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Frederic W. Goudy Collection

1922 -1969
(bulk dates 1930 - 1950)

Manuscript Collection Number: 209
Accessioned: Purchase, 1987.
Extent: 1.5 linear ft. (410 items)
Content: Pamphlets, broadsides, printed ephemera, books and articles related to Frederic W. Goudy and The Village Press.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1990-1991 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Frederic W. Goudy, world renowned type designer, was born March 8, 1865 in Bloomington, Illinois. Raised in the small prairie town of Shelbyville, Illinois, in his youth Goudy worked as the high school janitor and as an assistant to Shelbyville's leading paperhanger. During this time, guided by an old worn copy of a Bruce Foundry specimen book, Goudy cut his first type face from a roll of flowered wall paper. Graduating from Shelbyville High School in 1883, Goudy became a bookkeeper.

When his father was appointed Federal probate judge in Hyde County in the frontier territory of South Dakota, Goudy worked as a clerk and bookkeeper in his father's real estate office. He continued bookkeeping after he moved to Minnesota in 1887 and later moved on to Chicago to work as a clerk in a bookstore. While examining the books he sold, he determined that they were not printed as well as they might be. He began to read every available book on typography and made visits to veteran printers for a hands-on education.

In 1895, with Lauren C. Hooper, a Chicago English instructor, Goudy established the Camelot Press and for a time printed a magazine called Chapbook. Due to financial difficulties, the magazine and the press lasted less than a year. Mr. Goudy resumed working as a bookkeeper, and in 1897 married a fellow bookkeeper, Miss Bertha M. Sprinks. Goudy continued in a variety of jobs, but on the side he designed and sold his first alphabet of letters to the Dickinson Type Foundry for $10, which proved to be a good investment since the type, known as Camelot, remains popular today.

In 1903 Mr. Goudy acquired a partner, $300 in capital, 150 pounds of type, and he set up the Village Press in Park Ridge, Illinois. An essay by William Morris was the first book he printed. The press was moved a number of times, from Illinois to Hingham, Massachusetts, to New York City. Mrs. Goudy eventually took the partner's place and learned to set type by hand. By the time of her death in 1935 she was an expert typesetter.

The Goudys faced continual financial difficulties even though Goudy won the bronze medal given at the St. Louis World's Fair for book printing in 1904. Fire destroyed the Parker Building and the Village Press in 1908. The Village Press was rebuilt in Forest Hills, Queens, on Deepdene Road where it remained until 1924, when Goudy moved it to Marlboro, New York.

While at Forest Hills, Goudy earned his world-wide reputation as a type designer. During this period he sold eight new type faces to the famous Caslon Foundry in England. He also designed two of his greatest types for Mitchell Kennerley: Kennerley and Forum Title.

The increase in advertising during the early twentieth century provided much business for Goudy. He sold type faces to such firms as the National Biscuit Company and the Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company. In 1920 Mr. Goudy became art director for the Lanston Monotype Company. After moving to Marlboro, the Village Press was established in an old mill built in 1790 near the waterfall of Jew's Creek and his home, named Deepdene. Here the Goudy family, including their son, Frederic T. Goudy, worked in the manner of the artisan families of the sixteenth century.

A fire in 1939 completely destroyed the Village Press for a second time, with the incalculable loss of original designs of a number of type faces, among them, Medieval, Tory, Village Text, and Bertham. Goudy did not try to re-establish the press but did continue designing type faces. In 1940, on his seventy-fifth birthday, he was appointed a lecturer in type design at the school of journalism at Syracuse University.

Goudy won a number of honors for his fine books, including the gold medal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Friedsam gold medal of the Architectural League of New York, and the medal of honor of the Ulster-Irish Society of New York.

Goudy was the author of a number of books, including: Elements of Lettering, The Alphabet, Capitals From the Trajan Column, and Typologia. Mr. Goudy was a member of the Grolier Club, Typophiles, and the Stowaways Club of New York.


MacKay, Milton. Glorifier of the Alphabet. Press of The Good Mountain, n.d. Reprinted from The New Yorker, January 14, 1933.

