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1943 - 1994

Manuscript Collection Number: 363
Accessioned: Purchase, 1994
Extent: 21 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs and negatives, poems, prose, book reviews, clippings, posters, programs, financial papers, address books, calendars, interviews, books, magazines and journals, flyers, plays, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1997-1998 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Series II.8: Personal and Professional Correspondence, M-Z and unidentified

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F210 Mailman, Leo, [n.d.]
          Three letters.

     F211 Martin, Robert K., 1976-1980
          One letter and Martin's research paper which critiques Field's poetry, as well as a
          page of autograph responses by Field.

     F212 Marucci, Nina (Lowry), 1973-1994
          Six letters.

     F213 Marwitz, Reinhold, 1992
          Two letters.

     F214 Maxim, John (Walter), 1989-1993
          Six letters, plus clippings, Palm Sunday souvenirs, and a photograph of Maxim
          and Sir William Golding.

     F215 Mayhall, Jane, 1964-1980
          Two letters.

     F216 McKee, Louis, [n.d.]
          One letters from this poet.

     F217 McKee, Theodora (Blum), 1971 Aug 23
          One letter regarding Alfred Chester and his death.

     F218 Meinke, Peter and Jeanne, 1967-1991
          Four letters, with a poem by Meinke and a letter of reference for Field.

     F219 Melhem, D. H., 1992
          Three letters regarding Alfred Chester, plus one postcard.

     F220 Merlis, Mark, 1994 Apr 30
          One letter.

     F221 Methfessel, Alice, 1978 and [1987]
          Two letters from the companion of Elizabeth Bishop.

     F222 Miles, Josephine, 1964-1967
          Three letters.

     F223 Miller, Mary Britton, 1967 Jul 2
          One letter.

     F224 Milosz, Czeslaw, 1992 Mar 18
          One note on a sheet bearing a copy of a poem by Milosz.

     F225 Miner, Tom, [1987 Feb 10]
          One note.

     F226 Molloy, Herbert, 1972-1973
          Two letters.

     F227 Moskowitz, Larry, 1983
          One letter.

     F228 Moss, Stanley, [1967]-1989
          One note, plus typescript poem by Moss.

     F229 Musgrove, Stanley, 1974-1977
          Two letters.

     F230 Myers, Robert C., 1973-1993
          Twenty letters, plus poems by Myers, flyers, clippings, and a photograph from this
          playwright, much discussion of San Francisco in the 1970s.
12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F231 Nelson, Clare, [1973 Aug 20]
          One letter.

     F232 Nersesian, Arthur, 1993
          Two letters.

     F233 Nielsen, Dan, 1993-1994
          Three letters, plus a draft-letter from Field, a copy of Blank Gun Silencer with
          poems by Nielsen and his drawn caricatures of himself.

     F234 Nims, John, 1992
          Three letters.

     F235 Noll, Bink, 1984-1985
          Three letters, plus a poem and paper by Noll.

     F236 Norris, Kathleen, 1991-1993
          Three postcards.

     F237 Norse, Harold, [1990 Nov 8]
          One note, plus a flyer for The American Indian.

     F238 Nurenberg, Robert, 1992-1994
          Two letters regarding Alfred Chester's letters and Norman Glass.

          Nye - See Shihab.

         Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F239 Ochester, Ed, [n.d.]
          One letter, plus two typescript poems by Ochester and a flyer.

     F240 Offen, Ron, 1992-1994
          Two postcards from the publisher of Free Lunch.

     F241 O'Hagan, Andrew, 1993 Apr 25
          One letter.

     F242 O'Shea, Patrick, 1994
          Two letters, plus a copy of a letter from Wallace Fowlie regarding Morocco.

     F243 Owen, Guy, [n.d.]
          One note written on tearsheets of his poems.

     F244 Ozick, Cynthia, 1986 Dec 25
                    Letter regarding Alfred Chester, plus a copy of a letter from Field to Ozick.

     F245 Paisner, Dina, 1994
          Two letters from this actor and singer, plus clippings.

     F246 Peacock, Molly, 1994 Apr 3
          One letter.

     F247 Pentland, John, 1967 Jul 24
          One letter regarding Gurdjieff.

     F248 Perchik, Simon, 1989 Mar 5
          One letter with an ad for his The Gandolf Poems.

     F249 Perr (or Pern), Harvey, [1993 May 21]
          One letter.

     F250 Peters, Robert, 1975-1994
          Twenty-three letters from this California poet, plus brochures and flyers for his
          books, typescript poems by Peters, clippings, and gay erotica.

     F251 Phelps, Robert, [1987] Dec 10
          One letter, with an enclosed ink drawing.

     F252 Phillips, Louis, 1992-1994
          Five letters from this poet and playwright, plus copies of his poems and reviews of
          his books.

     F253 Phillips, Robert, 1991 Nov 11
          One letter.

     F254 Pistolas, Androula Savvas, 1992-1993
          Five letters, plus typescript poems by Pistolas.  The movie Nobody's Child is
          about his mother, Christina Noble.

