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1943 - 1994

Manuscript Collection Number: 363
Accessioned: Purchase, 1994
Extent: 21 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs and negatives, poems, prose, book reviews, clippings, posters, programs, financial papers, address books, calendars, interviews, books, magazines and journals, flyers, plays and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1997-1998 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Series II.8: Personal Correspondence, A - L

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence, 1953-1994
               Includes letters from Field's friends, family, and acquaintances.  Arranged
               alphabetically by sender.
     F29  Abbott, Franklin, 1994
          One letter with art and review.

     F30  Adinolfi, Matthew (Matteo) and Jennifer Williams, 1983-1994
          Twelve letters with artwork by both.

     F31  Aiken, Conrad
          1962 Oct 13         TLS       1p
               Oct 31         TLS       1p

     F32  Aitken, Will, 1990 Sep 18
          One letter.

     F33  Aldan, Daisy, 1965 Oct 22
          One letter, with program and clipping regarding A New Folder, which includes
          poems by Field.

     F34  Alexander, David, 1992 Jun 19
          Letter on piece of artwork.

     F35  Algren, Nelson, 1972 Sep 29
          One card.

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F36  Alta, [1981 Jun]
          One postcard.

     F37A Andrews, Stephen, 1973-1994
          Two letters.

     F37B Athill, Diana, [ca. 2000]
	      Draft material for chapters of her book, (Yesterday Morning Granta, 2002).

	 F38  Baker, Don, 1994 Mar 21
          One card.

          Barbara, Ma Deva - see Van Rouyen

     F39  Barker, David, 1978
          Two letters.

     F40  Barry, Barbara, 1971 Nov 26
          One letter.

     F41  Barry, Raymond J., 1987-1992
          Three letters with reviews of his plays and acting.

     F42  Bergman, David, 1990-1993
          Nine letters, includes some of his poems and the drafts of his article on Field,
          which he wrote for The Dictionary of Literary Biography.  One of the drafts bears
          Field's revisions.

     F43  Boutilier, Nancy, [n.d.]
          One letter.

     F44  Bowles, Paul
          1989 Jun 5          ALS       1p
          [1989]              ANS       1p

     F45  Boyle, Kay
          1964 Jul 17         ALS       1p

     F46  Brand, Millen, 1963-1978
          Seventeen letters, with photographs, clippings, and typescript poems (some

     F47  Brinnin, John Malcolm
          1977 Jun 19         ALS       1p

     F48  Brooks, Gwendolyn
          [1978]              ALS       1p

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F49  Broughton, James Richard, 1987-1994
          Twenty-two letters, Broughton's typescript poems, articles about him, a
          poetry postcard, "This Is It."

     F50  Brown, Harry, 1979-1980
          Three letters.

          Buel, Charles, 1979-1994
          Includes sheet music for Buel's compositions for two Field poems, 
          color-photocopy photographs, and clippings.  The letters include explicit 
          descriptions of gay culture.

     F51  1978-1983
     F52  1984-1988
     F53  1989-1990
     F54  1991-1992
     F55  1993-1994
     F56  [n.d.]

     F57  Cadmus, Paul, 1994 Apr 20
          Letter bears a photocopy of a photograph of Cadmus on the verso.  Enclosed is a
          photograph of his painting "Book Buff."

     F58  Cady, Joe, 1983-1985
          Two letters plus copies of three articles written by Cady and inscribed to Field.

     F59  Caen, Herb, [n.d.]
          One letter.

     F60  Caldwell, Joseph, 1992
          Three letters.

     F61  Calisher, Hortense, 1962 and 1991
          Two letters.

     F62  Carr, Virginia Spencer, 1993-1994
          Four letters regarding Bowles and Chester.

     F63  Carver, [Ray], 1987 May 17
          One letter.

     F64  Chaikin, Joe/Jo and Shami, 1989-1993
          Four letters.

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F65  Chaikin, Miriam, 1994 Jan 19
          One letter.

     F66  Charlip, Remy, 1971-1993
          Includes six letters from Charlip to Field and five letters written by
          Field to Charlip, plus a program for Intermedia  68 (with poems
          by Field) and other programs which include Charlip as choreographer or dancer
          and poetry by Field.

     F67  Chernaik, Judith, [1993 Jun 7]
          One letter.

     F68  Clay, Steven, 1993 Aug 13
          One letter.

     F69  Cohen, Ira, 1989-1994
          Six letters, plus poems by Cohen and a postcard bearing a photograph of Cohen.