Page Proofs for the New York Herald Tribune obituary. n.d. See Box 3, F25.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of material relating to the life and work of Frederic W. Goudy. Included are over 150 printed pamphlets, broadsides, books and printed ephemera by various private presses. These items were printed as tributes to Frederic Goudy on his various birthdays, on anniversaries of The Village Press, and other occasions. For example, the collection includes 33 separate printed pieces, each by a different press, commemorating the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Bertha and Frederic Goudy's The Village Press.

Other material in this collection includes tributes to Bertha Goudy, portraits of Frederic Goudy, examples of types designed by Goudy, booklets and articles written by Goudy, material about Goudy and his work, a small amount of correspondence, and samples of his stationery.

Series Outline

I.     Material Written by Frederic W. Goudy
II.    Lectures or Talks Delivered by Goudy
III.   Material Related to The Village Press
IV.    Printed Material Honoring Frederic Goudy's Birthdays
V.     Other Material Honoring Frederic Goudy
VI.    Printed Material Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Village Press
VII.   Material Printed as Memorials to Frederic Goudy
VIII.  Portraits of Frederic Goudy and Other Pictures
IX.    Specimens and Examples of Types Designed by Goudy
X.     Material About Frederic Goudy Written by Other Persons
XI.    Material Related to Bertha M. Goudy
XII.   Artwork Collected by Frederic Goudy
XIII.  Miscellaneous Material

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Material written by Frederic W. Goudy
               A collection of one book, several articles, and announcements for items
               written by Goudy.

     F1   Type Revivals: An Exposition Regarding Independent New Designs.  Lexington,
          VA.: Journalism Laboratory Press, Washington and Lee University, 1937. 
          Printed.  1 item (19 pp.).

     F2   Announcements and advertising for books written by Goudy.  Titles included are:
          Typologia, A Half Century of Type Design and Typography, The Alphabet and
          Elements of Lettering, and Fifteen Alphabets.  Printed and photocopied.   6 items
          (15 pp.).

     F3   Articles or brief statements by Goudy.  Titles include:

          "The Craftsman's Ideal."  Printed.  1 item (4 pp.).
          "MCMXL."  Printed.  1 item (3 pp.).
          "On the Design of Types."  The Architectural Record. Photocopy.  1 item (5 pp.).
          "Quality in Printing."  The Printing Art.  Printed.  1 item (5 pp.).
          "Art in Type-Design."  Monotype.  Goudy number.  November 1928.  Printed.  1
               item (14 pp.).
          "A Study in Type Design."  Monotype.  July-August 1922.  Printed.  1 item (3

     F4   An Exhibition of the Rural Arts... November 14-30 1937.  A catalogue designed by
               Goudy for the U. S. Department of Agriculture.  1 item (77 pp.).

          Series II.  Lectures or talks delivered by Frederic Goudy.  
               Includes printed or mimeographed copies of certain lectures, as well as
               announcements, invitations, and programs for lectures.

     F5   The City of Crafts: A Phantasy being some account of a journey to the court of the
          Printers' Guild told by a member of the American Institute of Graphic
          Arts...February 15, 1922.   New York: American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1922. 
          Two variant editions.  Paper edition is a presentation copy from Goudy to Frances
          R. Booth.  Printed.  2 items (34 pp.).

     F6   Types of the Past: Type Revivals with a few words on Type Design in General. 
          An address at the New York Press Association Dinner September 12, 1936. 
          Syracuse: School of Journalism, Syracuse University, 1936.  Two variant editions. 
          Printed.  2 items (40 pp.).

     F7   Type Design for the Scholarly Book.  An address for the Pasadena Library Club,
          October 30, 1940 in celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of printing. 
          Also for the English Institute, Columbia.  Issued by Dawson's Book Shop. 
          Mimeographed Ts.  1 item (16 pp.).