     F255 Pitchford, Kenneth, [1972 Jun 28]
          One letter.

     F256 Polite, Frank, [1970]-1994
          Twenty-five letters from poet and novelist Polite (a.k.a. Cosmo D'Izmiri). 
          Includes photographs of Polite and Field, as well as copies of Polite's poems.

          Pomeroy, Ralph, 1963-1994
          One hundred and twenty-two letters, plus copies of Pomeroy's poems, clippings, a
          photograph, and a photocopy of Andy Warhohl's painting "Ralph."

     F257 1963-1964
     F258 1965-1968
     F259 1969-1974
     F260 1976-1977
     F261 1982-1985
     F262 1986-1990
     F263 1991-1992
     F264 1993-1994
     F265 [n.d.]

     F266 Preston, John Hyde, [n.d.]
          One letter.

     F267 Purdy, James, 1967-1993
          Eight letters, plus four photocopied typescript poems inscribed to Field.

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

    F268 Ransom, John Crowe, 1962 Oct 20
          One letter.

     F269 Rawson, Val, 1973
          One letter.

     F270 Reiten, Brent, 1990
          Two letters from poet, plus a draft response from Field.

     F271 Replansky, Naomi, 1988-1993
          Three letters.

     F272 Rios, Alberto, 1986 Jan
          One letter, plus a photograph and baby announcement with a brief note.

     F273 Robertson, Kirk, [1978]
          One letter and a broadside of his poems, inscribed to Field.

     F274 Rorem, Ned, 1964-1992
          Five letters.

     F275 Rose, Herman, 1989-1990
          Three letters from this painter, including his reflections on his portrait of Field.

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F276 Rose, Norman, 1976-1992
          Two letters from this poet.

     F277 Rothenberg, Jerome, [1969 Oct]
          Note written on a copy of an article by Rothenberg.

     F278 Routsong, Alma, 1972
          Two letters from writer who used the pseudonym Isabel Miller. See also
          Elizabeth Deran.

     F279 Rubel, Reina, 1971-1972
          Nine letters which include illustrations.

     F280 Sawyer-Laucanno, Christopher, 1989-1990
          Five letters regarding Paul Bowles and Alfred Chester.

     F281 Saxon, Anne, 1985 Apr 1
          One letter, plus a list for a program which includes Field.

     F282 Schmidt, Tom, 1986-1994
          Fourteen letters from this musician and poet, plus a cassette tape of his music,
          typescript poems, and a book of children's poems, Fish Stories.

          Schneebaum, Tobias, 1978-1993
          One hundred and six letters from anthropologist and author of Wild Man, plus a
          letter from Clifton Wright, brochures, clippings, and articles.

     F283 1978-1981
     F284 1982-1983
     F285 1984-1985
     F286 1986-1988
     F287 1989-1991
     F288 1991
     F289 1992-1993
     F290 [n.d.]

     F291 Schulman, Grace, 1974-1994
          Six letters, plus two letters of recommendation for Field.

     F292 Schwartz, Lynne S., 1990-1991
          Two letters.

     F293 Sendak, Maurice, 1992 May 22
          One note.

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F294 Severs, Mark, 1969 Jul 21
          One note.

     F295 Shapiro, Karl, 1962 Oct 18
          One note.

     F296 Shefner, Evelyn, 1983-1991
          Three letters.

     F297 Shelley, [M.], 1994
          Two letters.

     F298 Shihab, Naomi, 1977-1991
          Six letters, plus carbon copies of her poems.

          See David Trinidad for Ira Silverberg

     F299 Simenon, Georges, 1964 Apr 24
          One letter.

     F300 Simic, Charles, 1993 Nov 23
          One letter.

     F301 Skinner, Knute, 1967
          Two letters.

     F302 Sklar, Morty, 1980 Oct 25
          One letter.

     F303 Smith, Harry C., 1983-1994
          Five letters.  See also Evelyn Shefner.

     F304 Smith, Joan Jobe, 1991-1994
          Five letters and a biographical sheet from the editor of the poetry journal Pearl. 
          See also Fred Voss.

     F305 Smith, Jules, 1992
          Two letters.

     F306 Snider, Clifton, 1988-1992
          Two letters.

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F307 Snider, Florine, 1970-1972
          Two letters.

     F308 Solotaroff, Ted, 1977-1992
          Nine letters, plus a copy of an article by Solotaroff, plus two photocopied
          typescript poems.

     F309 Speer, Laurel, 1983 Dec 23
          One note.

     F310 Stetler, Charles/Chucky, 1988-1993
          Three letters.

     F311 Steward, Samuel M., 1993
          Four letters regarding Fritz Peters.

          Swenson, May, 1963-1985
          Twenty-two letters, plus a signed typescript poem by Swenson, titled "Staying at
          Edward's Place," a tearsheet of this poem, and a signed carbon copy of her poem,
          "The Wonderful Pen."  Includes a card from Knudson (1992).  A cassette tape
          recording of a memorial service honoring Swenson (which includes comments by
          Field) has been removed to F55.