     F70  Congdon, Kirby, 1970-1993
          Five letters, plus a photograph, a letter to Gerald Locklin, and a letter from his

     F71  Corita, Sister, [n.d.]
          One letter from this artist.

     F72  Cowley, Malcolm
          1962 Oct 16         TLS       1p
          1962 Nov 9          TLS       1p

     F73  Crandall, Burr, 1976 Apr 4
          One letter.

     F74  Crawford, Tom, 1983-1992
          Three letters and one poem.

     F75  Cronin, Anthony, [1984] Jan 26
          One letter, plus an enclosed fan letter.

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F76  Daly, Chris, [1994 Feb 24]
          One letter.

     F77  Darr, Ann, [n.d.]
          One letter.

     F78  Davenport, Guy, 1988-1993
          Five letters.

     F79  Davis, Maggie S., [n.d.]
          One note.

     F80  Davison, Peter, 1962 Sep 24
          One letter.

     F81  De Knight, Avel, 1982-1993
          Eleven letters from this watercolor artist.

     F82  Del Tredici, David, 1971-1974
          Seven letters from this composer.

     F83  Deran, Elizabeth, 1971-1982
          Four letters, plus three pages of Quija board responses as played 
          by Field and Deran (with Edgar Cayce) in the 1960s and Field's 
		  horoscope written by Deran.

     F84  Derrick, Neil, 1970
          One letter.

     F85  Deutsch, Babette
          1962 Oct 11         TLS       1p

     F86  De Vaal, Hans, 1994 Apr 15
          One letter.

     F87  Diamond, David L., [1988 Nov 1]
          One card from this composer.

     F88  Dickey, James
          1990 Aug 1          TLS       1p

          D'Izmiri, Franco    see Frank Polite

     F89  Dorfman, Elsa, 1989 Apr 14
          One letter, plus a draft of a letter of recommendation for Dorfman by Field, and a          copy of an article about her photography.

     F90  Dorscher, Peter C., 1985 Dec 22
          One letter and two photographs.

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F91  Duckworth, Mildred, [1971 Apr 7]
          One letter.

     F92  Duffy, Lawrence, 1980-1991
          Two letters.

     F93  Dugan, Alan, 1978 Aug 11
          One letter.

     F94  Duhamel, Denise, 1991-1994
          Twenty-six letters, plus poems (including her "Barbie poems") by Duhamel, her
          resume, article about her poetry, and flyers for readings of her poetry.

     F95  Durbrow, Philip Marshall, [n.d.]
          One letter and a copy of his research paper about Field.

     F96  Feingold, Michael, 1987
          Two letters.

     F97  Field, Edward, 1968-1993
          Drafts of seven letters written by Field.

     F98  Field family letters, 1973-1993
          Seven letters, photographs, or clippings from Field's brothers, sisters, 
          and nieces, as well as memorial keepsakes from the funeral of each of 
          his parents an his mother's obituary. See also the correspondence from
          his sister, Barbara Van Royen.

     F99  Fischer, Allen C.,  1992-1993
          Two letters and copies of his poems.

     F100 Flanagan, Robert, [n.d.]
          One note.

     F101 Flanders, Laura, 1994 Feb 18
          One letter.

     F102 Fowlie, Wallace
          [1967]    Mar 28    TLS       1p
          [1967]    May 15    TLS       1p

     F103 Freeman, Sunil, 1993 Sep 2
          One letter.

10        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F104 Friar, Kimon, 1965-1987
          Five letters.

          Friend, Robert, 1953-1994
          Extensive collection of letters from poet Robert Friend, includes originals,
          copies, and offprints of his poems, articles about his or Field's poetry,
          photographs, and a cassette recording of an interview with Friend. Letters 
          discuss his writing, Alfred Chester, travels, living in Israel and his 
          accounts of Arab friends killed in the Arab/Israeli conflict, Robert Lowell,
          Ted Hughes, other poets, critiques, Field's poems and books, and his personal
          struggles. Over 145 letters.

     F105 1953-1963
     F106 1964-1968
     F107 1970-1975
     F108 1976-1979
     F109 1980-1985
     F110 1986-1987
     F111 1988
     F112 1989
     F113 1990-1991 Jan
     F114 1991 Mar-Nov
     F115 1992
     F116 1993-1994 and [n.d.]

     F117 Frucht, Abby, 1993 May 7
          One letter.

10       Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F118 Gardner, Lewis, [n.d.]
          One letter.

     F119 Ghigna, Charles, 1992 Sep 25
          One letter.

     F120 Gildner, Gary, 1968
          Two letters, plus drafts of Field's endorsement of Gildner's book First Practice.