     F8   Collection of announcements and invitations for various talks and lectures by
          Goudy.  Includes lectures given in Honolulu, Atlanta, Worcester, Dayton,
          Vancouver, The Grolier Club, and others.  Also an announcement for a printing
          course taught by Goudy at New York University.  15 items (45 pp.).

          Series III.  Material Related to The Village Press owned and run by Bertha
          and Frederic Goudy.

     F9   A collection of material printed by The Village Press.  Includes Christmas cards,
          the title page for Printing, and page proofs for Songs and Verses.  Also included
          are two printed books:
             The Gypsy Trail by Rudyard Kipling.  1 item (9 pp.).
             Three Essays by Augustine Birrell.  1 item (25 pp.).
               Total of 6 items (57 pp.).

     F10  A collection of printed items about The Village Press.  Includes a signed copy of a
          woodcut by Charles W. Smith of "The Village Press and Letter Foundry;" a copy
          of The American Institute of Graphic Arts catalogue, "The Village Press: A
          Retrospective Exhibition;" several keepsakes celebrating anniversaries of The
          Village Press (see also series VI), an article reporting that a Village Press
          collection is given to Vassar, and other items.  9 items (48 pp.).

2         Series IV.  Printed materials honoring Frederic Goudy's birthdays.

     F11  Includes invitations to and announcements of Goudy's various birthdays.  Also
          included are keepsakes printed celebrating his birthday by numerous private
          presses.  This collection includes items for the following birthdays: 67th, 69th,
          70th, 73rd, 74th, 75th, 77th, 78th, 79th, 80th, 82nd, and 83rd.
               Titles among the pieces include:
               Happy Birthday to You.  The Maverick Press, 1937.
               A Type Designer Designed in Type.  by Earl Emmons.
               "Goudy Amamus."  by Fanny Borden.  1938.
               "From Camelot to Bertham and Points Beyond."  by Earl Emmons. 
                    Maveric Press, 1938.
               "What's in a Rime?"  by Earl Emmons.  Maveric Press, 1939.
               "To F. W. G. at LXXVII."  1939.
               "To F. W. G. at Seventy-eight."  1943.
               "The Type Designs Made for Private and Commercial Use 1896-1943." 
                    The Typophiles, 1944. signed.
               "Resolution."  Earl Emmons.  1945.
               "For the Birthday of Frederic William Goudy."  1947.
               "Frederic William Goudy."  1947.
                    Total of 21 items (100 pp.).

     F12  "A Keepsake Tribute to Frederic W. Goudy to Commemorate the Goudy
          Centennial Dinner, March 8, 1966."  Consists of a folder of printed pamphlets,
          broadsides, exhibit catalogue, and program for the Goudy Centennial celebration. 
          Numerous private presses printed keepsakes for the occasion.  21 items (67 pp.). 

     F13  Consists of a copy of "The Goudy Society's Third Annual Fred Goudy Birthday
          Party" (1967) and a folder of printed keepsakes for "The Goudy Society's Fourth
          Annual Goudy Birthday Dinner, March 7, 1968."  The folder of keepsakes
          contains a number of broadsides with tributes to Goudy and examples of types he
          had designed.  10 items (24 pp.).

     F14  Design and Beauty in Printing by Frederic Goudy.  Printed by the Press of the
          Woolly Whale on Goudy's 69th birthday.  1934.  Printed.  1 item (22 pp.).

     F15  A Garland for Goudy.  Verses collected by his friends for eightieth birthday. 
          Printed by The Peter Pauper Press, 1945.  Printed.  1 item (37 pp.).

     F16  Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence related to Frederic Goudy's birthday. 
          ALS, TLS, and clippings.  4 items (4 pp.).

          Series V.  Other materials honoring Frederic W. Goudy.

     F17  A collection of programs, clippings, invitations, and ephemera which honor
          Goudy's life and work.  Includes printed programs for Annual Frederic W. Goudy
          Award, program on the presentation of the bronze bust of Goudy to the New York
          School of Printing, exhibition program, items related to Medal of Honor awarded
          by the Ulster-Irish Society of New York to Goudy in 1937,   a broadside for the
          opening of the Goudy Museum in 1954, items celebrating other events.  30 items
          (98 pp.).

