproductions, 1959
          Original hand-painted design with two photocopies and
          one negative photocopy

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