     F121 Gildzen, Alexander, 1987-1993
          One letter plus one hundred and one postcard, ninety-seven of which are part of
          his "Postcard Memoirs."  The other four are "Postcard Memoirs Illustrations,"
          which are postcard photographs of Gildzen.  Also includes a photograph of
          Gildzen, a postcard photograph with Shirley McLaine.

     F122 Gill, John, 1993 Jul 19
          One letter.

     F123 Ginsberg, Allen
          1991 Sep 14         ANS       2p.

     F124 Glanville, Brian and Pam (Manasse), 1991-1994
          Eleven letters and a typescript story by Pam Glanville.

     F125 Glanville, Mark and Julie, 1991-1994
          Seven letters.

11        Glass, Norman
          Collection of sixty-seven letters from writer Norman Glass.  Glass discusses his
          relationship to Alfred Chester and Paul Bowles, his travels, Field's work on
          Chester, his own writing and emotional state, and detailed descriptions of his daily
          life.  Includes one poem by Glass.  See also the Edward Field Alfred Chester
          Archives (Ms 340) for other letters from Glass to Field.

     F126 1976
     F127 1977
     F128 1978-1981
     F129 1982-1984
     F130 1985-1986
     F131 1987-1988
     F132 1989

     F133 Glatt, Lisa, 1991-1994
          Nine letters, plus short stories and poems by Glatt, and one letter from Judith

          Goldgar, Harry, 1984-1994
          Extensive collection of over two hundred and thirty letters from writer Harry
          Goldgar.  Also includes clippings of his reviews published in national newspapers
          and some drafts of Field's letters of response.  He discusses Alfred Chester, Fritz
          Peters, his writing, mental telepathy, and daily life.

     F134 1984-1987
     F135 1988
     F136 1989 Jan-Jul
     F137 1989 Aug-Dec
     F138 1990 Jan-Jul
     F139 1990 Aug-Dec
     F140 1991 Jan-Jun
     F141 1991 Jul-Dec
     F142 1992 Jan-Jun
     F143 1992 Jul-Dec
     F144 1993 Jan-Jun
     F145 1993 Jul-Dec
     F146 1994 and [n.d.]

     F147 Goldstein, Laurence, 1989-1994
          Three letters and a clipping of his article about Field.  Clipping removed to
          oversize box 17.

     F148 Gooch, Brad, 1989 Mar 20
          One letter regarding his biography on Frank O'Hara.

     F149 Gould, Philip and Nadia, 1972-1989
          Three letters.

     F150 Green, Michele, 1992-1993
          Four letters.

     F151 Gregor, Arthur, 1972-1994
          Forty letters from this poet and professor, discussing his writing, travels, teaching,
          jobs, mutual friends, his home in France, and Stanley Moss.  Includes tearsheets
          and typescipts of his poems, a photograph, a letter to Avon Books, a draft of a
          letter from Field to Gregor, and his business card.

     F152 Griffin, Howard, 1963-1975
          Seventeen letters from poet Howard Griffin regarding mutual friends and travels. 
          He mentions Alfred Chester and Paul Bowles.

11        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F153 Groff, David, 1992 Dec 2
          One letter.

     F154 Gross, John, 1976-1977
          Two letters.

     F155 Gunn, Thom
          1991 Sep 7          ALS       1p

     F156 Haines, John Meade, 1972 Jul 1
          One letter.

     F157 Harnack, Curtis, 1971-1972
          Three letters.

     F158 Harris, Jana, 1992
          One letter.

     F159 Harris, William J., 1992
          One letter.

     F160 Hecht, Anthony, 1992 Dec 2
          One letter.

     F161 Hewitt, Christopher, [n.d.]
          Includes a clipping of an Hewitt's interview of Field.

     F162 Hibbard, Allen, 1993
          Four letters, plus a short story and poems by Hibbard.

     F163 Hilbert, Donna, 1992-1994
          Seven letters, plus a flyer for her Mansions.

     F164 Hoffmann, Gerhard, 1987-1994
          Nine letters from this German poet and publisher, plus an Albino catalog.

     F165 Holloway, David, 1965 Jun 16
          One letter.

     F166 Holstad, Scott C., 1993-1994
          Five letters from this poet.

     F167 Howard, Richard, 1992
          One card, plus a clipping mentioning Field and a copy of Howard's
          recommendation of Field's A Full Heart.

     F168 Howes, Barbara, 1979 Feb 25
          One letter.