     F18  A photograph of a certificate which makes Goudy an honorary member of the
          Society of Calligraphers on May 11, 1925 at Boston.  Oversized.  1 item (1 p.).

          Series VI.  Various printed material commemorating the 35th anniversary of
				The Village Press on July 23, 1938.

     F19  F. W. G.: An Appreciation by R. Hunter Middleton.  Black Cat Press, 1938. 
          Printed.  2 copies.  2 items (30 pp.).

          Pilgrimage to Deepdene.  Printed invitation.  1 item (2 pp.).

          Frederic Goudy.  Printed photograph of sculpture of Goudy by Claire Heller.  2
          copies.  2 items (2 pp.).

          Invitation from the Editors of PM Magazine to contribute to the fund for a bronze casting and marble base for the sculpted head of Goudy by Claire Heller.  (with envelope, undated). 1 item

          The Type Speaks by Goudy.  Washington: The Press of the Three Bears, 1938. 
          Printed. 2 copies. 2 items (6 pp.).

          Speaking of Goudy by Bryce Oliver.  NY: The Maveric Press, 1938.  Printed with
          envelope.  1 item (8 pp.).

     F20  First Goudy Cartoon by Frank Holme.  Forest Hills, NY: Thumbprint Press,
          1938.  Printed.  2 copies.  2 items (6 pp.).

          Recollections of FWG by C. Lauren Hooper.  A. Colish.  Printed.  2 copies.  2
          items (22 pp.).

          A Testimonial by Jim Marshall.  Printed.  2 copies.  2 items (6 pp.).

          A Tribute to BMG by Frederic W. Goudy.  NY: John Archer, 1938.  Printed.  3
          copies.  3 items (9 pp.).

          In Reply: An Open Letter to Frederic W. Goudy From Bruce Rogers by Bruce
          Rogers.  Printed by Earl H. Emmons.  1 item (8 pp.).

          Son of a Goudy by Fred T. Goudy.  NY: The Maveric Press, 1938.  2 copies.  2
          items (18 pp.).

     F21  Untitled.  First line of verse begins: "Have you, too,heard of Goudy?"  by William
          C. Euler.  Printed.  2 copies.   2 items (6 pp.).

          Thanksgiving at Deepdene: A Letter to Her Sister Elsea, Written by Bertha M.
          Goudy.   Printed by Edna and Peter Beilenson, 1938.  3 copies.  3 items (12 pp.).

          Joe Bowles... by Earl H. Emmons.  Printed by Lewis F. White, 1938.  2 copies.  2
          items (4 pp.).

          Day Letter From Ellen Glasgow.  Printed by Herbert Kaufman, 1938.  1 item (3

          Untitled.  Announcement for a portfolio of keepsakes from the 35th anniversary of the
          Village Press by Earl H. Emmons.  Printed.  1 item (1 p.).

          Advance announcement for A Bibliography of The Village Press by Melbert B.
          Cary, Jr.  NY: The Press of the Woolly Whale, 1938.  Printed.  2 items (5 pp.).

3         Series VI.  Various printed material commemorating the 35th anniversary of
               The Village Press on July 23, 1938.  (cont'd)
     F21  The Type Speaks by Frederic W. Goudy.  Philadelphia: Lanston Monotype
          Machine Company.  Printed.  1 item (1 p.).

          Father Frederic by Earl Emmons.  Printed by The Press of The Blue Dolphin,
          1938.  2 copies.  2 items (6 pp.).

          Goudy by Mary P. Emmett.  Printed by Florence and Irving Lush, 1938.  2 copies. 
          2 items (6 pp.).

          Village Press.  Facsimile of the first piece of printing issued by The Village Press. 
          Printed by The Press of the Woolly Whale, 1938.   2 copies. 2 items (6 pp.).

          Frederic W. Goudy: A Confidential Interview...  Printed by The Jumbo Press,
          1938.  1 item (6 pp.). 

