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Edward Field Papers

1943 - 1994

Manuscript Collection Number: 363
Accessioned: Purchase, 1994
Extent: 21 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs and negatives, poems, prose, book reviews, clippings, posters, programs, financial papers, address books, calendars, interviews, books, magazines and journals, flyers, plays, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1997-1998 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Series III. Personal Papers, 1943-1994

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

           Series III.  Personal papers, 1943-1994
               Material in the subseries are arranged chronologically.

          Series III.1. Identification and membership cards, 1972-1993

     F1   Sixteen cards, including seven New York state driver's licenses, several university
          faculty cards, one American Civil Liberties Union card for Neil Derrick, Jr., and
          an American Academy of Poets membership card.

          Series III.2.  Address books, [n.d.]

     F2   Four address books listing names, address, phone numbers, and a few notes.

          Series III.3.  Appointment calendars, 1973 and 1990

     F3   Two calendars which bear autograph appointments, 1973 and 1990
          The 1990 calendar has been removed to oversize box 17.

          Series III.4.  Awards, 1962-1993

     F4   Includes correspondence, clippings, and programs regarding Field's receipt of the
          Lamont Poetry Selection (1962), the Shelley Memorial Award (1975), the
          American Academy in Rome Fellowship in Creative Writing (1981), and the
          Lambda Literary Award in Poetry (1993).

          Series III.5.  Guggenheim application, 1962-1963

     F5   Includes application completed by Field and correspondence (including a letter
          from Howard Moss) related to Field's Guggenheim application.  Field was granted
          a Fellowship for 1963-1964.

          Series III.6.  Material related to Field's acting career, 1958-1960

     F6   Biographical sheet by the Talent Exchange and programs for plays in which Field
          acted, 1958-1960

          Series III.7.  Articles mentioning Edward Field, 1977-2001

     F7   Clippings and photocopies of articles which mention Field or his poetry, 1977-2001

13        Series III.  Personal papers (cont'd)

          Series III.8.  Photographs of Field, his friends, and family, 1943-1994
               Includes numerous photographs of Field, as well as group photographs
               with friends and family and locations visited by Field.  The photographs
               are arranged chronologically, with some photographs which include only
               Field in separate folders.

     F8   Field and friends, 1943-1969
          Thirty-five items include photographs of Arthur Gregor, Fred Kuh, Daisy Aldan,
          Ismene Markou, Robert Friend, Millen Brand and family, and Samuel and Porter
          Lowry, plus one negative.

     F9   Field, 1960
          Seven items, including contact sheets.

     F10  Field and friends, 1972-1979
          One hundred and thirty items include photographs of Neil Derrick, David Del
          Tredici (with a postcard), and Betty Deran, plus one negative and a postcard from

     F11  Field and friends, 1984
          Six items include photographs of Neil Derrick and one slide.

     F12  Field, 1987
          Five items include contact sheets and a note from photographer, Robert Girard.

     F13  Field and friends, 1991
          Fourteen items include photographs of Avel de Knight, Yoshi [U] and Neil

     F14  Field, 1992
          Six items, includes contact sheets and a note from photographer, Becket Logan.

     F15  Field and friends, 1992-1994
          Thirty-three items include photographs of Alex Gildzen, Dimitris Karageorghia,
          Gerhard Hoffmann, Arthur Gregor, Elia Braca, Robert Peters, Paul Trachtenburg,
          Janet Simon, John (Walter) Maxim, Herman Rose, Neil Derrick, and the Winners. 
          Includes several negatives.

     F16  Field, [n.d.]
          One hundred and nineteen items include some contact sheets (cut up) and
          photocopies.  One photograph is framed and one attached to a German
          identification card.

13        Series III.  Personal papers (cont'd)
          Series III.8.  Photographs of Field, his friends, and family (cont'd)

     F17  Field and friends, [n.d.]
          Fifty-four items include photographs of Neil Derrick, Reina Rubel, Anita Ellis,
          Naomi Lazard, Millen Brand, Robert and Silva Winner, Betty Deran, Alma
          Routsong, Lucille Clark, Ralph Pomeroy, Daisy Dowleh, David Del Tredici,
          Sandy Green, Glenna Luschei, Ray Barry, Bernard Pechter, and Samuel Lowry,
          Nadia, Nina Lowry, Barbara and Sharon Barry, Ack Van Rouyen, Avel de Knight,
          Remy Charlip, Tobias Schneebaum, and theater performance of Field's work. 
          Include one postcard and contact sheets.

     F18  Field family, 1960-1988
          Thirty items include photographs of Field's parents (Louis and Hilda), siblings
          (Richard, Alice, Adele, Barbara, and Robert), plus nieces, nephews, and in-laws.

     F19  Neil Derrick, [n.d.]
          Ten photographs of Field's companion.

     F20  Duffy family, [n.d.]
          Fourteen photographs.

     F21  Kent State University, [n.d.]
          Nine photographs.

     F22  Negatives, [n.d.]

          Series III.9.  Financial papers, 1971-1993
               Includes some of Field's bank books, banking and tax records, credit card
               statements, correspondence and records regarding housing arrangements at
               Westbeth, and records of investments.  Arranged chronologically.

     F23  Bank books, 1974-1991
          Eight items.

          Banking records, 1987-1993
          Includes statements, canceled checks, deposit slips, electronic withdrawal slips,
          and correspondence.
     F24  1987
     F25  1988
     F26  1989
     F27  1990
     F28  1991
     F29  1992
     F30  1993
     F31  [n.d.]

     F32  Visa Credit Account records, 1988-1992
          Includes statements and receipts for purchases and services.

     F33  Westbeth housing records, inheritance from the estate of Walter A. Weiss, and
          investment statements, 1972-1993

14        Box 14 contains Field's income tax records, 1971-1988

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