     F169 Hughes, Langston
          1964 May 29         TLS       1p

     F170 Igrejas, Manuel (Manny), 1983-1994
          Eleven letters from this poet, plus poems and a short story by Igrejas.

11        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F171 Jacobsen, Josephine, 1979
          Two postcards.

     F172 Jacobson, David, 1983-1991
          Three letters.

     F173 Janov, Arthur, 1971 Sep 15
          One letter from this originator of "primal scream" therapy and a draft of a letter
          from Field.

     F174 Jessop, Clytie, 1994 Jan 7
          One letter.

     F175 Jong, Erica
          1979 Feb 23              ALS       2p

     F176 Kantor, Peter, 1992
          Four letters from this Hungarian poet and translator.

     F177 Karageorgiou, Dimitris, 1993 Jan
          One letter plus a draft of Field's response, which includes a poem celebrating
          Alexander Gildzen's 50th birthday.

     F178 Kcim, Sy, 1988-1994
          Two letters.

     F179 Kedesdy, Jurgen H., [n.d.]
          One letter.

11        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F180 Khlifi Mohamed Hedi, 1977
          Two letters.

     F181 Kikel, Rudy, 1980-1993
          Twenty-one letters from this poet, plus a copy and clipping of his interview with
          Edward Field, as well as copies of his poems and a Little Caesar Press catalog
          (1980).  Two clippings removed to oversize box 17.

     F182 Kinnell, Galway
          1983 May 18         TLS       1p

     F183 Kirstein, Lincoln
          1964 Apr 2          TLS       1p
          1964 Apr 22         TLS       1p

     F184 Kizer, Carolyn, 1967-1991
          Three letters, plus a signed autograph poem.

     F185 Knudson, Rozanne (Zan), 1970-1994
          Twenty-one letters (some written from Bethany Beach, DE) from this author and
          companion of May Swenson.  Includes a letter from Field responding to
          Swenson's death, a poster and guide for Poetry Is Alive, Well and Living in
          America, written by Knudson and including work by Field and Swenson.

     F186 Kochera, Angela, 1992
          Three letters.

     F187 Koertge, Ron, 1978-1994
          Twenty-eight letters from this California poet.

     F188 Koestenbaum, Wayne, 1993-1994
          Five letters.

     F189 Kowit, Steve, 1983-1992
          Sixteen letters from this California poet.

     F190 Krey, Friedhelm, Dr., 1990-1991
          Three letters, discusses the opening of the East German wall.

     F191 Kuh, Frederick Walter, 1966-1983
          Five letters from this founder of the Old Spaghetti Factory Cafe.

11        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F192 Kunitz, Stanley, 1975-1992
          Two letters.

     F193 Lama, Maya, 1988-1992
          Three letters, with a photograph of her son Garwang Dechen Dorje Lama.

          Lawson, Paul, 1985-1994
          Twenty-six letters from this Washington, DC poet, including photographs and
          copies of his poems.

     F194 1985-1989
     F195 1990-1991
     F196 1992-1994

     F197 Lazard, Naomi, 1972-1994
          Nineteen letters from this poet, plus offprints and typescripts of some of her
          poems and an essay, "Film and Poetry."

     F198 Lechay, Dan, [n.y.]: Apr 30
          One letter.

     F199 Lerman, Leo, 1962
          One letter.

     F200 Levertov, Denise
          [1963     Jun 27]        ACS       1p   (To Alfred Chester)
          [n.d.]                   ANS       1p   (To Field)

     F201 Levin, Garbriel, 1990 Mar 12
          One letter.

     F202 Levitt, Peter, 1992-1993
          Two letters, with signed typescript poem.

     F203 Levy, Owen, 1989 Jun 13
          One letter.

     F204 Linenthal, Frances, [n.d.]
          One message from Mark Linenthal.

11        Series II.  Personal and professional correspondence (cont'd)
          Series II.8.  Personal correspondence (cont'd)

     F205 Locklin, Gerald, 1971-1994
          Thirty letters from this poet.  Also includes an offprint of a story, a poetry poster
          for "Beer," printed and copied poems, a poetry brochure titled "The Horsefly don't
          bother me," flyers, and an issue of Truly Fine.  See also his correspondence with
          Field in the files related to their collaboration on New Geography of Poets.

     F206 Louis, Adrian C., 1992-1994
          Five letters discussing his poems.

     F207 Lummis, Suzanne, 1994 May 8
          One letter, plus a poem.

     F208 Lurie, Alison, 1989 Jul 3
          One letter.

     F209 Luschei, Glenna, 1992-1993
          Three letters.

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