     F22  The Bible by Frederic W. Goudy.  NYC: The New York School of Printing, 1938. 
          2 copies numbered 160 and 183 of 200.  2 items (22 pp.).

          Intimate Recollections of The Village Press by Three Friends by Will Ransom,
          Charles E. Park, and Mitchell Kennerley.  Printed by Howard Coggeshall, 1938.  1
          item (24 pp.).

          Types of the Past and Type Revivals with a Few Words on Type Design in
          General by Frederic W. Goudy.  Syracuse, NY: School of Journalism, Syracuse
          University, 1936.  Printed.  2 items (19 pp.).

     F23  F. W. G.  (Excerpt from Broadcast of Lowell Thomas over NBC
          Network...September 17, 1934).  Printed by the Commanday Brothers, 1938.   2
          copies.  2 items (2 pp.).

          Shakespeare on the Village Press As Prophesied in Sonnet 65 by Paul Standard. 
          Printed by Melvin Loos Columbia University Press, 1938.  2 copies.  2 items
          (4 pp.).

          Selected From Prose Fancies By Richard Le Gallienne. Printed by Richard Ellis,
          1938.  2 copies.  2 items (2 pp.).

          1903-1938.  Broadside of an acrostic of "Goudy" by Branch Cabell.  Printed by
          Harrison Emmons, 1938. 1 item (2 pp.).

          Selling a Typeface to Fred Goudy by Lucian Bernhard. Printed by the Composing
          Room, Inc., 1938.   2 copies.  2 items (6 pp.).

3         Series VI.  Various printed material commemorating the 35th anniversary of
               The Village Press on July 23, 1938 (cont'd)

     F23  Alac! Poor Frederic by Earl H. Emmons.  Reprint from The Composing Room,
          1931.  Printed by New York Monotype Composition Company, 1938.  1 item (3

          You Are Invited to Join a Pilgrimage to Deepdene.  Printed by The Kingsland
          Press, 1938.  2 copies.  2 items (8 pp.).

     F24  Ancient Customs Used in a Printinghouse: An Extract from Mechanick Exercises
          by Joseph Moxon....  Printed by Arthur W. Rushmore at The Golden Hind Press. 
          Signed and numbered.  1 item (1 p.).

          The Record of Goudy Types.  Composed and Printed by David Gildea, 1938.  3
          copies (one varies).  3 items (3 pp.).

          Here's to You, Fred by Wilbur Macey Stone.  Printed by William E. Rudge's
          Sons, 1938.  2 copies.   2 items (2 pp.).

          Evening at Deepdene by Frederic Goudy.  Printed by The Village Press, 1938.  2
          copies.  2 items (8 pp.).

          Untitled Broadside Poster commemorating the 35th Anniversary of The Village
          Press.  Drawing by Fred Cooper.  Printed at The Marchbanks Press, 1938.  2
          copies.  2 items (2 pp.).

          Series VII.   Material printed as memorials to Frederic W. Goudy.

     F25  "On the Occasion of the Unveiling of a Plaque in Memory of Frederic W. Goudy." 
          Printed by the New York School of Printing, 1949.  1 item (8 pp.).

          Frederic W. Goudy: A Memorial by Albert Schiller.  Printed by Advertising
          Agencies' Service Company, Inc., 1947.  Signed by Schiller.   1 item (1 p.).

          Clipping and Page Proofs of obituaries for Goudy.  3 items (6 pp.).

          Printed postcard inviting admirers of Goudy to plant trees in Palestine by Albert
          Schiller.  1 item (2 pp.).

3         Series VIII.  Portraits of Frederic W. Goudy and other pictures.

     F26  Includes: a printed reproduction of a photograph by Clarence H. White and the
          printed announcement of this keepsake by the American Graphic Arts Art Center;
          printed reproductions of a portrait (etching) by Alexander Stern; page proofs of
          photographs of Goudy, Bertha Goudy and Deepdene (home of The Village Press);
          a printed broadside, "Frederic W. Goudy 1932" by Robert Foster; a printed
          portrait drawn by William Oberhardt and signed by Goudy; a printed photograph
          of the sculpture of Goudy (with inscription: "To Paul Bennett from his old friend
          Fred W. Goudy, 5/24/41;" and several other prints or photographs of Goudy.  34
          items (37 pp.).

