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Paulette Greene Paper Collection

1669 - 1987
(bulk dates 20th century)

Manuscript Collection Number: 319
Accessioned: Purchase 1992
Extent: 1.6 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Handmade paper samples, watermarked papers, decorated endpapers, correspondence, articles.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: May 1995 by Colette Walker.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

This collection was compiled between 1962 and 1987 by Paulette Greene, a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, whose business was located in Rockville Center, New York. Greene collected watermarked, handmade, and decorated papers, including endpapers from books; and individual sheets by contemporary paper artists. Along with these samples, she gathered a small body of information on the represented paper processes. Greene corresponded with some of the paper artists whose work she collected, most noteably the papermaker Douglass Howell, whom she once visited in his studio in Westbury, Long Island.


Biographical information is derived from material in the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Paulette Greene Paper Collection includes handmade, watermarked, and decorated paper samples, as well as related correspondence and reference material. While the earliest watermarked sheet dates to 1669, the bulk of the collection is from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The strength of the collection lies in its samples, particularly the decorated papers, which include marbled and printed endpapers as well as individually crafted pieces by contemporary artists. The marbling work of Mariana Roach and Claire Van Vliet are especially noteworthy. Another significant element of the collection is the material relating to Douglass Howell, especially the collector's personal recollection of her 1962 visit with the papermaker at his studio in Westbury, Long Island. Explanatory materials included in the collection are often sketchy, but offer a starting point for further research.

The collection is arranged in three series. Series I, Papermaking, includes historical and bibliographic information and samples, as well as the Howell material. Series II, Watermarks, includes historical and bibliographic material, as well as samples. Series III, Decorated Papers, includes subseries of reference material, samples, and artist's samples. The latter category is arranged by artist, and subdivided between artists using manual processes and those designing for printed endpapers.

Oversized material has been removed and housed separately.

Series Outline

I.   Papermaking
     1.   History and bibliography
     2.   Samples
     3.   Douglass Howell samples and related materials

II.  Watermarks

     1.   History and bibliography
     2.   Samples

III. Decorated Papers

     1.   Reference material on decorated papers
          - History and bibliography
          - Techniques
          - Offers for books employing decorated papers

     2.   Samples
          - Marbled papers
          - Other manual processes
          - Printed
               - Floral
               - Pattern
               - "Marbled"
               - Moiree and embossed
               - Pictorial

     3.   Samples by artist, with related material
          - Manual processes
          - Designers of printed endpapers 

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

         Series I.  Papermaking
          Includes information related to papermaking processes and samples of handmade
          paper.  Also includes material on papermaker Douglass Howell, samples of his
          work, and a record of the collector's interactions with him, including a typed
          recollection of a visit to his studio.

1    F1   History and bibliography

     F2   Paper samples

     F3   Howell, Douglass--samples and related material

          Series II.  Watermarks
          Includes background material on the techniques and history of watermarking, as
          well as a collection of watermarked papers dating from the seventeenth century to
          the mid-twentieth century.

          Series II.1.  History and Bibliography

     F4   History and bibliography

          Series II.2.  Watermark Samples

     F5   Seventeenth century

     F6   Eighteenth century

     F7   Nineteenth century

     F8   Nineteenth century (continued)

     F9   Twentieth century

     F10  Twentieth century (continued)

     F11  History and bibliography

     F12  Technique and design-related material

     F13  Notices for books containing decorated papers

          Series III.2.  Decorated Paper Samples

     F14  Marbled papers (combed process)

     F15  Marbled papers (stone)

     F16  Marbled papers (stone, continued)

     F17  Other manual processes

     F18  Printed floral

     F19  Printed patterns

     F20  Printed patterns (continued)

     F21  Printed "marble"

     F22  Moirée and embossed

     F23a Printed pictorial

     F23b Printed pictorial (continued)

     F24  Earliest American printed endpapers

     F25  Publishers' series endpapers

     F26  Plain endpapers 

          Series III.  Decorated Papers
          Series III.3.  Artists' Samples and Related Material 
          Series III.3.1.  Artists--manual processes

2    F27  Adler, Elmer (student of)

     F28  Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead

     F29  Catich, E.

     F30  Gid, Raymond

     F31  Maziarzyk, Claire

     F32  Middleton, R. Hunter

     F33  Morris, Henry

     F34  Peacock Papers

     F35  Roach, Mariana

     F36  Rubovits, Norma

     F37  Stone, Solveig 

     F38  Storm, Nancy

     F39  Ten Eyck, Catryna

     F40  Van Vliet, Claire

     F41  Wolfe, Richard J.

          Series III.  Decorated Papers
          Series III.3.  Artists' Samples and Related Material 
          Series III.3.2.  Designers of printed endpapers

2    F42  Austen, John

     F43  Bell, Vanessa

     F44  Bemelman, Ludwig

     F45  Benton, Thomas Hart

     F46  Blaine, Mahlon

     F47  Bock, Vera

     F48  de Brunhoff, Jean

     F49  Covarrubias, Miguel

     F50  Covey, Arthur

     F51  Cox, Palmer

3    F52  Crane, Donn

     F53  Daugherty, James

     F54  Dean, Abner

     F55  Dobkin, Alexander

     F56  Douglas, Aaron

     F57  Farleigh, John

     F58  Freeman, Don

     F59  Gannett, Ruth

     F60  Goldberg, Rube

     F61  Gorsline, D.W.

     F62  Gruelle, Johnny

     F63  Hurd, Peter

     F64  James, Will

     F65  Kent, Rockwell

     F66  Kredel, Fritz

     F67  Lankes, J.J.

     F68  Laune, Paul

     F69  Lawson, Robert

     F70  Leighton, Clare

     F71  Lissom, Simon

     F72  Lofting, Hugh

     F73  Millais, John Everett

     F74  Morris, William

     F75  O'Neil, Rose

     F76  Parrish, Maxfield

     F77  Pogany, Willy

     F78  Robinson, Tom

     F79  Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

     F80  Shepard, Ernest H.

     F81  Siegl, Helen

     F82  Simon, Howard

     F83  Smith, Harry L.

     F84  Sorel, Edward

     F85  Szyk, Arthur

     F86  Van Loon, Hendrik W.

     F87  Walker, Dugald

     F88  Ward, Lynd

     F89  Wilson, Jack

     F90  Winter, Milo

     F91  Wood, Stanley

     F92  Wyeth, N.C.
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