     F312 1963-1974
     F313 1975-1992

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F314 Tagliabue, John, 1983 Sep 27
          One letter.

     F315 Taraki, Shirlee, 1987-1992
          Two letters.

     F316 Tart, Indrek, 1988 Sep 13
          One letter.

     F317 Tate, Isabella Gardner, 1964 Apr 12
          One letter.

     F318 Taylor, Chuck, 1978 May
          One letter from this editor of Texas Slough.

     F319 Thacker, Marian, 1971 Jun 28
          One letter.

     F320 Towle, Parker, 1993 May 1
          One letter.

     F321 Trachtenberg, Paul, 1992-1994
          Two letters.

     F322 Trinidad, David, 1994 Mar 18
          One letter, also signed by Ira Silverberg.

     F323 Trower, Philip, 1980 Nov 5
          One letter.

     F324 Tucker, Martin, 1987
          Two letters.

     F325 Turco, Lewis, 1967
          Two letters.

     F326 Turtell, Steve, 1971
          One letter.

     F327 Tyler, Parker, 1967 Feb 27
          One letter.

     F328 Urdang, Constance, 1979 Nov 5
          One letter.

     F329 Usui, Yoshitaka, 1968-1988
          Four letters.

     F330 Valentin, Judy, 1970 Jan 12
          One letter.

     F331 Van Doren, Mark, 1962 Oct 25
          One letter.

     F332 Van Dyke, Henry, 1989-1990
          Three letters.

     F333 Van Itallie, Jean Claude, 1985-1993
          Five letters.

12        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

          Van Rouyen, Barbara, 1971-1994
          Forty-three letters from Field's sister, plus a couple of letters from her husband
          (Ack) to Field and copies of articles, clippings, and brochures.

     F334 1971-1973
     F335 1976-1979
     F336 1980-1984
     F337 1985-1994
     F338 [n.d.]

     F339 Vargas, Richard, 1979
          Two letters.

     F340 Veasey, Jack, 1993 Mar 1
          One letter plus a typescript poem.

     F341 Vidal, Gore
          [1989     Jan 9]    ACS       1p
          [1989     Jun 4]    ALS       2p
          [1993     May 15]   ALS       2p
          [1994     Mar 29]   ALS       2p

     F342 Viduri, Zoran, 1977-1984
          Fourteen letters, with one photograph.

     F343 Vogel, I. M. (Margret), 1992-1994
          Three letters, plus copies of reviews of her Bad Times, Good Friends.

     F344 Voss, Fred and Joan Jobe Smith, 1992-1993
          Two letters.

13        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

   F345 Wakowski, Diane
          1968 Jan 14         TLS       2p
          1971 Nov 29    TLS       1p

     F346 Weaver, Helen, [1972]
          One letter.

     F347 Webb, Charles Harper, 1992
          One letter.

     F348 Weber, Mark, 1990-1992
          Seven letters, plus copies of poems by Weber.

     F349 Weiss, Ted, 1991-1992
          Three letters from this poet and editor of The Quarterly Review of Literature.

     F350 Weseley, Matthew, 1992-1994
          Eight letters.

     F351 Wiesel, Elie, 1989 Dec 4
          One note.

     F352 Wilbur, Richard, 1992 Dec 1
          One card.

          See Matthew Adinolfi for letters from Jennifer Williams.

     F353 Williams, Miller, [n.d.]
          One note.  See also the correspondence for A New Geography of Poets.

     F354 Williams, William Carlos
          Also includes a card from Florence Williams (1962).
          [n.d.]              TLS       1p
          [n.y.]: Oct 18      TLS       1p

     F355 Wilson, Don D., 1994
          One letter from the editor of Singular Speech Press.

     F356 Winner, Robert H., 1982-1990
          Two letters, plus a poem by Margaret Ryan, "Gefilte Fish," dedicated to Winner,
          and copies of poems by Winner.

     F357 Worthington, T.J., 1973
          One letter.

     F358 Wright, Annie, 1989 Sep 1
          One letter.

     F359 Wright, Charles D., 1965
          One letter.
13        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

          Wright, Clifford, 1962-1992
          Eighty-five letters from painter Clifford Wright and Elsa Gress.  Includes copies
          of articles, photographs, a copy of a note and poem by May Swenson, an
          exhibition catalog of his work, and a brochure from Amnesty International which
          contains his work.

     F360 1962-1969
     F361 1975-1980
     F362 1981-1986
     F363 1987
     F364 1988
     F365 1989-1992

     F366 Wyatt, Bob, 1983 Dec 22
          One letter.

     F367 Yglesias, Jose, 1991
          Two letters.

     F368 Young, Ian, 1988
          Two letters.

     F369 Zepeda, Ray, 1994 May 3
          One letter.

     F370 Zolynas, Al, 1992 Aug 7
          One letter.

     F371 Zwerling, Harriet, 1983-1990
          Three letters, mentions possessing letters from Alfred Chester.

     F372 Unidentified, 1968-1994
          Thirty-two items, including poems and drawings.

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