          Series IX.  Specimens and examples of types designed and sold by Frederic
               W. Goudy.

     F27  Includes an issue of Typographica devoted to types created by Goudy; prints and
          page proofs of types; samples of ampersands by Fred Goudy; booklets entitled: A
          Specimen of Types Designed & Engraved at the VillagePress since 1932, A Novel
          Type Foundery, Types, Selected Specimen Sheets and A Check List of Type
          Designed by Frederic W. Goudy for Lanston Monotype Company, Deepdene,
          Italian Old Style, A Comparison of Type Faces; negatives of page proofs; and
          miscellaneous sheets of type print or designs.  49 items (189 pp.).          

4         Series X.  Material about Frederic W. Goudy written by other persons.

     F28  "The Master Craftsman" by William H. Denney.  Ts with extensive autograph
          additions and revisions.  Poem about Frederic and Bertha Goudy and Deepdene.  1
          item (3 pp.).

     F29  Goudy: Master of Letters by Vrest Orton.  Printed.  (Chicago: The Black Cat
          Press, 1939).  Includes an introduction by Frederic W. Goudy.  Also includes a
          prospectus for the book.  2 items (110 pp.).

     F30  fwg: Tributes by Norman W. Forgue, R. Hunter Middleton, Myron Monsen, Jr.,
          and Will Ransom.  Printed.  (Chicago: Norman Press, 1948).   Also includes a TL
          (mimeographed) from The Society of Typographic Art announcing this keepsake.  
          2 items (21 pp.).

     F31  Goudy: The Type Master.  Printed by the Underwood Elliott Fisher Company in
          1941 as a tribute to Goudy. 1 item (16 pp.).

4         Series X.  Material about Frederic W. Goudy written by other persons

     F32  Glorifier of the Alphabet by Milton MacKay.  Reprinted from The New Yorker
          (January 14, 1933) by the Press of The Good Mountain, n.d.  1 item (16 pp.).

          Glorifier of the Alphabet: Frederic W. Goudy by Milton MacKaye.  Reprinted
          from The New Yorker (January 14, 1933) by Strathmore Paper Company, 1933.  1
          item (17 pp.).

     F33  Goudy: An Address by Temple Scott at a Meeting of the American Institute of
          Graphic Arts on May Twenty-second MCMXXIII.  (Mount Vernon, NY: Printing
          House of William Edwin Rudge, 1923).  With inscription from Bertha Goudy
          inside.  1 item (15 pp.).

     F34  "fwg," Typographer's Digest number 27, Spring 1969.  1 item (32 pp.).

     F35  Typographer volume XX, number 1 (Spring 1960).  This issue is dedicated to the
          memory of Frederic W. Goudy. 1 item (52 pp.).

     F36  The Friendly Goudys: The Story of a Visit to Deepdene by Sidney S. Wheeler. 
          (Boston: The Typographical Laboratory, 1932).  Printed.  1 item (18 pp.).

     F37  f.w.g.: A Tribute to Frederic William Goudy 1865-1947 by Arthur W. Rushmore. 
          Printed by the Pickering Press, 1952.  Includes several broadsides.  7 items (10

     F38  Frederic William Goudy 1865- 1947.  A commemorative exhibition by Roland
          Baughman, at Columbia University Libraries, March 8, 1966.  Printed by Tri-Arts
          Press, 1966.  1 item (22 pp.).

     F39  Miscellaneous material about Goudy.  Includes tear sheets, printed matter,
          photocopies, and mimeographed pages.  Specific items are: a pamphlet
          acknowledging a gift to the University of Minnesota of a collection of significant
          examples of the typographic arts, featuring the work of Bruce Rogers and Frederic
          Goudy; "Fred Goudy's Last Letter;"  and a list of the Chiswick Book Shop titled:
          "Goudy, The Village Press & Goudyana."  16 items (69 pp.).

5         Series XI.  Material Related to Bertha Goudy.  
               Includes several printed books about her and a folder of miscellaneous
               pieces of information.

     F40  Bertha S. Goudy: The First Lady of Printing.  Printed by The Distaff Side, 1958. 
          Each chapter is written by different persons, printed at different presses, on a
          variety of papers, and in different types.  Includes one bound copy (copy "C"),
          various page proofs, and a copy of the prospectus.  4 items (171 pp.).

     F41  Bertha M. Goudy: Recollections by One Who Knew Her Best by Frederic W.
          Goudy.  (Marlboro, NY: The Village Press, 1939).  Printed.  1 item (34 pp.).

     F42  Miscellaneous items include: a thank you card to those acknowledging the passing
          of Bertha Goudy, invitation to a Typophiles Luncheon honoring Bertha Goudy,
          clipping picturing Bertha Goudy, notes for a "Bertha Goudy Luncheon" in 1958. 
          4 items (5 pp.).

          Series XII.  Artwork Collected by Frederic W. Goudy.

     F43  Includes: an original etching of Rothenburg, Germany by Ernst Geissendorfer; a
          facsimile of a Rembrandt etching inscribed to Goudy by Edward Midgard; a
          reproduction of an etching signed by E. Horten; a reproduction of an etching
          (Princeton's Firestone Library) signed by Alexander Stern and dated 1937; a
          woodcut (?) of Alan J. Villiers' Joseph Conrad, marked "7/100" and inscribed "To
          Frederic W. Goudy with all the best, Charles G. Pont; and reproduction of an
          etching "Notre Dame Vue Du Quai aux Fleurs" and signed by an unidentified
          person.  6 items (6 pp.).

 6        Series XIII.  Miscellaneous material.  
               Includes correspondence, printed items, photographs, stationery, issues of
               Monotype, and other ephemera.

     F44  Printed items and photographs.  Includes two pamphlets, A Prognostication and
          The Twelve Signs both printed by Howard Coggeshall using Goudy types;
          miscellaneous single pages of printing or photocopies; announcement for the 1935
          exhibition Fifty Books of the Year and the April 1945 Newsletter of the American
          Institute of Graphic Arts announcing the opening of the exhibit; two photographs
          of printing presses;  two photographs of unidentified persons, clippings and tear
          sheets relating to the sale of Deepdene and its renovation into a shrine to Goudy;
          and a "Communique" to members of The Stowaways.  19 items (51 pp.).

     F45  Two issues of the January-February 1923 issues of Monotype (volume 9, number
          6).   (Philadelphia: Lanston Monotype Machine Company, 1923).  One bound
          issue and one paper issue.  Utilizes Goudy type.  2 items (48 pp.).

     F46  Print of glass negative in Mr. Lawson's Goudy Collection.  Depicts Goudy type. 
          Also includes an ALS from Joe Weiler to Paul Bennett and a TLS (carbon) from
          Bennett to Weiler.  Also a note describing water-glass.  5 items (5 pp.)

     F47  Miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera.  Includes a wedding announcement,
          a drawing, an ALS from Fred Goudy to Paul [Bennett], estimates of expenses for
          type design, a request from the U.S. War Department asking to reprint Goudy's A
          Half Century of Type Design and Typography, a TLS to Goudy from Thomas Roy
          Jones, a receipt, a TLS and page proof from E. M. Diamant to Goudy, TLS to Paul
          Bennett from Mabel Dwiggins, several ALSs from Alice M. Goudy (Frederic
          Goudy's daughter) to Paul Bennett, TLSs from Japan Paper Company, other
          correspondence to Bennett, business brochure and miscellaneous notes.  32 items
          (41 pp.).

     F48  Letterhead for Frederic W. Goudy.  Several types and sizes.  6 items (308 pp.).

     F50  Letterhead for Alice M. Goudy.  Two types and sizes.  2 items (49 pp.).

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